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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 31, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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halftime show. we're live in detroit just 12 hours away now from the second cnn democratic debate. ten more candidates will take the stage. the focus for a lot of people is on the rematch between joe biden and kamala harris. the former vice president has said he will not be as polite this time around. so what will that look like? what will he dee differently and what will that mean for his rival. >> there was no lack of energy last night or substance on that debate stage. the leading progressive candidates senators lelizabeth warren and bernie sanders clashed with some of their rivals over policy including medicare for all proposal. so cnn's athena jones live with us on the debate stage with what we can expect tonight.
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athena? >> reporter: good morning, alyson. another big night ahead. another ten candidates duking it out on stage. biden will be on center stage, flanked by kamala harris and cory booker. also on stage julian castro, jay insley, keirsten ill-ground and michael bennett and bill de blasio. we know joe biden is likely to be a big target for folks like booker and harris and probably several others on this stage. he has said he's going to be more aggressive fighting back. we'll see whether he's able to defend himself and also make a commelli c compelling case for his candidacy. the stakes for biden are high after the underwhelming performance at the miami debate. this is the last chance for several of the candidates on this stage tonight to get a boost in fund raising and
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polling so that they can qualify for the next debate in september. the criteria are much tougher. 2% in qualifying polls and 130,000 individual donors. so the big challenge for the lower tier candidates on the edges of the stage will be how to distinguish themselves, how do they have that all important break out moment so they can be part of the conversation this time tomorrow? alyson? >> athena, thank you very much for that preview. joining us to talk about it we have paul begalla and karen finny, jen psaki, and andrew gillum, former mayor of tallahassee, florida, and cnn political commentator. let's look ahead. paul, what are you looking for tomorrow? what do you expect? >> debates are about moments and i know the most important moment tonight. the sound check. i'm not kidding at the nbc
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debate i talk today the candidate who said i couldn't really hear well. many people are concerned about vice president biden's edge. if he as a robert mueller moment, i talked to people who were debating last night that's not a problem. he's got to make sure she shows the useful vigor joe biden still has, and that's the biggest risk. >> his team has really been building this moment up. if you watch the paper they've been sending out the last couple of days they have been sending they're ready, loaded, they did a conference call that say night to say we're going to take this on, so he's got to deliver because they have raised the stakes for him. as you mentioned we're look at tulsi gabbard, bill de blasio,
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kirsten gillibrand. will they make it through tonight? i will suspect that kamala harris will not show -- she's already shown she can throw a punch but can you be presidential? we know gabbard is probably going to go after her on national security credentials. >> jen, what do you think we should focus on? >> there's a huge benefit in going on the second night. if i'm joe biden, one i'm happy i didn't come up last night, but two i would have watched some of the more moderate candidates and i think the team is thinking to themselves, they've presented something the public may find appealing but they did it quite defensively at times. i think he needs to go into tonight being much more proactive and energized what he's doing to the american public. be proud you want to focus on helping workers who just lost their jobs at the gm plant, and
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i think the moderates last night got a little caught at times being pushed back by the progressives so joe biden needs to become a little more proactive. what an amazing field the democrats have. that i think is going to bring grace in donald trump's tweets and what the country has been kind of reeling over the last few years in a much more proactive and engaged and interesting way. and if i'm like cory booker at 1% in cnn polls i'm going to introduce my bio, the fact i was mayor of a city 80% latino and african-american, nobody knows that. >> picking up from where jen left off with the vice president, i think not only does he have to come off sharp and astute and in the moment, but different from the moderates last night who were actually sort of very limited in scope, it's sort of what's realistic
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and practical. i get that, and that's part of governing. what i want to hear from vice president biden, i want to hear aspiration. can he set a vision? because what he's got to break out of is this impression he's a throwback to yesterday and he's not in this moment. be inspirational, be aspirational, yes level it with the fact governing is difficult and it's hard. but people aren't voting for how hard it is for you to do your job. they're vote frg what it is you're going to do to improve upon their lives, their outcome. they could be one illness away from bankruptcy. the other thing i would say is you've got a couple of people on this stage that actually have to make a break out moment. if you're biden, if you're harris, you've got to be looking out for the daggers that may be coming your way. frankly if you're not biden and you're not harris, everybody else. last night i think the same was true for sanders and for warren and to some extent for
