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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 27, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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baldwin. court hearings underway is in a college commissions bribery scandal. lori loughlin and her husband arrived at that boston courthouse. the couple is accused of paying $500,000 to a fake charity so the two daughters could get accepted into the university of california. we saw her enter, she took a lot of heat for signing autographs on the way in last time. what did she do today? >> you're right, last time she was here back in april, she was waiving to her fans smiling, the day before when she first arrived in boston. she was signing autographs and posing for pictures with some of her fans, which is a bit of a head scratcher considering the seriousness of the charges against her.
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today a very different picture. she went in the back door, versus the front door last time. she was holding her husband's hand, not smiling, no waiving, seems as if she's taking this time a lot more seriously. and perhaps she should. the maximum penalty of charges she's facing carries potential sentences of up to 20 years in jail. she's accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to get her two daughters into the university of southern california. as the government alleges that neither of them ever took part in rowing. now, today's hearing in particular is more of a procedural matter, having to do with their attorneys and the potential for a conflict of interest because they're being charged jointly, they also have the same lawyers, she and her husband, that could potentially create an issue if there was
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ever a conflict between the two of them as this case goes on. the other potential issue or one of the other potential issues is that one of the law firms they're using also represented the university of southern california in a completely separate case, though in this case, they are the victim in this alleged fraud. the judge is going to ask them if they understand the risks associated with that arrangement. and if they'd like to proceed with the same lawyers, brooke. >> we'll around lies all of t t that. >> now to another court event in new york, a hearing showed how these suicide of jeffrey epstein has not silenced survivors. they were given a chance to speak up and speak about what happened to them. a prosecutor told a judge they wanted to dismiss epstein's indictment.
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several accusers put on the record that epstein by killing himself denied everyone justice. at least one was thankful for the chance not only to be heard, but to also hear from others who suffered and survived. >> i want to thank everyone for their constant support during this difficult time. it was so powerful in there hearing all the other victims. and i want to thank the judge for letting us speak, having some closure. it's still going to be a rough road, i want to thank all the survivors that reached out to me as well. it really means a lot. i'm hear for anyone that went through something similar. i thank everybody.
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>> you listen to all of these women firsthand, what did they say? >> he was really kind of extraordinary, there were 3 1/2 rows of women there, 16 of them spoke, ten of them used their own names and statements were read from seven others. it was an extraordinary moment to hear these women speak. explaining to the judge they still are suffering. they felt powerless, they said that they're youth was stolen from them, they were robbed of their dreams, you heard from a number of these women that they were urging prosecutors to not stop. one of the first accusers who has gone public, this is not about how he died, but about how he lived and that he did not act alone, so some of these women were urging prosecutors to keep
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prosecuting this case, go after the women who helped epstein. some of these same themes we heard, but hearing it for the first time by these women before the judge. thanking the judge that they've had this opportunity, we've also heard from some of these victims that epstein's death, they felt they were robbed of justice, they did not get their moment in court, and they were not able to have the kind of closure they wanted. you also heard even as some of these women told these horrific stories of how they were raped by epstein. they felt empowered by the other women who were there now speaking up. they felt stronger for that, they found their voice and they were going to continue to use it. i saw some of the women exchanging phone numbers with each other, they were all feeling a bit stronger knowing they were not alone in this. >> an army of survivors, stay with me. ien watt to bring in two more
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voices in all these cases here. first up, i have rebecca, a professor at new york law school. this judge didn't have to allow these survivors to show up and speak out, did he? >> not only did he not have to, it's extremely unusual. it's a simple motion to dismiss, the defendant has died. normally you would do it without a hearing at all. >> not hear from the accusers. and it was moving. it's good for those survivors they got a moment to have this closure, however it isn't the process that is designed for that process. i think it's unusual and striking the judge would have allowed it in this case. >> judge roman had said, i wanted to read his own words.
