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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 27, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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added later is not a part of original statue of liberty. >> what is he talking about? she wrote the poem to raise money for the pedestal. it happened three years before the statue went up. nobody is accusing them of having a great grasp of the facts. the big problem with the policy is it's proof they don't know where the heart of the country lies. and that is the question for this election. what do you want your country to be about? the decision is yours. thank you for watching. "cnn tonight" with don lemon the chicken king starts now. >> my flend just called me. my oldest friend from i have known her since nursery school. it's great it's crispy chicken, the bun is too die for. it's something your grandmother cooked and sit in the backyard and eat. i can't way. >> she said don't believe the hype. it's a scarcity play.
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>> she got a sandwich though. >> just enough to make everybody want them. >> let's talk about what you said. your closing statement. i know when my ancestors came over they had nothing. no education. no nothing. they can't contribute to society with money or whatever. that's really not what the immigration system should be about. obviously mine is different. with slaves not immigrants. did your family have money when they came over? >> please. >> were they the healthiest? rich and education? >> they were people with nowhere else to go. they ran way from poor places and came here with nothing. except everything in their head and heart that was desperate for a chance. and did the stupid jobs and everything they could and they were desperate and it was hardship. all stories that the people have in their families. the family history across this
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country. and it is personal to me. if this president had his way people like me wont be here. i know it will get a good -- from people in the base. this us and them stuff is toxic. >> the people in the base are the same thing. i don't know very few people came over in the santa maria wealthy people and upper. most people are immigrants who came from nothing. who were escaping harsh circumstances. who were like the people coming over on the southern border. and maybe even more desperate at the time. and certainly if people could do background checks then, think the people would have been allowed to get in the country? >> my father wrote we were made into the most with those who had the least. now this president is saying why can't we have more people from norway? i have no problem with norway. it's a beautiful place and people. we know what he's getting at. this is what the election is
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about. it's not about law and order. it's how you enforce the law and what you consider the proper order. it's definitional and i hope people get it. it's not about which form of 15 different medicare for all plans you can fg yur out. it's who we are and what you're fighting for. >> my norway neighbors. i don't know if we want more of them over here. i'm kidding. i'll hear about that. >> it ain't on my account. i'm a big fan. >> amazing people. >> i don't know you. >> i don't want your sandwich. >> no chicken for you. you get no chicken. >> you'll get burnt this weekend. >> he's going to get me. >> this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. and the master of spin. at it again.
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rewriting history. otherwise known as distracting and deplekting. president tweeting today. g 7 was a great audiocassette se success. it wasn't. not at all. president arguing fiercely with this country's allies during a dinner saturday night. go along with me. what was he arguing about? vladimir putin of course. putin who was kicked out of the then g 8 when he illegally seized crimea. who he still holds. who actively interfered in our election in 2016 and 2018 and plotting to do it geb in 2020. that vladimir putin. that guy. the president of the united states insisting putin should be welcome back into the group. even though russia has done nothing to deserve it. that according to two diplomatic officials and a u.s. official
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who says things got heated when insisted that as long as russia holds crimea, readmitting putin is a not starter. sources say the president took every opportunity to make the case for putin. interrupting discussions about fire in the amazon and iran. to insist russia should be part of the conversation. they say the president got more and mayor combative as the dinner wore on. of course, he wasn't taking putin's side behind closed doors. he did in front of live cameras too. >> a lot of people say having russia which is a power, having them inside the room is belter than having them outside the room. there were numerous people during the g 7 that felt that way. we didn't take a vote. we discussed it. i say yes they should be in. >> of course that's his
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inclination. that is after all the president who seemingly never met a strong man that he didn't like. who admires brute strength above just about anything. who praised kim jong un the leader who starved his people. executed his family members and responsible for the brutal death of american student. the president claiming the first lady shares his high opinion of kim. even though she's never met him. >> i also say that by the way, with respect to north korea. kim jong un who i have gotten to know well. the first lady has gotten to know him and would agree me, he's a man with a country that has tremendous potential. >> she's never met him. this president defended the crown prince of saudi arabia. the man behind the vicious
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murder of "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi. and trying to bring him back into the g 7. president description of the those discussions is surprise, not entirely truthful. it's a stretch to say that numerous leader agree with him. in fact the president was out numbered. and he knew it. officials saying he would have pushed for a vote on russia by current members if he thought he could win. interesting that wub leader who did agree with the president was the out going italy prime minister. who not at all the president praised in a tweet of course. saying he works well with the u.s. seems he works well with the president anyway. but there's more. you would think of all people the president of the united states would be on the side of the democracy. no matter what.
