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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 2, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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democrats support a impeachment (wiley) it's fun inquiry. will it force nancy pelosi to (deborah) i just could not hear. move forward on impeaching the (avo) these are real people who are now living life to the fullest. president? >> firing recommendation. new york city's deputy police thanks to miracle-ear. call out toll free number to start your commissioner recommends the 30 day risk-free trial at your locally owned miracle-ear. officer accused of putting eric garner in a choke hold should be and schedule your free hearing evaluation. fired. (john) when someone new comes in, it happened in 2014. i take the time to listen to what's important to them. why has the case dragged on for years? >> and praising kim's brutality. then i run a comprehensive hearing test to find out if they even have hearing loss. if they do, i'll custom fit a hearing aid that president trump said he isn't fits their lifestyle and their budget. worried about kim jong un's (aurelia) with miracle-ear, it's all about service. latest missile test and praising they're personable. they're friendly. him saying he has a great and i'm very happy with them. (deborah) when i finally had miracle-ear beautiful future for his country and i could hear for the first time, even though he starves his i started crying. i could hear everything. people and locks up innocent (ben) i went to miracle-ear. (bobby) i went to miracle-ear. (ben) but i told you to go to miracle-ear. people. i'm wolf blitzer. (bobby) that's not--oh! you're in "the situation room." (avo) call our toll free number today to start your 30 day risk-free trial at your locally owned miracle-ear. of. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. we're following multiple (deborah) i was hesitant to get the hearing aids breaking stories. because of my short hair, but nobody president trump today abandoned even sees them.
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his effort to put john ratcliffe (avo) featuring our latest technology, our hearing aids into one of the nation's top are nearly invisible, so no one will notice and they're so security jobs, the director of comfortable, you might forget you're wearing them. national intelligence. (grandchild) can you hear me? his move comes after reports (ben) yeah! now i can hear my grandson again. raised serious questions about (avo) call our toll free number today to start your whether some of radcliffe claims 30 day risk-free trial at your locally owned miracle-ear. your 30 day risk-free trial is only the beginning. are exaggerated or untrue. we also provide you with unlimited checkups, cleanings, also breaking, 118 house and adjustments free. democrats now want an inquiry on it's why we've been trusted for over 70 years. impeaching president trump. and we have over 1,500 locations nationwide. that's more than half the democrats in the house. (wiley) i see someone new, someone happy. speaker nancy pelosi today promised to hold the president (bobby vo) it's really made a difference. accountable, but she stopped [laughter] short of committing to an (avo) call our toll free number to start 30 day risk-free trial and impeachment inquiry. we'll discuss all the breaking news with democratic senator ben carden of maryland, a member. foreign relations committee. and our correspondents and experts are also standing by with full coverage of the breaking news. let's begin with abby phillip. what's the president saying about his decision to give up on
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congressman. >> reporter: president trump is saying the media is being unfair to john ratcliffe. he's been surprised the cold reception this nomination has gotten on capitol hill. other white house aides says this proves the vetting operation is not up to snuff as another nom meinee has to withd. >> reporter: tonight, whiplash at the white house as president wiswitch wireless carriersn bring in your own phone, book your free hearing evaluation and save hundreds of dollars. it's pretty much the easiest way to save trump abruptly yanks the since sliced bread. sure is. because savings is as savings does. nomination of john ratcliffe and sometimes you've just got to stop and smell the savings. just one day after defending i'm sorry, i think you mean roses. him. less than a week after oh right. you need to stop and smell the roses of savings. announcing the pick, trump bring in your own phone, tweeting today that radcliffe is switch to xfinity mobile and save hundreds of dollars a year. now that's simple, easy, awesome. being treated very unfairly. get $100 back when you bring in an eligible phone. rather than going through months of slander and libel, i click, call, or visit a store today.
