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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 30, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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and after the show check out a special encore performance of brett young's song, "catch." available only on xfinity. just say "brett young" into your x1 voice remote. hello from inside the historic fox theater in detroit. i'm wolf blitzer. hours from now the first of two cnn democratic debates will get underway. ten candidates will take the stage tonight. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders the highest polling progressives. they will be right at the center of it all. >> i'm chris cuomo. and the whole team for the special edit of "the lead." jake tapper prepared to moderate
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alongside dana bash and d. lemon. wolf, so many candidates on stage. pressure has to be on, because let's be honest, if you don't break through tonight and get into the main dialogue, you may not get another chance. so as we've seen in past debates, you want to make a name or a move, often it is going to be an attack. what will that be? we'll know in just a couple of hours. so right now let's start to get into our coverage of what is going on. the clock is ticking. let's get right to cnn's jeff zeleny inside of the debate hall. so, jeff, for the leaders and laggards alike, tonight very big. >> reporter: chris, no question about it. this is a -- the last debate for some of the candidates. we don't know which candidates those will be. but all eyes will be on the center of the stage as you said where bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are going to be. and they will be flanked by other candidates with moderate positions. that is going to be the heart of this debate. the ideological divide inside of this democratic party.
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which of course feeds into the ultimate question, what should democrats do? who should they nominate to defeat president trump? should it be a moderate candidate to win over the trump voters or someone from the left who excites the libber at ba-- liberal case. and we have here with us steve bullock. on stage right now seeing how it goes. he is the candidate who is joined the race most recently. he was not on stage in miami at the debate last month. he will be here tonight and will draw contrast with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. he of course is the governor of montana, a red state. he will argue, i'm told, that it is dangerous in his view to pull the party too far to the left. through medicare for all, through the green new deal. so that is going to be on display. there is also go -- going to be something else. pete buttigieg age 37 standing next to biden 87 and tonight so
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important about the direction of the democratic party. up to you, wolf. >> thank you, very much, jeff zeleny. a very important night. as we watch what is going on the stage behind hus, i want to bring in our political experts. mark preston, let's talk about steve bullock. he's the last of the ten candidates going through the walk-through and giving him some of the ground rules. tell us what he's hearing right now. >> well a couple of things. as we talk about this could be the end of the road for many candidates, steve bullock just got into the race. not only is this the first debate but he didn't get in until the end of may or the middle of may. he was focused on legislature. i would expect to him from him talking about how he can win middle america and win states where donald trump won. you look at wisconsin or pennsylvania, ohio, these are all states that had democrats won, wolf, hillary clinton would have been president and that is steve bullock. >> and as we show the viewers
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live pictures of steve bullock, you see our washington bureau chief going through the rules for tonight. we want to make sure all of them feel comfortable. the other nine has already done this. he was elected governor of montana in 2016. he won as a democrat even though donald trump carried montana. >> which certainly said something about his elect ability and that is the argument we expect tonight, the ability to win the democratic and the republican voter and how we talk about how the republican party has coalesced behind donald trump and there are still a suggest of republicans who don't want to vote for donald trump and steve bullock will make the argument he can win them over. >> mj, let's go through the drama that we anticipate in the center of the stage is bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. we have poll numbers showing where they stand right now. joe biden was going to be on the stage tomorrow night. he won't be there tonight. but presumably he's hovering over this debate tonight as well. >> that is right.
