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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 30, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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the sense of urgency is growing across florida as hurricane dorian now a major category three storm as it barrels toward the southeast. right now, forecasters say dorian will still strengthen to hit the u.s. mainland sometime monday as a category 4 hurricane. ron desantis issued an alert about a critical gas shortage across the state. at every turn there are multiple long lines of cars crowding fuel stations. home depot has sent extra truckloads of much needed supplies to its stores. and president trump who cancelled his trip to poland has now approved an emergency declaration. he's affected as well, he owns nearly a dozen properties there in south florida. alison is tracking dorian's force for us. the pace of this storm is also
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becoming a major concern. the slower it moves the worse this hit could be, where is dorian right now? >> right, so it's still out over the open atlantic. we've been seeing it go through an eye wall replacement cycle. we've started to see that intensification process, thus, we are now up to a category three storm, also known as a major hurricane. winds increased up to 115 miles per hour, the forward movement pretty much the same, northwest at 10 miles per hour, that is going to be one of the key things to monitor over the next 48 hours, because that is really going to give us an idea of when and where this storm is going to make landfall. as of right now, we expect more intensification. likely in the next 36 to 48 hours from now, and it will be a category 4 as it crosses over the bahamas, the question is, where does it go from there. does it end up impacting more of
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south florida. places like miami, ft. lauderdale, or does it veer just a little bit to the north and hit more of the central locations near the space coast areas. maybe around melbourne. the other question is, when does it make that turn north. the slower it does that, the more time it has to dump a tremendous amount of rain across florida. we have hurricane watches in effect for portions of the bahamas right now, likely to add some of those to florida as we head into the weekend. and we get closer to that landfall point. the storm is stirred by a high pressure system here toward florida. the problem is, once we get toward tuesday, you have multiple atmospheric factors in play, that could stall this storm out. in doing so, rainfall becomes a major factor, what you're looking at here is the european model, this favors more of the southern half of florida ending up getting the majority of the rain, we're talking 10 to 20
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inches of rain. because this effectively keeps it very, very slow as it slides north along the florida peninsula. the american model, however, is a little different. it's favoring more the northern half of florida to pick up some of the heaviest bands of rain because it wants to make that turn to the north a little faster than the european model does. effectively taking that heaviest rain from orlando all the way up toward north carolina, ana, the key thing here is, there's still a lot of questions about where the land fall point will be and who ends up getting the majority of the rainfall had it finally pushes inland. >> upwards of a dozen plus inches of rain. what about storm surge, what should we be watching for there. >> storm surge is going to be a huge factor, along the earn tire east coast of florida. and some of these cases, you're talking several feet above where it should be, keep in mind the faster that land fall time comes, the closer we may be to king tides around the miami ft.
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lauderdale area, which are astronomically high tides. you almost want that landfall time to be much later and much further away from saturday so that those tides do start to come back down. >> alison, thank you for big us the latest. >> there is one mandatory evacuation to tell you about. students at bethune university in daytona beach have been ordered to leave beginning at 5:00 this evening. the university of miami has cancelled classes through next tuesday. and those gas shortages we've been talking about, one miami driver posted a photo of a parked car left at a gas pump because the station ran out of fuel. cnn's layla santiago is in north miami. she's at a busy costco, what have you been seeing at gas stations and stores in that area? >> just lines and lines and more
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lines on top of that. we are in the costco in north miami. they have quite the system down here. customers are coming in, six stations at a time, and they are coming in to pick up two cases of water, you can see, and then they're off. it's a very quick process here, the manager tells me, that this right here is about 1200 cases. just came in on a truck, he expects this will last between 30 and 45 minutes before they will be all out of water. now, that seems to be the number one thing that people are coming to grab. i also want to show you the line that is coming this way, you can see that folks are coming in with empty carts, they get their two cases of water and then go on to pick up other things they're hoping to be seven days worth of supplies to get them through whatever it is that dorian may bring. let's go ahead and tack to a few folks here and see exactly what's on their checklist.
