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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  September 16, 2019 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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the biggest strike by auto workers in more than a decade. 50,000 walking out on general motors overnight. factories in nine states are affected. the two sides seem far apart today on benefits and plant closures. talks are scheduled to resume in three hours as these employees from general motors on the actress felicity huffman the picket lines instead of the assembly lines. first parent sentenced in the there are also developments involving the attack on saudi college admissions scandal. she received 14 days in prison oil fields. president trump now hinting at after pleading guilty to paying military action as his to rig her daughter's s.a.t. score. so what is that? administration accuses iran. what does 14 days mean for lori oil prices surging. we have this developing story covered from saudi arabia and iran. loughlin who pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial? joining us now is michael smerconish. if you're any of the other defendants in this and you see felicity huffman getting 14 days.
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>> reporter: the men and women and i know it's not nothing but it's also not particularly behind me, some have been significant. what are you thinking this striking since midnight. morning? >> so to quote the late, great al davis owner of the oakland gm saying they offered a fair raiders, just win, baby. because short of winning at trial, you're going to jail. and good compromise. you take a plea, you're going to they want a stronger starting jail. if you're convicted, you're going to jail. salary for some of these workers your only hope at this juncture is to win at trial. they have to be nervous looking here. it is the largest strike we've at this case. seen in a decade. and i asked one of the striking i don't want to limit or de-emphasize any of them, but it workers behind me why she's on was $15,000 when in fact the strike this morning. >> we want to be treated fairly. next case is $500,000. >> this job is very important to me. i think if you're lori loughlin i am a third generation general motors employee. and her husband, you've to be i have two sisters work here with me as well. nervous and missing the deal you passed up. >> also there's this huge des my father was here and his uncle before him. i have children and my children will have children. i want this place to still be around for them. tear pi in the amount they paid. and what they were accused of doing. this went beyond rigging a child's s.a.t. scores.
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scheduled to begin again a. that, too, as you point out there was a deal offered. prosecutors said if you don't >> reporter: i asked another gentleman here behind me who is take this, this is as good as it's going to get. striking what advice he would do you think there's any chance at this point they would try to give to the two sides. get a plea? he says he wants them to come up or they -- is the sense that with a fair deal for both sides. they are just bent on taking this to trial? john and erica? >> i think the power has now shifted to the prosecution side of the table and i don't know that ignorance if that's their defense is going to be a flurry of finger pointing this morning for the large scale sufficient. because the legal issue here is did they know that money was being used for an illicit or attack. unlawful purpose? and, you know, from the outside looking in, it would seem there's a pretty strong case against them. >> and even in the phone records that are in the complaint in at least one of them. president trump says the u.s. is locked and loaded. it certainly comes across that way. yes, i remember. i'm paraphrasing what i'm supposed to say if somebody asks me about the money. >> 14 days doesn't seem like a lot. i know what huffman pleaded to was a lot less than other
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defendants, but it's a light sentence. joining us now nic robertson. do you think other folks could bring us up to speed now on what look at this and say we could the saudis are considering. make get off fairly easy here and let's get this over with? >> it's interesting you say that. because 14 days at what will be a minimum security facility doesn't seem like a great deal. i happen to think that the >> reporter: the satellite has showed the massive burnoff. serious punishment in all of these cases is taking place right now. it's the fact that we're having when the smoke clears, you can this conversation on an international cable outlet and see these precision strikes one the damage to reputation in my view far exceeds whatever the after another. time will be for any of them. so the precision here and the >> so michael, also on your show direction of these strikes, it appears to come sfr the this weekend, a discussion that northwest. of course it was the houthis in i'm fascinated with which has to do with college athletes and should they be paid or receive yemen way in the opposite some compensation. direction who originally claimed i think people nre. they sent ten drones to attack most cases, no one's talking these facilities. it doesn't add up. about a salary, per se. that's what the saudis are mulling. but in some cases they're saying should they be allowed to earn money when the school uses their likeness or a company uses their
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likeness to make money? california has passed a measure on this waiting on the signature of the governor there. they've taken apart rockets that where do you stand on this? >> so i like to frame it as, are iranian in origin. but this is a whole different should college athletes -- and i'm speaking of d-1 athletes in scale, different size. and of course the cleanup that's elite programs, should they be paid more? because those who are going to be rather more weeks than days. >> and that is the separate part scholarship students really of the story, too, but that of already are getting paid. course garnering international paid in the form of their education. i think it's unclear whether they should be salaried. attention for economic reasons but the california case to which as well including the concern over this leading to unrest there. in iran, obviously the reaction you reference is different. far different, nick paton walsh. and i think what brings it home is the e o'bannon case in the what are we hearing from leaders there? 1990s. >> reporter: well, since the here was a standout whose beginning, they've been very clear that this is nothing to do likeness was used in a video with iran. game. it's uncanny when you look at now, we've had zarif, the him in real life. number 31 for ucla versus how he minister of foreign affairs saying yesterday in a tweet they was depicted in the video game. he was never paid a dime for that. are pulling out of the obama that case was litigated through nuclear era deal instead to the federal courts and there was a split verdict at the outcome maximum deceit of the united states. he was referring to early of it.
