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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  July 22, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello, everyone, i'm dana bash in for kate bolduan and welcome to mueller week. the reluctant star witness robert mueller testifies on wednesday before two house panels. a make or break moment for both parties when it comes to the two-year russia investigation. republicans are looking for ways to show that the russia probe was slanted against the president from the start. democrats trying to seize on the
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narrative, reclaim it, and most importantly for them, prove that the president committed impeachable crimes. >> i think there is very substantial -- the report presents very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and we have to let mueller present those facts to the american people and then see where we go from there. the administration must be held accountable and no president can be above the law. >> true to form, president trump is hardly a passive by standard, starting today with a tweet calling mueller conflicted and saying he shouldn't get another bite of the apple and repeating his favorite terms for the investigation, witch hunt, no collusion, no obstruction. lauren fox is on capitol hill and i know you've been talking to your sources in both of these committees. what are you hearing as we're 48 hours away from this much anticipated hearing about how they're preparing? >> well, dana, a lot on the
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line, obviously. democrats hoping to bring the mueller report to life in a report that they argue many americans may not have had an opportunity to fullry read. it's more than 400 pages and it can be very difficult for americans to really understand what was in the report, given how it was rolled out by the attorney general. so democrats hoping to recast what is in the mueller report, make it very clear even if it's a little more than robert mueller reading from the report himself. if it's live on television, the hope is that it can change the narrative about what the president has done. so that is the democrats' first goal. but behind the scenes there are a lot of preparations happening. both republicans and democrats have held mock hearings preparing for scripted questions. nobody wants to be sort of seen as just going on and on and rambling. they want to be very direct. they have limited time. so here's what jerry nadler, the chairman of the house judiciary committee, said he hoped members and the american public would
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get out of the hearing. >> well, we hope it won't end up being a dud and we're going to ask specific questions about look at page 344, paragraph 2, please read it. does that describe obstruction of justice and did you find that the president did that, for example? >> and of course we've covered extensively the democratic caucus divide over this question about impeachment. some top democrats argue that this might be the last chance to really have a conversation about impeachment depending on what robert mueller says. that's obviously in the clear backdrop here as democratic chair men are preparing their members for two very high profile hearings on capitol hill on wednesday. dana. >> lauren, as always, thanks for your reporting. joining me now, a cnn legal analyst who once served as robert mueller's special assistant at the department of justice. and a cnn political analyst and national political reporter for
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the nau"the new york times." happy monday to you both. >> i have been talking to you about robert mueller, his quirks, his m.o. for two years, never mind of course the legal substance of the investigation. let's just talk about mueller the man. given what you know and the man you worked with for a long time, what do you expect mueller to do, given the fact that he has said in his one public statement that his report speaks for itself and he won't go beyond that report? >> that's what i think he's going to endeavor to do during his testimony. i think he's going to want to keep his testimony very narrowly circumscribed, not answer hypothetical questions and not answer what-if types of questions, and be the marine that he's, which is answering the direct questions that he's asked and not forwarding any additional information to the questioner. so i think that both the
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democrats and the republicans are going to be challenged to try to get mueller to move off of the script that i think he's been working on for the last several weeks in preparation for this testimony. >> absolutely. it's going to be a huge challenge. and then lisa, just on the raw politics of this, i'm sure you're hearing from democrats and republicans, as i am, that the idea -- that the term make or break is not an overstatement when it comes to the focus on this investigation. the intense focus on this investigation. obviously mostly by the democrats. the president as well. >> democrats are really hoping that maybe people who didn't read the book will watch the movie or the tv show, i guess i should say. and there's a sense that the polling numbers on impeachment haven't really moved even after the report came out. there's a little bit more support among democrats for moving forward with impeachment. but the caucus remains divided,
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and there's a particular concern about these more moderate districts that really won democrats back the house in the midterms. >> i'm just going to interrupt you for one seconds. my apologies. i just want to look at what is going on at the supreme court. the president and first lady are there to pay their respects to justice stevens who passed away last week.
