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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 20, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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this race nationally. >> no other candidate has made any meaningful gains. >> the question is can he actually win over people who don't already support him as the field gets narrower. >> think about your candidate, his or her electability and who's going to win this race. >> we can atone, we can make amends. and when i'm president of the united states, we will. >> this is the first president who has defied the foundational principle of this country, we are all created equally. >> this is new day with alisyn c camrato and john berman. there is breaking political news this morning. a new national cnn poll shows former vice president joe biden regaining a double digit lead over the rest of the crowded democratic field. it's the first cnn poll since the cnn debates in detroit. biden's numbers are nearly double those of his nearest rivals, senator bernie sanders
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and senator elizabeth warren. biden's campaign stresses the need to beat president trump in this just released first tv ad that will air in iowa this morning. >> we know in our bones this election is different. the stakes are higher, the threats are more serious. we have to beat donald trump. and all the polls agreed joe biden is the strongest democrat to do the job. battered by an erratic vicious bullying president, strong, steady, stable leadership, biden. >> all right, the new cnn poll also talks about what the biden campaign has been emphasizing, electability. we're going to have much more on that poll in just a moment. we're also following breaking news out of brazil. an armed man has hijacked a bus. you can see the pictures right here. this is happening on a bridge and he's threatening to set the bus on fire.
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some of the hostages have been released but the standoff as you can see continued at this hour. that's an unknown number of passengers still onboard that bus. we're going to get a live report there in just a moment. we did see dramatic pictures of a woman who got off the bus. she got off the bus and she fainted but she did get up and walk away. >> look at all the -- there are basically s.w.a.t. teams surrounding the bus trying to figure out what to do. she just was released and then this moment happens as the s.w.a.t. team approaches her, and people at first did want know what had happened to her, but it appears that she has just fainted from the stress of this entire ordeal because at some point they were able to revive her and we did see her get up and be able to walk away obviously. >> you can see the military there ready to deal with the situation. there are still people onboard.
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we'll get a live report in just a moment as this situation unfolds. >> but let's begin with our new cnn poll. david chalian has all the highlights. >> you saw that horse race. the headline here is joe biden's durable run here as the front-runner in this race. but let's take a look at where things have moved since our last poll in june. remember we polled right after that first democratic debate in miami. and you can see the movement that has occurred with this poll. joe biden up 7. it's a snap back to where he was before he took that punch from kamala harass in that first debate. now at 29. the other dramatic movement here is kamala harris a deep dive from 17% down to 5%? she's back in single digits where she was before that first debate. so the benefit that she got from that first debate, the harm she did to biden, it was not long lasting is what this poll is showing. i also want to show you some of the ideological divide that we're seeing inside the
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democratic electorate. among self-declared liberals it's a three-way tie. biden surprisingly perhaps making a run for these voters. sanders and warren, they all have an equal share of self-declared liberal voters. the biden advantage comes from moderate conservative democrats. he's at 34% compared to 9% and 7% for sanders and warren. we also asked aboutt electability factor. are you looking for a candidate who can beat trump or share yourpics on issues. 54% say they want somebody with a strong chance of defeating the president. 39%, they're looking for somebody who shares their position on the issues. but take a look at some of the demographic groups. white noncollege educated voters they split roughly evenly with someone who shares their position on the issues. but if you're a college graduate overwhelmingly you're looking
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for somebody who has a strong chance of beating trump. and we see a similar thing with age. those over 45 years old, you see here, 66% of them want somebody who has a strong chance of defeating the president compared to 25% shares your issues. if you're a young person, you're looking for somebody who shares your position on the issues. 56% of those under 45 say so compared to 41% looking for a strong chance of beating trump. but clearly you saw a majority of democrats want somebody who can defeat trump and joe biden is the one making that argument to these voters right now and it's working for him. >> thank you very much for explaining all of that. we want to bring in now abbey phillips, cnn white house correspondent, and sabrina siddiqui, white house correspondent for the guardian u.s. great to have all-of ow help us
