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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  July 15, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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thank you for sharing your day with us. president trump launches a racist twitter attack on four new members of congress. instead of debating their liberal policy ideas, the president says these women are color should go home. three of the four were born right here in america. if you're looking for republicans to condemn the reprehensible words, there are a few, but mostly you are disappointed as the president yet again flexes his race-baiting instincts, several
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conservative democrats lament he's -- republicans lament he's giving democrats a gift. >> it was great being part of the first democratic debate in miami. the question was asked whether we support eliminating private health insurance. some said yes. i said absolutely not. i believe we have to protect and build on obamacare. that's why i proposed adding a public option to obamacare as the best way to lower costs and cover everyone. >> back to that democratic debate in a bit. we begin the hour with new disgust about racist tweets from president trump and a big question, is the president in the end getting exactly what he wanted? the latest drama began sunday morning. the president tweeting about the so-called squad, four freshmen congresswomen of color. why don't they go back and fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came. that a tweet from the president of the united states. it runs past the decency line,
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the racist line, the xenophobia line. they're not an accident and the president doesn't intend to apologize. he is trying to shift the focus to safer ground. if democrats want to unite around the squad, the president tweets, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. so many people are angry at their and their horrible and disgusting actions. it is fair game to debate the liberal ideas promoted by these new democratic members and one has made repeated anti-semitic remarks but those are not the fights the president picked. his initial instinct was to tell four women who won elections to go back, making clear he doesn't think they belong. criticism from republicans is sadly and critically hard to come by. senator lindsey graham of south carolina, somewhat of an exception. >> aim higher. we don't need to know anything about them personally. talk about their policies. aim higher. you don't need to -- they are
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american citizens. they won an election. take on their policies. the bottom line here is this is a diverse country. focus on what they want to do for america and to america and compare it with what you've done. don't get personal. don't take the bait. >> our team up on capitol hill trying to get more reaction from republicans. let's get straight to one of them. suzanne malveaux, i understand two more republican members of congress denouncing the president's tweets. who are they. >> reporter: that's right, john. we've been combing the hallways as well as the twitter accounts of many republicans to see how they are responding. we are giving them an opportunity here. i spoke with representative will hurd. he is the representative from texas' 23rd district. he is the only african-american in the house. i had a chance to talk to him. he is an outspoken critic from time to time of the president regarding immigration as well as child separation. this morning making no doubt, no question in his mind that what the president did was beyond the
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pale. take a listen. >> the tweets are racist and xenophobic. they're also inaccurate because the four women he's referring to are folks that have grown up -- they are u.s. citizens. it's behavior that's unbecoming of a president of the united states and a leader of the free world. we should be talking about uniting people and not dividing us. ultimately, politically it's hurtful. you are having a civil war going on within the democratic party, and now they have all circled the wag ones and are protecting one another. so that's my thoughts. and unfortunately for someone like me, who's the only black republican in the house of representatives, this makes it even harder when i go into communities that most republicans don't show up to. this makes it harder in order to bring our message. >> reporter: john, i also asked him too does he expect, is he disappointed other republican colleagues are not actually speaking out about this? he said that he expects them to, that he hopes that they will. he also said he didn't believe
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that any kind of punishment against the president was necessary, like a censure, saying he can tweet whatever he wants. we have heard from pat toomey, republican from pennsylvania, releasing a statement to cnn this morning saying president trump was wrong to suggest that four left-wing congresswomen should go back to where they came from. we should defeat their ideas on the merits, not on the basis of their ancestry. john, i have to tell you, speaking with democrats on the other side, this is a rallying cry for unity. they believe that they're on the winning side of this. john. >> the president has given them a gift, at least in the short term. suzanne malveaux, appreciate the reporting. with me margaret talev. we don't get personal but i want to ask our diverse guests at the table. i hope i'm not putting you in a bad spot. it is the go back, the go back.
