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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 16, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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cactus fruit and whatever water she could find. the good news is she seems to be okay. she was a little dehydrated and, john and allison, we'll send it back to you and the dog was okay as well. >> good news on the dog, great news for that family. what a story. and thank you to our international viewers for watching. for you cnn newsroom with max foster is next. for u.s. viewers, will lawmakers take a stand? will they vote to condemn the president's racist attack on congress? "new day" continues right now. these are people who hate our country. >> we love this country. what that means is we propose the solutions to fix it. >> we're grateful for your support in the face of the most recent swreracist remarks. >> we cannot allow these hateful actions to distract us from the critical work to hold this
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administration accountable to the inhumane conditions at the border. >> this is new day with allison camerata and john berman. it is tuesday, july 16th, 8:00 now in the east, and today house republicans could be forced to take a public stand against president trump. nancy pelosi plans a vote to condemn the president's racist attack on four members of congress. mr. trump is making it clear his attacks are by design. it's also clear the gop is under his control. the top republican in the house is defending the president insisting that he is not a racist and that his tweets are actually about ideology. >> as for other party leaders including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, silence for another day. at least 19 republicans they have already broken ranks and condemned at some level the president's rhetoric. the president wants to make those four lawmakers, we're
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talking about the democrats, the face of that party, the democratic party in 2020. the president says they hate america and can leave if they're not happy here. this is their response. >> this is the agenda of white nationalists. now it's reached the white house garden. >> this is disruptive distraction from the issues of care, concern and consequence to the american people. >> i want to tell children across this country that no matter what the president says, this country belongs to you. and it belongs to everyone. and today that notion, that very notion was challenged. >> all right, let's discuss this. we want to bring in the washington bureau chief for vice news, tara setmeyer.
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tim, i guess i'll start with you because you're here with us and your book came out today. you are probably the least surprised person in america at what is happening and where we find ourselves in donald trump's comments. donald trump's comments over the weekend via twitter took so many by surprise -- i don't know by surprise but i guess shocked the system of so many people because it went beyond the pale. it was unambiguously racist. to tell people who are u.s. duly elected lawmakers, go back home, go back to wherever you came from, your home country when three of them were born here, there's no other way to read that, frankly. but you say that's how he won and the embrace of the republican party around him should be expected now. >> yeah, look, i think there are two things that aren't surprising this weekend. the first to your point, alyson
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of what the president had to say. this was pretty essential to what he did and what he was about. donald trump has always played with fire as it relates to race. and i would say in the last three to four years he has, you know, not just towed up to that racial line but crossed it on numerous occasions and we've seen. so that's not surprising. i think the second thing not surprising is the republican reaction to it or in many cases the lack thereof. you mentioned mitch mcconnell still not having said anything. mitch mcconnell is up for re-election in 2020. he knows to get re-elected in kentucky when chis still a safely red state he cannot afford to get crosswise with president trump's base back home. because mitch mcconnell does an awful lot of polling. his team is very, very savvy. they spent a lot of money on data and microtargeting and
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analytics and so he better think twice before he gets on the wrong side of the president. and again he is just symbolmatic of the republican party. >> you have walked the halls of congress and worked there. there is this vote on a resolution that should happen tonight which would condemn the president's statements and call them racist. is this a hard vote for republican members, and should it be? >> well, apparently it is. if they can't even go on record to give a basic statement casting a vote which is a way to codify their opinion on something is going to be a bit more difficult. i'll be curious to see how this plays out. they expected the house to reprimand the squad or ilhan omar when she made those
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anti-semitic comments and they had this resolution and it turned into a whole thung wiing the democratic caucus and the republicans were very strong she needed it be condemned for her aept semitic statements and rightly so. when it comes to the president of the united states making blatant racist comments then republicans tuck their tales and can't find them. it's shameful the leaders of the party and continuing to defend and enable and not call out what it is. this is part of the demise and the corrosion of the republican party that i'm embarrassed to say has taken place because they've decided to bend their knee at the expense of the fabric and soul of our country. >> i'll read a bit of what congressman kevin mccarthy said about this. it's really kind of a socialist battle versus a thing we believe in america.
