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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 11, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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mystery continues. a quick check of the big board today, and you can see, ten seconds away from the closing bell, it will close above 27,000 for the first time ever. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. there's something you don't see every day from president trump. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, president trump expected to back down in his battle with the supreme court over the u.s. census, a fight he already kind of lost in the highest court of the land, but it might not be over just yet. this as the trump administration gears up to round up undocumented immigrants, migrant families living in fear right now as i.c.e. raids are about to begin this weekend. we'll speak to the republican mayor of one of the major cities on the target list. plus, impulsive, corrupt, incompetent and in love with kim jong-un. joe biden goes off on president trump's leadership on the world stage as biden lays out his foreign policy plans.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with breaking news. president trump expected to change course in less than an hour. the president expected to announce a different way to ask for citizenship information without inserting a question about it into the u.s. census. sources telling cnn that the president plans to direct the commerce department to get citizenship information through other means. the president has been pushing to add a citizenship question to the census, but the supreme court last month initially rejected the addition. critics say the question will lead to minorities being undercounted, allowing republicans to gain seats in the house of representatives. and causing minority communities to lose out on critical federal funding and representation. it's an argument boosted a few weeks ago by new evidence that a republican consultant who worked on the effort to add the question to the census had concluded in a 2015 study would help republicans and hurt democrats.
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the justice department insisted that the 2015 study had not played a role many their decision making. cnn's caitlkaitlan collins is a white house for us now. and kaitlan, what exactly is the president expected to announce? >> reporter: well, if this reporting, this is what the president is going to do and not change his mind as we've seen him do related to this census in the last week, he's going to be taking this executive action, but instead of putting that question on the census that they've been trying to do for the last several weeks, really this is something the president has wanted to do for a while, they are going to be trying to go a different route. now, they still have to be able to find out the information about how many undocumented immigrants there are living in the country, but they seem to realize that putting that question on the census just wasn't a legitimate path forward. so now they're going to take this kind of executive action to try to use the government through other means to find out what that number is, instead of adding a new question to the census, something that democrats and critics of the president and even some courts said he just
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didn't have the authority to do. >> and kaitlan, how exactly did we end up here, to abandon adding this question to the census entirely? >> reporter: well, jake, this has been a battle to begin with. we saw when the supreme court said their first defense for adding this was contrived, essentially telling them to do better, and the courts were surprised when the administration said, they were actually going to drop the effort altogether. then just a few hours later, the president contradicted that and said, no, we're going to move forward. and in recent days, they've been expressing -- actually, positivity, saying that they did feel like they could move forward with this, with the attorney general, bill barr, saying there were multiple paths they could take. but clearly, jake, none of those paths were sustainable. and that's why we're now going to see the president announce here soon a new path. what's interesting about all of this is career officials from the beginning recommended this, trying to find out how many undocumented immigrants lived in the country through other means. whether it was social security, first, all of these other methods they could use instead of going down this path of adding the question to the
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census and now it seems to be that is the route they are going to take after all of this and this fight over the last few days. >> kaitlan collins at the white house for us. let's chew over all of this. earlier today, a lot of people thought president trump was going to try to insert this question through executive action and there were many commentators saying, this was going to prompt a serious legitimate constitutional crisis. are you surprised that the president seems to be backing off that plan? >> i am surprised and i don't believe it. and i won't believe it until i see it, actually. this was going to be a constitutional crisis, because the president would be acting in direct defiance of the u.s. supreme court decision, just two weeks ago. the idea that the president of the united states by executive order could go around and circumvent what the supreme court, the highest judiciary body of our land, has to say is an outrageous statement of affairs with where we are in our country right now. and i can't imagine that even his advisers would allow him to go forward with this. it looks like he's backing down, and if he is, i think that's finally a recognition that he realizes that he is bound by the law like every other president.
