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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 28, 2019 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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it's all on your schedule. awesome. now all you have to do is move...that thing. [ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. we're going to answer five big questions for you in the hour ahead, beginning with this. why did president trump argue with g7 allies that russia should be back in the group, clashing with european leaders
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that are against it? i'm going to discuss with fareed zacar zacaria. why is william barr hosting a party at trump's hotel with a tab of $30,000? is it evenet ethical? how is a teen getting people registered to vote when he himself is too young himself. and dorian, will it strengthen into a hurricane as it roars towards puerto rico? we'll have a forecast for you. and "american factory," backed by the obamas. it explores a culture clash between chinese management and workers at a plant in ohio. where you sit today, used to be
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a general motors plant. and now, there's 1,000 employees working here. let's turn to our big picture now. a presidented a o ed at odds wi partners. good to see you. doing okay? >> yeah. after president trump argued that russia should be allowed back into the g7. president macron had to step in to keep it from getting out of hand. why does the president continue to promote vladimir putin's interests over our own allies? >> this has been the central puzzle of the trump presidency in some ways and certainly his foreign policy. trump doesn't like other
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countries, it's pretty clear. his attitude is, other countries take advantage of the united states. they beat us. we are always losing. he thinks the canadians beat us. the mexicans, the chinese. he doesn't like the european allies. except russia. he has a strange soft spot for russia. and what's weird about it, he's coming 20 years late to this par party. this conversation about russia and where it should sit in the world, was one we had a long time ago. we tried very hard. i was one in favor. i was arguing that russia should be made part of the g7, which game the g8. this was done in the clinton and bush administrations. but then, russia turned under vladimir putin. it became more repressive at home. more expansionist across. it invaded georgia and ukraine. annexed crimea, one of the rare cases of gobbling up territory.
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almost never happened. that's why russia was expelled from the g7. and the weird thing is, trump goes on about how russia outsmarted the u.s. under obama and took crimea. if he recognizes all that, why does he want to reward that behavior? this is -- you know, the russia appeal is part of an almost freak show of contradictions that trump displayed at the meeting. it quickly turned fundamental. whether the leaders should have assigned a weight. they forcefully believe the answer was yes. trump believed the answer was no. that's a startling image. what does that do to our image as the beacon of democracy for the world? >> think about the people protesting in hong kong. the 2 million, 3 million people out on the streets. they look at the united states
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as the beacon of democracy around the world. it doesn't matter if you're a democracy. it doesn't matter if there's any greater legitimacy to it. what's sad is, again, you think about how many times president trump has taken president putin's side or said something nice about him. said something nice about kim jong-un. he claimed his wife had a wonderful relationship with kim jong-un, the most oppressive dictator, whom his wife has never met. can you say a nice thing that president trump has said about a democratically-elected leader. merkel, macron. >> the former president. you were talking about why russia was booted from the g8 and it became the g7 again. everyone, he outsmarted the
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former president. everyone there, all of the leaders know it's not true. what does it do to our creditability? do we have credibility left with allies? this man is saying something that is not true. he's doing it on purpose or ignorant to the facts. >> we have good reporting that says a lot of president trump's senior staff essentially manage him. i hate to say this, but almost like he's a petulant adolescent. it seems like that's how the world's most senior leaders are dealing with the president of the united states. there was reporting saying the president of france's principal objective was not to get trump to be too angry. they didn't issue a communique at the g7, which is a routine
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thing, because they thought it would piss trump off. everybody is stage managing and treating with kid gloves the person who is meant to be the leader of the free world. the president is meant to set the agenda. it's a sad situation where we went from being the leader of the world, to the toddler of the world. >> you made me think of a friend. and he has a device to limit the wi-fi in the room where they are. >> if you want trump to come to the briefing, if you cut the wi-fi, you can't tweet. maybe you might as well come down and hear what the damn head of the cia is telling you is going on. >> he would come down from the residence. >> you wouldn't be able to wish sean connery a happy birthday,
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which is a pressing issue. >> let's listen to this democratic congresswoman, jackie speier, what she said tonight. >> it was the g6 plus the united states. all he did there was pitch his country club, doral, not his country, but his country club, and pitched vladimir putin coming back into the g7 to make a g8. >> is she right? is the u.s. isolated? and everyone is working around the u.s. at this point until there's someone else in office? >> yeah. if you put aside the absurdity and the grotesqueness and the vulgarity of pushing your own hotel. the point you're making, don, you see it in the discussions with iran. the rest of the g6, the other countries are trying to keep the nuclear deal alive, because they recognize how important it is to keep iran on a track that it was
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on, which was nonnuclear, which was insure with inspections they never did get nuclear weapons. what you've done is you've created a weird wedge between the united states and the other leading powers of the world, which iran is, frankly, exploiting right now. the iranians are finding enormous diplomatic leverage and trying to play the rest of the world against the united states because the truth is the rest of the world doesn't agree with america. after the foreign minister of iran, went to the g7 on the invitation of macron, he went to china, where he was going to talk to the chinese about maintaining and strengthen the chinese/iranian relations. and after that, is japan. we've created a rift between the united states and the world. it recognizes a reality, which is we're the ones isolated. >> okay.