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jesse, i was reading this morning about how you think of these women and what justice looks like for him. because his will was filed in the vergen islands it would make it more difficult for these survivors to collect damages. >> first, it's good to see my college professor. their battle doesn't end. this is ground one now it's forfeiture going after the estate. don't think this is the end of the day, was he really worth $580 million. there needs to be an assessment of where is the money, how can they get attached to, there's a much different situation now. it's different than the college
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admissions scandal. who else is out there who can provide information on epstein now that he's no longer there. >> this is -- today's hearing, i get it, it's procedural. she's being represented by a law firm representing both she and her husband might there be a conflict of interest. did you see that? >> one of the parties is more culpable than the other. it looks like she's more culpable than the other. there's always the possibility that down the line she may want to cooperate. >> how does that work.
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attack the mur culpable party. the judge is going to ask them questions for what they fully understand. we're risking down the line, we may want to do something. that could be not good for the other party. and at that point thr lawyer could not represent both of us. would you have to hire a lawyer at a later point in the case. the judge has to understand they're going to understand that risk. >> she got a lot of flack for how she arrived in court last time. she was waiving back. i think her lawyers pulled her aside and said, listen this is what you need to do, there are a lot of cameras on you. >> optics matter for these two. it's great they're coming together. legally, it's not great.
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everything she good is built on the public perception. no matter what happens here, is she going to be found guilty in the eye of public opinion? that's what she's thinking about too. she has to take this seriously, and by all accounts, she is taking this seriously, and i think there was a disagreement between her and her husband. they were hit with the money laundering charges because they didn't want to take a plea deal. they're at a different stage than fell isity huffman. >> thank you all very much. appreciate it. >> attorneys for deutche bank and capital one are facing a major deadline they must tell an appeals court whether the banks are in possession of president trump's tax returns.
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they've been trying to get their hands on the president's tax documents. congressional attorneys say the tax returns are needed for those investigations. the banks lawyers say there are contractual obligations not to disclose the relationship. >> tropical storm dorian is churning up in the caribbean sea. right now the island is under a tropical storm warning and hurricane watch in the next 24 hour hours jennifer grey is tracking the storm's path. where is dorian now and how soon before it hits the island. >> it could hit as early as wednesday. winds of 50 miles p-northwest a. on the current track it has it
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impacting puerto rico. more on the west side. the interest inging thing is, the center of the storm has recently miles northwest of where the center was previously thought to be opinion this is going to impact the track when the new track comes out at 5:00. it could actually impact puerto rico a little sooner. conditions will continue to deteriorate in muir toe rico. and all eyes as we get into the weekend. especially when it gets into the north side of puerto rico. any shift in the track early is going to impact this track late in the game. we all need to be on the lookout. the gulf of mexico needs to be
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on the lookout for this storm. >> thank you. we'll stay in touch on updates on dorian. >> it's been roughly three weeks since 31 lives were taken in el paso and dayton. lawmakers have done nothing to prevent another massacre. now a group made up of gun violence survivors and others join me next. why can't the president call out vladimir putin, we'll discuss that ahead. a massive area of brazil's amazon forest is burning at this hour.
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it's been 23 days since mass shootings in gilroy enel paso. both chambers return from vacation september 9th. a team of moms says this cannot wait any longer.
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they just showed up on the doorstep of mitch mcconnell's kentucky office to deliver a letter signed by 1,217 gun violence survivors. haley signed a letter for her son eli, which is four years of age after he accessed an unsecured gun at his grandparents house. he survived but had to have his right eye removed. louisville, welcome. >> it was the last line that grabbed me before all the signatures where you wrote, we demand more than your thoughts and prayers for our broken bodies our broken communities and our broken country, now is
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the time to act anita to you, and then haley. what do you hope your presence at the office today and all these signatures will achieve in. >> the one thing we hope is that he will read the letters, he will share them and that they will take action. they will bring these two bills to the table. it's not about what political party you're affiliated with, it's about lives. my son, 21 years old, his life could be saved, and we have to make sure these bills are put into place. >> we brought it so that he will read it and take heed of what we've said had is the voice of survivors. we just want them to read it and understand that it's time to do something. >> what happened? did you show up, did you deliver it? what did folks say to you?
