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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 11, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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we roll on, hour two, you're watching cnn, breaking news, cnn has just confirmed that president trump is expected to take this executive action this afternoon that will directly get the citizenship data added to the census through other means, not through the department of justice. jim acosta is live for us at the white house, if they don't go through the doj, how does he plan to do this? >> what we understand right now, is that the president has decided to issue an executive action later on this afternoon, he'll be talking about this at this press conference here at the white house. there are some storms expected this afternoon, the president is
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expected to order the commerce department, instruct the commerce department to come up with a methodology to get this citizenship data through other means, not put it on the upcoming 2020 census, that appears to be an idea that has been tabled for now, although i should point out, one top official at the white house was cautioning that we need to wait to see what the president says later on this afternoon, and that has always been a caution flag that they've thrown up here at the white house ever since donald trump has come into office as president. this has been a big fixation of his over the last several weeks, the supreme court obviously blocked that, and gave him a pretty significant legal defeat in that regard, ever since then, the president has been pressing his aids to come up with another way to shoe horn that question into the census, even though the commerce department has begun
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printing those forms, it appears the president has given up on that in the short term as of right now, that's how things stand right now as we point out. things can always change over here at the white house when president trump is in charge. what we're hearing from officials is that at this point he's now moving in the direction of asking the commerce department to acquire this information through other means, that's going to be welcomed by democrats up on capitol hill, just earlier today, the senate minority leader was warning that this was going to be a huge supreme court challenge, a big challenge for the chief justice on the supreme court, john roberts. we were telling manu raju this was going to be a major problem for the president were he to head in this direction, and try to override the decision made by the supreme court here. it appears for now, a constitutional showdown is not happening any time soon, as the
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president appears to be at this point tabling this idea putting that question in the census. >> he fully would realize it would have been a brick wall legally speaking by going through doj, so ahad a. here's this other avenue? >> it sounds like an escape hatch, because what aids have been telling him all week, you can try to do an executive order. you can order the commerce department to start printing forms with that question on the forms, it's immediately going to go to the courts, it's going to get tied up in the courts, the betting here in washington was that the supreme court was not going to take kindly to the idea of the president thumbing his nose at another branch of government and saying, he's going to do this anyway. no, you can't do that, not at this point. not with the rationale you brought before the high court. it seems at this point they've looked for an offramp, the president will be talking about
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this more this afternoon. it does sournd at this point he's backing away from the question, and is preferring the option to take his aids away. >> thank you very much. we'll get analysis with legal analysts in a moment. a flight headed from vancouver canada to sydney australia had to divert in hawaii because of major turbulence that injured dozens of passengers. stephanie, i'm coming straight to you with the details. that's serious turbulence if you have 35 people injured. >> what we're learning here, is that 35 people may have been injured when the turbulence according to some of the passengers snuck up out of nowhere, said the plane was dark, it was four hours into the flight. a lot of people were sleeping when this happened. the airline saying it was unforecasted and sudden turbulence. take a listen to what the
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passengers are saying. >> we were all sort of dozy, and the cabin was pretty, de, it seemed that the plane just sank and then flew up. a lady in front of us, i don't think she had her seat belt on, she hit the ceiling. >> it went bang and the people just shot up. and down again and then it was over. >> a lot of people hit the ceiling. and a lot of screaming. seat in front of me, the girl hit the plastic overhead and snap and broke it. the oxygen masks came down, you had a lot of panic, but -- a lot of people were injured, yeah. >> according to our affiliate, nine passengers may have gone to the hospital for this there were two pregnant women on the flight, one was not wearing her
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seat belt. they're also saying some of the flight attendants may have been hurt. one in particular with the rolling carts, one may have fallen over on the flight attendant, it seems that a lot of the injuries that were sustained were to people who were not wearing their seat belts. the safety of our crew are always our first priority. we're at air canada's desk figuring out what they're going to do, whether they'll stay the nig night. many people not planning on having this interlewd in honolulu today.
