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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 24, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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major economies. there are rising disputes throatening lengthen the and we'll discuss change and claim at change and the ongoing tension with iran and north korea. before departing for the summit, president trump set the stage for conflict, vowing to escalate a trade war with china and threatening to hit france with a chair i on wine. >> i don't want them doing anything having to do with taxing unfairly our companies. those are great american companies and, frankly, i don't want want franz going out and taxing if they do that, we'll be taxing their wine or something else. we're be taxing th wine like think never seen before.
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>> at any moment, we'll see the president and others is he g7, who will get that going. meantime we see jim acosta. boy, that set the stage for what could be a really delightful encounter between france and the u.s., we're going to tax you on wine. so how are. >> president trump and the french president were there as the two there was no frostiness on display when the two leaders were talking to reporters earlier today. let's see how that played out. >> we look forward to it. we actually have a lot in common. i've been friend for a long time and every once in a while we go at it a little bit, not we all
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remember the eiffel power beginning and that was a good beginning. >> that's what how old and in terms of trade and standard, i think if you -- we fix a great part of the world. >> so it's an interesting dynamic, fredricka, because typically you see the president sort of puffing out his chest and making these hyperbolic statements before the summit goes on. you talkthe president, as you saw on that video, did not take the opportunity to to?
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and after these various summits thatty nch comment from chairious officials filling us in in torms and a half the cameras went away but as you've been seeing for the lat if he's been that way with european leaders over here and i suspect is going to ten in does he really believe he does this to their faess if no nch and it depends on what happens here behind the scenes. >> so these nations are set to talk about climate change, world security and the global economic picture.
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does the feel there is any concrete, substantive, you sfrchl one of the things that i thought was very fascinating heading into this g7 summit, the president president said that there is an immediate environmental threat happening right now in brazil, in the amazon with those fires done there. obviously those fires have been caused to some extent by the changing clim changing. as you know, president trump thinks it's a hoax so there's not going to be lot of common ground on that. president trump pulled the u.s. out of the climate accord. when these climate discussions come up, i suspect we'll are go to i'd.
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one of the other acame up with, and essentially saying that the comments do not set the sable very well for those discussion when is they eventually take place. there's going to be a dinner later on this evening and we'll see how. from as you nope over the last couple of years, he tends to get along with those' g7 and so on as he deplay m jim acosta in. >> all right, let's talk further. and scott jennings, a former special assistant to president george w. bush and a cnn political commentator.
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good to see you both. scott, you first. the president has gotened but then we did see them at the luncheon. it look, some think it is productive to issue these kind of threats before actually meeting with these allies and if it will bear fruit at all from the upcoming g7 summit. >> i think the president is doing what he said he would do when he ran. i don't expect the g7 to produce any acrimonious outcomes between us and our allies over there. i do expect there to be to be a lot of. the cheatings stealing
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intellectual property and so on and so forth. so i would prefer not to and nag flf so, luis, the global economic slowdown is a big concern for all of the leaders. many fear the u.s. this is what he had to say before departing for the summit. >> hour economy is doing great. we're having a little senate with china and we'll win it. we put a lot of tariffs on china today. as you know, they put some on us, we put a lot on them. we're up to about $550 billion. they've been hitting us for many, many years for over $500 billion a year, taking out of our country much more than 500
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million a year. so we want that stopped. >> so, lunch is, does it appear as though the president is working toward something to end that? >> look, this is only going to get worse. and if the president continues down this avenue, i think there's going to be a global recession. it's not only going to hit the united states. but across the globe. specifically with our allies. look, just yesterday in the tit for tat, the president woke up in the good mood said, oh exwe have the strongest economy in the world. then experience aid we're going to improves, and the american consumer, over $25 billion in increased costs. >> it's actually 75 billion. >> the 75 billion.