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i remember standing on the streets of boston where white racists were screaming at african-americans who lived a block away or two blocks away, go back. go back where? it's just blatant racism. >> it's pretty common for a lot of people in america, a lot of american citizens, a lot of immigrants, a lot of people who are here to hear that from people who disagree with them on anything they're doing. as reporters we write stories people disagree with and we get responses sometimes over email, sometimes over social media. a lot of times the responses are personal and people tell you to go back to wherever they believe you might have come from, even if you are an american citizen and born here. the president knows there are a lot of people out there in the country who rely on these racist tropes to make their arguments and talk about how they feel about the country. he is speaking out specifically to those voters and those people who he believes are part of his base to make a political point. but it's clear that that's a strategy that the president will use going into 2020, even though
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it's been widely condemned as racist. now we're starting to see some republicans speak out against it. >> some when pressed. it's been 24 hours. amen to those who do. two words are very important he knows. if we went back to the 2016 campaign, and i've done this way too many times, sat at this end of the table and said why. why would he do something like this? it's reprehensible, it's xenophobic, it's divisive. this is who he is and this is what he thinks works. as he's fond of saying, he's president, you're not. it worked for me then, i'm going to try it now. >> he's been rewarded essentially for using this type of language. he won the presidency. his base has not punished him for any use of such language. he has been losing some support with suburban women and moderate voters but that does not seem to be a concern for him as long as his base supports him. he thinks it's okay for him to continue to do this, especially when republican members are not speaking out against this.
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>> is there a why now? i've stopped asking why because it's a stupid question. is there a why now in the sense that the markets had a great week last week, the president is heading into his re-election. the democrats are having this internal fight over leadership and how progressive should they be, is nancy pelosi disrespecting these members of the squad. is it a smart instinct to do this now? if so, please connect the dots for me. or is it they can't get the president to listen. the other side is setting itself on fire right now, just step back. >> he does not have that instinct. his instinct is to inject himself into the middle. if there is a dumpster fire on the other side, he jumps right into it. most common sense and fire safe safety would tell you is not the best instinct. but, you know, i think those who have defended this as a strategy, and you do hear this particularly from anxious democrats who think that he's got some kind of magical mojo and are kind of still dealing
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with, i think, 2016 ptsd, you hear them saying what he's doing is he's elevating the so-called squad and turning them into the face of the democratic party. you know, there are a lot of republicans who are not racist themselves, but the reason they continue to support trump is that they dislike the other side even more. so to the extent that he can elevate the extreme voices in the democratic party and remind the republican base, even the non-racists, even the ones who are uncomfortable with his presidency or his rhetoric, but remind them of what's on the other side, that can help. but you know, when you're trying this hard to keep your base on board if that's what he's doing, that's a desperation play rather than trying to expand the people who support you. it's a desperation play to keep your people in the tent. >> and i think it's a defining question as we head from 2019 into 2020. in 2018 one of the reasons nancy pelosi is speeaker, one of the reaches you have the new democratic majority, the reason
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they're in the majority now is because a lot of republican women, suburban women revolted against this type of behavior. the president's bet is in a presidential year with him at the top of the ticket he can recreate 2016. >> and i think to molly's point, this is why this is about sowing and fueling dissent within the democratic party. he's going bet there are some people who are going to jump to defend aoc, tlaib, omar, et cetera, and other people who are going to talk about, you know, unity and sort of vaguer things. it's that wedge that he's trying to exploit. he also knows, i think, that he may be sort of politically bulletproof with his base on this. i think he's less concerned about the implications for the republican party. it's very interesting when you see like senator graham, for example, try to proceed strategically this morning, which i think he was doing. unlike pat toomey and a couple other folks, he's not saying the president is wrong. he's saying the president is right, but, and then trying to pivot.