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and i think what is so fascinating about this bernie sanders/elizabeth warren potential battle is there may not be much of a battle. every conversation that reporters have had with the two candidates they have tried to telecast, we have no intention of fighting on purpose. we see eye to eye on a lot of issues. we're good friends. but i do think, wolf, there is a political risk for each of the two candidates in linking arms a little bit too much. for bernie sanders, the issue is that he doesn't want to look like he's being replaced by elizabeth warren. in politics obviously novelty counts for so much and no matter what bernie sanders does in this campaign, he is always going to be the candidate who tried once and lost into 2016. and then i think for elizabeth warren, she doesn't want to look too much like she's piggy backing off of bernie sanders. she has plans that are original and her own but on an issue like health care and medicare for all, she doesn't have her own health care plan and when i asked about this yesterday, why haven't we heard from you on this issue in particular, she said it is because she with
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bernie. she doesn't want to say that line i imagine too often tonight. >> they are old friends, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. that is hovering over this debate as well. presumably they want to remain friends after tonight. >> presumably. but, you know, wolf, i think both of them realize as long as they are number two and three behind biden, they can't beat biden. one of them has to drop out for the other one to pick up enough votes to beat biden. so they each have an incentive to become more aggressive and contrasting but there is no question that the way they behave with each other, very different from what we saw from kamala harris and joe biden in the first debate. the biden people felt that was an ambush and personally insulting. and in this case you have people who are friends. they'll do it much more subtly and gently but they have to separate for their own preservation. >> and maev, in the center will
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be elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. and bernie sanders 77 and elizabeth warren and next to him is pete buttigieg who is 37 and beto o'rourke who is in his 40s. he's right there as well. so the age contrast could be an issue for tonight. >> for sure. and there are so many voters white house there in the older generation who like pete buttigieg and there is a whole codray of seniors who want to see him because he does offer the freshness and newness that so many people are looking for and that is sanders biggest problem and why he needs a jolt of electricity tonight. we're seeing elizabeth warren inching up steadily in the polls and when you go out there into the states, particularly in the industrial midwest and talk to voters, they feel like bernie had his shot and that elizabeth warren is the one what is putting in the work right now. so i'm fascinated to see how he tries to change that chemistry.
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>> steve bullock one of the candidates still up on the stage going through some of the procedures for tonight trying to feel comfortable with that podium. up next, i'll speak with one of the other candidates who will be on the stage tonight. the former colorado governor john licken looper. what does he need to keep his campaign going and make sure he makes it into the next round of debates. also with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren on center stage tonight, the democratic parties tilt to the left will certainly be on full display. are democrats too far out of the political mainstream? maria ramirez? hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!!
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and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed it can... with your sleep number setting. can it help keep me asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save up to $600 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. only for a limited time. snee. we're counting down to the democratic debate. the first of two high-stakes showdowns here on cnn. joining us now, someone who will be on the debate stage behind us tonight, democratic presidential candidate former colorado governor john hickenlooper. governor, thank you so much for coming in. >> of course. >> so in the polls right now, you've seen the polls, quinnipiac university poll that
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just came out and not even at 1%. what do you need to do tonight to get ahead. >> i was 2% last week. let's get that clear. >> 1% or 2%. but there are others ahead of you. >> and i've done what everybody else has talked about. tonight i have to open up more who i am and let my experience as a small business owner and an entrepreneur, as a mayor for a year and a governor for eight years, let that -- those stories come out. >> you tweeted this yesterday. elizabeth warren has some big ideas that have an even bigger cost. we proved in colorado that you don't need big expensive government programs to achieve progressive goals. let's talk about it tomorrow night. so are you planning to go after elizabeth warren given some of the positions she's stakes out? >> i'm not going to go after her. but i do think this notion that we could have massive government expansions is a sure-fire way to hand the election to donald trump. to re-elect who i would argue is
