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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 13, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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family. they see murders and they see people in the worst conditions possible. and then they go home and he said, you know, who are you going to talk to about that? you can't talk to your wife or your kids about that. you have to internalize all of that and they think that's a big problem, along with the stigma with coming forward. so there's a lot of issues that they're tackling right now. nypd, but this certainly did not help. i don't think he expected this. i think he expected the changes they were making were going to prevent a suicide, but here we are again. >> eight. and you feel for their families, you feel for the families in blue. britain, thank you so much for calling that to our attention and talking to the commissioner. thank you. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> here we go. hour two. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. any minute now, we will hear from investigators with an update on that mass shooting in downtown dayton, ohio, that killed nine and wounded more than two dozen others. as soon as the news conference begins, we'll bring that to you
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live. as we wait, let's talk to cnn law enforcement analyst, james gagliano and cnn's gary tuchman is there in dayton. gary, i want to start with you. it's been a little over a week since that shooter murdered those nine people. do we have any idea what to expect? what may be coming out of this news conference today? >> brooke, here's what we know. the mayor's office here in dayton and the city's police department say they have additional information about the killings nine days ago that they want to share with us. so they will be holding a news conference in this room in the dayton city hall any second now. we don't know precisely what it's about. it's important to point out that the shooter is dead. but yesterday, there was some big news. a friend of the shooter, his name is ethan cauley, 24 years old, arrested on federal firearms charges. he's accused of providing a hundred-round magazine to the killer. he's accused of providing body armor to the killer and also accused of assembling the ar-15-style rifle that the killer used. this man is in jail right now. he has a detention hearing
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tomorrow. he could face up to 15 years in prison on these firearms charges, but it's really important to point out that his attorney says that he knew nothing about the plan to kill people and indeed, prosecutors here also say there is no evidence whatsoever that he knew about plans to kill people. so will there be an update on that? that's what we expect the friend, the update on that friend situation when this news conference happens at any second. >> okay, as we're waiting for it to begin, james, just over to you. just reminding everyone. the official motive in this mass killing isn't clear. is that, at this point, seven, eight days out, is that unusual? >> well, i mean, brooke, going back to the las vegas shooter, stephen paddock, we still don't know what the motivation was there, where 58 people were killed at a country concert. certainly, law enforcement wants to get the causality, but it's not always crystal clear, especially when the perpetrator either kills himself as happened
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in las vegas or is killed by police, as happened in dayton. what's almost most obvious, what we don't hear in the filing is as glaring as what is filed. they're charging him with unlawfully using a controlled substance and falsifying information on a form which basically requires you to say, i do not use drugs while i'm purchasing this weapon. so he falsified that. but they're not charging him with making a straw purchase. remember, a straw purchase is where somebody buys a weapon legally and provides it to somebody who's unable to own or possess that weapon legally. so in this instance, he has not been charged with that he's just charged essentially with falsifying the 4473. >> got it. we're going to way for the news, james and gary, stand by. and as soon as we see dayton law enforcement officials there, we'll take it, any moment now. but i do want to get to the breaking news out of hong kong,
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where violent clashes have erupted between riot police and pro-democracy protesters at the aurpt the airport there, one of the world's busiest. just look at this. this was the scene earlier at hong kong international airport as police in riot gear fought with all of these protesters after this police officer was beaten by his own baton, he pulled his gun and the demonstrators ran away. earlier, protesters moved seats and those luggage push carts as they ride to barricade the building. president trump has tweeted that the chinese government is moving troops to the border and just begging everyone to be safe. hong kong's chief executive is warning protesters not to push the city into the quote abyss. cnn's paula hancocks has been in the thick of it at the hong kong international airport, where it is now past 3:00 in the morning there. paula, what's the scene like
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now? >> reporter: well, brooke, we saw some very remarkable and chaotic scenes just a number of hours ago here at hong kong international airport. riot police came to the entrance of the eighth busiest airport in the world. this is a major international transport hub. and yet, you had riot police clashing with protesters just outside, we understand, that pepper spray was used by the police. at one point, we also understand that a policeman had to draw his firearm on some of the protesters because they were trying to overpower him. also, we are seeing the second day in a row where this airport has grown to a standstill. protesters managing to barricade part of the departures area off, meaning that the hong kong transport authorities and the airport authorities decided that they were going to close the check-in. so it's interesting to see what is going to happen over the next day or so, whether or not protesters decide they do want to come back.
