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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 16, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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i'm alex mar cart. thank you for joining me today. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. was it lbj who said if i've lost scaramucci, i've lost middle america? "the lead" starts right now. president trump today digging in again, defending his racist tweets about minority democratic congresswomen and possibly revealing why he's going to keep this fight alive until at least, say, november 2020. while a former top white house aide calls the tweets racist. he'll join us live this hour. a different story for house republican leaders, refusing to condemn the president as they are about to be forced to go on record with a vote. will any house republicans defect. plus a new cnn poll out of the first primary state showing joe biden may not be alone at the top any more. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with our politics lead.
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this hour president trump will meet behind closed doors with republican congressional leaders ahead of what could be a symbolic rebuke of the commander-in-chief in just a matter of hours, house democrats will vote on a resolution to condemn the president's racist go back where you came from tweets to four democratic house freshman, all three of color and born in the united states and all of them american citizens. the vote will force house republicans to support or opposition to the proposition that the president should be denounced for making racist commentsment mr. trump responding on twitter saying those tweets were not racist. i don't have a racist bone in my body. it a con game and republicans should not fall into the trap and to which alexandria ocasio-cortez of new york responded, quote, you're right, mr. president, you don't have a racist bone in your body, you have a racist mind in your head and a racist heart in your chest, unquote. republicans are largely standing
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by president trump. today the leaders of the house and senate republican caucus attacked the four congresswomen for various positions and comments they have made, especially some that were anti-israel and in some cases even anti-semitic. when our own reporter cnn manu raju asked mitch mcconnell, whose wife secretary of transportation elaine chao came to the u.s. from china at age eight, asking him if it would be racist if someone told her to go back where she came from if she were being critical of the u.s. and mcconnell said he supports legal immigration and he called on everyone on all sides to dial down the rhetoric. the president who mcconnell would not criticize in any way is not dialing anything down, however. he continued to attack the four congresswomen today. >> it is my opinion they hate our country. and that's not good. it is not acceptable. >> cnn abby phillip starts us off from the white house today.
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>> reporter: president trump demanding loyalty from his party as he moves to rebrand his racist attacks against four american lawmakers of color who he told to go back to their countries. >> it is up to them. go wherever they want and they can stay but they should love our country. they shouldn't hate our country. >> reporter: trump now shifting the debate to past statements of some of the freshman progressive democrats. >> you look at what they've said, i have clips right here, the most vile, horrible statements about our country, about israel, about others. >> reporter: while on twitter, trump denying the tweets were racist, adding, i don't have a racist bone in my body. and telling his party not to show weakness by voting in favor of a resolution in the house condemning the comments. while some senate republicans like iowa senator joni ernst have called the attacks racist, the majority leader offered a generic call for a return to civility. >> from the president to the speaker, to freshman members of the house, all of us have a
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responsibility to elevate the public discourse. our words do matter. >> reporter: mcconnell refusing to say if he would use the phrase go back. but insisting trump isn't racist. >> the president is not a racist. and i think the tone of all of this is not good for the country. >> reporter: in the house, lawmakers following suit and falling in line. >> were the president tweets that say go back racist? >> no. i believe this is about ideology and socialist versus freedom. >> reporter: but trump's tweets never mention socialism, instead he claimed the four women who came from other countries should go back to the corrupt, crime-infested places they came from. counselor to the president kellyanne conway defending her boss by taking a page from his playbook. >> what is your ethnicity? >> why is that relevant? >> because i'm asking a
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question. my ancestors are from ireland and italy. >> this is not relevant to the question i'm asking. >> no, it is. because you're asking about -- he said originally. he said originally from. >> meanwhile her husband john conway writing that sunday left no doubt naivety and outd right racism in a toxic mix have given us a racist president. later on twitter kellyanne conway tried to clarify what she meant in that exchange with the reporter andrew feinberg and said this was meant with no disrespect, we're all from somewhere else originally. jake. >> abby phillip at the white house. let's chew over all of this. tara, let me start with you. kevin mccarthy said today the tweets were not racist. mcconnell, the senate majority leader said the president is not racist, trying to split hairs there a little bit. telling people of color or anyone to go back where you came from is just pretty much
