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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  July 15, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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isha, thank you so much. i wish we had more time. "beneath the tamaraind tree." jim and i will see you back here tomorrow. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. "at this hour with kate bolduan" starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. this morning we're getting a good look at what the 2020 general election is going to look like and if you were hoping for a high-minded debate about the bright future for america you should plug your ears h it comes to donald trump, 2020 looks a lot like 2016. division politics at its worst and this time republicans really aren't even trying to stand up to him. yesterday the president unleashed a racist outburst of tweets attacking four democratic congresswomen of color saying that they should, quote/unquote go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.
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that's part of the tweet. go back from where you came from is obviously a time worn racist trope and beyond that three of the four lawmakers he's talking about were born in the united states and all of them are american citizens and all of them are elected officials. if you're thinking to yourself right now this doesn't surprise me then maybe that is all the wake-up call that we need right now. a big question this morning, besides where are the republicans standing up against racist remarks, big question this morning is why is the president doing this in the first place? boris sanchez at the white house. is the white house defending his tweets. >> reporter: so far one official spoke tout to say president trump is not racistment even know he frequently parrots the language of white nationalists and white supremacists. there are many examples of this and we know the president is comfortable doing it in part because he isn't exactly challenged by republicans even those who have been critical of him in the past.
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now, the president here appealing to people who are uncomfortable with immigration, who perhaps are uncomfortable with people of color, you get the sense from the way that the president speaks that he doesn't exactly empathize with people who have risked everything to become americans and now white house officials have to play cleanup. this morning marc short, chief of staff for mike pence spoke out about it and pointed to transportation secretary elaine chao to suggest she is an example of president trump's inclusiveness and tolerance. listen to more of what he said. >> i don't think that the president's intent anyway is ricist. i think he's trying to point out the fact that since elected it's hard to find anything ill on him that is supportive of the united states of america. >> let's point out the obvious here. there are many members of congress that disagree with this president's vision of america who are vocal about their opposition to policies of this administration. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, et cetera, the president
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hasn't told them to go back to their countries so suggesting that this is a difference over policy is sort of missing the point, kate. >> thanks so much, boris. manu, what are you hearing or not hearing? >> reporter: republicans have been mostly silent since the tweets from yesterday morning. there was, of course, sunday, there was nobody in the capitol. today is a travel day. members are not right back here on capitol hill. they will return later today when they will be asked this question about whether they stand by the president's sentiments here or whether they're going to stand up to the president's remarks. right now very few have spoken out but only when they've been asked. lindsey graham who went -- played golf with the president yesterday after the president issued those tweets did -- was asked about this today but after calling these -- the democratic lawmakers communists who, quote, hate our country he did say the president should take a different tact. >> aim higher. you don't need to -- they are
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american citizens. they won an election. take on their policies. the bottom line here is this is a diverse country. >> but the republican leadership in the house and senate silent so far. no comment from mitch mcconnell or the house minority leader kevin mccarthy, the democrat, of course, are speaking out rather aggressively. the speaker, nancy pelosi soon after those tweets came out tweeted, when donald trump tells four american congresswomen to go back to their countries, he reaffirms his plan to make america great again has always been about making america white again so we'll expect more reaction later today, kate, when people come back but at the moment democrats are the one expressing outrage. republicans mostly silent. >> manu, thank you so much. we invited senator graham to join us. he is unavailable but look forward to having him on the show very soon. joining me because there's much to discuss, sabrina
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siddiqui and thanks for being here. sabrina, there are two things that i want to get at with both of you and get your take on. one, why is the president doing this and where are the republicans so, let's start with this. chip roy spoke out and said he's wrong and lindsey graham said the president should aim higher. we've seen republicans criticize the president in the past when he's said racist things. charlottesville is a good example. why is it krikorians this time. >> the fact that they're largely silent speaks to the hold the president has over the republican party. we've increasingly seen republicans more and more reticent to publicly voice dissent or disagree with the administration and you're very much seeing a glaring example of that right now where it would be fairly easy to say that telling people of color much less