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that was apparently not the case at the g 7. "washington post" reporting the leaders heated conversation turned to what should be a pretty basic question, should the assemble world leaders give any special weight to being a democracy? okay. of course. they should. right? . most of the leaders said yes. and you'd expect them to say yes. the president trump said no. no to democracy. when the other leaders in the room pushed back when they refused to go along with the demand to readmit putin. he crossed his arms and became even more combative. of course none of this should come as a surprise to anyone. this president stood next to putin. and took his word on russia's election interference over this can you be the's own intelligence community. >> my people came to me, dan
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coats came to me and others and said they think it's russia. i have president putin he just said it's not russia. i will say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> president joked with putin about the election interference. >> he's deferred to putin. from the early days of o his campaign. >> putin is a nicer person than i am. >> he's a strong leader for russia. >> smart cookie. smarter and cunning than our president. >> wouldn't it be nice if we got along with russia. i'm all for it. >> i'll say great things about him. >> putin is a killer. >> a lot of killers. you think our country is innocent? >> he's the leader of russia. russia is a strong country. >> donald trump is a friend of
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putin. actually, putin called me a genius and said i'm the future of the republican party. >> putin is fine. he's fine. we're all fine. we're people. >> so the big question is, come on think about this. why? why does a president of the united states consistently defer to vladimir putin? a big clue. here. >> did you want president trump to win the election? did you direct any of your officials to help him do that? >> yes i did. because he talked about bringing the u.s. russia relationship back to normal. >> the fact is the president could invite him to the summit next year. hoping it's held in florida at his golf resort.
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as a special guest. and it sound like he would. >> you're allowed to invite other countries to come. everyone though they're not necessarily part of the group. would you consider inviting vladimir putin? >> i don't know he would accept. that's a tough circumstance. he was a part of g 8 and all of a sudden he's not in. so i think that's a tough thing for him. he's a proud person. i would invite him. >> what do you expect when it comes to the president favorite strong man? this whole strong man routine could backfire on the president. when it comes to iran. the president taking a carrot and stick approach at the g 7. >> if the circumstances were correct or right i would certainly agree to that. they koecan't do that because t will be met with violent force. >> irans president firing back.
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with an insult. >> if you lift off the sanctions and bow yo to the nation of iran. the situation would be different. >> that's never going to happen. that's not going to make the president happy. let's face it. he's only happy when he's talking about one thing. real estate. his own real estate. so is it any surprise the president's own tern general is planning a big holiday bash at, wait for it, the trump international hotel. just minutes away from the white house. "washington post" reports william barr party could cost more than $30,000. an official saying the party is not an official event. and will be paid out of barr's pocket. he sure knows his audience.