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aim higher was the phrase. >> lindsey graham is not taking the high ground, it's higher grounding than the president but the ground the president is on is pretty low. he says mr. president, don't tell them to go back, don't attack them because they're women of color, attack what they stand for. >> we all know that aoc and this crowd are a bunch of communists, they hate israel, they hate our own country. they're calling the guards along our border, the border patrol agents, concentration camp guards. they accuse people who support israel of doing it for the benjamins. they're anti-semitic. they're socialists. they're anti-semitic. they stand for all the things that most americans disagree with. make them the face of the future of the democratic party. you will destroy the democratic party. >> members of the squad have said anti-semitic things. they're not communists. they don't hate their country. but to your point this is clearly a, wait, nancy pelosi is
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in a fight with them. she's saying no. that makes nancy pelosi less useful to republicans because she's standing up to liberals so we need a new poster. >> to margaret's point, the democrats were doing their very best to sow division in their own party. but now they are united. what they can defending is the right of these women to be in congress, their americanness, their citizenship, rather than having to defend how they voted on the border bill or the things they said about the border patrol. this has, if anything, united the democratic party to say we don't necessarily agree with him on everything but we can all agree we oppose trump on that. that's what nancy pelosi has been trying to do and been mostly successful doing with her caucus in the house is to say, look, we might disagree with a lot of things and even get mad at each other sometimes, but they have a common enemy in trump. >> this is another example where the president trusts his instincts in the sense that, pick up a phone or text a
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republican strategist, is this a good idea, you've not going to get a lot of yeses back at you. conservative voices often in line with the president. the resurgent calls it the dangerous twitter fingers. as democrats fight a civil war, trump strips naked and runs onto the battlefield. these people are saying, mr. president, you should have left them alone. but again, this is one of his issues, it's his reflex. and he believes it's what got him there and you're not going talk him out of it. >> i think it's interesting that even in those blog posts that you pointed to, yes, they're somewhat calling out the president, but they're focusing more on the fact that he's given democrats a political gift rather than the use of his language. so they're focusing more as a political strategy than actually criticizing the president too much or what he's saying. >> and as a political strategy if you look at 2018, the republicans lost suburban women by large margins because the president was talking about caravans and immigration, so
9:14 am
they are worried about the politics of this as well. >> we'll keep these pictures up. the president is at a made in america event promoting american made products. he has not spoken about this controversy but there are some microphones there. let's see if he'll walk over and talk or take a question. >> hi, folks. >> back up. >> back it up, guys. >> he's shaking hands and looking at american made products as we watch thisplay out. again, this is a test of his instincts and it's a test sometimes of all the people who say here are the rules, here's how this works. you are the incumbent. you have 3.9% unemployment. you're having a made in america event. the chinese economy is slowing. you could talk about something like that. instead he chooses on his own to wake up on a sunday morning and say, nope. >> it's also deeply offensive and concerning to some people given the juxtaposition with the
9:15 am
timing of those i.c.e. raids that were supposed to unfold this weekend where i think if you talk to a lot of immigrants, first generation, second generation immigrants, there is a concern that even if they do have citizenship status or residency status, that they could sort of get caught up in this through racial profiling. i think the timing of these two things at the same time has kind of served to elevate some of the real frustration or concern about it. >> we'll keep an eye on the president and see if he talks. when we come back, big news in the other party. joe biden uses the launch of his health care plan to push back against many of his democratic rivals. cdc guidance recommends topical pain relievers first... like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain for up to 12 hours, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu.
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the former vice president, joe biden, unveiling his ambitious health care plan today. in doing so, drawing a dividing line in the democratic field. biden says the best route is a more moderate approach that improves former president obama's affordable care act. it would offer massive new subsidies under the exchanges to make coverage cheaper but it would allow people if they wanted to to buy into a program similar to medicare. it would allow medicare to negotiate prices with drug makers and allow patients to import drugs from other countries. the price tag $750 billion over ten years. he'll pay for it by raising taxes on the wealthiest
9:21 am
americans. it's not lost on the former vice president that more liberal rivals say he's too meek and the better answer is medicare for all. >> i understand the appeal of medicare for all. but folks supporting it should be clear that it means getting rid of obamacare, and i'm not for that. i know how hard it is to get that passed. i watched it. starting over makes no sense to me at all. i knew the republicans would do everything in their power to repeal obamacare, they still are. i'm surprised that so many democrats are running on getting rid of it. >> senator bernie sanders, of course, a huge medicare for all supporter, quick to punch back this morning on twitter. the senator tweeting i fought to improve and pass obamacare. i traveled all over the country to fight the appeal of obamacare. senator sanders goes on to say we must pass medicare for all. i appreciate that president obama has said recently that medicare for all is a good idea. arlette saenz joins us.
9:22 am
biden knows he's planting a flag to draw a line against his rivals. >> reporter: yeah, john. for weeks joe biden has really been teasing this forthcoming health care plan and is finally putting some flesh to the bones of this plan, insisting that the answer is to enhance obamacare, include through that public option that you mentioned, increased subsidies for americans. he's insisting that medicare for all is just not the best approach. and really over the past week and a half, you've seen biden enter this new phase where he's directly engaging in setting up this clear differentiation line between himself and other candidates like bernie sanders and kamala harris and elizabeth warren when it comes to health care. health care being one of voters' top issues in this 2020 race. also warren said there could be a break in coverage as they're
9:23 am
trying to get medicare for all. in that clip you see bernie sanders and kamala harris both raise their hands. recent polling has shown that 85% of democrats do support a national health insurance program, but only 30% support eliminating private health insurance so that is something biden is banking on going forward. while biden has put out his plan today, on wednesday we'll hear more from bernie sanders about medicare from all and kamala harris has teased she will be putting forward a health care plan tomorrow. really you're seeing this health care battle between all of the 2020 candidates escalate as you have joe biden on one side saying obamacare, enhancing it is the answer and others saying medicare for all is the way to go. john. >> arlette saenz.