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textbook racism. what would president trump have to say for kevin mccarthy or mitch to say that is racist. >> i think we're at the point where i think anything short of the n-word they will make excuses for because at that point there is really no question about it, right. so it is obvious to everyone else, it is amazing to me how many of the republicans are going out there and i said this yesterday, try to white-explain to people of color what racism is and what it feels like to deal with that every single day or to be told -- i don't think kevin mccarthy was told to go back to wherever the hell he came from and i don't think mitch mcconnell has experienced that and maybe his wife has and she's not of american descent. she's chinese-american. so these people are trying to trip over themselves and change the subject and deflect from the fact that the president of the united states is racist. and i was reticent like jorng conway and thank god for him
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coming out, he's 100% right and what he said in that op-ed talked about as being someone who has half filipino that he experienced back when he was a kid someone telling him to go back to the philippines. this is a very powerful thing and i think the republicans trying to sweep this under the rug, thank god for a few that came out and not enough of them and the 200 -- or the rest of them but to act like this is about ideology is ridiculous. we're talking about a president that doesn't know what western style liberalism is and you expect us to believe this is about ideology. this is about race. >> have you ever been told to back where you came from. >> yes. >> on twitter. >> yes. since the president came down the escalator called mexicans rapist and criminals. and i was born in colombia and i get told to go back to mexico every day. so they can't even get the xenophobia right. but the bottom line is --
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>> often they are not very smart. >> stunning. >> anyway -- >> it is not just something that we should all be incredibly worried about but the repercussions of this, you have kids and i have kids, we've all been a kid is what the president said something that we would ever allow our kids or would our parents have allowed us to utter those words and have it be okay? when the president was running for office, my children said to me, momma -- [ speaking foreign language ] which means, mom, if trump wins are we going to be deported? these are children. >> american citizens. >> american citizens, exactly. >> and the congresswomen that we went after were american citizens. >> all four of them. >> let me ask you, there are people who say this is part of a strategy. this isn't the president just spouting off being racist because he has racist views, there is a plot going on here and i was reminded that in 2017
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former adviser steve bannon said the longer they -- meaning democrats -- talk about identity politics, i got them. i want them to talk about racism every day. if the left is focused on race and identity and we go with economic nationalism we could crush the democrats. david zweigle said that worked out but democrats took back the house but do you think it is part of a strategy? >> i think it is partly. but i think we should be careful about the use of the use of politics that bannon points out. democrats aren't the only one that is engaging in -- >> this is identity politics. >> this is a strategy that we've seen republicans go to as kind of a base motivation. and i do think that you have members of president trump in the campaign who have taken the lesson from 2016 that what our base wants, what they want to see from this president is the evoking of that nostalgia. if that is racially based or based in the beating back of the rise of a new multi-cultural america but we've seen the trump
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administration kind of -- even from things that make america great again and alike to evoke that sense to motivate the base. now just because that is a strategy that we're pretty sure they're going to employ as they did in 2016 and 201, -- or 201 and we don't know about the success and if voters will be motivated or a different nominee means the strategy may not have the same effectiveness but we know this is the playbook since day one. but i think that point about white identity politics is clear. >> that is a very important point. >> and in response to bannon. >> it is a very important point what he was selling was white identity politics and the --s are doing a different kind. let me ask you, sarah, the president said today that the democrats were trying to distance themselves from the four progressives but they are forced to embrace them and that means they are embracing socialism, hate of israel and the usa. whether it is not a strategy, he
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makes it seem even though the original tweets were not about socialism at all. >> i don't think that is what people are paying attention to right now. he can't just tweet it and say no, it is about how all of the democrats are anti-semitic and everybody is like, oh, this is a conversation about -- no, this is not what this is a conversation about. >> chuck schumer is anti-semitic. >> that is now how this will work out and if anything we've seen the democratic party rally around one another and realize that we are taking on something bigger here and this is what we are trying to do, the democrats saz a party going into 2020. i do think part of that will certainly have them call out things the president does that are racist like that tweet. but the reason they were able to win in 2018 because they were able to straddle the line and say the president did something extremely out of line and racist and whatever other way and now tell us what you're going to do about health care in this country and that is the challenge for democrats again in 2020. >> stick around. we have more to talk about. only a fraction of republicans have weighed in publicly on the president's racist tweets but that will change in a matter of