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again, that was president trump, and the first lady at the supreme court paying their respects to justice john paul stevens, who is laying in repose there. i want to get back to our conversation with michael gelleden and lisa layer. i'm not sure if you remember where you were, but i just want you to be able to finish the point you were making about the politics of this. >> this is really, as you point out, make or break. after this congress goes home for the summer recess, democrats are hoping that they're able to use this hearing to give them
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momentum to raise questions and bring questions about president trump's conduct and potential obstruction of justice and whether there was interference with the russians in the election, bring that through the summer into those town halls that they'll have over the summer recess and give this issue -- change the narrative and give this issue new momentum because it's really faded a bit from public view. >> michael, robert mueller has said that if he could have exonerated the president, he would have. you say that there are six areas in the report that illustrate obstruction of justice. how much do you expect him to dwell on that, given the fact that you just said that you don't expect to go beyond what's in the report? and obviously what democrats are desperate for is ammunition based on his investigation that the president did commit a crime, he just didn't go after the president because he's the president? >> that's right. and the report actually lays out
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quite clearly the areas where mueller felt that there was substantial evidence of obstruction. mueller didn't charge it for the reasons he set out in the report, which were the olc opinion that prohibits sitting presidents from being indicted and basically fairness under doj policy. but i think the democrats could simply take mueller through the report and say, look, let's turn to page 85 through 87 where mueller is going to be fired at the request of the president to don mcgahn. can you take us through that evidence? or pages 115-117 where he's asking that a false record be created to cover up the request that he made to have mueller fired. so if they take him through that story, which is what he has written down, and the american people hear it for the first time -- because they haven't read it, then maybe it changes their opinion of the president's ethics or behavior, which is
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important for their narrative toward the 2020 election. >> michael and lisa, thank you so much for that. we're actually going to speak later this hour to a senior member of the judiciary committee and don't forget cnn's special coverage of the mueller hearings begins right here on cnn wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. eastern. thousands of protesters are filling the streets of san juan, puerto rico, in what could be the biggest demonstration yet. you're looking at live pictures of those demonstrators right now against the governor there, ricardo rossello. he has promised not to seek another term amid allegations of widespread corruption, but he also refuses to resign, which is what these protesters want. public anger really started to boil over after private messages between the governor and his inner circle were leaked and those messages were killed with vulgar and homophobic language. i want to get to leyla santiago
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who is among the protesters right there in san juan. legal us what you're seeing at this hour. >> reporter: dana, there are hundreds of thousands of people who have shut off this expressway. this is a major artery coming into san juan. and blocking the route out toward the southern part of the island. we see a sea of puerto rican flags. people have come up with all sorts of ways to call for the governor's resignation, including -- i want to bring the camera a little over to the right so you can see what we just had pull up. you see this is a container that they have said they have made into a small apartment where they could put the governor and ship him out. that is one way they are calling for the resignation of the governor. very creative ways for the protesters here. this for them is about corruption. this of course was fueled by the chats you mentioned that were leaked last week. but they say this is beyond the offensive language that we're
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seeing published in those chats. this is about getting rid of corruption on the island and the mismanagement of funds that they feel that they are suffering from. now, over the last few days we have been on the ground. we have seen for the most part peaceful protests, even festive, i would say. but there have been clashes where the police have had to disperse tear gas. that is a concern of how this will go tonight when protesters reach old san juan. for his part, the governor says he is going nowhere and the protesters say they will not stop until he does. >> leyla, thank you. always on top of it for us. and i would say that's a creative form of protest and quite practical. so thank you so much, leyla. appreciate it. and still ahead, rising tensions in the persian gulf.
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iran says they've dismantled a u.s. spy ring. the white house says it's just more lies and propaganda. plus president trump has no intention on stopping his attacks against the congresswomen known as the squad and one of those women just told the naacp she's not going anywhere until trump is impeached. stay with us. and 360 fit that adapts to every wild move plus up to 12 hours of pampers protection... so anything your wild child does cruisers can too our best ever fit is new pampers cruisers 360 fit has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're
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iran says it busted a cia spy ring and arrested 17 citizens of iran. now, iran, the regime there claims that all 17 allegedly confessed to spying for the u.s. some of them they say will be executed. president trump responding a short time ago on twitter, called it totally false. zero truth. just more lies and propaganda put out by a religious regime that is badly failing and has no idea what to do. secretary of state mike pompeo was also dismissing iran's claims. >> i would urge everyone who is reading that story to understand that the regime has a long history of shying. they lied about how they shut down the american uav and where they took down this tanker. it's part of the nature of the ayatollah to lie to the world.
