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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  July 19, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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so much and the new original series the movies aires sunday night at 9 eastern and pacific only on kann. i'm briana keeler in for wolf blitzer. erin burnette outfront starts right now. >> outfront tonight, trump's change of heart. the president now defending the crowd that chanted send her back, calling them patriots. so why is he backtracking again? plus democrats right now mapping out how they plan to question former special counsel robert mueller. what we are learning about the highly anticipated hearing. and breaking news, u.s. now monitoring an american ship from the air after iran seized a british tanker. are tensions in the middle east about to boil over? let's go outfront. geng i'm bianna golodryga for earn burnett. >> one day after president trump said he didn't like the racist send her back chants at his
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rally today he had hid his mind defending the crowd behind the chan and tripling down and the attacks on four american congresswoman. >> the things they said about our country are terrible. it's a disgrace what they've said. they can't call our country and people garbage. you just can't talk about our country that way. and when people are angry at them i fully understand it. >>reporter: so he now seems to sympathize with those behind the send her back chant, a chant incidentally that echos the words from his racist tweet over the weekend where he implied the women aren't americans and can go back to where they came from. let's be clear. the group of women have been outspoken about trump's policies. but they're supported by the first amendment. they're elected officials. and let's not forget, the president himself has a long history of disparaging the country. >> mothers and children, trapped in poverty, and the crime and the gangs, and the drugs that
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have stolen too many lives. in american carnage stops right here. >> because we are the laughing suffolk all over the world. >> we have a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent? >> that was then. but now well it's a different story. then our abby phillip pressed the president about just that. >> the laughing stock of the world that you don't believe in american exceptionalism. why is it okay for you to criticize america but not democratic. >> i believe all people are great people. i believe everyone is great. but i love our country. and i'm representing our country. and people can't go around speaking about our country and saying garbage. >> looked like deflection to me and abby phillip is outfront live outside the would you say. abbey despite some republicans hoping to just move on from this, the president, he seems willing to keep this fight going. >> that's right, bianna, the president spending time today defending supporters who chanted send her become.
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and one thing we did not hear from him today was him representing his disavowal of the chants like he did yesterday. in fact, the president was focusing on the congresswoman, trying to insist they were not allowed to disparj america, that their comments were beyond the pale and that his supporters had every right to respond the way that they did in the face of that kind of criticism. but as i noted in that question, president trump himself has been a critic of america over the course of his political career even as president but he dodged that question and many others in the gaggle, including whether or not he believed that it was a crossing of a line, for example, to say send her back to his own wife who was not born in the united states and was born in her home country of slovenia. so president trump is trying to change the subject still. toward the end he was also asked another question. what about the first amendment rights of these women, these congress women who like every
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american has a right to speak their mind. the president seemed to say that his supporters have first amendment rights to speak their minds. that may be true. but the bipartisan consensus of this week appears to be that there are some things that do not belong in the public square and republicans this week told president trump that those send her back chants had crossed the line. he walked them back yesterday. but today he seems to be -- he seems to be going back on that walk back as he has done many times before bianna. >> we have been in the situation many times before indeed. all right, abbey. thank you. and outfront, april ryan white house correspondent for american urban radio networks. former republican senator from pennsylvania, rick santorum and keith boykin rm former clinton white house aide. the president was asked about the racist chant and every time deflected. at one point he seemed to defend it. is he changes his tune once again? >> you know, as i said before, it all depends upon how the wind
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blows. well for this president it is about his base. what they think. if the numbers rise because he says this, he will keep on doing it. i was in the oval office yesterday when he told me -- i asked him, will you -- what will you do to stop it or will you stop it? he said i'll certainly try. but today doesn't sound like he is certainly going to tray. we are hearing from a lot of his base that feel it's okay. i mean just a couple of days ago after the tweet, when the president was doing his manufacturing event, you heard the crowd clap and cheer for him talking about, you know, they should go back to their home countries. i mean, there is a certain sector in his base that feels this is okay, but this is america for all people. the president is going to go with the wind, and he listened to his wife for a minute. but now he is going with his base. and what they feel. he is going by the polls. >> yeah he is doubling down. just yesterday he was he was trying to talk over the chant.