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one of the worst presidents we've ever had. >> remember, a few weeks ago you were booed at a california event when you declared, quote, socialism is not the answer. does that influence your approach tonight? bernie sanders and elizabeth warren said they're a capitalist and he said he's a socialist. is that an issue tonight. >> i've been a small business person my whole life and when i became a mayor and governor i functioned like a small business person solving problems. they're large expansive government solutions are not what i think the -- america is ready for or wants. >> if one of them, elizabeth warren or bernie sanders, were to get the democratic nomination, would you be behind them? >> oh, sure. >> you don't think they could beat donald trump. >> i think they have a much harder time to beat donald trump in states like michigan where we are. this is a state that cares about jobs and they're not for giant government programs. their a much more conservative state than california and new york. >> let's talk about the biggest issues if not the biggest issues
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for the candidates tonight, health care. you say it should be a right -- a right not a privilege. but you envision a role for an important role in private health insurance. so how do you plan on reducing costs in all of that? >> well, the key to reducing costs is transparency and hospitals. this is a good place to start. and changing how we regulate insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. why are we paying 30 times more in the united states for insulin than they pay -- than they pay just across the river in canada. that the crazy. >> so from your perspective, what happens to private health insurance. >> well private health insurance will have to compete with a public option. they'll have pressure on them to deliver better service and have happier customers. >> so we'll hear bernie sanders support medicare for all. when he does that, what will be your reaction? >> my reaction as it has been, this is america. we believe in choices. and he's asking 180 million americans to give up their private insurance and a lot of them don't want to. >> what about the other moderate
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candidates on the stage. not all are as progressive as bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. what is going to be your message to them? because like you, they're competing and a lot of them want to survive? >> of course. and we all are. and that is why this is so exciting. these debates are great political theater. i'd match my record with anybody. i was a entrepreneur and small business owner for 15 years and i know what it is like to create a payroll and work from scratch and work 80 hours a week so something didn't fail. that is important experience. i was out of work for two years and then i opened the largest brew pub in the country. i had a wide ranger of experience than any of the other moderate candidates. >> tell us what factors you will weigh after tonight in terms of whether or not you decide to stay in the race, if you make the qualifications to go to the third round of debates in september. >> it would be -- to be honest, i haven't given any consideration to getting out of the race. i treat every day, every
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interview, this interview, as make or break. and i'm trying to be focused on being honest and direct to the american people and say here is what i believe. here is what i think is good for america. i think we can beat climate change. i believe that. we have the tools now and we new innovations. i think we could get our arms around health care and control the inflation and we have to do it by bringing everybody together and everyone else haven't done that. >> all of the democrat candidates? >> certainly not the president. he made his whole political career by dividing people. >> if you don't make it as the democratic presidential nominee and you were a popular governor in the home state of colorado, are you open to running for senate. i've asked you this question before. >> i know. you're relentless. >> just looking ahead. >> i'm 100% focused on being president and the moment i start entertaining questions about my business or running for senate, i lose focus and my taf loses
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focus. >> you are not ruling it out. >> i want to be 100% focused on being everything i can-- i can this campaign and say i think this is what america could be. >> we're out of time. but what is the single best piece of advice going into tonight. >> somebody told me -- what do they say, you don't win a stink fest if your with a bunch of skunks. we have a great group of people that are -- it is an honor to be up on the stage. it really is. >> thank you. it is historic. thank you for joining us. good luck tonight. >> good to see you. >> chris, back to you. great interview. it is good to get a sense of somebody who makes a move tonight or really probably gone. so let's bring in our panel here and let's tart looking at what is going to happen tonight. through the lens of is the party moving too far to the left? so let's set up some sound. the candidates who are on tonight, here is the most aggressive, progressive rhetoric. >> we have got to change this system and that is what medicare
1:19 pm
for all is all about. >> but we are saying today is public colleges and universities should be tuition-free and debt-free for all americans. >> i'm interested in this potential model. we have 15 justices but five are chosen by democrats and five by republicans -- >> so you could see commanding the supreme court. >> if it is in a way that will de-politicize it. >> all right. so let's discuss what that means for the party. got paul big alley and jen psaki and rick. first, hickenlooper, you made interesting points. i said it will be a hard night for him. rick santorum said maybe not. one of them needs to stick around. why the confidence. >> i think one of the moderate candidates have to stick around for when joe biden crashes and burns because joe biden in my opinion is not the nominee and someone will pick that up. that means someone has to survive the process or the democrats will not be without an
1:20 pm