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analyze what we're seeing. is it safe to say what voters are telling pollsters at the moment they want a safe choice, they want to go with a known commodity? >> insofar as you're looking at these early polls it does seem to be the case joe biden's argument around electability is resonating with likely democratic voters. it's very early in. there's a lot of time until the primaries actually begin in earnest, but you do see he has bounced back from that first debate where his performance was widely panned and the second debate where she was at the receiving end of a number of attacks didn't really change the status quo. it's important he does do better among those democratic voters who are more moderate or conservative compared to liberal democrats. he also does better with younger democrats as opposed to older democrats. who actually shows up to vote in these primaries? is it the people more energized
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to cast their ballots the more progressive voters or these middle of the road centrist democrats who are looking towards biden? and two, as the field narrows, is he going to be able to hold that kind of commanding lead when you do look at the fact there's more of a three-way tie when you look at those more progressive voters. >> i agree it's early in the sense we're still talk about december 2015 buzz iowa is enfebruary which isn't forever from now is there are still data point. there have been two debates already which had millions and millions of viewers and there's also been a summer of campaigning and joe biden hasn't received universally fantastic reviews for that. and yet, jonathan, you have this resilience, which i think is the story of this poll, which is resilience for joe biden. >> yeah, the durability of biden heading into labor day i think would have surprised people if he would ask them immediately
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after that june debate if he would still be in this position, but it does speak to the good will he still has with older democrats, moderate democrats especially. and those democrats who as david expertly pointed out prioritized winning over sharing issue sets. i would hasten to add, john, and please don't attack me for saying this, but the iowa poll stipt is probably as important, perhaps more important than national surveys. although this is a very helpful survey in terms of telling us where the various groups are with demographics. in terms of the horse race i think the iowa numbers changes everything. if someone not joe biden wins iowa that changes the entire race. and we haven't seen recent data out there but i think warren is probably up there with joe biden if not surpassing him in that
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state. >> you're saying there aren't recent iowa pollings? that's the all important numbers we should be looking at? you haven't seen anything lately? >> not in the last two weeks. there was a survey out there that had biden still up. but they will suggest to you warren is at or near the top -- >> in the last two weeks you've got kamala harris and joe biden go up on tv in iowa. they wouldn't do that if they weren't looking at numbers out there and thinking i've got to push my numbers in this state. >> the connection between these two things, though, these early state voters in iowa and new hampshire, they take that responsibility very seriously. and to the extent that these national polls are telling us something about where the broader electorate is, they're also signaling to those early state voters the strength of these candidates. and i think that does start to
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matter. for a joe biden it reinforces the sense among democratic voters that if they think that biden is the strongest, a lot of other democrats agree too. people like warren also ascending. and then for the candidates who continue to middle in the single digits are or dropping, namely harris, it is a major warning sign going into iowa when everyone is trying to retrench into that state. they have to convince voters that they have the staying power in this race. that's -- you know, polls are not everything, but in some sense they do signal a lot to voters, a very small portion of the democratic party is voting in these early states in iowa and new hampshire. but they're incredibly influential and they take that responsibility very seriously by looking at where they think that other democrats believe these candidates are and how strong they are going into a general election. >> sabrina, john and i have been interested in hearing what jill biden, joe biden's wife, the