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though we counted 13 seconds where he let the chant continue. let me switch to rick santorum because yesterday the president said he wasn't happy with the chant. listen to what he is saying now. >> those people in north carolina. that stadium was picked and could have filled it ten times as you know. those are incredible people, incredible patriots. >> he defended them again today. later this afternoon. so let me ask you, do you see the people behind the chants as u.s. patriots? >> i think that was over the top in the -- i think the president was right yesterday in saying that he doesn't agree with that sentiment. i think what you're -- what you're hearing from people is that there is a -- a push -- the democratic party has gone so far to the left, embracing socialism, values that most americans don't embrace. and i think people are responding to that. but why not just focused on
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that? because there is plenty to focus on there. if you disagree on policy have at it why go after people because of their skin color which it appears that he is. >> see i des disagree with that i disagree i fundamentally disagree the president is going after them because of the skin color. he goes after them because of the comments they made and the positions they hold. i mean, look these are folks who are out there who are trying to seek attention. these are not people who are just sort of made quiet comments. these are folks who have sought to get the spotlight on them for some of these i think very much out of the mainstream beliefs as the president oekds focused on the anti-semitic. >> what's the excuse for barack obama then what's the excuse for barack obama when he said that barack obama being allegedly born in kenya was the reason -- was the reasoning for his political platform. that's how he became who he is now. what was the excuse then? barack obama was not speaking ill of anyone. he was not saying anything.
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he wasn't looking for attention, just trying to be president of the united states. and he was considered illegitimate why because he was a black man whose father was from kenya. >> all i can say is that donald trump -- donald trump has been in the public eye for 30 or 40 years and it's only been in the last few years that all of a sudden donald trump is a racist. so i don't know where that came from. >> rick, rick that's not true. >> let you talk. >> let -- >> the central park five and his housing applications where he put a c on, aufld, no, there is a bit of a history. >> all i know is the democrats embraced donald trump for a long time and didn't have problems with him. >> can i just jump in on what the issue at hand and what transpired this week keith because in my mind when i know that somebody could be sued if they said to one of their colleagues at work go back to the country they came from it's hard to interpret that as anything other than racist. >> it is a racist remark. even republicaning have condemned this remark this week. i'm surprised -- not actually
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surprise nad rack ran stormy won't do it. >> i don't think it's racist. >> it's clearly racist. and the good thing that you rick don't get to decide what's racist. >> nor do you. >> i can tell. >> you as an african-american i can speak with much more -- much more authority about this issue. >> i think everybody has the right to speak on these issues. >> let me just speak about the issue since you've had your fill butter about this. >> this is your talking point. >> let's -- let's keith finish. >> this week started on sunday with donald trump sending out racist tweets telling people to go back home. to africa or to their home countries. then on wednesday he goes to north carolina. he leads the crowd basically in a chant telling these women to go home to send them back. then the following day he says he tried to stop it which was clearly a lie. and then today he says that the people who were chanting were incredible patriots. the problem is the president
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does not speak with moral clarity on racial issues. we saw this with charlottesville when he said there were very fine people on both sides. we saw this when david duke endorsed. and he claimed he didn't know david duke. then he admitted he did know mo david duke was. we saw this going back to pat buchanan. he said that pat buchanan was a hit letter lover then he decided he loved pat buchanan. he has no ability to speak with moral clarity on racial issues. that's a problem because the president holds the bully pulpit and should speak with firmness of certainty when it comes to denouncing bigotry. >> rick i doentd disagree with you there are a lot of issues at hand to debate. which not just get past any sort of racist tendencies, racist commentary at all? why not put that behind you, which it seems that most republicans want to do and focus on issues and policies at hand. >> look, i have -- i have been wishing the president would do that a long, long time. but the president says a lot of