9:24 am
we were talking a little bit in the context of president trump's racist tweets about the generational divide in the democratic party. this is one of the big ideological divides. bernie sanders says he's most pure. elizabeth warren is closest to him, saying medicare for all which would take away -- if you get health insurance from your employer, sorry, we'll transition to medicare for all. the first round of debates was not terribly kind to joe biden. is this the next big flash point? >> it could be. it's interesting that health care is the issue that he's chosen to differentiate himself. part of what that does is reinforce his message about obama, right? he's coming for some criticism for his entire campaign being about barack obama and this gives meat on the bones and gives people substance to go with that and it does differentiate him. on the other hand, this is the same attack that hillary clinton tried to use against bernie
9:25 am
sanders in 2016, saying he wants to tear down obamacare, trying to attack him for being too far to the left. but seeming to -- seeming to imply that he wanted to take people's health care away and people didn't believe that. they didn't believe what bernie sanders wanted to do was take people's health care away even if they might disagree with the policy. so we'll see how effective this is, particularly in a democratic primary. >> and you do have, again, with 20 something more of them in the medicare for all camp, although there are degrees of difference about how fast to get there. do you have to get rid of all private insurance or could there be some middle ground, that's a debate still unfolding. this is mayor pete buttigieg on "the axe files" this weekend. >> a lot of people don't want to hear that we're going to snatch away their private health plans. but i do think that we should be realistic about what's going to work and just flipping a switch and saying we're instantly going to have everybody on medicare just like that isn't realistic.
9:26 am
>> there's no one saying you flip a switch, but you've got to have a transition plan. >> i think the health care issue basically exemplifies the biggest debate in the democratic party right now. we saw this in the "wall street journal"/nbc poll last week which said there's a divide between the democratic primary voters who want immediate change essentially. they want big substantive ideas and radical change and those who want small policy fixes. you know, the people who said they wanted small fixes were in favor of biden, joe biden, and those who wanted the big ideas were in favor of elizabeth warren. so we're seeing the democratic primary divide into these two different camps and health care is basically encapsulating that right now. whether you want to go all in for medicare for all or start with smaller fixes to obama care. >> and there are other pieces of this portfolio, again. how aggressive is the green new deal. what do you mean about free college? is it means tested? >> and age is part of this, by the way, to some extent.
9:27 am
if you're younger, first of all, you're healthy so why do i need insurance. you know you need insurance but don't think about it the same way. if you're older, you've had more years if you are insured, if you have had private insurance or rely on it now, if you're older you know what's good about that when it's working, even if there are concerns about it, right? so there is this pocket of democratic voters who didn't have access to private insurance, relied on the promise of obamacare, have been concerned about the chipping away at it and for them perhaps medicare for all sounds good but there are a lot of democratic voters, especially older, especially who have a high propensity to vote, who want people who don't have insurance to get insurance but they don't want for that to come at the cost of destabilizing their insurance. that might help biden. if biden is trying to win over millenials who already think maybe he's old, maybe he's out of touch, he's maybe not arguing squarely into their messaging. you can see the upside for him and also the downside for him.
9:28 am
>> it's really a matter of how democrats feel that they can beat president trump in 2020. are they going to take the path of trying to win back some of the obama voters in the midwest who biden is making a play to who are a little more concerned about medicare for all or are they going fire up their base with a new policy that is inspirational and ambitious. if they do that, it may be that senator warren or senator sanders may have a better shot. that fight has not been fully fleshed out. >> chris savage, chairman of a democratic party in michigan says in my liberal bubble people are excited. democrats haven't done well being mainstream. maybe this new approach will bear more fruit he says. but ray frederickson says you can't just say free college for every kid. what do we do about the things that affect everyday people.