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sitting congressmen they should go home is one of the old e69 tropes in the book. there is no other interpretation but to suggest those individuals are somehow foreign when we're talking about four american citizens, two of whom are the first muslim women elected to congress. it's also worth noting some of those statements republicans have pointed out or have where they have spoken out they try to have it both ways. lindsey graham before he said that the president should aim higher said these are meme who hate their country so you really see the ways in which republicans are also parroting some of that more incendiary rhetoric that the president has used and it's another example where the president has tried to make overtures to white nationalists, sometimes he has done it in ways that are more subtle and this is much more overt. >> let me play more of what lindsey graham said. >> you're going to win. just knock it down a notch. >> in what way? >> we all know that aoc and this
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crowd are a bunch of communists. they hate israel. they're calling the guards along our border the border patrol concentration camp guards. they accuse people who support israel of doing it for the benjamins. they're anti-semitic. anti-america. aim higher. we don't need to know anything about them personally. talk about their policies. >> you see as sabrina is pointing out, communist, anti-semitic. anti-american is what he says but you hear the president just tweeted out most of what lindsey graham said in that interview notably though leaving out the part where he said just -- lindsey graham said knock it down and aim higher he's calling on the president to stop. in 2019 what is what it sounds like coming from a republican. the president clearly isn't listening, though, do republicans know that and so they've just given up? >> well, i think there's a
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couple of things happening. one, republicans are trying to act like this is an aberrant statement as if the tweets we saw are out of his character when i think to any observer following along this is in line with what he has been and who he has been for the entirety of his political career and largely his adult life. let's remember this is a president that called into question the fairness of a mexican judge. this is a president that seemed to defend some white nationalists in charlottesville and made his political kind of first foray into american politics by the kind of racist conspiracy theory of birtherism and has never apologized for calling the central park five to calling them convicted when they were exonerated so this is more in line with this president's history and we're seeing republicans trying to paint it as an aberration because it's in
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their political interest. >> as astead lays out, he's answering my next question, why is the president doing this? it's base division politics without any sort of veil or cover now? what is motivating him? >> i think it's twofold. look, the election is around the corner and as you pointed out we're going to see a lot more of the same in 2020 as we did in 2016, astead outlined some examples from the past. in 2016 he campaigned on banning all muslims from entering the united states and taken extreme measures on immigration he says are designed to protect the borders but when he maybes statements like these demeaning either people of color or other statements he's made in the past criticizing immigrants then it does call into question his real motivations. i also think he wants to drive a wedge through the democratic party. it's no mistake that this comes amid a separate feud between house speaker nancy pelosi and
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some of those four members who refer to themselves as the squad led by alexandria ocasio-cortez. i think he really wants to seize on some of those intraparty divisions but when he makes comments like these and goes after those members of congress so personally all he really does is unifies the democratic party against him. >> also raises another question, astead. if the point is to make liberal members of congress who can be controversial. we know this. but if the point is to make them the face of the entire democratic party, is it working? >> well, i think that's been a point republicans are trying to even outside the president. we have seen conservative media and republican leaders largely try to really focus democrat -- trying to paint this democratic party largely as defined by these members. now, certainly these members experience a wide number of support, drive interest through social media and grassroots funding and represent atescenda
8:11 am
wing of diverse populism but are they the wide swath? let's remember who is leading the polls. joe biden. it is still an open question about whether this group represents the entirety of the democratic party. what we do know is that sometimes the criticism of them has veered into outside of that kind of policy area and more into the kind of personal divisive racist attacks that we seen all of them experience. >> one final note in case we have any doubt of the intention behind the tweets. don beyer had maybe the best analysis on the whole thing. he tweeted this out. only one of the members of congress pictured and just tay take look at the picture pictured born below outside the united states, it's me. all of us including those like ilhan omar and me born elsewhere are proud americans. he was born on a military base oversees.