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buttigieg. and i think tonight you've got some folks who have to be hu hungrier. cory booker has to be hungrier. >> bill de blasio perhaps. >> tulsi gabbard i think is another one. we've got too many damn candidates, but the point being if you're not one of those top tier two people frankly tonight, two or three people, you've got to show up and show up in a real way. >> picking on what karen said and jen said and the mayor said, first of all it's fascinating. the biden team has set the bar high for themselves. high risk, high reward with that. what's the message, paul, that he should deliver? >> i can defeat donald trump. here's what i think and most democrats think, there's a steaming pile of pop on my
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kitchen table and you're telling me you're going to build a new house, just get rid of the poop. that's the message. the reason he's waiting, yes, some of it is we have great affection for him and president obama, i think a lot of this is democrats see him as a person who did know deliver from donald trump. he stumbled in the first debate but he's got to keep bringing it back to trump. donald trump last night got away with murder. nobody mentioned he's in court trying to take away peoples rights to protect themselves in pre-existing conditions and health insurance. i know they want to attack each other but if i'm biden bring it back to trump. >> if that's the case, maybe people don't need to be as worried about the former vp because that's just a come on, man, you know i'm the one who can do it. that's not a team policy discussion. that's just bringing it back to we can do better. >> i disagree that this can be
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just i'm better than trump because, yeah, there's a suppressive effect of trying to maybe tail off a couple of his folks, but there were 5 million people eligible to vote and 16 that didn't, and i think we also have to do something for them. how do we bring some of those folks back into the fold, and the truth is for the constituencies we're going to have to move, it was bad for them yesterday. they suspect it's going to be and i want to know how your going to make it better for me. >> in detroit we've been enjoying so much progress we've seen in this city, great restaurants, a lot of new construction, new shops. where did that come from? in part, the recovery act. who was leading that act, joe biden. so if he's smart, i would be talking about we can do big things. when we work together we can make a difference in peoples
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lives. >> that should be the slogan. >> when a lot of people were saying let detroit go brups, general motors and ford go bankrupt, joe biden's call, he needs to mention that tonight. >> i'm sure he will. >> i was surprised there ere some missed opportunities last night that i think some candidates tonight can learn from and certainly what karen and paul touched on was one of them. we're in a state where democrats need to win. that's, yes whereiny electitability argument but you can tell through the story, what you're going to do for the people who don't have health care, african-americans in this city who feel disenfranchised. >> what did they miss last night? >> the moderators brought up our our colleagues at cnn where they brought up some of these issues, i think what you can tell from the city and state is an important part what these candidates have an opportunity
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to do in states like michigan. >> paul, did you see anyone stand out? >> i thought elizabeth warren won. i thought she was blazing talent last night and i think in part by being unfair of thit krks of their health care plan. when delaney and bullock said you're going to outlaw private health care plans and people don't want that, instead of saying here's why that's okay it's just you're using republican talking points. and i have to say i really didn't like her saying that good democrats like steve bullock and john delaney were republicans. that was a cheap shot but she won. >> there was a parroting of the republic republican trope. >> it's a fact that.
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>> pete buttigieg said this and i think cleverly last night, they're going to brand each one of the candidates. and whoever the nominee is, whether it has residence or not, that is exactly the play book is what they rolled out up to this point. i don't think we want to make that easy for them, but take it back to the fact there are far too many and in my state we didn't expand medicaid and you've got folks getting health care emergency rooms and again terrified of getting sick because when they don't get paid they cannot pay their bills, and that's real. so wave got to make sure we're speaking to that, and the nuance, we'll get to that when you legislate and whu you win. >> and it's such a good thing there was 45 minutes on health care. this is an issue on the hearts and minds, candidates are talking about proactively. there are differences. if you're not a health care expert could you totally navigate, maybe not. but you saw candidates who had different plans for.