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when i look at this, i remember obama got into this tit for tat over tires. every study said obama saved 1,200 jobs but we lost 4,000 in the retail sector. and every job lost over 9,000. this does not work. the president of the united states has to stop attacking our allies and friend and silt down at a table with and saying, well, you really didn't do anything wrong other than -- oh, let me see, an airliner that was taken out of the sky and hundreds of people killed and murdered? an invasion of the you've crane and the sovereignty and the threat to the rust of european
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toin back to the g8 and not the g 7. we could learn from obama and mistakes that were made then because all it did was cost us jobs ands could us money and nothing was resolved. >> scott, the president's response to beijing announcing the $75 billion tariff says we're going to tax you another 10% and that's september 1 and then october 1st, it could go as high as 20, 25%. why is the president -- whys to he feel so confident that this is the way -- this is the answer. this is on g. >> a good wait to frame that question. i think there are two issues. one is the president's political promises. he ran promising to stand up to china. i've worked for a lot of presidential candidates that
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promised to stand up for china and nobody really did it. trump has checked this box saying, hey, i'm going to follow through on the threats. the second bobs not yet checked is how do we get out of it? what's the end game? his bet is china won't be able to hold out. they've got to create like 25 million jobs a year, you've got a rural as ittive that china will eventually come to the table able make the deal. if it that, if china decides to wait him out, his reelection campaign could be in peril because it support luis, it didn't help that the president or at least people side his, is in he said he didn't want to be
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a part of the g-7 summit. how does that set the stage for those looking forward to having face-to-face time with the most powerful tern fredricka, the president has to -- >> i love the wave you shrugged your shoulders. >> to go play golf every weekend. he has to work and he has to work with other leaders just listen this week, he told american companies, y'all got to get out of chan. ool really? i thought one of the basic things, even my friend scott was, oh, those democrats are socialists. last time i checked it was socialist countries that controlled the means of production and told people what they can and cannot do, like kpn and the form now he's this, in our economy, for major and
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you're right, he made this promise bus he also made a prok it to the nrp and it hurting them by the billions of dollars. >> we're going to leave it there. >> if i might on that point trite there. >> go ahead, go ahead. >> i any what the president is trying to communicate to american companies is this -- if china will not play by the rules, if they keep stealing your international property, everybody is playing by one set of rules and china cheats, he's signaling to american countries chab it's time to keep things -- we don't have the manufacturing infrastructu infrastructure butt epresident is in, it might be a better
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place to do better that has trading partners. >> thanks to both of you, appreciate it. >> thank you, fredricka. >> all right. still ahead, the u.s./china trade war ramps up after both sides impose a new round of tariffs on each other. so we're looking at how that affects your finances. >> and a man shot and killed a man over a parking spot. how a change in the stand your ground law may have affected the case. ere's a big need for new gas-x maximum strength. it relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort fast. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x.
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not getting in today. terminix. defenders of home. it was another test of a stand your ground law in a trial in florida. it was a dispute over a parking spot and they initially told police it was a case of stand your ground but later said it was actually self-defense. it took the jury six hours of deliberating and here is what they had to say. >> the state of florida versus michael draka, case number 18098 c of hcf as to the charge of manslaughter, we the jury find as follows as to the defendant in this case, the defendant is guilty of manslaughter as charged. >> both the prosecution and
10:19 am
defense used security video that captured the shooting to try to prove their cases. here is what he said to police during his interrogation. >> was he charging after you? >> two stems rps running. >> you're saying it was running? >> it would have been running when he got behind the car. >> what i if told you i looked at the video and at one point this times he. >> i would disagree. >> and then you shoot him just one time, correct? >> one time, sir. neutralize. >> just neutralize it? >> neutralize and that's it. i shoot to save my own ass and that's that. >> all right. with me know avery friedman, and law professor richard sherman.
