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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 22, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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2020. that's several years earlier than the cbo first projected the economy has been president trump's strongest bragging point as he tries to win re-election, his recent erratic behavior in which he retweeted himself as the concerning of israel and flip-flopped on gun background checks. snubbed denmark and even more led us to this quote from the new york times. some former administration officials said they were increasingly worried about the president's behavior. suggesting it stems from rising pressure on mr. trump as the economy seems more worrisome and next year's election approaches. gloria borger is with me. she's our chief political analyst, gloria, what we all witnessed yesterday on the north lawn, whether it's -- whether you want to call it a meltdown, mania or trump being trump. >> or all of the above. >> all of the above. >> yeah.
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is the underlying issue, politics and wanting to be re-elected. which is all predicated on this economy? >> sure, look, this is a president who is worried about success. and always has worried about being seen as a success. he talks about losers with d derision as you know, and we're going to win so much you're going to get tired of winning. and his calling card is someone who is able to manage the economy. when you see these trends. it's worrisome, and what donald trump is trying to do, i think, is throw everything up against the wall to convince the american public and perhaps himself that this really isn't anything, and the economy is going to be just fine. and that anyway, if it weren't fine, it isn't his fault. it would be barack obama's fault
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or whoever else he can potentially name. of course, i think people inside the white house who know him very well see this, because he seems to be spinning like a top these days, don't you think? >> you mentioned barack obama, he mentioned him how many times yesterday? >> 250? >> why can't he let him go? >> he believes that he's continually being compared to barack obama. and in an unfavorable why. and that after the great recession that barack obama in effect got the economy out of that, and what donald trump is saying is that that's not really true i'm the one that saved the economy. on any given death, on any given issue, whether it's the iran nuclear deal, dealings with
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israel, dealings with putin, you know, the g-7. he's always going to blame somebody else because, of course, he is never personally responsible for anything that goes wrong, so he's going to look at the person that is a popular political figure right now. one day it might be hillary clinton, she's not as popular obviously as barack obama. the next day it might be joe biden, the day after that, it could be nancy pelosi, who knows. >> you look at someone like former republican congressman joe walsh who has expressed regret about his past rhetoric. and he's looking at a trump challenge. trump is an unfit conman. those are his words, here he was. >> are you running against him? >> i'm strongly considering it. the only way you primary donald donald trump and beat him is to expose him for the conman he is.
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>> it's kind of quick, you're not going to beat donald trump in the primaries, i think what walsh is saying, somebody has to punch him back. and someone has to punch him back. as you know, from covering politics as long as you have there's been a lot of time people have been waiting for people in the senate to do that with donald trump to punch him back, on all kinds of republican orthodoxy including the size of the deficit. including relationship with russia, donald trump has been on the opposite side of the fence. but they're not punching him back, because they're afraid of hymn. because he's very popular with the republican base, and they don't want to lose their elections. walsh has nothing to lose at this point. he's not in congress. he can punch as hard as he wants, he's not going to win, maybe he figures if he has a
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couple good debates with him, that he can expose him. i mean, as i said, i think it's quick. i don't think it matters much, but he's thinking about it. >> let me bring in someone who has a bit of an opinion on the subject. he just wrote a provocative piece. it's called this isn't the mads man theory, this is a madman president. >> we wanted to talk to you today. of the parts of your piece i can quote on national television. you say that the president bat [ bleep ] crazy, and there's not a damn thing anyone can do about it, until 2020. you're really on the fence on this one. >> it took me a long time to decide that donald trump was nuttier than an out house rat. but it's true, he is. the guy is showing signs of
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cognitive decline. you combine all these measures of the presidency on a normal human being, and it's going to bear down on them heavily. the office always ages people heavily, in all our presence before us, no one woke up and thought, i wonder if barack obama's going to nuke denmark today or george bush is going to nuke belize because they insulted him on twitter. political disagreements aside, i wonder if that's guy's really actually out of his mind, donald trump every day is giving us more and more evidence that he's not mentally capable of holding this office. we know he's not morally capable. there's a question now of whether donald trump is actually the same person. >> again, nobody here is his doctor, we don't know what's going on. >> no, i'm just an amateur psychiatri psychiatrist. >> we mentioned joe walsh and the republicans, you were one of