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so, you talked about macron and he is getting praised for his performance and managing this president. there's a vacuum i would think of leadership. and he is stepping in and maybe others. is his lack of leadership opening up for others? usually, it's about the u.s. and u.s. president. and you have the communique and what have you. now, macron seems like the world leader, instead of trump. >> you're seeing it's episodic and it's an issue by issue. no one can take the place of the united states because no country is powerful enough. what you're going to see is a freefall. everyone is going to freelance. some people will step in on certain issues. others on other issues. and it's all entirely self-inflicted. this is what they call in soccer a known goal. there's no reason for the united states to be sitting on the sidelines when the fate of the world is being discussed. when the fate of security in the middle east is being discussed. the world, with the fate of the
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world being discussed. absent from the table, it puts president trump in a bad mood. somebody needs to tell him, even if he doesn't attend that session on climate change in the g7, the climate is changing. >> it's going to -- the climate is going to do what it's going to do. >> mother nature will do what it will do. >> one leader that openly backed the president is italy's prime minister. president trump praised the prime minister on twitter, of course. he represented italy powerfully at the g7. loves his country greatly and works well with the u.s. do you have to agree with this president in order for him to work with you or to work with him? >> it seems like that. even then, half the time it changes his mind. what does it mean to agree with this president? this is a president that said, on one hand, xi is the greatest enemy of america. then, he's a great leader.
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he said he would order american companies to stop doing business in china. the next day, they have a great future in china. anyone who thinks the future lies in the warm solidarity with president trump, keep in mind, he's going to get up the next morning and may have a different view. >> i kept thinking that people would be talking, oh, what's that? here he comes. oh, hi. hello, mr. trump. how are you? here he comes. let's stop talking about him, right? that's the sense i get. >> that's the world right now. >> thank you. tune into fareed zacaria, cnn special report. he's going to investigate the keep reasons why the white supremacy is showing its face. and fareed zacaria gps, as well. with all of the chaos on this administration, the
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president's trade war with china. a new tariff on goods li s lik sneakers and clothing. what will it mean for americans? we'll dig into that next.