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let's talk about tropical storm barry, barreling toward new orleans. it's a mess for a number of people of people down there. a number of years ago, the threats of levees being breached. natasha chen is live for us, with a look at how bad the conditions are. >> we're talking about a confluence of factors here, especially because this mississippi river is already much higher than it typically is this time of year, let me show you what neighbors are pointing out to me. you're usually supposed to be able to walk out that far, you can tell exactly how much higher this river is compared to normal. this is already at about 16 feet, add to that a tropical storm, you have major flooding
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problems, the governor said they typically get flooding problems in three ways in include include, storm surge, rain and high river levels. people need to take this seriously. there are flood gates being closed along the river that is one of them right there. we saw the flood protection authority driving along here several hours ago. with flood gates being closed, with sandbags going around downtown, people are preparing for the worst to come, which is supposed to be saturday, brooke. >> i can also feel the wind there, pretty heavy where you are in new orleans, natasha, thank you very much. let me bring in mike thys. mike is home right now in key largo, unlike many people who would want to get out of town, you like to head toward these kinds of things, are you heading that way? >> yes, i am, i'm getting the
12:09 pm
herv ready. it's going to be a long drive, i'm going to get into position and see what barry has to offer. i think it's going to be mainly a flooding event, it's going to be a lot of rain, a lot of overflowing rivers, normally we're there to search the high winds and the low barometric pressure. i want to be in in place, just in case it intensifies, don't forget about hurricane harvey, hurricane michael and some of these hurricanes that intensified right at the last minute, just before landfall? >> you don't think wind? you are guessing it will be mostly a flood event. it's still disorganized, very warm waters and it has the potential to organize into a hurricane. apparently what i'm watching, it's struggling, right near the coastline, anything can happen,
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i'm anticipating at this point from what i'm seeing, a very high water event. a lot of flooding is going to be the huge story here, anything's possible. we don't want to let our guards down. just in case it intensifies to a category one hurricane. >> want to get back to our breaking news here regarding president trump appearing to back down on the census question. he will ask his administration to put that question in another way. migrant families are living in fear right now. amid reports that the trump administration will be conducting raids. where and how they could go down. and a growing rift, andrea ocasio-cortez explains what she meant when she said nancy pelosi was singling out women of color in their party. guess what?
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register today at you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. now to the immigration crackdown. ice will begin raids this sunday targeting 2,000 people who have a court order. these are the same raids that were planned for late last month. the president the them on hold.
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the new york times is reporting that not just people with removal orders, detailing what is called collateral deportations. authorities might detain imgrands who happen to be on the vine even though they were not targets of the raids. democrats are speaking out, they're condemning this crackdown. nancy pelosi gave out legal tips. while chuck schumer implored the president not to isolate children. >> an ice war an is the not the same as a search warrant. if that is the only document ice brings to a home raid, ice agents do not have the legal right to enter a home. >> i wanted to say one thing about the upcoming proposed raids on sunday. we say to president trump, stop
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separating children from their families. tell your agencies, do not separate a single little child from their parents. >> cnn's ed lavandera is on the border there, live in el paso texas. i know you've been talking to families who are certainly fearful and anxious about what's about to happen. how are they preparing? >> families across the country that have undocumented members in their families, living in their homes, knees are threats they live with every day. as you talk to these families as they have air few months. they have contingency plans in place. they set aside paperwork with foreign numbers. is there a family member that doesn't come home from work or
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there at the end of the school day. all of these plans are being shared and reinforced in immigrant communities all across the country. some people urging family members, if they do have an undocumented member who is facing, whose legal options have been expired to be very wary of being in the same house. as you mention, off the top. >> if ice agents show up to deport someone, they can pick up other family members who might be undocumented as well. so this is a notice and a fear that's sending shock waves and ripples throughout immigrant communities around the country. >> can you tell us who specifically these agents will be targeting? >> as you mentioned, some 2,000 people far from the millions that president trump had been talking about over the last month of deports, targeting ten
12:19 pm
major cities across the country. these are people who recently arrived, haven't also shown up for immigration court hearings, that their legal options have all gone through the process. and that these are migrant families that have been -- have recently arrived. and are trying to expedite the removal from the country. despite that, there are people who have been here years and years. fear what is going to unfold over the coming days. >> i know you and your team member work so hard on this it's an investigation to uncover the realities of undocumented workers, in the u.s. a special cnn report, we're calling it the hidden workforce. it airs tomorrow night at 10:00 eastern. ed lavin dara, thank you very much.