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hours when the democrats in the house force a vote on it. plus, the shocking response from a white nationalist why he said president trump is just playing a con game with the racist tweets. stay with us. at the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's, we carry flowers that signify why we want to end the disease. and we walk so that one day, there will be a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor. join the fight at
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you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. we're back with the politics lead. soon every member of the house of representatives will be forced to take a stand on the record on the president's racist tweets against four democratic congresswomen of color in which he said they should go back where they came from but even though three were born in the u.s. and all four are american citizens. tonight the house will vote on a resolution to condemn those tweets as racist. cnn phil mattingly is on capitol hill. what does this resolution say and are any republicans in the house expected to vote for it. >> reporter: democratic leaders deliberately tailored to just about the tweets. some of the members wanted to open it up and air additional grievances and they tailored it narrowly because they want to attract republicaning to the proposal, including the few republicans who have spoken out against the president. here is the reality i'm told at
1:17 pm
this point in time. house republican leadership has told their members they should vote no and given them a list of reasons saying it is a personal attack on the president and it is a distraction and my understanding according to sources that are knowledgeable is those efforts have been effective. right now they are not expecting any more than five to eight republicans to vote with the democrats on this, keeping the numbers very low and underscoring yet again that republicans, no matter what the president says, are the party of trump. >> and joining me is former obama senior adviser david axelrod. thank you so much. you think that president trump knows exactly what he's doing and this is a strategy to elevate these four congresswomen? >> i think that is part of it. i think that if you listen to what he and other of his strategists are talking about, they want to paint the portrait of the democratic party as a far left socialist party for open borders and so on. and they need to create iconic
1:18 pm
images to campaign against interestingly pelosi used to be that image and she's now too moderate for them to use and these women -- those young members of congress have now taken that place. and i think he saw a chance in the fight between pelosi and them to elevate them and the second virtue of this from his standpoint, if you could use the word virtue about a racist attack, is that it inflames his base and i think they believe there is still more votes out there that they didn't get in 2016 in their base and that if they turn up the temperature that they can mobilize them even further. so now the president is impulsive. he has kind of a feral genius for striking these chords. so the word strategic isn't associated with him but look at history, he's pushed a lot of buttons over the last three years. and he's had a lot of success
1:19 pm
doing it. so, yeah, i think it was intentional. >> what do you think democrats should do? house democrats right now are spending time and energy and effort to condemn these tweets that will obviously not happen in the senate and even if it did, it is toothless and doesn't have any effect other than expressing a sentiment. >> no, but i think it is smart because they have forced the republican party to go on record as embracing these racist tweets and the president's tactics. i think that will have some impact on him, particularly in suburban areas where voters drifted in 2018. there are a lot of people who may support some of his policies but find his behavior distasteful or worse and this will only accentuate that so he put the republican party in a bit of a jam here and i think he overshot the runway with these tactics. >> and he's also lied. you could find things that congresswoman omar said that are
1:20 pm
patently offensive but he said she praised al qaeda. she never praised al qaeda. and he stood at the white house and said a lie. >> news, the president doesn't work within the boundaries of truth. and this is one of the challenges for democrats. because he is going -- this is not the last time this happens. we are going to be having this discussion a lot in the next 17 months. because he thinks it is to his advantage to do it. and, yes, it is important for us as a country to express our moral outrage about the tactics but at some point they have to be discussed as tactics. you have to pull the curtain back or pull the sheet off, however you want to say it, and say these are tactics and we ought to recognize them as such and people ought to be aware just as the acid pernicious social media posts are. and by the way, it is
1:21 pm