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there's only a couple of tickets out of iowa for those grizzled veterans who have done it few times. and if you look at beto o'rourke and pete buttigieg, beto did better in the first debate but mayor pete was a generational change candidate last night. if you look at warren and sanders if the progressive approach and medicare for all and the green new deal is for you why would you pick sanders over warren after last light? bullock he was better than i thought he was going to be, he was strong, had a message. a lot of the others i'm not going to remember tomorrow what they said. >> karen, last word? >> i agree. to the point paul was making of this issue we heard that phrase a lot. there was a lot of that on twitter, guess what, whoever the nominee is going to have to deal with that in the fall. let's have that conversation now
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and let's lock down that message down. >> thank you very much. great discussion this morning. of course ten more candidates, they will be on that stage tonight. it all starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern live from detroit only on cnn. we have some breaking news right now. puerto rico's governor ricardo rosello has just announced his nominee to be the next secretary of state. it is pedro could become the island's next governor. you know all the turmoil that has been happening in puerto rico right now. published reports say the senate president is against his nomination. governor rosello steps down this friday at 5:00 p.m. after weeks of those massive protests where people called for his resignation amid a massive scandal and those leaked communication e-mails. so a lot is happening in puerto rico and we will stay on it. >> again, doesn't sound like
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get one of our latest smartphones included. that's right, only $40/line for four lines and smartphones are included for the whole family. what i don't about this argument right now, what i don't like about it at all is that we are more worried about winning an argument than winning an election. and i think how we win an eection is to bring everyone with us. >> that was senator amy klobuchar urging her fellow democrats to focus on beating president trump in 2020 rather than arguing amongst themselves over policy. and senator klobuchar joins us now. good morning. >> thank you. >> i know you had a late night last night after the debate. >> yes. they were celebrating that nothing went wrong. >> that was a good thing.
5:20 am
there's not a lot of sleep that happens on these weeks here, but were you slightly irked last week about the internal squabbling you were hearing? >> that's the debate and it's supposed to happen. and we have legitimate differences of policies when it comes to health care out there. i have a proposal to get people more coverage in bringing the cost down with the public option. and there are others that want to kind of blow up the system has we have now and start new. and that's a legitimate argument. but my point that i was making is we had that argument for a while, but it was time to move onto also talk about what united us. for instance, we completely disagreed with donald trump you should throw out the affordable care act in getting rid of the protections for a pre-existing conditions so that people are able to keep their insurance. or we should bring down the cost of pharmaceuticals. and one of the things i said
5:21 am
after we were talking about medicare for all, when he stands for medicare cuts for all. the people watching the debate are not just base democrats but also independents and moderate republicans looking for a change in the wous. >> i did notice your opening statement. normally i don't like opening statements. i did like opening statements last night because i got a sense each wanted. did you believe he was not as much of a folks among your peers last night? >> i think it should have been more. because you want to make your case for an optimistic agenda for this country and i did that. but you want to do more than that because you want to show people the contrast what's going on now. take what's happening right now for our farmers in iowa and
5:22 am
kragts are being given to other countries because of this trade war where he's treating them like poker chips in one of his bankrupt casinos or what just happened which did get brought up with north korea now launching missiles again when he claims he's going to make this great deal by going and visiting the dictator next door with a hot dish instead of actually having a plan for a summit and bringing other countries in with you instead of doing it alone. all of these things go to the fact there's a lot of promises he's made, i think over 10,000 lies now. they've been documented. and the american people want someone that's honest so that's one of my concerns about these over promises, that we should be standing for, yes, we're going to have differences, come together at the end but let's be very direct with people about what's wrong where this guy and what we have to offer instead. i don't believe the congress will ever matter who's in charge
5:23 am
pass a bill that basically throws half of america off of their current insurance policies in four years. that's what it says on senator sanders bill. i also don't think we'll pass if we can get the right president in like myself, we'll do extraordinary things like student loans that could be spent making it easier for kids to afford college and to be able to pay back student loans. okay, but do i think i also agree to pay for wealthy kids a taxpayer expense? no, and that is part of their plans because they're saying frecollege and every single person. those are examples where i think those things won't happen because in my mind it's overpromising because you want to have a reality check in what you do. >> in that case you're drawing distinctions between yourself and senator sanders and warren.