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>> what do you think? are you surprised? >> the checks and balances are working, and we should all be relieved. whatever side of the argument you're on, whether you think the census the the right place for this kind of question or you think this question is not the right one to ask at all, the checks and balances are working. the supreme court made a ruling. the president, whatever, you know, by the grace of god realized, i'm not going to continue pursuing this. that's ultimately a good thing. and we have to keep reminding ourselves to have faith in these institutions, despite trump trying to test the fences constantly for weaknesses. our institutions are stronger than he is. >> ali, are there any legal concerns if the president asks the commerce department to try to find out an answer to this question, to survey the american people, or i shouldn't say the american people, to survey the population in the country through other means? >> there could be. and it depends what those other means are. there's no inherent problem or illegality with counting the number of citizens in this
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country. the problem that the administration ran into was, their reasons and their method for doing it. the problem with putting this question on census was that it was going intimidate non-zz hf non-citizens and people who live with them, leading to undercount, leading to less congressional representation, less funding. so how are they going to go about it now? if they're going to count through unobtrusive means, they should be okay to do it. but if they're going to be doing it some other way that intimidates non-citizens and leads to an undercount, we could end up right back in court. >> ana, i have to say, the fight over who is a citizen, who is not a citizen, whether it's through the census or through some other means, it's right in the president's wheelhouse in terms of like how he gets his base, issues that he thinks help him. >> absolutely. i think he thinks it helped him. i think he thinks making immigrants the boogie monster helped him win in 2016. we saw him again rev up the issue in the 2018 elections.
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he thinks it works. he's going back to his old playbook. we see him -- look, as we talk right now, there are kids in cages at the border. there's the entire census thing going on. there's the announcement of mass deportations this weekend. he is going to fan the flames and provoke hate and division and fear through immigration over and over and over again, between now and the elections. just take a deep breath, america, because it's not going to be pretty. >> i do have to say, though, s.e., president trump was critical of president obama and how often he used executive orders and executive actions, the old pen and the phone, and yet he has already surpassed obama in terms of executive orders and actions. and it's only july. >> same for boycotts. i mean, you can find a whole, long list of hypocrisies in trump tease biography, in trump's rhetoric. i am not surprised he has been so taken with executive actions. he seems envious of countries where they don't have to mess around with problems like
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congress and these other kinds of checks and balances like the law and constitution, things he doesn't really have a lot of affection for. so executive action is completely in his wheelhouse. and do as i say, not as i do is very so often trump's sort of by line. >> all right. thanks, everyone. stick around. we have more to talk about, because thousands of undocumented immigrant families could soon be hauled off and deported from ten major cities. the mayor of one of those cities, a republican, will join us next. and then president trump's one-side summit. several questionable characters at the white house right now looking to solve a perceived problem without the people who can actually solve the problem. stay with us. d up the years. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life. most people think a button is just a button. ♪
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angeles, miami, new orleans, new york, and san francisco, arresting, they say, some 2,000 undocumented immigrants, many of them families who already have court orders instructing them to leave the country. "the new york times" was first to report that the roundups were expected to start on sunday. cnn's diane gallagher is live in atlanta, one of those ten cities targeted. and diane, you've been talking to undocumented people in one specific latin american community there. what are they telling you? >> reporter: you know, jake, i'll tell you the president's message, or in the way some are receiving it, a threat, have certainly be received. hundreds of families are here coming their children to shop play and work and they definitely know about this raid. i talked to one mother. she's been in the u.s. for 15 years. she's from mexico. her three children are u.s. citizens. her husband has a work permit. she says she has never been so afraid in the 15 years that she has been here, so much so that
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for her job at a hotel, jake, she's taking a taxi instead of driving her car just in case she got pulled over for something or if somebody hit her so she wouldn't become collateral damage. she said new immigrants have moved into her community. so even though she doesn't have a deportation order, she is afraid that perhaps i.c.e. would round her up as well. and has talked about a plan with her oldest son, what they need to do if something like this happens. however, i was in a nail salon. one woman said, i think it's just a scare tactic. the president threatened to do this last month, he didn't do anything, it's like the boy who cried wolf. >> diane gallagher, thank you so much. joining me now is mayor of one of the ten cities where the raids are planned, mayor frances suarez of miami. thanks so much for joining us, mr. mayor. you're the mayor of a city that is nearly 70% hispanic. what is your message to the people of miami who are worried? >> well, you know, my message is, you know, you shouldn't be worried. the city of miami is not coming