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explained how difficult it would be for him and his family. this amid allegations he fabricated part of his resumé we're back with our national and land the experience for the security analyst. job. he claimed he arrested 300 illegal immigrants in a single use sea day but court records and susan, you're the narrator of a new podcast. let's listen to this brief interviews say that's not true. excerpt. >> reading the report is hard. it's long, it's dense factually and covers an immense amount of ground. it's got a lot of law, blocks of trump having it both ways, insisting the coverage of black redactions make portions nearly unreadable. radcliffe's claims were unfair. it's one of the most important >> he's too good, he doesn't and consequential documents of our time but a lot of people aren't reading it. deserve it. if you take a look at it, the members of congress aren't reading it, members. vetting process for the white house is very good, but you're press aren't really reading it. up can forgive the average part of the vetting process, you citizen if they aren't reading know? we save a lot of money that way. it either. >> reporter: the two-term this podcast tells the story that mueller does but in a congressman leapt to the top of
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format that's a little more trump's list to replace dan manageable. coats after this exchange during buried and you the legalese is a former special counsel robert hell of a story, part gripping mueller's congressional t la spy teller, part alarm bell for testimony last week. anyone who cares about democracy >> donald trump is not above the around the world. war but he damn sure should not >> that sounds very, very be below the law. impressive. but for everyone who hasn't necessarily read all 448 pages >> i'll go back to what i said when director coats left. and footnotes of the mueller director coats was willing to report, what story lines are you speak truth to power. highlighting? i've seen no evidence, at least >> we are just sticking to the story that robert mueller from what i've read and seen actually tells, the story of what the russian social media about mr. ratcliffe that he'll manipulation operation looked bring that same level of like, what the hacking operation looked like and also what the independence. >> reporter: in private, report says about what the trump republicans also voiced concern. campaign and his associates knew in public the response was about those operations at the time, what they did, their muted. >> i don't know him. efforts to actually sort of go i think he deserves to have our out and obtain a set of hacked consideration. we'll learn more about him but emails that it turns out may not this one came as a surprise to have existed. us. >> reporter: meanwhile at a it's not diving into the question of whether you want to campaign rally in ohio, trump call it collusion or the legal conclusions, it's just the facts
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reveling at the at debate in so the american public can listen in a had digestible detroit. >> the democrats spent more time april tacking barack obama than format and decide for themselves they did attacking me what it means. >> what ruff doing to make it practically. >> and doubling down on his criticism of house oversight more readable, more digestible? >> we're just telling the story. committee chairman elijah we're just going through what cummings, by talking about the happened. we're having journalists who homicide rate in the city he told the story, who covered it represents. >> the homicide rate in in realtime, including some of the journalists who broke the baltimore is significantly higher than el salvador, story of the mueller investigation on this very show. they're coming in, giving the honduras, guatemala. >> reporter: trump even firing listener a context, telling them off a treat appearing to make the story of what happened. light of a break-in at cummings' there's no hot takes, no political comment tri-- comment. baltimore home. trump thweatting "really bad news, the baltimore house of >> you clearly want to give the elijah cummings appeared to be mueller report more exposure to the american public and to detail some of the specific charges that were included there, including obstruction. robbed. >> yes. we think that the mueller report is one of the most consequential documents of our time, it is
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too bad. incredibly important, regardless >> that was really not meant as of what political party you might be a part of. a wise guy tweet. just understanding what the >> reporter: tonight a case the russians did, understanding what happened on the american side. president has been paying we hear that the american public careful attention to, the fate they've seen the mueller report, of rapper a$ap rocky. they don't care, they don't support impeachment, everyone wants to move on. we've seen an overwhelming president trump had a little fun response of this podcast, it went number one to the charts celebrating his return saying with no publicity. a$ap rocky released from prison this demonstrates the and on his way home from sweden. proposition that people need it was a rocky week. this report and need help understanding what it means. >> thank you for your very, very welcome home a$ap. report. >> alex, what are you learning? you can find >> wolf, there are a number of susan hennessy doing an amazing things that led to ratcliffe job. when we come back, a firing recommendation for the police officer accused of putting eric downfall. when you compare to his would-be garner a choke hold. why has it taken five years to reach a decision? predecessors, his resumé paled in comparison. hi i'm joan lunden. that led to the initial uproar.