9:29 am
we need to shore up the stuff we have. so you see the democratic party is still trying to figure this out. >> this is the same democratic divide that we were talking about between nancy pelosi and the squad, right? there is the wing of the democratic party that says i don't care what you think you can get through the house of representatives, we have to go farther. this thing you're asking us to vote for doesn't go far enough. that is the divide. but at the same time when you saw, you know, the house moderates being attacked, there were a lot of people of color in that caucus who came out and said, hey, you can't say we're all a bunch of racists. there is a large part of the democratic base, including people of color, who are more moderate. and this, i think, is a way also for joe biden to pivot away from the controversy about the segregationist senators because he's telling people who being a moderate means to him. it means this type of policy that's incremental and doesn't try to tear everything down at once. it's not just i can reach across the aisle and be chummy with
9:30 am
racist senators, it's i have ideas for policy that will move the ball forward toward the goals that we share but not tear everything down. >> you can keep your doctor, in other words. >> ouch. we have a debate in two weeks, we'll see. up next, jeffrey epstein back in court today as a judge weighs whether or not to grant bail. and prosecutors reveal to the court what they foundi inside hs apartment. moving is hard. no kidding. but moving your internet and tv? that's easy. easy?! easy? easy. because now xfinity lets you transfer your service online in just about a minute with a few simple steps. really? really. that was easy. yup. plus, with two-hour appointment windows, it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started.
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reporting more provocative comments made by kim darroch citing leaked cables. they quote him as saying president trump's decision to abandon the iran nuclear deal was an act of diplomatic vandalism aimed at spiting former president barack obama. darroch resigned last week after leaked cables show he described the president as inept and incompetent. the administration filing a new regulation that says with limited exceptions, any, quote, alien who enters or tries to enter after transiting through mexico would be unable to claim asylum. the new rule expected to go into effect tomorrow. some leading congressional democrats joining first responders at ground zero in new york today to celebrate last week's extension of the 9/11 victim compensation fund by the house. that measure still needs approval in the senate where the majority leader mitch mcconnell says the bill will be considered soon. chuck schumer making this urgent
9:36 am
request at that event today. >> now i have five letters for senator mcconnell. c-l-e-a-n. clean. i have one word for senator mcconnell. clean. this bill has passed the house. it has gotten the support of both the democratic and republican leaderships. no gains. do not attach this bill to something else where it might get messed up. >> for now jeffrey epstein remains in jail as the presiding judge said he will only hear arguments regarding bail and make his final decision this thursday. defense lawyers for epstein, multimillionaire charged with sex trafficking requesting that he be allowed to live in his upper east side mansion pending trial. prosecutors say he's a flight risk engaged in possible witness tampering. they want epstein to remain in jail until his trial.
9:37 am
shimon prokupecz live for us. what happened inside the courtroom? >> reporter: well, court ended on a dramatic note. two of the victims, two women who say they have been victimized by jeffrey epstein addressed the judge. both obviously saying that they want him kept in jail during the -- while this case gets under way and they do not want him released pending trial. one of them, she choked up, annie farmer, and the other, courtney wild, she told the judge that he's a scary person to have walking the streets. obviously a big decision here for the judge. he said he's going to wait until thursday to make that final decision. the defense attorneys for jeffrey epstein arguing that essentially they want to create a jail for him at his upper east side $77 million mansion. they're willing to hire security. they're even willing to put up more money, more cash if the judge asks for it. anything to get him released, they're willing to do is what
9:38 am
they told a judge. prosecutors quickly, john, worry that he's going to flee. they found a passport, an expired passport from the 1980s in his home, a foreign passport where his address is listed in saudi arabia. it's his photo in the passport, they say, but it's not under his name. obviously this helping their case and their argument that he could potentially use some way to get out of the country. this is something that they're extremely worried about, so they're asking the judge to not release him. the judge making that decision on thursday. it will be in written form. so for now at least jeffrey epstein remains in jail and we should know whether or not on thursday if the judge is going to release him, john. >> we'll keep on top of the developments. shimon prokupecz, appreciate the reporting today. up next, the president's tweets prompting an all-too-familiar question. is the president of the united states a racist?