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case she is making to voters. so here is a snippet of her at a new hampshire campaign event last night. >> i know that not all of you are committed to my husband and i respect that. your candidate might be better on i don't know health care than joe is, but you've got to look at somebody who's going to win this election. and maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say, okay, i personally like so-and-so better, but your bottom line has to be we have to beat trump. >> we've been joking about what her motto is, you know, my husband, he's good enough. it's not the strongest endorsement but it is possibly a winning one based on these polls. >> well, especially when you look at the fact that a slim majority of democrats according to those polls say that they're number one priority is beating donald trump, and that really has been the premise of joe
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biden's campaign strategy. look, he's not actually trying to build a grass roots movement. now, he doesn't necessarily have to given the name recognition he has and the good will he has in the party to jonathan's point. he's someone just saying we need a return to normalcy and elect me, i'm the best position to take on donald trump, or elect me as the nominee for the democratic party. where someone like bernie sanders or a candidate like elizabeth warren, they want to galvanize these increasingly progressive base around the issues. the question is when it comes time for the iowa caucus and for the early voting states to actually make that decision, are voters going to be headed to those polls with an eye on electability or are they going to be headed to those polls with an eye on health care and some of the other policy areas the candidates have talked about. >> i think joe biden there sounds so much like a philadelphia politician, not
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just the accent but also that kind of brass tacks assessment of, folk, we've got to win this thing, get behind the horse that can win the campaign. look, what's striking to me is not just joe biden's comments last night, that ad you played a snippet of where they literally showed the polling in that ad with handy bar graphs stretching across the screen indicating that biden is the strongest candidate to beat trump. the campaign of joe biden is very much leading into the argument now that he can win. guys, i can't recall a campaign that was this forward leaning on electability this early in a primary besides joe biden. that is really moving to become the central message of this campaign. >> i mean, joe biden has been around pennsylvania pollacktics a long time. >> we do have breaking news. a standoff of more than three
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hours just ended we are learning in re in rio. we just learned that police shot the hijacker when he stepped off the bus and threw something at them. what can you tell us? >> reporter: john, as you said this has been a tense situation for three hours now. there has been this standoff on this major bridge that connects rio de janeiro to the neighboring city. a hijacker with more than 30 passengers onboard forced this bus over, and he did release six passengers at one point. but what we just saw when he stepped off the bus a local journalist heard six shots. it appears that police shot him in the leg, and the hope is that this really does bring an end to the standoff.
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but again with still roughly 30, 31 hostages aboard, we have to see how this plays out for here going forward. it still isn't known what the motives of this kidnapper were. it isn't known really what he was hoping to get out of it. he said he was going to try to light the bus on fire. this buzz was heading to this major city to rio. a major thoroughfare has been cut off paralyzing the city. so you can imagine everyone is glued to their phone or tv to see how this will end. >> shasta, do we kill? >> reporter: we don't know. what we do know he was shot in the leg. a journalist was on the scene, heard six shots fired and applause coming from the sort of group of police standing around. but we don't know how serious any of these injuries were and again what the motive was. >> any sense of if anyone on the
5:16 am
bus was injured, either in the standoff or apprehension? >> reporter: the six passengers that were released, there have been reports some of them were feeling bad, sort of fainting, but at this point no reports of injuries as a result of any attack by the kidnapper himself. again, we'll have to follow up and see what we find out as the other hostages are released and hopefully these tensions climb down. >> we do have this video of one of the passengers release. one of the passengers and she faints. it's alarming to look at because you don't know what had happened, but they revived her and she was able to walk away. obviously the mental anguish of having to live through this ordeal. back here, it sounds like the biden campaign wants voters to put electability over policy. one of biden's biggest
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you're about to hear from joe biden last night at a new hampshire event making the case for electing her husband. here's the sound bite. >> your candidate might be better on, i don't know, health care than joe is, but you've got to look at who's going to win this election. and maybe youb have to swallow a little bit and say, okay, i sort of personally like so-and-so better, but your bottom line has to be that we have to beat trump. >> wasn't that worth waiting for? all right, let's bring in democratic senator chris coons of delaware who has endorsed former vice president joe biden. senator, great to see you. this morning we've been joking