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but this is what california is comments by mike pompeo who came out on the saturday morning just addressing. they're saying if you take the after the attacks saying that name, if you take the image, if iran was responsible and saying you take the likeness of an there was no evidence that the exceptional athlete, then they should share in that. attacks originated from yemen. i have to say at this point, and i think they're on the right there's no evidence to back up path. his claim that iran is somehow now, it's going to be fraught involved. that hasn't stopped, though, the with difficulty because if you're a blue chip athlete being increased temperature in this recruited out of high school, where are you going to want to region. the attacks that happen on the oil refineries are a whole play? in the state of california because you think your jersey is different sea change. going to be in demand. small incidents, tankers being so the disparity between 49 detained. clashes here, there, tension states and california, we need a rhetoric. but nothing like the scale of national standard. >> i was fascinated by what tim this. a 20th of the world's oil at tebow had to say about this. i want to play that sound for stake by these attacks. many are concerned where this folks who may not have heard it. >> we live in a selfish culture. goes next. many people are look for the evidence. but we're just adding and piling they've heard claims from u.s. officials in the past notably it onto that. we turn it into the nfl where before the invasion of iraq but who has the most money, that's the broad question is 72 hours where you go. >> it's similar to what you were ago after the departure of john saying. you could see a bunch of athletes looking at california as the best option because of that law. not necessarily the overall bolton, many thought diplomacy was the way forward. impact of their time as a
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it looks much less likely this college athlete which i thought morning. was an interesting take. saying it was pretty unlikely. but it seems that mike pompeo >> you know what else is interesting about tebow? he points out back in his day in has stepped quickly into the shoes of bolton. florida, his jersey was one of and is banging the drum equally the hottest in the country. so you would think if there were loudly. where we go next depends on the anyone who would have an ax to evidence, the details, and also grind it would be him saying i on saudi arabia, donald trump should have benefitted from all made it clear he's waiting for those years. their advice where they go next. i'm not saying whether we should a lot still at stake here. >> this is a significant attack. pay athletes but in those exceptional case where is your not just on the saudi economy, likeness is being utilized, i think they've got an ownership but its source of pride. stake in their own identity. and in those instances. when you hit the saudis in their maybe we don't pay them instantly. maybe it gets put in a trust and oil strong points, you're making when their education is a huge statement there. concluded, then they can tap getting these refineries back on that money. but i think it's fundamentally track will take weeks not days. unfair for a guy like o'bannon they almost have to respond, not to have benefitted and for don't they? >> reporter: they have to. people to have profited on his they have to because they have to deter a future attack. they have to do it from -- likeness. >> michael smerconish, it is a because their national interests fascinating issue. thanks, michael.