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sir? what's on your checklist today? >> checklist, first of all is the water. >> the water is most important in. >> what else are you picking up? >> and also foods for my kids. >> food for your kids, that seems rational. stay safe. food and water makes sense. a lot of sense for the basics, a lot of folks picking up stuff for babies as well as medicine. outside of here is also a gas station. i'm told that they still have gas, but they are seeing about 60% of an increase when it comes to foot traffic. they've been seeing that for three days now, as people prepare for dorian, a lot of folks talking about irma. saying, we remember irma, and we're going to make sure we are prepared. even here, they've made changes to control the flow. they've widened out the aisles, they learned that from irma, to make sure they can adjust to the flow of customers coming in.
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>> that's good to see people stocking up and taking this seriously. >> thank you for that report. all 67 counties are under a state of emergency. in broward county, the mayor there has declared an additional state of emergency. joining us now is the mayor of broward county. thanks so much for taking out the time to talk with us. tell us, what does this local emergency declaration do exactly? >> well, when we just -- today we declared a local state of emergency, it does a number of things, it gives broward county government the authority to direct evacuation to appropriate areas when it's appropriate to urge an evacuation. it gives our government the right to impose a curfew. the right to require commercial establishments to close, those establishments who are in areas that we consider danger. it gives us the right to close public buildings, public places, beaches, streets, alleys, schools. we could also issue orders
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prohibiting price gouging. there's already a state law prohibiting gouging. it gives us that authority as well. and gives us the authority to declare orders that are necessary for the protection of life and property here in broward county. >> speaking of that protection in life. we know florida is home to a large senior population. a lot of assisted living and nursing homes. i want to play sound about how local nursing homes are preparing, let's listen? >> the state is taking visits to some of them. some of them are being contacted via phone. not all of them are in the path of the storm. like in palm beach, the vast majority of them have complied. and so what we're doing is we're informing local officials they're not meeting their obligations. now is the time to make alternative arrangements. you -- and i'm glad this case came down in broward.
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i'm not glad it happened, but i'm glad those people are being held accountable. that sends the message going into this storm, if you have vulnerable people in your care, it's your responsibility to make sure that you have a plan in place to protect those folks. >> people died in past storms because the plan wasn't in place. so what is the plan for broward county this time around when it comes to nursing homes? >> well, as people may remember two years ago, a nursing home in hollywood lost power, lost air conditioning, and patients died. the people at that nursing home did not call 911 in time. they did not evacuate those people in time. now, i believe, the state attorneys prosecuting those individuals and since then, broward county has gone out urging all the nursing homes of people who are really unable to be mobil to get the necessary arrangements with florida power and light, we have arranged that
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also with generators, so we've increased that. hopefully we won't have that experience again. the nursing homes have given more direct access when they lose power. and with our county officials. >> irma in 2017 was a cat 4 when it hit the keys, but it weakened to a three by the time it hit the southwest part of the peninsula. dorian is only at a 3, only expected to intensify by landfall. what are why are biggest concerns and challenges now as you prepare for this storm. >> the biggest concern. we've been on air locally here for the past two days is urging people to prepare. because we've been through this so many times, it is important for people to realize they're going to lose power. assume the worst. prepare for the worst, hope for the best. assume you're going to lose power, that means if you're going to lose power, you're going to need food that does not
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require refrigeration. those types -- bread, you need food without any refrigeration. you need flashlights, batteries. as you see from what you reported on, gas stations -- we're urging people to have their cars filled up with gas just in case they need to get out of town. water obviously has been a big seller in many of the stores, walmart and a lot of the stores are local grocery stores, they are restocking. so this morning again, they do have supplies and are continuing to deliver those supplies as long as they -- as long as the weather allows. i think the answer to the question is, plan. if there has to be an evacuation we're urging people to have plans and know and be ready to go. >> quickly, if you will. how do you make that decision whether to evacuate. >> well, i believe we're going to wait, it's going to be all a big waiting game to determine where the storm is going to end up. and that's the bottom line,
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that's what i've been informed by our local state officials, we've been dealing with the governor's office that's been helpful, dealing with our local officials and federal officials. it's a big waiting game to find out where is that storm, is it going to come toward south florida or as it slows down, is it going to go further north? i think by tomorrow we'll know more, and we'll be able to guesstimate where the storm is going better than today. >> mayor, we'll be on top of it. thank you again for being here sending our best wishes as it gets ready for this storm. another abrupt exit from the white house to report today. president trump's personal assistant is out. the off the record dinner that made the question question her loyalty. joe biden's emotional but not completely true war story. how the former vice president is
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the swinging door at the white house is swinging wide open again, and the latest to walk-through the exit door was considered one of president trump's most loyal staffers. madeleine westerhouse has served as his personal assistant the since the start of his administration. president trump discovered she shared intimate details about the president's family with reporters at an off the record dinner. >> what more can you tell us about the reasons behind this surprising resignation. >> here at the white house, staffers are really taken aback by this abrupt departure from the president's personal 00 sift ant she had her desk right outside the oval office.