alternative to the hard left that you just have been hearing about and that is a disaster for the democrats. so i don't know who it is going to be. we'll find out tonight. i think hickenlooper's approach, which is i'm not going to push this -- mistake. this is your chance. you don't qualify for the next debate. and let me assure you, if your not on the debate stage your chance of becoming president became infint he is mally small. you need to do -- bullockar hickenlooper has to make a difference tonight. >> what is the frame, andrew. >> i tend to agree. you take it with -- >> with the love. >> this is the parody. >> there has to be a breakout moment for another moderate candidate and tonight be thet a good foil. i have great respect for everyone on the stage but from the standpoint of warren and
1:21 pm
sanders being on the same stage tonight with a couple of candidates that are trying to weave this sort of progressive yet more moderate stream, they've got to pop out and unfortunately it is uncomfortable to try to figure out those moments where you kind of strike blood, but if you don't, you may be out of the game tonight. >> so bernie sanders is sitting next to elizabeth warren. i'll play bernie sanders and you play elizabeth warren. >> oh, this is good tv. >> you are making points about policies that sound a hell of a lot like mine. you'll beat me on the slogan of i've got a plan for that, when i'm the plan guy. how long could i look at you and nod and call you my friend. >> not long if you want to compete in this week a couple of weeks and months from now. i think they've clearly indicated both campaigns that they'll play nice and kumbaya. they're running for office against each other. they're competing. >> warren likes that plan. warren likes the let's be nice because she's benefiting. >> exactly. warren is benefiting. buzz she's not built her rise on moments. she didn't have one breakout
1:22 pm
moment and she's built it steadily so it is far better if they play kumbaya and play nice. >> just so they know, we have supporters behind us. every time it is positive, they're saying my name. every time it is -- it is angry they say something about rick santorum. go ahead. >> if i were advising bernie sanders, i'm not a candidate for that, but i would say the place to differentiate yourself is on medicare for all. he's the only medicare for all purist that is legitimate argument to make and that is not wise in a general election but elizabeth warren has co-sponsored a lot of other bills and tried to give herself an escape hatch on this. that is probably smarter for a general election but bernie sanders could differentiate himself on that front. >> if your warren, you may want to strike a blow on guns. protecting gun manufactures against lawsuits, if she wants to take bernie in. >> i will be surprised if she strikes a blow. >> i don't think she does. but if she were going in for -- >> paul, what do you think is
1:23 pm
the dimension. >> i think this will come up, the terrible shooting in mississippi and yesterday in california. hillary had great success against bernie sanders and maybe the reason she beat him is because he voted for the nra and for the brady bill and against the waiting period and he had a bad record. now he said he's changed. i believe he has. and so has joe biden and he got smacked for stuff he did, 30, 40 years ago. if there is tension, the opening is -- moderate versus liberal is fine. i think it is experience. rick made this point a moment tonight, jay inslee isn't on the stage tonight but steve bullock and john hickenlooper is and rather than saying i'm moderate, i want a governor in the top tier. governor makes better presidential candidates and in american history people we make as president and vice president and governors are civil war generals. so you guys talk and i get things done. >> here is the smart guy, wild card angle that could be played by a man or a woman.
1:24 pm
which is i'm not going to talk about you, i'm going to talk to you and talk about detroit and flint. we'll see. let's take a break on that. thank you very much for that good first course of this. next, how much of the democratic party is moving away from former vice president joe biden and the political mainstream. i know we don't see it in the polls. but it is early. is there a path to victory in that? next. most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln.
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everybody's loud here in detroit until we come back on air. and now they are quiet. it is nice they're being polite to do the show and you're seeing the process. here we have the democrat presidential candidates completing walk-throughs for tonight's first debate on cnn and we like to take you behind the coverage so while we do the coverage with wolf blitzer, we'll show whew is going on inside when there is something interesting to see. here is the state of play. the top polling progressives are elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. and i say progressives, not just democrats, they're going to be center stage a few hours from now. the front-runner as a democrat who is not seen as a progressive, seen as a moderate, is former vp joe biden. he'll be on the stage tomorrow. joining me now, biden campaign
1:30 pm
co-chair and democratic congressman cred rick richmond. >> thank you very much. >> and now you're here, these are the biden people. so what work is to be done as the vp watches the state of play. i think he'll be mentioned a few times. >> any time you're in the top spot, those in the next spot need to knock you down so they could grow but the vp will be listening attentively to their plans. for example, medicare for all, no one has described to the american people how you pay for the entire medicare for all. >> you don't really think it is plan versus plan in this election? hasn't the president made it clear what this is about, cedrick? >> but in a democratic primary -- >> go plan for plan. >> mike tyson said everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. now once you've been punched in the face and joe biden was punched in the face if the first primary, what new plan do you have? was prep different this time around? >> well, i think that he will not be as his tan-- as hesitant
