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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 27, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn, thank you so much for being with me. we are covering three major court cases today involving big names. lori loughlin is in court soon and the whole college admissions scam. and a deadline involving the president's tax returns hits in less than two hours. we be watt to begin this hour where the survivors of the serial survivor jeffrey epstein. today's hearing was scheduled after prosecutors told a judge that they are seeking to have epstein's indictment dismissed. that judge wanted to give all of these women, all of these accus accusers, at least a dozen of them a chance to speak on the record about what epstein allegedly did to them. at least one was thankful for the chance to be heard, but to also hear from others who
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survived as well. >> i just wanted to thank everybody for their constant support during this difficult time. it was powerful in there hearing all the other victims and very similar stories that i have endured, i want to thank the judge for letting us speak. having some closure, it's been a rough road, but i want to thank all the survivors that reached out to me as well, telling me their stories, really means a lot. i'm here for anyone that went through something similar. i thank everybody. >> melissa murray is a professor at nyu law school. thank you for being here, to me, this story is about the women. vicky, starting with you, i heard one description inside the courtroom, they filled up 3 1/2 of the benches, the seats in
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this courtroom, because theyen watted their voices heard. what does that say to you, and what did they say? >> well, i think, you know, the judge really made this about the victims, he did not have to do this today. it's a very controversial enunprecedented in many ways decision, he was very clear at the outset that this was a moment, this was the day for the victims to be heard, they deserved to be heard. and, you know, i think they went in there and told stories that have been out there, and should have been told in some cases a long long time ago. terrible stories of abuse. and a man -- by a man who is now dead. >> i want to play a little more, this is shantee davies who says he raped her on his island. he she's suffered job loss, damaged relationships. he won in death, i found my
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voice now, i will not stop fighting, i will not be silenced any more. >> to vicky's point, a judge could have signed an order dismissing the indictment. he chose today. his office remains committed to doing its utmost to stand up for the victims who have come forward as well as the many others who have yet to do so. >> the fact that the judge decided to have a public hearing in open court, and he moved this hearing to a larger courtroom speaks to the public interest in this case, and to the broader interest in having these victims have their day in court. they were uniform in their commitment to seeing this prosecution through, even though jeffrey epstein has passed away, theyen watt the prosecutors to continue prosecuting this case, and bring his associates and enables to justice as well. >> what happens now? >> this is all in the southern district of new york. the prosecutors are building a case, and apparently they have built a case. but he wasn't functioning alone. now the ball is in the
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prosecutor's court to do more and bring the rest of these associates. >> also i was reading this morning about how his will was filed in the virgin islands, right? that is where he maintained a home, might that make it more difficult for his accusers who would like to collect damages? >> yes, in a trust. the trust and being in the virgin islands, deliberately making it just that, a bit harder for the victims to get any sort of restitution. >> why is that? >> this is a man who has sort of played a game of chess his entire life. always been one step away from receiving justice. even in his death, it's a similar pattern. he seems like he was playing chess. that's the way. i knew him well, described him playing chess. >> okay. vicky, melissa, thank you very much on epstein here, we're
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following baking news. a law enforcement official tells cnn that a former google executive has been arrested for theft. this high ranking google employee is now indicted on 33 counts of stealing self-driving car technology. dan simon is following these developments for us, i never thought i'd see the day. tell me more about this arrest and the charges. >> no doubt this is the story that will be the talk of silicon valley. it involves one of the world's biggest and most well known companies. google, specifically it involves the former lead engineer of google's self-driving unit. it is alleged that toward the end of 2015, he used his personal laptop and downloaded thousands of files from google servers, he then allegedly took that information, formed a new company which was then acquired by uber. today the u.s. attorney
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announced stealing trade secrets, he turned himself in peacefully, his attorneys just gaveef part statement. for more than a decade, anthony has been an industry leading innovator in self-driving technologies, he didn't steal anything from anyone. the bottom line is, with the u.s. attorney is saying, these trade secrets that are the hallmark of the technologies involved in silicon valley, they're taking all this very seriously, that if you're going to work for another company, you can't steal anything when you're out the door. >> so quickly, so i'm clear. when you say trade secrets, what really does that mean? >>. >> what it means is that when these companies are spending and investing millions of dollars to develop various technologies, all that information gets stored on servers, it's the backbone,