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inkrendary things. >> and racist things. >> you have some of the congress women who -- again i go back to my point they have made a point to go after the president. and they love the idea that they are getting a lot of focus on what they are saying and doing. fwrangly i don't think it hurts the president to have that focus on them. >> more, i have followed your career many years. i never once read or heard you saying something like go back to the country you came from. >> nor would i -- look i don't -- i think the president's remark was ignorant. i don't think it was racist. but it was an ignorant statement. obviously three of the four women were born in the country. it was a foolish statement. but it the idea. >> it's an idea he won make to white people. he made it to black and brown women. >> donald trump spend five and a half years lying about obama's birth certificate. osh never told donald trump to
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go back to where his ancestors were coming from. just because you are attacked doesn't mean you have the right to base the conversation to the lowest common did he nominator part of being a president is. >> then why does the -- why does the president, every single speech talk about the things that have happened in this economy for people who are black and brown? and he takes particular pride in the -- in the poverty rates and what we've seen happen in those communities. and he talks about it. and brings a lot of people of different color into his white house to talk about these things. >> he cares about these. >> i agree you. >> and he doesn't play the old racial politics games. and that's what the democratic party is fixated on. i think that's one of the reasons they're not going to be successful. >> racist games, telling black athletes that they are sobs is not playing a racist game. spending five and a half years lying about barack obama's birth certificate is not a racist
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game. telling mexicans thats theresa rain rapists and muslims shouldn't be in the she is not a racist game. >> it appears that all of this can be unnecessary. it's lighting a fuse again dividing the country even more especially as you mention senator there is a lot to tout over the past tum years, especially the economy. i think a lot of frustration in why the focus isn't more on that as opposed to insendary compensates. >> not going to argue with that. >> have to leave it there. this is an enlightening panel we appreciate it. outfront next, intense preparations underway tonight as democrats gear up to question robert mueller. so what will they be asking him? congresswoman speier who will go face-to-face with mueller is next. plus the debate stage shet. should joe biden be concerned he is facing off against kamala harris once again in breaking news cnn learning tonight the president is taking a hawkish
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>> do you plan on watching the mueller testimony. >> no, i don't. i won't be watching mueller. >> this is as we learn democrats on the committees now involved in intense preparations to map out the final game plan for mueller. manu raju is outfront. and manu, how are democrats preparing for what's likely to be their only opportunity to question mueller. >> they realize this is going to be a hugely significant moment, one that could reshape public perceptions about what exactly occurred during the russian interference campaign in 2016 as well as the president's apparent efforts to tamp down or thwart the mueller probe. and republicans and democrats have held mock hearings. republicans in the house judiciary committee as well as democrats in the house intelligence committee had aides sitting in pretending to be robert mueller as they practiced for the high stakes hearing next week. in addition they did other things. watching old mueller testimony from testimony hearings past to see how he as a witness handled
4:19 pm
questions. they also have been instructed to reread the mueller report to make sure they are absolutely grounded in some of the details of the report. and they are preparing to split up questions, have a script of sorts for each individual member to ask questions to make sure they hit all the key aspects of the report. now, bianna, we are told the house judiciary mendota is going to focus on the obstruction of justice aspect of the report. they are going to focus mainly on five areas that were detailed out of 10 episode of obstruction of justice. the episode include the efforts of the president to fire the special counsel through don mcguyana his former white house counsel. his efforts to get jeff sessions, the attorney general, to try to limit the scope of the probe, to exclude the president as well as the potential of the president appearing to -- to try to interfere with witnesses, potential danieling of pardons, people like paul manafort and michael cohen. those questions will be part of the house judiciary probe hearing.
4:20 pm
and then house intelligence committee will ask about the russian contacts that happened with the trump campaign officials. all that will play out next week as republicans tray to raise questions about the credibility of the mueller team. you'll see two competing narratives emerge from the hearing. we'll see how much the special counsel ultimately reveals -- because as we know he says he is not saying anything beyond the four corners of the report. >> that's right. a lot of prep work next woke. we'll cover it live for you here on cnn. thank you. outfront now one of the members of the house intel committee congresswoman jackie speier. thaungts for joining us. >> great to be with you. >> your committee as i take is going to be focused on volume one of the mueller report. that's the russia interference in the 2016 election and the trump campaign's contacts with russia. what specific questions do you have for robert mueller? >> well i'm not going to tell you exactly what i'm going to ask because it really will depend on what his testimony is. but i think it's very important