1:31 pm
point out his position and then punch back and let them know the flaws in their positions and i think he'll be very forceful with it and, look, senator harris caught, i believe, caught him off guard because the sentence started with mr. vp, i know you're not a racist but -- >> it is the but that kills you. >> and then he was thrown off guard. and then the sensitivity of how do you punch back against a woman and all of those things in politics. and i think that he's comfortable with looking at the policy differences and talking about them. so i think you've seen in the last couple of weeks that he will point out that her medicare plan is fictitious and the one she came out with yesterday, nobody understands. and you see him fight back against senator book who are i believe will be the most aggressive because he has the most to lose. he has to get to the next debate stage and i think that he's going to look for that moment. >> what do you think about the
1:32 pm
buttigieg/beto o'rourke -- you could make the argument that buttigieg has the lane that beto o'rourke wanted but the question do you think you'll see cross fire there that didn't involve the vp. >> i think you will. and i know beto from congress and he has to show people who he is and remind people who he is. he just ran an outstanding race in texas for the united states senate and i think that when he got into the presidential race he thought he could do the same thing, drive the minivan and do those things. the reason you don't drive the minivan is so you could study up on policy and making calls and doing those things. so i think he had growing pains. so that is an interesting exchange between those two because they are in the exact same lane. both can't survive. one has to go away for the other one to thrive. >> you think that is true with bernie sanders and warren? >> no, i think they'll both have staying power purely by the amount of money they raise and i think that that gives them the staying power to stay for a long time. the question becomes when will
1:33 pm
they try to differentiate themselves from each other. and so we're very clear who we are and we're not running for the fact that we don't profess to be ultra progressive, that we're willing to work across the aisle to get things done even though we get attacked about it. and the fact that we're focused on donald trump. he is unfit to serve the american people. and i think that there was an article that came out today in politico that donald trump benefits from democrats sparring so we should keep the focus on where it should be. >> true. joe biden benefits from the president when he's at his worst. it is interesting, you got a pop in the polls that i would argue, please feel free to disagree, i don't think it is about joe biden making moments, it is when the president was at his full-throated worst about divisions in this country, democrats in polls said we need to beat this president, joe biden is our best chance and you saw him elevate past where he was before the last debate. >> that is the polling and the democratic primary. and i think you're right.
1:34 pm
but i think also what people looked at was the fact that the polling came out that shows biden beating trump handedly, especially in battleground states, popular vote and in early primary states. so i think the fact that he's winning michigan, that he is -- he was up four in texas and in north carolina. when people see that, they say, you know what, we're playing in the super bowl, we need to put our best player on the field. so that is why i think you see people coming back to him. he's consistent and steady. people know he's authentic. people know he says what he means, means what he says even when it is not popular and we wish he wouldn't say it but he'll always let you know where he is and i think the american people appreciate that and the fact that the polling shows him as the only candidate beating donald trump outside of the margin of error. >> there are several within the margin of error. it is tight because he is unpopular outside of his base. we'll see how it goes tonight. congressman from louisiana cedric richmond, thank you, sir, and good luck with your
1:35 pm
candidate. >> thank you for having me and some new orleans heat up here. >> it is hot. wolf, to you? >> thanks very much. we're back with our political correspondents and analysts. how is this all-important health care debate playing out on the stage behind us tonight. >> we have bernie sanders and elizabeth warren center stage and these are two candidates who believe in medicare for all. the eight others who are on stage for whatever reason and to differing degrees do not believe this is the path. whether it is because they think it goes too far, it is not realist. >> and i think that this is the battle we'll see continue to play out. it has become such a litmus test for all of the democrats and i think the battle we'll see tonight is going to be between elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. and everybody else. and this is sort of the issue that i think really embodies the two choices that democratic voters are facing in this election. do we want a candidate -- and do we want to take the risk on a candidate talking about big
1:36 pm
structural change or do we want somebody who is talking about improving upon the system that we have now. >> that debate will be significant. what about climate change? that is -- the democrats say if you look at polls, that is a top issue on their minds as well. >> it certainly is. and if you look at it from 50,000 feet, all of the democrats believe that climate change is real and should be addressed but the devil is in the details how you get there and it gets complicated so a big fight about the green new deal. that is being pushed by the younger environmentalists who really want to see this put into action. you go to the more establishment environmentalists and while they won't talk about this out loud necessarily, their concern is the green new deal is really like a jobs program, a social justice bill. it is not necessarily an environmental bill and you talk to the more establishment folks and they say, listen, that is going to go nowhere because we won't get that through congress. it is too complicated and to add to that you have tim ryan and steve bullock on stage and they'll say things like, listen, we have to get back to middle