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let's discuss with katherine and william cohan. william is the author of "four friends, promising lives cut short." thanks for being with us this evening. there's no official meeting between china and the u.s. with the u.s. set to have a new 15% tariff, where does this trade war go from here? >> have you seen a nisituation,
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where something so important, to our economy, to consumers in china and america, is so articulately laid out? i have no idea what this trade war is all about. i used to do deals on wall street. i have no idea what the deal is that donald trump is trying to reach with president xi. he is letting loose little ideas that president xi wants to make a deal. about what? what is this deal all about? it seems like it's just about, you know, who's more macho. i don't understand what he is trying to do. he needs to articulate what this trade war he has started is all about. he hasn't done it. >> katherine, do you think the president has a firm grasp of what he is trying to accomplish? i talked to a farmer and a manufacturer last night. they're hurting. >> yeah. i think that's very much the
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problem here. there's a lot of ways that everybody can be made worse off. it's not clear how anybody, including the united states, can be made better off. trump doesn't seem to know what his own objectives are. is it to get china to respect our property, at last? is it to get china to buy more soybeans. if you are china in these negotiations, how do you sit across the table from someone and try to negotiate and make concessions when the person on the other side of that deal can't decide what concessions he is looking for. if china were to capitulate, and do something humiliating, to make some major concessions, why would they have any incentive to
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do that, given we have seen other countries make deals with china -- make deals with trump and trump immediately turns around and rips the deal up. he did this with mexico. a few months after we signed nafta 2.0, he threatened to levee tariffs on mexico. china is watching this and saying, why would we trust this guy? why would we make meaningful concessions? >> this is a piece in "the new york times." it's called trump can battle china or expand the economy. he can't do both. it's by peter goodman. as president, trump interintimately escalates and moderates his trade war with china. his conflicting signals limits his actions. he can try to receiver the intertwined relationship with china.
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or he can prod economic growth to investors around the planet. is this trade war going to send the economy right into the ditch? >> i think there's a combination of things that will send the economy into a ditch. the trade war is making corporate executives all over the country very nervous. it's making consumers nervous. it's becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. you are jawboning the fed chairman to get him to lower interest rates, something that happens when the economy is in a tailspin, especially when interest rates are so low for so long already, there's conflicting forces on the train. it's the best economy ever. he's draw boning the fed chairman to lower interest rates and it's something that's done when the economy is heading toward recession.
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i think he's going to talk us all off an economic cliff here. if you don't like champion and don't want him to be re-elected in 2020, it's possible that the west thing you can hope for is a recession, as painful as it might be for the american people. but it might be less painful than four more years of chaos theory. >> the president tweeted in a my stock market gains must be judged when the market went up, big after the win. he's not going to like this. our christine romans looked into this. if you judge trump's economy from his inauguration day, it's big but not the biggest. 29% for trump, compared to 46% over the same period for president obama. if use use the criteria, his
12:24 am
numbers drop. he's trying to move the goal posts, right? >> there's a few thing to keep in mind. presidents don't control stock markets as you and i have discussed many times before. also, the stock market has been moving sideways for the past year. and we've seen stock market gains on net. under trump, you have to bear in mind, that staocks are a claim n the half-tax profits on a term. he transferred $2 million of wealth away from tax poiers to today's shareholders. as aarithmetic, that should get stock values to go up. the after-market profit of those firms will be higher. and taking into account, all of the factors, including the tax cut, he still doesn't look so hot. on his own pefred metric, of
12:25 am
course, once upon a game, is how he judged the success official his administration. that's not the right way to judge the administration or the overall economy. taken as a whole, it's not that impressive of a record. the president touting the market going up, while he's been in office. >> it should not be forgotten that president obama inherited a financial crisis when he took office. trump inherited a growing economy. dorian is barreling towards puerto rico. the new forecast next. you don't let a cold ruin your day. you take dayquil severe liquicaps and crush it. dayquil severe. the daytime, coughing, aching, stuffy-head, fever, sore throat, power through your day, medicine.
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puerto rico bracing for tropical storm dorian that is expected to make landfall tomorrow. president trump has approved a declaration for puerto rico. let's get the new forecast from pedram javaheri. good to see you. puerto rico has not recovered
12:30 am
from the last storm that ravaged the island. what's the latest from dorian? are they going to get slammed again? >> the latest forecat has come in. some 60 miles to the north and east. that puts puerto rico in the direct path of tropical storm dorian. here's what it looks like. not an impressive depiction here. a compact storm system. and it plays a role into this storm, being able to maintain intensity. you look further ahead of the tract here, we have dry air and wind shear. with all that said, the storm can strengthen a little more here and get close to a category 1 as it makes landfall across puerto rico. every model brings it ashore over puerto rico. that's why they have issued a hurricane watch. the rainfall becomes a
12:31 am
significant player. the winds, 60, 65 miles per hour. when you talk about six to ten inches of rainfall, inside an eight-hour period, that will lead to significant flooding. puerto rico, a very mountainous island. some of the mountains rise well over 4,000 feet. you put that together and you will have runoff and flooding, as well. model guidance has been spot-on. the assistance we had with the drier air and the wind shear in place, that's recused. and the water temperatures go up. model guidance has been inconsistent. 5:00 p.m. update comes in, track shifts well to the south. they're together but shifting back and forth in every run. quite a bit of margin of error,
12:32 am
looking at friday, saturday and sunday. puerto rico to be a sure bet. >> we will be following it carefully. pedram, t much. popeye's or chick-fil-a? how one teen took that debate and turned it into an opportunity to get people to vote. he's going to tell me about it, next.