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just moments ago, president trump asked at the white house, was that sunday morning tweet attacking four democratic women of color in the house of representatives, racist? >> when you look at her statements about people, but what i'm going to do is i'm going to speak from right over here because there's so many people here. this is really about economic development and how well our country is doing. but i'm going to discuss the issues. >> you see there the president refusing to answer the question from cnn's kaitlin collins and other reporters at the white house trying to get him to answer for his reprehensible
9:44 am
tweets. also this hour two more republican objections to those tweet attacks. fred upton, i'm appalled by the president's tweets. there's no excuse. from pete olson, the tweets, he says, are not reflective of the values of the 1 million plus people in texas 22. so we are beginning to see as the kday unfolds still only a handful but some republicans willing to stand up. the president knew this question was coming. saying nothing. just saying i'm here to do something else. >> the president has trafficked in this type of language before, so it's a little surprising to see any congressmen say they're appalled by the president's words, even though it is appalling to hear the president of the united states traffic in racist tropes. but many of the other congressmen and congress members who have not spoken out are not appalled. they know that the president came to office in part because he was propelled into prominence by talking about birtherism.
9:45 am
that was a racist idea that he promoted. during his campaign he talked about a mexican judge who was actually an american-born citizen. at that time house speaker paul ryan said that was the textbook definition of racism. the president has engaged in this type of language before and members of congress have either been pushed out of office after criticizing him or they have decided that they do not want a primary and be involved in going back and forth with him. so even though we've seen a few more congress members speak out, i think a lot of them have made their peace with this type of language and are just going to accept it. >> even if they don't like it, they'll hide for a day or two hoping some new controversy comes up and people move on. to your point, i think most people know this. but you see this tweet and some people would say, oh, sunday morning, maybe the president chose his words poorly. no. let's go back through some of the history. we've been here before way too many times. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. and some, i assume, are good
9:46 am
people. >> and you had some very bad people in that group. but you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. this judge is giving us unfair rulings. now i say why. well, i'm building a wall, okay. and it's a wall between mexico. not another country. >> he's not from mexico. >> in my opinion -- >> he's from indiana. >> mexican heritage. >> there's more. we stopped there, but there's more. to this point about the here and now, the tweet telling the four new democratic women of color in the house they should go back. three of them born in america, all of them americans, all of them duly elected. nancy pelosi, a dear colleague letter saying that she wants members to join them in a resolution condemning the president's xenophobic tweets. sometimes they too, not that they're not outraged, they just decide they are not going to take official action. they're going to bring to the floor to force republicans to vote on this in this house. >> it's one thing to tweet out
9:47 am
you're not happy with what the president is tweeting. it will be another for republicans to take the step and vote with democrats condemning this sort of language. so it will be interesting to see if any republicans actually take that step. >> it was interesting, you know, what you saw at that pete olson tweet that was up on screen. republican congressman from texas. he went on to say in that tweet that he represents one of the most diverse districts in the country. that's what strikes fear into republicans' hearts is that this isn't -- that this is a diverse country. a lot of them, even if they're in what look like safe republican districts, they are still diverse districts and there are a lot of people in those districts who are american citizens who can vote. this is not a country where only white people get to be citizens or to vote. and so that is why a lot of republican congressmen really would appreciate if the president would knock this kind of thing off, even if some of them don't want to come out and say it. >> it's the 2020 election cycle, not the 1820 election cycle.
9:48 am
since we showed you the president not answering the question. since then he's been asked the question again, are your tweets racist? >> some of that hard to hear but you hear not at all. so he's not trying to find a way -- sometimes he tries to find a way out or step back. not here. >> and some of the remarks he also said if someone has a problem with our country, they should leave, which is sort of a recast of what he said before. the president has talked about problems he had with the country when he was running for office. he said we need to make america great again. the u.s. has been stupid and foolish. he's levied all kinds of criticism about the country. now that he sees some democratic congresswomen saying the country needs to improve, he's saying they should leave. so there's an interesting
9:49 am
contrast there. he's saying anyone who thinks that the country can do better or is not doing right needs to leave. i think that's where you get back to the question of whether or not it's more about what they're saying or what they look like and who they are. >> that's a great point. there's not exactly intellectual consistency there. beto o'rourke goes public with a controversial part of his family tree. i don't keep track of regrets.
