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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  September 5, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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. all right. it is the top of the hour. good morning everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. we continue to follow the breaking news this morning. dorian's outer bands of heavy wind and rain slamming the west southeastern coast. category 3 hurricane. more than a million people in south and north carolina are currently under mandatory evacuations orders. officials warning of a possible ten-foot life-threatening storm surge. up to a foot and a half of rain in a short period of time. look at this video from charleston, south carolina this morning. the water rising there very quickly in the streets. >> dorian's eye is expected to
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move close to the coast of south carolina today. then move near or over the coast of north carolina by tonight and in the bahamas, it's utter devastation, at least 20 people, at least, have been found dead. officials are warning that number will climb as responders dig through the debris. the only international airport on the island of grand bahama completely dee stoid. look destroyed. look at that video from our team. >> we have people on the ground bringing back the eyewitness rornts. we'll have a live report from the bahamas in a few minutes. let's go to erica hill in the carolinas. we've been seeing you nearly blown away, erica? >> are the conditions getting worse? >> this is definitely the strongest -- i checked in a short time ago with the cnn weather center. now on through the end of the hour, we're going to be feeling
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the strong winds. about 35 mile an hour sustained gusts. they could be anywhere from 40 to 60 miles an hour, the gusts coming through. we've seen reports of power outages as well. i want to let you know, we learned from kiawah island, the entire island is out. this is not a decision they made to cut power. this is related to the storm. there are a number of downed trees as well. they can't get crews out as well. it's too dangerous. all of kiawah island out of power. we're expecting at 2:00 p.m., we'll know more then. i spoke with the national guard here in south carolina a short time ago. they are in wait mode. but they are stationed at key areas and essentially embedded in many ways with local fire departments and first responders to boost their local assets. ready to go if and when the calls should come. if we should need any rescues. water is the major threat here and flooding is the concern. we're still under a flash flood watch here in charleston and
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surrounding areas. for the next little bit. next 15 to 30 minutes. the reason is because this is really a triple threat of a storm, especially in places like charleston, low-lying areas. you have the high tide peak around 2:00. you have this heavy rain that you both talked about and the storm surge. when it all comes together at once, there's nowhere for it to go. we're already seeing flooding in charleston. we have a reporter near the battery. brian, you've been seeing that throughout the morning. >> reporter: right, erica. just like you, we got slammed by another burst of heavy wind and rain. we're on ashley avenue, one of the streets that's flooded. i'm going to take you over here and show you the homes over here. clearly past the fence line underneath the houses here. a lot of houses here are sandbags. you can see how the water is coming up to the doorstep. some of these -- it is clearly
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threatening here. there are dozens and dozens of streets like this throughout charleston. i talked to the mayor's office. right now, they have 85 road closures around the city. 26 of them are flood-related. they have 115 trees down. we know those numbers will go way up in the next few hours. take a look behind me. this entire street, now this is kind of one of the lower lying streets. charleston is on a peninsula, every street is low-lying. plus you have the confluence of three bodies of water, the ashley river behind me and the cooper river and charleston harbor. all of these streets are about at the same level as the water. high tide, storm surge, it's going to cause scenes like this throughout the city. another thing we haven't talked about here, this is the third major hurricane to impact the area. matthew in 2016, irma in 2017. now this. one official at the mayor's
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office says that doesn't include a thousand year rain event they had in 2015. you can really put a fourth one in there. the city is wondering at this point, how much more can it take? erica? >> reporter: the mayor even addressing that yesterday saying this speaks to some of what they're talking about in charleston itself about planning, about building and how they have to look at things, especially moving forward. brian, thank you. we're feeling as you can see, if you're watching, as brian mentioned, we're both feeling the gusts come through. allison chinchar is in the weather center. allison, if we're feeling this come through, how much closer is the eyewall? that's where the strong heavy winds tend to come from, the closer it gets. >> that's a really good question. we've been noticing that in the weather department the last few frames of this. look at how close this is getting to the south carolina coast. when we say this, we mean the center of that storm. it's easy to see right there.
