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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 15, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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president trump today denying that his racist tweets were racist. "the lead" starts right now. can't stop, won't stop. president trump continuing to say congresswomen of color should go back where they came from even though three of the four he seems to be targeting are from the u.s. and all four are american citizens. the latest on yet another standard of basic decency in american values shattered. also, gop-m.i.a., if your looking for republicans to condemn these tweets, you won't find a lot of takers. cory booker will react this hour. and the founder of an african-american history museum found dead in the trunk of a car. what the autopsy results reveal.
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welcome to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. the politics lead, president trump is not backing away from his stunningly racist attack on the group of minority members of congress, instead trying to defend it, denying it ras racist and spewing more divisiveness. >> these are people that, in my opinion, hate our country. all i'm saying if they're not happy here, they could leave. they can leave and you know what -- i'm sure they'll be many people that won't miss them. >> yesterday mr. trump tweeted that progressive democratic koltwoman who, quote, originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe should, quote, go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places and then come back and show us how it is. you can't leave fast enough. the president was seeming to identify rasheed tlaib and
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ayanna pressley and alexandria ocasio-cortez and ilhan omar who came to the u.s. as a child, a refugee from somalia and been a u.s. citizen since a teenager, longer than the first lady. and we expect to hear from them as republicans are beginning to condemn the racist tweets. many have stayed silent or tried to play dumb such as ken cuccinelli. >> what did you think of that tweet? >> well, i didn't see that tweet actually. i can hear what you're reading -- >> did my colleague jake tapper read you that tweet yesterday on air? >> yes, he did. >> so you have heard this tweet before and you have had 24 hours to process it? >> so what? so what? >> that is one approach. another approach has been to say the president was only giving voice to frustrations with sentiments that the four congresswoman, especially omar,
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have expressed the idea, i suppose being that she said things that people find offensive even occasionally bigoted, therefore it is okay to be bigoted to her. here is chief of staff mark short. >> i don't think that the president's intent is racist and i think he's trying to play out the fact that since elected it is hard to find anything ilhan omar said that is supportive of the united states of america. >> so, anti--american sentiment in this view justifies racism. it, of course, does not. any decent or civilized world but a world in which religion and national and hatred is in the open, it is acceptable there. in fact, the president was asked today if it bothered him that white supremacists have found common cause in his go back where you came from tweets. here is the president's response. >> it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me. >> right. and some of the people are white supremacists. and they think a lot of us
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should go back where we came from, me and him and him and her. even if we ourselves came from the united states of america, now this isn't new and you can find and i did in a kansas newspaper from the 1800s, evidence of a local demagogue telling a swedish american about the then current state of affairs to go back where he came from. and now the kansas journalist mocked this, quote, debasing insult. again this is in the 19th century. questioning whether or not only those with heritage in sweden but with heritage in germany or ireland or norway should go back where they came. of course they shouldn't and thank god they didn't. but in manhattan, kansas, in august 1892, they knew better. kaitlan collins has more from the white house. >> if your not happy in the u.s., if your complaining all of the time, very simply, you can leave. you can leave right now. >> reporter: president trump
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said he has no regrets about his racist attacks on democratic lawmakers. who were all women of color. >> all i'm saying that if they're not happy here, they can leave. they can leave -- >> reporter: instead of walking back remarks, today trump defended telling four democratic congresswomen to go back where they came from. and where they came from is the united states. three of them were born here and the fourth is now a u.s. citizen who arrived as a child and refugee, facts the president ignored today. >> these are people that hate our country. hey, john, they hate our country. they hate it, i think, with a passion. >> reporter: trump claims he's not being racist. >> do you think the tweets were racist? >> not at all, no. >> reporter: but when asked about white nationalist groups that have identified with his remarks, the president responded with this -- >> it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me. >> reporter: instead trump attempted to employ a tactic he
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used before, accusing his opponents of what they accused him of. >> speaker pelosi said make america white again. that is a very racist statement. >> but pelosi said the president was pushing to make america white again, not her. trump who airs his grievances on twitter claimed lawmakers should leave because -- >> all they do is complain. >> reporter: a source telling cnn it was the president's idea to address the attacks. as his own cabinet members struggled to defend his remarks. >> i don't find them racist. i understand what the president's comment is. i'm not concerned by the president's comment. >> reporter: few republican lawmakers have been willing to condemn trump's comments and some spent the day avoiding the issue altogether. >> i hadn't read that but i'll go check it out. >> reporter: now, jake, a white house official told me it was the president's idea to address the remarks while speaking with reporters today and now pictures captured from at that event by white house photographers show just how pre-planned the