8:19 am
i would take with a significant grain of salt any iranian assertion about actions that they've taken. >> cnn's matthew chance joins us now from the united arab emirates with details. matthew, what do you know about the alleged spy ring? >> well, we only know what the iranian authorities have announced through their official channels. i preface that di saying in the past iran has been the subject of u.s. intelligence operations. it probably is now and probably will be in the future. but the specifics of these cases, the spy ring that the iranians say they've broken up is unclear. they say they were motivated by money, often offered work in the united states, residency, health care, money, things like that. they say they were have various different sectors and they were operating as consultants in the
8:20 am
nuclear industry and all different walks of life. and it's something the iranians are pointing to in their official media and saying the americans may say and they're the ma lined but it's the united states that are carrying out the spy missions against us and they know very well that that will strike a cord in iran and people in iran are very aware that in the past the u.s. has made them part of operations. in the persian gulf region, with brittain and iran of a seizure of an oil tanker, 200 nautical miles north of here, that's where the ship is being held by the islamic revolutionary guard. we've just had the first images of the 23 crew members. they're on board and safe.
8:21 am
they look like they're in relatively good spirits. it's part of a huge geopolitical chess game to which there is no clear ending. we're waiting for british officials to announce what next steps they're going to take. they say they want it to be a diplomatic process, but given the backdrop which could easily flare into something more dangerous. >> the graphic that we just put up on the screen while you were talking shows all of the flare-ups, but the flare-ups over the past month and a half, two months. thank you so much for the reporting. joining me now is national security candidate for "the new york times" and a cnn national and political analyst and a very lucky man because we see your backdrop. thank you so much. i'm so glad to be able to talk to you about this because you know more about this than anybody. the iranian claims that they busted an american spy ring. you say it reflects the growing narrative inside iran that the u.s. is once again seeking to sabotage key facilities in the
8:22 am
country. explain what you mean by that. >> well, the iranians have claimed that they've done arrests of spy rings before. they made a similar claim about a year ago and about six months ago. so we can't tell whether they're talking about the same spy rings or there's overlap here or not. and i think that secretary pompeo's warning that some of this is to be taken with a grain of salt is certainly worth listening to. at the same time, we know that the united states mounted the most sophisticated cyber sabotage operation in history against iran's nuclear enrichment site a decade ago. and of course it managed to use cyber means, code, to blowup about 1,000 centrifuge and the story is famous and has been examined in many different books and so on, and it has fit into the iranian narrative at this
8:23 am
point that the united states is always out to sabotage this government. and so both things may be true. it may be that there are exaggerating in this case and the u.s. does, of course, have active efforts under way to slow the iranian program. >> so iran was of course in the news all weekend because it seized a british tanker. how does that fit into the broader growing tensions with iran? >> well, we're calling it escalation, right, that the iranians, the second effort now, and it was successful to grab a british ship. they called it tit-for-tat because the british are holding a ship that's in gibraltar that they maintain had been taking oil to syria in violation of u.n. sanctions. so this is clearly an effort by the iranians to get some leverage to get their ship back. now, last thursday in new york, i met with a number of reporters. i met with javad zarif, the
8:24 am
iranian foreign minister, and he told us that the ship was not headed to syria, and he would be willing to like certify it's not going that way. you can imagine a swap deal here in which the two ships get exchanged and there's some monitoring of the iranian ship to make sure about whether it's taking its cargo. but there isn't a british government in place right now that can really go negotiate that. so i think this may take a while to unwind. >> you mentioned that you were among a group of reporters that met with the iranian foreign minister last week, and in that meeting he seemed to go through you, because they're not exactly on a pick up the phone and chat basis with the american d diplomats. the trump administration rejected their diplomatic offer, but do you see this possibly as the beginning of a beginning of a diplomatic thawing of sorts?