interesting to see what is going on on social media and what the trump campaign is doing right now. >> let me ask you, also, how do democrats deal with offensive comments, bigoted comments made within their own ranks because as i suggested a few minutes ago, congresswoman omar has said things that jewish democrats in congress found blatantly anti-semitic and her and congresswoman tlaib. >> and the house voted on a resolution and there was a rebuke from the speaker and the resolution and not as strong as some wanted. i do think you have to call out your own. what is offensive is to see the republicans con tort themselves into pretzels to -- senator mcconnell today and mccarthy, kellyanne conway asking a reporter what his ethnicity was and somehow indicating that that was a justification for what the president was saying. so democrats need to be strong in condemnation of things that are viewed as anti-semitic or
1:22 pm
any other way bigoted. but it was interesting to see mcconnell say well everybody needs to tone things down, not everybody is the president of the united states and not everybody has issued blatantly racist tweets of this sort and to make this sort of like everybody does it is really missing the point. >> certainly, the bully pulpit and then everyone else. david axelrod, thank you. coming up, he's one of president trump's most loyal supporters but now anthony scaramucci is calling the trump statements racist. we'll talk to him next. ♪ it's nice. ♪
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back with our politics lead. president trump again today defending his racist tweets against the four freshman congresswomen of color. joining me now for his reaction is the former white house communications director under president trump anthony scaramucci. it is good to see you. today you called the president's tweets racist and unacceptable. why do you think he's saying these things? >> well, i mean david axelrod has a better read on that than me, he's a better political strategist and he's trying to trigger people and maybe try to engage his base. maybe that is a successful strategy for 2020 but a more successful strategy would be to focus on the growth in the economy and policies and go
1:28 pm
after moderates and independents that i think he needs, if you look at the electoral college map, he needs those people to win. so the comments are reprehensible. the fact that more people are not speaking out about it, i actually find astonishing. it doesn't mean i don't like the president. i like the president, raised money for him and went to work for him for great sacrifice. when i got fired and obliterated i never lost my loyalty to the president or his team and i stayed right out there. so when you are talking like that, my grandparents who, may their souls rest in peace, would be upset with me if i didn't speak out because when italian americans got here and this country is a mosaic many times in the 1920s my grandparents were told to go back to the country that they came from. and so he's the leader of the free world and he absolutely knows better than that and he should have an intervention. there should be a group of people that like him that sit around him and instead of listening to this nonsense tell him straight up, hey, you can't talk like that because you're
1:29 pm
going to alienate people that want to vote for you. so david axelrod mentioned suburban women, he got 52% of the white women's vote. that sort of language is very bullying. so women around the country of all colors are trying to teach their kids about anti-bullying. you've got the leader of the free world saying bullying-ish knee and row thal comments and you could be friends with a guy and disagree with what he's saying. at the end of the day, i hate the litmus test, you have to be 100% switched on for trump or otherwise you are not in his camp that is a bunch of nonsense. so it reminds me of mayor koch if you agree with me nine out of ten times vote for me but if he agree with me most of the time you need a therapist. but you know better and you're tweeting now they are not racist
1:30 pm
comments but you're snickering to yourself when you are tweeting them in the first place because you know it is going to trigger people on the left and it is frankly going to trigger people that like you, like myself, that want to support you but are not going to stand there after what happened to my grandparents a hundred years ago or 90 years ago and put up that what. >> so anthony, let me ask you, so few republicans, certainly former administration officials like yourself, so few on capitol hill have been willing to say the obvious, which is to tell somebody to go back where they came from, especially people of color in this day and age, is xenophobic and your grandparents' age and racist in this day and age. why are so many republicans unwilling to as you say call it like it is. >> so we both know the answer to that. but let's state it obviously for the viewers. washington has an allergy to the truth. they are in the tank with each other. they need each other. some of them are afraid they'll get primaried by people that are more trumpian than they are and others are just saying, geez, my
1:31 pm
salary is dependent on something related to the administration. i have to keep my mouth shut. but jon kennedy wrote a book called profile and courage and people stepped out of the box and stepped out of their political unit and broke from the pack and said things that were honest and were truth to power that helped advance the interest in the country. the president called himself a stable genius, start sending out some more stable genius-fied tweets. that tweet is instable, unstable, however you want to reference it, it is racist, it is obnoxious to italian americans and to a large group of people. and you should apologize. of course he's not going to apologize. and he's going to double down and say that it wasn't racist. he will have a group of people that are in the tank with him that should be talling -- that should be telling him the truth but are afraid to do so. i got back in my own company and my own business and my life is