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>> it was amazing. one of his staffers came out. and we talked about the facts. and how if it occurred to him or someone in his family. i explained he just turned 21 years old. we had a lot of plans for a 21-year-old. antonio lost his life that day. people gained their lives. it's not fair. we need action, and we need action now. >> i want to know details, what are they going to do about it? >> we really don't know, we just hope they take what we have presented with them and listen to it, and see we need a stronger red flag law brought to
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the table. everything needs a background check. by doing that, that can help prevent potential shootings. >> i explained to him i am a responsible gun owner. a lot of people don't understand, yes, law abiding citizens do register their guns. and we need to continue to keep that background check in place. when people don't follow the law, they can be held accountable for the crimes they commit. >> you brought up the red flag laws. police were able to thwart nearly 30 threats across the country. most of them because friends or family said something, and the fbi says they received more than 38,000 tips. what does that say to you about just ordinary americans and their willingness to speak up to law enforcement to use a red flag law? >> obviously that shows that americans are taking notice and that if they have that in place,
12:23 pm
people aren't afraid to contact law enforcement and asking that these laws be checked off. if they try to purchase a gun, it can prevent a potential shooting. knowing that people are already starting to contact officials shows that if we had something like that in place across the nation, people would feel comfortable enough to turn those people in. >> we advocate and do campaign see something, say something, do something. we're doing something. putting these laws in place is what they need. we don't need anyone else to experience what our family has experienced. let alone our community. it doesn't just affect our communities daily. today we're saying to the world and senator mcconnell, do
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something about the laws put in place. >> it was one of the biggest questions when it comes to the white house. why is president trump so easy on vladimir putin. the latest instance of trump putting putin above all. this is coming as two u.s. senators are blocked from entering russia. i stood outside, assessing the situation. i knew it could rough in there, but how rough? there was no way to know for sure. hey guys.... daddy, it's pink! but hey. a new house it's a blank canvas. and we got a great one thanks to a really low mortgage rate from navy federal credit union. pink so she's a princess. you got a problem with that?
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given all that was learned about the russian interference in the recent election or an arms race, you may expect president trump would change his tune about vladimir putin ahead of the 2020 race. the president lavished even more praise on him than barack obama. >> i think it would be better to have russia inside the tent rather than outside the ten the. i would invite him. whether or not he could come i think that's psychologically tough for him to do. you invite the person who was thrown out by president obama and really because he got
12:30 pm
outsmarted. president obama was helping ukraine, crimea was an ex-ed during his term. >> president obama was not happy because this happened because it was embarrassing to him. it was very embarrassing to him, and he wanted russia to be out of what was called the g-8. that was his determination. he was outsmarted by putin. >> our next guest put it this way, trump went to the mat for putin at the g-7 summit. jonathan is with me now. pleasure to have you on. you tell me, what was the most bizarre example to make your point. >> there were many examples. notice the way he used the passive voice in that statement, that ukraine was invaded it was taken. he didn't say who took it, he couldn't even assign responsibleability for russia's
12:31 pm
invasion with the ukraine. it was just something that happened. and it happened to president obama, it didn't happen to the ukraine, it didn't happen to the world. i think even stranger than that, is the fact that obama put in a pretty robust response. how do we know it was a robust response? russia is trying to un due it, it's getting it's ally to undo it for it. so it request get away with with the invasion without any long term consequences. trump is turning the entire logic upside down by blaming obama who responded to the agreement for the invasion itself. >> who he mentions 18 times. why do you think trump would do this over and over and over blaming obama? do you think it's possible vladimir putin in their conversations possibly put him up to it? >> right, the washington post
12:32 pm
reported earlier this year, that trump and putin repeatedly have discussions. they hide the discussions from trump's even foreign policy. it sounds to me like something putin would be putting in trump's ear to convince him to take aside. it's something trump himself came up with so he could pitch to his republican base. it's not being tough on russia, it's me sticking it to barack obama who we all hate. >> the question is why. right? >> we don't know to your point how deep the ties are between trump and putin. trump is deeply committed to advocating to the man who helped get him elected. if trump and putin keep this up, do you think we will ever know how deep and compromising trump's ties are to russia? >> we don't. the mueller investigation was not a counter intelligence investigation. it was not looking into the
12:33 pm
national security threat. it was not looking into what compromising relationship trump may or may not have with putin it was looking into criminal violations of law that they could prove during the campaign. it's not to say there within counter intelligence problems. >> thank you very much. >> speaking of, we're getting new reporting about that welcome dinner over at the g-7 summit and how the president and g-7 leaders got into it over russia. stand by for new reporting. wayfair's got your perfect mattress.