10:20 am
why would his lawyers have him drop the stand your ground claim? >> well, he didn't actually have a choice. the stand your ground claim is a defense. in orders, prosecutors have to determine whether or not a defendant is going to be immune from prosecution. the problem with stand your ground, you can talk to many law enforcement, and the difficulty is that instead of neutralizing violence, stand yord ground inso it seemed pretty easy, all though the county sheriff, you're not going to believe this, took three weeks to figure out whether it was stand your ground in the first place and finally the state taken came in and charged them. so stand your ground in this case i thought was a and it
10:21 am
shows the fall did this video make? >> fred, in all these types, that can be fatal and dispositive for the case. the attorneys can use all their imagination in the world to try to spen it, in in actually teal, in this from the they're saying you can't look at it in slow motion. look at the circumstances, look at the emotions. they're saying he was the aggressor because he pushed him down. you look at it, and he's
10:22 am
retreating. and something more important, fred, is that the judge allowed in prior bad acts evidence under the 404 b rules of evidence. he had an incident at the same spot where there was a black man and he threatened to shoot him if he didn't move out of the spot. that definitely affected the jury. and there's nowhere to go with this, fred. the video was and the use of drake even in that video just saying neutralize, i mean, that's kind of gold. but it also shows since 2005, half the kaitz in this kr from. instead of trying to neutralize
10:23 am
violence, you have a law now that gives power to individuals. everybody in florida becomes wyatt erp. the duty to retreat, which has been the standard law, has been pulverized the fact dem frch and all it did was prolong the agony of the family who is. of what now shows a homicide. beyond a reasonable doubt. >> so, richard, case closed? >> yeah, it lon there and so, fred, don't get so hung with the stand your ground, okay? it's a self-defense case. and did he act reasonably in taking his gun and shooting? was he in imminent fear of great bodily harm or death?
10:24 am
the answer is no, no. he was retreating. he's convicted of manslaughter and he's going to face substantial time in prison. >> always good to see you, gentlemen. thank you. >> thanks, fred. >> all right, still ahead, as the trade war between the u.s. and china intensifiifientensifi president threatens new tariffs. is there any end in sight? dough made from scratch, every day. sauce from the original giammarco recipe. and authentic toppings like crispy, old world pepperoni™. that's italian quality pizza. and it makes the moment... primo. every day at marco's, get two medium, one-topping pizzas for just $6.99 each. hello to the italian way. hello primo. you don't really talk about your insurance unless you're complaining about it. you go on about how...'s so confusing it hurts my brain.
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welcome back. trump is extending the trade war with europe as he meets with g7 leaders this weekend. >> our economy is doing great. we're having a little spat with china, and we'll win it. we put a lot of tariffs on china today, as you know, they put some on us. we put a lot on them. we're up to about $550 billion. they've been hitting us for many, many years for over $500 billion a year taken out of our country. much more than $500 billion a year. so we want that stepped. >> the latest signs of concern erupted again yesterday when china said it would put new
10:29 am
tariffs on 275 billion of u.s. goods. jamie, good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> beyond the markets, what's going to be the short-term consequence of trum p telling businesses not to do business with china. >> the president dechase the that american countries should stott doing business with china. but this trade war and schaegs one orming massive -- three, two leading to an increasing decoupling and certainly china has been a very bad actor in economic affairs and has really abused the privilege of the access that it's had.
10:30 am
but if our goal is to build a stable global economic structure, we need to have a president here in the united states who is trying to achieve that. and it very unclear what president trump is trying to do. and because the markets don't like that kind of uncertainty and certainly companies don't like that kind of uncertainty, we going to see -- >> though you heard the president. he was like 600 points is no dig deal. >> it's 600 and then point the u.s. economy is really teetering right now and we're doing better than many other economies so we need that kind of security and stability and continuity and the president of the united states traditionally has an important role to play in calming markets, but what this president is trying to do is create chaos. and that is going to ut m. >> earlier today i spoke with
10:31 am
the head of the national familiar erls what the president is doing is justice -- and other businesses be able to get back the market share that they have been losing in a very big way? >> probably not. the question is will there be a deal at the end of this? if president trump's game is to create this chaos and at the end use this moment to secure a deal, that could potentially be helpful. i don't want to deny that possibility. but if the goal is to a decoupling of the u.s. and chinese that the farmers in the united states are going to be really just screwed to use a kek call term. >> the u.s. is also squabbling with -- when does the krad war
10:32 am
turn into what national security issue for the u.s.? >> it already is. china is very aggressively trying to turn the south china sea into its own national lake, in complete violation of international law. they're militarizing the south china sea. certainly china for many years could have done much more to rein in the north koreans. that he and all of these piece are the connected. i think it's right for the president of the united states to be favre are but there has to be a goal. all of this has to lead toward a special and i'm not seeing any evidence of that kind of strategic thinking or planning. >> all right, thanks so much. >> my pleasure.