1:15 pm
after you. you know, obviously, those who are violent criminals, who potentially are not in this country legally certainly, we don't want those people in our city. but aside from that, you know, we as a city, are a city of immigrants. so we embrace the fact that we have a tremendous amount of diversity in our city. and i'm obviously the product of two cuban exiles. my dad came when he was 12 years old and my mother came when she was 5. i'm the first miami-born mayor. my father was the first cuban-born mayor. so what we would say is you have nothing to fear from the city of miami, that's for sure. >> is it your understanding that the i.c.e. raids expected to start this weekend are targeting violent people who are in this country illegally? or that they are targeting families and others who have been ordered to leave the country and have not honored those orders? >> frankly, jake, we don't know. because the federal government
1:16 pm
hasn't communicated with our government. they haven't told us what the parameters are. they haven't asked us to support what they're doing or given us any information on who they're argumenting, how they're targeting them. so frankly, we're in the dark. i don't know how whatever the crisis is in the southern border relates to the city of miami. and the city of miami, the immigration issues really relate more to countries like venezuela, nicaragua, and haiti. many of which are seeking extensions of tps status, having fled those countries. >> well, let me ask you a question, with all due respect, if the federal government hasn't communicated with you who they're targeting this weekend, how can you tell people in miami that they have nothing to worry about, unless they're violent criminals? because it sounds like, what we are hearing is who's going to be targeted might be families, people who have been -- people who are not in the country legally, and they have been told they need to leaf, but are not
1:17 pm
necessarily violent criminals not necessarily causing any harm to the communities. but if you're not sure, why should people not worry? >> first, they have nothing to worry from the city of miami. >> from the city of miami, okay. >> we're not participating in any raids. we haven't asked to participate in any raids. and certainly, we are obviously a pro-immigrant city. >> but shouldn't they worry about i.c.e., is what i'm saying? might they not worry about i.c.e. agents? >> you know, i think certain people who live in fear and we're, you know, a city where we do have a high immigrant position. so they maybe afraid of what would be happening this sunday. you know, last time that there was going to be supposed raids that were canceled at the last minute. and frankly, the federal government hasn't given us any information, so we don't know how to inform anyone of what's going to happen. so those who are in fear, i can understand their fear. i can understand why they would be afraid. but frankly, we don't have any
1:18 pm
information, you know, to allay their fears or to -- my -- as mayor, what i hope is, that the people that they're focused on is people that are very dangerous, because those people obviously shouldn't be in our community to begin with. >> i don't think anybody would have any concern with that, but the concern is they're focusing on families. let me ask you for people who don't know, you're a republican. do you support in president trump in enacting this policy? >> look, i'm a republican, but i'm also an immigrant. i think in this country, so many of us came to this country seeking the american dream and to me, wanting to be an american is not a republican or a democratic issue. those who come to this country, seeking freedom, seeking liberty, want to be tax-paying productive members of our society should be americans. i don't understand why it's even a difficult issue, frankly, at the national level. i understand it becomes very partisan and there's a -- you know, there's a tremendous amount of partisan rhetoric around this issue. but as a mayor, this is a very
1:19 pm
simple issue for us. >> all right, mayor francis suarez of miami, thank you so much for your time, sir. we appreciate it. >> thank you, jake. breaking news. we're now hearing what president trump thought of labor secretary alexander costa's attempt to save his job yesterday. stay with us. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. hdo you like stranger things? tsure you do. that's why netflix is on us. and here's another reason to join. bring in your discount, and we'll match it. that's right. t-mobile will match your discount.
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breaking news. sources are telling cnn that
1:24 pm
president trump is questioning whether labor secretary alex acosta did enough to keep his job in that press conference yesterday. acosta has been under intense scrutiny for his role in that 2008 plea deal for jeffrey epstein, who's now been charged with trafficking minors. cnn's kaitlan collins is back with me. kaitlan, what are you learning about the president's thinking? >> jake, the president has been completely silent publicly on how alex acosta did during that press conference. but now we are being told that while initially he was pretty favorable with how he performed and how he defended himself, he has since become skeptical and is now quizzing people about whether they think his answers were sufficient to essentially make this controversy go away. now, it's not that the president has concerns necessarily about his role in the plea deal, but is instead worried about this being something that is just following his administration, essentially looming over the white house, and now that is raising some concerns, since he's been quizzing people about how alex acosta did, about how long alex acosta could
1:25 pm