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spin is it. the attorney general of the united states renting space at the president's property. the hotel. this upcoming holiday season for a party. and spending thousands of dollars in the process. let's discuss now. hello to both of you. listen, it's true the optics are terrible. just think about it. he's the attorney general of the united states. considering what this president has gone through and now he's planning reportedly planning to have a holiday party there. this is what the "washington post" is reporting the attorney general booked trumps hotel for a holiday party likely to deliver $30,000 in revenue. is this barr's christmas president to trump? >> the amount of money isn't obviously massive. it's a way of showing loyalty to the president. right? and it's a way of sort of sticking his thumb in the eye of anyone outside in the legal
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community and outside observers who believe the traditional separation between the white house and the attorney general should remain and he's already sort of crossed that line. this guy has been in washington a long time. he knows exactly how this will be interpreted. it will be interpreted as sucking up to the boss. showing that he is a team player. a lot of hotels in washington d.c. with good rates. he obviously didn't have to go to the trump hotel. >> let's go through this a little bit more. barr is paying for the event himself. according to to justice officials. they tried to book a couple other hotels first and they weren't available. and thought ethics rules didn't prohibit this. but it's not a good look. >> it isn't a good look. ryan is right. barr is in some ways happy to
7:19 pm
flout the sort of not really rules, but the happy to put a thumb in the eye of folks who say this is bad. it's a bad perception. it's keeps with who barr is. he campaigned for the job by writing a memo about the mueller investigation saying it was going too far and the president had it in his power to fire jim comey. that's how he got the job. he knows how important loyalty is to the president. this is a president who likes to hold cabinet meetings where everybody goes around the meetings and sings a trump praise. as if trump really is the chosen one. if you're bill barr this $30,000 check to the boss is a way for him to show loyalty to a boss he knows a really appreciates a loyal toy and values it. and has a contest in some ways between a folks in his cabinet. about who can sort of show the
7:20 pm
most loyalty and feelty to this president. there he is throwing this party. >> let's talk g 7. clashing with allies over reinviting putin. why does he continue to be his biggest advocate on the world stage? >> he likes putin. this has been something that's established even before he was a president. the idea of holding the beauty pageant there or the idea of maybe to become putin's best friend. he admires him. he likes strong men. he gets along with him and likes the to pal around with him. there was speculation about why putin favored him to win. and put massive effort into ensuring he would win the presidency. and you have trump who wants to -- i think also sort of buck what obama did by showing he's pals with putin.
7:21 pm
it's certainly bizarre to have him in the meetings. with the other leaders pleading the case for putin. who it's not clear he wants to get back into the g 7. he disdains the international organizations. disdains the western style democracy. so the idea he is in begging to get back in to the g 7. it's like he doesn't need to. you have trump to do it for him. >> here's the reporting. you can weigh in. leader are discussing issues like iran and the fires in amazon. and trump interjects to ask about russia not being here. he only cared about put p's interest instead of the priority of the meeting. >> you couldn't have made it up. the president who is entire political career since he started this campaign has been accused of being too pro-putin and weirdly pro-putin. that to the point where it's been investigated to death to figure out is there some kind of
7:22 pm
financial relationship. what is going on? it's been this mystery for years now. and he has no self-awareness that is something that seems a little suspicious. goes into the meeting. it's not on the agenda. russia is not asking to get in. none of the countries want him in. they set down the criteria to meet to get in. and they haven't met it obviously. and trump all he talks about his big priority is putin should be here. >> one question. why? >> i don't know. i don't know. we have not that mystery hasn't been solved. the mueller report didn't solve it. it's the question that hangs over the presidency. it might be a simple adds putin didn't like hilary and wanted me to win. he helped trump win. and that's good enough for trump. there were not a lot of world leaders who wanted trump to win. putin was the by far the most
7:23 pm
important. and it maybe as simple as that. i don't know. that clip you played where he's talking about putin's feelings. about if we brought him to the g 7 not as an official member, recreating the g 7. just as an outside guest. he might not like the circumstances. i have rarely heard trump have so much empathy for someone. the way he was talking about putin not wanting that. it is bizarre. >> listen, all of this is happening as there's a hurricane barrelling towards puerto rico. he sent out misleading tweets about the congress approved $92 billion in aid. put that up. that's not true. the long term cost estimate is about $42 billion. is allocated. and it's $12.6 billion spent. calling it an all time record. that's not true.
7:24 pm
%-p. because in the back of his head he knows he whiffed the first time and he's misleading the public. thank you both. i appreciate it. >> deutsche bank has tax returns from one trump family member. but are they the president's? will house democrats get their hands on them. john dean weighs in on what this could mean. next. [happy birthday music]
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in a new court filing deutsche bank indicates it has trump related tax returns.