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speaking of the g-7 summit in france. more fallout here. we're learning about disagreements that broke out between president trump and several other world leaders about whether to allow russia into the group. what exactly was said and was trump out numbered? >> we know the president has sought to dispel any notion of disunity at this g-7 summit. there were several disagreements. china, eye reason, and also the sharpest of these disagreements was over the question of whether to readmit russia to make it once again the g-8. much of this happened during a dinner saturday night between the leaders of the g-7. the president argued for bringing russia back into the
12:39 pm
fold. he meant sharp resistance, particularly for angela merkel. he had some support from the italian leader, it was clear there was no consensus between these leaders on bringing russia back into the fold. sefrlt of those leaders i mentioned, arguing russia's behavior has gotten worse. and under those circumstances, russia should not rejoin the g-8. the g-7 will be held in the united states next year. the president has the prerogative to invite russia as a guest. but it would need to be a consensus in order to invite him back into the fold. >> the british prime minister was heard telling the french
12:40 pm
prime minister handling the difficult dinner was well played. >> we're just learning the department of homeland security is going to be shifting $271 million in funds toward immigration enforcement related active is. that includes 155 million from fema's disaster funds. currently it's a 20 day limit how long they can hold migrants. more moves from the trump administration looking to bolster its immigration enforcement active is. >> jeremy diamond, thank you very much. one day after a judge ruled johnson and johnson is liable for the opiod epidemic, we're
12:41 pm
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more breaking news this afternoon. purdue pharma are offering to settle 2,000 lawsuits against the company. this comes on a day after an oklahoma judge ruled that johnson and johnson intentionally downplayed the dangers of opiods. a corporate drug maker to pay $572 million. what's the story? >> they have just confirmed with us, they are indeed in settlement talks. this is the national opiod litigation. it's where tribal governments have all merged together in one consolidated suit out of oklahoma, out of ohio. and they are confirming with us that they are in settlement talks at this point. nbc news and two people familiar with the mediation are saying that they are settling between
12:47 pm
10 and $12 billion. the statement that they have given to cnn reads as follows. while purdue pharma is prepared to defend itself vigorously, the company sees little good coming from years of wasteful litigation and appeals. the people and communities affected by the opiod crisis need help now. purdue believes that constructive global resolution is it the best path forward. and are working with the state attorneys general to achieve this outcome. let's look at oklahoma for a second. i was there during those opening statements, i followed the trial, the judge found johnson and johnson liability for $722 million. better due pharma was a defendant in that litigation. they settled. they were the first ones to settle for $270 million and now you see what the responsibility
12:48 pm
is of johnson and johnson at this point. >> they were very smart. >> and 1900 cases still pending. >> in the wake of that massive settlement. 10 years ago, kanye west took the spotlight away from taylor swift. and today she stood right up there and took the spotlight back and spoke to the white house. hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros
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breaking news into cnn, the major deadline that attorneys for deutsche bank and capital one are facing in minutes and moments ago deutsche bank said they do have tax returns but not saying whether or not they are president trump's. and lauren fox is covering the story. what is the deal. >> in the publicly available documents we have it's unclear whose tax returns they have. if you remember the house financial services committee and house intelligence committee, they subpoenaed trump's businesses and several family members. so it is unclear whether or not the tax returns are from his family members, the businesses, trump himself, in a sealed document they sent to the court the names are included. but of course that is not publicly available information. so it is a little bit of a wait and see right now. as to whose tax information they have. as you know, there is a broader effort from democrats in congress to try to get to the bottom of trump's financial ties to russia, to saudi arabia and
12:54 pm
to others to sort of see if they have any influence over his presidency, brooke. >> lauren fox, thank you for the update. appreciate you. and taylor swift speaking up. has a little bit of bad blood with the white house calling them out at the m ts tv awards her video called you need to calm down is the anti-hate anthem features a who's who of lgbtq stars and promotes the house passed equality act but the white house had yet to respond so swift gave the administration a reminder standing up there last night on the stage during her acceptance speech. check it out. >> at the end of the video there was a petition and there still is a petition -- for the equality act. which basically just says we all deserve equal rights under the law. it now has passed a million signatures which -- which is five times the amount that it would need to warrant a response