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have been targeted. what will the lasting impact the oil here, $300 billion out of the trump presidency be on of an economy. the republican party? so that's half the economy. a new book predicts the gop will you can't stand back and turn never be the same. the other cheek. you have to find a way to stop that's next. it happening again. and the message clearly was on this that it can happen again. because the security wasn't sufficient to stop this strike. the saudis didn't apear to see this coming. so this is new at so many levels. then of course in the region here, it is very clear the tough guy wins. you've got to act tough. the crown prince chosen by his father because he was tough. because he's the one that he believes brings reforms to the country. he's going to send a strong message. that saudi arabia is the had custodian of the two holiest sites of islam, mecca. that's a whole other layer of then responsibility to have,
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again, the brand image of saudi arabia held high in the region. >> there's a lot to focus on there and we can't ignore the fact here at home not only did the president say prepare to take military action but graham who is saying it might be a time to put the attack on oil refineries on the table. >> reporter: yeah. this is a whole as i say departure from where many people thought they were dealing with a week ago. lindsey graham isn't speaking for donald trump but he's somebody donald trump listens to. that will be part of the calibration here. we've heard iranian officials today talking about how the last 24 hours, there may be a sense in the region that maybe there was a vacuum in the policy. many didn't know what the iran policy in the trump administration was given how bolton's position as a whole was being eroded and they seemed to be edging against diplomacy. this is where bad actors may
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have tried to step in and make their point. i think the concern really here is that we as i say are in unchartered waters. as nick said, the need for retaliation to show they can't be trampled on here. that often is one in a region like this where all sides are practiced on kind of wiepding each other up and then trying to find a way to calm it all down. mike pompeo, it really is unclear on how this calms down. we haven't even had the evidence of what happened yet. >> nick paton walsh in tehran, nic robertson in saudi arabia. gentlemen, keep us posted as to what you hear. meantime, let's talk more about this with anthony scaramucci who was for a brief time white house communications director. now no longer supports president trump. thank you for being with us. >> serious situation. >> it is a serious situation. you see evidence the president is suffering from mental
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decline. those are words you have used. >> it's pretty obvious. >> but given that, given what you see, how would you describe your level of trust right now in the president to >> listen. it's a super serious situation, so i just want to talk very precisely. there's three issues going on now. one, because there's a vacuum of leadership inside the white house. he's more or less moved out everybody that could potentially disagree with him or offer some level of dissent. when the leader of the free world continues to use the words locked and loaded, it's the opposite of somebody like teddy roosevelt. speak softly and carry a large stick. and this is send out military threats over twitter. it's a precarious situation. i think it's very, very serious. you actually right now there's no evidence as to what is really going on. you could have sunnis, you know,
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being atatacked by shias. shias could have launched them from inside saudi arabia. we have no idea who did this right now. but the notion that we're going to go to war again in the middle east after the president ran on a strategy of removing us from a new book says the 2020 these wars and these conflicts, election could be the last for i think it's going to be a disaster for the united states the republican party as we know if we continue on that path. it. quote, it ends with the death of >> you focused in on the phrase the republican party while the locked and loaded. what's the impact of the survivors work to recreate the president using words like that? party of lincoln, the part of >> i mean, the great irony of lincoln relevant for our times, these words is that they have it ends for the democratic party less and less of an impact liberated from the nation's suffocating polarization to use government to advance the public because it's a predictable level good as the country used to expect. the author of "rip gop how the of irrationality from him. you would want somebody in that new america is dooming the republican" joins me now, position of somebody who stanley greenberg, a former understood democracy and as a beacon of hope for people. polling adviser to president our grandfathers through 75 clinton and candidate hillary clinton. years of good policy enabled the people need to take that into united states at the largest perspective when discussing