4:21 pm
that we drill down on how much of the interference by the russians was welcomed by donald trump, how much of it was encouraged by donald trump. we do know that there were 270 different contacts by the trump campaign with russian operatives. and over 34 meetings with russians do you agree the trump campaign. i mean, this is pretty remarkable. this is an adversary. and donald trump and his campaign is meeting with these individuals who want to give the president, then the candidate, dirt on hillary clinton. there is no question in my mind that the russian intervention went further -- further than what has been told to us in the mueller report, even. i feel very certain that they got into the campaign in a way that we don't know. and got into the machines -- the
4:22 pm
voting machines more than we know. >> and so we -- >> and we may never know. >> i want to go back to you saying your questions would depend on his testimony. he has said flatly he will be stick to whatever is in the report. i'm assuming you already have questioned prepared for him in line with that. >> so i'm going to ask him as i'm sure many other people are going to ask him, if you did not have the justice department dividedens -- which is for the law, mind you -- guidance that says a sitting president cannot be indicted, would you indict him. and he will certainly be asked that in the judiciary committee and probably the intelligence committee. the other thing we are concerned about, because it's an intelligence committee, is the efforts for counter intelligence activities going on with russia. the fact that paul manafort and richard gates met, both of the campaign chair and campaign vice
4:23 pm
chair, met with mr. kilimnik who has been established to be related to the gru, one of the russian military intelligence agencies -- and shared polling data, not just once or twice, but a number of times during the campaign, and went over their strategy for the 18 states that they were focusing on. that to me suggests that there was certainly an invitation to cooperate. there was an interest in coordinating, and you need to go no further than the cuban cigar club they met at and then all exited from separate doors. >> the president says that he will not be watching for one. double that. >> of course not. he can't keep himself away from the tv. he will be watching -- and i'm
4:24 pm
sure he will be on executive time during the entire day of the hearings >> congresswoman we spent a lot of time talking about how you and your committee are preparing for the hearing. robert mueller is also very familiar with these types of hearings as well. i want to play for you what former fbi director andrew mccabe said that his advice for these questioning him and how he believes mueller will come prepared. >> were i congress, i would pick the top three or four areas that they think are most impactful and go through a very dibt seri deliberate series of questions to get director mueller to talk about the evidence that supports each element of the crime. >> do you agree with that strategy quickly? >> well that is good advice. i think it's important to point out in his report he says in a number of circumstances he couldn't get the evidence because it was either destroyed or encrypted. and it would be interesting to hear his comments on that as
4:25 pm
well. >> all right. we'll have to leave it there, congresswoman. thank you so much. have a great weekend. >> you too. and outfront next, more than 3 now inmates released from prison today. our van jones, the man who helped lead the charge to free the men and women is outfront with us. how did he make it happen? and iran stops another tanker. the u.s. military beliefs it was preplanned and coordinated. what's iran's game plan? when you buy one. that's verizon. the pain and swelling..
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tonight, joe biden and kamala harris preparing for a rematch. neal share center stage at cnn's debate in less than two weeks. but she is not the only one that biden campaign has their eyes on. a source telling cnn they anticipate most of the other candidates on the stage to direct fire at biden. the vice president's strategy, well he will try to point out policy differences, particularly on health care. outfront now michael nutter former mayor ever philadelphia. process joe biden supporter. and former director of communications outreach for hilt's campaign and van jones former special adviser to
4:30 pm
president obama and host of the van jones show. mayor let me start with you. how prepared and how important is it that biden comes better prepared than he was during the first debate? >> well, there is no question that the vice president has some work to do. you know, first debates often are a challenge, especially if you haven't been on the field in a while. i expect that he will be very, very prepared. and certainly with every respect to senator harris there will be ten others on the stage. she has other folks to worry about. whether people you are ahead or people think you are ahead or perceived front runner folks are coming at you. and you know, part of your strategy is to -- you may not score a lot of points you you want to make sure you don't lose any at the same time. >> i think a lot of people were surprised with the vice president gave to chris cuomo when he said he wasn't prepared for senator hair toys come after him the way she did.