5:24 am
you said something that was on the issue of race and racism, particularly what we hear from the president himself. but you drew a distinction with some of his voters. i do want to listen to that. >> what do you say to those trump voters who prioritize the economy over the president's bigotry. >> first of all, there are people that voted for donald trump before that aren't racist. they just wanted a better shake in the economy, so i would appeal to them. but i don't think anyone can justify what this president is doing. >> why did you think it was important to say that? >> it was a question. i tend to answer questions, and my answer is this, this president is racist, clearly look at what he did this weekend, the president of the united states said you're a city you love that you grew up, your family lives in, it's nothing but a rat infested town. he said that. day after day we hear these
5:25 am
racist tropes from this president. that being said you have to separate it out for some of the people that voted for them. yeah, some of them are racist, right, but not all of them are. and so our goal here is to get at this which is in our country, to put in a president and i believe that can do this that doesn't act like that and then put in policies that promote economic opportunity and make it easier to vote. all of this voter suppression and one of the courts said that it was racism was surgical precision and not allowing people to vote in south carolina. the african-american community right now it feels like they're under attack from this guy. and when it comes to his language, to a lot of the policies put out there. so we've got to stand up to him, but at the same time we know there's some people that voted for him and we've got to appeal to them and say you don't want
5:26 am
to have this racist guy. >> i was telling john it gives us the freedom -- >> i don't think i've given myself a grade since law school, but thank you. i did get the make the case on trump. i did it several times because, again, you've got to use that moment and not everyone does to do that. i was glad i had this moment to talk about coming from a hunting state like i do, i think it's really important to have someone talking about what's going on right now with these mass shootings and shootings every day in places like detroit, like chicago. we have to add that too in the mix. it's not discussed enough. and the reason we are where we are is this president won't allow us to pass these insensible background checks. >> very quickly, september, how
5:27 am
is it looking for you in terms of qualifying for the next round of debates? >> well, i will be there. hopefully we can make onannouncement tomorrow we're there with the donors. we've already papassed the poll threshold. i think it's under ten people now that have qualified for the houston debates, and i will be one of them. we did very well yerld in our online fund-raising and getting those what they call unique donors. so we're pretty excited about it. maybe a smaller pool of candidates will allow me to answer every single question which i'd love to do. >> thank you very much for that. a bit of news there and perhaps an announcement tomorrow you've qualified for the next debate. all right, montana governor steve bullock made his debut on the debate stage last night. did he have a break through moment? he's here with us walking up the debate stage steps. he joins us next. moved to washi. they had me at fort knox - they keep all the gold there.
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halftime show. night one was the debate over substance, a serious discussion about policy and there were division there. montana governor steve bullock he made his first appearance on the debate stage arguing strongly against decriminalizing border crossings. >> i think this is part of the discussion that shows how often these debates are detached from peoples lives. we've got 100,000 people showing up at the border right now. if we decriminalize entry, if we get health care to everyone, we'll have multiples of that. >> and governor steve bullock joins us now. governor, it's great to have you here, great to have you on the stage last night. that discussion about immigration i think was symbolic of your larger positioning in this race. it seemed to be that you were telling senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders we need to present something different to the american people. explain. >> it shouldn't be just a choice between the center and left and
5:33 am
what we don't want and what we can't afford, meaning we've got to be making connections to peoples every day lives. i think in many ways what we're doing, what many in the field are doing is chasing donald trump. look, the biggest problem with immigration, oats not that it's criminal to actually come in to our country. the biggest problem with immigration is donald trump. he's used it to divide and not only rip apart families but rip apart our country. as a guy that actually won, we've got to make sure we're listening to americans out there and focusing on their every day challenges. but elizabeth warren was saying last night basically you in the moderate plane are playing it too safe and you've got to spend a lot of time telling americans what you can't do, what you can't afford. >> look, i'm not going to put out plans for press releases
5:34 am
which i think a lot of senator warrens plans are. >> you don't think they would hold water or their plans are really that thought out. >> as a governor i actually hear how people are been impacted by obamacare not just on tv. when i go to the target with my son i'll hear stories. what we're talking about now is let's build on that. it used to be republicans. i've been fighting for 2 1/2 years against repeal and replace. now when we hear from democrats say oh, it's actually too republican to make sure everybody has access to health insurance without disrupting 70% of the population in this country, i mean i don't think that's where our country is and how we're going to win this election, or this discussion about immigration. i'm for border security. i'm for keeping families safe,
5:35 am
growing our economy. but we don't have to just because donald trump's doing bad things say, all right, we're going to just have open borders, health care for all. part of being a leader is actually being honest with people. i want to make sure all folks in this country have health care before we take care of the rest of the world. >> is this a left center thing? do you think there are candidates too far left st. >> well, i think it shouldn't just be a left center because i don't think we have to compromise our values to win. in some ways it's inside of washington actually seeing the rest of the world. i mean i think it's easy for senator warren to be saying these things in massachusetts but remember we've also got to win places like wisconsin, pennsylvania, places we lost. >> but do you think the conversation beto o'rourke and others were having last night about decriminalizing border crossings and open borders?