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at best senate republicans were luke warm. then up start digging into his actual experience. the credential he held up as most relevant was his time as u.s. attorney, claiming he put terrorists in prison. there's no evidence of that. we've searched the records, there's no evidence he was a prosecutor on any of those cases. then there's also that claim in his bio that he arrested 300 illegal aliens in a single day. that's a pretty bold claim, black and white. the truth is it was a multi-state, multi-agency today's senior living communities have never been better, operation. at the end of the day according with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms to "the washington post" just 45 and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros of those illegal workers were prosecuted in his district and since of them were dismissed. even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. and then finally, this was a partisan selection for a job a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options that is profound lly apolitical.
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likes gordon but that is far we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ from certain. get your usaa auto insurance quote today. so if he doesn't name gordon as acting, that means she will probably retire and then he would be faced with a situation where the president needs to name not just the top person in the intelligence community but the number two as well. >> and dan coats leaves in a couple weeks. not much time. april electi alex, thanks for that analysis and reporting. >> as of today the majority of house democrats now support launching an inquiry that could lead to president trump's impeachment. our congressional correspondent phil mattingly is joining us live from capitol hill. phil, what are you learning? >> impeachment supporters on capitol hill, wolf, have been targeting the number 118 for months. that means a majority threshold has been crossed, a majority of house democrats currently support opening an impeachment inquiry, the idea being with the majority could come more persuasion to speaker nancy pelosi to launch that inquiry, something she said she's not
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willing to do at this point in time. while they have reached that number, it hasn't actually moved the speaker. the speaker putting out a lengthy statement earlier today making sure her current course is the course the party is sticking with. democrats in the congress continue to legislate, investigate and litigate. the they will continue their investigation and continue their work in the courts. that might not be enough for some of those spoe supporters b this sunday an all new episode of cnn original series the movies explores american least one said that will bring cinema of 1960s. our tom foreman fakes a look at people on board. >> i think if we get access to how plik willing upheavals and the tomb in the mueller grand technological advances influenced hollywood. jury and we're able to subpoena >> movies about psychotic him again before of the judiciary committee, we'll have killers, lurking aassassins, a greater inside into what happened. i think more will come our way. zombies, demons. >> what have you done done to
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it. >> the annihilation of >> a majority of the caucus is everything. >> in the 1960s with cold war an important threshold. there are not many numbers that raging and society in turmoil come from the speaker that made process the film business embraced fear. even in dark comedies. >> i came out of the movie speaker explosipelosi speaker p. fearing nuclear war with the russian more than i had. if that dam starts to break, the it takes to you armgden. >> tchgs. >> if the 60s, the studios were political calculation charstart staggering from people not going change as well. >> interesting to theaters. it's hard to compete with free development, phil, on the other side of the aisle. stuff in the living room. the only african-american >> no president. republican in the house joined no president. >> the answer at least for a the list of lawmakers not while was to turn to big seeking reelection. pictures, too big for tiny tem us more. >> we're talking about will screens and fans loved them but also those movies were too big and too difficult to make. hurd. when you asked who is the future of the party, they often pointed you look at something like cleopatra cost, it nearly not to wil hurd. he's a former cia undercover only crippled one studio but the officer. he represents a border district
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down in texas, 71% latino. business. >> now, really, harry was the other guy i'm sid. he was considered the future of a big tent party, if you will. >> the business kept changing. >> they call me mr. tibs. he's also a national security hawk, somebody that in >> with frern directors stars traditional republican party and stories. ideologically lines up very well >> i'm the best there is. >> taking on the same topics the with where republicans have often been. nation was engaging. >> you shouldn't be defending him then why are you doing it. he's conservative butch al also >> gregory peck's attic us -- moderate on certain issues. fifrmg really helps america come he has a 90% approval on the into the discourse of the civil rights strug sfwlool when we think of classic hollywood we party and will hurd found think of romance and glamour. himself often on the opposite that breaks down in the 60s and side of president trump. we get a more complex view of you'll note tweets about sending democratic members of congress human psychology. >> mrs. robinson you are trying back. wil hurd called them bigoted. to seduce me. >> where was it head sng hollywood didn't know. but as america rode out of the 60s, who did. >> ♪ mellow darkness, my old friend ♪ thanks to tom foreman for is his leaving an omen of what's that preview. to come given this is now be sure to tune in 9:00 p.m. or
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president trump's party? i will note that wil hurd is not cnn's original series, the leaving the party. movies. just ahead more than 5 years he made clear in a lengthy after it happened, police statement that he remains a officials say the officer who put eric garner a fatal choke republican, he will continue working to make the republican party broader and he did not foreclose the idea of running [music playing] (vo) this is the averys. for congress or elected office again. he's not necessarily going anywhere in the political sense but he won't be in congress next year, wolf. >> he's got a lot of talent. phil mattingly on capitol hill. thanks very much. with us is senator ben cardin from maryland. thanks for joining us. >> always good to be with you. >> what does it say to you that this is the averys trying the hottest new bistro. president trump now so quickly had to backtrack on his pick for wait...and the hottest taqueria? such a critically important and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? intelligence position? and this is the averys wondering if eating out >> wolf, it shows me he doesn't is eating into saving for their first home. do his homework before making nominations, that the vetting this is jc... process was not done in this (team member) welcome to wells fargo, how may i help?