5:21 am
about you don't often hear that message from the spouse of the candidate, which is basically like my husband, not your first choice but not so bad. >> that's not really what i think jill biden was saying there because i've known jill and joe for decades. one of the great things about them is how close and committed to each other and supportive of each other they really are. what jill is doing, again, is being this sort of pragmatic voice in leadership as she's so long been and saying joe has clearly locked up 30% of your primary electorate. hez the only democratic with a double digit lead poll of poll after the miami debates, the detroit debates and as we go forward to the houston debates. but she's also recognizing that the longer this primary contest goes on and the more it remains divisive and we've got 20 or 22 or 24, how many more candidates, the more that helps re-elect donald trump, the vast majority of democrats who are supporting
5:22 am
joe biden now as i am do so because they know his character, his capabilities, his experience. the new ad he's got up in iowa i think summarizes the case well. and the most important issue for democrats is finding the candidate who can beat donald trump and that is clearly joe biden. >> but, senator, is it your perspective or belief he has locked up that 30%? but 30% isn't actually enough. if you look at all the other candidates it's such a big field -- if you add all the other candidates together then actually 30% isn't enough. >> that's right. and alisyn, if all the other candidates together coalesced into one person that might change the outcome, but the reality as you know those dozen or two other dozen supporters may gradually gravitate to the
5:23 am
smaller field of three or four who will actually be in this race later this fall. and they'll probably split equally which means joe biden will quickly get to 50%. there's a reason to keep this a horse race as long as possible and i think it's healthy for a party to have a vigorous debate about our party election going forward. i think the numbers for joe biden this morning are strikingly strong. and there are a number of candidates failing to take a off or in one case that really lost ground that deserve an equal amount of conversational time to talk about this poll. to me the larger issues the way president trump continues to deal with not just ignoring but destabilizing things, north korea's missils launches or the leader of the fed, something that doesn't get a lot of coverage but the idea our presidentwise publicly harass
5:24 am
and challenge the leadership is something we haven't seen before in the modern era. the challenges we face from climate change to gun violence lack real leadership from this president and if joe biden were our president, he'd be leading any every one of these issues. >> we do have some new sound just in from secretary of state mike pompeo in which he appears to be contradicting something the president has said recently. >> we've been pretty clear all along. >> they're testing short-term missiles. >> they've fired short range ballistic missiles. >> does this concern you? >> yes, i wish they would not. but in the end chairman kim made a commitment to president trump in singapore of june last year where he said he was prepared to denuclearize. >> i guess the secretary of state there expresses more concern about these six launches
5:25 am
since the beginning of july than president trump does. >> yes, alisyn. the challenge here in this reality tv administration someone like secretary pompeo is playing the reality half while our president continues to play the tv half. the reality is that kim jong-un the dictator of north korea, despite our president's repeated professions of affection and support for him has taken no concrete steps to denuclearize. in fact his repeated threatening missile launches are really rattling our key allies in the region, south korea and japan, and somebody make all of us concerned about the safety and security not just of our allies but the american troops and families positioned in the region. it's time for the administration to step up and be clear kim jong-un is not keeping his commitment. >> thank you very much. we appreciate having you on this morning. so one journalist writes this morning, america is the first country to ever elect a mad king and the way things are
5:26 am
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do i think i'm going to win, yes. do i i think i have nor enthusiasm now than i had before, you know, the 2016 election, yes. i think you people do, too. and some of you have reported it. >> all right, that's right president trump on sunday talking up his re-election chances. our next guest has a new article in rolling stone magazine entitled trump 2020 be very afraid where he argues this country may be poised to re-elect the president. a senior writer interest rolling stone, this the part of the interview where we read you back the stuff you wrote because the prose is so colorful i think people need to hear it. donald trump doesn't visit middle america, he descends upon it. his rallies are often spectacles. if nasa traveled the country holding showings of the first captured alien life form the turn out would be similar.