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military in the world. this. and so talking like that from what do you mean the republican that position in many ways is party will end. anti-american. >> i want to bring up two what >> thank you for doing this and emphasizing that point, what's different here i'm not just seems to be flat statements on talking about a big election. the policy toward iran right i think what happened going into now. and look. 2016 is donald trump took over if these things were from iran, the tea party base of the party, you would imagine the president would negotiate with iran when they come next week. allied it with evangelicals and took the party to an extreme but steve mnuchin the treasury end. it was only half of the party. the other half of the party was secretary said president trump not with him at that point. would be willing to speak to when i woke up the day after the iranians without conditions. women's march and began writing listen to this. >> i would say secretary pompeo every day this book, what i said is what i believe is donald and myself and the president are completely aligned on our trump's election will speed the maximum pressure campaign. i think you know we've done more defeat of the rairts because of sanctions on iran than anybody. and it's absolutely working. the dominance of the tea party thousand, the president has made clear he's happy to take a and evangelical part of our meeting with no preconditions. future. and i also thought it would but we are maintaining the speed up the resistance and also maximum pressure campaign. >> the president has made clear people's consciousness of what he's happy to take a meeting they believe and their values with no preconditions. and all of that has happened. the president sends out a message on twitter the fake news so you see in the republican
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is saying i'm willing to meet party one that has gotten worse, with iran no conditions. now has 70% that, you know, are thap is an incorrect statement, with him anti-immigrant, pro the president says, as usual. >> well, there's more tape of life, observant dominate the -- him saying it himself. at the g7 he said it a few antigovernment that dominate the party, driving out everybody times. else, driving them away, both you can always find a contradictory statement with the president. but the real difficulty now is within his own party and independents and democrats being secretary mnuchin is a competent consolidated as well and affecting people's beliefs and guy. so is pompeo. above all immigration which has but you're on the trump merry go gone from half the country thinking it helps to two-thirds. round. and they're jockeying trying to >> i'm glad you brought up the figure out where he is at any subject of beliefs here. i want to make clear, you're not given moment. so they're trying to defend him. just talking about the they're obviously doing the best demographic shifts that have been predicted by some for job they can do. but there's a duality of his personality that's sort of generations. >> i was -- i'll be honest, i made the argument for the rising shocking to everybody. >> so when he comes out and denies that he says he would be america electorate but i always thought you had to be organized willing to meet with preconditions, how do we take and respond to their needs but i do believe the hillary clinton that? complain believed in that theory >> either he's a pathological of the case and why they made some of the mistakes they did. liar or he doesn't realize he you're right, what i think has said no preconditions. happened is we have the
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now he actually believes what he's saying. so that's the worse of the two. demographic changes but you also it's one or the other. both are very bad. have organization and engagement, consolidation of >> now, do you think that there democrats and real changes in is some world actor whether it was the iranians that was behind people's beliefs in -- with this and we don't know or what's happened with trump. >> how does that inform then how someone else taking advantage of the democrats should select their nominee in what that what could be a vacuum with john nominee should run? bolton. i'm going to put up p 603 here, >> i do think that's a possibility. that's something a lot of ex because if you think donald military officials are concerned trump has exploded the party, you think the democrats need to about. when you think about the united do more than just run against states in its roles of donald trump, you write, the engagement since the second clinton speeches and the world war, there has been a campaign ads hit donald trump process put in place. for the racist and hateful whether you go back to things he said about various groups and disrespect for women but my research and experience eisenhower of white house showed the campaign also needed executive management and cabinet to let voters know of the executive management, there are economic changes and reforms the protocols in place and clinton election would bring. procedures. the president said from the >> thanks for talking about that south lawn last week that only because every presidential he himself makes these candidate, almost every leader i decisions. when you hear that sort of stuff know wants to run on the economy, think the economy is and that rhetoric and you're great, but, you know, since the involved with the military at financial crisis, i don't want some level, you get very to use curse words as democratic concerned. what you want is a group of candidates are majority of people who help region a
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consensus. go back to john kennedy. the electorate. he disagreed with his generals, presidential candidate after but there was a protocol and candidate talk about the process in place which you don't have right now. progress, president obama did, hillary clinton as a candidate, a lot of people are concerned about it. president trump, they all keep not just me. these are former military talking about this economy, but it's a struggle. officials that unfortunately because they're military what really people believe is officials, they're not going to that people with big money, speak out about this. campaign money, rigged >> are you talking about mattis? government to work for them, >> he's spoken out to the extent they struggle with sky rocketing he's capable of. but i'm talking about other health care costs and other people. remember, i've been to iraq. i've been to