7:28 pm
the bank won't say whose. the names are redacted. they could end up in the hands of house democrats who subpoenaed them. john dean thank you so much. appreciate you joining us. house democrats one step closer to seeing the president's tax returns? >> they have a strong case. they have a law that actually authorizes them to get those returns. in the ways and means committee. they have other subpoenas that the finance committee. eventually they will probably get them. but the question is will it be before the 2020 election. >> that is a big question. the question. deutsche bank argued to the appeals court there are statutory contract shl and privacy concerns that fall under the subpoen. are those valid reasons to with hold them? >> well, the trump official himself the president himself is
7:29 pm
arguing that they shouldn't be turned over. and those would be the core arguments he would make. and the bank would indeed have those obligations. so, they're not illegitimate. it's just they're up against this rather unusual law that specifically authorizes two committees of congress without any reason to have access to any taxpayers tax returns. that's the it was used to get nixons returns. >> listen, john, trump's businesses have borrowed more than $300 million from deutsche bank and it's one of the few big banks willing to lend to the trump organization. if the taxes are donald trumps what will we likely find out? >> there could be trouble for mr. trump. everything from he could have used false inflation of his
7:30 pm
financial statements. which could be bank fraud. he could be embarrassed by the lack of income. or resources that shows him having. it could show he has collateral signatures from unsavory people who are backing up his loan promises. so we don't know. there's something there. that makes him extremely nervous. >> would the president's tax returns show trumps connections with foreign entities? >> they could. there could be cosigners. that would be guaranteeing his loans. could be russians. could show transactions involving lt russians and foreign entities could be arabs. we don't know. yes, they could be revealing. and he i think knows enough that you don't really mess with those. because you can get in serious trouble if you make substantial misrepresentations on your
7:31 pm
financial statements or your tax returns. that's a dangerous area. >> i want to the president said yesterday about the prospect of making money from hosting next years g 7 at his resort. >> my opinion i'm not going to make any money. it don't want to make money. i don't care. if i wanted to make money i wouldn't worry about 3 billion sto $5 billion. i'll detail that. >> he says without efd that he's lost 3 to $5 billion. doesn't care about making money. what are your thoughts on that? >> i don't believe we will ever see his justification for that. i'm going to spell this out some day. just like tax returns. he doesn't want to show those either. we have no idea what the man's income is. how much he is making. we do know he is mono-tizing the
7:32 pm
presidency. unlike any of the predecessors. my president for example sold all of his stocks and bought real estate. and was very open about what he had on assets. nixon actually that was one of his sticking points. he really after getting caught as vice president with a slush fund. learned his lesson and never again did he mess around in that regard. >> mr. dean, always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you. >> joe biden releasing a new campaign ad today and says it wasn't easy to talk about. we'll show you the extremely personal ad. that's next. then, he laid on a serta and realized his life was only just sorta comfortable. i've been living a lie. (laughs) the serta icomfort hybrid mattress. not just sorta comfortable, serta comfortable. ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪
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cam pan pain ad. he said this ad wasn't easy to report. healthcare is personal to me. deeply personal. watch this.
7:37 pm
>> i was sworn into the united states senate next to a hospital bed. my wife and daughter killed in a car crash. lying in that bedroom my two surviving little boys. i couldn't imagine what it would have been like if we didn't have the healthcare they needed immediately. 40 years later one of the little boys, my son bow, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. and given months to live. i can't fathom what would have happened if the insurance company said for the last six months of his life you're on your own. the fact of the matter is, healthcare is personal to me. obama care is personal to me. when i see the president try to tear down and others propose to replace it ask start over. that's personal too. >> makes you realize what's really important in life. joining me now to discuss. van jones and former congresswoman mia love.