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>> tip sheets are being offered to those facing deportation. don't open your doors, keep quiet, don't sign anything, record whatever you can one woman is taking no chances with ice, edith has been living inside an ohio church in order to avoid authorities after receiving her own deportation orders. ice has a policy of not entering places of worship. >> i want to keep fighting, because this administration tried to attack people like me, people like me to fight for our case, to fight with -- to stay with their families. >> let's talk more about what these families are going through with me now. >> thank you so much for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> seattle not on the list of the 10 cities, it's my understanding the fear is
12:21 pm
pervasive. can you tell me what you're hearing? >> i'm actually in san francisco i met with the mayor today, because the west coast cities have a range of issues and challenges, many of them worse because the federal government has walked away from its responsibilities. the president's actions on this front do not make communities more safe, they instill fear, and they also are very cruel. i'm a former federal prosecutor, if you're really focused on public safety, it doesn't look like this. >> what preparations are folks in your city taking ahead of this? >> we have done a range of things working with our communities and impacted communities for a long period of time to make sure they have education and they know what their resources are. we have created a defense fund so people who are apprehended. when you talk in terms of raids and roundups. you're not talking about public safety, you're trying to instill
12:22 pm
near, and one of the things we're trying to do in our community is make sure the people understand not just their rights but to reduce that amount of fear. we don't want to focus our energies on separating families. i was at el paso a year ago and saw the horrible results. it's only got worse, we need to really focus our efforts on these people that are a public safety risk. not continually instill fear in communities throughout america. >> this is what the homeland security department is saying. this is the quote from the new york times. the trump administration's goal is to use the operation as a show of force to deter families from approaching the southwestern border. that's their stance. they want to stop folks from crossing over the border, they're hoping this sends a message to the families waiting in limbo. what's your response to that. >> it's flawed on every level.
12:23 pm
if you want to stop people from making a very dangerous journey with their children to america. stop having policies that displace those people from their home countries, support them economically, make sure those democracies can flourish, make sure there aren't risks to those people in their homes. mothers don't pick up their small children and journey thousands of miles unless they think they need to. that's the history of america, protecting people that are seeking refuge. as they want to stem the tide, we need to have different policies abroad, when they are here, if you're focused on the public security of america, you focus your resources on violent criminals, on drug dealers, on the opiate crisis, on meth which is flowing into every urban city. you don't focus on families, you don't separate children from their parents. you don't put children in the
12:24 pm
cruel inhumane conditions we have today. children are takes care of other children in overflowing cages. america is better than that, it does not keep us safe. we don't need a show of force against children to make america better. jenny durkin, thank you. >> thank you very much. >>. the president appearing to back down on the citizenship question on the census. his campaign has struggled to win over black voters, but south bend mayor pete buttigieg is trying to turn that around. his plan to help heal our racial divides next. e got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms
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let's get back to our breaking news, president trump appears to be backing down on the 2020 census citizenship question. he's expected to sign an executive order in just a couple hours that will seek to get citizenship information about individuals one way or another. two people with knowledge of the plan tell cnn the president will direct the commerce department to obtain citizenship data through other means. joan, talk us through this, was he realizing that going through doj would be a deadend,
12:30 pm
therefore, go through commerce, that could give him an opening to adding the question? >> this is an unusual turn of events, but think of all we've been through in recent months, especially the last two weeks. two weeks to today that the supreme court ruled that the reason that secretary ross gave for needing the citizenship question on the census was con trained, and at first it sounded like the administration was digging in and saying it still wanted to ask the question on the census, now, the census is a special document. it's what the government wants a very high percentage of responses for that, it's used to apportion seats for the house of representatives, it's used to divide up political districts at the state level. it's used to allocate billions of dollars in government funds. that's where the real issue was, will this question be asked on that form? the word we're getting today, they would use alternative
12:31 pm
methods, other administrative records. the census bureau asks about citizenship on a whole different kind of form, one that's not the census bureau, but i think again not knowing, but i think what the administration is talking about are -- is compiling citizenship status information from the social security administration, the irs, the state department, immigration records, a whole source of other administrative documents that have nothing to do with getting a really high quality count on the u.s. census. >> i think the way jim acosta put it, was an offramp by going this way. do you expect him to face any challenges going through the commerce department? >> well, doing it this way could bring up potentially other challenges. not like what we have now, when the government -- when people were complaining about this, when the states first brought
12:32 pm
the lawsuit and so many civil rights groups were worried about it, it had to do with the fact that it was going to be done on the census, and there could be people who were recent immigrants or hispanics would be discouraged from answering. it's so important to get an accurate count. we have several legal actions in lower courts in california, in new york, in maryland that involve the census document itself. >> joining, thank you. >> thank you. >> the freshmen versus the most powerful woman in congress. alexandria ocasio-cortez now trying to explain comments suggesting speaker nancy pelosi has been targeting women of color in the house for criticism. what's really happening there behind the scenes? we'll look into that. a stunning twist in the case of wealthy sex offender jeffrey epstein, his lawyers are now pitching a bell package worth $77 million. we have the details stay with me.
12:33 pm
we're reporters from the new york times.