potentially last in this administration. the president has been voicing confidence with the people he has been speaking about with this and that is raising questions within the west wing about what will be next for the labor secretary. in the national lead today, anxiety is high in cities nationwide with the president's deportation raid set to begin on sunday. >> reporter: i put myself at risk to help my family in guatemala and to get food for myself. now, we're being very cautious. we're staying at home with the doors locked. some of them are not working right now. they're afraid to go out. >> and there are thousands with similar worries. phil bump, you're joining us now. let me ask you, do you think there is any chance that president trump has ordered these i.c.e. raisds that he called off a few weeks ago in order to distract from the epstein story, from the pending testimony of robert mueller? i mean, do you think that of the defeats he's had in terms of the
1:26 pm
census. a lot of his critics say that he does this to distract? >> it's always hard to anticipate what trump is doing, what his motivation is for anything at any point in time. i think that's probably less likely here, simply because on the campaign trail, he spent a lot of time talking about how i'm going to get all of those folks out of this country. he claimed to be focusing primarily on people who had criminal backgrounds, but it was pretty clear given his rhetoric. he sided this as the example of the thing that he wanted to do, this massive raid and deportation of folks. it seems clear, this is something he's wanted to do for quite some time. quite frank frankly, i'm more surprised it's taken him this long to try to enact it. >> and you heard the mayor of miami who didn't seem to know who was going to be argument ta these i.c.e. raid. nobody has anything to fear from the city of miami, which wasn't really the question. and he hopes it's just violent people. of course, i don't think anyone here has a problem with violent people who are not in this
1:27 pm
country illegally. but we're hearing that it might just be families. people who have been told they need to leave and haven't left. >> i think it is outrageous that they are planning this for three days from now and the city, the mayor of the city of miami, own of the cities targeted, knows nothing. does not have the information. i would hope that marco rubio, that francis suarez, that ron desantis, that the governor of florida are knocking down the doors to the white house trying to get some information. because it is irresponsible. as francis suarez the mayor said, in miami, you've got an enormous amount of venezuelans right now who are fleeing the murderous, thuggish government of maduro. somebody that trump has spent a lot of time and resources targeting to try to get rid of. because he is a murderer. because he is killing and sta e starving venezuelans. are we going to deport those people back to venezuela? is that the kind of people that we are? is that the message we are sending the hemisphere and the world? and just think about, you know,
1:28 pm
these are people who have homes, who are in schools, who have jobs, who do things that often americans don't want to do. skmof them are doing great things. some of them are professionals. are those the folks that we're targeting? they are mothers and they are fathers. or are they our grandparents. do we need comprehensive immigration reform? do we need to enforce the law? absolutely. but should we be doing this in this mean-spirited, disorganized way where even the mayors of the city don't know anything just to send a political message, that's disgusting and hateful. >> and it's not just undocumented eimmigrants who worry. it's also people in their community. >> they slow us down wherever a potential raid so kurg or about occur. and they stop coming, it is affecting -- it affects your quality of life. >> even the threat of raids could have a long-term ripple effect and again, the communication from the federal government to the city seems to be nonexistent.
1:29 pm
>> that's because this isn't designed to solve a problem, right? rounding up 2,000 people amidst 11 million immigrants who are here illegally is not solving any kind of problem. it's designed to send a message. and it's not designed to send a message to these people. the people who are feeling it the most, who are living in fear. it's designed to send a message to his supporters. to say, i'm on top of this. i'm strong, i've given democrats and republicans opportunities to come to the table. i'm doing something about this. it's just for his fans, which makes it so much more odious and despicable that this is really part of a campaign platform. it has nothing to do with solving immigration. let me just say, on the other side, this issue has stymied republicans and democrats who at one time or another had full control of congress. obama had full control of congress, did not do meaningful immigration reform. trump had full control of congress, did not build a wall,
1:30 pm
did not do meaningful immigration reform. and the dirty secret is that this issue is so politically profitable, broken, solving it is almost getting rid of the incentive for republicans, democrats, to run on immigration, to fundraise on it. it's disgusting, the lack of leadership, politically, on this issue. this is the latest, but it is not the first -- iyou know, the only example of a lack of leadership. >> i think s.e. is exactly right. it's punitive and mean spirited, disorganized, and chaotic, and it's not designed to solve a problem. it's much like the census issue. trump has no fundamental political philosophy. so he just does whatever he thinks will win in the moment. and this is an objective to try to win in the moment. >> maybe they should start these deportation raids at his golf clubs and hotels. god knows there's been a lot of undocumented immigrants working there. hypocrite. >> that is accurate -- well, without the hypocrite part of
1:31 pm
it, is it accurate to say there have been a lot of undocumented immigrants who have worked for trump organizations. be sure to tune in for a cnn special report, "the hidden workforce: undocumented in america." that airs tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. on cnn. coming up, the white house summit to solve what's perceived as a problem, although they did not invite the people who could solve the problem. that's next. in the world.battery [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one.
