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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  July 16, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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not long ago, essentially it happens here or it happens in china, right? >> interesting republicans and democrats support this idea. brian fung, great to have you on. >> thank you for joining us theed. jim and i will see you back here tomorrow morning. >> hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. thanks so much for joining me. triple down tuesday is about the only way to describe it at this moment, because that is what president trump is doing with his racist comments aimed at four democratic congresswomen of color. this morning he's been stewing and digging in even deeper, defending his comments. you're shocked, right? what is somewhat shocking is the reaction or really the lack thereof from many elected officials. so far cnn has counted 19 republicans have denounced the president's comments. that is barely a fraction of the republicans in congress. now democrats are going to force the members of the house at
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least to go on the record and where they stand on this. a resolution, a symbolic vote, but a recorded vote condemning trump's racist tweets. what would that do? wrl this go? is this really the fight the white house wants right now? manu raju, katilan collins have been covering all of this. let me start with manu. manu, you've been talking to lawmakers. what are you hearing from them about this resolution, where is this going up there? >> well, the vote is going to be tonight, the house is going to pass this resolution and expected this to be along party lines to condemn the president's remarks. it's called a resolution of condemnation. some democrats wanted a censure resolution. they've pushed back and said there's not a lot of difference. so they're moving forward with the symbolic vote to slap the president on the wrist and say that is not okay. but republicans for the most part are in line with this president. the house republican leadership just had a press conference and they said the president is not
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racist. the house republican leader kevin mccarthy attacked democrats and others did as well. you're seeing a bit of a split between senate republicans and house republicans. some senate republicans going a bit further and raising concerns about these remarks. and house republicans for the most part aligning with the president. >> i think it was a poor choice of words, but i don't concern myself with rhetorical disputes between freshmen congressmen and the president. i wish he didn't concern himself with it so much, frankly. i don't think the president is a racist. >> i think we spend time coming back to does it undercut that message and i would say that it doesn't help. >> this is about a frustration from the president of the united states on some of our democratic members in the house not willing to address a crisis at the border. >> and i think that if people are oh fenlded by the president's tweets, that he's going to either have to do two
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things, stop tweeting, which i don't think he's going to do, or the people probably shouldn't follow him on twitter. >> so you're seeing that divide play out right there. some senate republicans a little squeamish about the president's remarks. house republicans mostly saying what the president said is perfectly fine. but for the most part there has been very little outcry from republicans in both chambers. and we till have yet to hear from mitch mcconnell, who has been silent on this so far. we do expect him to answer questions this afternoon. we'll see what he has to say. >> and just a note, just if you didn't follow the president doesn't make the comments go away or not actually be reality in what he's saying. manu, thank you so much. it's not going to make it not actually happen. kaitlyn, the president's new tweets show he's defending himself this morning, tripling down this morning, clearly showing that he thinks the uproar is not hurting him. what are you hearing
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behind-the-scenes? >> behind the scenes you'll be hard pressed to find one person inside the white house who thinks it was wise for the president to make the attacks on sunday. but pick clee you're seeing something different. the aides are essentially trying to rebrand his attacks, saying instead there are criticism of these women individually, statements that they've made, policies that they have, and of course socialism generally. framing it with an eye toward the election. of course that ignores the fact that the main attack that the president made on sunday and that one that has drawn the accusations of racism not just from democrats, but even from some republicans was when the president told these congresswomen to go back from the countries from which they came. that's something that you're seeing the president's aides and allies publicly ignore. what republicans are doing up on capitol hill, but also at the white house with the president's aide kellyanne conway, several others focusing on the individual lawmakers and their comments instead of the fact that the president has telling them to go back.