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president's remarks are. you could see bullet points of what exactly it was that the president then went on to tell reporters and you could see edits made by the president in his classic use of a sharpy there on the paper. >> kaitlan collins, thanks so much. let's chew over all of this with my gang here. sunlen you tweeted that every asian american you know has been told to go back where you came from. wow! >> yeah, it is something that i and my friends and colleagues have heard often where it is -- where you go back where you came from. >> and where do you come from? from iowa. >> i grew up in iowa. but it is just -- that is why these comments from the president are incredibly stunning. but also stunning to me, for the last couple of days, is just the lack of response from republican lawmakers until we, the public and the press started to have to kind of push them into an answer by reaching out to their offices or going after republican lawmakers in the hallways of the
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capitol. there does seem to be a numbness for lack of a better description from republicans about what the president is saying right now and i assume that we'll hear more from lawmakers later tonight and perhaps tomorrow. mitch mcconnell has indicated that he would comment on it tomorrow afternoon. but it is still kind of shocking nonetheless how everything has unfolded. >> and just for the record, again, three of the four are from the united states. not that it matters. if all four were from another country, you still don't do it. have you ever been told -- >> oh, absolutely. it is a common refrain for white supremacists to say go back to africa. african-americans all over the country and those who live in diverse contents have been told that and i've been told that in my history. and i think it is important to understand what the president is doing, though. not is it just raw meat for his base, not is it just political opportunism in terms of driving a wedge with the democratic coalition and reinforcing this notion that the only legitimate
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americans are white americans and what that does is two things. stokes the notion that our diverse democracy and the gains of the civil rights era are illegitimate and emboldens those who want to go back to the 1950s era where everybody else was marginalized but it is also endangering approximately 40% of our nation's population. because hate crimes have been going up dramatically in our country. and when the president of the united states basically makes the claim that people of color are not legitimate americans, then it emboldens the people who want to do harm to people of kwlor, w -- people of color, to harm americans to give them the license to do so. >> we've seen that happen. and peter baker said president trump woke up on sunday morning and gazed out of the nation and saw the dry kindling and decided to throw a match on it. it is not the first time nor st likely to be the match. he has a carton of matches and a
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ready supply of kerosene. >> the message of us against them. and the people he represents to the fullest, the resentment of immigrants, of african-americans, of people that are not white. that is who he's talking to. and it is something that we're going to hear and continue to hear over and over and over again. particularly because the president's campaigning right now. it is not so much governing as pushing agenda items and policies meant to make the base come out and not necessarily -- even to become law. it is about his re-election campaign. >> does this help him, bill? do you think -- i understand the idea of wedge issues that 50% of the country hates and 50% of the country loves. those exist. and immigration is not particularly one of them actually according to polling. but i could understand why going after the pledge of allegiance
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and the american flag and things like that but just being nakedly racist, who does that help? >> well, i would hope it hurts him. it is disgusting what he said and deplorable that republican members of congress have been silent until this afternoon. >> a few -- >> it took them quite a while and they didn't do what one would have done. a fellow member of congress being attacked in this way, leave aside when he attacks random other americans, you usually have an instinct to defend them and say that is inappropriate but it is not simply -- peter baker is a little misleading it wasn't just racism, he thought, i think, trump thinks he's being clever and i hope he's not. but the reason is nancy pelosi was in a fight with aoc and ilhan omar and they are to the left of the democratic party and probably scare swing voters if they could be persuaded that is the democratic party. that is what he's doing. he's a racist or very recklessly
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nd irresponsibility play the card of racism. he has no compunctions about that and i don't know if he's old-fashioned racist heathing or despiting contempt for african-americans but he's totally unembarrassed but he thinks he's being clever politically. >> and surround and just embrace the people -- >> i hope he's wrong but that is what he's trying. >> he's complicating it further by bringing in anti-semitism or -- and the whole notion that religion somehow plays into this. he's really trying to actually burst apart the democratic coalition in anticipation of 2020. that being said, we've got to realize that actually he's a part of -- and his family has been historically racist. if you look at the example of his father and what they did with housing in new york city, there is a track record where you have to believe that the core of donald j. trump is racist. and the fact -- >> he and his father were sued
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for discriminating in housing in the 1970s. >> absolutely. and the fact that he hired people in the white house who have had white supremacist sympathies and out there actually stoking the -- the white supremacist base and here and in western europe should not be ignored. there is a larger strategy and that is to basically -- basically embrace this whole notion of the arian supremacy through history and now seeing implemented by one of the two major political parties in the united states right here, right now. >> and of course we welcome a republican to come on the show and talk about this issue. we have republican -- a republican office holder, we have not had many luck of booking any. coming up next, stick around, reaction from the remarks from the 2020 candidate cory booker. plus the new rule from the trump administration to make it harder for people to seek asylum