8:25 am
>> absolutely. you've seen the administration say they would negotiate with no preconditions and you saw that senator rand paul was sort of offering himself as sort of an intermediary. what was interesting about the offer from minister zarif, is he was basically saying that iran would accelerate a commitment that it wouldn't have to fulfill until 2023 to allow the iaea, the international ought tommic energy agency to conduct very kbr kbrusive inspections that they would sign an agreement to do that in return for the lifting of the sanctions that they found most onerous. the administration immediately rejected this and said it's not enough and certainly, i think, that mr. zarif knew it wouldn't be enough. but it would at least be a way to get the discussion going. and getting inspectors to go every has been one of the complaints you've seen on president trump's twitter account is that the inspectors
8:26 am
have been kept out of places. we don't know that that's true. unfortunately and sadly, the head of the iae adjust passed away yesterday so that organization is also a little bit leaderless right now at a moment when its role may be very important. >> absolutely fascinating, all of it. david sanger, thank you so much. enjoy aspen. >> great to be with you. >> thank you. and coming up, it is the showdown everybody has been waiting for. lawmakers preparing to question robert mueller this week live and on camera. i'll speak to a democratic congresswoman about what she plans to ask him next. hold my pouch. trust us. us kids are ready to take things into our own hands. don't think so? hold my pouch. i get to select my room from the floor plan... when i book at free wi-fi... ...and the price match guarantee. so with hilton there is no catch. yeah the only catch is i'm never leaving.
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president trump is still eagerly kicking up controversy when it comes to the four congresswomen he is trying to make the liberal poster people of the democratic party. a week into the fire storm, the president poured some more gasoline, tweeting the squad is a very racist group of troublemakers who are young, inexperienced and not very smart. we are pulling the once great democratic party far left and were against humanitarian aid at the border and are now against i.c.e. and homeland security. so bad for our country. and this morning one of his targets, representative rashida tlaib, fought back. >> i'm not going nowhere.
8:32 am
not until i impeach this president. >> now, the president is going after another favorite target, the media for reporting about gop alarm about all of this. even concern inside trump's own white house. joining me now, democratic congresswoman from texas, sheila jackson lee, congresswoman. thank you so much for joining me. you are a senior member of the judiciary committee. i want to talk to you about the mueller hearing this week. but first i want to ask about the president's tweets, and specifically the impact they're having on democrats. i've heard mixed things from your colleagues. many, of course, say it's important to speak out. but also i'm hearing some frustration that the so-called squad is pulling the caucus into these fights which are overshadowing the policy issues that you democrats were elected to fight for. where do you stand? >> well, i am an optimist and i think the democratic party is stronger now than it's ever been before. and when i come home to the district, there are nothing but pats on my back, for one,
8:33 am
upholding the constitution but really the work we've been doing. and i don't think it's going to the grim reaper in the united states senate that our work has been ignored. we passed the $15 hour minimum wage, the first time in almost a decade for the federal government, which will impact local communities. the women against violence act that the act is one that has been significant and unique in terms of the funding for law enforcement. health care. so we have done -- protecting the preexisting condition. we have a lot to talk about. the president does not. and it's evident that because he does not, he's taking on individual members of congress, duly elected women of color. i would say to him who is the bigger person, who is the bigger group? it is the democratic party that is focused on democratic ideals, the constitution and serving the american people. he is not doing that.
8:34 am
>> let's talk about something that the democratic party has been focused on very aggressively for the past two years, including your committee. and that is robert mueller and his investigation. he is coming before your committee day after tomorrow. take me inside the democrats' debate prep. we understand the focus is on five areas of obstruction. what will you specifically tackle? >> well, obstruction is certainly an issue that i have worked on for a long time, and that will be a part of my focus. and the other is to tell a very inditing story that can be projected by the voice and the words of director mueller. we know that there will be no other extended conversation or dialogue that we expect that director mueller will engage in. but the very point of a book versus a movie or a book that is heard versus one that is read, i think is striking. and all we want is the truth. we want to be profound and
8:35 am
efficient, but we want to be respectful as well. and we hope the american people will see this. i take issue with the fact that this is going to be a lightning rod. the language should be a lightning rod. the very fact that russians were so intimately involved with the trump campaign, so many contacts, should be a lightning rod. and as well, dana, the fact that there are ten specific items or episodes of obstruction of justice should be a lightning rod for america, just as the vile actions at the border, the treatment of people at the border and as well the work that democrats are trying to do to cure that. that should be striking, the fact that we're not getting that task done because of the president. >> okay. so you've been around washington a while. you know how it works. in all candor, how much do you need robert mueller to lay out crimes and misdemeanors, even though he obviously didn't