7:38 pm
you're nodding. when you look at that, there's nothing more important than the gift of life. right? the vice president is taking healthcare very personal. talking a personal term. making the case president trump isn't the only threat to obamacare. other candidates are too. talk about this. is this ad effective? what are your feelings? >> it's a beautiful ad. a lot of heart, a lot of soul. it's personal. and everybody knows joe biden, but everybody knows what coca-cola is as well. you have to remind people. tell the story. this is the joe biden everybody knows and loves. it's important -- this man buried two children. that is that makes him so real. so relatable. and he's still out here trying to make a difference. trying to honor the legacy of his kids. >> are you getting emotional
7:39 pm
about this? >> it's emotional. i think a lot of people are burying folks. we have a lot of people talking about opioids and gun violence. talking about suicide. talking about cancer or black women dying having babies. you have a lot of funerals and a lot of people suffering and struggling. to have an ad like that is relatable. it's important and healing. i don't know if it does anything for numbers. i'd much rather hear that from politicians than the back and forth and technical stuff. >> amen. i related to that. i had a death with my sister. it's been tough. when you see things like that you realize what's really important. the gift of life is just -- it is the most important thing. mia, in his first ad he stressed electability. second he focussed on healthcare. both are airing in iowa. smart move too drill down on the issues? according to the "new york
7:40 pm
times" bidens team noticed warren is gaining in iowa. >> right. well, i think this is the exact ad he needs to have. when you see warren gaining on him and other people gaining on him, this is the thing that makes him relatable to i would say independents or relatable to so many people out there because the entire -- the entire democrat presidential candidates really running to the left. joe biden said look if you're going to get rid of private healthcare insurance and going to give medicare for all, where are you finding the funds? this is the ad he needed to have out there. let people know this is personal to him. i still -- you have to understand how the policies will be implemented because the aca wasn't great for everybody. so you have to speak to everybody. and see how you're going to make it work. it's not -- he did what he
7:41 pm
needed to do. you have to make see what you can do to make healthcare work. >> let's talk about the reaction from the other candidates. sanders is reacting to this campaign ad. this new poll. that was released yesterday. showing him neck in neck with biden and warren. they believe the polling opens the doors for an electability argument. does it? >> it could. you have to see a few more ads like this. and you have a big swing here in terms of of the margin of error is big. if you're bernie sanders you have to look around and say when do i get some love here? people have been writing he off since hillary clinton campaign. warren goes up a point. i'm going up two, three points not getting love or attention. he has a case to make. most polls he wins a match up with trump. he's now catching up to biden.
7:42 pm
people have to deal with sanders and last time people didn't want to deal with him he got 47% of the vote. the democratic party last time and won more than 25 states. this is an important moment for sanders. he is correct to say that he is viable now in the democratic party and election. >> we should point out that yesterday's poll had a margin of error of six points. and most recent poll including the poll last week, showing biden with a strong lead in the field. we'll have to see if the latest poll is part of a trend or if it's an out liar. it's dizzying to me. go on. >> it should be a wake up call. actually it's a good poll for joe biden. it's like people are catching up i have to do something. which is why the ad is good for him. you have way too many people. you have independents and really the center right that is up for
7:43 pm
grabs. you can't run to the left. you have to make sure it makes sense. in my district where i'm from there are a lot of people where it didn't work for them. the premiums went up and couldn't keep private health insurance. people want to know who's going to get taxed and who's not. this is a good wake up call for joe biden. i think that as many people are coming in and coming up on him he has to do something different to divide himself from that. >> i have to get this in. i know you're passionate. joe walsh is launching a primary challenge on president. go for it. what do you say? >> i am out -- i'm outside my mind. with this person. okay, so first of all i'm really excited that you have another republican in the race. the person that says i can't
7:44 pm
wake up every morning to trump's ugly tweets. it took an hour to do research and i found january 12, 2018. he says there's nothing wrong with saying that haiti is an s hole country. and says it's run by blacks. chicago has a black on black violence problem. so this is the person who is i think just as ugly. and he's not fooling anybody. i think i have to think to myself what is this world coming to. somebody can say i am defend the president -- even tweet something that's worse than what the president says and comes back to say i don't believe this person is morally fit. he's either lying to everybody or he thinks that the president is just not angry enough. i don't know what it is. this is a person that needs to stay home. >> i'm out of time. she's mad.