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the movement itself is north, northeast at 8 miles per hour. here's the thing. it's very possible we could see a landfall today in south carolina or maybe perhaps it slides ever so close to the coast and makes a landfall tomorrow in north carolina. this is how close we're talking. that this storm is going to get. regardless of whether it makes landfall technically or not, the impacts are already there. obviously, you're looking at very heavy rain bands. one of the growing concerns is actually the threat for tornadoes. this is a tornado watch in effect for portions of north and south carolina. this includes cities like myrtle beach, wilmington, kill devil hills. this goes through the afternoon hours. we've had over a dozen tornado warnings this morning. three are active at this point. two in north carolina, one in south carolina. just to the north of myrtle beach. that's because of the strong outer bands, just starting to push on shore, are bringing with them waterspouts and even tornadoes. that's going to be a threat throughout the rest of day for
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virginia, north carolina and portions of south carolina. this orange area here being the biggest threat. that is a level 3 out of 5 threat zone for specifically severe storms. that's not it. the heavy rainfall is also going to be a big concern here. look at this widespread amount here. stretching from virginia all the way down through south carolina. widespread amounts of 4 to 6 inches of rain. but a lot of locations where you see that red color were even nearing the pink where we're talking 8, 10, if not as much as 15 inches total before the storm system finally makes its way out. erica, you have to combine that also with the stornl surge, which is going to be several feet not only for south carolina but also north carolina and virginia as well. >> reporter: a lot still to come and a lot that people are focusing on now. allison, appreciate it, as always. poppy, back to you. we'll continue to update you throughout the morning of course from here in charleston and around the region. >> thank you, erica. you guys have been great. we'll get back to you very soon.
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>> one thing is clear, unprecedented damage in the bahamas. it showed how powerful winds and floodwaters carried small planes, boats across the islands. more importantly, look at the homes there. ripped apart. there are rooms missing. neighborhoods turning into piles of debris. >> we've also just learned, at least 80 people have been rescued from the ab coes eaco i. with us is brandon clement. he's a storm chaser. he made it to great abaco yesterday. he joins us now from west palm beach, florida. good morning, brandon. thank you for being with us. you were there. you were on the ground. what did you see? >> just total devastation. i knew the day before just how bad it was. but when you get down on the ground, it goes from a widespread disaster to looking at individual loss and talking to people on the ground who have
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just lost everything. it's become a humanitarian crisis very quickly. a lot of supplies are dwindling down the island. resources are very limited at the moment. tensions are quite high. >> brandon, do you have a sense of the human losses on the ground there? because from the air, it just looks -- how difficult it must have been to survive, not just the conditions from the storm as the hurricane sat on top of the bahamas, but the aftermath as well. do you have any sense? >> yeah. the storm surge, particularly the mud area of abaco, it's going to be high. i know it's going to be high. multiple people i spoke to yesterday, you know, had firsthand accounts of -- fatalities higher than the total number right now. i expect that number to go up
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substantially. >> i know you were on with our colleague don lemon a few nights ago and talking about where you were going to try to reach to see the extent of the damage. is there anywhere else that you were able to go? you talked about grand bahama. >> i was going to try to get to freeport, grand bahama. the problem is from nassau, if you go to freeport, you're pushing your fuel limits a little too far. the only way to -- at that time, the storm was in the way. you have to kind of pick one or the other. >> sure. >> no. we wasn't back to abaco yesterday and there's limited places for landing and everything else. when we got there and got on the ground, particularly in the mud area, went up to the government building where a lot of people went for safe harbor during the eye of the hurricane, and that area is like somebody took a giant tiller across the earth and ground up everything and poured water over the top of it and flooded it.
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it's unimaginable if you're looking at it. >> we know folks are working hard with rescue. i spoke to someone from coast guard. done nearly 150 rescues in the last 24 to 48 hours. patrick ottoman was watching people use their jet skis to get out. did you see any rescues and did you have a sense of how many folks were waiting to be taken out? >> i did see a few rescues. we managed to get a couple people in our helicopter as well. take them out. it's not so much as rescue -- we saw a couple of the rescues that were injured. it's not just those people. it's everybody. they all want out of there. it's a horrible situation right now. helipads and the landing areas have people standing by there with a suitcase offering just insane amounts of money to get out. anything they can do. it's not help -- we're hoping
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humanitarian relief gets in there really quick. it's on the brink of a really bad situation. it's already really bad. but it's on the brink of going downhill, some worse territories, like violence and stuff like that. >> goodness. they need all the help they can get and quickly. brandon, thank you so much for going and bringing us your reporting to us. >> it helps give a sense of where the help is most needed, how extensive the damage is. meanwhile, the only airport is gutted in freeport. debris is scattered everywhere, piled up on runways. the fastest way to get aid in is to fly it in. patrick othman is there. they've put medical evaluations in jeopardy. you can use helicopter and ospreys. i know the coast guard uses ospreys. how are they to get people to safety given those limitations? >> reporter: you know, it's a
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great question. i wish i knew. on the island, there's no sense of organization. i couldn't tell you who is in charge. yesterday, we were very hardend to see planes and helicopters flying overhead. we've not seen any in my location this morning. that doesn't mean they could be in the far eastern tip of the island. people are believed to be trapped in their homes, hundreds of homes over that way. they were completely submerged up to the first floor and beyond. we know people, at least several people drowned there awaiting rescue. so it is a somewhat frustrating position to be in here and know there is a terrible demand all across this island, thousands of people have been left homeless. the majority of this island was underwater for at least a day or two. you don't see any aid coming in because it is not safe, we're told, to come in by boat.