10:33 am
>> we're just moments away from the official welcoming ceremony at the g7. live pictures right now of the host city in france. president trump and melania trump are on their way now. will they receive a war welcome? we're live next. s how it made m. it was like that feeling when you pull your green sock out of the dryer and then the very next sock is the other green one. and then you pull out two blue ones. and you keep going till you've matched every single sock in perfect order. and the owner of the laundromat is so impressed, he hangs a picture of you next to the dryer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. billions of problems. sore gums? bleeding gums? painful flossing? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath healthy gums oral rinse fights gingivitis and plaque and prevents gum disease for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy, there's therabreath at walmart.
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pictures of france. president trump and the first lady are on their way, but after a series of attacks on u.s. allies, how warm will that welcome be? even before departing for the summit, the president increased tensions, openly criticizing german economic policy and threatening to hit france with a tariff on its wine. all of this as trump vows to escalate a trade war with china. and shortly after arriving in france, president trump actually sat down with the presidefrench president emmanuel macron and says despite criticisms, he's has high hopes for a successful summit. >> so far so good. the weather is perfect, the guests a fantastic and i think we'll accomplish a lot this weekend. >> jim acosta joining me from
10:38 am
france. give me a sense of the fractured unity of the world leaders just after the president sends all these attacks their way. >> reporter: yeah. well, fredricka, this is not a french holiday romance that you're seeing unfolding at this g7 summit. perhaps we won't see it as much publicly as you saw in that video you just played a few moments ago. the president and french president, emmanuel macron, they were all smiles. it was a pretty even-keel picture there. but it can be pretty testy behind the scenes. as you saw the president as he was leaving washington talking about slapping tariffs on french wine, that is not going to sit well with the european leaders and the european council president was taking the president to task earlier today, talking to reporters saying that he hopes that the leaders of the g7 can avoid what he called
10:39 am
senseless disputes and said that these trade wars that the president is involved in going on around the world, that that could lead to a recession. the head of the eu used the word recession. so it's pretty clear there is some frostiness between the president and some of the leaders at g7. he gets along very well with the japanese leader shinzo abe. meeting with boris johnson will be fascinating to watch. while president trump and president macron have gotten along well in the past, it has been chilly at times. it seems trade is becoming an issue. as dinner is getting started, we'll see them, including the president and the first lady. >> among the things the president disagrees with with
10:40 am
the rest of the g7 leaders is russia. the president has been a big proponent of russia being brought back into the fold, resuming the g8 status. is he likely to have direct conversations with some of the allies there to further his concept of russia coming back? >> i suspect some of that is going to come up. donald tusk when he was talking to reporters here at the g7, he rejected that idea. that idea was brought up. he said he could not go along with that kind of logic, was the wachl way he described it to reporters. obvious li obviously they have a very different view with the a annexation of ukraine. i suspect we're going to get a
10:41 am
readout off some of these conversations. as is often the case, it's what officials tell us behind the scenes privately of what goes on in these conversations. they can get quite testy at time. that happened in canada last year, when it was all said and done it was reported there were pretty contentious conversations going on behind the scenes. as you've seen, the president does not have a warm and fuzzy relationship with all these longstanding u.s. allies, as he does with vladimir putin or the crown prince of saudi arabia or kim jong un. there's much more worth in those relationships than we see often times with the president and these long-term partners around the world. >> jim acosta, appreciate it. thank you. and of course we'll keep an eye of when the president and the
10:42 am
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all right.