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thousands of protesters were here today talking about what they see as excessive force used by police over recent days. brooke? >> all right. paula, thank you so much there in hong kong. again, as we wait for this news conference to begin in the mass shooting in dayton, ohio, we are also watching the markets. the dow up nearly 400 points today as president trump blinks in this china trade war. more on that. and cnn speaks to the mother of that young girl seen crying after her father was arrested in that i.c.e. raid last week. she says they still don't know where he is. and later, billionaire tom steyer gets one step closer to making the next debate stage now one of his 2020 democratic candidates says he's buying his way in. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we'll be right back. ack! get a sirloin or chicken on the barbie, fries, and a draft beer or coca-cola - all for just $10.99. hurry in! wednesdays are for outback. outback steakhouse. aussie rules.
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so i'll turn it over to shelly. >> thank you, mayor. so i know there's been a lot of attention given to the officers who actually engaged in the shooting or taking -- neutralizing the shooter. i did want to be able to provide a summary of all of the work this organization did. it is -- there was a lot of heroic service provided across the organization and across the region. just to sum up a few things to help you understand or to highlight the total response we had, helping the police department, there were 14 responding agencies, from federal, state, county, and
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other local jurisdictions. the actions -- a lot of the actions included, of course, engaging the shooter, but applying first aid, performing cpr, applying tourniquets, comforting victims, securing the crime scene, collecting physical and digital evidence, some of which the chief will walk through today, ongoing investigational activities, managing the message regarding the event and the investigation to the media and general public and supporting their teammates through this very difficult time. the fire department was the first department to create the command post to integrate police and fire into a unified command. our dayton fire department responded with eight medic units, six engines, three ladders and a lot of other specialized units to support the
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response to the event. dayton fire department had seven jurisdictions that sent 12 additional medics. five additional jurisdictions provided fire station fill-in and responded to a working structure fire on mcclain street. they also spent time and continue to spend time supporting their teammates through this event and beyond. recreation use services provided facility support at the dayton convention center for the emergency operations center and communications center. they also provided space and coordinated with the red cross to create the family assistance center and they coordinated the press room, where we did multiple, multiple press events. the department of public works provided a variety of street maintenance activities and helped set up the stage for the sunday night vigil. the office of public affairs, city manager's office, mayor and
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commission office, and the law department established and promoted clear channels for residents and media to get accurate and timely info, including live streaming, press events, and pushing out info on city social media channels and website. they also coordinated an enormous amount of media calls and ensured that local and national media had access to city leaders. and finally, managed a great deal of adoptions and outpouring of public support and pushed out information to -- to start the community in the healing process. so aside from the police officers who engaged in the shooting, there were literally hundreds of people within our organization and throughout the region who provided heroic service to address this tragic even event. >> now i'll turn it over -- oh,
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you're going to -- >> no, thank you. appreciate it. >> good afternoon. we'll provide an update on a couple of things here today. first, to give a little bit of an update, that you might understand, after an event of this magnitude that preliminary information on casualties is preliminary and so we actually had people who are walking into the hospitals asking for services subsequent to that day. so the total here is listed before you. i won't read that out in terms of fatalities as well as non-fatal. these are gunshots. this is everyone killed or injured through a gunshot wound. in total, 26 victims, 15 female and 11 male. and you can see the racial demographic breakdown of all of those victims. we thought it was important to
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give you an update as complete as we can at this time, although i don't anticipate any additional victims necessarily coming forth, we need to be still open to that possibility. i will say that. there has been incredible interest by probably all media agencies on something called timeline. and i was asked a number of questions really in the middle of last week about, can i confirm this video coverage of the individual inside of blind bobs, the fact that these folks were together, all three, the assailant, his sister and his companion. and i made it very clear at that time, that's relevant in terms of a point in time, but that's not really our biggest concern.