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are you getting low costs backed by a satisfaction guarantee? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. in our politics lead, a slow molasses like trickle of criticism coming from senate republicans after president trump said all american citizens of color to go back to their, quote, crime infested home countries with corrupt governments and their home country is the united states mr. president and we expect to hear from the four democratic congress women at the center of the controversy. the expression go back where you came from, it is clear and ugly you might think this is an easy thing for republican office holders to condemn. >> and yet throughout the course of yesterday and through the first half of today, you didn't hear much at all. that started to shift after the president's press conference where he tripled or quadrupled
1:19 pm
down on the statement and you see a slow stream of statements coming out from republican lawmakers. not a lot of republican lawmakers. right now about a dozen to 15 lawmakers calling it divisive, saying it was wrong, saying it was a bad approach, if you will. you also at least to this point, however, have not heard from any of the top members of house or senate republican leadership. i just spoke to mitch mcconnell a short while ago and he said he would address it tomorrow in his weekly press conference. we did hear from senator roy blunt, a member of senate leadership who said, quote, in a statement just because the so-called squad constantly insults and attacks the president isn't a reason to adopt their unacceptable tactics. the back story to the extent there is one from what i've been told is there is no messaging guidance sent out to rank and file republican members and they are doing what we've seen repeatedly over the course of the last several years, the delicate dance of trying not to do something to upset the president and still try to weigh in if they can. it doesn't work well in a situation like this. but one lawmaker was not waiting
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and did not hedge his words at all. that is congressman from texas will hurd. take a listen. >> the tweets are racist and xenophobic and inaccurate. it is bee avenuor unbecoming of a president of the united states and the leader of the free world. >> reporter: very few following that lead. and i will tell you i've had several republican aides and republican lawmakers say they are willing to talk on background about the true feelings about this but the reality is on something like this, if your not willing to put your name on it, to be frank, there is no reason for us to broadcast it in my view. jake. >> on capitol hill, phil mattingly, thank you. joining me on the phone is new jersey senator and 2020 presidential candidate cory booker. i know you're running around iowa and tough to get you on the phone so i appreciate it. the president denied his attack was racist. take a listen to what he had to say. >> and all i'm saying if they're not happy here, they can leave. they can leave and you know what -- i'm sure that they'll be
1:21 pm
many people that won't miss them. >> what is your reaction to that? >> my reaction is this is clearly bigoted, vile, dangerous language. this is the president that is trafficking in the same kind of toxic talk that white supremacist use on their platforms, what they proffer to try to divide the country and attack americans. i never imagined that i would hear language like this coming from a president of the united states. endangering frankly, if you look at white supremacist violent attacks that we've seen in the country, he is literally fanning the flames of racial violence. and to me, this is outrageous and unacceptable and it is driving deep hurt and division in our country. the president should be a uniter and bring our country together and remind us that the lines that divide us bind us and he's
1:22 pm
ripping at the fabric of our country for his own political gain and proffering a brand of racism that we should hope will be the last time you ever hear that kind of language from a united states president. >> well that is interesting that you mentioned he's doing it for his own political gain because he continued on twitter, wrote, if democrats want to unite around the foul language and racist spewed from the unpopular congresswomen it is interesting to see how it plays out, unquote, do you think that the president going after these women in such a nakedly racist way might be effective for the president in rallying his base and getting re-elected? >> no. no. i have faith in this nation. i have faith in who we are. i just believe that this is not only going to be a strategy that leads to his political demise but it will rise up this country to fight him and this in our
1:23 pm
country -- and this is a time when americans turns their stomach and i know this, and i know from republicans, and this is vile trafficking and hatred and bigotry and divisiveness and it will not work. we've had it before in our country. from the know nothing party from the irish italian and father conklin and the anti-semitic screen and we've seen this before and they've always been taken down. not by any individual party, but by the good conscious of americans that rose up and said we are better than this. this is not who we are. we are a nation that was called to put indivisible into a one nation that is under god. >> let me ask you, put aside for a second, if you can, the president's rati president's -- the racist attack on the congresswomen and his racist comments and democrats have found offense with what omar and tlaib has said and some
1:24 pm
of your supporters have said they made bigoted comments, certainly anti-semitic. what do you say to a voter who said, senator booker, i'm so offended by what president trump said but i'm offended by things i've heard from democrats, omar and tlaib and -- >> i disagree with what you said. i found it problematic and i still remember her reflecting upon it and apologizing. so this -- to even create an equivalency between what the president of the united states is saying, the vileness that -- of what she speaks, the unrelenting attacks, they are not just attacks on the four women, he said go back to where you came from, it is attacks on all who are here of ethnic decent. not just black or latino folks,
1:25 pm
i'm talking about immigrants and irish and what the hell is he talking about? this is vile. this is racist. this is not -- you can't make it an equivalency in any way to -- to what they have said. and he's doing it from the white house. he's doing it from the highest office in the land. what i know this country yearns for is the president should be someone that should not get into the gutter with white supremacists using their language, using tactics. they should be rising up to call us to come together at a time when we still have difficult racial issues and at a time you see a lot of problems that need to be healed and addressed. he's failing miserably -- >> senator cory booker thank you for your time and good luck out there on the campaign trail. stay safe. >> thank you. today president trump called the deportation raids that he warned about a success. but administration officials are having a hard time showing any proof. that's next.