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the republicans never trump, independent candidate in 16. is there a republican right now who can truly challenge trump and disrupt his base? >> i think it's a very high mountain to climb for any republican to break donald trump. it's no longer the republican party, it's the trump party. and so i think it's meritorious that guys like joe are either in or considering getting in. i think there are still 15 to 25% of the party who believe the things we believed in. physical discipline, the rule of law, and aren't just members of the trump orange kool-aid cult. it is a high hill to climb. all of them are gambling on one big thing. there may be a moment where
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republicans have to admit he's not the stable genius, he's not the great negotiator, he's not some god walking along the surface. >> don't they know that? not drinking the orange kool-aid, there are plenty of republicans who are looking, who would love a viable option who have been offended by much of what you write about, i'm wondering if you have a joe walsh or governor weld, we can predict how the primary would go. in the end, i guess i'm wondering would that be a gift to the democrats? >> i think that the -- donald trump deserves a challenge. he deserves to have someone from the right critique him, he deserves to have someone from the right go out and punch him just as hard as he punched everyone else there are so many fundamental weaknesses in trump's intellect and his presidency himself it's obvious
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that somebody needs to make that case. is it a tough case? absolutely, does anyone underestimate it? >> i don't think so. >> the republican base wouldn't buy it. i think in -- >> i completely agree. in the end it may not be something momentous as you put it, that would defeat donald trump, but rather something more like the exhaustion of the american public that could in the end defeat donald trump, which would be not so much the base that is solid, it's rock solid, but independent voters who -- many of whom held their noses and voted for him, because they didn't like hillary clinton, who could say, you know what, i'm just exhausted by all of this. every single day. >> sure. >> i think that's -- >> that might do it rather than some big news event and some calamity occurring.
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>> i think in the general election, that's a much more likely scenario than the meteor striking the earth scenario. donald trump decided to wake up and walk around nude on the white house lawn. the exhaustion is real that the desire to like not have the show every day and have an actual president, that's absolutely out there. there there could be a general election factor. >> i was talking to evan macmullan, he was saying between now and the election, expect more of this behavior, it will get worse, he will want to further divide the country, especially if the variable here is the economy to which his re-election could be predicated upon. so you think that's what's driving this behavior? >> the idea used to be that trump was a strategic genius who
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played eight dimensional chess. i think he has an instinct for destruction, an instinct for division, an instinct for the con. i think evan's right on that point, trump will do more and more and more of this to try to divide the country. he does it from this weird reflexive position that it's almost like a defiant child. it's almost like a toddler who's going to keep hitting the spoon on the table because he knows it irritates you. >> that's what a child -- that child needs an adult in the room. i'm wondering is this because he's gotten rid of so many adults. people who tried to keep things somewhat normal in government? >> he doesn't feel like he needs them. that's been the big difference. he believed he needed to learn how to be president. and now from my sources, he believes he doesn't need that any more. that he can be his own press second. his own secretary of state. he can be his own national
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security adviser, he knows how to do it, so he doesn't need the advice of other people any more or the advice of allies, the thing we're seeing, he does have the potential to know what appeals to people, he can also miscalculate. if you look at what he's done with jewish voters, over the last couple days. i would argue that in the long run, that will be a huge insult to jewish voters and a huge miscalculation on the part of the president. >> what is his vulnerability for people to pounce on the joe walshs and the governor welds, or the joe bidens or elizabeth warrens. where can they win?
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>> all presidential campaigns are a re-election campaigns are a referendum on the incumbent. they need to be making a case not about whateveress sew terik policy they think is going to drive primary voters, they need to be making a case that donald trump has lied and failed to deliver his promises, the actions he has taken have hurt instead of helped them. and that's easily provable in a lot of cases, like the trade war is destroying farming, manufacturing, timber. all sorts of manufacturing sectors in the country. donald trump is putting himself first. his ego and bottom line are much more important than the american people. there's no real maga. it's make donald trump's bank account great again, make donald trump's ego great again. you show people the delta between the lies and reality that this guy has hoisted upon
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them, and i think that's where the argument becomes more credible than saying, we're going to fight donald trump on poli policy. he has no policy, his policy fits on a trucker hat. >> i have to end this conversation, i appreciate both of you guys, if you have not read rick's column. rick wilson, gloria borger, thanks for the hearty conversation, you two. i appreciate it. coming up next, two more mass shooting threats stopped in what has been a series of arrests since the back to back attacks in el paso and dayton. this time a hotel and school were the potential targets and governor jay inslee drops out of the presidential race, whether his singular focus may have changed the 2020 conversation at all. and just in to cnn, the trump white house getting major backlash for a proposal to regulate what it believes is censorship on social media. this is all coming from inside this administration. stay right here. you're watching cnn.