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i know there's a lot of frustration, there's a lot of things said on all sides. i've watched some of the comments said, some of the congressional women have made on the other side as well. i think what the american public want us to do is work on problems and solve problems. it's amazing how some republicans are trying to redirect. they are trying to not have to talk about what the president said, and they are trying to cast aspirations on those lawmakers, and you hear the term socialism banded about all the time. it seems to me they are attempting to show the president how to rebrand this argument. >> i agree. they're trying to figure out how do we make our way through this, because they know that those tweets are racist. i think ininteresting thing is in the short-term about mitch mcconnell, yes, that totally makes sense. but in the long-term the republican party has known they have a problem with hispanics and african-americans. and if you look at the autopsy they themselves put out after
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the 2020 election, after barack obama won again, they specifically said by 2050 it will be a majority minority country. we lost hispanics and african-americans in 2012 by so much if we do not change the way we speak to these people, if we do not do that, we will lose election in the future. right now the short game has you having to vote on a resolution later today it seems about whether, you know, these things are racist. are you willing to condemn racism? and if you're playing the long game, you have to think really hard about that and whether you want to be someone who was willing to stand up for, you know, as our other guests said, the moral fabric of this country. >> how far have we come from the image we saw in the primary in 2016 where i happened to be in the room and was very proud of that moment as a minority republican female looking at nikey haley, tim scott, and marco rubio joining forces
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before rubio dropped out of the race. and i looked at that and said this is the future of the republican party i've been fighting for so many years at that point, and that came crashing down after donald trump won the nomination and to watch how so many of the republicans went with the decision to throw america by the wayside and it's make america white again according to the president of the united states because everyone in the country is not welcome. if you have a deference of opinion, you're not welcome. who is donald trump to determine what makes america great? who bragged after about his sexual conquests instead of going to vietnam to serve this country, who goes after war heroes like john mccain. i believe donald trump hates this country. he hates what makes america great. he hates the rule of law. he hates diversity, the freedom of dissent. and this is who republicans decided to hitch their wagons to and it's at their ultimate demise if they continue to do
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this. >> they have a choice if they continue to hitch their wagon to racist tweets our not. the thing is the problem with this conversation is we can't even talk about like the differences between the republican party and democratic party on other issues, on social issues, on economic issues. there are valid conversations to be had. >> right, absolutely. >> but i can't have that conversation because we're literally talking about racism in the year 2019. >> and again, two things. tarr, if you haven't read tim's book, do it. >> i'm excited. >> he's written several pages about that moment you described right there with nikki haley on stage and marco rubio and tim scott. the second thing is as you look at this week the president didn't just tweet this on sunday. he held a news conference on this yesterday. this is now a campaign strategy. this is, you know, the trump re-election strategy as far as i can tell at this moment. it isn't those economic issues or health care or taxes that
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shawna was just talking about there. >> to shawna's point, think about our politics 20, 30 years ago. there was at least this philosophical debate about the size of role of government. and that was by and large what defined what it meant to be a liberal or conservative, a republican or democrat. and that has slowly dissolved over the years. again, we kaecannot try to lay this at donald trump's footstep. but trump has now weaponized it to. and to point you all were talking about earlier, he doesn't want this election to be about policy. he doesn't want it to be about ideology. ideology means nothing to the president. he does not have necessarily a coherent comprehensive
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ideological world view. he clings to a few bedrock beliefs about gloelism being bad. but by and large donald trump realizes if he's going to win releection, he needs to have 100% engagement, galvanization among his core supporters and those people are fired up of one thing above everything else and that is culture. light those prairie fires when it comes to cultural issues and he's done that really effectively. >> and part of that is because it's easier to talk about cultural issues. it's intellectually lazier to actually dive in and think about and do your homework on policy. a cultural issue just sort of rolls off the tongue and it's easier to, you know, work everybody up to a lather about it. and when you say they should be playing the long game, don't you think what has been revealed in the past 72 hours is that the long game is they don't want a minority-majority country. that's what they're trying to fight. that's why he wants aoc and