8:36 am
recommend them, in order for you -- i know you want to push forward with impeachment and your colleagues to be able to get public support behind that? >> that's a very good point. we laid out the ten, as i said, episodes, events of obstruction. they are glaring from telling mcgahn to lie to telling them to lay off of flynn, to firing comey. the lying is very conspicuous and glaring, because it was said many times and told to many persons. >> but how much do you need him to use those words? >> well, let's say this. we want him to use the words that are in the report and we want him to be as forthright with us in answering the questions. that's all that we can expect. and i would think those final words -- i would think those
8:37 am
final words in the second volume, which you will here and he violated the law. but the words in the second volume that indicated that if i had confidence that the president had not committed a crime or crimes, i would have said so. and frankly, i think the picture that will be gleaned from the testimony, both in front of the judiciary committee and in front of the intelligence committee, will be stark and real. the real question, dana, is our friends on the other side of the aisle, whether they will make this a circumstancircus. they never asked questions during the clinton impeachment of where it was instigated it. they instigated it. >> i want to ask one very specific question about what you asked hope hicks in closed testimony, which is whether the president -- or excuse me,
8:38 am
whether she -- you asked hope hicks whether she was present for conversations with stormy daniels, she told you no. now there are questions about whether that's true. do you think hope hicks perjured herself? >> i am very concerned about hope hicks' flip or at least giving one answer and another answer in documents we've just found. so perjury, obviously, is an indictable offense and i would just suggest that what we got was one answer of no and evidence that she was present. i think we need to bring her back in and determine what actually happened. and frankly, this will be up to prosecutors to determine what happens to hope hicks next. i hope that we can get the truth, because all of that bears as well on the misconduct of this president of the united
8:39 am
states of america. and the truth is the only thing we can stand on. >> congresswoman sheila jackson lee, thank you so much for your time this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. still to come, senator elizabeth warren says there are warning signs that a new fanl crisis is right around the corner, but she also says she has a plan to stop it. nets next. (singsong) budget meeting! sweet. if you compare last quarter to this quarter... various: mmm. it's no wonder everything seems a little better with the creamy taste of philly, made with fresh milk and real cream.
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what's going on? it's the 3pm slump. should have had a p3. oh yeah. should have had a p3. need energy? get p3. with a mix of meat, cheese and nuts. elizabeth warren believes we are on the brink of another
8:44 am
financial crisis and, like on many other issues, she's got a plan she says would prevent it. in a post on the blogging platform medium, this morning warren outlined a warning sign that is -- many of them actually pointing in the direction of another economic crash, and explained just how her policy proposals will prevent this crisis from happening. cnn political correspondent m.j. lee who knows all things elizabeth warren. break down the senator's plan. >> she's sending a warning and she says that another financial crisis is coming and she said that she tried to send warnings back in 2008 in the years leading up to 2008 and that washington didn't listen. and so she would like for washington to listen this time around. she's pointing to things like household debt going up, corporate debt going up. she says the manufacturing industry is in a state of recession. and here's a little bit of her plan. a big part of it has to do with reducing the household debt with things like increasing the
8:45 am
minimum wage, canceling student loan debt, bringing down things like rent, the cost of child care. she's also proposed tuition-free public college. what's interesting is that all of these things might sound pretty familiar, and that is because these are bits and pieces of plans that she has already put out over the course of the year. i think what is so politically important is that she has been leading very much into this economic message over the last couple of weeks, whether it's the wall street and private equity plan that she put out last week or highlighting the economic patriotism theme. it seems pretty clear that she wants to come out of this giant democratic field as the candidate with the economic plan, especially if she feels like there's a good chance that the economy may not be a strong point for president trump next year. >> m.j., thank you for that. stay with me. i want to bring in cnn political analyst and reporter for the
8:46 am
"washington post" and you are also watching and hearing about this. this is the second plan warren is unveiling just days ahead of the next democratic debates. she's going to share the stage for the first time with bernie sanders. they are obviously the two leaders vying for the progressive vote. how do you see that shaking out? >> this could happen in one of two ways. they could either sort of team up against the moderates on the stage. there are going to be a number of moderates on the stage, including amy klobuchar and john delaney who have said that all of these policies are too far to the left. but i will also be watching to see whether or not they decide to take each other on because they do vie for a lot of the same voters. senator warren has been putting out a number of different plans, talking about issues that are important to americans. many of the issues that senator sanders talked about in 2016 and tried to get out in front of, and now that there's a much larger field and there are a