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case. here's a person who did not have (vo) who's here to help with a free financial health conversation, the qualifications to be the no strings attached. this is the averys with the support they needed to get national director of intelligence and he certainly was not going to be an objective back on track. well done guys. head for the intelligence community, would not have had (team member) this is wells fargo. the confidence of the men a nation in intelligence. i'm glad the nomination has beey has some possible replacements in mind. what kind of candidate can make it through the senate confirmation process? >> i think what we're looking for is someone who is going to be independent, is going to tell the president what he needs to know and tell the american people what we need to know about the intelligence situation, what's going on. we saw that with russia. we had clear information from the intelligence community that russia attacked our country in the 2016 elections. we therefore needed to take actions to protect us in the 2020 elections. that information needed to be presented to both the executive branch and legislative branch of government. so much we want a person who is going to make sewer that information is made available regardless of how the president
3:15 pm
of the united states feels politically about russia's involvement in our country. >> it's interesting you say that because the development today comes a day after president trump once again public live questioned russia's election interference here in the united states. watch and listen to this exchange the president had with reporters. >> reporter: mr. president, robert mueller said last year the putin is interfering with our elections right now. >> you don't really believe this. >> if you didn't hear that, senato senator. >> i heard it. >> mueller said last week russia is interfering with the u.s. elections right now. did you raise that with vladimir putin. the president said you don't really believe that. do you reporter said he said it finally ton, important last week. developments in the case of a you've been pushing for new white new york city police officer accused of fataling
3:16 pm
legislation to protect u.s. choking an african-american man. elections. what are the chances of any such eric garner's death in 2014 legislation being signed into generated national outrage. law before election day 2020? garner's last words were, i >> wolf, we're going to continue to push for it because we need can't breathe. today, a police department it. we still have some states that deputy commissioner recommended the policeman, daniel ponleleo do not have paper trail ballots so that if there's manipulation, we will not have the evidence of should be fired. he had been on desk duty since that. we know that russia is. the death. the obama justice department got engaged and looking at the 2020 involved and only two weeks ago elections and they'll be the trump administration decided involved. we know other countries are not to file any federal charges. interested. when i listened to the president now up to new york's police commissioner to act. today, it reefl mindminded me o we'll stay on top of the story. thanks to our viewers for press conference with mr. putin watching. i'm wolf blitzer in the when they had their summit situation room. follow me on twitter and meeting when he answered that russia may not be involved in instagram at wolf blitzer. our 2016 election. he later tried to change that. erin burnett "outfront" starts here again he's raising questions where the intelligence right now. outfront next, the president community has made it very clear abandon a pick to be the the top that russia is actively engaged and looking at our elections. intelligence official as >> why is the president so skeptical of russian bipartisan urj after another interference going forward or republican in congress calls it russian interference in 2016? quits. plus a baltimore pastor praised >> the only thing i can think of
3:17 pm
is that he has said from the by the president mass a message for trump amp the standpoint beginning that russia was not called the city rodent infested actively engaged in the 2016 and the threat against china as elections. he certainly gave that impression. for some reason he ef kwats that american consumers pay the price. let's go outfront. with legitimacy of his own and good evening, i'm erin burnett, going down in flames, election. i think there is a lot involved president trump's nominee to lead the u.s. intelligence here but clearly the president community is pick for director of the united states needs to of national intelligence is protect our free election system done. congressman and he's not taking the appropriate leadership by his language. if you listen to what the president said, mr. putin can interpret that he has a green light to move ahead for 2020. >> the president reacted to that break-in over the weekend of congressman elijah cummings' home over the weekend tweeting "really bad news, the baltimore house of elijah cummings was robbed, too bad." . the president said that wasn't
3:18 pm