afghanistan. i know a lot of these four-star things and that is like -- that demand for political change is at the heart of it. >> the government is rigged, the generals. i'm in touch with them on a regular basis. they would say the same thing. economy is rigged is a message that donald trump has tried to use variations of. you need to speak out about >> yes. if you look at the 2016 this. civilians need to speak out election, bernie sanders did well in that context, as did about this. >> when it comes to bolton, bolton was tougher on iran than trump, and now you see some movement obviously for warren with that kind of message. we think the president was. bolton wished the president had >> i want to put up the map, engaged in attacks there. >> but that's good in the your 2020 election prediction following respect that there is some dissent in the room and map here, and i want people to there is some cross roughing of notice you have the democrats ideas. whether you're in a business winning in north carolina, you situation, a military situation, have the democrats winning in georgia, you have the democrats
4:16 am
a policy situation, you can't winning in iowa and ohio, not to have one person dictating the mention florida, states the whole thing. it becomes very dangerous. democrats did not win last time. >> before you became anthony >> right. scaramucci, political figure -- >> what evidence do you see that all of a sudden the democrats can win in georgia? >> what i think is you're going >> accidental nightmare for me. to see a big election, what you >> you used to be on the tv saw was a ten-point swing in talking about the economy. i'm curious what you think the 2018, that was replicated in the economic impact will be of this north carolina race. saudi refinery being hit the way but every trend is moving away it was. from the republicans, which says >> i think the impact will be more and more territory will be slig in play. slight, actually. we have republicans pulling off 5% of the oil. of him, about 10% of democrats it's a lot but the president is voting for a -- republicans making a smart decision to relieve reserves if necessary. voting for a democrat, you have a big shift on people wanting my guess is it won't be necessary. activist government. we have a big shift on anti-trump feelings amongst democrats. yes, over 90% of the republicans approve of trump, over 90% of what's more convincing is why those areas are not more protected. because there will be future democrats strongly disapprove. attacks. >> the president uses the phrase you have a 20-point gap in the locked and loaded. but we know it was the president disapproval now the biggest who called back the attack on we've ever had between democrats iran a couple months ago. how do you think he feels about actual conflict if it comes to and republicans on intensity.
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trump is only getting 2% of democrats regardless of candidate and so you're seeing that? that kind of consolidation with >> when you're using phrases like locked and loaded and fire the big kind of -- >> we have 20 seconds left. how would democrats blow this, and fury, you know, there's how could democrats blow this? almost -- you can sense the >> democrats need to represent trepidation and fear in his personality. you just don't need to use hard-working middle class, phrases like that? working people pulled off from trump in the '18 election. that's not quite observed. that's why i don't worry as much you're not worried. as what happens in the other it's an overbite, if you will, states because working-class women have been pulling back coming from the administration. from trump and they are now i hope it doesn't happen. competitive. i think it would be necessary they have have to represent working people and fight a for the world. system that's been rigged. again, i'm not a friend of >> the book "rip gop" thanks for iranian policy and what they've coming on talking about the done over the past years. numbers. thank you to our international viewers for watching. i understand how much the for you "cnn newsroom with max iranians as a form of terror have gone into iraq and hurt foster is next" for the u.s. that country. and they've hurt u.s. interests viewers, the biggest auto strike around the world. but i certainly don't want a hot in the decade. war with them. "new day" continues right now. >> the houthis, those yemeni rebels said they launched ten the military needs a chance to drones potentially putting at rest and get refilled. risk about a 20th of the world's
4:18 am
oil supply. >> senior administration official said the attack likely by the way, we shouldn't be originated in iran or iraq. >> iran has heard what secretary fighting wars for other countries. of state mike pompeo's statement the president made that clear in 2016. this was them and they responded people like tulsi gabbard is making that point now. >> anthony scaramucci, thanks saying this is maximum deceit. >> we are the union. >> we're ready to strike and do for coming in this morning. what we have to do. new allegations facing >> the two sides have been negotiating since july. supreme court justice brett this would be the first time that a u.s. auto union has kavanaugh. several democratic 2020 walked out since 2007. candidates now calling for the >> gm is saying they are offering a very fair and strong justice's impeachment as president trump comes to his contract. >> this is our last resort. >> what we're asking of general defense. jeffrey toobin is here next. the, motors is simple and fair. it also has the highest growth in manufacturing jobs in the us. >> this is "new day with alisyn it's a competition for the talent. employees need more than just a paycheck. camerota and john berman." >> all right. you definitely want to take advantage good morning and welcome to your of all the benefits you can get. "new day." it is monday, september 16th. 2/3 of employees said that the workplace is an important source it's 8:00 in the east. alisyn is off. erica hill joins me this for personal savings and protection solutions. morning. >> nice to be with you on a busy the workplace should be a source of financial security. monday. >> we begin with breaking news. nearly 50,000 united auto keeping your people happy is what keeps your people. workers now on strike against that's financial wellness. general motors. put your employees on a path the workers on the picket line to financial wellness with prudential. after contract talks broke down over the weekend. frustrated that everyday activities cause wrinkles the strike is affecting more