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our national lead now, a new immigration crackdown from president trump starting tomorrow because of a new federal rule, immigrants will no longer be able to seek asylum if they didn't apply for protections on the way to the u.s. for example, someone from guatemala traveling through mexico must seek asylum in mexico first before applying for it in the u.s. as cnn's ed lavendera reports,
1:31 pm
this new rule comes as the widespread multi-city i.c.e. raids on undocumented immigrants warned would start yesterday largely don't seem to have happened. >> can i say, we're very successful. >> reporter: today president trump pounced on skepticism that his long promised immigration raids have stalled. >> many were taken o-- taken ou on sunday, you just didn't know about it. >> reporter: across ten u.s. cities did begin on saturday according to an official and will continue in the coming days despite locating those who may have relocated after warning from the administration itself. >> people will be separated from this country who our courts have ordered to be deported. >> reporter: according to immigration advocates the televised threats caused millions to take precautions, skipping work, stocking up on food and staying indoors for fear of being deported. >> translator: now we're being very cautious.
1:32 pm
staying at home with the doors lo locked. >> for now few raids have been reported and this morning the acting director of citizenship and immigration services claim not to have all of the information. >> is it really happening? >> well, when i.c.e. is ready to do it and maybe it is already begun then they'll execute on it. >> reporter: so, jake, many communities, immigrant communities across the country waiting to see how this will continue to develop over the next few days. and that asylum rule change that you mentioned off the top, jake, very significant especially when you consider how many thousands of people, central americans and cubans who are waiting in border towns along the u.s. southern border as part of the remain in mexico policy as they wait their turn to request asylum in the united states, so a lot of those people who have been waiting for months are left in limbo in all of this. jake. >>ef lavendera, thank you. today joe biden is out with his version to health care, a
1:33 pm
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in our 2020 lead, democratic presidential hopefuls are taking aim at joe biden after he unveiled the health care plan and attacked their plan in the process. by attaching him further to his former boss to expand obamacare today and add a public option that americans could buy into. cnn arlette saenz looks at what the plan might mean for your health care and how it is drawing a dividing line in the 2020 race.