meant to be a wise guy tweet, his words. you're from bamt more, so is he. you know him well. you're friends. what did you think when you heard what the president tweeted today? >> wolf, this has been going on now for five or six days. what the president has done is so outrageous for the president of the united states. he should be the president for all america, including the people of baltimore. he was trying to distract from the legitimate work that congressman cummings is doing in oversight to protect against the abuses of the president and then he made an attack on baltimore, appealing to some of the worst instincts in this country. that should have no place in elijah cummings has done an outstanding job representing the people of baltimore. to make fun of someone trying to get into his home -- you know that the president does things that disappoints us all the time but we always need to speak out. this is just wrong and should
3:19 pm
have no place in american politics and certainly not the white house. >> nikki haley, former u.n. ambassador said the same thing, that the president should not have said this. senator cardin, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank up, wolf. >> just ahead, we'll have more on the breaking news, president trump now abandoning plans to nominate a texas congressman for a top job in u.s. intelligence. also a deputy police commissioner says the officer accused of putting eric garner in a choke hold should be fired. why has it taken five years? experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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trump today gave up on nominating john ratcliffe. let's ask our political legal and national security experts about this. phil mudd used to work in the intelligence community. watch what the president said today when he was meeting with reporters about the vetting process that is under way. >> the vetting process for the white house is very good, but you're part of the vetting process, you know? i give out a name to the press and they vet for me. we save a lot of money that way. >> what? >> is that what tpresidents do?
3:25 pm
>> you would think there's some huge iceberg of vetting you got to have here below the service. you look at somebody's financial records, what they did with their college year book, that they paid their nanny. the president has an interface with coming, hey, joe, hey, mary, count heads on the oversight committee and figure out if they're going to vote for our nominee or not. i think he tweeted before he ever asked his guys are we going to vote for the guy or not? >> he says his vetting process, the president said pretty good. but take a look at some of the failed candidates who have come out there and very quickly after their names are out there as potential candidates, you see some of the nominations are withdrawn. >> it's clear there's actually no vetting process whatsoeve pr admitting to right here, shows
3:26 pm
lack of care that the president has for important national security roles, in which you actually people who have experience and experience in the field and are able to sort o be respected. one thing that might end up being interesting is acting sue gordon, who is currently the deputy who will under the statute become the acting dni, is actually liked by republicans and democrats in congress so just like we've seen, for example, with gina haspel, the president trump main see they're the best person for the job over the long term. >> the president is going to be happy if he's watching us right now part of the vetting process where sue gordon is concerned, she said not that long ago the president is actually a really great motivator of change in intelligence. this is a man who wants to do, he wants to take action. he's going to like that. >> it's certainly flattering to the president. part of the role of the dni is
3:27 pm
to communicate intelligence into the president. it needs to be accurate bum you also have to develop a rapport with that person. it's one thing that we heard out of dan coats again and again that he really struggled with connecting with the president. this is maybe gordon showing she is able do that and understand the president as her primary intelligence client. >> you're shaking her head. >> she actually said that today, by the way. >> this will never happen. >> what will never happen? >> that she will become the dni or even acting. the president said the intelligence community has run amuck. that includes dan coats. she is a careerist under coats. how can he then say these careerists who aren't loyal to me, i'm going to nominate one to be dni. it's not about qualifications, it's about loyalty. he can't look at her and say he's going to get that. >> part of what drew the
3:28 pm
president to congressman ratcliffe in the first place is he was a staunch trump ally in congress. he used his time at that house intelligence committee hearing when robert mueller testified about the russia investigation to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the special counsel, he's one of those people who perpetuated the notion that the entire russian investigation was a hoax and that's precisely why the president wanted someone who he believed was on his side to be the next dni. >> and the law that established the director of national intelligence specifically stipulates that that individual must have extensive intelligence expertise. >> look, one of the things president trump might want a loyalist, might want a trumpist in that role but i think he's learning he's not going to get one of those people confirmed. we've seen him go through this process before, he floats some names, nominates people via twitter when when those wash out, he loses interest and ends up with is effectively an