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in our tech lead, right now, the president is wrapping up his so-called social media summit, something you might expect the big players such as twitter or facebook to attend. instead, president trump invited a colorful group of right-wing internet groups and individuals,
1:36 pm
the only social media company there, apparently, as a platform called minds, formerly popular with neo-nazis, to spread their propaganda. they're all joined by others, such as meme creators popular with trump supporters for praising the president in clever ways or attacking his opponents in other ways. as cnn's tom foreman now reports, president trump is discussing the challenges of social media with a very small circle who share his views. >> reporter: the social media summit turned into a who's who of some extremely controversial conservatives, all breathless supporters of the president, including james o'keefe, long accused of misleading, editing, and loathsome behavior in his efforts to expose alleged liberal bias. bill mitchell, and gateway pundit. twitter meme maker such as carpe donktum and mad liberals. a social media site once popular
1:37 pm
with neo-nazis was invited. even a right-wing cartoonists accused of pushing anti-semitic racist materials. after much controversy, he was uninvited. but plenty of others came to raise the cry that social media companies are silencing conservative voices. so who's out? neither facebook nor twitter was welcomed. two of the companies that could answer those conservative complaints amid a growing drumbeat for regulation. >> there are a lot of people that want us to take action against facebook and against twitter and frankly against amazon. >> reporter: the outrage is ironic for this president, who has used social media far more than any other, with more than 25 million facebook followers, almost 62 million on twitter, and tens of thousands of posts and tweets to his name, he has met every call for him to rein it in with an unshakable belief in the power it gives him. >> i put one out this morning and as soon as i pressed the button, they said, we have breaking news. every network, everybody
1:38 pm
station. >> reporter: in addition, trump supporters have pumped the internet full of their content. some of it inflammatory, false, or otherwise in violation of platform policies. yet trump and other conservatives insist the social media giants are blocking their followers, stifling their free speech, and pushing a liberal agenda. trump falsely tweeted during the election, for example, twitter, google, and facebook are burying the criminal investigation of clinton. very dishonest media. and it's a theme he's pushing still. >> let me tell you, they're trying to rig the election. i'll tell you what, they should be sued, because what's happening with the bias -- >> reporter: many democrats, independents, and even some republicans are saying, look, there has not been so much a summit as a hit job on big social media companies. a preemptive attack to paint them as unfair and beat them into submission, just as the 2020 race is heating up. so if team trump gets into any trouble during the election,
1:39 pm
they can throw up their hands and say, see, we told you! they're unfair. jake? >> millennially, they're victims. tom foreman, thank you so much. insults and promises. the pitch joe biden just made that was full of name calling. stay with us. [ referee whistle sounds ] [ cheering ] when you need the fuel to be your nephew's number one fan. holiday inn express. we're there. so you can be too. when you have diabetes, ♪ dietary choices are crucial to help manage blood sugar, but it can be difficult to find a balanced solution. try great-tasting boost glucose control. the patented blend of protein, fat, and carbs is part of a balanced formula that's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. in fact, it provides 60% more protein than the leading diabetes nutrition shake and contains only 1 carb choice. enjoy the balanced nutrition of boost glucose control as part of a healthy diet.
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in our 2020 lead, joe biden today drawing one of the sharpest contrasts to date between him and president trump. in a speech laying out his foreign policy plans if elected, biden lamb basting the president for his relationship with american allies, promising he won't, quote, cold dictators and reminding voters about his decades of foreign policy work.
1:44 pm
but as cnn's jeff zeleny reports, that's exactly what biden's critics are using to attack him. >> make no mistake about it. the world sees trump for what he is. a sincere, ill-informed, and impulsive, and sometimes corrupt. >> reporter: joe biden outlining his foreign policy doctrine today, offering a world view that reinvolves almost entirely around defeating president trump and dismantling his america-first agenda. >> donald trump's brand of american first has too often led to america alone. >> reporter: in a speech in new york today, the former vice president pledged to restore fraying u.s. alliances, calling the 2020 election an urgent turning point for the world. >> we have to restore our ability to rally the free world. we only have one opportunity to reset this democracy after trump. and we have to be prepared to make the most of it. >> reporter: but biden is also seeking to reset his own
1:45 pm
campaign, trying once again to present himself as the best democrat to confront trump and hoping to allay any concern about the strength of his candidacy. the contrast with trump was stark, in both policy and presentation, as biden delivered a sober election rather than the more boisterous talk the president favors. >> president obama and vice president biden, they didn't have a clue. they got taken advantage of by china, by nato, by every country they did business with. >> reporter: if elected, biden said he would convene a summit of the world's strongest democracies during his first year in office, signaling to allies a return to an american normalcy. he did not address the distinctions inside the democratic primary, not directly mentioning his 2002 vote to authorize the iraq war, which his rivals have already been using to raise questions about his judgment. >> joe voted for that war, i helped lead the opposition to that war, which is a total disaster. >> reporter: the closest biden came was this.