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our concern was once they separated, then what happened and what was that time frame? we now can fill that in. you see right now, we are able to confirm the arrival of these three individuals in a vehicle that was parked behind the tie 9 parking lot, i assume you know where that's at, and that was at 11:04 because there was a parking ticket that had that time stamped on it. we know immediately upon a arrival, all three headed to blind bobs and remained there until 12:13 a.m. when the assailant, in fact, left, went across the street to ned peppers, where he remained until 12:42 a.m. he then goes back to the parking lot where the vehicle is at and spends the next eight minutes
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gathering content out of the trunk of that vehicle. in which he has also now changed attire. he has a very heavy backpack that he is carrying. he then goes to the rear behind newcomb's and the heart mercantile location and he is there for about nine minutes. it is at that point that there is physical evidence -- not only is there video evidence, but there's physical evidence to confirm that he was at that location and we'll give you that detail in this presentation. and then at the 1:04 a.m., he emerges behind the alley and that's when the shooting begins. so this slide here is obviously an overhead view of the oregon district where this incident
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occurred, covering all the way from the -- if you look in the bottom left corner of this tv screen, that's the tie 9 parking lot. that's where the vehicle is parked. now we will show you the path that all three took from that vehicle to blind bobs, this green line that shows their path of travel. all of this will be validated subsequently through video. and i'll ask senator paul saunders the commander of strategic planning bureau who had a team of six people working on reviewing 250 gigabytes of video to try to determine path of travel, if we could identify the suspect and the assailant, his path of travel and time frames. the next blue line is when the
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assailant leaves blind bob's, goes across the street to ned peppers, where he's there for roughly half an hour, and then goes east on 5th street down jackson street and west back through the alley where he had originally come the first time but then turned to go up towards blind bob's when he was at that particular walkway. the next is his path of travel, once he has obtained the weaponry, the backpack, his vest, his hoodie he put on. so this shows his path of travel from the parking lot back to the walkway right adjacent to blind bob's where the shooting first begins and where three individuals were fatally wounded. across the street, there's additional victims along the north side of fifth street, adjacent to a nearby ned peppers and there's another victim on
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the south side of the street in front of tumbleweed, correct? tumbleweed. this now shows -- this is the video that was obtained from multiple businesses. i won't try to name them all, but these are the video -- recorded video that was obtained and documented this time frame, these paths of travel, and the activity most particularly when the assailant left the company of his sister and his companion. i will now have lieutenant paul saunders come up to the podium and we will walk you through the video, some of which we may have to show more than once. i will warn you in advance, some of the video is rather grainy. some has really good clarity.
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so the way we're able to say this is the assailant is based on timeline of other video and other data points. so we're absolutely confident, even though the image seems to be indistinguishable of who that is, that we are confident that this is in fact the assailant who is being tracked by video throughout this gap in time from the time he left his sister and his companion and began shooting. afterwards, when you have a chance to see this and if you need to kind of rewind and see the video again, again, if it's hard for you -- it's hard for me, i watched it a lot of times, sometimes it's hard for me to actually see the movement of the individual on the video, so if we need to do a rewind, we will do it. we will make this publicly available so you will have it. so with no further ado, lieutenant saunders, i'll bring you up. >> so, a couple -- before we get
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going, kind of housekeeping, when you see the video, and it's on the small tv because of the quality. we have different sources of video from the surveillance cameras. to get the best quality policy, we decided to go on a smaller screen for you, because it gets real grainy on a big screen. the time stamps on the individual videos are -- everybody had their own time stamp on their security videos, so with the resources we had available, we tried to sync them as best we could. so the times at the top of the slides is what we're going by. we highlighted in yellow the different -- go back one more, matt, sorry. the different viewpoints we have. the lower left right here is a residence that highlights the parking lot. this is the record store that highlights the parking lot. this is not rear of newcomb's. that's a very clear video. you'll see that.
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that's up wione of our referenc points. to the front is blind bob's. on the patio and on the front, we have ned pepper's video. we have the video to the rear for the heart mercantile and the far right. go ahead one more for me. so this first video is of the tie 9 parking lot. this is a private residence. highlighted yellow is a tree branch, but behind that tree branch is where the vehicle is. and you'll see the three people, shooter, sister, and friend. they're walking eastbound right n now. on the right-hand side is a thumbnail that shows the video and the path. so to keep it in perspective and context. the next slide is going to be behind the newcomb's parking lot and newcomb's and the alley.