4:31 pm
a what happens when the president comes at you at a debate? but clearly there will be other candidates we're focusing on. and haven't van, i wanted to ask you about the pete buttigieg question and what we can expect to see from him with regard to beto o'rourke. you interviewed mayor pete. you say he is the real deal. you say he outraised beto. what are you looking for from beto? how important is it for him to have a good night. >> it's do or die for beto. he is prepared and qualified to go to the next debate so he is around. he is becoming more and more of an afterthought. pete buttigieg is a potential phenomenon. he is something -- he has a magical quality to him. when he talks he can slow down time. he can make all kinds of points beautifully that that the average person can understand and that intellectuals can appreciate. he reminds me of obama in that regard. and he is the most dangerous person on that stage. he is the best athlete on the field. and all he has to do is not lose
4:32 pm
ground. and just continue building the incredible provision he is building in iowa. the entire strategy is iowa. he is building a thj operation, building a fund raising operation. i think -- nobody know what is beto's strategy is. he has to do something to get himself back in the game. >> yeah he was a superstar once upon a time a few months ago. when you talk about mayor pete. i agree so many say he has the it factor. yet dragging when it comes to the african-american vote. what does he need to do? because he is not getting the nomination without that support. >> a lot of other people have to fall away. because there is -- there is one nickels and dimes lying all over the floor there he has to scrape up up off the floor and those fall away that will be available to him. i think he has a problem with the african-american community because i don't think he answers the questions great yet. and i think also you know the fact that he didn't handle the police brultsty thing well is a problem. but here is what i know about the guy. i'm neutral, i'm not -- here
4:33 pm
what i know about this guy. he learns fast and he can improve. and he just had the biggest opportunity above him of all the candidates. >> he admitted failure in south bend as well. >> i liked the way he he was actually able to say i couldn't get it done, which is not a thing you hear from politicians very often and that candor does resonate with the voters. but there is a gender dynamic here where male candidates are allowed to be praised for potential. women have to show up with all of the qualifications already in place. >> good point. >> i think a lot of women are looking at mayor pete saying he looks great. but he is a 37-year-old mayor from a small town. we have women running who have been in the senate for years with really long proven track records of getting things done in terms of vision. why should i should i care more about somebody looking like he could do a lot of good when i have women who have. >> one of those women elizabeth warren. right. >> right. >> and we're expecting a big night between her and bernie
4:34 pm
sanders. they go back many years. they say they are friends. alined on many issues. as we know elizabethed sanders has a marine for everything. bernie sanders not so much. i want to you listen a sound bite about warren talking about her replace with sanders. >> i think bernie is terrific. we were friends long, long before i ever got involved in politics. >> i talked to elizabeth warren every single day. >> we just don't attack each other. >> okay. >> it's not a attack. bernie has been my friend forever and i've been his friend. >> elizabeth is a friend of mine. i think she is running a good campaign. >> it's a breath of fresh air to hear that. >> it's true. >> how long will it hold? when do the gloves come off. >> this time next week we're cutting to a fist fight. >> you never know this this world. >> no, i think it's a genuine friendship. based on ideological similarities. i don't think that either one of them has a ton to gain by really going after the other one. if we do see fireworks, i think
4:35 pm
it's kind of counterintuitive i more likely to come from bernie than elizabeth even though he is ahead in the polls. his momentum is slowing while hers is gather steam. that's one of the ducommuns dynamic from the debate we saw the two men drop down and the two women in six to third rocket up. >> many say bernie sanders is the same as in 2016. i want to bring in the mayor. you say bernie sanders has never been reluctant to go after anyone. >> well, no, i mean, when folks play tennis they might be friends but you are taking the shot. you are trying to win. and so i'm not saying anybody is putting a knife in anybody's neck. but if there is a policy difference, you are going to articulate what that difference is, make your point. and then move on. so i mean, this is -- this is the big leagues here. nobody -- nobody is playing. they can go out for drinks
4:36 pm
afterwards. on the stage the rule is protect yourself at all times. >> they're coming ready to play. that's for sure. van i want to talk to you about something important to you. your work on this, today more than 3,000 inmates men and women have been released under the first step act. you worked to pass that bipartisanship it works with jared kushner. talk about what went into making this work. and how you feel about this right now. >> i don't have words. you know there is nothing more important than freedom. human freedom and dignity. nothing more important than that it's beyond partisanship, beyond politicians. they were people serving life sentences for stuff people in washington are doing this weekend. didn't make sense but it wasn't just van jones and jared kushner show that's what the media showed. you had formally nart the. louis reed. jessica jackson, people who just cared and they just wouldn't let this thing go. and this bill -- you remember,
4:37 pm
it died a thousand deaths on the hill. all the experts said noway. trouble signing never happens. and the grass roots folks cut 50 appear fam and all the groups wouldn't let it die and freedom works and american union as a result you have people coming home. thing what more we could do if on some issues not on everything but some we could get together. >> think how many lives change for the better because of that thank you so much. >> well it's. >> what a great note to end the pannell. van he has a great weekend don't miss the van weekend show on saturday at 7:00. this weekend guess who he is talking to. soccer star. megan rappenen o. so luck if outfront next breaking news new details about the president's new strategy when it comes to iran. this as the rogue nation storms not one but two tankers today. plus the three women who claim they were assaulted by donald trump are speaking out.