7:45 pm
>> i am mad. >> amen. >> thank you. see you next time. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers now with endless fries starting at $7.99. and get more bites for your buck with late night half-priced apps. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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or... that you can't be both inside and outside. most people haven't driven a lincoln. it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event. right now get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer. some 17 million people were purged from voting rolls nationwide between 2016 and 2018. that's according to a recent study by the brennan center for justice. voters don't often realize they've been purged until they show up to vote on election day. my next guest is working to ensure all eligible americans can register, vote, and have their votes counted in 2020. stacey abrams was georgia's democratic candidate for governor in 2018. she's the author of "lead from the outside" as well as the founder of fair fight 2020, an
7:50 pm
initiative aimed at fighting voter suppression. she joins me now. great cause. thank you so much. we appreciate having you on. >> thank you for having me. >> you're focused on fighting voter suppression now, and you say it used to be much easier to identify. what's changed, and how prevalent is it? >> voter suppression from the earliest inceptions of this country, enshrined in the law who was allowed to vote and who was not. with the advent of the voting rights act, everyone who is eligible was permitted to vote. and so what shifted is that it's now gone underground. these new rules look facially neutral, look racially neutral, but they have a disproportionate effect on people of color and on vulnerable communities. voter i.d. laws, purge laws, closures of precincts, the rejection of absentee ballots and the provisional ballots which often have to be cured by people who can't take time off of work to come back -- those together create the spectrum of voter suppression. >> part of what you're working
7:51 pm
on involves training voter protection teams, right, because when people show up at the polls, they often don't know what to do. what are those, and how do they work, these voter protection teams. >> so we're setting up voter protection teams in the 20 battleground states, and we define that as states where the presidential election, senate confession, state attorneys general and down ballot races which could decide redistricting for the next decade, those are the states we're targeting. we're investing in, training, and staffing full-time permanent staff in state parties. these teams are going to be in place so that they're looking at the laws in the state. they're looking at how those laws are implemented, and they're able to ver questions and fight back against voter suppression in the inception. one of the reasons we're doing it now at fair fight is we want to make certain whether there's a presidential nominee on the democratic side, that they can scale these operations.
7:52 pm
we're getting them started. we're not waiting until there's a nominee, but we intend for these apparatuses to be available to that nominee to make certain we're protecting the vote not only from gop nernsz but from foreign interference as well. >> after what happened in georgia and, you know, the situation around your campaign and your election, this is like the perfect thing. it's the obvious thing for you to do, and i'm sew happy that you're doing it because it really needs attention. so let's continue on and talk about the census, right? this president has not succeeded in adding a citizenship question to the upcoming census, but this doesn't feel like it's over. listen to this, and then we'll talk about it. >> today i'm here to say we are not backing down on our effort to determine the citizenship status of the united states population. i stand before you to outline new steps my administration is taking to ensure that citizenship is counted so that we know how many citizens we
7:53 pm
have in the united states. make sense? >> i'm sure you have concerns about this. what worries you the most? >> that he's trying to subvert the intention of the census. the census is not designed to count citizens. it's designed to count who is in the country because the provision of services, the allocation of dollars is determined based on who is in each state, not on -- the bombast being used by trump suggests he's going to somehow overall the opinion of the supreme court. i do not believe he will be successful. >> listen, this is another important subject and one that we discuss on this show a lot. that is gerrymandering. president barack obama has a new initiative aimed at ending it. in a statement, he says the movement for fair maps will determine the course of progress on every issue we care about for the next decade, and we can't wait to begin organizing when the redistricting process starts
7:54 pm
in 2021. the supreme court recently acknowledged the problem of gerrymandering but says the issue is beyond the court's reach. what do you hope this initiative will accomplish? >> so i will say that this is actually part of the work that we're doing. so part of how reapportionment happens -- in fact, entirely, reapportionment is based on the census count. that's another reason it's so critical that every person be counted, because that will determine the allocation of congressional districts for the entire nation. it then is used as the only legal mechanism to draw the lines. but we have to think about this all of a piece. the right to vote is the right to elect your representatives. the census tells you who gets to cooperate with you to make that choice, and redistricting draws the line. unfortunately chief justice roberts and the roberts court undermined and in fact abdicated their responsibilities for ensuring that every voice is actually heard and that we have a fair democracy.
7:55 pm
while we can't undo what the roberts court decided, we can do everything in our power to ensure that voters have the protection they need to cast their ballots, that the census works, and that redistricting is as fair as possible. >> i can't let you go without asking this. do you see yourself as a potential running mate for any of the democratic candidates? >> it is hubris to say that i'm going to be chosen, but it's too coy by half to pretend that i wouldn't want the job. but my responsibility is fair fight 2020, making sure that no matter who the nominee is, through fair fight, that we have created an opportunity to scale and to make certain that the right to vote is protected and that whoever the running mate is -- and i'd love to have the offer, but no matter who the running mate is, that the next president of the united states protects all americans, and that's our mission. >> fair fight, correct? >> that's it. >> stacey abrams, always a pleasure. thank you so much. >> don, thank you for having me. >> we'll be right back. morning.
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