9:50 am
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2020 democratic candidate beto o'rourke revealing what he sees as a hard truth from his family tree. i was recently given documents showing that both amy and i are descended from people who owned slaves along with other possessions listed in their property log were two human beings, rose and eliza. we all need to know our own story. it is only then that we can take necessary steps to repair the damage done and stop visiting this injustice on the generations that follow ours. he listed the actions he would prioritize in office to tackle racial inequality and justice, including his continued support for reparations. we always learn a lot about presidential candidates. is there -- he's trying to get back into the conversation in the democratic race. is there significance here or is this just sharing his history? >> it seems like a little bit of both. yeah, he is -- his campaign is widely viewed as sort of flailing. he hadn't the a breakout moment. his breakout moment nationally in the senate campaign was when
9:55 am
he spoke about the kneeling nfl players. it was a similar thing. it galvanized a lot of people that he spoke so compassionately about the black experience and about his own reckoning with his own white privilege. and this seems like a similar situation where he's showing how he understands the genesis of inequalities in this country. the question is does this have that same kind of resonance. >> and he talked about how even though this was several generations ago, he has benefitted from the fact that his grandfather passed down the wealth and the benefits that he received all the way down through the generations and how those slaves that were part of his family did not have that benefit and how now that there's a conversation with reparations, making that contrast he thought was important. >> all right. i want to take you live to the white house. the president of the united states speaking. >> complaining all the time very simply, you can leave. you can leave right now. come back if you want, don't come back, that's okay too.
9:56 am
but if you're not happy, you can leave. that's just a very racist statement, somebody that would say that, so speaker pelosi said make america white again. that's a very racist -- that's a very racist statement. i'm surprised she'd say that. john, go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> they're very unhappy. i'm watching them. all they do is complain. so all i'm saying is if they want to leave, they can leave, john, they can leave. i mean i look at the one, i look at omar, i don't know, i never met her. i hear the way she talks about al qaeda. al qaeda has killed many americans. she said you could hold your chest out. when i think of america, huh. when i think of al qaeda, i can hold my chest out. when she talked about the world
9:57 am
trade center being knocked down, some people, you remember the famous some people. these are people that in my opinion hate our country. now, you can say what you want, but get a list of all of the statements they have made. and all i'm saying, that if they're not happy here, they can leave. they can leave. you know what? i'm sure that there will be many people that won't miss them. but they have to love -- they have to love our country. they're congress people. and i never used any names. but these are people -- quiet, quiet. quiet. quiet. quiet. quiet. these are people that if they don't like it here, they can leave. and i'd be -- i don't know who's going to miss them, but i guess some people will. one of them is polling -- one of them is polling at -- one of them is polling at 8%. one of them is polling at 8%.
9:58 am
so when i hear people speaking about how wonderful al qaeda is, when i hear people talking about some people, some people with the world trade center, some people. no, not some people. much more than some people. when i hear the statements that they have made. in one case you have somebody that comes from somalia, which is a failed government, a failed state, who left somalia, who ultimately came here and now is a congresswoman who's never happy. says horrible things about israel. hates israel. hates jews. hates jews. it's very simple. and if the democrats want to wrap their bows around this group of four people, one of them kept amazon out of new york. tens of thousands of jobs, would have been a great thing. she kept amazon from going -- it would have been a good deal. could he have made better? maybe. but tens of thousands of jobs. and new york has not been the same since that happened.
9:59 am
it's really hurt new york, and new york city. amazon was going to go there, they were going to relocate a major section of their business in new york. she kept them out. that was a terrible thing she did. a terrible thing she did. so here's the story. here's the story. i see them complaining. they're complaining constantly. i watched lindsey graham today on "fox & friends" talking about the same subject. and frankly, even stronger than what i'm saying. he said they're communists. i'm saying -- i'm saying that they're socialists definitely. as to whether or not they're communists, i would think they might be. but this isn't what our country is about. nevertheless, they're free to leave if they want. if they want to leave, that's fine. if they want to stay, that's fine. but the people have to know. and politicians can't be afraid to take them on. a politician that hears somebody where we're at war with al qaeda
10:00 am
and sees somebody talking about how great al qaeda is, pick out her statement. that was omar. how great al qaeda is. when you hear that, and we're losing great soldiers to al qaeda. when you see the world trade center gets knocked down and you see the statements made about the world trade center, all the death and destruction. i'll tell you what, i'm not happy with them. and it's very easy to be -- oh, gee, well, it's okay. if weak politicianis want to sa and the democrats in this case, if they want to gear their wagons around these four people, i think they're going to have a very tough election, because i don't think the people of the united states will stand for it. hi, john. go ahead.


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