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the blueprints to create these amazing technologies that they have, specifically with self-driving cars. a lot of engineering, a lot of work, countless hours goes into creating that kind of technology. it's alleged that lewandowski took the blueprints for that type of tech knowledge, and ultimately took it to google. >> thank you very much. also just in, an executive at a home improvement store lowe's is caught on video making offensive remarks about hispanics. it's a corporate video that was broadcast company wide to all employees. we understand this guy is now apologizing? >> yeah, this is coming from the washington post. let me back up and talk to you about this video, this internal video, this is a weekly internal video that lowe's puts on. it highlights one of their big
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products for the week. this week it was all about the $99 dewalt drill. the vice president of stores is talking about that product. and here's a clip of that. >> we're going to do 99 bucks. wow! how about that? >> we should sell like 22 of those a week then. >> we hope so. >> we'll start with, try for five. >> five, all right. >> the rest of the quarter? >> that's kind of weak, but -- >> not only that, this is the de walt name, number one power tool in it for the pros, and the thing is compact it fits anywhere, small hands, so those customers that really have the affinity toward akita, the smaller pros, this is perfect for them. what else could you want.
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>> it's a great product to demo. >> highlighting here the remark that was the insensitive remark, some of our hispanic pros with smaller hands, this is perfect for them. clearly insensitive, this video is usually put on their internal website, this one wasn't. employees were outraged, then comes today where this apology comes out, where joe mcfarland says i'm sorry for a careless and ignorant comment i made. he goes on to say, our associates shared how my statement was harmful and appropriate. this is a key reflection moment for me, and i take full responsibility for my comment. i will be spending time in the coming days and weeks with our associates, customers and business leaders to learn and grow from this moment. an interesting comment from an unnamed assistant manager who said, immediately after it
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happened, everyone was like, whoa! why would he say that? >> yeah, i think a lot of people see the video and wonder the same thing, he's apologizing. presumably there will be all kinds of fallout which we will continue to cover. keep us posted on where this geez. >> this is a high level executive who pulls in $3.7 million, at least pulled that in last year. >> thank you very much. we are keeping a close eye on puerto rico right now. tropical storm dorian is expected to be near hurricane strength when it reaches 3 million americans who live there. president trump continues to heap praise on vladimir putin while trashing a former u.s. president on american soil. we'll talk to a voter who's done his homework and already made up his mind. what senator elizabeth warren did to seal the deal for him. hashtag vacay. sonoma? i want wine with lunch...
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a netflix subscription on us. and for a limited time. buy any samsung galaxy note 10 and get one samsung galaxy note 10 for free. dorian has its eye on the
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caribbean, and puerto rico is right in its path. the storm center is expected to pass near or just south of puerto rico. the next 24 hours are crucial for the people in puerto rico, major preparations are underway, the new governor has already declared a state of emergency and urging everyone to get ready. people across the island are still recovering. that said, let's go to ponce. are people ready and what are they doing to prepare? >>. >> at this point we are in ponce, about 70 miles driving distance southwest of san juan. we spoke to the mayor who tell us people are taking no chances. there are a few things that she in particular is concerned about, one about controlling the
11:17 am
flow of rain that's because there is a northern part of the city. that is mountainous. if too much rain builds up there, it could be disastrous for the town below. they have control measures in place, but if those are overwhelmed or not maintained properly throughout this event that could spell disaster. this is how she described the nature of the flooding event. >> flooding is an issue. we're going to talk to people. the ones that are in the area floating, they have to move out. >> it's a town obviously that is still feeling the effects of hurricane maria, two years since that hurricane made landfall on the ian lad, president trump weighed in on that earlier today, tweeting out, wow! with yet another big storm heading to puerto rico, will it
11:18 am
ever end. congress approved $92 billion for puerto rico last year. that's a little misleading, only $42 million were appropriated by congress. half of which was committed to and about 12 $1/2 billion has been spent. that's according to our own federal government's disaster relief website. two years since hurricane maria made landfall. in this town alone, this town of 160,000. their damages reached up to a billion dollars, and here we're all this time, places with tarps on their roofs. >> we'll stay in close contact with you and the folks in puerto rico. omar jimenez, thank you very much. the president of the united states blasts his predecessor and in the same breath praises
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with the world watching the president at his third g-7 summit. he attempted to rewrite history when asked if he believed vladimir putin should be reinvited to the summit. he turned to his predecessor it. >> i think it would be better to
11:24 am
have russia inside the tent than outside the tent. would i invite them? i would certainly invite him. whether or not he could come psychologically, that's a tough thing for him to do. you have a g-8, now it's a g-7 you invite the person that was thrown out really by president obama and really because he got outsmarted. president obama was helping ukraine, crimea was annexed during his term. president obama was not happy this happened because it was embarrassing to him, right? it was very embarrassing to him, he wanted russia out of what was called the g-8. that was his determination, he was outsmarted by putin. >> let's get some analysis with me now, john kasich, a cnn senior political commentator as well. a pleasure, sir, welcome.