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the great debate in this country. which fast food franchise has the greatest fried chicken sandwich? we probably won't settle that tonight. but my next guest showed up at his local popeyes in charlotte, north carolina, to encourage people waiting in line to make a difference in their community and to vote.
12:37 am
david ledbetter joins me now. you were reading my mind. all these lines and is anybody registering? yeah. there's this guy in charlotte. he's doing it. tell me how you came up with this idea. >> it initiated. i was working on a campaign with stephanie snead. i was trying to get engaged with the community. we came up with the idea of trying to get more voters and more people involved. i attended a caucus meeting here in charlotte. there wasn't enough young people in there. just older folks. i was wondering, what was that? and we had seen the debate. and individuals going up in the lines. the lines are massive. and the waiting times are very long. we thought, we should engage
12:38 am
them. >> captive audience. >> right. it was a good audience. we should follow the trend. >> were they receptive to the information you were giving them? >> yeah. the majority of them were or they were registered to vote. some individuals weren't as receptive. but a lot were. we handed out information. who is running for ballot here in charlotte. it was good, positive feedback. >> how many were registered to vote? >> we didn't exactly tally up who we registered.
12:39 am
it was more than ten. we tallied up the amount of people that we registered. we don't have the exact count. >> you're preregistered to vote when you turn 18. what are you looking for in a political da political candidate? >> that's a good question. i'm looking for a candidate for every individual. in america in specifically. providing the extra support for those individuals who don't have the same opportunity as, you know, of the individuals around. the individuals like me. i think, you know, candidates who are, you know, for the betterment of society as a whole, that's what i look for in a candidate. someone is looking to improve the economy and simulate the youth. the youth is the feature.
12:40 am
we should be putting things in place. you know, just to be great. and so, i look for candidates, you know, just willing to simulate the -- people who don't have the -- >> the young folks. you're doing great things in your community. you co-founded a cause called imagine this. >> it's geared towards high school students. it's focused on communities from disadvantaged communities. community engagement, health and wellness, peer mentorship and education. around those four, we design activities for the students. we give them to engage on. ultimately give back to the
12:41 am
community. the mission is to develop the students and have them go to college. and begin a survey. that's, you know, the initiative of our negotiation. that's the mission we try to place. >> you're a high school senior going into your senior year, now, right? >> yes, sir. >> you'll graduate in may of 2020? >> yes, sir. >> when i was a senior, who knows what i was doing. what are you going to do after you graduate? politics? >> i do but that will not be my main focus. i have a passion for science. i want to go on to medicine. i love science. being a doctor is one of the best ways to help people.
12:42 am
i plan on having a presence in politics. i do plan to be in that industry. >> when you're president, invite me to the white house. >> all of this over a chicken sandwich. did you -- did you get the sandwich? >> i did get a sandwich. the spicy chicken sandwich. you want me to tell you which one was better, don't you? >> which one did you like? >> i'm sorry. >> tell me if you liked it. >> i liked it. i enjoyed it. >> you can't think it was the best? >> i haven't had it.
12:43 am
i've gone to five or six popeyes and can't get my hands on it. you're a good guy. be in touch. thanks so much. we'll be right back. check your free credit scores at creditkarma. here's to progress.
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the obamas have made the jump into the movie business. higher ground has put out their first film on netflix. it focuses on a former general motors plant that reopened in 2016, under the leadership of a chinese billionaire. with the reopening comes a lot of promise and workers.