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of course the president is still in his third day of attack and he is not backing off, but we are seeing him change his tactic, saying they can leave the country if they're unhappy. instead of relying on the one that was most sensitive telling them to go back. some are have told the president that was not a good idea to tweet that. but as he made clear yesterday, he is standing by the remarks. >> let's see what happens today, this morning. cnn political analyst and congressional reporter for the post and the post national reporter is a senior contributor. it's great to see you guys. the president clearly thinks picking these fights are good for him. kate was just talking about behind the scenes it seemed to be different. it's astonishing to say out loud that the president thinks these comments are working for him t. four lawmakers that he's attacking said they don't be
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distracted from all of this but it seems washington is already distracted by this, right? >> washington has turned its focus this week, you're going to see the house floor taking a vote about condemning the president. if this is a distraction, i think a lot of people would say it is for certain issues, but it's important to focus on it given that this represents the tenner of the country. it's taken over everybody's attention. we're not talking about anything else right now. and yet it's difficult to see the fact that you could ignore the president did tweet this and back it up and say let's just go about our business. it doesn't work that way. this is e egregious, it does not create a solution that says let's move on. >> wesley, just compared to char slots vil, let's take the latest example of racism, the fact that there is so much more of a muted responses from republicans, it
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seems to this than what happened -- than his responses to charlottesville. what does that indicate? >> certainly. i mean, there certainly is a much more muted responses than there was for charlottesville. charlottesville we have to recall someone had been killed so there was a different type of pressure. it wasn't just writing off the president's political spat. you couldn't villainize hell or high the way that you might alexandria ocascio-cortez or ayanna pressley. but many were elected in 2012 campaigning on the idea that they were going to send obama back to kenya. so when you have a republican caucus that uses this exact type of racist language previously, it's unsurprising that they are not rushing to the microphones to condemn the president for using the racist language. so look, i think the reality is
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that not erch in the republican caucus, but there are certainly members of the republican caucus who themselves have used this exact language politically before. so it doesn't make sense if suddenly they were condemning it and thought it was inappropriate. >> except what i said in the past has no -- dictates nothing about what i say in the present or the future. hypocrisy is what rules the day as we have seen recently. in what we will see later tonight with this resolution in the house, what does it do? >> it gets lawmakers on record as either backing the president or condemning the president. it will be a stark -- it will be a mark of history, frankly. you put these things into legislative vehicles and that is not just the tweets, not just the statements on television. that is in the congressional record forever from that point. and i think that really for the democrats it's important to get their opposition documented that way and they also want to
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challenge the republicans in the most challenging way possible. you could go further and have different forms of resolutions to do that. but in this way to challenge republicans to actually make their historical mark of saying i oppose this. and if they don't, that is going to be something that will -- i'm sure democrats will bring back and remind them up for years to come. it's not surprising republicans have not turned on a dime to condemn statements that are very like statements they have made themselves. but the republican party thinking long-term strategy, they can't rally around this type of commentary and defend it and that's going to be a problem for them in these sorts of reminders that will be etched in a vote later today, could be problems for them going down the road if some day they do decide they have a change of heart and want to start moving away from this type of rhetoric as we enter new political environments in the future. >> wes, george conway, well known conservative attorney,
8:10 am
kellyanne conway's husband, who has become a vocal critic of the president. he wrote an op ed for the "washington post" and in part he wrote this. no matter how much i found him ultimately unfit i still gave him a benefit of the doubt about being a racist. i didn't want to think that the president of the united states is a racial bigot, but sunday left no doubt. sunday was when the president tweeted this. and he also goes on to say the president's comments are racist to the core. this is the impossible question for me to ask, but do you see how folks move forward from this? >> i'm frankly not really sure how folks move forward from this. at the end of the day you do have an increasing grappling among white americans and certainly some republicans who are now seeing and hearing and coming to an understanding that many other people, certainly the vast majority of people of color in the country have long been to. i think that politically it's
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certainly significant that one of the president's closest advisers wrote an op ed calling him a racist. that probably does very little for the black family who couldn't rent an apartment in the trump tower because he and his father were racially discriminatory. it doesn't do much more the five who were murdered in the streets because donald trump was openly campaigning for them to be killed. so i think it is important for us collectively to kind of call a spade a spade and tell the truth about things when they happen and there's very few, you know, slurs or attacks in our nation's history as clearly racist as telling someone of color to go back where they came from. but that said, that it took the president of the united states saying something like this and then doubling and tripling down on it for folks to be able to grapple with the many other things the president has said but his policies, his political
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ideology and his campaigning. so certainly it's significant and important and i don't think we would be able to move forward without an honest reckoning of the truth. with that said, i don't know that this far into the trump presidency a few republicans saying maybe he is racist sometimes is really going to be a bomb for the divisions that we're talking about. >> this is almost a crystallization, or maybe it's purgatory, which is shocking and not shocking all the time. i think you guys have made a really good point. not surprising, but still not something that you can say deserves new attention. it's a strange place that we find ourselves in all the time. but thank you, guys. let's see what happens next. i really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> still ahead for us, on the heels of the president's racist comments, could a vote on impeachment come in the next two weeks? we'll talk to the man who is trying to force that vote. that is next.