11:19 am
the president loved her like a daughter, but she was forced out, forced to resign after the president learned she shared these intimate details about his family to reporters during an off the record dinner. this was an off the record dinner near the embassy suites. these dinners are common. i'm told by sources that hope had to leave to do a media hit, and at that point that was when westerhouse shared these details off the record. following that reporter at the dinner, told other reporters what was said, reporters started calling the white house asking about it, and then it got back to president trump. the idea of her sharing details has a chilling effect.
11:20 am
this comes as there's more turmoil here for this white house. beset by all these high level exits. most recently it was the labor secretary who left under controversy, and now the president's personal assistant the who was he was close to has now left the white house as w l well, forced to resign. >> we're going to take a quick break, we'll be right back after 24. stay with us. with my hepatitis c,
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joe biden under fire for getting a story wrong on the campaign trail. a criticism centers on biden's retelling of an emotional encounter of a service member during a campaign stop. >> he climbed gown a ravine, carried this guy on his back. the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. i stand up there, and he stooz at attention, i went to pin it on him. he said, sir, i do not want the damn thing, do not pin it on me, sir. do not do that. he died, he died. >> a washington post investigation found several errors in biden's story riding in the space of three minutes. he got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the type of medal, the military branch and the rank of the recipient wrong as well.
11:26 am
biden did pin a bronze star on chad workman. the ravine rescue was a different soldier and president obama awarded the medal of honor to that soldier. biden is still defending his mixup. >> i was making the point how courageous these people are, how incredible they are, this generation of warriors. these fallen angels we lost, that, i don't know what the problem is, i mean, what is it that i said wrong. >> jamie love grove is a political reporter in charleston, south carolina. you spoke with biden after the story broke and asked him if he had jumbled these stories, what did he tell you? >> i spoke with him after the story broke. it broke while he was speaking in clinton college in rockhill yesterday. i spoke to him for a few minutes about this. he basically made the same case
11:27 am
he was making in that audio there, the point was accurate, the essence of the story was right. i did press him on whether he thought he had messed up any of the details. you know, he clearly -- he acknowledged he has multiple war related stories he tells on the campaign trail. so i asked him if he maybe con natured the details of those stories, he said no, i don't think so. based on the washington post report, that would appear to be incorrect. he had not read the story at that time. but he does certainly feel that the central point of the story, the soldier did not want the medal pinned on him because his comrade had died is accurate. >> the washington post fact checker -- as it relates to this situation with biden, our steven
11:28 am
collins writes, truth in politics appears more devalued than ever. lying need not be fatal to a political career. jamie, how do you see it. >> you know, i talked to a lot of south carolina voters yesterday, and all the time i've been covering this race for a good 8 or 9 months now. joe biden is very popular in south carolina, he polls higher in south carolina than he does in any of the other early primary states or in national polls. for the most part, when i was talking to folks, they don't really care that much about these types of detail errors, it's not a huge issue as far as they're concerned, and frankly, biden has been in public life for a long time, they feel like they know him well. they know him on a personal level. he's been coming to south carolina for many years. it doesn't seem to have a significant impact on his campaign. the question is sort of the