12:48 am
harsh reality soon set in. >> where you sit today used to be a gm eneral motors plant. now, there's over 1,000 employees working here. >> is this a union shop? >> it is our desire to not be. ♪ >> we hope someday to get this good. >> there have been 11 complaints filed. some are citing unfair treatment. >> joining me now are the directors of "american factory."
12:49 am
i'm going to start with you. the fact that the obamas chose this project first is garnering a lot of attention. you asked him what was behind the decision? let's discuss. >> the first scenes of the folks on the floor in their uniforms. that was my background. that was my father. that was reflected in this film. >> we have a sacred story. if you know someone, if you talk to them face-to-face, if you can forge a connection, you may not agree with them on everything. there's common ground to be found and you can move forward together. >> what's it like working with him?
12:50 am
>> we learn that they come from humble beginnings. i can relate to her because my dad was also a working class guy, that punched a clock and brought his pay home in cash in his shirt pocket every friday night. they come from humble beginnings. those stories are very interested in those stories being scene on television. i think they wanted to start higher ground because they believe in storytelling. the president talked about the sacred story. we all have that story. and i believe, that if people see our film, this is the obama's hope, too, they will better understand the lives of people who work in a factory every day. whether they're chinese. whether they're american. and whether they're management
12:51 am
or the owner of the factory. we see all those points of view in our film. and they called their company higher ground. i love that. we wanted to take the higher ground. listen to everyone. >> we see from the trailer that there's enormous culture clash between american workers and chinese management, including tension over unionizing. is anyone happy with this marriage? >> oh, sure. it had way big ups and downs, during the course of the three years we were filming in there. in materially days, it was like a honeymoon. there was so much you're yosty. there was a lot of just, sort of, wonderful connection.
12:52 am
the turning point came when the plant was not making a profit as quickly as everyone shthought i should. and everyone started to get more pressure on them. that's when the clash really started taking off. everyone's nerves started to fray. a challenging environment. >> what did you learn about how differently the chinese view work compared to americans? that's where there's a vast difference. chinese folks work a 12-hour day and a 6-day week. sometimes a seven-day week. and they work efficiently and very fast.
12:53 am
that's a big difference. we noticed that they have a tremendous loyalty to the company. they have a tremendous loyalty through that to their country. we have to remember the history here. china is coming out of rural poverty. and now, there's a booming middle class. people are excited about their country. here, there's a sense that american workers are a little more disappointed and less enthusiastic about their company because the companies don't take care of them as well. there's a management style that the chinese folks brought over to america that really didn't work. many aspects, there's a tendency
12:54 am
to say, just do this. the american worker will say, why? >> from a chinese culture, they're not being disrespectful. people don't get patted on the back there. even though you work six days a week, you still miss your kids. it's not like they are less human or have less dreams or fears or hopes or concerns. it's a different expectation and a different normal. >> it did cause -- it did cause tensions and clashes and tears and arguments.
12:55 am
crossing result ral change is not easy. and any culture really needs to understand our laws and our culture and how we expect life to be. >> it looks fascinating. i can't wait to see it. thank you so much. we appreciate you coming on. >> thank you, don. >> thanks, don. thanks for watching. our coverage continues. it's an all-in-one that absorbs dirt and grime deep inside. and it helps prevent streaks and haze. stop cleaning. start swiffering - in the last year, of cybercrime every second. when a criminal has your personal information, they can do all sorts of things in your name. criminals can use ransomware, spyware, or malware to gain access to information like your name, your birthday, and even your social security number. - [announcer] that's why norton and lifelock are now part of one company, providing an all in one membership for your cyber safety
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florida now in dorian's sights. the storm expected to make landfall ads a hurricane this week. first the tropical storm hit puerto rico today. billions of dollars in company ownership on the line. the family blamed for helping spark the opioid crisis now in sttlement talks. outrage at the attorney general. you won't believe where he's hosting a $30,000 holiday party. and a twist in the chicken sandwich wars that has popeye's
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