11:25 am
>> it was a -- why do you think this president continues to attack president obama on foreign soil instead of vladimir puten in. >> you know, it's -- i don't understand it. when we talk about them getting back in, which i'm sure -- i can't promise you, but most of the members wouldn't be in favor of. the russians are still in super missile, which we had this big explosion last week. still don't understand what it's all about. and think about their actions in syria. where they propped up assad. think about the vicious murdering regime they propped up. why would we want to turn around and say, oh, come on back in? they would have to do a number of things to change who they are to get back in and i don't -- i can't explain why he's into that. well, it's better to have them
11:26 am
in than out. no, they have to earn their way back in. to give him a reward for a super missile and arms control and what they did in syria, get out of crimea, we'll get you back in. how about that? >> what would the late senator john mccain say about this one? >> john mccain would be flabbergasted. i think we're all sort of prepared for things we never heard before. things we don't understand. the one thing we have to be careful of, is not to allow this to become a new normal, that we just say things that really don't make any sense. and we have to work with our allies. the people he was sitting with over at the summit are people who have their soldiers shedding their blood with us to protect our freedom and democracy.
11:27 am
and look, vladimir putin is a thug. he's going to continue to be a thug. it makes no sense to invite him back in. i couldn't disagree more strongly with the president. >> in the meantime, you have the news coming out that chris murphy and ron johnson were denied visas to enter russia, you can't ignore the juxtaposition of the president over there, praising putin, and yet he's denying entry for u.s. lawmakers. >> hey, brooke, i have this book coming out in october where i explain these things cannot be the new normal, we cannot get frustrated and ring our hands. we have to figure out how we contribute to a stronger america from the bottom up. i'm not going to let it upset
11:28 am
me. i'm all about healing. >> i'm all about healing, you cannot condone certain actions, certain words, certain behavior. also, let me -- >> brooke -- >> let me point out also at the g-7, president trump said this about kim jong-un. >> kim jong-un who i've gotten to know extremely well, the first lady has gotten to know kim john eun, i think she'd agree with me, he is a man with a country that has tremendous potential. >> you see the first lady looking up at her husband as he's saying this. melania trump and kim jong-un have never met. the white house had to issue a statement, this is what they've said after that, president trump confides in his wife on many issues, including the detailed
11:29 am
elements of his strong relationship with chairman kim, while she hasn't met him, she feels she has gotten to know him as well. >> if i had done something like that, my wife was pleased to have met someone she never met, she would put out her own statement. listen, brooke, back to what we said a few homes ago, i call him out more than anybody. and i have been doing it. i didn't have a change of heart where we see some people who say, i used to support him and now i don't. i suspected this from the beginning, this was going to be disruptive to our country and disruptive to our allies, it's been precisely that. i don't want to say i told you so, i do the best i can to stay centered and not be distracted because every day, you know, we're in an upheaval. an upheaval is not good for the
11:30 am
country to be stronger over the long run. >> not good for the soul. >> no. >> we will talk. up until -- >> five months roughly until the iowa caucus, and 21 democratic candidates are vaiing for democratic nomination, some voter voters have decided they've seen enough. >> his months of flirting with multiple candidates is over. he's decided he's now all in for senator elizabeth warren. making his choice twitter official. >> i decided i'm making my choice. with me to explain his choice. danny bear foot.