7:14 am
they are turning away private sea craft, private boats because there's too much debris. there has to be an assessment before they can open up the waters. the u.s. coast guard and navy are helping with that. the airport is a disaster. some buildings, as you saw were totally torn apart. planes were strewn around, several pieces of them. whole planes flipped. there were two others still standing but in the water for days. and one of the terminals was open. we peaked inside and the security guard said don't go in there. we're told it's too dangerous. no one has done a security assessment yet. that was yesterday afternoon. we heard within a couple of hours of our report that teams descended on the airport to clean the runway. no word yet so far if the airport is open or will be open any time soon. >> so patrick, i mean, just to hear you say we have no idea who
7:15 am
is in charge, that is a huge statement. you're feeling that as a reporter there with resources. i know cnn prepares you well when you go into situations like this. for the average, you know, citizen on the island, they must be getting to a point of hopelessness or despair if they don't even know who is in charge let alone who is coming to help. >> reporter: we have heard some reports of looting. not confirmed by the police because i have yet to see the police here. it's a rough situation getting rougher. there was one restaurant open yesterday. fast food chicken place. the line, there must have been 300 or 400 people in line. i doubt they had that much chicken. we need food, water, we need supplies, now. the bahamians do, not us. >> patrick, wee so glad you're there. thank you for that. >> just a shocking assessment from the ground. >> i know. hurricane dorian is closing in on the carolinas. that is where the focus is
7:16 am
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continuing live coverage of hurricane dorian. i'm erica hill in charleston, south carolina. we're really feeling the effects of this category 3 storm as it moves closer to shore. moving at about 8 miles an hour. what we're really feeling too is the stronger winds. we're expecting high maximum sustained wind gusts at different points of 75 miles an hour. we can tell you, we're going to be feeling a lot of it through 6:00. the national weather service updated the flash flood warning for this area. for the city of charleston, north charleston and mount pleasant. it was to go through about now. they have extended that to 1:15 eastern time. they're looking at the totals in the region. the highest 24-hour rainfall is more than 7 inches in mount pleasant. officials are reminding people as little as 12 inches of rain on the streets can wash away a small car. flooding is a major concern and will continue to be for the next several hours. this is a major wind event.
7:22 am
just about 100 miles north of me is where we find rosa flores. i know wind a concern because of potential tornados in the area. >> reporter: you know, it's a little difficult for me to hear you, erica. but i think you were asking me about the tornadoes or the conditions here in this area. we are on a tornado watch until 4:00 p.m. there is a reported tornado just north of us in north myrtle beach. according to -- i believe we're having technical difficulties. i don't know if you're able to hear me. my photographer is telling me that you do. sorry for the technical difficulties. according to the firefighters in north myrtle beach, there is a tornado that touched down in that area. they are assessing damage. there is damage to vehicles and also buildings, but no injuries are reported. i want you to take a look around me. early this morning, sustained winds were at about 17 miles an
7:23 am
hour. those conditions have been progressively deteriorating with wind gusts up to 30, 32, 33 miles an hour. you can see the vegetation, you can see it and also the rough seas. from talking to the mayor of the city, i can tell you that the biggest worry is the storm surge. it's expected at 4 to 8 feet. on top of that, there will be high tide at 1:30 this afternoon and on top of all of that, rain totals are expected at 4 to 8 inches. that's why all of this area along the coast, what is considered zone a is under mandatory evacuation, because of the conditions. according to the cnn weather center, the worst conditions in myrtle beach are expected at about 6:00 p.m. this afternoon. that's because that's when the eye of the storm will be closest to myrtle beach. that's when conditions are expected to be worse. now, one of the biggest worries,
7:24 am