10:46 am
welcome back. we're looking at pictures right now from france. there you see french president emmanuel macron. he and his wife have arrived first and they're awaiting the others in the g7. all of these leaders meeting at a time when president trump has been lashing out in a variety of ways toward a number of these alliances. in the midst of this trade war, the president wanted to focus primarily on the u.s. economy, the world economy, but there are other things that these leaders want to talk about, everything from climate change to gender equality, to women's empowerment, world security and
10:47 am
rac also with macron right there is the eu president, donald tusk, where he frowned on the president wanting russia to come back into the fold and he said if we're going to invite russia, we might as well invite you've crane as wel -- ukraine as well. let me bring in my panel as we await the discussion. white house reporter jim acosta and samantha vinograd as well. jim, they're all going to put
10:48 am
ton a good face because they certainly want to advocate for their country and world interest. >> i think there's a great potential for things to get prickley at this g7. the host tv cameras will be inside capturing a lot of these instances. they won't be there to catch every moment but you may see some of this frostiness. you just mentioned donald tusk, the european council president. he's been saying a whole host of things that were very sharply critical of the president. typically going into these g7s, you just don't hear the kind of language used that we heard from the european council president aimed at the president of the united states but you're hearing it at this g7 summit because the president has really rattled some nerves over here on the side of the atlantic. donned tusk was saying earlier
10:49 am
today that trade wars, like the kind that the president is waging, those could lead to a global recession. yes, they do use diplomatic language from time to time, but it sound like as this is just opening up that those diplomatic niceties are being set to the side because there are some serious disagreements between the u.s. and these european partners in the g7. >> and macron is welcoming there the prime minister giuseppe conte. maybe the stand alone that the president hasn't insulted just ahead of this summit. so, sam, you know, these are the world's leading industrialized nations, economic leaders who are here, but this is also -- and they are going what is top of mind for these leaders where they can find, you know, real common ground on
10:50 am
global security interests? >> well, we have two extra agendas here. part of the reason there is so much public focus and acrimony between donald tusk and president trump is because president trump tweeted about so many of the issues on the goo7 7 agenda -- >> and there is boris johnson arriving. go ahead. >> donald trump tweeted about issues that initicly would be handled behind closed doors. i attended the g8 at camp david with president obama where russians were present. there were a lot of issues that we didn't agree on, but you most were discussed behind closed doors rather than before air force one landed on the ground to avoid the kind of foundation that leaders are facing before they go this to will group dinner. with respect to security issues, there is a lot of disagreements. most of the other g7 leaders disagree strongly with president trump with respect to his
10:51 am
approach to iran. and international sanctions with regards to iran's nuclea program. at the same time, they will want to talk about a coordinated response to iran's ballistic missile program again while there is difference on the nuclear portfolio. libya is another issue where leaders need to get together and talk about maintaining some kind of cease fire. and from a bilateral media perspective, there is likely to be a heavy focus on afghanistan in light of the fact that the united states is expected to make a drawdown decision soon. and finally trade is going to be a discussion that donald trump is going to have both at the dinner and bilateral context. boris johnson is another leader that donald trump has not yet insulted. let's wait and see what the day brings. but he will want to talk to president trump about tariffs, about bilateral trade and about brexit. so we'll have to see what happens both in front of the cameras while waiting for the more official readouts about the private meetings. >> and also with this historian
10:52 am
neftali and i just wonder, you know, ordinarily the g7 summit is, you know, about building on alliances. it is finding common ground on global interests. but this one seems to be preceded by a lot of other stuff, you know, we can just call them distractions if you will. but do you expect there to be any real results that come from this? i think that is canadian prime minister trudeau who just stepped out. there he is. but tim, you know, mckracron tweeted out that expectations were low. what does that say ahead of a g7 when usually there is common ground that is found? i don't think tinm neftali is with us. >> i am.