1:38 pm
>> reporter: joe biden ramping up the 2020 battle over health care unveiling his own proposal and taking on medicare for all. >> i understand the appeal of medicare for all. but folks supporting it should be clear that it means getting rid of obamacare. >> reporter: at the center of the plan, building on the obama administration health care initiative, affordable care act. biden's proposal creates a public option allowing people to buy into a medicare-like program and the plan provides subsidies to make coverage through obamacare cheaper for everyone, regardless of income. the ten-year price tag for the plan comes in at $750 billion. as many democratic voters cite health care as a top issue, biden has escalated his pushback on some of the rivals backing a single payer system. >> we should not be starting from scratch. we should be building from what we have. >> reporter: the former vice president even highlighting one area where he differed from
1:39 pm
kamala harris and bernie sanders at the recent debate. >> the question was asked whether we support eliminating private health insurance, some said yes, i said absolutely not. >> reporter: a recent cnn poll found while 85% of democrats favor a national health insurance plan, only 30% back scrapping private insurance. while biden brands himself as the protector of obamacare, sanders is defending his medicare for all plan. tweeting, i appreciate that president obama said recently that medicare for all is a good idea, referencing this comment from september of last year. >> democrats aren't just running on good old ideas like a higher minimum wage, they're running on good new ideas like medicare for all. >> reporter: and we'll be hearing more about health care soon. kamala harris has teased a policy proposal and bernie sanders on wednesday will make his case for medicare for all. these candidates drawing their battle lines ahead of the next
1:40 pm
debate just over two weeks away. jake. >> arlette saenz, thank you so much. and let's chew over this. mia you are chair of the democratic party in maryland and you have not endorsed any candidate. what do you think of the joe biden approach saying no, i don't want medicare for all and polls say 30% of democrats might actually support scrapping private insurance but 70% don't. >> so this is about the politics of incrementalism versus going wholeheartedly at the issue and what they're arguing about is whether or not to embrace a social insurance system where the cost of administering health care to people across america can be done effectively and efficiently at low cost. or allowing the roll of private companies, profit-making companies to continue at the expense of full coverage for americans. and so the question becomes one of, what position do you take? historically, we're in the -- when the market has failed and when it comes to health care the market has failed, we have at
1:41 pm
times in our history like the creation of social security, embraced social insurance as a strategy and medicare as a strategy because at one time in our history, companies weren't providing insurance to older americans. >> right. >> so what we have now is the debate is happening here and now. are you an incrementalist and if so you go with joe biden and if you believe people should have health care now and do it the most effectively and efficiently, then you have options with senator warren -- >> bernie sanders and kamala harris, et cetera. what do you make of this debate? >> i find it fascinating because the public option proposal that -- which is centerpiece of the vice president's plan, that was considered too liberal back in 2009 when congress was engulfed in the obamacare and there were not 60 votes in the senates and you have joe lieberman and ben nelson saying they can't go for a public option and the debate has shift sod far and that is considered the option and when you look at -- you see why just aside
1:42 pm
from the policy why biden is doing this. he leads trump still in head-to-head match-ups. a lot of that strength comes from his strength with independent and moderate voters and policy positions like that help reinforce that. >> and moderate democrats i've spoken to just since the medicare for all debate kind of kicked up again, are scratching their heads, particularly those who went through the aca fight saying the democrats that are pushing this didn't go through that, particularly the younger ones in the house. and they don't know how much it takes even to get an incremental step through congress. and they're also pointing back to 2018 where several of them won their seats because of the aca, because of the pitch to protect the health care system that is here right now. and they're worried if this continues to go forward. >> and senator mike bennett who is also running for president, he's from colorado, more of a moderate, he says that if the democratic nominee embraces medicare for all, then colorado, for the first time in more than a decade, will go to the
1:43 pm
republicans. that is his warning. >> i think it is safer not to be scrapping private insurance as a political matter and a personal policy matter. but what struck me is joe biden and they have a plan and invest and plan the rollout it is hard to change. donald trump said something really repulsive and objectionable yesterday and republicans have not -- unfortunately but what is joe biden's selling point, a., he can beat trump and unite against trump and why didn't he say i'll announce the medicare plan next week and i want to give a speech about what this country stands for and i'll have my african-american supporters and a couple of republicans i've worked with me in the past and even if they are not supporting me and it would be a dramatic moment and he did here is my medicare plan or health care plan as opposed to the left wing health care plan. >> you're shaking your had -- >> in 2016 donald trump was saying well nobody would be dying in the streets with my approach to health care in this country and then he along with
1:44 pm
the republicans proceeded to not only undermine the affordable care act and threaten to take millions off the rolls including those with pre-existing conditions, then they launched a lawsuit to invalidate the whole law. so they have no interest -- and they have proposed no alternative and so they have no interest in making sure that people have access to life-saving health care in this country. and you got to wonder how he can absolutely win re-election with a strategy that has nothing to -- >> she was staying on message but one of the arguments -- that let me interpret that by staying on message and talking about health care instead of president trump's tweet and democrats won back the house last november. a channel back to maya -- >> that is the democrat concede and they won back the house is voters wanted one body of congress to check donald trump. i don't believe voters decided, hey all of the democratic ideas
1:45 pm
i haven't voted for in virginia or swing districts, i'm in love with. most of the candidates were moderate who won purple in swing districts so i personally think the democrats -- they should have idea and run on their policies and so forth. but when the president of the united states -- ultimately this is a election about donald trump and the democratic nominee has to make a case they could governor the country to bring it together as opposed to donald trump. i think that would attract independent voters more than complex debate about which version of obamacare or medicare for all is better. >> stick around. find out which democratic candidates are facing off each other, watch the draw for the cnn democratic debates this thursday night at 8:00 eastern. and then on july 30th and 31st, it is the cnn democratic presidential candidates, ten candidates each night moderated by dana bash and don lemon and myself here on cnn. coming up, the lavish stash in a locked safe worried that jeffrey epstein might try to
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international lead now, cash, diamonds and an expired saudi passport, all removed from the safe inside of the manhattan mansion of accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein according to prosecutors. in court the prosecution argued the 66-year-old should be denied bail citing the severity of the charges and strong evidence against him and the wealth and the fact that he seems an extreme flight risk and prosecutors say the foreign passport had his photo but a different name in it. epstein's lawyers say he should be confined to his $77 million new york mansion and a ruling is expected on thursday. joining me now is elliott williams to talk about this.