guys, here in myrtle beach, of course and all along this coast is how much west will dorian wiggle? will it get too close for comfort or will it make landfall? of course, if it does, that would mean life-threatening surge and very dangerous winds. erica? >> reporter: rosa, thank you. stay safe. as we're feeling this pick up, one of the ways you can tell the wind is getting stronger is not just feeling it, but feeling the way it pelts the water on you. it's sharper and more like pins and needles. perhaps not meteorological science there, but that's what we're feeling, jim. >> it's how it feels on the ground. cat 3, it's 111 miles per hour as the center gets closer there, the winds will increase. erica hill, thanks so much. for more on what's happening in myrtle beach, south carolina. i'm joined by the mayor, mayor
7:25 am
bethune. thanks for joining us. you have a lot on your plate. >> good morning. thank you. let me ask first about the conditions on the ground and the conditions you're expecting over these next several hours here. >> currently, i would say that we're under tropical storm conditions. gusts of wind, rain. a few downed trees. i think, as you just mentioned, we do -- have had some tornadoes in the area. so right now, we're just waiting for later this afternoon and just to see what comes our way. >> there are some mandatory evacuation orders in the area. but as always, as the orders come, some people listen, some people don't. what's your message to those who are choosing to stay put? >> unfortunately, we will always have some people that won't listen to those evacuation orders. we feel that most everyone did pay attention to that. we do still have shelters open
7:26 am
and i encourage people, if you do want to leave, do it now before we really get strong hurricane conditions. it just -- the conditions today, to be out driving are going to gradually get worse. put safety first. if you can stay at home, please stay inside. this is not the time to try to get a great photo-op. it's just too dangerous. >> yep. i think people forget and so often when we cover these storms. folks drive on the roads, they think it's a few inches of water and before you know it, they get washed away. i hope folks are listening. i know they have experience with hurricanes there, hurricane hugo in 1989 devastating. how does this storm stack up based on what you know now to past hurricanes that have hit the area? >> every storm is different. they can change quickly. i really don't want to compare
7:27 am
anything in the past. i will say that we have learned a lot from previous storms. most recently hurricane florence last year with all of the flooding that we experienced after the storm. so i think with each storm we learn things that we can implement for the next one. i'm sure that we will with this one as well. >> anything you need in the meantime as folks at home who aren't in the area are watching? any help that you need in the community? >> not right now. we are actually reaching out to other cities around us offering our help with equipment or personnel, whatever is needed. i just see people pulling together and that's a beautiful thing when people reach out and try to help each other. just stay safe. we are prepared. we have our crews already staged with equipment and vehicles to get out first thing in the morning to assess damages. and to begin the cleanup effort. we will be ready to welcome visitors back to myrtle beach.
7:28 am
>> listen, take care, mayor bethune. we wish you and the people of myrtle beach all the best. >> thank you so much. >> all right. of course, we're keeping a focus on the bahamas. because hurricane dorian has battered the bahamas, obliterating homes, knocking out power across the island and taking at least 20 lives. a daughter who rode out the destructive storm with her elderly father will join us next. no matter what i wore, i worried someone might see my bladder leak underwear. so, i switched. to always discreet boutique.
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welcome back. this morning as the sun has come up, the widespread devastation in the bahamas has become very clear. at least 20 people are dead in the wake of hurricane dorian. that number unfortunately is just expected to go up. potentially much higher. we just heard from the u.s. coast guard. they have rescued at least 135 people so far from the bahamas and they're working around the clock to rescue more. the conditions not ideal at all. the airport completely underwater. homes and businesses are wiped out. in some cases, entire neighborhoods were flattened. to date, this is the strongest storm ever to make landfall on those islands. with me now on the phone is olivia dorset joining us from freeport in the bahamas. she rode out the storm with her elderly father, 77 years old. in freeport. good morning, olivia. thank you for doing this.