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ilhan omar and all the women he lumped together to go back to their countries because he is trying to fight that demographic reality. >> well, i think it seems that the president is trying to fight that demographic reality. i'm willing to cast his -- i think the mitch mcconnells of the with urld and kevin mccarthies of the world know the demographics are what they are and telling people to go back to their own country possibly unfortunately for the president that means they're going back to their home districts in america. so i understand it in that the president wants to just -- wants partially to just have this cultural conversation which also gets back to his issues on immigration, his issues about building the wall, all of these other things. but the president is going to be the president. we already saw the 2016 election. we know how he's going to run this, and clearly he's kicking this into a higher gear. what is the rest of the republican party going to do? that's the real question here. >> i also think it's a question
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about what the democrats can do. i'll ask you this question. you can choose to answer this or any other, but is there a way for democrats to lose a culture campaign, a campaign based on cultural issues like this? >> absolutely. and what they were doing before this latest debacle was exactly that. i find many of their progressive ideas very objectable as a conservative obviously. but when you start talking about medicare for all and open borders and, you know, let's decriminalize crossing the border, let's give health care to illegal immigrants, those are the kind of hot button issues that will have people in the rust belt states say, wait, we're not trying to go that way with that. with the green new deal you're trying to guarantee incomes and the government is telling you what you can set your thermostat to, those are the cultural ideals trump and republicans recognize as, quote, socialism
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and the government chg in and telling you what to do that people don't want. and they're willing to cast aside all the racism, all the misa misa misam misogyny and all the despicable things donald trump represents because we don't want to change. who are those republicans going to be when you have someone like donald trump telling people that look like me to go back to where they came from? i think that's despicable and i do blame most of the republican party when you have 90% support for this president. >> there are a few speaking out. >> not enough. >> thank you all very much for that conversation. so the house could vote to condemn president trump's racist attacks in just a matter of hours. what about the senate? well, the minority whip is going to join us with what's happening there. up next. - hi folks, i'm matt mccoy.
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president trump trying to defend his suggestion that four congresswomen of color leave the country. house democrats plan to vote as soon as today on condemning the president's racist attacks. so joining us now is senator dick durbin. he's the democratic whip who also serves on the judiciary committee. senator, thanks very much for being with us this morning. have you been surprised by your republican colleagues' response to the president's suggestion that these lawmakers of color leave the country? >> sadly, no. unfortunately the republican party of the united states, this party of abraham lincoln, theodore roosevelt, ronald reagan, george herbert walker bush, the surrendering of the soul to president trump, to think the president has made the kind of racist reprehensible statement he's made without reaction of republicans is a sad day in the history of this
5:21 am
party. >> listen, there has been reaction. 19 of them came out with some form of condemnation, some stronger than others, some much weaker than others. and what you often heard was they would condemn what the president said in one sentence and then pivot right away to criticizing also these four female lawmakers. so let me just -- one example is senator lindsey graham. let me just play for you how lindsey graham reacted. >> we all know that aoc and this crowd are a bunch of communists. they hate israel, they hate our own country. they're calling the guards along our border, the border patrol agents, concentration camp guards. they accuse people who support israel of doing it for the benjamins. they're anti-semitic, anti-america. don't get that, aim higher.
5:22 am
>> that's basically all he has to say to the president was aim higher than that. >> i can tell you the fact that you can count on just 19 republicans to step up and say anything negative of all those who identify with the republican party of the united states just tells it all as far as i'm concerned. my friend and colleague whom i've worked with over the years, senator graham, really was off base the things he said about these four women. calling them communist, come on. that harkens back to one of the darkest periods in american history where critics of the government even if i despise or disagree with their views branded as communist and we reached that opponent and the republican party is prepared to accept this president's racist statements of these four women. the fact he would say to these women, three of them born in the united states to go back to where they came from? what is that supposed to mean?