1:32 pm
going great and i wish the president well. i would like to see him get re-elected but i tell you right now he continues on that path he'll be shocked at number of people that will quietly and overtly break from him. >> anthony scaramucci, hope you are having a good summer with your wife and family. >> a great summer. nice to see you. one group of the president's supporters are cheering on the attacks. as sarah side near reports, white supremacists who back president trump are taking to social media to celebrate those tweets. go back where you came from is something they've been saying to other people for decades. >> these are people that if they don't like it here, they can leave. >> reporter: president trump defending his tweets targeting four progressive democrats of color. today tweeting, these tweets were not racist. but you know who does think that? a vowed racist and they love it. this from neo-nazi andrew england who runs one of the most anti-semitic websites, this is the kind of white nationalism we
1:33 pm
elected him for. a white nationalist podcaster simp simply par odded his words with the caption send them back. white nationalist patrick casey tweeted in agreement that the four lawmakers simply do not belong in america let alone in our government. what does the president think about support from these circles? >> it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me. >> white supremacist and neo-nazi and anti-muslim bigots have embraced donald trump's recent tweets. >> reporter: the anti-defamation league said the president's words are having an impact on american society as a whole. >> essentially it normalizes hate and makes it acceptable and lowers our bar, our tolerance for what is allowed in our country. and that is dangerous. >> reporter: but here is a twist. >> hail trump. hail our people. hail victory. >> reporter: white nationalist richard spencer who hailed trump
1:34 pm
is among those who are turning on trump. >> many white nationalists will eat up this red meat that donald trump is throwing out there. i am not one of them. i recognize the con game that is going on. >> they say trump is all talk and no action on maintaining white dominance in america. >> he -- he gives us nothing outside of racist tweets and by racist tweets i mean tweets that are meaningless and cheap and express the kind of sentiments you might hear from your drunk uncle while he's watching hannity. >> yes, that was richard spencer the man who championed the 2017 unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia, who believe that's whites should live accept ratdly from nonwhites and knewish people and him calling the president's tweet outright racist. but to be clear, there are many white nationalists and neo-nazi or whatever racist group they adhere to who believe that the president is still their best
1:35 pm
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the world lead now, a contentious confirmation for president trump's pick to be defense secretary. if confirmed mark esper could face iran and north korea as both nations are testing nuclear limits but as barbara starr, he warned congress today about an al together different war the u.s. is fighting. >> reporter: if the senate
1:40 pm
confirmed him, mark esper will be the first permanent secretary of defense in seven months, just as president trump heads into the 2020 campaign with tensions flaring with iran and north korea. marquis per who has been acting secretary for a few weeks insists diplomacy is the best route to get iran to give up the program to develop nuclear weapons. >> we do not want war with iran. we are not seeking war with iran. we need to get back on the diplomatic channel. >> reporter: a similar message from the iran foreign minister telling nbc news he believes president trump will be prudent. >> i do not believe that president trump wants war. but i believe that people around him who won't mind. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: on north korea, pyongyang is threatening to renege on what the u.s. said are kim jong-un's commitments to denuclearization. north korea is now accusing the trump administration of
1:41 pm
breaching the spirit of the negotiations by planning joint u.s./south korea military exercises that are, quote, a rehearsal for war. marquis per doesn't want hot spots like iran and north korea to take away from planning for future military requirements to defend against russia and china, especially in space and in the cyber arena. >> clearly cyber is a domain of warfare. we are at war, if you will, in the cyber domain now, constantly battling countries such as russia or china trying to do everything from steal our technology to influence elections to put out disinformation. >> reporter: but like many trump nominees, marquis per had to reassure congress he wouldn't be a yes-man to the president and won't engage in partisanship. >> it is very important to me to continue the long-held tradition that d.o.d. remain apolitical and so my commitment is to make sure that we conduct ourselves
1:42 pm
that way. >> reporter: and on all important election security, marquis perseid things have improved but that he could not guarantee that the 2020 election will be flawless. jake. >> barbara starr at the pentagon. drama on the floor of the house of representatives right now. ahead of the big vote to condemn president trump's racist tweets. stay with us. carl, i appreciate the invite here. as my broker, what am i paying you to manage my money? it's racquetball time. (thumps) ugh!