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this shows the three of them together. please note the individual on the left is the shooter. he was wearing a shirt for most of the evening that has that very distinctive detail on the back. that made it possible for us to identify him in several different video sources. this is going to be a short clip of a video inside blind bob's. you'll see the shooter enter from the patio. his sister and friend are still on the patio. hei he's going to speak with the doorman for a minute. the time we have on this is about 13 minutes after midnight. he leaves here in just a moment -- you can go ahead and click next -- and now he at 12:14, so a minute later. this is the shooter entering ned peppers. he goes into ned peppers. he's there for about 30 minutes. very crowded, shoulder to shoulder, and then he leaves at 12:42. that's a key time also.
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remember the 12:42 time, because we're getting closer to the point of when these shootings began. the shooter exits and we catch him on video going eastbound on fifth street. you can see him highlighted in yellow right up here. you can see that shirt that helped us find him. he travels eastbound. you can see the path on the right-hand side in the thumbnail -- i'm sorry, back up one. i apologize. another point to make, to he has just come out of need peppers. this is a video from actually hole in the wall, which is agenda to ned peppers, but in front of this is the police cruiser. they're very visible at this point. the shooter actually comes out of ned peppers and walks right in front of that police cruiser. he's aware of where they were. or you think he would spr hhave to see him. next slide. this is him. this is video that was caught from the rear of tumbleweed.
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we know it's him because of the timing and you'll see in the next couple of slides where it's very clearly him. this is video from next door. the shooter is now walking in the alley. you can barely see. he's walking eastbound. he's walking back towards the car at this point. and this is behind newcomb's. he's still wearing a t-shirt and shorts. there's no backpack. it's 12:45 right now. sw we know at this point he's heading back to the car. this is from the record store on fifth street. you'll see him coming from the left to the right. then we'll switch over to the private residence camera. the one you saw in the very beginning. he's behind the car. if you were on a high-rigs scre resolution screen, you can see that there's movement.
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it appears that he's walking around the car, the trunk lid is coming open and shut, he's there for about eight minutes and you'll see him when he exits. the video, we sped it up so you don't have to wait eight minutes. but when he walks out, the key thing is he's no longer wearing a short-sleeved shirt and he's now wearing a dark hoodie and he has a backpack. i don't know if you can see the movement, but there's movement right around the car right there. and here he comes exiting -- now he's wearing the backpack and long sleeve shirt. the path on the right-hand side shows how he went. he's going to cut back over to the alley. this is from the record store, so we can catch him cutting that same path right here. part of this at this point was just verifying that he had no
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interaction with anybody else. here he is, coming out from behind the dumpsters and the thumbnail shows the path that he's going. this is the video that's right behind newcomb's. he's going to come from screen right. he's traveling eastbound and he has the backpack in long sleeves. the backpack is weighted down and not empty. this is a key point here, because -- pause for a second? on the thumbnail, you'll see this camera view goes to the corner, which is the corner of this building. at this point, we lost him for about nine minutes. we couldn't find him anywhere on the video. this is a viewpoint from heart mercanti mercantile. you'll notice the opposite corner of that building and when he walked. we saw the image of him walking the first time.
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when you play this, you'll see him dart around the corner. and there it is. pause it and go back. he shoots around that corner pretty quickly. he was behind the building for about nine minutes. and there he goes again. click "next" for me, next slide. this is the viewpoint -- this is where -- the corner he just went around. we have a pretty good idea of what he was doing there, because as he shoots up this alley, probably not the right turn, he comes up this alley and we know that he was probably charging his weapon, loading it up. the next day, approximately where that is, there's an unspent round, it's damaged like it had to be ejected because it didn't charge properly. that's recovered. it was a .223 round matching
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what the shooter had. we're pretty sure as he was turning this corner, he was probably charging his weapon. he had to probably recharge it. and the next video will show the reason why we think as he was traveling up this alley he began shooting. this is another one we'll have to show twice because the first thing you'll notice is the people. that's going to tell you when you actually have rounds coming down range. so we'll play it and i want to see the range. and that leshow when the shooter comes through. so this is the patio for blind bob's. go ahead and click play for me, pleas please. now they're moving, they just heard shots. and he's going to play it again.