1:46 pm
>> american leadership is not infallible, we've made missteps and mistakes. >> reporter: as he pushed for an end to the longest conflict in u.s. history. >> it's long past time we end the forever wars. i have long argued that we should bring home the vast majority of our combat troops. >> reporter: now, while biden kept his remarks squarely focused on president trump, he had barely finished speaking when a top adviser to bernie sanders called biden out, saying any forward-looking policy must grapple with the continuing impact of iraq. it's an open question, though, whether iraq or trump's world view is a more pressing concern to voters. jake? >> jeff zeleny, thanks so much. phil bump, biden today said that if he were president, there would be no more helsinkis, a reference to the meeting with putin. he says the world sees president trump as ill informed and impulsive and slammed what he called twitter tantrums by the president. what do you make of it all? >> i think that biden is, as jeff said, is very squarely
1:47 pm
trying to focus this on it is me against trump debate. this is how he started this campaign. kamala harris knocked him off that track during that debate. he is trying to resuscitate his campaign by going back to something for which he feels very comfortable. going back to 2008, one of the reasons that barack obama chose biden was to square up his own foreign policy credentials. biden sees this as an area of strength. he's trying to present that it is him versus trump on needle. >> republican critics are pointing to a line from the former defense secretary during the obama years and also bush, robert gaetz, his 2014 book where he says joe biden has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy decision over the last 40 years. gaetz stands by that. is that a problem? >> 40 years is a long time. i think he's entitled to some mistakes. >> but he's saying everything was a mistake. every single decision was a mistake. >> that sounds like a little bit
1:48 pm
of an exaggeration. joe biden's strength is his experience. he was the chairman at a time of the foreign relations committee in the senate. it is his greatest strength. it's also baggage. and it's also put a target on his back when it comes to his opponents. he wants to focus squarely on trump. his opponents in the democratic primary want to focus squarely on him. and i think after kamala harris showed that you can get a bump of ten points after knocking him off his game, you can get much more of that. >> we saw how defensive he got after defending some of his domestic record. if you look at his foreign policy, he was against the gulf war, for the iraq war, against the osama bin laden. he'll have to answer questions from his own party, not just his opponents, but democratic voters on all of those decisions, if he's as defensive as he was, as he has been, i don't think he'll clear any of those land mines. >> the criticism from robert gates actually helps him. in the democratic primary,
1:49 pm
that's a good thing, because democrats did not like reagan, but the general problem that biden has is that he's running a general election campaign. that was a general election speech. that does nothing for him in terms of winning the primary, if he's running against donald trump in the fall of next year, that's very useful. but right now he's got to explain his vote on the war in iraq, and that's still an issue that separates him from the other democrats he'll be facing in the democratic primary, not to mention trump goes around saying he was opposed to the war in iraq. he'll have to separate himself from donald trump's own position. the democrats can speak with some kind of moral clarity on the issue if they have somebody who does speak clearly on that issue, as well. >> how big an issue is the war in iraq for democratic voters? they had a stark choice in 2016, voted for the war in iraq, though she said like biden that she regretted. bernie sanders opposed it and they went with hillary clinton last time. while would it hurt biden if it didn't really hurt hillary clinton, necessarily? >> i think it's still an issue.
1:50 pm
it did hurt hillary clinton in the primaries. that's why bernie sanders was able to take off. it didn't stop her from winning the nomination, but joe biden also has to deal with other candidates like kamala harris and elizabeth warren and deal with bernie sanders as well. you've got 24 other candidates out there where hillary clinton only had one. >> he should just get an empty globe, put it in front of donald trump and say, here, name ten countries. >> and donald trump would make them up and his supporters would still love him. >> you don't want to miss the next democratic presidential primary debates right here on cnn. my colleagues dana bash and don lemon will join me moderating both nights of the debate on july 30th and july 31st in detroit, michigan. not just rising temperatures and increasing natural disasters, the growing problem that the climate crisis is causing that few people saw coming. that's next. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us.