3:29 pm
establishment pick. >> just yesterday we heard the president once again publicly express doubts. i'll play the clip. watch this. >> mr. president, robert mueller said russia is interfering in u.s. elections right now. >> you don't really believe this, do you? >> reporter: he said that last week. >> we didn't talk about that. >> what are you thinking? >> it fits into the pattern where the president has repeatedly cast out on the notion that russia interfered in the u.s. election despite the widespread conclusion by the intelligence community that's what happened. it was just a week ago that robert mueller when he was asked to really characterize american public from his two-year long investigation, he said it was about the urgency to the american democracy when it comes to this broader threat from russia and said in some of his most pointed words that they're still doing it, they're doing it as we sit right here and the president continues to cast doubt on whether that's the case
3:30 pm
and has not taken many actions to teak stop it from happening. >> dan coats, he's public lily disagreed with him on many open cas cases. >> and we're not working with russia on anything demonstrably. we haven't seen any of that. and justs today we have the u.s. officials withdrawing from the inf treaty. that was something started back in the cold war. it's a fundamental of arms control worldwide. it's considered to be a bed rock agreement and because russia had been the one who had not been complying for the last six months, the u.s. gave them a heads up they were going to be getting out of it. the question is how do we work with russia?
3:31 pm
a jeern administration official was asked will the u.s. commit to trying to put in place arms controls agreements wildwiorld and he put the own us back on russia saying he wasn't sure if russia would be able to commit to such a thing. >> congressman wil hurd announcings heannounc announcing he's not going to seek reelection. you served with him in the cia when he was a clandestine officer. >> i don't think that's the real conversation. naily did nikki haley did a remarkable job. i think this is the reckoning movement. people are saying i've got a future in the party. i think in the future constituents are going to ask me what did i do when president trump was in.
3:32 pm
hurd and haley i think are setting themselves up for the future. >> what do you think? >> that's right. wil hurd was a rising star in the party before the party became the party of trump. the interesting question is what he does from here. i would very much doubt it's the last we're going to see of him, including in elect of office. but the question of after he announces his retirement, he's going to be searching out his current term. we heard h characterize the president's comments as a racist. whether or not we're going to see more aggressive criticism from herd if he doesn't have an election on the line in a year and a half. >> and wil hurd was the only black republican in the house of representatives. there are only 13 women who are saying they are retiring.
3:33 pm
you are seeping very much the ramifications of the president's actions, not just alienating minorities and people of color in terms of voters but hindering recruitment efforts on behalf of republicans and there are long-term implications for the ways in which they've struggled. >> kiley, you mentioned the withdrawal of the united states on the inf treaty with russia but there have been other withdrawals as well including withdrawals involving the iran nuclear deal, for example and now the sanctions being posed directly on one of iranian architects of that, the foreign minister of the paris climate accord and. we see a new strategy emerging
3:34 pm
on everything the north koreans are doing. what are they saying? >> they're acknowledged the fact that at the working level things aren't going so well. we have a special representative for north korea at the conferences right now. he was hoping to meet with his north korean counterpart. it doesn't look like that's going to happen. at the working level things just aren't going so well. that's because president trump is out front thinking he can be the one to negotiate. but as you said, i mean, the u.s. just this week $ tsanction the foreign minister of iran. if they want to come up with a new deal, how on earth are they going to be able to do that if they can't talk to the number one negotiator? it doesn't look like the president of iran is going to come to the table. that's what the iranians said when the trump administration made that move. >> it's interesting because the president is reacting to the
3:35 pm
latest ballistic missile tests by the north korean saying that kim jong un will do the right thing because he is far too smart not to and he does not want to disappoint his friend, president trump. he thinks there's a real strong personal friendship at stake here. >> and where are the results when it comes to the two-way flattery between the president and kim jong un after that historic summit where the two world leaders sat down for the first time in person. didn't really see a clear commitment on the part of pong yank pong -- pong yank -- poyongyang in terms of denuclearization. it's just not clear what the status of his talks are with north korea. there certainly hasn't been any substantive progress that the administration can point to.