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the best place see him is right here. but he'll run this path. so there he goes and we know he's been firing because just past this umbrella is the taco stand on fifth street. that's where our first three fatalities occur. one of them is his sister. we also know from the eyewitness accounts, that as he's crossing fifth street, which is right here on the red line, he continues to fire down fifth street, and there's evidence of that. this store is adjacent to ned pepper's, the cruiser i showed you earlier is actually right
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he here. they've obviously just heard gunfire. the first officer you'll see coming around this fire is officer voltus, i believe. followed by the remainder will fan out right here. and you can see when -- it might stutter on me, this video does. so they're engaging right now. so this is the officers -- because later on, you can barely see these guys from the shot that we have. and i want to start off, because that is the first response. so the next slide is now from ned peppers and this is now angling to the west. so the shooter is up the street. he's crossed fifth street. he's being shooting down range or down fifth street.
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the officers are reacting. you saw officer rolfus. you'll see him again. he'll come up in this portion of the screen. we have had to redact some of this, because there's some sensitive material on there that we didn't think was good for the public. but you'll get a pretty good idea of the path of the shooter and the first response of the officers. you'll see officer rolfus come up here and on the right-hand side, the path of officer rolfus, approximately. so he was engaging right now. that was the shooter that just went by. so the officer came up and he's now responded back. i want to play that again. so there's officer rolfus right in the middle. there's the shooter coming by. so he was engaged there. so we're going to go to the next slide, which is still going to
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be from -- this is from ned peppers. this will be the end of this scene. so the first officer i showed you was the officers all fanning out. they're all up here. so next door is hole in the wall. this is ned peppers' front door. you just saw down here, the officer engaging the shooter as he was running down the sidewalk. you'll see this shooter continue to run right here and it will end right here. can you play for me? and then pause it for me. so if you look at the thumbnail on the right, you can see that the shooter is right in front of ned peppers. the blue dots show you where the police are located on the thumbnail over here. the -- by our best resources that we have at our fingertips, we believe that the shooting started at approximately 1:05 and 35 seconds.
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we believe it ended at 1:06:07, that's 32 seconds. depending on what video you're looking at, our first engagement was about halfway through that. the -- all of this data has been turned over for more technical analysis with the fbi. that will take quite a bit -- it took us a while to go through what we got. and we were just honing in on certain parts. they'll be going through audio and social media, which we've collected that, also. but in a nutshell, this accounts for the shooter's movements from the time he arrived to the time of the incident ended. >> you said the shooting started [ inaudible ]. what was the first time you saw him on video at all? >> 11:04 or 11:05. that would be in the oregon district parking lot, when they're -- the very first clip i showed you of him exiting vehicle, that would be our first -- >> did you say 12:42?
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the time on the -- i got the time right here. >> when he exits ned peppers, yes. the police vehicle and likely police officers at the same time. >> yep. >> do you think he was going into ned peppers? that's a great question. i think there's a good -- whether he had gone into ned peppers to case it, i think that's a strong probability, but let me also say that he was very familiar with the oregon district. so this is not a place that he did not know. >> any chance that he had any interactions? >> there's no indication that he had contact with individuals, but there's no indication that there's any significance that would generate any kind of response like this. this was a plan well before he
12:37 pm
got to the oregon district. >> well, i think it was really important, where they're co-conspirators, whether there are some other folks aiding and abetting. we're not saying this is the finality of this conversation, but clearly, that day during that time frame, we don't see anyone assisting him in committing this horrendous crime. so that's important information. also, that plus some follow-up investigation seems to strongly suggest that his companion had no idea what he was going to do nor did he have any knowledge of the weapons that were in the trunk of that vehicle. >> do you think he knew exactly where they were and went after them directly? >> he did know where they were at. they were communicating during the hour back and forth. one brief phone call, we know the content of that.