1:51 pm
do you think given what was discovered in the apartment in the nighture of the crimes that ultimately he will be denied bail. >> i think he should be denied bail and i think it should be a slam dunk. the law said if he is a flight risk or danger to community he should be denied bail. if he has a saudi passport and a private jet and a home in the virgin islands he's a flight risk and if they're finding additional child pornography at his house, you can't say he's not a danger to his community. no matter how they cut it, he should be denied bail. >> and let's talk about that. because the prosecutors said in the sentencing memo they thought -- that they discovered what they thought to be a trove of child pornography and that one of the victim's lawyers confirmed one of the images was of her when she was underage but there is not a charge, he's not been charged with child pornography and my understanding is we should expect that to happen because it is a slam dunk kind of accusation. >> sometimes the charges take a while to build and i would guess, i don't know, but the
1:52 pm
southern district of new york and fbi are trying to aujent katd the image. clearly you know he possessed it but make sure it is something you could charge as a crime. but i think they're building a case. and it carries an enormous penalty because often they stack the penalties on top of each other each five-year mandatory minimum. so if they bring the charges he's definitely going to go a way for a long time i think. >> and contrasting the way this case in the southern district of new york, jeff berman u.s. attorney versus the way alex acosta, who resigned last week as labor secretary, the way he did it, julie brown who broke this wide open said that when the palm beach police back ten years ago or whenever went to epstein's house, all of the computers were gone. which the interpretation was somebody had tipped him off. either in the palm beach state attorney's office, mr. critcher or the local police or whatever. the computers were gone and
1:53 pm
ultimately u.s. attorney acosta and the fbi never got his computers during that investigation. >> no, again, a lot of this is on acosta but let's not give the palm beach authorities a free pass. they screwed this up too. but the number one rule in investigating anything is always get the computers, jake. they've got the calendars and the drafts and documents and frankly the evidence of the crime themselves. it is the first rule and it is mind-boggling they wouldn't have tried to at least -- to issue a subpoena for the computer or try to find it. it just seems -- something doesn't smell right here, jake. >> elliott williams, thank you so much. the autopsy report just released in the mysterious death of a community activist found dead in the trunk of a car in baton rouge, louisiana. the results of that is next. i've been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration, which could lead to vision loss. so today i made a plan with my doctor, which includes preservision. because it's my vision, my morning walk, my sunday drive,
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1:59 pm
months that killed a total of 346 people. our national lead now. we know a beloved louisiana community activist found dead in the trunk of a car was killed. the brj coroner just ruized that sadie roberts-joseph was suffocated and now they have no suspect and no motive. her body was found three miles from her home but police are not saying who owned the car where she was found. roberts-joseph was a leader in her community, on top of her well-known civil rights work she opened the oef dell museum and hosted a juneteenth celebration. and breaking news now, just minutes we expect four democratic congresswomen to hold a press conference on capitol hill. alexandria ocasio-cortez, rashida flab and ilhan omar are
2:00 pm
the focus of president trump's tweets and all four are citizens, three born in the united states. their response coming up. follow me on twitter and facebook. i'm jake tapper. tweet the lead on cnn. our coverage starts now. happening now, breaking news, they can leave. president trump is defending his racist tweets aimed at four democratic congress women. now saying if they're not happy here in the united states, they can leave. we're standing by for a news conference from the four house members all women of color. disavowing trump. after keeping silent following the president's tweets, some republicans are starting to speak out. condemning and disavowing the president's language. i'll speak with republican congressman will hurd who calls the tweets racist and xenophobic. biden care. democrnt