3:36 pm
>> the president also says that kim jong un has a >> i wanted to say as that's happening, north korea continues to develop its nuclear program. that is aal with, having to mon having to watch while the president is still saying nice >> on a very different subject, let me get your thoughts because we haven't discussed this, susan, james comey, the fired fbi director, there was a referral from the inspector general at the justice department that maybe what comey did should be referred to law enforcement, to prosecutors, because he may have broken the law revealing classified information. the justice department lawyers all went through it and said there's no laws that were broken, we're not going to go forward with this. what's your analysis? >> there's a little bit of an irony here that james comey may have shared information that later deemed to be confidential. that's also what happened to
3:37 pm
hillary clinton, sort of the chain of events that set all of this off. the president is certainly going to try and use and spin this inspector general report to suggest that comey engaged in wrong doing. that's not what happened. the report says basically they were trying their best. theyssues and process issues, but i think pretty much this is d.o.j. closing the book on any allegations of wrong doing. >> the president accuses comey of breaking the law but doesn't the fbi director to decide what shut should be or shouldn't be classified? they say some of that information was confidential, even though it wasn't at the time and this may have been a problem. >> absolutely. this is a joke. can you imagine going to a judge saying this was unsensitive
3:38 pm
and -- >> national security information when you release it means you're giving the adversary an advantage and you're exposing how the u.s. collects intelligence. this is a conversation between the fbi director and the president. when you see top secret code word released, that's a problem. confidential is one of the lowest levels of classification. >> i think it's the lowest. >> it's about the lowest. officially only us suspect i would say but that's not even classified. >> it is certainly one of the lowest. usually it's not even referred to as classified information. >> i suspect the grocery list for the white house is confidential. you can't say i'm going to put him at judicial risk because at some point somebody decided a conversation with the president might reach the lowest level of
3:39 pm
confidential. that's a joke. >> the u.s. -- the president wants to o remove a lot of used troops, a lot of u.s. diplomats from afghanistan and there are enormous numbers right now. what are you hearing? >> what we're hearing that's new is that the the from the embassy and afghan san by 50%. that's their goal, to cut it in half by the end of september. that's a pretty staggering rate at which they're moving right now. so they're in the middle of that. that's happening while ambassadour top negotiator with the taliban is meeting with the taliban that would hopefully lead to a troop withdrawal. hoping the troops could go from 15,000 to between 8,000 and 9,000. the new thing here is that we know the numbers. according to my sources, the ambassador has talked to the afghan government about these
3:40 pm
numbers. we are not in the. >> in 18 years, phil, the u.s. involvement in afghanistan still continues. hard to believe it's still continuing. you have a a brand new, very hot, very important book that has just come out. black site, the "cia in the post 9/11 world. you've got tom very important information. give us a headline or two, why our viewers should be interested in what you've written. >> pretty simple. . if you look at the stuff the intel community is involved in today, go back 18 years. i interviewed about 35 people, most of whom will never apeer on cnn. go back 18 years and live in the shoes of people who decided to open detention facilities and detaken al guide ia. i want them to live it so that
3:41 pm
piece of history never dies. that's what the book is about. >> you document plenty of mistakes where the intention, the tearor that was going on. >> pretty soon it's going to be forgotten. >> you lived it. >> i did. i never want to live it again. we sat there in 2002 and i of thought we were losing when we hadthere's another 9/11 and we didn't use book. it's an important book, important lessons to be learned. much more right after this. who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance.
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