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remission can start with stelara®. we're learning new details of two additional mass shooting
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attempts thwarted. >> montoya had clear plans, intent and the means to carry out an act of violence that may have resulted in a mass casually incident. >> in florida a girl was arrested for threatening to carry out a shooting via text message. >> the reason they do that, we don't know. we want parents to educate children. let them know this is not a game, this is not a joke. >> this arrest makes 29 incidents where police were alerted to a shooting event since dayton earlier this month. >> joining me now under president obama.
12:21 pm
>> live and in person. >> why are we seeing more of these plots this wards? law enforcement are doing this all along? >> there's a combination of factors in place, one is obvious, focus on this particular threat, we see this case of the one 16-year-old girl, she's an outlier, we shouldn't focus on her all the other cases are white meant fbi is looking for it, friends and family are now cognizant this is no joke. and i think there's a little bit of a -- almost all these guys are advertising it, they're publicizing it, as if it's like a co-worker -- >> as if we're waiting for the nilsson ratings, part of that is new, but it means they're getting caught so far before any of these mass shootings.
12:22 pm
>> a majority of these instances stem from family members and police -- >> do you think this leads to red flag laws being passed, if family members do know. and they can tell authorities to take away guns or what have you? >> i feel strongly about this, i think it's a piece of it, which is the family members, the friends, the girlfriends, a lot of these men have female annimos or hatred toward women. the family is going to know, they should come forward. there's an embarrassment factor or it couldn't possibly be here. i think you're seeing family members take this more seriously. i, however, and many of us in homeland security believe the combination of the ideology motivation extremism, the failure by the white house to condemn it combined with assault weapons, things that -- weapons that can kill people very very quickly is what's leading to
12:23 pm
this sort of series of mass shootings we've seen, while it's important to address ideology, and it's important to address the kind of anger that's getting people to the places that they are at, we can't forget that we have instruments of war on the streets that are killing lots of people very very quickly. if we forget that that's part of the debate, we all lose. we see these numbers. going back to the family members, if they have a facebook thread or sort of a text thread that shows that person x was considering doing something and they don't report it, is there potential criminality there? >> there's no duty to come forward unless you're a conspirat conspirator. your defense is, i thought it was a joke. it's often -- even -- let the
12:24 pm
legal process determine whether it's a joke. what the person looking at the text may not know. the other day the guy bought a bunch of guns, two days before that he was on line learning how to shoot or make a bomb. if you can bring those texts forward, you may be able to disclose or stop a tragedy. it's important that people not think they're seeing the totality, that piece is very -- could be an important piece to stopping terrorist attacks. >> and to report it, and leave it up to law enforcement to move forward. just in to cnn, new details about how federal regulators are pushing back. the personal lawyer going out of his way to dig up dirt, what we're learning about rudy giuliani's closed door meeting with a ukrainian official.
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12:30 pm
fcc. a key issue raised that the trump plan may be unconstitutional. let's bring in brian fung who is breaking the story. what are you hearing from federal officials about their major concerns regarding this plan. >> the big concern here is that this proposal could be a violation of the first amendment. as one legal expert told me, he said, having the government essentially look over the shoulder of tech companies as they try to moderate the content on their platforms would essentially be -- have the government intervene where it doesn't belong, into the internal decision making of a company that's try to edit or curate its platforms. there are other concerns here too. the fcc has been wary of regulating individual websites or internet companies. instead it's historically regulated companies like comcast and verizon which are providers of internet access.