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soon president trump will be meeting behind closed doors with his cabinet and we're waiting to see if we'll be able to hear from the president during that meeting. but he's holding this cabinet meeting and it's the first cabinet meeting since losing yet another member of the cabinet. labor secretary alexander acosta resigning last week. since taking office, trump has seen record turnover among his cabinet, more than any president in recent history, and some of those around the table today still aren't even senate confirmed. they're not permanent, just acting members of the cabinet. and the result is a personnel crisis and serious questions about the administration's ability to function. joining me right now is a man who knows a little about this, a former member of george w. bush's cabinet. secretary, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> i want to get to functioning and not functioning and what it means inside a cabinet meeting. but i do first need to ask you about the discussion we've been having since sunday about the president attacking four members
8:19 am
of congress, telling them to go back from where they came from, saying also when pushed on it that he's unconcerned that people see his tweets as racist. you're a life long republican. what do you say to this? >> well, i think the tweet itself was racist and it's just hard to argue against that. i can't see the president saying go back to germany. but, you know, the issue here, kate, is that this helps him with his base. and he knows that and he's doubling down because this is what his base would like to hear. they like the idea that this is a president who says things that others would never say. the problem is this will have a big impact on the gop brand on the republican party, and there will be a time when a lot of republicans have to explain where were they when they were supposed to speak up? so i think it's a critical moment. i think the vote tonight will be important. but this is important for the republican party and for republicans to really stand up
8:20 am
and show what they're for. >> if this is that moment, it seems many republicans have already taken their stand, which is to not -- i mean, we have not seen some elected republicans speak out against this. but we are also hearing a lot of republicans ducking, dodging or making excuses. i mean, tom cotton just this morning said that the president is going to tweet what he's going to tweet. he goes on to say that -- and this is what we also heard from kevin mccarthy, the top republican in the house, that the president was simply just trying to highlight extreme rhetoric. what do you say to those republicans? >> well, one day they're going to have to explain and one day they're going to have a lot of explaining to do. because it's this example, there have been so many other examples and they have supported the president. so the republican party has gotten behind him, but the question is will there be a trump-ist side of the republican
8:21 am
party, a trump-ist faction after trump? i don't see the republican party following in the footsteps of trump or being a trump-ist party without trump. so i think all these republicans will -- there will come a day when they have to explain why they didn't signal this out as something that was not true to our values. >> secretary, what is it, then, with republicans that you say this moment is critical, this moment is different, they need to speak up or they're going to have to answer for it later. dou do you think that -- what is your assumption, the elected republicans right now think that folks have short memories or they're very forgiving or that's how divided this country is preand post-trump, that they don't think it's politically risky? >> i think that they're looking out for their jobs unless they agree with what the president said. so they're lining up on the party line.
8:22 am
they're not going to criticize the president. they don't want to be on the wrong side of a tweet. that's what's happening. >> is he that scary? >> i think he's very scary to republicans, he's very scary to republicans who are about to have an election. look, he intimidates democrats. he's willing to go that extra mile when he insults someone where most people aren't willing to go. so he has the edge. and yes, people would rather pick a fight with someone else. and that's happening inside of the party. those who don't agree have left and they will continue leaving. but those who stay will have to explain one day. >> do you think there is strength, if someone in office would stand up to him while they're still in office, or not the folks that have left the party or left office? do you think there is something, some strength in that, or would that be just one more person? >> well, there are 18 republicans who apparently have
8:23 am
condemned the statement and i know a lot of those republicans and it doesn't surprise me that they would come out and say this is wrong. what surprises me are the other republicans. but kate, i think it's all fear. i think this is moment where they just duck their heads down, let's not get in a problem with the president, let's not insult him and get ourselves in electoral problems. let's just go with the flow. the problem is that this flow is changing the party and it's tarnishing the brand for a long, long time in the future. >> there's something else that is becoming kind of a brand of the president that i want to ask you about. you have worked -- you have fought throughout your career for comprehensive immigration reform. i want to get your take on the latest move by the trump administration on this. that migrants now have to apply for and be denied asylum somewhere else before they can apply for asylum at the u.s.