5:23 am
>> i'm glad you brought up the words, the compromises you try today do with scepter lindsey graham. just a few weeks agood eyou and senator graham announced you'd be working together to try to fix or amend the country's asylum policies. and so obviously behind the scenes you're still working together, i assume. correct me if i'm wrong, but when you hear him go after these women and call them communists, does it make it harder for you to work with him? >> it makes it difficult to come up with a plan together that would appeal to democrats and people across the board. it's more difficult because this president is so divisive. and those who want to line up on his side of the ledger end up being very difficult to work with. but i'll keep on trying. i feel and i hope lindsey feels as well there's too much at stake when there's 790,000 daca recipients who no longer have protection law because of
5:24 am
president trump. whether it's the hundreds of thousands of those here on temporary status who are being forced it leave this country or whether we're talking about the border crisis and the innocent victims, the kids in cages, all of these things beg for some solution, some response. i'll keep looking for it. i'm not going to give up. there's too much at stake. >> i don't mean to pick on senator lindsey graham. we love having him on the program and on the network. and a short 3 1/2 years ago he was on this very show with us and talking about how dangerous at that time he thought donald trump who was running for president was. so let me just play a moment of that. >> he's a race baiting xenophobic racist bigot. he doesn't rep my party. >> times have changed and i'm wondering if you have any insight into that? >> i don't. i try to catch lindsey graham
5:25 am
when he's near the center stripe of politics. but when i get him near the center stripe he's my cosponsor of the dream act. when he's near the center stripe he and i can sit down with john mccain and others and write a comprehensive reform bill that passes the floor of the house and senate with 68 votes. there are other times when he's completely off the rails. >> so today nancy pelosi is going to probably force a vote, a symbolic vote in the house where people have to, you know, interperpetuity say how they felt about the president's statements and whether they want to condemn them. what are democrats on the senate side going to do about this? >> let me tell you the rules in the senate make it delir one man says we will speak out on this matter of principle. and that man is mitch mcconnell, the republican leader of kentucky. i will tell you he's been
5:26 am
president trump's greatest enabler. if you don't like the division in washington, d.c., if you don't like what's happening to this country a as we pit ourselves one against the other, i'm afraid senator mcconnell has been the enabler of this president which has created in just 2 1/2 years of division in america which was unthinkable in the last presidential election. i don't think senator mcconnell has the will or courage to step up to condemn the president's racist remarks. >> thank you for your perspective on all this today. >> by cnn's count as of this morning about 19 republicans have come out against the president's racist comments about the four members of congress in some degree. we are going to hear from one republican senator who has been critical. that's next. high protein. low sugar. tastes great! high protein. low sugar. so good! high protein. low sugar. mmmm, birthday cake! pure protein. the best combination for every fitness routine.
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5:31 am
is racist? joining us now is cnn senior political writer and analyst. you have some numbers about this. >> i do have some numbers. and i should opponent out all these numbers are before the latest of the president's diet tribe on twitter. we see the question is very simple. do you think president trump is a racist and 49% of all voters said that, yes, they believe he's a racist. now of course among republicans it's significantly localer 11%. but this to me is such a shocking number. 49% of voters think the sitting president of the united states is a racist. i've just never seen anything quite like it. >> a majority of people would be completely unsurprised by what they've seen the last few days. >> the american public would have no problem with that whatsoever. 49%, that's a very large, large number. but let's dig a little bit deeper into the numbers.
5:32 am
this is a little about race relations but let's get more to the politics. i have otherwise overall appr e approval rating and approval rating on race relations. on race relations, though, only 39% of americans approve of that. they do not like this type of rhetoric. they don't like what he's been doing all along, going after certain groups in this country. he's playing into a weakness here because i think there's a lot of people, oh, he's playing 23 degree chess, right? this just shows he's not even playing checkers. this is just not a good area for him whatsoever. >> and the disapproval numbers for him are high. >> 55% of americans disapprove of trump's sort of approval on race relations. and i want to point this out, why do people disapprove of the president of the united states? among those who disapprove, look at this, only 38% of those who disapprove say they disapprove because of his positions on the issues, but personality and
5:33 am
leadership qualities that's why the majority of those who disapprove of the united states disapprove which is exactly what's going on here. and moderates which you might say are swing voters, that's an even higher percentage. 58% disapprove because of personality and leadership quality. >> and you pointed out the minute this happen onned on sunday i saw you comment people wonder how the economy can be so good and the president's approval rating be stuck at 43%, 42%. >> 72% say his positions on the issues and look at this, this is the top reasons why you approve or disapprove. it was an open ended question. among those who approve the top issue is the economy. look at that. 26%. but look at this disapprove column. li liar, no integrity, not presidential. it's all about his behavior, the fact he cannot act presidential is hurting him.
5:34 am
and i just don't understand as a political analyst what exacty is going through his head except that he just can't help it. >> those things in the disapproval category you would assume would be easy to fix. >> or if he just acted the regular way, a regular president he would be running ahead of the game and i think this indicates it. i just want to point out one last thing here, and that is remember in the last few weeks of the 2018 campaign they were running on immigration, he was running hard core. that did not change anything. these vote numbers right here, basically the same. the democrats won both those who decide in the last month as well as before. >> he's certainly not helping his stance with the way he's talking. >>erary interesting, harry. thank you. >> not many republicans have come out condemning the president's racist remarks in any form or fashion but a few have. a few have, and we will speak with a republican senator who is among them next.