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and there's nothing you can do about it? than 50 gm facilities across the downy wrinkleguard is a fabric conditioner united states. the union and gm are set to go that helps protect you from wrinkles all day. back to the negotiating table in pants washed with downy wrinkleguard and detergent are virtually wrinkle free. two hours. we're going to speak live with one of the union negotiators in try downy wrinkleguard. just a moment. the president says the u.s. is locked and loaded after the u.s. blamed iran for attacks on saudi arabian oil fields. about 6 million billions of oil a day were knocked out in the coordinated strike. stock futures pointing to the dow opening down this morning amid fears spiking oil prices could lead to a slowdown of the global economy. we'll start with the united auto workers strike. nearly 50,000 on the picket line this morning, joining us now is terry dittes vice president of the united mobile workers union and lead negotiator with general motors. thank you ver
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hopefuls calling for brett kavanaugh to be impeached after "the new york times" published information about sexual misconduct allegations against him. president trump insisting the department of justice should, quote, come to his rescue. joining us now jeffrey toobin. there's a lot in here. i know you want to focus on this, too, just in chatting with you during the break. there's the issue of the president saying the doj needs to come to the rescue which is -- we're not sure what that means. >> i have no idea. >> i do think it's important, just remind us. is it the job of the department of justice to come to the rescue of supreme court justices or something. >> i don't know how they could come to the rescue. there is an interesting new book out about the confirmation
4:24 am
process and the president is upset about the accusations in the book. but the department of justice is not a party to this. you know, they have no role in this. so i don't know what the president is talking about. >> so there's that. let's move onto the other part. you have all these democrats as we mentioned who are calling for impeachment. that's a lot for people who say wait a minute. sit a possibility? sure, it can be done. however, there are some very real questions in here about the fbi, the background investigations as they stand and as they were done. and whether those, perhaps, are right for an investigation based on what was or not done as part of the investigation. >> so much as happened. i suspect a lot of people out there in the real world don't remember how this story unfolded. but brett kavanaugh was having a fairly routine if contentious process towards the end. a dr. blasey ford who knew brett
4:25 am
kavanaugh in high school and said she was sexually assaulted by him and others. she testified. and then after some very contention negotiations, the republicans who roon the judiciary committee agreed to a very brief n biinvestigation of all the charges of all the charges swirling around brett kavanaugh. the real message i think of what i've seen of robert and kate kelly's boo k is that that investigation was basically a joke. that they interviewed just a very short list of people. it was really a device to allow the republicans to jam brett kavanaugh through. and i think the process as much as what came out of it is what is still angering so many democrats today. >> so part of what they write
4:26 am
about is that debra ramirez, that her legal team according to this piece gave the list of 25 people who might have corroborating evidence. no one was interviewed. a number of them tried to reach out to the fbi on their own and the legal team is saying agents who interviewed her told her they found her credible but they were almost apologetic as they needed to wait for more authorization for anything else. then that was kind of it. >> they were leaning on the investigation. and what's come out in this boo that story whether that is to be believed. dr. blasey ford, ramirez, all of
4:27 am
those stories -- you know, if you were doing a serious investigation by the fbi, you would bring in all the people who are there at the time. one role congress could have is to look at the quality of that investigation. as you point out, federal judges have been impeached. a supreme court justice has never been impeached. it's not going to happen. there's not majority of support in the house. but the process does exist. and that's what elizabeth warren and others are referring to. >> it'll be interesting to see. >> we'll see. i hope it brings the supreme court into the campaign
4:28 am
conversation more than it has so far. what's always striking to me is how little they talk about the supreme court during the campaign where republicans talk about it all the time. >> yeah. thank you much. all right. a new state announcing it is not waiting for the federal government to keep e-cigarettes away from kids. dr. sanjay gupta joins us with the new strategy next. thanks to priceline working with top airlines to turn their unsold seats into amazing deals, sports fans are seeing more away games. various: yeah-h-h! isn't that a fire hazard? uh, it's actually just a fire. priceline. every trip is a big deal.