8:24 am
border. what is your reaction to that, secretary? >> i think it's very ine fektive. essentially what you're saying is mexico essentially has to stop all these immigrants before they get to the u.s. border. i don't think they have the systems in place, i don't think they have the processes in place. i don't think it's that easy to do. so as a deterrent, i think, again, this is one of those things that may play symbolically with the base. but in terms of deterring immigration, illegal immigration, i don't think so. i think it's a tactic that sounds good, but in practicality, i don't think it will work. >> just so everyone knows, secretary gutierrez is not for open borders, that is not your position at all. >> every country has the right and obligation to protect its borders. i don't quarrel with that. the problem is immigration is it's an economic issue and we
8:25 am
can't grow our economy without immigrants. if the president truly wants to grow the economy over the next ten, five years, we're going to need a flow of immigrants. when this administration talks about reform i get the impression they just want to cut legal immigration. and boy, our economy will suffer. >> what you just said is completely left out of the conversation. 99% of the time, which it's such a critical part. >> exactly. we're talking about refugees, which is something else. immigration is core to our economy. >> that's exactly right. on the cabinet, we lost another cabinet secretary. he's not more vaken sees than any recent president in history. if you're sitting in a cabinet and you're seeing people dropping like flies, what is the impact of the turnover in getting anything done and functioning? >> the lack of certainty, the disfunctionality. if if were a corporation and we were on the outside looking in
8:26 am
and we saw this kind of turnover, we would say something is deeply wrong with this place. the issue here, and it's interesting that the way the president runs the executive branch, he's almost able to get away with it because the inner agency processes aren't in place in most part, where decisions will come up to the oval office with all the agencies being in agreement, and then he would say yes or no. the discussion starts in the oval office and it ends in the oval office, so it shows that cabinet secretaries just aren't as relevant in this administration. and as you say, there's no question that it is a sign of disfunctionality. >> secretary gutierrez, thank you for being here. really appreciate it. coming up next for us, we have some breaking news on the i.c.e. raids that were planned for this past weekend. mass arrests and massive operations, did that really happen? that's been a question all week.
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this just in to cnn, the massive roundup, massive i.c.e. operation that the president teased and threatened to take place this past wen, there's new information just in that that didn't seem to happen in the way that they were talking about. nick valencia is joining me right now with this new information. this is important because we are talking about the difference
8:32 am
between rhetoric and reality. what are you learning? >> this is such a significant point here, and the first time that we're hearing it first here on cnn, an i.c.e. official withnge of the i.c.e. operations in several states tells cnn that there has not been any surge in activity and says there has been no surge of arrests and activity. that i.c.e. agent went on to tell me that i.c.e. arrest people every day, but right now the quote was it's business as usual. i want to read some other quotes from the i.c.e. official. they tell us, this notion that we were going to do this massive sweep, to be honest, there have been limited results so far. and this directly contradicts what president trump has been saying, calling this i.c.e. raid that was set to have started on saturday and going through thursday, calling it very successful. we should point out and be fair here that administration sources have said that the operation will continue through thursday. so there is a chance that these numbers, these arrest numbers could go. but so far right now this is significant, because we've heard
8:33 am
from observers in these ten targeted cities that they haven't seen an uptick in activity. and now we're hearing for the first time in inside the agency that these raids may not have been as large scale as suggested. >> that's why it's so important. you can hear it from observers on the ground, but hearing it from inside the agency who can oversee exactly who has the view of exactly what's going on. that's important. great reporting. thank you so much. >> still to come for us, after years of waiting, a decision in the death of eric garner. his family just spoke to reporters in new york. what they're saying about what prosecutors just announced in terms of the future of the officer involved. that's next. ion. big hype? big price? big deal! olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. for skin that looks younger than it should. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay regenerist.
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the new york police officer accused of fatly choking eric garner will not face federal charges. the announcement just this morning comes just one day before the five-year anniversary of garner's death, which also means the statute of limitations on some of these charges. you'll recall cell phone video of the police encounter wept viral. and i want to warn you, this footage still five years later, is very disturbing, as officers took down garner for allegedly selling loose cigarettes. at the very end some of his final words, you can hear garner saying i can't breathe. and those words became a rallying cry and sparked protests nationwide. just moments ago, eric garner's family responded to the decision from prosecutors. listen here.