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after weeks of in fighting, alexandria acascio core dez is sharpening her speech -- the persistent singling out, got to a point where it was outright disrespectful, the singling out the newly elected women of
12:38 pm
color. >> today she did not directly respond to those comments and urged unity within her party. >> they took offense because i addressed at the request of my members that addressed our blue dogs and new dems as segregationists. how they're interpreting and carrying it to another place is up to them. i'm not going to be discussing it any further. >> manu raju is is on capitol hill, this is about race. >> how are lawmakers responding to that? >> not well. many democrats firmly in the side of the speaker including members of the congressional black caucus.
12:39 pm
just told reporters it's a weak argument that cortese is playing the race card. it's not correct to say that pelosi is singling out people because they're people of color. she wants to talk to alexandria ocasio-cortez. i did have a chance to talk to ocasio-cortez earlier today. i asked her if she stants by that criticism, and she seemed to suggest she did. >> it's signaling out for individuals, and knowing the media environment we're operating in, knowing the amount of concentration of attention, i think it's just, it's worth asking why. >> do you think she views it as
12:40 pm
racist? >> no. absolutely not. >> they're trying to set up a meeting with the speaker next week to talk to her more about this back and forth even though it seems at the moment that ocasio-cortez is alone, and the way she's leveling this criticism, that's the way nancy pelosi has been saying it's only a handful of members they don't have enough votes to dictate the whims of the moment. particularly ocasio-cortez and what she's saying about the speaker. >> thanks for the interview with the freshmen congresswoman, coming up here, the president says he feels badly for his labor secretary as he gets slammed for the deal he made with the wealthy sex offender. it's not the first time he's
12:41 pm
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new today, attorneys for
12:46 pm
jeffrey epstein are proposing a lavish bail package for the wealthy financier who is also a registered sex offender. they're offering $77 million to get him out of jail. epstein is accused of operating a sex trafficking ring of under aged girls. prosecutors want him to remain behind bars. epstein would choose detention at his home with electronic monitoring. provide a substantial personal reconnaissance bond secured by his manhattan home, which is the 77 million and deregister and ground his personal jet. >> the president this week declaring he feels badly for his own labor secretary alex acosta. he's facing democratic calls to resign over his role in brokering epstein's 2008 plea deal on sex crime charges down
12:47 pm
in florida. take a listen. >> i feel very badly for secretary acosta because i've known him as being someone that works so hard and has done such a good job. i feel badly about that whole situation. >> feel very badly. does that sound kind of familiar? the answer is yes, trump's badly line is one that he uses quite often when it comes to referring to his allies in crisis. >> i feel badly for general flynn, i feel very badly. >> i feel badly for some people, they've gone back 12 years to find things about somebody. and i don't think it's right, i don't think it's right they burst into a lawyer's office. >> i feel very badly for paul manafort, i think it's been a tough time for him. >> to charge a house like they did at 6:00 in the morning, i think that was a very sad thing. >> it was very sad when we heard about it, and certainly he's
12:48 pm
also very sad -- >> it's very sad. because he's a very good person. i've always found him to be a very good person. i feel so badly for him, that he's growing through this, to be honest with you, i feel so badly for him. >> i feel badly for theresa, i like her very much. >> i feel badly for her, you look over the years, his party has virtually, he's like the forgotten president. >> and don't get us started on how the president feels about dictators around the world. in an effort to boost his support among african-american voters, pete buttigieg is unveil ing the douglas plan, in honor of frederick douglass, here is some of what's in it, an investment of $25 billion in the nation's historically black colleges and universities. and a $10 billion fund for black entrepreneurs over five years. the planning would seek to reduce the number of u.s.