11:31 am
than thanks for being on. we read the twitter thread, you said you had ideas on some of the candidates. >> senator warren wasn't in my even top three spots at the start of this campaign. i sort of went in with an open mind and watched the campaign unfold, she's the only candidate bringing her a game in my opinion. she's bringing the plans, the proposals. she's going to areas like kermit, west virginia. we need big structural change. a lot of times the folks that are in the more progressive wing of the party aren't serious about building the party. they're attacking it, i was heartened to see senator warren
11:32 am
getting energy, enthusiasm and she's the person i have faith to take on donald trump next year. >> was there one boom, she's it moment? or was it a collective? >> you know there wasn't. i sort of give myself a cooling off period. all right, this is who i like this week. over the past six or seven weeks, every week, warren was winning the week for me. for me, it's about hard wok, i think a lot of the other candidates are running lazy campaigns. >> on your point about electability. she has plans and specifics and policy. can she beat donald trump? listening to the former vice president. he's been dig zagging the country too. maybe he's not your top guy or game, he is the only candidate who can beat this current president. why is joe biden wrong? >> i mean, that's a really
11:33 am
frustrating argument to make i've worked in politics for 10 years. i talked to thousands of voters. untangling this question of electability. i'm not sure we can get to the bottom of it. george bush was thought of as being a risky candidate and he went on to be a two-term candidate. i think that question is so fraught, vice president biden shouldn't be out making that particular argument. >> what i noticed, i took it a step back, before you said it's warren, you posted that article about joe biden telling new hampshire supporters that he's not going nuts, after he took new hampshire for vermont last
11:34 am
week. >> obviously it was tongue in cheek, i don't think in the middle of a campaign or right at the campaign it's heating up, you ever want to be in a position of defending your own sanity to potential voters, it wasn't particularly pivotal. early on i made the decision that whoever i was with it wasn't going to be vice president biden. >> 10 seconds, who's on the ticket with elizabeth warren. >> pete buttigieg. >> we wait and see. thank you very much. if johnson and johnson is liable for oklahoma's opiod epidemic, what about other states and other cases, the interesting back story of a judge who made this massive decision. it's been a summer of tragedy for the city of st. louis, five children under the age of 10 murdered. and the killers are still out there. now the mayor is hoping cash will get people to talk.
11:35 am
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the opiod crisis is one of the worst health epidemics in history. a pharmaceutical company is being held responsible. the company intentionally misled the public about its drugs. johnson and johnson is vowing to
11:40 am
appeal and pushing blame on to the doctors. >> the way the company manufactured these medications was extremely responsible. there were fda approved warnings, it's up to the doctor with their patients to make decisions about who is appropriate for these medications. >> holly is a professor and has written extensively about the epidemic. thank you for being on. how much did this judge really struggle with this decision? >> he definitely took it very seriously, he knew the
11:41 am
consequences that he was going to be setting. sort of the final 24 hours with him leading up to the decision. even though he was doing this within huge very important decision that he continued his caseload just last week he had to sit in on two divorce proceedings. it was pretty wild, but yes it was a lot of fun. >> his job must go on, i encourage everyone to read your piece on you wrote this ruling is a very good start. why do you say that? >> i don't think we want to
11:42 am
underplay what's happening. this is the first time we're seeing the pharmaceutical company be held accountable. not only is it a guilty verdict, but it outlines how the state made their case. i think for many people it's proven what we've -- in some ways are intuitively already felt the company has played a role in this. they are not the only factor here, but they do need to be held accountable. >> you mentioned those 1900 other cases. how did he arrive at that number? >> just talking to legal observers here in norman.