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he's called for the president's impeach many. no fan of the president and he, of course, is not facing any of this. an important final note here. sabrina, thanks, guys. i really appreciate it. >> thank you. still ahead for us, immigrant communities wondering what happens now after those threatened sweeping i.c.e. raids weren't so sweeping. even a top administration official says he doesn't know what's going on. details ahead. plus, he was a rising star in the democratic party, a favorite to be the next mayor of his home city but jason kander did something we haven't seen before. he dropped out of the race to seek treatment for his mental health. he'll be with me here with me live coming up. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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virtual wallet from pnc bank. just one way pnc is modernizing banking to help make things easier. pnc bank. make today the day. nine u.s. cities now wondering what's next after sunday came and went without the massive i.c.e. deportation roundup that the president said was happening. besides a few isolated operations, there is no reporting yet of major immigration sweeps this weekend and just this morning one of the president's top immigration officials says that he doesn't have any data to share, rather he says he doesn't know what happened. >> i told you i don't have details about any arrests that have taken place so far with
8:18 am
respect to that operation. well, when i.c.e. is ready to do it and maybe it's already begun, then they'll execute on it but those are not details they share outside of their own law enforcement agencies with -- in any breadth. >> they haven't told you. >> correct. >> joining me right now democratic cocoman adrian espiat. >> you were brought here as a child decades ago. >> that's correct. >> what did you hear in your district this weekend? >> fear for the most part, this action by the president, this threat by the president has sent chilling effects across the country and people were fearful. anybody that steps on our soil has rights. the rule of law governs this nation. it cannot apply to one person and not the other. unless i.c.e. comes with a
8:19 am
warrant signed by a federal judge they shouldn't open the door. if arrested entitled to a attorney. if they come in illegally they can film them it did you hear of massive sweep. >> no sweeps but this is a threat. i can't tell if they're going to start today or tomorrow. the fear is cast out there in broad terms and think that's what the president is trying to accomplish. he rules by fear. >> well, that was -- the whole conversation was it's happening, 2,000 people will be picked up and now it seems like it's something different. it might be slower, longer, more scaled back. do you think it was a change in tactic or do you think this was a scare tactic? >> it's a stair tactic to try to motivate his base of white nationalists and even racist people part of his political base for next year. let me say something, kate. border patrol has about 11,000 people in custody already. 00 of which are family, 5800 are individuals and about 421 are n
8:20 am
unaccompanied minors. cells are up to full capacity. what held 35 people now, about 155 people per jail cell and so this will exacerbate the process and it's mainly moms and people, recent arrivals that will be sooned up so people are fearful. they should know their rights and exercise their rights. i believe that i.c.e. agents should wear body cameras. i have a bill that calls for it and body cameras will document everything so that the i.c.e. agent doesn't violate the law and, of course, the immigrant is also sure that his or her civil rights are protected. >> now add to that the president will be announcing new regulation that it sounds like could upend asylum laws. basically making it impossible for anyone traveling through mexico to apply for asylum at the u.s. border. what do you say about that. >> that's so, so horrendous. >> why? >> people are fleeing violence
8:21 am
or natural disasters in some cases, a mom that is seeing her son be recruited by a violent gang will pack her things and leave. a small businessman like i met over in elizabeth, new jersey, in the federal facility there that was being extorted and threatened by gang members to pay a gang tax left everything behind. didn't want to lose their lives and we're going to stop them at the border? that's so unlike what america should be. we should each case by case we should give them a full opportunity to make their case for asylum. now, in many cases the people that will be arrested if this threat goes through will be people that haven't been able to make it to court because they haven't been notified. >> there is -- i have been told by immigration attorneys that the system basically has collapsed in terms of the notification to show up to court system. something else -- >> not only that for me to establish asylum i have to bring evidence. sometimes it takes a significant period of time for me to bring the evidence to show the judge that, in fact, my life is in danger and that's not being offered to these immigrants so
8:22 am
this is horrendous. this is unlike what we've done in the past where people's choice awards asylum and, again, a wedge political issue that the president is using right now to motivate his voters for next we're. >> let's talk about now is another politically motivated issue. the president has been just on a tear against some of your colleagues annuity. in tweets this weekend and more this morning telling -- aimed at alexandria ocasio-cortez, congresswoman pressley, tlaib and moomar attacking them with racial trope. >> they come from america. i think maybe one or two of them -- >> we have pointed that out. when you saw the tweet what are you thinking? >> it's a racist tweet and these young women of color bring a wealth of information, experiences and bold ideas. our party is a big tent party. we have robus robust and very controversial debates and we
8:23 am