4:38 pm
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breaking news. president trump is adopting a more hawkish view on iran. the resources tell cnn the spt
4:42 pm
putting less emphasize on diplomatic talks to end the crisis. as iran bordered two tankers today. first a british flag tankerer was seized as it traveled through the strait of hormuz, a viegts shipping lane. iran claims it was violating shipping laws. iranian soldiers bordered a second british ship but allowed it to continue its journey. barbara sarr a outfront and the u.s. military beliefs it was preplanned and coordinated by iran. >> that's the assess the u.s. has at the moment because the two events, two seizures happened just half an hour apart. iranians boarding both tankers, as you say holding one, eventually letting the other one go on its journey. there is a good deal of concern that iran, of course, stepping up the level of provocations in the persian gulf. you know, the british at this hour trying to decide how to respond to all of this. but for the trump administration, the immediate
4:43 pm
security concern is there are u.s. ships -- commercial ships moving through that area tonight. and we know from the u.s. military they have patrol aircraft overhead keeping an eye on that u.s. shipping, plenty of fire power in the region if they run into trouble. with you they continue to say at the pentagon that they are not looking for war. they want this all to deescalate. nonetheless, there are u.s. troops in the region and earlier this week, of course we reported 500 troops going to saudi arabia to a remote air base. so they can fly their advance fighter jets out of that air base. and they too can patrol this region. don't look for the u.s. to pull back any time soon. they want to keep that military deterrent out there. they want the iranians to deescalate. bianna. >> of course in coming hours after the u.s. said that it downed an iranian drone as well. tensions cheerily rising. thank you so much barbara starr. >> sure. >> outfront now retired general
4:44 pm
spider marks. thank you general for joining us. >> sure. >> how significant of an escalation is this in your opinion? >> well, from the iranians, clearly this is escalatory. we anticipated this them doing this. i'm confident from the u.s. eystad and from the coalition side that there is very little likelihood we would escalate and try to be a more aggressive than we presently are as barbara described in terms of the deterrent effect of our presence and increased presence in the region. look in the straits of hormuz there is nothing that everer issen pb randomly happens. it's orchestrated by the iranians. >> something that the defense intelligence director said robert ashley asked about this. and he said iran is going into recession and the glide path they are on is more of the same. what you see is an attempt to break the status quo is to look
4:45 pm
to divide us with european powers to try to get the european powers to come in and have an economic impact. if that is the case, why then seize a british tanker if in fact the iranians are hoping the british and europeans will help them. >> general bob ashley is i think spot on with his analysis here. you're right. it seems odd that the iranians would do something to further potentially coalesce the coalition and all the partners and what's all taking place in the straits. but what they are trying to do is throw darts into the collection of partnerships and try to get some different responses so that the narrative can change, the pain can be felt in other capitols, not just tehran. so their behavior is quite normal. >> well perhaps they are also responding to the british seizing an iranian ship last week as well. either way it does seem to be that tensions are rises and
4:46 pm
escalating. general thank you so much we appreciate it. >> sure enough, bianna. >> outfront next, women who say they were assaulted by donald trump. speak to cnn about watching their alleged attacker get elected and deny allegations. >> i feel like we have been brushed aside, and forgotten about. >> plus jeanne moos on why the race for 20 is literally cursed. sure you do. ? that's why netflix is on us. and here's another reason to join. bring in your discount, and we'll match it. that's right. t-mobile will match your discount.
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4:50 pm
there is range of acquisitions against president trump and unwelcome advances to sexual assault and three are speaking out and are demanding justice. m.j. lee is out front. >> he managed to penetrate me against my will completely. >> donald just grabbed my butt. >> these three women were sexual assaulted years ago by donald trump. >> this would have been at mar-a-lago. >> it was at a concert in 2003 when she was a photo assistant.