12:55 pm
from the white house. [ cheering and applause ] >> i know. i know. the song also won the video for good award. it was co-executive produced by swift's bff and dancer todd rick call who had moving words. >> i'm so grateful to be in the world, if you are a young child out there watching the show and is different and feels misunderstood, we never needed you more than now to share your stories and truth with the world no matter what you identify as. >> toddrick hall is here. it is such a pleasure to meet you. >> i'm so delighted to be here. >> i have so many questions for you. let's tart first with -- let's back up. you're in the car with taylor swift a year ago and driving along and you ask her what? >> i just asked her if she ever had a gay child how would she
12:56 pm
feel about it because t was something she never discussed and she said they would be gay. that would be the end. and i would just love them no matter what. and i just loved hearing her say that. because i've had friends before that i've asked questions like that to and they were like, if it were my child i would have a problem with that. their parenting skills differently. and so i just -- it feld even -- i fell even more in love with her than i already was when she said that to me. >> watching the video come out and a lot of the folks are good friends of yours. tell me the back story of why you wanted these men and women in the video. >> i wanted them there and taylor specifically wanted them there. it was not my discussion -- my decision to put these people in the community in the video. it was the concept of the video because there are people who spend time making signs to go out and petition who other people are going to love or who they want to share their lives with, which in my mind shouldn't
12:57 pm
be any one else's business and when she asked me for people, i wanted to make sure there were trans people, gay, straight, lesbian, straight and allies and i think that sometimes people get so focused on the clear part of it but they forget there are sierra's there who identify as a heterosexual woman and it should be okay to all celebrate and be a unified group of people which is what we've been fighting for, equality. >> could you tell us, all of the headlines today are that, wow, you guys and taylor swift being political and speaking directly to the people, taking on the white house. what conversation did you have with her before or afterward about that moment? >> i just had a conversation with her because she knew how many people signed the petition saying this is something that they want. if 500,000 people, and i'm sure that number is rapidly growing right now as people are watching
12:58 pm
this, are saying this is the way they view the world. i think as someone who has grown up in this world and felt very misunderstood for a very long time, i love the fact she's using this platform not to say a speech and thank the directors and people who helped her get her career to a level it is at, she's saying that we need this because people like me as one of her best friends, i wouldn't normally have that platform to be able to make such a huge statement and i just felt so proud and i got chilled all over my body when she said it. >> and the white house has responded. we all got a cnn blast. white house has responded to taylor swift. this is what the white house says. saying they oppose discrimination. however, quote, the house passed bill in its current form is filled with poison pills that threaten to undermine threatened unconscious rights. what do you want to say to the white house right now? >> i would just want to say to the white house, i don't -- to me it doesn't matter what -- how
12:59 pm
beautifully written your response is at the end of the day and the core of the statement there is still hate in that statement. i don't know what poison pills or things that would -- that would prevent you from having parental -- being a great parent in that statement. i think at the end of the day, you know what is right and you know what is wrong and you know that everybody deserves to have equal rights and i applaud taylor for fighting that and i will continue to fight that battle with her. >> and plainview, texas, boy and wanted to be aerial in the little mermaid and what is your message to little boys and girls who feel different and misunderstood. >> keep fighting. i never imagined i would go to the m -- or the vma's and i was there accepting an award or an executive producer, you were the only person in the world who has to believe in you. your stories need to be heard. keep fighting because people are listening and change is coming.
1:00 pm
>> shall i pinch you. has it hit you? >> no. i still cannot believe it. i can't believe i'm here with you. you look gorgeous by the way. >> thank you, i'll take the compliment from you. toddrick hall, congratulations and thank you for being with us. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. president trump tries to feed world leaders a spoon full of putin. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, brand-new details on president trump's tense and bitter summit with world leaders and how he would not let go of the issue of bringing russia back into the group. plans and policy versus getting personal. joe biden tugging at voters' heart strings in an ad as his campaign chooses a different lane than his closest challenger. and puerto rico and florida in the danger zone bracing as dorian picked up steam with thousands still living under blue tarps after hurricane