12:38 pm
that was his sister and his. so we don't know what that content is. but also, text messages, also. >> did he say meet her at the taco stand? >> no, there was no invitation to meet. there was a communication that -- from his companion that they were, quote, going to the taco stand, and that was about, about seven minutes or so before the shooting occurred. [ inaudible question ] it's an interesting question and i will tell you that a lot of us have been involved in this dialogue. we all have been reviewing this evidence, including the homicide detectives who were deeply immersed in this. we have radically different views in that regard. and if we can't agree in the interpretation of the evidence,
12:39 pm
where some are saying absolutely not, he was not intentional, some say, no, it had to be. i would say it's inconclusive. >> what were you referring to? -- it was the question whether the sister was an intentional victim. and his companion, who was also shot survived. and i said, basically, the evidence had been debated in both directions with individuals in or organization intimately familiar with the evidence, arguing both directions. and if we -- based on what we know now, which is a key factor here, if we can't seem to make that call conclusively that we're divided about how -- whether that was intentional or not, i think it's inconclusive. we may get a better insight through historical data looking back, but based on the evidence from that night, i don't think we can make the call.
12:40 pm
>> any indication [ inaudible [ inaudible ] -- [ inaudible question ] >> actually, what you -- the officer was on screen, on the video you saw, the officer was offscreen. the shooter would have been offscreen initially coming down the sidewalk. >> and there's more video out there, by the way. >> how big a part did the body armor play of being -- >> yeah. it's a great question, too. i would say that the body armor, because of the way it was worn was vulnerable, and fortunately, we were able to take advantage of that vulnerability. >> he had plates, but that's all. ballistic plates. >> are you confident that none
12:41 pm
of the people [ inaudible ]? >> that's something that the corner reviews in his examination. he's not complete and when he's ready to discuss, you know, that particular, what the injuries were and cause of those injuries, then you can have that informatio information. [ inaudible question ] well, we certainly know three individuals who were shot immediately, right around blind bob's. they were the initial victims. what is a little bit, i think, uncertain for me, i don't know or if -- we have someone completely on the south side of the street in front of tumbleweed. and everyone else is clustered on the other side of the street. so when that shot was fired, that's not really clear for me, at this point -- >> she was mobile, so she was shot and ran quite a ways. so they're still piecing that together. >> in video where he spoke to one of the people inside the bar, the workers, do you -- have you been able to interview that
12:42 pm
person and know what they talked about? >> yeah, we have interviewed a lot of folks, i can't tell you who all we have spoken to or if that person or what the content was, that's a level of detail we're not going to be able to provide. >> one of the most important questions right now is motivation [ inaudible ]. anymore insight about the possible motivation? >> i have kind of tried to create a distinction here between motivation and mind-set. i think it's an important distinction to make. motivation seems to suggest this specific location, this particular night, these individuals who were victims, i think that's way, way, way downstream. that's not the level of clarity we will have now. we certainly don't have it now, and whether we will ever know
12:43 pm
that is a question. i think we have a lot of information about mind-set, historical data about mind-set and his progression. but i want to remind you that this is the principle focus right now of the investigation by the federal bureau of investigation. so they're running with that. we need them to run with that. that's what they do best. amongst other things, by the way. but that is really their role and we're going to allow them to do that. >> anything about the -- >> i don't think more than i've already amplified, and there's this history of obsession with violence and violence ideations, a discussion of an interest in mass shootings and the expression of a desire to carry out a mass shooting. i think that should be enough thematically that you should get a pretty clear picture of what was going on here. >> that conversation, you can't say now what the nature of that was? >> i'm not aware -- that would have been an interview by
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homicide detectives and i don't have that level of detail. we really wanted to keep this -- and i realize that you have a lot of questions and we'll try to fill in what gaps we have. but i will tell you, this was the next big i think chunk of the investigation that we felt comfortable releasing, because we a high level of confidence it's accurate in terms of time frame and location and activity, particularly of the principle individual who was responsible for these mass shootings and these murders. [ inaudible question ] i think there's going to be some evidence of that. the question was, was that play in that night? i don't know. and that's part of the toxicology report that typically takes six weeks. the corner was asked late last week and said he would hope to get it in two weeks. that's an important once again, we won't know that for at least two weeks. >> any drug farnl in the cparape car? >> there was some evidence of drug paraphernalia, yes.