11:29 am
accumulation of these various episodes that have happened on the campaign trail. i asked him about that and he did not seem to be very concerned about that much and it really has not so far seemed to impact his support in south carolina. he's beatable in south carolina, but it's going to take someone else rising up above the rest of the pack because he does have a very strong base of support in the state. >> jamie, i appreciate your insight. thanks for being here. >> hurricane dorian now upyaded to a category 3 and days away from crashing ashore in florida. it's still on track to hit the bahamas first on sunday. it could make landfall in florida as a powerful category 4 hurricane by monday night. dorian is expected to sit over florida in what the governor calls a multiday event. and with it comes a triple threat, life threatening
11:30 am
flooding, destructive storm surge and fierce winds. the city of miami is so concerned about dockless scooters becoming projectiles during the storm, the city has ordered companies to take them off the streets. right now as people are preparing, lines are wrapped around gas stations, stores are packed with shoppers, while companies rush to replenish empty store shelves. all of florida is under a state of emergency. here's what we're hearing from some residents. >> it's a lot of work, it's a lot of work. and very nervous and arrange despite and everything. >> we're hoping everything comes out okay. but i'm kind of freaking out. >> i don't believe anything until it's here. it could shift, it could change. we've seen it do loop to loops and come back, you just don't know until it's here. >> let's head out to cnn's diane gallagher. diane, are the airlines or
11:31 am
passengers expressing any concern so far? >> you know, i wouldn't say passengers are expressing intense concerns right now. behind the scenes, it doesn't look like a normal day. here behind me, it's as good as any friday. especially the friday of labor day, they get about 130,000 people on average each of these days during the summer. they were already prepared for a large flow of people. add the hurricane preparations, complications with flights, they're going to have a very very long few days ahead of them. i walked out of a meeting about half an hour ago where the airport was working with the airlines to try to determine what the hurricane track means for those flights coming in and out of here. you have all sorts of amusement parks, disney and universal here, families taking those vacations. some of them decided maybe they should cut them short, just in case the hurricane got here quicker than they thought. >> we were in orlando for a family vacation for the week.
11:32 am
and we were supposed to leave tomorrow. and we cut it short by a day, we didn't want to get stuck here. we have four little ones and they start school on tuesday. i would have loved to have stayed longer, but we didn't want to risk getting stuck. >> you have kids here. >> our flight was tomorrow, we didn't know when it was going to hit. we figured if we got out sooner, we would be less likely to get stuck if it came in faster. >> that's still really the case right now in that meeting, the airline officials, the airport official the, government officials were talking about the fact that they weren't going to make those decisions until they had a better idea of the hurricane track. as of now, they don't have a time frame for when the airport is going to stop allowing passengers to fly in and out of it. the airlines make decisions on their own individual flight path. >> diane gallagher, you'll keep us posted as well, thank you.