4:51 pm
>> a hard grab on my right side so i jump up. i'm startled. >> jessica lee says it was on an airplane when she was traveling for work in the early 1980s. >> we're struggling. i'm trying to push him off of me. >> author e. jean carroll said it happened in the 1990s. >> that door was closed and i banged my head. >> two of them say they decided to go public with their allegations after this explosive "access hollywood" tape leaked. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> their tipping point, this moment at a presidential debate in october 2016. >> are you saying that what you said on the bus 11 years ago that you did not actually kiss women without concert or grope women without consent? >> i have great respect for women. >> have you ever done those things? >> women have respect for me and i'll tell you, no i have not. >> i jumped out of my seat and
4:52 pm
pointed to the tv like you son of a bitch. you're a liar. >> for the past few years, a reckoning has went as women have spoken out under the banner of me, too, media, entertainment, business and government have been forced to reckon with allegations of misconduct and violence. the woman who spoke out against trump has been cheering on the movement, but they have also watched their alleged attacker get elected president of the united states. >> she would not be my first choice that i can tell you. >> and deny all of their allegations. >> trump really is teflon. it just slides right off of him. things that he has done he doesn't seem to pay the price for. >> how can he serve the united states of america as the president when he is hurt countless women? countless. >> nobody is holding him acco t accountable yet, not one person. >> that are machine a dozen women have come forward with a
4:53 pm
wide range of acquisitions from unwelcome advances to sexual assault harassment and assault. >> he was all over me. >> trump's most recent accuser detailed her assault in a new book. since coming out, these women received support but also furious backlash, one even described death threats. >> i had seen what happened to jessica leeds and i had seen it. denials and how dare they come forward. >> the question these women are grappling with, what does justice or accountability look like. >> it's a totally false accusation. >> when the accused is the most powerful man in the world. >> oh, total jail time. total jail time for the rest of his life. absolutely. >> for him to lose the election in 2020. >> to say i'm sorry for making you uncomfortable or d disrespecting you or hurting you in any way. >> some worry they will be entirely left behind by the me too movement.
4:54 pm
>> we're the forgotten ones, i feel like we have been brushed aside and forgotten about. >> but trump's latest accuser says she is more hopeful. >> there is a way. i know there is a way. because women are angry. >> and we're joined now onset. such an important story to tell and breaks you heart when you hear people refer to themselves as the forgotten ones. what stood out to you the most? >> what is interesting is obviously these three women have different stories and break grounds there of different ages. they have different careers. they have never met. but they have a couple of things in common. i was struck by the fact that each woman said they remembered exactly what they were wearing at the time of the alleged assault. none of them went to the police and also all three of them told me they would love to some day meet one another. >> perhaps they can find strength in numbers. thank you. great to see you. "outfront" next jeanne moos
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
well, it's official, 2020 is literally cursed. here is jeanne moos. >> this is the cut word added to the presidential campaign. >> i won't say it. it's a terrible word. i won't say what this guy said if we don't have the bull [ bleep ] trying to take you out with bull [ bleep ]. okay? defrauding the public with ridiculous bull [ bleep ].
4:59 pm
>> even spawned its own hashtag. many of the president's supporters are going ape [ bleep ] over the president saying bull [ bleep ]. amen tweeted actress christie swanson and check the trump directly into your veins read another tweet but beto o'rourke's stronger cuss word. >> what the [ bleep ]. >> delivered with his 10-year-old daughter molly beside him. >> we have one vulgar in chief, do we fwheed to replace him with another? >> in the past it was ted cruz who used an add to attack beto for his language. >> sharing his whit. >> how [ bleep ] up is that. what the [ bleep ] are these guys doing? >> now it's a democratic viewer. >> clean up your act. >> great point and i don't intend to use the f word going forward. >> for the innocent old days when joe biden delivered the f bomb in a whisper. but these days, this is a nation
5:00 pm
in which even self-help books help themselves to expletives. jeanne moos, cnn. >> so [ bleep ] proud of you guys. >> ridiculous bull [ bleep ]. >> new york. >> thank goodness for the bleeps. thank you for joining us. "ac 360" starts now. good evening. we begin tonight keeping them honest with evidence that the president was not honest, not sincere when he expressed what seemed to be a measure of regret for his racist attacks on four non-white congresswomen that cull m co cull men nated of send her back. the president made it clear the attempted walk back thin as it was grudging as it was was quite simply a crock, as meaningless as you may have guessed it to be at the time and frankly, is anyone really surprised? seriously. this president says anything he thinks will get him out of a jam in the moment even if he doesn't believe it, even if it contradicts what he previously said. the very idea he didn't like


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