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-- ever want to pass up it seems an opportunity to escalate and that is what this is. i'll dare anybody to look at any of the footage and see if there
1:47 pm
was any unfairness but unfairness is not enough because we want to just fight. i abandon the chair. >> we're back with breaking news right now. a contentious scene on capitol hill. as democrats and republicans are debating the resolution to condemn president trump's racist tweets. the debate was sparked after house speaker nancy pelosi who very rarely speaks on the floor of the house said, quote, these comments from the white house are disgraceful and disgusting and these comments are racist. she said she had cleared her comments ahead of time with the parliamentary and there are rules about what you are allowed to say. republicans are asking those words be stricken from the record because you're not allowed to call somebody racist on capitol hill. although, right now they're voting on whether or not to strike those words from the record. we should point out that pelosi was referring to specifically what the president tweeted, not necessarily the president.
1:48 pm
but let's discuss that and we should start -- note the person at the top of the segment was congressman emanuel cleaver, democrat from kansas city, missouri, and he was presiding over the house and very frustrated. >> yeah, it is kind of i don't want to say poetic but ironic that the house in this moment that should be taking a kind of moral action to evolve into a partisan fight. this is where we are on these things. this is why there hasn't been a universal condemnation from republicans because of the kind of in-fighting with the party and then come to the capitol hill floor vote where democrats are trying to pressure republicans to go on the record with kind of a -- to side with the president or not, and we now have a kind of devolving into chaos. this is what happens in that house. this is what happens on capitol hill these days. you do not have a kind of universal kind of guidance from both of those parties and sow get moments like this where you think you're kind of careening in one direction and then all of
1:49 pm
a sudden chaos ensues. >> and the thing is, i think the house rules are, and i'm sure i'll hear from people on social media if i'm wrong, that pelosi would not have been allowed and they would not have cleared her to say president is racist but she said the comments coming from the white house are disgraceful and racist which is different. >> according to the nancy pelosi and the parliamentary and now republicans are fighting about this. but on one hand congressman cleaver is all of us, just tired of this. and we are tired and would like to go home but on the other hand you could see how this could ultimately be to the benefit of republicans. if you say, look, democrats took the house and this is what they've chosen to do, they are not getting anything done, there are plenty of place where's democrats have been able to go and call out the president for making racist remarks and not to say that his remarks are racist but even to say the president is racist. if that is what they believe. and so then take this to the house floor, yes, i could see the side where you want to make
1:50 pm
a point and you want to get republicans on record. but you also need to legislate. they have been brought here to ledge slatd and to stand for all americans in the country and i could see the frustration. >> i'm definitely bringing you both in but give me a second because i want to get context on what is going on the floor of the house from our reporter phil mattingly. give us more context. >> reporter: i just sprinted over from the house chamber and you nailed the top line. members of congress are not allowed to speak in a pejorative manner related to a member of the congress and the president himself and that made the resolution difficult because the word racist are in the title and describing the tweets. but the interesting element on why you've seen such a fight or d disagreement or the negotiation on the house floor between the parliament arian is because the speaker said she had her speech cleared by the parliamentary before she ended up giving it. that didn't stop republicans
1:51 pm
from challenging and they were aware this is a potential issue and they were warned this morning to be careful with the ground they treaded because it could go against house rules but the dispute is the speaker thought her remarks were cleared, obviously republicans raised an objection. the real question is because democrats control the chamber they could overrule the parliamentarian and a speaker's remarks being struck down could be unprecedented and very inside baseball but what you're seeing in a word is unprecedented. >> phil mattingly, thank you. >> i think this is something the democrats need to do. and they could again walk and chew gum at the same time and they have passed a lot of great issues that are focused on what the american people want. but this, i also think, is really important for the american people and for this country for congress and capitol hill and our leaders that are elected to be on the record on this. i think we're at an inflection point. you talked about how so much of what president trump has done