1:37 pm
america and people back to jobs. to say we're going to shut down factories and build electric cars and have no fossil fuels by 2040 or 2050 is not realistic. that is the divide. >> and we have free high school and elementary school education and now several candidates want free college education. >> it is a popular plan that they have put out there but particularly here in the industrial midwest you talk to so many voters like the one mark was talking about who keep saying democrats, how are we going to pay for all of this? and look at these potholes in my street. listening to the candidates in the last debate when they all raised their hand and said they would support health care for undocumented immigrants and there are voters in the party that don't agree with the far left idea and i think we'll see that push-pull on the stage tonight and a night where the moderates can shine and talk about how they would connect
1:38 pm
with the reagan democrats in places like this. >> wolf, i think this is increasingly boiling down to two big issues for the whole campaign and one is whether with have open or closed borders and the argument -- the democrats who say we should have open borders and provide benefits, that is an argument the moderates will try to eliminate because it is a loser out of the door. but the other issue is taxes. taxes on climate and there is opposition to that and taxes for medicare for all. both higher taxes are also, i think real poison for the democrats if they're not careful and i think it is pretty simple where this comes out and do you have a candidate who stands for what is more appealing to the country or what is more appealing to the progressive ideologues. >> and there are significant differences in the candidates' positions on all of them. the first round of debates produce break-out moments for several democratic presidential candidates. up next, who could be the
1:39 pm
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we're back with our political experts, counting down to the first fight of the cnn democratic presidential debate. no need to manufacture enthusiasm for this because you will never see these two slates of candidates together again. why? because you got to start making moves. yes, there is time. but there is not enough time for this size field to stay this way. so in a matter of just hours, ten candidates tonight including senators bernie sanders, and
1:44 pm
elizabeth warren are going to take their positions on the stage inside of this detroit historic fox theater. and i'll tell you, i got caught on the words because i was thinking of the right adjective. this theater is so gorgeous. that picture, they've done a beautiful job with the set. i was in there. can't do the room justice. the lighting, where you see that it is dark in the foreground in front of cnn, all of the detail on this place that was built in the 1920s right before the great depression, holy cow, it is gorgeous. i'll just let you know that. it is a beautiful night and for that reason alone. so i got santorum, jen psaki and gillam. and i have to be right, jen. it can't be like this again. >> if it is, that is a freakish mathematical thing. >> you won't have this many in the next set. >> you won't. the prediction i would say between 8 and 12 will probably qualify for the september debates because -- >> basically 2% in four separate polls and 130,000 donors. >> exactly. which is not that hard of a criteria.
1:45 pm
if you are not hitting 2% by september, i know there is history -- historical precedent and you may need to rethink whether you should run for president. there are a number of candidates who are competing and a number of people on the stage tonight. there are some candidates on the stage tonight and tomorrow night who are going to have to figure out how they get on the stage in september. and this may be the last time we see them. so that is when we'll see punches come out, some contrast with other candidates and those are many of the candidates we should watch. >> senator jump in when you want to but these guys have points i haven't been able to touch on. so andrew said something before we came on. he said don't be so fast to write people off if you don't know where they're emphasizing the energy on the ground and we were talking about senator klobuchar and make the point to the audience, because it was smart and i have forgotten -- >> the point that i had observed in florida was that they're only about three campaigns that right now have infrastructure on the ground there. most of them are fundraising
1:46 pm
infrastructure but is building networks, that is an estate that is late in the process if you will. most of the field by my guess, january or february, it will be pretty clear who is leading out there. >> but somebody could pop up in one of the first big states let alone florida and now back in the conversation. so, paul, when does your party grasp that this is not about policy, that the best hint you got from the president is when he said i'll give you my health care plan after the 2020 election. this is identity. this is who we are. what we accept. what we reject. this is a culture battle played out on the national stage. you guys are not in that mode. >> that is right. i think politics ought to be about ideas and i like the democrats are putting out detailed plans but you're right, that is not how democrats make t -- make the decision and they'll say who can deliver me from donald trump and that is what worried me about miami.