5:31 am
the pope driving monster trucks might get this much attention. so other than being brilliant writing, what's the significance of that to you? >> it's exactly what trump just said. i covered trump from the very beginning of his last campaign and when he started, reporters forget this, he was really struggling to get over 50% approval with his own republican voters. now he's starting off in a place that's completely different from the last campaign. he dominates republican voters and his events are incredible spectacles. people just come from the entire region, miles around and the enthusiasm level, it was big at the big of his campaign last year but it's bigger now. >> i'm so glad you're pointing this out because many of our viewers have never been to a trump rally. some have, but most haven't. and i don't think they quite understand the rock star greeting he gets. and you need to know the rock star greeting he gets because otherwise you are ill-prepared
5:32 am
for what might happen in 2020. you've been there, and so just describe this because he likes to talk about it. but sometimes, you know, the video shows some seats not filled. but in newer experience, they line up around the block for hours. >> oh, yeah, in cincinnati i was at the u.s. banks center and the line was 7, 8 blocks long and it's curling around. and they had to turn away 3,000, 4,000 people because they didn't have enough seats so -- >> what is the magic he deals out? >> it's a lot of things. race is obviously part of it but class is another thing that's a huge thing. trump, he doesn't get credit in a lot of ways for being a very canny politician. he runs against people very well. last time he ran against the republican establishment first with jeb bush and that was kind of an easy context and then he took on hillary clinton and the wall street and the military and lots of other sort of -- now the
5:33 am
media is part of it. he appeals to a middle people in america. and people on the coast, in washington and l.a., they're the enemy and they're cheering for him. >> what do democrats trying to beat him need to know? how do you beat a phenomena like the donald trump you're talking about here? >> one thing you have to recognize where his votes are coming from and try not to fall for -- last time i made the mistakes all reporters did, we all looked at the polls and said it's illim possible he could win because his aunfavorability ratings are too high, and trump did well with voters who disapproved of both candidates. he's not just running to get attention for himself but also running against other candidates. if they're doing poorly and
5:34 am
people don't approve of the other side, he tends to win that battle who don't like either candidate. the first is recognizing the extent of his popularity in small town rural america, if you go outside cities in this country, you will not find democratic signs during an election. you know, not paying attention to that i think is a big problem. >> you also make the point everyone who says look at his approval ratings, they're in the 30s. sometimes they get to 40, 41 or 42, you can't get to that, yes, he can. >> they won with 38% last time, and that had to do with the fact according to some exit polls some 18% of the country disapproved of both candidates and among those voters trump did extremely well. people who actually disapprove of trump uzwere one of his biggest constituencies. there's so much ambivalence and
5:35 am
disdain for pollacktiitics in g right now -- >> one of the numbers we have seen in the last week talked to voters who disapprove of both donald trump and joe biden. and among those who disapprove of everybody, biden actually trounced trump this time. will that stick, who knows. it might be people now know the president better than before. what are the risks? >> for trump? >> yeah. >> clearly his biggest dips have come after his sort of racial flaps, after charlottesville, after this recent situation with the go back quote, he has had trouble bouncing back from those instances. the incident during august 2016 which prompted him to go on this crazy reconciliation tour where he talked about he was going to help african-american communities. nobody actually believed it but it helped with republican voters. i think he's very vulnerable on that score and his tweets tend
5:36 am
to get him in trouble. even his own voters talk about how they wish he tweeted less. >> everyone should go read it in its print form. joe biden is still the third democratic front-runner, but how does he compare to past front runners at this point in the race? harry henton has been up all night looking at those numbers. he's here with the answer next. first, though a look at the cnn premier of halston, america's first big name in fashion design. >> oh, sure it's fun, not fun and as my mother says it's the price we have to pay. >> the most successful individual in the history of american fashion. >> halston. >> i'm halston. i made it to new york. >> gloves, sheets, perfumes, shoes, bags, he came like a
5:37 am
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former vice president joe biden continuing to his front-runner status in a new cnn
5:41 am
poll. he has regained a double digit lead over the democratic field. what does history, though, tell us about leading at this point in the race? let's get the forecast with cnn politics writer and analyst harry henton. we're going to get to that question in a minute but you're going to set the table for us. >> you've seen this if you've been watching this program at all. we've debuted this poll. biden out ahead. harris has dropped tremendously from june. she's down from 17 to 5%. but we've seen a resetting of this matchup overall to where we were at may with biden ahead. the only one who's moved up is warren, and we've seen that in the average of the polls. biden has regained some of his strength. there's some rael question who's one and who's two here. biden has regained his strength while harris has dropped off
5:42 am
after her first debate. i think this is important. this is getting to the point alisyn was making earlier. what we see is biden is polling the best out of any of these candidates nationally at 31% of the average. jeb bush was just at 1% at this point and rudy giuliani the closest, but here's the key difference because it's not just about nationally. biden has been able to extend his advantage to the early states so in iowa that university poll had biden at 28%. all were at 14% or less. so biden right now is a clear front-runner, not a guaranteed winner but a clear funt runner. >> you hear a lot of people say he's just like jeb bush or rudy giuliani. the numbers tell you something different. >> the numbers tell us he's not like these folks. he has a clear bigger advantage.