12:31 pm
this would be a very big change for the sec if it decided to go down that road. and could open the door to regulation of the internet more generally, if this does end up becoming a thing and survives legal scrutiny. there may be inevitable lawsuits about this. >> it's important to point out, none of these officials are speaking out publicly at the moment. these remarks were made in confidence and in closed door meeting at -- with federal trade commission, federal communications commission. and a branch of the commerce department, officials getting together to talk about this about a month ago, so far you've only had one fcc commissioner comments on this publicly. in a tweet on cnn's reporting on this previously, she had one shocked response to it, which
12:32 pm
was simply what? which kind of gives you a sense of how out of left field this proposal is among people. >> what with a lot of tease. thank you with the scoop there. >> rudy giuliani has not given up his mission to dig up dirt on joe biden. giuliani floated a plan to travel to ukraine last may, but cancelled the trip, now, giuliani says a man reached out to him, the lawyer for the ukrainian president wanted to meet, giuliani added he spoke twice with those two over the phone before the two agreed to meet in madrid. we know that giuliani thinks biden had a ukrainian prosecutor fired? tell me more about the back story. >> in some ways, joe biden did,
12:33 pm
he was the vice president, he said he threatened to withhold u.s. aide from the ukraine unless they ousted this prosecutor who was corrupt. and this was a larger crackdown of corruption in the ukraine at the time joe biden was vice president. the thing that is riling people up, is that his son was sitting on the board of a ukrainian gas company, had ties to this company. and at that point the prosecutor had been igniting this conspiracy. the only reason joe biden wanted to get rid of this prosecutor is because they were investigating a company that his son had ties to. >> we know other western governments call for the dismissal of said prosecutor, there's no evidence that the former vice president did anything wrong. why is giuliani so focused on this? >> that's right, i think the reason that he's focused on this, they believe it could
12:34 pm
cause problems for joe biden, we know that joe biden is one of president trump's top concerns when it comes to 2020. if you lock at it on its face, it looks bad. even if nobody did anything wrong here, they're hoping americans at home will look at something like this, and make it look like joe biden was doing something to protect the interest of his son. there's no fact that that's why joe biden did this. >> sara murray, thank you very much. in the race for 2020, why joe biden told workers that his party stopped listening to them. plus, for some reason nikki haley felt she had to shoot down rumors that really weren't there about potentially being the president's running mate next year. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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well, another democratic candidate decides to pull the plug on his presidential campaign, jay inslee, he made climate change the single issue of his campaign. he would not be carrying the ball. he reached the donor threshold to qualify, he couldn't get the traction he needs in the polls. he will seek a third term as governor instead. also today, another 2020 dropoff. john hickenlooper is taking his next global steps, he will be challenging cory gardner for the u.s. senate seat, another
12:40 pm
crowded field. so far at least 10 other democrats have saned up to try to take him out. >> back to jay inslee. how has his passion impacted the overall conversation? let's chat? aiysha mills is with me, with more welcome to the family by the way, good to have you on. >> do you think that was his issue? the climate crisis? do you think he moved the needle at all among the conversation among these candidates? >> i'm looking at your face like, here's the thing, our friends who have been doing work around climate change for decades have been doing a great job building a movement. it's wonderful he was the voice and the face of the movement. i don't know that he kicked the ball over anywhere, i think it's
12:41 pm
great that there's a conversation that's going to be had. cnn is going to have a conversation about climate. i that i that's powerful and it matters. it will be interesting to me to see, how conversations like the green new deal start to pass on the green new deal. >> what about issues regarding women. one of the candidates whose -- just in the lower teer, kirsten gillibrand. i was asking her, why does she think she's not really connected with voters so far? she hasn't qualified for this next presidential debate, and in this era of me too, where everyone's -- these issues should be in the forefront and she's prioritized them, why do you think she hasn't resonated? >> i am just not shore. what's interesting to me is that the midterm elections were really won through this energy
12:42 pm
of resist, that came off of the women's march, right? >> yes. >> we're in this presidential debate where it seems like even though we have a backdrop of me too, those conversations aren't dominating this political cycle period. senator gillibrand who has been super authentic since day one as a champion for women and girls, it's interesting she hasn't been able to breakthrough. generally in this conversation we're having, here not having enough talk about women's issues, and it's interesting to me too, because everyone wants to talk about black women black women black women as it relates to the vote. but not having a broader conversation about women's issues. >> what is the conversation we should be having in. >> always talking about the fact that donald trump is i philanderer. donald trump is not a guy that cares at all about women. and i think that is something given that so many women voted for donald trump, we have to keep that conversation in the forefront and give women an option to say, hey, let's talk