8:39 am
>> he was killed on the street and this cop is still on the police force. why? because if eric garner did that, he would have been in a [ bleep ] jail cell. >> five years ago my son said i can't breathe eleven times, and today we can't breathe, because they have let us down. you killed my son and you won't get away with it. i stood quietly by for five years. i'm not being quiet anymore. >> cnn's crime and justice reporter shimon is live. he's been following all of this. you were inside when this announceme announcement came down. why no charges? what are prosecutors saying? >> well, the bottom line, kate, the u.s. attorney here richard donna hue said the evidence and the law just was not there.
8:40 am
we cannot meet the burden of proving this case. you spoke about the siddio. the video was central in all of this. it was a key piece of evidence, the prosecutors said, in all of this. and interestingly enough, from what they saw in the video, they cannot see that the officer here was engaged in a chokehold when eric garner was saying he couldn't breathe. those words, as you said, became the rallying cry here. but the u.s. attorney here going through painstaking detail of why it is as they viewed the evidence, they could not bring charges in this case. here's what he said. >> the video shows that the officers' initial actions were in accordance with established police tactics and procedures, but that the situation deteriorated as it progressed. at the end of the day, however, the video and the other evidence gathered in the investigation does not establish beyond a
8:41 am
reasonable doubt that the officer acted willfully in violation of federal law. >> the other things that the prosecutor here talked about is these tactics that were being used by the officer. perfectly legal at the time, he referred to them as being an arm bar and a rear takedown, and that in essence, the chokehold, which did eventually occur as when both the officer and eric garner fell. it seems in their belief and the prosecutor's belief that this was not intentional and that weighed heavily on their decision. obviously they interviewed a lot of witnesses here, they spoke to the medical examiner. they have two different medical examiners that reviewed the evidence in this case. they both reached different conclusions. that also affected how they saw things. so a lot of questions here obviously, but they feel that at this point this is over, and that they could not bring any criminal charges against the
8:42 am
officer. >> and shimon, what is the role of the attorney general bill bar played in this that you're hearing? >> well, from what we've been told by justice officials, is that he was the one who ultimately decided that no charges would be brought here. the reason why that's important is because this case, as we've been saying, has been around now for five years. it's gone through four or five different prosecutors, u.s. attorneys, five different attorney generals, a different administration, and everyone kind of kept passing this around. there were some who thought there should be charges. loretta lynch, when she was the u.s. attorney, she wanted to bring charges. ultimately they just couldn't get around to doing it because there was the change in the administration. the attorney general saying that he, himself now, he reviewed the case, he reviewed the video, he looked at everything and questioned the attorneys involved in this case, and he decided that no charges should be brought, kate. >> shimon, thanks so much.
8:43 am
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it is a question that candidates on the campaign trail face all the time and they should. what will they do to lower the price of prescription drugs? it is one of those kitchen table issues that impact so many families, so many americans. this morning senator kamala harris is laying out her plan. she calls it people over profit. so what exactly does that mean? senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny has been looking into it for us. he joins me now. what is in the plan? >> this of course is one of the major issues facing all americans. it is the price of prescription drugs. president trump has been trying to tackle this and address it, as are democratic candidates. but senator harris is sort of digging into the health care plan by going directly after the price of pharmaceuticals. and she is essentially calling for a price limit. under her plan the department of health and human services would
8:49 am
require companies to essentially lower the prices of their drugs. but the question here is how this would be workable or work out here. but she is trying to get around the whole complication of medicare for all. this of course has been one of the challenges she's facing as senator elizabeth warren and senator bernie sanders are supportive of that. she has been supportive of that as well, but she also has said that she isn't quite sure if she does want to abolish private health insurance. so she is trying to tackle the cost of prescription drugs. she's in iowa today a addressing an aarp forum, of course so important to senior citizens and all americans, the high price of drugs. >> absolutely. and we're also starting to get a clearer picture of fund-raising efforts by all of the democratic candidates and the money story, you know this, can tell a real tale of how well these campaigns are >> things that are sticking out
8:50 am
to us are essentially the field is split significantly. all candidates are not made equal. we know pete buttigieg, joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and kamala harris look at the amount of money they are raising compared to the other side of the field there. so the biggest thing that sticks out with the fall of beto o'rourke. he of course came into this campaign with a big promise of raising a considerable amount of money. he has not been able to meet that in the last three months, so there are real questions if he's going to be able to sustain the size of the campaign that he has had. senator cory booker outraised him just slightly. amy klobuchar did as well. those are some of the central things. but the burn rate, the size of these campaign organizations, they will not be able to sustain all of them if fund-raising doesn't improve. the only way to improve fund-raising usually is to improve performance. that's why the debate is so important at the end of july. >> yeah, it all feeds into one another. perform well, you get more
8:51 am
money. you get more money, you can put more people on the ground. all connected. good to see you, jeff, thank you so much. >> thanks, kate. >> all right, guys, we'll be right back. that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star. when you have diabetes, ♪ dietary choices are crucial to help manage blood sugar, but it can be difficult to find a balanced solution. try great-tasting boost glucose control. the patented blend of protein, fat, and carbs is part of a balanced formula that's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. in fact, it provides 60% more protein than the leading diabetes nutrition shake and contains only 1 carb choice.