8:47 am
number of politicians and candidates that are taking on some of bernie sanders' policies and ideas, he's finding it hard to sort of take that mantle that he had in 2016. so i would be surprised if sanders doesn't try to sort of contrast himself with warren and paint himself as the original democratic socialist progressive candidate and whether or not he tries to show that he has been for these policies for quite a long time and doesn't continue to play nice. >> m.j., what are you hearing from your sources in warren world? are you hearing that it's more likely that she's going to want to team up on the stage or separate herself and try to overtake bernie sanders for those progressive voters? >> look, i think we've gotten some pretty good clues over the last couple of months that bernie sanders and elizabeth warren basically have this truce pact. every time they're asked about the other, they say, look, we've been friends for a long time, we
8:48 am
have worked on a lot of issues together. elizabeth warren repeatedly saying i'm with bernie whenever she is asked about the issue of health care. >> how long can that last? >> well, look, i think it is very difficult to imagine the two of them center stage personally going after one another tuesday night, but i do think you made a really good point that actually on -- when it comes to policy and the kinds of politicians that they are, there are some differences. one very obvious one being that bernie sanders calls himself the democratic socialist, elizabeth warren says over and over again that she is a capitalist. when it comes to the issue of student loan debt, these are two big proposals that both candidates have put out. warren has said let's take a look at what your wage is and what your income is and then for some of those people i would wipe out student loan debt. >> bernie sanders has said let's wipe out all of it. so there are differences there where they could try to
8:49 am
distinguish each other in their own policies from one another. but i think it is very unlikely that they're going to be personally going after one another where we see really sparks flying between the two of them on tuesday tonight. >> thank you so much for that discussion. i appreciate it. and the reporting, of course. don't miss too big nights, the cnn presidential debates from detroit. they are coming up next week only right here on cnn. eally ap the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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budget deadline day is fast approaching. white house and congressional negotiators have until friday to hammer out a deal or, you've seen this before, the government could run out of money before lawmakers return from their summer recess. right now they're looking at a two-year, $1.4 trillion budget and debt plan. that's on the table, but nothing is on paper yet. i want to get straight to congressional correspondent phil mattingly who is on the hill. phil, i was joking during the break that this is like christmas and new year's and everything wrapped up all in
8:55 am
one, that i get to talk to someone who loves the stuff as much as i do. having said that, in all seriousness, this is a big, big number. and this is also a congress and this is a city that not that long ago was focused on debt reduction, on deficit reduction. what happened to that? >> reporter: yeah, i'm sure you still have cold sweats waking up thinking about the 2013 agreement. >> i do. >> reporter: the 2011 agreements when you were walking through these halls every single day. the reality is the last couple of years, last couple of congresses, fiscal hawks have kind of gone into hibernation. there's also the reality of, and you've seen this multiple times, the underpinnings of how these deals come together. the cuts that are in place, $126 billion that will take effect in january, were put into place back in 2011 on the grounds of fiscal restraint. the whole purpose of those cuts was to force people to reach agreements so they wouldn't have to face those cuts. that's where we are right now. the agreements and the reason why you get these deals passed
8:56 am
is because there's a piece of it for everybody. for republicans, they get an increase in defense spending. for democrats, they get the increases in domestic programs as well. tied onto that is probably the most urgent portion and that's the debt ceiling. the new kind of -- the new deadline for the debt ceiling which was moved up by treasury based on some projections into early september has been the trigger for the urgency of these talks. the deal that's coming together that they're on the verge of would be a two-year budget agreement, two-year debt ceiling agreement. that takes crises off their plate. but in terms of cutting spending, they still have work to do, dana. >> phil mattingly, thank you so much for that. we'll be right back. four lines, it's all included for the whole family, starting with unlimited data. use as much as you want, when you want. and if you like netflix, it's included on us. plus no surprises on your bill. taxes and fees are included. and now for a limited time, with each new line, get one of our latest smartphones included. that's right, only $40/line for four lines and smartphones
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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. the president launching new attacks on four democratic congresswomen of color. he tweets they are racist and he adds not very smart in his view. it was a racist tweet trump tweeted that escalated this fight. one member of the squad vowed she's not going anywhere, quote, until i impeac this president. plus a political crisis in puerto rico. protesters reject the governor's pledge to not run for re-election next year. they say he must resign now for offensive tweets and broader corruption problems. and a supreme court farewell. the president and first lady


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