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this morning the new york governor andrew cuomo not waiting for the federal government to follow through on the ban of e-cigarettes.
4:33 am
the governor issued an emergency executive action cracking down on the sale of flavored e-cigarettes to teens. >> good morning. first of all i want to clarify there's two issues when people hear about vaping in the news lately. one has to do with this mystery illness that investigators are still looking into. we'll talk about that in a second. what this ban has to do on all flavorings except for tobacco and menthol is to try and prevent or decrease kids from using it. that's the big concern. kids are using vaping in larger numbers than ever before. you know, 30% of high schoolers now vaping. one of the concerns is that these flavorings are driving that and onramping to vaping and possibly making them more likely to smoke combustibles later in life. take a look at the numbers there. we were making good progress
4:34 am
with regard to youth smoking overall. there was that steady downward line. everybody knows this now in the country. what has happened over the last couple of years, the number of kids who now vape and smoke versus just smoke a few years ago is close to doubled. that's what this ban's all about. >> "a," thank you very much for establishing the distinction between these two separate stories dealing with vaping. i think the distinction is very important. "b," when we're talking about the ban on flavored how effective that will be in slowing the growth among teenagers using them? >> there's organizations that have already come out that said we don't think this goes far enough to address what you're trying to address. american lung association, for example, they really seized on this idea of which flavorings including menthol. why is the menthol still being allowed here?
4:35 am
they released a statement saying it's going to drive our kids to use menthol flavored products in even greater numbers. that's their concern. governor cuomo was on doing interviews talking about this. i want you to hear a little bit how he put it. >> we allow tobacco and menthol. menth menthol, there is data that shows people who smoke menthol cigarettes needs for vaping to get them off of cigarettes. i hear that argument. our department of health is continuing to review menthol, but we may very well ban menthol because young people are also attracted to menthol. >> this is evolving. one thing about this story and i've covered a lot of stories, this is unfolding realtime. you're hearing even from the governor we're still collecting data. you know, over the next couple of weeks this will evolve even
4:36 am
more. >> all right. now to the vaping-related illnesses which is a separate part of this story. any closer to establishing what's causing it? >> well, they know what the me pond preponderance. they're no longer counting possible illnesses. just probable and diagnosed illnesses. so they've still got to finish that investigation. but the preponderance looks like it's some sort of thc oil that people are putting -- using in their vaporizers. that oil may have a compound known as vitamin e acetate. what do these people have in common? vaping, yes. what were they vaping? these are the products. is there a single product that comes to the top of the list. and is there a particular compound of concern? they're part way through that
4:37 am
investigation. they've still got some work to do. >> thank you for being on this story for us. we will look forward to speaking together again soon. jail time for felicity huff man for her part in the college admissions scandal. what could her sentence mean for otherwises fighting those charges? i get it all the time. "have you lost weight?" of course i have- ever since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know.
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