5:36 am
>> when obama's homeland security jay johnson said when you we've got 100,000 people showing up at the border right now, we'd have multiples of that. you can fix this system without making it completely decriminalizing border intro. there are ways to do this, but what we're doing is everything that donald trump did bad. what we need is a new leader. we don't need all new laws. >> tid you do what you needed to do last night? and by that i mean what are the chances you'll be on that stage in september? >> i'd only gotten in just about eight weeks ago, had a great opportunity to both introduce myself, talk about the difference of both winning in a state where trump won, but also governing. and i think that folks that here's somebody that can certainly talk about donald trump but talk about the issues that matter in peoples lives so was really pleased to do that.
5:37 am
>> do you have any metrics for us this morning? >> yeah, i don't have all the met rrks. we did get a good donor spike along the way. it's interesting if you think back to bill clinton announced in october the year before, and he was at nothing at this point so from the perspective we still have a long way to go. the debates aren't necessarily going to decide who wins. talking about what i call sort of wish list economics, i think there's a lot of steps we've talked about that certainly they sound like great plans but i don't know if they'll ever pass nor will they help us win back places we lost. we don't have to compromise our values to get stuff done. >> you didn't have the experience of being in the debate last night. how did you think you did last night? >> i was pleased with the performance, pleased to be able to get my voice out there.
5:38 am
it's easy to be pretty self-critical and i wish i would have said -- it's true when i'm out traveling people aren't asking for free everything, they're asking for a fair shot in this economy. and those sort of things is when we were talking about this free college for all, nobody was talking about the fact that seven, almost seven out of ten americans don't even have a college degree. what are we going to do for them? so i think that, look, there are other points i shoe wish i could have made, but i was so happy to be up on that stage, introduce myself and show that there's a real distinction in this field. >> governor steve bullock, again, great to have you here, great to have you on that stage last night, a wonderful debate, a wonderful discussion. okay, so what happened in the moments before police say these two american teenagers fatally stabbed an italian police officer? this story gets more disturbing by the day. so we're learning breaking details about what investigators are now looking into.
5:39 am
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we do have breaking news this morning. cnn has learned an italian
5:43 am
forensics team will scour the hotel room where two american teenagers were arrested. they're accused of murdering an undercover police officer there, stabbing him 11 times after what appears to be a botched drug deal. cnn's melissa bell live in rome with the very latest we were talking about. >> reporter: that's right. forensic teams have been seen going in and out of this hotel as have the lawyers of the two american teens at the center of this investigation. because of course the evidence police say they found here including that 7-inch knife they say was alleged in the stabbing of the police force is crucial to their case they're building against the two americans. american teenagers finnegan elder and natale-hjorth car agi rucksack they'd allegedly just stolen after a botched drug deal. >> translator: we examined the
5:44 am
surveillance footage and by comparing them we managed to identify these two americans. >> according to authorities a police officer tried to stop the pair but was stabbed to death. >> translator: they were after money and drugs. we have clear evidence indicating that. >> reporter: police say the two americans had arranged to meet the owner in exchange for money and drugs. they weren't expecting police to turn up instead. >> translator: and as soon as they identified themselves they they were unexpectedly and immediately assaulted. >> reporter: police say she was stabbed 11 times. police say he brought the knife with him from the united states. >> some of of the stab wounds
5:45 am
went straight through the body, the length of the blade, the spine and intestines so it was impossible to react. >> the two teenagers dispute the account saying the plain clothed officers did not describe themselves as italian police but the pair turned on each other. his lawyer issued a statement saying. >> translator: mr. fatally has clarified his position. >> reporter: under italian law the two suspects can be held in custody up to six months if not longer before any charges are filed for a crime that has outraged the country. i think it's really important to note here that so much of what we know about what happened in those crucial few hours, about a four-hour period we know from the italian authorities.