break bread at the dinner table. you look at that side of the aisle, it looks completely the same. you look at our side of the aisle it looks more like america. >> does it matter to you what the president believes in his heart when he's using a racist trope or if he's just saying something for purely political reasons. >> oh, no, we're right and he's wrong clearly. using the race card, scapegetting immigrants. look at history. every time time and time again has been used for real bad goals and objectives -- >> it worked for him in 2016. >> this will not work for him next year and hoping america will see it for what it is, to pin people against each other and having those women at the table brings a different opinion for some folks but i think -- >> yes, they can be controversial. >> you know, there's controversy in all pears yet we're able to come together and seek a common goal. >> david axelrod tweeted something out that it was really -- i thought interesting
8:24 am
to point out. he says with his deliberate racist outburst he wants to raise the profile of his targets, dive dems to defend them and make them emblematic of the entire party. it's cold, hard strategy. >> i see that but we have a leader in nancy pelosi who i like to have her in the room when the boys are meeting to cut up the piece of pie, right? i like to have her there. i think she represents our interests. he's able to bring everybody together. i saw how she came together with those same young women. >> there was a fight that spilled quite publicly -- is there she's a pro and held us together when government was shut down and the president tried to come in and impose his state of the union and said you can't come in. she is a real leader and she will bring us together. i have confidence in her and confidence in those four young women. >> congressman, thanks for being here. thank you very much. coming up next for us, joe biden unveiling his health care plan today drawing a contrast to
8:25 am
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simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. joe biden rolling out a major policy proposal today on a major issue that's dividing democrats in the presidential primary. health care, biden's plan proposes macive new obamacare
8:30 am
subsidies that his campaign says would be similar to medicare. he goes directly after rivals kamala harris and bernie sanders featuring a key moment from the democratic debate. watch this. >> the question was asked whether we support eliminating private health insurance. some said yes, i said absolutely not. i believe we have to protect and bill on obamacare. that's why i proposed adding a public option to obamacare as the best way to lower costs and cover everyone. >> here to break it down jessica dean. easy thing to do. trillions of dollars depending on what you're talking about but biden is rolling it out. kind of long awaited to hear what his details are. what's in it. >> this is where we're starting to see key different enshakings among the 2020 candidates. let's take a look at what's in vice president biden's proposal. he is proposing a public option that would be similar to
8:31 am
medicare. it would allow anyone to join that and people who weren't caught if their tate did not expand medicaid, some of these republican led states didn't do that they would go to the public option and offers federal subsidies to allow medicare to negotiate drug prices. if we dig in a little more on a couple of these topics you'll see there's some details in there as well. the subsidy, for example, take a family of four that would be making $110,000 a year, they would save about $750 a month because, kate, some of the critiques of obamacare, we have insurance but can't afford the deductible based on gold plans with lower deductibles. if you bear down on the public option piece of this, it's similar to medicare. it automatically enrolls those people aren't captured by medicaid and anyone up happy can join but the bottom line here if
8:32 am
you zoom out and take the big picture this is obamacare but taking it further it's strengthening and keeping obamacare and trying to bring in more peel as opposed to what some of the other democrats have suggested. >> this is is obamacare on steroids or however you want to -- obamacare plus this is different from what we've seen from bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and kamala harris. but how different? >> right, so, okay, if we show you this as well, this crystallizes it, bernie sanders and senator elizabeth warren both support medicare for all which would push obamacare to the side, start from the beginning and encompass everyone. senator kamala harris supporting single payer government run health care plan. this is where we're starting to see distinctions between these candidates and fundamentally comes down to do you believe we should keep obamacare and strengthen it and add to that or do you believe we should start over again with a whole new program, medicare for all? and that's the discussion that
8:33 am
democrats are going to be having and they're having it in earnest this week and we're headed right into the debates. >> if you look at the polling from -- the midterms, it was a defining issue and 2020, no matter what we're always talking about all the time, health care is still the top issue that people care about when it comes to who they are going to support so this, what he's rolling in now and the differs between the candidates are really something to pay attention to. >> absolutely. it's going to be a big defining moment for these candidate. >> thanks, jessica. do not forget. you can find out which democratic candidates are going to be facing each other and which candidate will face off each night of the next debates in a special live event. you can watch the drawing this thursday the 8:00 eastern that will set the stage for the cnn presidential democratic presidential primary debates coming up moderated by dana bash, don lemon, jake tapper,
8:34 am
july 30th and 31st from detroit, michigan, only on cnn. coming up for us, he was the front-runner in a high-profile mayor's race and even talked as a potential presidential candidate but then he did what we have really never seen before. he stepped away from politics altogether. i'm sitting down with jason kander with an important message, important rollout in his first cable news interview. that's next. hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options