12:43 pm
about this, what are your values, who represents you, who reflects you and not give him a pass at the way he's treated women. i think that senator gillibrand has been trying to do that, i don't know why it's not breaking out. >> the guy who is putting himself out there as the one and only to beat donald trump. this is what he told iowa voters about a big mistake that democrats made in the last election cycle. >> i'm not being critical, some of you voted for donald trump, we stopped talking to you. >> my party stopped talking to to you a lot. half of winning, joey is showing up. just showing up and asking, asking for help. we sort of stopped talking to our base. high school educated americans. >> is he right? >> did the democrats stop talking to the high school educated americans? >> here's what i think, i think if you look back at the 2016
12:44 pm
campaign. 9% of the folks who voted for barack obama voted for donald trump. you had 7% of people who voted for barack obama who stayed home. out of those people who stayed home, 51% of them were people of color. the conversation that i think biden is trying to have around why he's electable is him saying, i'm going to try to get back some of that 9%, if democrats focus on really simulating their actual base of people of color, of young people, of getting that coalition back together, getting that biden constantly -- if we focus on those folks getting turnout maximized, that's how we ultimately win. frankly, i don't think an electability argument that says hey, i'm going to talk to this small slice of people is what excites and animates the base that needs to turn out in force, in order to take trump out of the white house. >> we'll have monday conversations, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up next, the amazon
12:45 pm
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the amazon rain forest is burning at record rates. experts say humans are likely to blame. environmentalists argue that many of the fires currently burning were said by ranchers and loggers, who want to clear the land. they've been emboldened by the country's right-wing president. wow. with me now is jennifer grey. these images are stunning and alarming. how bad is the situation? what does it mean for the air we breathe? >> it means everything for the air we breathe. in fact the amazon is responsible for 20% of the world's oxygen. in fact it's why the rain forests are called the world's lungs. if the amazon was completely lost, the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere
12:51 pm
would be equivalent to 140 years of all human-induced carbon emissions. that would mean many of the big cities along the coast would be completely lost, under water. a lot of the animal speechies would be lost. that's why everyone is so up in tarms, screaming to the rooftops about this, which they could be. heater are the fires burning. as we zoom down, you can see even more. no fires should be burning right here. that's the problem. that's the rain forest. that we should not see any burning. you can see all of the smoke, all of the fires that are currently burning. we found about this on monday, because the smoke was spilling to the south, ash was falling from the sky. we saw the images from nasa and traced them back to the amazon. it was completely heartbreaking. over 74,000 fires year to date in this area. 85% more than 2018.
12:52 pm
in fact, 9,000 new fires since monday alone. so the ranchers, the loggers, that is just a very small portion of this. you can see from some of these maps that actually aren't agriculture related. that is the huge problem that this is being allowed to go on. the amazon such a valuable resource to the entire world, brooke. >> i'm wondering how, with all the fires on your map, how do they even begin to put it out? we'll watch, i guess, how it develops in the coming days. jennifer gray, thank you. now a manhunt for a possible sniper we'll take you to california for an update.
12:53 pm
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a california man has his 1-year-old pitbull to thank for rescuing him from a shark. he we aren't fishing, his dog darby was in the truck, and he cause something heavy on the line. he didn't know it was a shark until he reeled it in. >> one i brought it onto the land, it pivoted its head and grabbed the inside of my averagele. as soon as it bit down i immediately saw blot. so there were a couple other fishermen around me, so i'm yelling for help. they really couldn't hear me. >> but darby saved the day. >> what he did was -- he heard
12:59 pm
me yelling for help. he didn't jump through the open windows. he somehow opened the door. i see him coming down the side of the embankment, which is home about ten feet away from me. what he did, i felt hi grab the shark behind the gills. he tried pulling it with his head. i said, no, no, when he was biting down, the shark was biting harder. i got him to back off. i said, it will be okay. then he grabbed it by the tail, ran the opposite direct to remove it from my leg, when the shark then released it's grip. i put it back in the water. how are you doing? >> i'm fine. it just punctured an artery, not too severe, a couple cuts and scrapes. darby is fight. right after it happened, he sat next to me.
1:00 pm
he knew he did good. >> i'm glad you're okay. >> he got a steak. you can bet he did. >> o. yeah, definitely. >> thank you very much. that's it for us. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. from i -- to hey, don't look at me, "the lead" starts light now. president trump saying ignore the alarm bells as he trying to distract you with any division and insults. today why even the best part of the trump economy may be taking a turn. fear in america. a possible sniper on the loose today in one of the country's biggest cities. how close this gunman came to murdering a sheriff's deputy. plus from russia with lovett, an american ceo steps down after admitting his relationship with an infamous accused russian agent. welcome