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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 17, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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prime minister benjamin netanyahu poll. one of the biggest moments of the night when the main tv stations here broadcast exit poll projections what the results may be's review quickly before looking at results what the ex-iit polls are. not the final. hoop voters voted for when stepping out of the box. because of that a margin of error and frankly a history of these being inaccurate and sometimes wildly so. keep that in mind when looking at these. why look at these at all? israel takes these seriously. public looking at these exit polls as are politicians and little parties and go a long way determining the mood, atmosphere behind me at the headquarters and at the other party hoodquarters and who may or may not celebrate tonight. two keys to look for.
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producers checking they have the right answers to hand me. one, bigger party? benjamin netanyahu's likud party or benny gantz's party? the crucial part is who is it with a more likely chance of forming a coalition? that was where this all fell apart in the middle of may that sent israel first time in the country's history back to new elections after netanyahu was unable to form his government following elections. waiting for exit polls here. we'll take a look and get a sense of what they say. i apologize. my team is reviewing those numbers before handing them to me to make sure they're correct. because of that a word of caution one more time. these are not definitive results. merely a projection of a possible result based on the three main tv stations israel. turn to my team here. i have not yet gotten the -- not yet the result from my team and
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apologize. waiting for an answer here. we know one of the big questions in this election was voter turnout. it started high and ebbed back a little bit, ended up being 2.5 percentage points above what voter turnout was in last april's election suggesting such a tight race pulled more voters to the ballot box. the question, where did they vote? i apologize. have not yet -- just gotten the exit poll. >> go ahead. >> exit polls now, just received them. this race is too close to call based on all three tv stations exit poll results. go through those quickly. the public broadcaster, projection, likud and blue and white tie, 32 seats. like in april's election. channel 12 projects a slightly for blue and white. 34 to 33 for benjamin netanyahu's party. and the other commercial station suggests blue and white eked 0 ut a small lead of 22 seats positive likud's 31 seats. again, within the margin of
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error and a word of caution. not the results they want to see here at likud headquarters but will wait for the actual results to come in which they will do in the next few hours. >> oren, stand by. we talked about this back in april. netanyahu wants his fifth term. here we are again. do you think israelis want change? what are you watching for? >> i mean, there's a high exhaustion factor with netanyahu, no doubt. a do-over election, brooke. pollsters frankly, all polls we had watched in the weeks who edding up have essentially turned out exactly right, and it's almost a dead tie. between the two major parties. oren is right. one thing i would add, though, is, it is possible for the party who pulls largest number of votes to actually not be in a position to actually form a government. that happened in 2009. when mr. netanyahu's likud party
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fell behind, but still was able to form the government. the magic number here really is not 32, 33 or 34. it's 61. that a going to depend on how the other parties did. was it a big turnout? how did the guy who spoiled elections last time around do? lieberman? president of israel you would be thinking israel cannot afford to go through yet another election. regardless of the outcome you're going to appeal to these parties to try to figure out if no party can form a government, how to create a government of national unity? brooke, that's only going to become clear in the days and weeks ahead. >> what role do you think netanyahu's close relationship with president trump may play in this outcome? >> we've interceded. a party of two efforts. once under republican
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administration, bush xli and understand clinton. failed under democrats. i say at this point this election determned largely by internal factors. divisions personalities. like my grandmother used to say about her chicken soup, brooke. it couldn't hurt. so trump's intervention, recognition of the golan. juice li jerusalem and a mutual -- his tweet, may result in a country where donald trump is quite popular. >> thank you very much. we'll come back to this. let's return to the hearing on capitol hill. corey lewandowski is already plugs his senate run on twitter during his recess. >> what a shock -- not. i think he's -- i think he's speaking directly today to donald trump. i also think he's speaking directly to potential
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constituents and voters in the state of new hampshire. those base voters who are probably thrilled he's stonewalling the committee, that he's been making democrats quote the mueller report. that he has given republicans an opportunity to say what they've been saying over the last couple of years about how this is a hoax and a witch-hunt and how in was no collusion. so i'm not surprised that he's using this as effectively free media and also think democrats made a couple points here, brooke. i do. i think -- >> you do. >> i do. >> depends how they're asking the questions. right? going at him, he's -- he's not really responding well to that, but you know, hank johnson, getting yes and nos. >> congresswoman bas was pretty good making the point, look, you knew enough about this. lewandowski said nothing the
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president did was illegal, but her point was, that you knew enough about this to do this, to draw outside of lines. you didn't want to meet with sessions in his office. you didn't want to have any record of the meeting. you wanted a dinner which sessions then canceled. but you wanted it to be kept private. and off the books, if you will. so why would you didn't-the question then is, why would you want to do that if delivering a message that's perfectly legit and above board and, you know, hey! the president, let me go meet with you at the department of justice, because i'm delivering a message to you from the president. instead he was really sir serp s and her thought, why do you thinks that wa? >> we know nancy pelosi has been on the slow roll on impeachment. >> right. >> do you think this will add
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more fuel to the fire for democrats, or because corey lewandowski is jamming this up, might that put it on the slow train. >> well, corey lewandowski, by the way, never even worked in the white house. if he can jam up the works, how will you deal with people who actually did work in the white house and are kept from testifying? i mean -- it's not a great look for the democrats, if they intend to go forward because they're not illiciting any information. >> all right. go back in. to the hearing. thanks, gloria. -- ensuring would want to tar and feather the president, run him out of washington on a rail to deprive the american people of the president that they duly elected? didn't turn out to be the case. so then it was all about bringing the attorney general in. bill barr. he was certainly going to point out the inconsistencies and flaws in the analysis. well, that didn't happen. because the majority wanted to insist they're unelected staff asked questions of the attorney general of the united states, but, no. they said we'll go to court.