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so long as you can say... "i am here." aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig. he almost beat an incumbent
8:39 am
republican senator in a red state in 2016. he was secretary of state of missouri and a former army captain who served in afghanistan when he caught everyone's attention with this hard-charging campaign ad. >> i'm jason kander. senator blunt has been attacking me on guns. well, in the army i learned how to use and respect my rifle. >> that helped launch former missouri secretary of state jason kander into the national spotlight. a rising star in the democratic party, people were even talking about a possible 2020 run. he ran for kansas city mayor in 2018. was the clear front-runner when he did something that no politician does, quite frankly, he suddenly dropped out of the race in october because he said he needed help. in an unbelievably candid letter to supporters kander wrote this, after 11 years of trying to outrun deepsea challenger and ptsd symptoms i have finally concluded that it's faster than me. that i have to stop running, turn around and confront it. i finally went to the v.a. and
8:40 am
started process to get help regularly to allow me to concentrate on my mental health, i've decided that i won't be running for mayor of kansas city and we haven't heard from jason kander since until now. thanks for being here. how are you? >> i am great. i mean, it's nice to be able to say that. i'm doing really well. i feel better than i felt in over a decade. you know, my first message to people is, if you think something might be wrong, something is wrong and you should get help. and now i have this incredible opportunity, you know, you mentioned -- you read the part of the letter where i said i went to the v.a., the rest of the story i haven't told i went to the v.a. and they gave me a lot of paperwork and said, i'm not really sure i know how to navigate this process. >> even you. >> and i'm, you know, in a decent spot to be able to figure that sort of thing out. have some government experience and that sort of thing so i went to an organization in my town in kansas city called veterans community project. they helped me navigate the
8:41 am
process. now i have the opportunity to lead their national expansion. they serve all vets. anybody who falls through the cracks they work on veterans' homelessness and have a village of tiny houses and effectively eradicated it in kansas city and am excited to lead them. it's our new mission. >> i want to talk about the foreword but understand the road ahead. i really do still wonder about the road that got you here. >> sure. >> you just did something that politicians don't do. you didn't say i'm going to take -- i'm going to take this issue that i'm facing, my challenge and i'm going to champion it for others. you said i need help. i have to stop and focus on me. you pulled yourself out of the race. what was it moment, jason, when you said that you just couldn't do it anymore? >> yeah, you know, there was a lot of things that led up struggling with it being exhausted for a really long time. not being able to sleep for about 12 years, feeling like i
8:42 am
was in danger all the time which obviously when you're in politics and you're in crowds it's kind of an important part of your work, that can get a little exhausting. but really what it was was i just had an evening not long before i wrote that letter and made my announcement where i ended up needing to call the suicide hotline, and it was really the moment when i realized that the woman on the other end of the phone from the sound of her voice that i didn't sound any different than any other vet she had talked to that day and that realization for me was -- provided clarity and was frightening and said i need to do something about this right now so i did. >> i was really struck because i've heard you say no matter the fact you served in afghanistan you thought you felt that you didn't deserve to feel that way, because you hadn't seen combat. >> sure. >> talk me through that. >> well, you know, it's -- who even know what is combat really means. i mean i look back now. i've had time to reflect in
8:43 am
therapy where i was an intelligence officer exposed for many hours at a time. me and a translator out meeting with people not knowing if somebody wanted to kidnap me or kill me. and so i was frightened for my life a lot. turns out that can be traumatic and i had to learn that in therapy because, you know, i had friends like the folks who are the founders of veterans community project, folks i work with now, we're all combat vet, some have more traditional story of combat background, right. mine was different. so it took me a long time to not feel like saying i have posttraumatic stress with some sort of stolen valor and really came to a point where i didn't have a choice. i was scared and so i took action and it was in one of my very first times sitting down with therapist saying it's an injury and needs to be treated. >> what do you say to veterans or not, folks out there who are struggling? what could you say to jason kander of 2018? >> get help. you'll be glad you did. >> so hard to do. >> it is. i hope folks can see by looking
8:44 am
at me now it isn't -- it just makes so much of a difference. >> jason, you look good in january of 2018 when i had you on the show. >> i got good at convincing myself i was fine. if you're not right, you're not right. it's an injury. i had knee surgery about 15 years ago. i can run. i can run pretty far but i ice my knee. now i've gone through treatment for this injury. it's not that i don't have posttraumatic stress anymore but now i know how to treat it. >> what can veterans community project do on a national scale, do you think? >> absolutely. we can end veterans' homeless this is and we've effectively done it in kansas city but more than that it's not about just complaining about the gaps that exist in the system, what we do is we come in and fill those gaps whether you're homeless or anybody else, so i've been on your show a lot and never asked people for money because i was in politics and seemed uncouth to do but this is a good cause.