11:33 am
prepare, prepare, prepare, that is the message. fema is driving home to everyone in florida. >> a lot of people believe that the wind is what kills people, it's actually flooding. 90% of all disaster related deaths are flooding. 50% of that 90% are people in cars driving through flooded waters. turn around, don't drown, don't put yourself, your family, your neighbors in danger. don't put first responders in danger. keep yourself safe, the clock is ticking right now, don't waste time. >> 90% of storm related deaths are from flooding, fema is shifting resources like food, water and generators from puerto rico and florida. dorian will come with multibillion dollar problems. renee marsh covers regulation. what else is fema doing to get ready? >> when you talk to fema, they
11:34 am
say they are ready, all eyes are going to be on the man you just showed that sound bite from. peter gayner, he took over after rock long resigned in february. this will be gayner's first hurricane as head of the agency. in fema's own words, they are bracing for a very big storm that warrants a big response. now, the agency says if this is a category 4 storm, fema says it's going to cost in the billions of dollars, the damage will be both on the coast as well as inland. fema says the storm will wreak havoc on infrastructure, power lines. additional concern are the elderly who live in the state of florida. many of them not always mobile. getting them out will also be an issue. anna? >> renee marsh, thank you for that update. a lot of questions for the
11:35 am
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the first survivor of alzis out there.ase and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association. this next story phis logic and human decency. a colorado woman has filed a
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federal lawsuit after she was forced to give birth alone in her denver jail cell after more than 5 hours crying for help. this video is from july of 2018, it shows nurses and deputies were close by. but provided little aid. at one point someone slides an absorbent pad under her cell door. ultimately she had to do everything herself. you can see here her face contorted in extreme pain. she said in the weeks after the birth, that the time of her most urgent need the nurses and deputies made her feel so rejected. >> i felt helpless, nobody was helping me. so many people there, and nobody lifted a finger, basicallbasicas indescribable. what hurts me more is the fact that nobody cared. >> her attorney says sanchez had
11:41 am
been arrested on identity theft charges for cashing a check that was written to her sister. the attorney also says sanchez took full responsibility and was sentenced to two years probation. scott maclaine has been tracking this story. how are officials in denver explaining this. >> so the denver sheriff's department which operates the jail said that sanchez was inside a medical unit inside the jail and under the supervision of medical professionals, and the deputies involved did nothing wrong. to make sure nothing like this happens again, the sheriff's department has changed its policies to ensure that pregnant inmates in any stage of labor are transported immediately to the hospital. after this happened last year, the jail did its own internal review, and in a statement, they released the results of that review which read it was determined the deputy sheriffs took the appropriate actions under the circumstances and
11:42 am
followed the relevant policies and procedures. >> i was flabbergasted. the notion that a woman could give birth in a jail cell after being in labor for hours and hours and hours in excruciating pain, calling out for medical care. i cannot fathom any legitimate explanation for not providing her with adequate medical care and taking her directly to the hospital where she belonged. >> so denver health which employs the nurses who work in the jail. we asked them for an explanation, they declined to comment on this case because of the pending litigation. i should let you know that the baby is doing fine so far as mari neumann the lawyer knows. that does not excuse the experience her client had to go through. >> so many questions here, scott maclaine, thank you for that reporting. let's turn to a legal expert.
11:43 am
arriva martin, your reaction to this? >> i was really shocked and appalled by this ana, i can't imagine, i'm a mother, i've given birth to three kids. i know how painful and how scary it is to give birth, this is a miracle baby, there are so many things that can go wrong in the process of childbirth, including the mother bleeding to death, including complications with the delivery, and to think that a woman went through this childbirth experience by herself in this very unsanitary jail cell next to a toilet, while these adults watched her go through this experience, and no one called 911, no one called emergency technicians or professionals to come, and there's really no explanation. i think what shocked me and upset me the most was the determination by the sheriffs that their deputies did everything correctly. that there were no violations of their policy. the question has to be, what are the policies. i can't imagine the policy is to allow a woman to lie on a cold
11:44 am
steel bed in a cell and give birth alone. >> i'm sure every person, every woman who has given birth to a child can relate to this story. is thinking, wow! my son had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck when i was trying to deliver. you bring up the concern for the baby to not have medical staff there, and i want you to hear some of what this lawsuit says. no one had an immediate way to umbilical cord. no one warmed or dried the baby. ms. sanchez is an opiod addict taking prescription methodone. even though the nursing staff was aware of this danger. the sheriff's office said staff followed protocol. how strong do you think this lawsuit is? >> i think the lawsuit is very strong. i think we will see as this