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including anaphylaxis, a severe reaction. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening eye problems, including eye pain or changes in vision. if you are taking asthma medicines, do not change or stop your asthma medicine without talking to your doctor. help heal your skin from within. ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. our buried lead now. a state department analyst resigned according to the "wall street journal" and "new york times" after the white house removed portion of his june congressional testimony, which included evidence that the climate crisis is a threat to u.s. national security. the state department told cnn it does not comment on personnel matters. as part of our earth matters series, cnn's climate correspondent bill weir is looking into an economic as well as an environmental threat to kmu communities across this country, what's known as climate gentrify indication. >> reporter: this intersection is 9 feet above sea level. this one is 7.
1:56 pm
that one is 6. and these numbers are just one reminder that in the age of sea level rise, evaluation is everything. >> the plan is to raise the sea wall to here. >> it will be about this high. >> reporter: in ritzy miami beach, they're raising streets, changing building codes. >> the water is rising and it won't recede. >> reporter: in well-to-do pine crest, they formed america's first underwater homeowner's association. but in working class immigrant neighborhoods like little haiti, year-to-year sea level rise gets lost in the day-to-day struggle. they had no idea they were lifting a lofty three feet higher than their rich neighbors, but they figured it out when strangers started calling and buying. >> they are being pushed out from their homes, from their businesses. we are now -- >> reporter: because high ground is valued property now. >> well, believe it or not, we
1:57 pm
didn't know that. >> reporter: investors from as far away as china began buying land, raising rent. mom and pop businesses began to disappear. and after the kids in marlen's community center had to have move three times, she learned the term "climate gentri gentrifycation" >> do you imagine a day when property values are almost flip. where what used to be the bad side of the railroad tracks is more valuable because it's high ground as opposed to the beach. >> i don't imagine it for climatic reasons. i imagine it for other gentrif gentrifycation reasons. >> reporter: the mayor had plans to include low-income folks from being priced out of safe neighborhoods. but marlen says she'll believe it when she sees it and fought hard to stop a $1 billion development called magic city in, you guessed it, little haiti. >> they want to build 25 stories. that would be the end of little
1:58 pm
haiti. >> right. but doesn't it also means thousands of new jobs for the community? >> for who? >> not for you? not for these folks? >> for them. they won't be here to access the jobs. because they'll all be displaced. >> reporter: but a protest failed. and after magic city promised 31 million to the community, the megaproject was approved. >> the area we took was all industrial. there was no real thriving economy around these warehouses or vacant land. so our goal is to create that economy. >> is sea level rise part of the equation? >> look, in the time we purchased this property, obviously, climate change is something that everybody looks at. but it wasn't a factor that we considered when acquiring the property. >> the reality is that it's inevitable. >> reporter: lee one is among t leaders that think magic city is out of control.
1:59 pm
>> we need to be part of the solution. if you're not around the table? what are you? the meal. we don't want to be nobody's meal. >> reporter: this puts her at odds with marlen. but they are just a sample of how a slow-motion disaster is dividing neighbors. how climate is giving new meaning to the old saying, real estate is all about location, location, and elevation. >> and bill weir joins me in studio right now. bill, do the people in power down there, do they see this as climate gentification. >> well, it's tricky, because they can't admit that they would lose to the sea. the mayor saying, we're going to manage it. he's one of the rare mayors who passionately agrees it exists and should be mitt gagt igating should make miami one of the most resolute, adaptable cities. >> have you seen this elsewhere? >> no, they're leading the way. florida, south florida,
2:00 pm
california, and alaska, where it was hotter in anchorage than key west on the fourth of july. it's a non-partisan issue there. >> bill weir, thanks so much. you can follow me on facebook and twitter @jake tapper. our coverage on cnn continues right now. thanks for watching. >> happening now, census questions. we're standing by for an announcement from president trump. sources say he'll back off from the court fight to get a question about citizenship on next year's census forms. but he has another strategy to get information on who's a citizen and who isn't. how will the president do it? nationwide ranges. sources say federal immigration workers will begin arresting and deporting thousands of immigrants with raids in u.s. cities starting sunday. the roundup was announced and then delayed weeks ago. will it happen this time or is it just a threat to keep the president's voters happy? moat