5:35 am
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this morning, many republican leaders are remaining silent after president trump renewed his call for a group of
5:39 am
minority democratic congresswomen to leave the united states. this morning, though, there are some republicans condemning the president's words. joining me now is republican senator rob portman of ohio. thank you for joining us. let me read to our viewers what you have said about the president's comments. you say that's not something i would say and i think it's divisive, unnecessary and wrong. what is wrong with what the president said, senator? >> well, john, first of all when i agreed to come on with you last week it was to talk about the border. so we'll get a chance to talk about that as well since i went down on friday to tour some of the detention facilities. look, the comments are unnecessary and wrong by their very nature and, you know, i think there's a lot we should talk about and can talk about that you nitunites our country now. earlier on your show people were talking about the strong
5:40 am
economy, there are jobs, people are seeing opportunity. the president is responsible for that. the tax cuts and tax reform are working. i would hope as he said in other comments he would talk about that because that would help unite our country. >> i do want to address your commentsabo comments about the president's statement being wrong. and i've heard you say that, but why? what about them is wrong in. >> well, three of four of these women of course wereburn in the united states, so all of them are american citizens as much as i am and you are, so, you know, that's something that when they disagree with their political points of view, and i do. and i think they have made comments that are inappropriate themselves, but the point is let's focus on the policy issues. and again, i go back to the biggest policy issue of all most people care about the most which is their futures and their kids futures and how the economy is going, and that would be a good
5:41 am
topic. >> is it wrong to tell people who disagree with policy points that they should leave the country? >> well, yeah, i mean, it was -- that's not all that was said. all that was said was go back to their country and their country is the united states of america? >> okay, so you are saying that's wrong. and my last question on this point then, senator, is what are you going to do about it or do you think you have a responsibility in this subject to do more than just say it's wrong? >> well, i think we always have a responsibility to speak our mind on it, and so i've done that. and again i think we ought to focus on how to work together to solve problems, and i'd love to get back and talk with you about the border because that's an opportunity for republicans and democrats alike to acknowledge there's a crisis and deal with the crisis because it's very real and a lot of people are being hurt and it's unfair for
5:42 am
our country. so it's an issue that just screams for a little bipartisanship. >> you went to the border on friday. what did you see? >> i went to two facilities. i saw a lot of families with kids. i spoke to five or six of the families about why they came, why they took the journey. look, these are people and three countries. they live in a very poor part of the ems fear and all of them said the same thing i want a better life for us, for our kids and we understand that. on the other hand, we have a country of laws and the immigration laws need to be respected. remember there are tens of thousands of people streaming across the border because they
5:43 am
believe if they do so they'll get into the country. and traffickers with telling them that. traffickers are charging them huge amounts of money to come up here. and they're right. these kids of the families i saw will be released noot the country. and none of them i talked to were claiming asylum but some will, then only 15% will actually be able to have that claim granted because it will be viewed that it's not appropriate for the others, the more economic refugees. and yet 100% are being released in the united states and less than half to come their hearings according to the best information we have. so it's a problem and there's things we can and should do, and we can do it in a bipartisan way. but if we don't, we'll continue to see this influx and not from central american countries but other countries as well. >> one of the things the president has proposed is he's going to change the asylum rules so that if you come here from el salvador, honduras, guatemala and pass through mexico yowl be
5:44 am
turned away because you pass through another country basically. it's the idea of a safe third country. do you think it's legal, this action from the president? >> safe third country is, we do an issue with canada. but i don't know mexico and guatemala have signed up yet. >> that's the issue. canada we have a i think it may be a written greet on canada with this. we have no agreement at all with any of those countries and the law requires an agreement. >> and i think we should pursue an agreement. and just so our viewers understand if you walk through another country and come through another country that does have the ability to have safe haven you need to apply for safe haven there. both countries are talking to us about doing that possibly. i have suggested something a bit different which is similar to what president obama did remember when the unaccompanied kids were coming up in huge numbers, and that is to have these processing centers in
5:45 am
central america and mexico be used through the u.n. hcr and the refugees have a center in central america and in mexico. and we talked to them about process these individuals. that would make a lot of sense, why do you want to have these people take this long and arduous journey if the same critear fruf criteria can be made to refugees, and cut out the traffickers. the only group who would be the losers in this would be the human traffickers exploiting these people. >> just go to back to the conversation, you're obviously uncomfortable answering questions about the president's words and statements. does he put you as a republican senator in a bad position? >> well, again as i said in my statements that you didn't put on the air, he puts me in a situation on many topics that
5:46 am
i'm very comfortable with including talking about the policies. >> but, senator, that's dodging my question about when he's telling people he should go home, people, women of color. >> john, i've made my comments on that. we've talked about it, how i feel. and i think the focus ought to be on the policy issues. and there i think he has a lot to talk about. and frankly, the american people are very pleased with the way the economy is going because they're feeling it, they're seeing it and that didn't just happen. it's the result of good policies. >> can you only talk about policy though? can you talk about policy without also addressing things that might tear at the fabric of the country? >> well, yeah, i mean and i did. and, you know, that's part of the topic as well. but my point is that with all the issues we have right now, immigration being one of the i
5:47 am
cricrises we're facing let's figure out how to put some of these differences aside which are political. >> thanks for being with us this morning. here's what else to watch today. >> see, feel, climb. look around corners, look in crannies. go down dark alleys, lose yourself. catch a lift, push boundaries, go walk about, get set, go after the goose bumps. never stop discovering. where were you 50 years ago today, alyson, camerota? >> 50 years ago today one of us was not born.