5:43 am
and it's not just national, but when you get down to the states. >> why are you just looking at failed front runners? >> we can take a look at overall front runners and basically what you can see is whether you take a look at iowa or nationally, biden at this point has a about a 30% to 40% chance of winning the nomination based on the national poll or iowa caucus polls, he has about a 30% chance. >> and very stable. >> and it's very, very stable. look at this. so this is the current average according to a cnn poll we did in october 2018. 33% in october 2018, 31% now. that's about as stable you could get. warren, she's doubled her support. >> okay, what is interest waning? >> this is the other thing, remember if you're not going to choose biden you're going to have to choose someone else, and who'd you like to hear from more besides your first choice, and
5:44 am
take a look at this. we're going to get that camera to go really deep in there. what do we see, all these candidates at the top pretty much besides sanders and biden, 4 points, 12 points for harris, 12 point drop for buttigieg, 7 point drop for booker. there's not much expectation the race should shift too much. >> people have been doing the math and say oh, if you add up bernie sanders and elizabeth warren you get joe biden. >> warren's support is very deep among very liberal voters. she's at 32% well leading the field. but among all other voters she's just at 10%. she's basically tied for first place with biden at 22% if you average her two last cnn polls. she's got to broaden her base. she can't just go deep, she has to broaden it out as well. >> how's the debate next month
5:45 am
looking? >> here he hit the fund-raising bench mark, that means he makes the debate and we now have ten candidates that will be on that debate stage. i want to say if you're been watching the popeyes versus fick filla going on, i love my chicken at popeyes. 13 days after that i.c.e. raid in mississippi, a breast-feeding mom remains separated from her daughter. okay, we have more on the status of this and the push for that baby's mother to be released next. but first food that was going to go to waste is being shared with families in need. this is today's impact your world. >> this asparagus, we package it
5:46 am
up, it's going to shelters. >> somebody needs it, that's the important thing. >> forgotten harvest as a food rescue organizers is literally helping prevent perishable items from going to waste, items like asp asparagus, tomatoes, fresh green vegetables. forgotten harvest operation is setup largely as a logistics business. we're working in our warehouse with volunteers who are come here to help repack so that our trucks and our drivers can leave our warehouse in the morning, going to retailers and picking up the food they have available to donate to us. and then we redistribute the food to our community partners like community homes, shelters, churches. >> i can't thank them enough.
5:47 am
>> every year we're giving out about 44 million pounds of food. >> we serve hundreds of family. the term forgotten, it's good they use that term because there's some food that is forgotten. people just throw it away. where you have people who can be nourished by it, so there's definitely a need. at visionworks, we guarantee you'll see great
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there are three words when you live with migraine... "i am here." aim to say that more with aimovig. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults that reduces the number of monthly migraine days. for some, that number can be cut in half or more. don't take aimovig if you're allergic to it. allergic reactions like rash or swelling can happen hours to days after use. common side effects include injection site reactions and constipation. aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig. an update to the breaking news we've been following all morning. police in brazil say the man who hijacked a bus full of passengers has been shot and kill by a police sniper. aerial video shows this dramatic take down. it comes after a standoff that lasted nearly three hours on a bridge in rio de janeiro.