11:43 am
i believe he wanted to make sure that his judgment was fair. it would with stand any appeal. he didn't want to set too big of a net that would get struck down. just talking to him going into it. he didn't tell me what bigger number he was going for. he did say that he was very satisfied with his decision and he was at piece with it. this is one state. you multiply 727 million by all states, you look at the ruling
11:44 am
that's come down. if on appeal the upheld, the state ofng 500 mill interest of that 727 million. >> that's sizable. >> that is indeed. we'll point out how the 1900 cases are pending by this major decision there in oklahoma. holly and wayne. thank you both so much for your opinions. any moment, lori loughlin appearing in court in that massive college admissions scandal? what will her behavior be like outside of the courthouse this time? will she be signing autographs after taking heat for doing that last time. survivors are delivering a letter to mitch mcconnell.
11:45 am
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gun violence is taking the lives of the littlest ones in st. louis, missouri, 12 children have died including these boys and girls a 2-year-old and an 8-year-old. two of the deaths have been classified as suspicious and sudden. they're taking tips on the death
11:50 am
of all children. no tip can take the place of a child. >> about time i got back home. i'm getting a phone call from my 7-year-old daughter saying her 8-year-old sister has been shot. i hope people learn from this. for me, the loss of my daughter. i love her dearly. i hope people wake up and stop killing each other. >> the public safety director for the city of st. louis. judge edwards, it's a pleasure, welcome. >> it's my pleasure to be here with you this afternoon. >> the mayor of st. louis announced this reward money because she said conventional
11:51 am
policing tactics are not enough. tell me why you think this would be effective. >> police officers are important with the investigation in criminal matters. the community is critically important. without the community, police officers more often than not are not able to do an adequate job. i'm happy and grateful that philanthropists have guided that it is important that they help incentivize people to come forward with tips. i think that this $25,000 is a huge amount of money i think it will help. historically, we have rewards. they're generally at about 5,000. >> tell me, obviously, everyone's hoping this helps.
11:52 am
why the deadline? >>. >> i think if you know something, you should say something. if you know who murdered these children, you know today. we're trying to encourage people to come forward right away, we're in a time and space that we haven't been. they're great people here in the city of st. louis, and we want to get these murderers off the streets as soon as possible. >> have you gotten any solid tips? >> we have got a number of tips. the more we get, the better it will be for us to make a presentation to the prosecutors office for consideration of some type of charge against these shooters. we have breaking news this afternoon in the case of pedophile jeffrey epstein, at least a dozen of his accusers
11:53 am
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a moment of kindness captured in a photo. the photo of two 8-year-old kansas boys has captured the hearts of people all over. they're walking hand in hand on the first day of school. the story behind this simple act of kindness may melt your heart.
11:58 am
>> i saw him on the ground with conner, as conner was crying in the corner, he was consoling him. he grabbed his hand and walked him to the front door and waited until the bell rang and walked inside the school the rest was history. they have an inseparable bond. >> what christian didn't know that day is that conner is autistic, he was overwhelmed with everything going on around him. >> i fear every day someone's going to laugh at him because he doesn't speak correctly or he doesn't sit still, he jumps up and down and flaps his hands. >> it was a moment in time caught, now capturing the hearts of strangers all over. to the boys, it was simple. >> he was kind to me. >> yeah, he was. >> i was upset and i started crying, he helped me. and i was happy.
11:59 am
>> christian didn't see conner as different. a message their moms and many others are taking from this. >> it doesn't matter color, it doesn't matter gender, it doesn't matter disability. it doesn't matter anything, just be kind, open your heart and that's what we need in this world. >> no words spoken, just a quick gesture turns this little boy's world around. >> a life lesson learned from two 8-year-old boys. >> he found me and held my hand. and i will get happen 3i again. >> it's really as simple as this. >> be nice. >> . we roll on, hour two, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. court hearings underway is in a college commissions bribery
12:00 pm
scandal. lori loughlin and her husband arrived at that boston courthouse. the couple is accused of paying $500,000 to a fake charity so the two daughters could get accepted into the university of california. we saw her enter, she took a lot of heat for signing autographs on the way in last time. what did she do today? >> you're right, last time she was here back in april, she was waiving to her fans smiling, the day before when she first arrived in boston. she was signing autographs and posing for pictures with some of her fans, which is a bit of a head scratcher considering the seriousness of the