10:53 am
sorry. as sam was explaining, the g7 is an opportunity for people who don't necessarily agree on everything to seek common ground. but it requires that the leaders all want for seek common ground. it is unclear that president trump is in a mood or has the disposition to want to seek common ground. i would stress there is more than noise surrounding this g7. the president of the united states has threatened american business as part of his tariff war with china. this is unprecedented since 1807. it is not since 1807 has a president of the united states threatened to prevent americans there doing business with the cub's largest trading partner. and it was not a good outcome for thomas jefferson in 1807. so this is a huge change in
10:54 am
american economic history, this happening today. if you were a partner or so-called trading partner of the united states, i'd be very worried today. donald trump believes that he can dictate to his own people whether they trade in a foreign country or not. so this is more than noise. i suspect that the president may not understand the consequences for international trade of the game that he is playing with china. but his partners at the g7 are going to try to explain that to him. and he probably won't be happy with what he hears. >> or maybe he does have the realization and it is exerting power, exerting the power that he wields as the world's most powerful leader. >> let me say that is what thomas jefferson thought and the effect on the american economy was dramatic. the countries that he was trying to hurt, france and britain, they didn't get hurt. it was the americans that got
10:55 am
hurt. northern new england states strted talkistrt ed started talking about it as a result. >> and it is important to remind everyone why the g8 and now the g of 7 was created. reason the leaders of the countries got together was to respond to global crises, whether it be the oil crisis, global financial crisis and more.idea was that these countries should come together, work together, come up with a solution together to try to stabilize international markets and come up with a strategy to address international crises. the difference as tim was referencing today is that the leader -- or the previous leader of those discussions is now one of the primary reasons that these global crises are happening particularly on the trade front. so it is an unusual scenario in which a g7 leader is annish tant
10:56 am
wh irritant when it comes to global stability and is viewed as the elephant in the room. so you could see a scenario where the other leaders are trying to figure out how to manage president trump as they try to figure out how to manage potentially a global economic slowdo slowdown in thing ine ongoing t wars. >> and so jim, if the president has a goal, we know that -- we've learned publicly now that people in the white house have said that he really didn't want to attend. why should i even bother with the g7. but he is here. so is there a goal, you know, is there a way in which to describe what the president's goal might be, how will he consider this a success having attended? >> well, there are -- >> i think that you have to look at this through a political --
10:57 am
>> i'll ask yim firjim first. go ahead. >> jim and tim, we sound the same. i think that you have to look at this through the campaign 2020 lens as well. when the president goes to these sorts of summits and especially this g7 and he strikes these sort of populist and nationalist themes and talks about trade in this way, a lot of this is driven to excite his base back at home. and so he is going to throw his weight around at this g7 summit, he is going for push people around from time to time. he will say things that will upset donald tusk and the rest of these european bureaucrats other than here because he knows that that plays well with his base heading into 2020. >> and there is now the japanese prime minister shinzo abe. go ahead. >> oh, exactly. he does this at the nato summits a as well. and speaking of shinzo abe who is just arriving, we should note that the president and shinzo abe get along quite well. but from time to time president trump will threaten, you know,
10:58 am
to put tariffs on japanese products. and so this has been a political tool that the president has used from time to time. it is branded, marketed as an economic tool. but by and large, you know, what he is trying to do at these various summits is excite a lot of his supporters that he has in his conservative base, people who, you know, quite frankly perhaps were moral linee aligne the democratic party, responding to these sort of trade issues. he is trying to excite those folks heading into gone. so i suspect that you will hear a lot of that throughout this g7 summit. >> and still to arrive, angela merkel and the u.s.'s trump still to arrive. and i wonder, you know, is the success, you know, of this summit predicated on the u.s. president? here now is angela merkel's car
10:59 am
pulling up. is the success of the summit predicated on the u.s. president just to touch on your point earlier where, you know, it is the president of the united states who is the most powerful leader among the g7 leaders, so is he the one to please? >> well, my real concern is that success for the other six cubs may not anymore involve working closely with the united states. they may find that it is in their economic interests because of the disruptive nature of the trump presidency to bind themselves together much more closely. i mean, it would be wonderful if the president understood that there is a need for foreign policy, that not all americans abroad should be linked to xles
11:00 am
domestic affairs. this president tends to think about everything as domestic policy. well, you know, our greatest presidents have understood that there are foreign relations requirements and there are needs of international security which sometimes involve expending a little bit of domestic capital to achieve. this president is not willing to expend any domestic political capital for the sake of international economic or political security. in light of that, the other six countries have a dilemma which is how can you deal with a man like this, how do you work with a man like this. and we'll see it playing out right now because of the tweets about china. >> sam, global security is intricately connected to economic prosperity and that is something that all of these leaders are going to be talking about. and would likely all see -- all


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