8:45 am
go to veterans community project, veterans community and give. we're a donation based organization and that's how we'll expand nationally. >> you ended your letter when you wrote to supporters last year saying that once you work through your mental health challen challenges you fully intend to be back at it. does that mean politics? do you see yourself running again. >> you know, i know politicians always say that's not what i'm thinking and that's what they say in order to not answer the question. i know that because that's what i would say when people asked if i will run for president because i didn't want to answer. i am not thinking about it right now. one big difference about getting better i'm happy with what's going on in my life right know so i don't feel like i have to think about the future to feel better. i have no idea what i'll do but i do know that i care a lot about veterans community project and to me this is public service so if the question is are you back, yeah, and i'm doing this. >> it shouldn't -- how do i say this, it shouldn't make a difference, there shouldn't be a
8:46 am
stigma but if you would enter politics again, are you concerned there would be? >> no, but, you know, just kind of not concerned about a lot of things -- there were a lot of old concerns i don't have anymore. but, you know, i guess whether it's politics or anything else, just the response that i got from people, like i had no idea what the response would be. i knew i got to tell people what's going on. >> it didn't matter. you must have struggled. you struggled with it clearly. >> big part of why i would never admit it to myself. once i did the outpouring -- >> did it feel like a weakness. >> yeah, i said right before the announcement, i said to my friend like i feel weak but now i don't feel that way about it. i feel like it's the strongest thing i've ever done. >> absolutely. >> i feel stronger than i have since before i deployed and, you know, one of the things when you go through treatment is your social support network, one of the first things they ask you and brian is with mere, the ceo of veterans community project and, brian, i told him early on
8:47 am
in the process sitting in his office and going through mental health treatment and said they keep asking what my social support network is and i feel guilty because it feels like the whole world is rooting for me and nobody else gets this but he says nobody else has done this under the kind of microscope you have so that's an interesting experience i've had and it's a big part of of why it's taken a while to come out and talk about it because i wanted to make sure that i had gone through treatment and that i really was better and i wasn't trying to put on a face for people. so i really am better and posttraumatic growth is a real thing? yeah. >> i'm really glad i got treatment. i hope people will. anybody that needs treatment, i hope they will and anybody else i hope they'll go to veterans community and make a donation. >> thank you so much. it is great to see you. >> you too. >> great to see your face and see you smile in a genuine way. thank you soap ffor being here. a shocking case out of baton rouge, a beloved community
8:48 am
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a mysterious death of a local icon has rattled the city of of baton rouge, louisiana. sadie roberts joseph was found dead in the trunk of a car friday, a little over three miles from her home. she founded the city's african-american history museum along with an organization aimed at creating a safer environment for children. cnn's randi kaye is in baton rouge and is following all of this. there are so many questions, only questions right now about what happened. you spoke with police officials. what are they telling you? >> reporter: well, kate, they don't want to say much because they don't want to compromise the investigation. but they did tell us that this all started on friday afternoon about 3:45 when they got an anonymous tip from someone calling in a body in the trunk of a car. so they went to check that out and that's where they found the body of sadie roberts joseph. they know that she was with relatives earlier in the day. she had gone to her sister's home just a few houses away from her own. her oven had failed. she was middle of baking corn
8:54 am
bread. she brought it to her sister's to finish it and she never went back to pick that up so they are stumped about what happened to her. 75 years old found in the trunk of her car. as you said, this wasn't just any woman in this community, she was an icon, a civil rights leader, a tireless advocate for peace here. she did find and create the african-american history museum here in baton rouge. she worked with at-risk youth. she created the juneteenth celebration which celebrated the emancipation of slaves in the southern united states. we spoke to the mayor here in baton rouge about sadie roberts joseph. they had known each other for 30 years. the mayor told us she was devastated to hear this news. listen to what else she said. >> she founded other organization, the community against drugs and violence. that organization is still up and active today and it's a sad testament that she fought
8:55 am
against violence. she was a peacemaker and her life ended in violence. >> reporter: and we're hoping to get more answers today, kate, because the autopsy we're told is under way. it should be finished today. we don't know if it will be released, but police tell us they don't have any leads, they don't have any suspects and they don't have any motive, kate. >> that's not going to end all the questions surroundings this. thank you so much for covering this for us. still ahead, president trump launches into a new racist rant against four democratic congresswomen. why are republicans with just a few exceptions staying silent here? more coming up. i don't keep track of regrets. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life. brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath.
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thank you for sharing your day with us. president trump launches a racist twitter attack on four new members of congress. instead of debating their liberal policy ideas, the president says these women are color should go home. three of the four were born right here in america. if you're looking for republicans to condemn the reprehensible words, there are a few, but mostly you are disappointed as the president yet again flexes his race-baiting instincts, several conservati


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