11:45 am
sheriff's office has already said, they changed their procedures, theyen sad by the protocol. they haven't described for us what that protocol is, theyen did the tell us in any detail what it is that their sheriff's did so correctly, but they've made it clear that they changed the policy, this should be a warning call to jails all over this country. there are 2,000 women in jail that give birth every year. some women are shackled. and they're taken away from the mothers right away. this is a great opportunity to have a conversation about the humanity of childbirth what we should as a country be doing to ensure a much more humane and much less humiliating process for these mothers. >> sanchez told the guard she was in labor sanchez was
11:46 am
screaming and was in ex-excruciating pain. as a civil rights attorney, do you seeive is ilrights violations? >> absolutely. when jails incarcerate people, they have an opportunity to provide care. they knew about her addiction to opiods, so they knew what her medical condition was. the fact that they didn't prepare for this delivery the fact that they didn't transport her to a hospital where she could receive medical care is a direct violation of civil rights. i think she will recover civil damages. i think she will force this jail and jails around the country to treat the wade they treat women who are in their custody who are in labor and who are giving birth. >> i appreciate your perspective, thanks for joining us. >> thanks, anna. new fallout today the doj's
11:47 am
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now that the inspector general has spoken, more fingers are being pointed at james comey. one of them is from the former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. the justice department's inspector general determined that comey did violate department policy when he leaked the details of memos that recounted his meetings with president trump. the inspector general found comey had other options and what was not permitted was the unauthorized disclosure of
11:52 am
sensitive investigative information. but the doj opted to not prosecute comey. president trump tweeted this in response, the fact that james comey was not prosecuted for the absolutely horrible things he did, just shows how fair and reasonable attorney general bill bar is. trump goes on to say that comey was lucky. rosenstein also tweeted. he quoted from a letter he wrote in 2018 to senate judiciary leaders, writing, it is important to follow established policies and procedures, especially when the stakes are high. we should be most on guard when we believe that our own uncomfortable circumstances justify ignoring principles respected by our predecessors t it. joining us now, i know you have issues with what we heard from rosenstein. in regards to trump's tweet. he went on to stay he had spoken
11:53 am
to many other experts who would have gone a different direction with this. would you have taken the same course as the doj in deciding not to prosecute? >> yeah, i don't think there's really any question that that was where they had to go. the inspector general said there was no evidence that comey disemanated classified information or committed any other crime. so not following departmental policy is not a crime. breaking your employment contract is it not a crime either. the issues that were uncovered in that report or that mr. comey was taken to task for had nothing to do with criminal prosecution. >> you're calling out rosenstein for his tweet, why? >> well, rosenstein is essentially scolding comey for failing to -- you have to look at the context. james comey had the president of the united states ask him for
11:54 am
loyalty, ask him to quash the investigation of his friend. comey then was fired under false pretenses, based on a memo that was written by rosenstein that was for a reason that turned out not to be the actual reason comey was fired. what was his recourse, to go to rosenstein? at that point i think comey was dealing with a difficult situation. he did not follow policies and procedures. but in the -- in our history we're as replete with people that we wanted the public to know about, the personally desired outcome, that was quoted in that report. that was a special counsel to be appointed to look at this issue. it's not like comey was doing this to gain something for himself personally. i think in the scheme of things it's a shame that people like mr. rosenstein are aiming at comey, taking a look at comey and firing at him when there was corrupt activity he was responding to. and mr. rosensteinen is the calling that out in anyway. >> mr. rosenstein read your
11:55 am
tweet because he wrote in response, notice how this pundit misses the point and illustrates it. >> your response to that? >> well, i think what he's trying to convey, he's being kind of mysterious here. what he's trying to convey, the belief that if you just follow the rules it's going to work out, trust our system, trust the processes, and following orders and following policies, sometimes when there is an evil corruption that is being done in front of your eyes. is not the right course. mr. rosenstein stood silently when attorney general barmaid a number of misleading statements. i think it's -- i think that everyone has to examine their own conscience, but mr. comey should not be the target of rosenstein's ire in my view. >> renato mar iot ti always good
11:56 am
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top of the hour on a busy friday, i'm in for brooke today. hurricane dorian is gaining power. but taking its time churning up the atlanta irk. just in the last hour, the storm strengthened to a category 3 hurricane. and will get stronger until it makes landfall in florida. where that will happen and where it goes from there is nen's guess. the governor reports statewide gas shortages. home depot is sending in