1:47 pm
the mistake in miami dish, t the -- >> the mistake in miami. >> that could kill them in november of 2020 against donald trump. don't say anything in the primary that you can't defend in the general election. now why are they doing this? i've been thinking and i thought it was twitter because i'm in the media now. it is partially but not really. the biggest thing i didn't know about is the emphasize on small donors which is great, strangle hold big donors and raise money from small donors and until i talked to people in a state level and the political director for the governor pack, john and he said, dad if your trying to raise money from small donors, you have to be crazy. he didn't put it that way, he's smarter than i am and a william and mary guy. >> well played. >> small donors are the most they'll logical and i love this but when you are competing with 20 people for the same group,
1:48 pm
you'll say things to get those small donations to get on the stage. that could hurt you -- >> i take exception. barack obama didn't get out there in the primary and throw out radical crazy ideas as a way of building a base. he gave us idealism and he set out a vision and frankly in some key places he was a white board under which we were able to project our highest hopes and ambitions. >> but if you look at what he did and what kamala harris did on the first debate, they also introduced who they were. they brought personal story into it. they let the public and people watching know who they are, why they would be fighting, that is what some of the candidates need to do. >> everything you guys are saying, but for all of the wrong reasons. >> it is just not this race. politics has changed. donald trump has changed the political world. >> sure he has. >> so you could go back and say well obama could do this, obama -- there are a lot of people that look look barack obama in this field. there wasn't a lot of people that looked like barack obama 12 years ago. >> it was a crowded stage. >> not like this.
1:49 pm
so my only point here is that you've got an opportunity here with these people who are in the low rounds to survive, i disagree. i think there is somebody out there, talking about your grassroots thing, if they have a good grassroots plan they could keep their head up. you keep for getting we're still very early in the process and if they get bumped off the stage the next time around, if they're the candidate with the grassroots, they could come black and that is a comeback story. >> the road is a series of steps. thank you very much for helping set the stable. coming up next. what to watch for. when you are watching it is a little bit of who and for what and what is the right angle and when? we'll lay out some parameters for you. all right. maybe some dip and chip recommendations as well. next. is here. five days. five deals. for fifteen dollars get a different deal every weekday til six pm like endless shrimp monday admiral's feast tuesday
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we're back inside of the beautiful fox theater here in detroit. mark preston our senior political analyst, you spent quality time with nine of the ten candidates when they were doing the walk-through. >> i did. i wasn't able to spend time with governor bullock so i had to come up here and join you on the show. there is a sense of calmness i think from all of the candidates. people think there is going to be a big fight night and i do think there will be a big fight night but it is on policy and talking to the candidates, i don't see any apprehension. i think they want to come out and talk about their policy issues. >> do you see confidence. some of the candidates, this might be the last time we see them on the debate stage. >> some of them are a little bit
1:55 pm
more confident than others. but to that point, some of them have to make a mark tonight and do something to move the needle in order to stay in this race. 20 candidates in the race right now, there is very little time to make up ground and tonight is the night to start to. >> see if they could do that. that is very significant. mark, stand by. we have more news coming up. how much should the democratic candidates talk about policy tonight and how much are they focusing in on trump? (drum roll) and the record for longest-lasting aa battery goes to... (cymbal crash) energizer ultimate lithium. guinness world records title holder for longest-lasting aa battery.
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i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room." live tonight from the historic fox theater right here in detroit where we're just hours away from the first of our two cnn democratic debates. ten candidates will face off including bernie sanders and elizabeth warren tonight. but this is a big night for all of the men and women who want to be president of the united states. those who need to boost their poll numbers to qualify for the next round of debates and those leading the pack who need to get an edge up on their rivals. >> 100%, wolf. i'm chris cuomo, pleasure to be with the captain. we're here outside of the fox theater. excitement is building. you're seeing different waves of supporters to come through and no reason to exaggerate the significant, it is very simple. you'll never see these collections of candidates tonight and tomorrow again. because not all of them will make the next cut. so