7:34 am
how is your father doing this morning? how are you? >> my dad is okay. my family is okay. we are just thankful for life right now. we did very well compared to some of the other people on this island in abaco. >> thankful for life. it says a lot. at least 20 people died. what about your loved ones, you're from nassau. what about the loved ones from across the island? >> i'm actually from freeport. i'm living in nassau right now and i came back home to stay with my dad during the storm. >> and your loved one, is everyone you know okay? >> everyone that has been missing is now accounted for. just a few minutes ago, i got news that my friends at -- are okay right now. so, yes, everyone that i know right now, that i know is missing is accounted for right now. there may be other people that we haven't got wind of yet that
7:35 am
may have passed away. but it's a small community and you're going to know everyone. so i'm just hoping that the death toll when it comes through, that they're not people that i know closely. but it's going to be -- it's very unlikely that we don't know the people that have passed away. >> of course. we can hear the desperation in your voice. i know you spent the last 24, 48 hours trying to reach your mother. the communication kept coming in and out because you're on a different island from her right now. is she okay? >> no. she's on the same island. we're both in freeport. she was staying with another person who is in their 80s. she didn't want to leave her. so my mom was staying with her during the storm. and because the storm lasted for so long, people were trying to conserve their battery on their phones. so you would disappear for several hours and come back in to check in. it was making people absolutely
7:36 am
insane and worried sick. even just on the island alone, much less on the other islands that weren't as affected. she would disappear for several hours and say we're still here, we're okay. she tried to evacuate because the waters were rising. they couldn't get out because the waters were flooded the only street that could get out of that part. so they had to retreat and just wait through the night and take watch. because the high tide was rising while it was dark. >> that's terrifying. olivia, before you go, our colleague cnn correspondent patrick oppmann has been on the ground in freeport from before the storm hit, through it and until now. he told us a few minutes ago that it is his observation that it is completely unclear who is in charge there let alone who is organizing rescues. is that how you feel? >> yes. but i do know that the -- in grand bahama it's a little different. we have the port authority and
7:37 am
they're working with the government and other groups. but there are a group of people that have taken it upon themselves to coordinate rescues and people that have personal vehicles and jet skis to rescue people. they are the ones that have been working together as a community to rescue people because we don't have time to wait. because people are stuck in their attics and they've been there for days. we don't know if we get to them in time. we can't wait for the authorities to all come together and make a plan. we have to work right now. >> of course. people stuck in their attics for days. unacceptable. i'm so sorry that you're going through this, your community. we're thinking of you, we are here and will keep the spotlight on the tragedy. olivia dorsett, thank you for calling in. >> a moving interview there. the prime minister's week getting worse. not only is the brexit agenda facing immense backlash from his own party, his brother is quitting politics over the issue. we'll have details coming up. ♪
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here in charleston, south carolina, we are feeling the effects of hurricane dorian. to give you a sense of how the city is handling things at this hour, we know from the mayor's office, 85 roads are closed. 26 of those are flood-related. 115 dounds trees that they know of and when it comes to power, which is always an issue, we've seen the lights flicker on and off where we are. they're out trying to assess
7:43 am
downed power lines and damage to those. chblg of course, when you're dealing with these conditions, they can only be out there when it's safe. as we continue to watch this event here, it's important to point out it's not just in charleston, as you know. it's up through the coast and we're watching the storm as it tracks, moving in a northeast direction where it was trending a little bit. that will make a big difference. what we're feeling is more of the eyewall, about 35 miles from us. that's where you feel the strongest winds, the eye of the storm itself. i want to point out the mayor here made a point to say they're thinking of the folks in the bahama. so many of you are asking how to help. cnn has put together resources for you. go to for ways to help. jim? >> erica, thanks so much. please stay safe there as the wind picks up. other news we're following this morning, it's significant. another major ploe in a series of defeats for the 'embattled
7:44 am
prime minister boris johnson. the house of lords is going to pass a no deal brexit. on friday, johnson, you'll remember, vowed to leave the european union with or without a deal by october 31st. of course, these votes would stand in the way of that. >> that is not boris johnson. that is his brother, who quit in the last 24 hours. he said it was very hard to choose family or country. but ultimately, he chose his beliefs in his country over the brexit shutdown. all of this as the prime minister meets today with the vice president, mike pence. we're joined from the uk parliament now. i know him stepping down in that way says it all. >> it does. it's damaging for the prime minister. unlike so many of what's going on behind me over the last weeks and months in westminster, which is arcane and esoteric and
7:45 am
difficult to understand, somebody's own brother resigning from government. he used to sit in cabinet because he doesn't agree with his strategy or the way he's taking britain is unequivocally damaging. it cuts through and it's pitting brother against brother. this is a party being called fratricidal for many years. they have very public disputes. this is taking it to a whole new level. not only has he had to endure the resignation of his brother this morning. this is after the grandson of sir winston churchill was essentially sacked from the conservative party just a few days ago. this is a figure that is symbolic of the conservative party and what it represents. so both of these things just show that the governing party of the united kingdom, one which has been around for hundreds of years, is going through some form of identity crisis.