5:48 am
the first question is will we ever go back and an acclaimed astronaut joins us next. (vo) parents have a way of imagining the worst... ...especially when your easily distracted teenager has the car. at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping] with sensors that alert you when your eyes are off the road. the all-new subaru forester. the safest forester ever.
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it was 50 years ago today that a nation was riveted watching as apollo 11 launched from cape canaveral, florida. four days later the first man landed on the moon. joining us now to discuss the significance of that moment and where we are today is acclaimed astronaut scott kelly. great to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> so 50 years, have we made tremendous progress since then or not enough? >> no, i think we've made a lot of progress. i'm not sure if it's tremendous progress because i think we do have the capability of going back to the moon and staying there perhaps and also going to
5:53 am
mars. so on one hand it's a lot of progress but i think we could be doing better. >> you have a tendency to go to space and stay there for a really long time. but one of the things i heard you say that was fascinating is they only had a few months, six months to train for their missions back then which seem to me so incredibly complicated. you, for your missions you say you have two years. >> i was recently talking to mike collins, general collins who was one of the crew members of apollo 11 and he told me they only trained for six months for that flight, where on the space shuttle we did generally longer but for the space station a lot longer. so that was actually a surprise to me, too. >> so what do you want to see happen now? is mars the next frontier? >> you know, i think apollo approved that we have an
5:54 am
unlimited potential to do great things and we can go to mars or back to the moon. the problem nasa runs into, though, is every time we get a new president or congress the plan changes and funding changes. and when you do that, it doesn't allow any consistency. it causes you to do negative work. so my hope is someday a government is going to come along in this country and say, hey, we're going to fund nasa for ten years, we're going to have a consistent plan and let them do things we know they're capable of doing. >> or get rid of elected officials altogether. is is there such a thing as astronaut envy? yet when you think about apollo 11 you're talking about michael collins who i had the honor of meeting. do you envy what they got to do? >> i spent 520 days in space and i would trade every day of that for a mission to the moon. so i think there is certainly
5:55 am
envy, but also you feel like you're privileged just to be part of any space program currently in operation. it's not like, you know, we can look at another company and say, well, you know, if i work for, you know, united airlines versus american airlines my experience would be different. i just felt really privileged to be a part of the one i had the privilege to be a part of. >> scott kelly, thanks so much for helping us take a look back at 50 years. i mean, it's remarkable how much has been accomplished. i think just as you said but how much more we still have to look forward to. thank you very much for your experience with us. so which republicans will vote to condemn the president's racist comments about four women of color who are in congress? our coverage continues next. ok everyone!
5:56 am
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bacon, and fresh avocado. the hot buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. and the tangy barbecue. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? top of the hour, good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. nice to be back next to popo in new york. >> it's been like weeks. >> this morning we have a lot of news. the president is digging in trying to flip the script on democrats after his own racist tweets sparked backlash. the strategy is clear, no walk backs and even launching new attack. today he's calling the four congresswomen pro-terrorist. there's no basis for that to be clear. saying they have spewed some of the most hateful, vile disgusting things ever said by


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