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you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. this just in to cnn. we're getting new reaction on capitol hill to the president's racist tweets attacking democratic congresswomen, those four women. manu raju has been chasing
8:56 am
everyone down, tracking folks down to get their reaction and you have caught up with elizabeth warren who's back on the hill today. what is she saying? >> reporter: yeah, she condemned the president's remarks and called them racist. i asked her whether she believes the president himself is a racist. she said she didn't want to say what's in his heart but his words are -- his words suggest that he is. also she renewed her calls to begin impeachment proceedings against this president, something that the house speaker has resisted. take a listen. >> i just think what the president has said is appalling. he's trying to stir up as much hatred and dissention in this country as possible because it sevens his political ends. he thinks that he can set american against american that somehow he prospers. i'll tell you this, the united states suffers. >> is the president racist? >> look at his remarks. he's made racist remarks and he's been racially hateful to people.
8:57 am
that's what matters. >> but is he racist? >> i don't have to look at his heart, that's not the point. he behaves. look at what he's done, it's racist what he's done over and over and over. it's not the first time. >> reporter: and you're seeing this clear divide now growing on capitol hill. democrats increasingly saying the president's words are racist or he iracist himself. then republican after republican now are beginning to defend the president saying that he is not racist, saying those are not a racist tweet, even if they have concerns about what he said. so that will continue to play out and manifest itself on a party line vote in the house tonight to condemn the president's remarks. >> look, as former secretary carlos gutierrez said, everyone will have to answer to their words and how they react to this important moment right now. manu, appreciate it. great work as always. also this just in, a new threat is now coming in from north korea this morning warning that it may soon be resuming nuclear testing. why?
8:58 am
pyongyang is up in arms over planned military exercises between the u.s. and south korea next month. north korea accusing the u.s. of breaching the agreement made between the president and kim jong-un when they last met. so how real is this threat in this moment? cnn's senior diplomatic correspondent michelle kosinski is following all this. what are you hearing? >> they are masters of rhetoric. north korea is often enraged about one thing or another, something that the u.s. or others are doing. now it's enraged that the u.s. and south korea are going to conduct these joint military exercises starting in the fall. so the department of defense is saying that they are scaled back some to account for the diplomacy that the u.s. is attempting to continue with north korea, but they are going to go ahead with this. so north korea says that they believe based on that singapore summit with president trump that they agreed not to conduct any more nuclear tests or intra
8:59 am
continental ballistic missile tests or launches and that the u.s. agreed to suspend all of these military exercises. the way the u.s. sees it, they did suspend some, they have scaled back others. but since north korea has taken zero steps towards denuclearization, they don't feel these military exercises should stop. so it could be just rhetoric, but they're saying basically if you're going to do these military exercises, why should we not do nuclear tests and icbm tests? remember, it was in may the last time north korea launched a short-range ballistic missile, which violates international resolutions. that was seen as a pointed message to south korea, that they shouldn't be doing these military exercises with the u.s. that was seen as a reaction to a prior exercise. so that time they launched a short-range ballistic missile which, by the way, the u.s. tried to downplay in the hopes of preserving any shreds of
9:00 am
dpl diplomacy. so is it possible this time we will see some other sort of launch? we'll just have to wait and see, kate. >> that's exactly how it always ends with these -- with this when it comes to north korea. thank you so much, michelle, really appreciate it. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. thank you, kate. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. the house votes this evening condemning president trump's racist tweets and words attacking four democratic women of color. the president is showing the very opposite of remorse or pause, insisting today he is not racist and tweeting that if you don't like it here, you can leave. plus, a new cnn poll releasing this hour shows more warning signs for the one-time front-runner joe biden. the former vice president narrowly leads a very


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