5:46 am
both the prosecuting authorities, the police but also the investigating charge who ruled on saturday the men should stay in jail a little longer pending the bring of charges or not. we've heard very little from the boys themselves and precious little from their lawyers. we know the families of both haare in rome. they too have chosen to remain tight-lipped. more than 900 children have been separated from their parents at the southern border in the years since the judge ordered the practice to stop. according to the aclu the separations occurred for minor offenses and in some cases it's not even clear wlhy the child ws taken. 13-year-old keyla salazar was
5:47 am
killed in the mass shooting this week. cnn speaks to her uncle next. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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unitedhealthcare can guide you through the confusion, with helpful people, tools and plans. including the only plans with the aarp name. well that wasn't so bad at all. that's how we like it. aarp medicare plans, from unitedhealthcare. we have a follow-up now to that mass shooting in gilroy, california. the family of 13-year-old keyla salazar vows to never forget her. and cnn spoke to her uncle who was like a second father to her. it's been so emotional to watch the family's grieving. what happened? what did he tell you? >> reporter: it's so true, alyson. and you speak to her ung who were like her big brothers, her protective and she said she
5:52 am
really wanted to be an animator or maybe a youtuber because she was 13 and that's what 13-year-olds wanted to do. but now he's riddled with guilt for the fact he wasn't there for her at the time she needed him the most. >> she was so innocent. she didn't know anything about that. >> reporter: he called himself a protector of his 13-year-old niece, keyla salazar. >> and it's 100% impossible to tell you how i'm feeing. >> reporter: she loved making youtube videos with her uncle who grew up in the same house. at just 16 she was more like her big brother shooting videos of keyla's birthday party last year but on sunday she wasn't with her at another family tradition, the gilroy garlic festival and
5:53 am
now giardano is saturated with guilt. >> it's painful how i feel like i didn't do what i promised i was going to do. and she trusted me, she believed in me. >> it wasn't your fault. you couldn't have stopped this from happening. >> if i was there, she probably would have been here. and she would probably do way more than what i'm doing right now. she was just such a wonderful person. >> reporter: keyla's step dad was shot in the arm and in the mayhem was separated from the rest of the family. keyla was shot in the torso, the bullet exiting out her back, her uncle said. >> i can't imagine being on the ground, first my uncle, first my family. and just being there alone, scared.
5:54 am
>> reporter: in the chaos the family was separated. her mom began a frantic search for keyla. >> you can't imagine a mom looking for her kid at every emergency room, calling every possible number, we have friends two hours away driving to help look for keyla. >> reporter: it wasn't until around 3:00 a.m. when the family finally got answers. in the days since her mother also went to the hospital stricken with panic attacks, giardano says. >> it's not natural. parents are the ones who should die first. >> i should be able to buy birthday cake and be with her and so now we have to prepare for a funeral. >> she would do way more for everyone else than for herself. she was like an angel.
5:55 am
>> and giardano told me she was really hoping for a golden retriever puppy and he thinks the family should go ahead and get it as a reminder and he said that her gamer name was sharky and so he thinks that would be a good name for that puppy. the family has setup a gofundme page which cnn has vetted. if you want to reach out and help this family as they're going through such a deep mourning process, that would be one way to help them out. >> i'm always so struck by the vast pain that one hateful 19-year-old with a gun can cause to all of these families forever. thank you very much for your reporting from gilroy. >> stephanie, i think grew up in the region. i think stephanie grew up going to that festival also. i know this is really moving for everybody. so thanks.
5:56 am
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a very good wedednesday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto in new york. >> and i'm poppy harlow live from detroit this morning. beautiful morning again. what a night. we are just hours away from the second round of critical high stakes debates tonight. here's a live look inside the cnn debate hall in the historic fox theater where front-runner joe biden and senator kamala harris will face-off tonight in their highly anticipated rematch. harris hit biden on civil rights in the first debate, but the former vice president vows tonight will be much different promising he will not be as polite this time around. his


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