12:49 pm
prisoners by 50%, as well as apolish the death penalty and mandatory minimum sentences. it would eliminate prison time for drug possession. something that would be retroactive. he talked about why it's critical for him and other white candidates to address race head on. >> if you're a white candidate, it is twice as important for you to be talking about racial inequity, and not just describing the problem, which is fashionable in politics. but talking about what we're going to do about it, and describing the outcomes we're trying to solve for. >> wesley is a national reporter for the washington post. good to have you back. i ran through some of the bits of the proposal, it includes biases in health care, homeownership, you think it's a good start? not enough? >> >> certainly it's an ambitious plan. and as the mayor said, there is an importance and a lot of
12:50 pm
minority voters feel an importance. and folks not just talking about adopting the language of the problem, sort of the woke speak of the moment. where everyone knows they're supposed to decry white supremacy and talk about privilege, but actually putting forth proposals to attempt to address those things. this plan, like i said, is very ambitious in terms of the funding for health centers. for in minority communities. in terms of hbcu funding. this new voting rights act, which would increase access to the ballot box, but that would also rem enfranchise a lot of voters who had previously lost their opportunity to vote because of incarceration. but beyond that, also, the criminal justice proposals in terms of undoing the trump administration's steps to stop federal investigations of police departments, collecting, data which is something that folks at "the washington post" have tried to do the last few years, because the federal government doesn't do it. and as you noted, an attempt to
12:51 pm
decrease the incarcerated population by 50%. all of these things are very ambitious. they come at a note at a time pete buttigieg is working very hard to gain traction in the black community. >> he's at 0.0% with black voters. 0%. he's got this ambitious plan. what does he need to do to sell it. how does he convert words on a page into support? >> of course. a big part of it is showing up and being there. pete buttigieg doesn't have the name recognition among white black or among black people has to keep being in the conversation and putting out big, ambitious things like this a way to gets to talk about him. but beyond that, he's got to show an ability to build real relationships with black leaders as well as black voters themselves. i think that the conversations around his relationships in south bend, how the police operated there, are things that have hurt him. but beyond that, black voters are a pragmatist in many ways.
12:52 pm
they want to support somebody who is going to win. pete buttigieg's fund-raising numbers help that, these ambitious plans help that, but he's got to start charting a little more highly in the polls. because once black voters see that white voters really take him seriously, they might be able to give him another look. >> matt lowry, thank you very much. a murder mystery on the island of crete. the body of an american journalist found inside a nazi bunker from world war ii. we'll take you inside the bunker, next. ♪ limu emu and doug.
12:53 pm
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use a little, pay a little. use a lot, just switch to unlimited. get $400 back when you buy the new lg g8. call, visit or click today. the body of an american scientist found in a former nazi bunker is the center of this murder mystery. investigators believe suzanne eaton went missing on july 2nd
12:57 pm
during her jog on the greek island of crete. eaton was there for a work-related conference. her body was found monday inside a cave that nazi soldiers turned into a bunker during world war ii and police believe she was asphyxiated. arwa damon reports from outside that nazi-fortified cave complex, where they found eaton's body. arwa? >> hi, brooke. we're just outside of the tunnel complex, where suzanne's body was found. and just take a look. you can see the evidence that the forensics team were here. now, this area is not that far from the main road, but it's not necessarily all that easy to get to. you really need to know what you're looking for. and according to the chief of police, it was two locals who were exploring this area, who were exploring this fortified cave tunnel system that was used by the nazis. there you have one of the entrances that leads into it.
12:58 pm
they were the ones that found suzanne's body a few hundred feet inside and what the chief of police was telling us was that her body was found with some stab wounds, not lethal, and they determined the cause of death to be asphyxiation. they also said that her body appeared to have been dumped from one of the holes that is on top of the hill and then deep into this tunnel system. there is now a massive homicide investigation underway. this entire island, brooke, is in shock. this is known to be a very safe place. and then, of course, suzanne's family reeling with grief, but putting out some really heartfelt memories, talking about her dedication to her profession, her biological career, but also her dedication to her family, saying that they're not going to allow the circumstances of her death to define the memory that they have
12:59 pm
of someone who they say touched not only them, but everyone around her, brooke. >> and arwa just reading about her black belt in tae kwon do, they say she's a fighter. they don't understand. arwa damon for us there in greece. to empty vatican graves exhumed today are adding a new twist to the decades-long search for a missing teenager or her remains. 15-year-old emanuela orlandoi went missing back in 1983. she was the daughter of a prominent vatican employee. her family received an anonymous letter recently suggesting they check out two specific tombs located in this tiny vatican cemetery near orlandoi's mother's home. the family was finally granted permission to proceed, and earlier today, the tombs of these two 19th century german princesses were pried open, nothing was found inside, no bones, no remains, the tombs were empty. an italian journalist telling cnn that he believes the vatican finally agreed to exhume the graves because vatican officials knew nothing was inside and that
1:00 pm
mystery continues. a quick check of the big board today, and you can see, ten seconds away from the closing bell, it will close above 27,000 for the first time ever. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. there's something you don't see every day from president trump. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, president trump expected to back down in his battle with the supreme court over the u.s. census, a fight he already kind of lost in the highest court of the land, but it might not be over just yet. this as the trump administration gears up to round up undocumented immigrants, migrant families living in fear right now as i.c.e. raids are about to begin this weekend. we'll speak to the republican mayor of one of the major cities on the target list. plus, impulsive, corrupt, incompetent and in love with kim jong-un. joe biden goes off on president trump's leadership on the world