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>> you said that the conversations in the bars, nothing that would indicate that that's what caused him to begin shooting? >> no. >> that he preplanned it earlier? any idea how much earlier? one day? one week? one month? >> you know, hard to say, mike. i can tell you he was in the oregon district on friday night. so what was his mind-set then? i don't know. he was not unfamiliar with this area and the fact he was there the night before, you know, vern certainly have to consider there was some thought being given to it at that time. [ inaudible question ] no, no, in fact, your paul -- i don't think saw anybody else in the alleyway during that time. >> there are two segments of period that we can't see him clearly, that's one when he's at the car with the branch in the way and behind newcomb's. there were people in alley, in
12:46 pm
the parking lot behind new com's, blind bob's. there were some people back there. there was nobody that went back to the area where -- from either side. we have video from the newcomb side and blind bob -- or heart mercantile. nobody went back there. there were no vehicles that came into play during that point. so he appears to be back there alone. [ inaudible question ] so basically, your bullets are in a magazine at some point. when you charge a gun, you are working the action so that one of the rounds goes up into the chamber of the gun, so it can fire. >> [ inaudible question ] >> well, you know, was just informed. i talked about to todd wickerham sunday night, because this was on my mind a bit and had been
12:47 pm
informed then that they had gotten the phone. i don't know that there's a lot more detail. i don't have a high level of detail that was there in there, but i don't have a sense there's anything particularly revealing at this time. they have to have an opportunity to go through that and there's other evidence, too, that they have to go through. so nothing that i'm aware of at this time that emerged of significance in its initial examination. >> you had said to a number of people throughout the last decade or so had made references to some sort of mental illness. are you aware of any diagnoses, and if so, what? >> no, i'm not aware of any diagnosis. i am aware that he had undergone some treatment. and i can't comment further on that. but i am aware of that.
12:48 pm
[ inaudible question ] it seems so. it seems so. >> chief, are you thinking that he had the weapon in the backpack, disassembled [ inaudible ]? >> correct. right, i don't think he could have put that weapon in its fully builtout state in that backpack and not have it sticking out. so to some degree, i think it was disassembled. evening that's a pretty fair conclusion to draw. and of course, you had that drawn magazine, too. so i think he -- i think that's part of the explanation for the nine minutes, right? >> right. and that's noticing the fact that the backpack appeared to be weighed down. so it's safe to say it was probably in the backpack and we've checked with our -- a lot of our weapons teches and s.w.a.t. guys and they all concur that most likely that weapon had to be broken down to some extent. >> is there any evidence that
12:49 pm
megan had a chance to confront connor before she was shot? >> none, none. >> did she even recognize -- >> there was a question even of visibility, quite honestly, from that alley. because the patio at blind bob's, you have all of those umbrellas kind of hanging down. her and the companion are on the opposite side of the taco stand. so there's a real question, could he even see who that was on the other side? which is why i'm saying, the evidence seems to be questionable. although it's very clear, seven minutes before he started shooting, he knew they were there. >> did they know that there was any guns in that car? >> no indication that they knew. [ inaudible question ] you know, that's still -- like i said, it's a conversation in progress, but i think probably
12:50 pm
that of greatest significance, there does not seem to be any indication the existence of the weapons in the trunk or what the assailant intended to do that night. >> did he say anything about why they had separated? >> no. i don't think -- he may have, but if that was part of the interview, i'm not aware of the response. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> you know, that is been -- i will say it is a work in progress and at this time i don't have that level of detail. it was to now be able to tell you today, it is not 14 gunshot wound victims, it is 17. so just trying to get their identity, the demographics, we need to get offense reports, we need to get medical records. there is a lot that goes into trying to establish what happened and how they were
12:51 pm
injured, et cetera. >> [ inaudible question ]. >> well, this community is remarkable. just remarkable. i'm amazed at the response. just amazed. so gracious. so grateful. so caring. so this is a beautiful community. >> what do you have to say about your police men and women? >> wow! their response was crucial. their response was immediate. the response was effective. the response was compassionate. >> you said originally that you were confident that -- acquired these weapons legally, are you still confident in that. >> there is no indication there was anything unlawful in the
12:52 pm
purchase or acquisition of those -- that i know of at this time. >> but if he potentially was a drug user -- [ inaudible question ] >> could be. could be. part of that is going back historically and trying to determine that, right. and was it occasional drug use or was it daily drug use? there is a lot of gap to fill in to kind of make that call. >> chief, did you say drug paraphernalia -- [ inaudible ]. >> i don't go into that level of detail and i don't know if it was in possession or in car. do we know? there was some found, either the car or the person but there is evidence obtained. >> but not clear where you found it? >> or what it is? >> so the focus of this -- >> somebody in the room knows.