7:46 am
boris johnson is going to address the nation today. we're expecting that in half an hour's time. he desperately needs to try to regain some momentum to capture the political narrative because it's just running away from him. not only has he had resignations from his government, he's lost many mps. lost his majority. suffered four difficult parliamentary defeats and his negotiating ploy taken away from him. he can't go for a no deal brexit. it is an important moment for the prime minister to regain control of events. >> tell us about vice president mike pence diving into the midst of this. of course, president trump made his preferences very clear, supporting johnson, supporting brexit. does johnson meeting the american vice president complicate things for the british prime minister domestically at this point? >> reporter: it does. in fact, how boris johnson had
7:47 am
to meet at downing street today not just with mike pence but benjamin netanyahu. it under scores how many issues he's juggling. he has to do a trade deal between the u.s. and other global alliances important for britain and sort out the brexit mess. where it gets complicated for boris johnson vis-a-vis trade negotiations with the u.s. is the fact that boris johnson and your president can come to a trading arrangement together but the parliament behind me is blocking boris johnson at every attempt to leave the european union without a deal or with a hard brexit, which would give him more maneuverability in his trade deal with the united states. even though the discussions are going on, it's something of a fantasy when you look at 'em peer i c 'em pirkly what his options are. he's not in any position to strike a trade deal with the united states. >> realizing how hard this is to
7:48 am
accomplish, right? what theresa may couldn't do that he thought he could. seeing how difficult it is within his own family. bianca, thank you is very much. heavy rain, high winds, flooded streets. dorian is now moving past the carolinas. charleston getting hit, though, with the worst weather that they will see from the storm in the coming hours. we'll have more from the carolina coast when we come back. thanks to priceline working with top airlines to turn their unsold seats into amazing deals, family reunion attendance is up. we're all related! yeah, i see it. and because priceline offers great deals by comparing thousands of prices in real time, sports fans are seeing more away games. various: yeah-h-h! is that safe? oh, y... ahh! not at all. no, ma'am. nope. and more people than ever are enjoying romantic getaways. (romantic music) that's gross priceline. every trip is a big deal.
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new this morning, a u.s. service member killed in a suicide car, bomb attack in kabul. afghanist afghanistan. that happened at a checkpoint near the u.s. embassy. this is the 16th death of a u.s. service member in afghanistan in 2019. there's been an uptick in death of u.s. service americans. it remains america's longest war. as dorian continues to batter the carolinas with strong winds and heavy rain and storm surge, charleston south carolina seeing the worst of the storm right now. let's go to athena jones, our correspondent on the ground there. you are standing on one tiny dry patch of what is becoming a flooded tourist district of historic charleston. >> hi, poppy. that's right. this pavement i'm standing on, this patch has been slowly getting smaller as the morning
7:54 am
progresses. you can see the flooded street behind me. this is us in the midst of a 15 to 20 independenches of rain we expected to get. we're only a block or so off the battery which is charleston's harbor. as you know we're on a peninsula. we're surrounded on three sides by water. two rivers in that harbor. historically, it has seen high water levels with storms like this. forecasters are saying we could reach levels almost as high as the high watermark in 1989 with hurricane hugo. that is why there's so much concern about flooding. because we're in this low-lying area. i should tell you that many of the streets around where i am are flooded. charleston police department has been sending out frequent updates about streets that have been shut down due to flooding but due to fallen trees and branches and also fallen power lines, of course, they're very, very dangerous. authorities from the mayor, the emergency management division, everyone saying that for the folks who didn't go out of town, the folks still here, that don't need to go anywhere, they should
7:55 am
stay put, stay where they are, they don't have to risk the safety of first responders and responding to emergencies for people leaving their homes and of course, here we have another strong gust. they're warning folks, if you do hit the road because you have to, stay away from the standing water because you just don't know how deep it is. 6 inches, they say, can knock over a person. just 6 inches in rushing water. a foot can carry away a car. even if you're a big car, a couple of feet will wash you away. poppy, jim? >> athena jones. thank you so much for being there. we know how hard it is in the field and around the clock. thank you for being with us. we'll continue to stay with the latest on hurricane dorian. a new advisory on the storm coming out in a few minutes. stay with cnn for our live coverage. hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services.
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hello everyone. i'm kate bolduan. thanks for joining us. hurricane dorian, the storm regained strength overnight and has been whipping charleston, south carolina, all morning long as the storm makes a slow march north. tornadoes/flooding have already been reported. power outages are also sweeping through parts of south carolina, georgia and north


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