1:52 pm
has been absolutely using racism and xenophobia but the language that he used and we saw it in sara sidner report, the language in these tweets, jake, i really do think takes it to another level. he ripped language from the handbook of white supremacy and i'm glad they are doing it, but democrats have now been unified on all of this, right. and they are willing and wanting to hold this president to account and republicans as well who have basically turned over themselves, tripped over themselves trying to deny it. and they're now becoming the party of complicit and cowardice. >> there have been a few republicans that have criticized with the president. tim scott, mitt romney, et cetera but only so far that a lot of them are willing to go. >> and it is a very tepid response which is the most disappointing about this. and the fact that they're engaging in this definition of who gets to be american, what makes america great and i've said that i don't believe that the president thinks that
1:53 pm
america is great. he hates what make this is country great. he doesn't like this diversity and the dissent and the rule of law and he doesn't respect any of these things and now that is translating to the way that republicans are behaving on the house floor creating this kind of chaos. it matches what it happening in the white house. >> everyone stick around. one of the biggest kidnapping cases ever five years later and more than 100 girls are still missing. the new effort to bring attention to the story next. hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ there are three words when you live with migraine... "i am here." aim to say that more with aimovig.
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1:58 pm
attention in our view, it is more than five years since the 219 nigerian school girls were taken in the dead of night by the terrorist group boko haram. the hashtag bring back our girls is no longer trending but por than half of the girls remain captured. a brand-new book gives us fresh insight on what happened the night the girls were kidnapped. >> reporter: these images sparked global outrage. young school girls held captive by boko haram for doing nothing except trying to get an education. those images sparked a viral campaign. bring back our girls. helped by public figures such as ellen and malala and even then first lady michelle obama posted photos and demanded 219 girls be freed. but today more than five years later, 112 of those girls are still missing. and the world is not watching as
1:59 pm
closely. >> i think it is an indictment of the world that we live in that 112 girls can still be missing and global leaders, political leaders do effectively nothing. almost as if they don't matter. >> reporter: she covered the kidnapping for cnn when it first happened in 2014. and she was there two years later when 21 girls were freed and reunited with their families. in her new book "beneath the tammarin tree" she wroted about what happened the night they were taken by boko haram. >> the sense of their helplessness on the night they were taken that they were waiting for supervision or waiting for guidance from adults, from teachers who never appeared. >> reporter: one small silver lining in this otherwise horrific story, many of the girls who are now free are back in school, exactly where the terrorists don't want them to
2:00 pm
be. iesha book's beneath the tammarin tree is available in book stores and online as of now. follow me on facebook and instagram and twitter at jake tapper and tweet the show at the lead. our coverage on cnn continues now. thank you so much for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. happening now, breaking news, resolved against trump. we're standing by as the house of representatives prepares to vote on a democratic resolution condemning the president's racist comments aimed at four minority congresswomen. there are plenty of drama and passion as the democrat presiding over the house just threw his gavel down and stormed off. won't back down. the president is digging in his heels, renewing his attacks on the congresswomen of color again saying they could leave the united states as a top adviser adds fuel to the fire. won't speak up. some republican lawmakers have slammed the president's racist tweets but