12:53 pm
somebody knows but i don't. >> it is a question that you guys brought it up. >> brought up what? >> [ inaudible question ]. >> there is paraphernalia. it is being analyzed. >> it was found in the car or on the person. >> i don't have that detail. and no one in the room has it either so we have to ask. >> thank you, chief. >> thank you. >> i think that is it. wow, so we wanted to listen and hang on to every single word of the dayton police chief and his lieutenant there. that was just extraordinary how they walked us through quite literally frame by frame of how the shooter was out for all intents and purposes, appearances, looked like he was having a good time on a state night with his sister and a friend and then sadly we know the rest of the story. to be able to see how he walked, where he walked, where he was, all because of the timeline
12:54 pm
begins to answer some of the questions. not certainly all and certainly not to the family members, the answer is still why. but it begins to paint a picture of exactly what he was doing. cnn law enforcement analyst james galleyano and i want your two cents. he was at this one bar blind bob's with the sister and friend and he talks to the bouncer and he leaves and he goes down the street across the way to ned peppers and he was actually in there, whether he was casing out the joint, they can't say conclusively. but nothing seemed to happen in there to maybe agitate him to want to go back. but nevertheless, we know that is the trajectory he took and was about to go into ned peppers when he was stopped a killed by police in 30 seconds. james, the takeaway was he had been in communication with his sister and friend and we knew he was at the taco truck and he
12:55 pm
ultimately killed his sister. where do you want to begin? >> i think injure explanation of wow is explanatory and the regular detail and minutia and in trying to watch these post incident i've never seen a police department walk through with that level of detail. it was incredible. here is a couple of takeaways i got. police were very careful again to stress no motivation. they don't have a cause yet. they did point this out as i'm checking out my notes. the shooting did appear to be planned. it wasn't something where the shooter snapped. people often think that mass shooters just snap. the fbi determined that 77% of all mass shootings have some level of preparation. 46% include some level of detail planning. i was also blown away by the level of detail in the processing now. after the incident was stopped and halted by police in that amazing 30 seconds, they also
12:56 pm
now have this hurk you'lly an task of going through 250 gigabytes of video. they will help with the fbi of that but that timeline is important, brooke, for this reason, they wanted to establish no one else was providing aid, comfort or support for the shooter. they don't know if that happened prior. they don't believe the person that purchased the weps, mr. kollie and they don't know if he inspired this heinous act. >> and the video, this is me a week ago inside of ned peppers. so this is the bar where the shooter went to potentially case it out for about 20 minutes after he had been in blind bob's and this is where dane who was so lovely and working the bar, an assistant manager working the bar and pointing to where the doorman was because with the police didn't include in that news was it was the doorman of
12:57 pm
the bar what grabbed the gun from the shooter as police shot and killed him and then they grabbed the gun and put it in a safe place before police recovered it from them later. that is the bar and that is the new piece of information because nobody had known or at least publicly that he had actually gone in to another bar and then to add to that, listening to the police chief, he had gone to the same area the night before. the night before. >> yeah. brooke, 30 seconds and this gunman was able to kill nine people and wound 26 others. i watched that video a dozen times. if that shooter had made that turn into the bar, there would have been -- >> they were elbows to elbows according to that guy dane i was talking to and it would have been a heck of a lot worse. james, thank you very much for coming on as always and your expertise. still ahead, the update of a young girl who cried and cried who learned her father was a --
12:58 pm
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it was in the attic. the fire chief say the day care was grandfathered into a time when childcare facilities were not inspected for fire safety protocol. i'm barack obam-- i'm brooke ba. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. president trump said china is moving troops, reacting to the protests in hong kong. "the lead" starts now. riot police clashing with protesters crippling the airport in hong kong and breaking today how china may be responding by possibly moving troops an also refusing to let the u.s. navy dock there. after back-to-back gun massacres president trump insisting the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is in favor of expanded background checks for gun purchases but his own office is saying, whoa, not so fast. plus, just moments ago dayton police revealing brand-new surveillance video and new details about what the gunman did before