5:52 am
once again the hostage situation is now over and the suspect is dead. >> and we still don't what his demands were and why this whole thing happened, but it was so dramatic and obviously traumatizing for everyone involved there. meanwhile an undocumented mother is separated from her 4 month old daughter who was still breast-feeding. the mom is being detained by i.c.e. after getting arrested in that large raid in mississippi two weeks ago. cnn's diane gallagher has more for us. >> reporter: a father trying to quiet the cries of his 4 month old daughter with a bottle. she's not used to it, but her mother isn't there to breast-feed. she was one of the 680 people detained on august 7th during immigration raids at processing plants. she's still being held at a louisiana facility some 200 miles from home. this video from the clarion
5:53 am
ledger in jackson, mississippi, shows her husband who requested anonymity because he too is undocumented with her three u.s. citizen children, all trying to cope with her absence. her attorney tells cnn she's from guatemala but has been living in the united states for the past 11 years. >> no criminal history whatsoever. she's eligible for release and why not just release her? we'll pay bond. >> reporter: more than 300 people arrested in the raids were released with court dates in the first 48 hours. many of them for what officials called humanitarian purposes like single parents, pregnant or nursing mothers. all detainees received health screenings that would include asking a woman if she's currently breast-feeding. cox said he couldn't talk about medical information without a signed waiver but noted communication between domingo and an i.c.e. representative who
5:54 am
said she responded no when asked if she was breast-feeding. her attorney says she was never asked. >> i.c.e. instead of taking issue and addressing it, doing something about it and releasing her, they say well, she didn't say it when we first talked to her so we're not going to let her go. >> reporter: they're against 41 of the workers who the government says were in the country illegally. there are still no charges against any of the company owners or managers. search warrant affidavits unsealed the day after the raids show they believe the companies knew they were hiring undocumented workers citing videotape conversations and tips from confidential informants in addition to other physical evidence. the u.s. attorneys office maintains a criminal investigation is still ongoing. we just received a statement from i.c.e. this morning. i want to read you a key line from it here. they say pursuant to subsequent
5:55 am
reports a practitioner conducted an additional examination which verified she is not lactating. of course, john, alisyn, milk supply can dry up in a woman between 7 and 10 days after she stops breast-feeding, so that doesn't mean she wasn't when she was initially detained, but i.c.e. says she's no longer lactating. >> i think the really important point you bring up there if this is supposed to be a deterrent as we've heard from the white house and stephen miller, why not charge the owners and managers of the facility? how do you expect it to be a deterrent if that part isn't shutdown? why only punish the workers and the mothers themselves? >> and it's weeks later, weeks later and it still hasn't happened yet. so a brand new cnn poll shows one candidate with a solid lead in the democratic race and a one candidate with a solid fall. that's next.
5:56 am
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rodney: you know what my favorite part really is is when i greet students when they come in. because i know what great things we have in store in the classroom. marisa: when they come into my classroom, they're able to really get in touch with who they are. rosanne: my favorite part of teaching has always been this opportunity to make a difference. ever: every student has the right to quality education. no matter what neighborhood you live in. rosanne: we are cta. ever: we are cta. marisa: we are cta. narrator: because we know quality public schools make a better california for all of us.
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a very good morning to you. gym jim sciutto in new york. poppy harlow is off today. a new cnn poll out this morning and it shows the former vice president joe biden isn't going anywhere. in fact, his lead is building. now nearly double that of rivals bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. the message and the numbers seems to be that only biden in the view of most voters can beat trump. it's a point he makes clear in a new ad targeting iowa voters. >> we have to beat donald trump. and all the polls agree joe biden is the strongest democrat to do the job. >> last month it seemed that senator kamala harris was surging, a surging threat to biden. but that surge is now gone as she sinks back down to single digits, far back in the


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