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we'll win. we'll force bill barr and don mcgahn to come testify. they're not winning in court. they're not here. the a joke. for the last four months the path the majority has taken us on has rambled from disorganized to just downright dizzying. in june speaker pelosi said the house democratic caucus was, "not even close to impeachment inquiry." to cnn. in july, house judiciary chairman jerry nadler said "an impeachment inquiry is consider you consider only impeachment. that's no what we're doing. we're investigating all of this." in august a cnn interview nadler said, this is a formal impeachment proceeding. then in september, when asked if the democrats are engaged in an impeachment inquiry, house majority leader hoyer answered, no. it was the general lady from washington who said just
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recently, we have been in the midst of an impeachment investigation. she said that to politico. then in the same story the gentleman from connecticut mr. himes said, no. we're not in an impeachment investigation. then the gentleman from new york, mr. gregory meeks said when asked if the house is investigating impeachment, he said, well, maybe there's -- we don't know whether impeachment investigations have begun. it's just dizzying. last week it was the judiciary chairman jerry nadler who said what we're doing is very clear. it's been very clear. it continues to be very clear. the speaker has backed us at every point along the way. this process has been about as clear as joe biden's last answer to race relations that involved turning on the record player. we don't know where we are or what we're doing. now, mr. lewandowski, i am not allowed by house rules to impugn the motives of my colleagues or to speculate what might be
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animating this bizarre circumstance. but those rules don't apply to you. so mr. lewandowski, do you have a thought why we continue to engage in a charade that is overwhelmingly opposed by the american people and fundamentally misunderstood by my democrat colleagues? >> you know, congressman, i think they hate this president more than they love their country. >> mr. lewandowski, you were the campaign manager for the president's campaign when the obama/biden administration was notified that there might be efforts by the russians to interfere with our election. isn't that right? >> yes. >> and can you describe for us the briefing you got as the campaign manager to ensure that our system was resilient and american democracy protected? >> it was no briefing provided by anybody from the obama/biden
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administration. members of the intelligence committee, or the fbi to our campaign. when i was present. or during my tennessee you'ure campaign manager. >> that's is baffling. so important. we have to protect this. when the obama/biden administration knew about disturbance of our democracy they didn't say anything to you? as you sit here today having watched these facts unfold, do you have any -- any rationale as to why maybe the klapper, brennan, comey, obama/biden team didn't want to give the trump campaign a fair defensive briefing about the threats we were facing? >> it's actually unfathomable to me that they didn't contact major political nominee for president of the united states and inform them of potential
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threats against election process in 2016. >> and we could be finding that out now. i mean, we could have those people before our committee to figure that out. to get those answers. one final question. has the inspector general employed by the united states government ever accused you of breaking the law? >> no. >> they have with james comey and the leadership of this committee won't bring him forward even though the attorney general said his work impaired efforts of over 35,000 fbi agents, it's a shame you're here, mr. lewandowski. jim comey should be sitting in that chair for not giving you the briefing you are entitled to. i yeield back. >> the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from new york. >> before i begin, let me remind you, mr. lewandowski, this is
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not a republican primary campaign. you are not on the campaign trail yet. this is the house judiciary committee, act like you know the difference. you never worked with the trump white house in any official capacity. correct? >> that's right. >> but you do speak with president trump with some regularity. true? >> i think that's a fair statement. >> income, during the summer of 2017, according to testimony of special counsel you can summoned to the white house by president trump on at least two accounts? >> i don't believe the report said that. >> you met with the president in june and in july 2017. correct? >> yes i believe that's accurate. >> okay. try to get clarity what exactly you do for donald trump since you're not a government employee. you stated there during the 2016 republican convention that, i
12:15 pm
got the reputation as a tough guy. that's my reputation. do you recall making that statement, mr. lewandowski? >> i don't. >> okay. in the public record. your job, to be donald trump's political enforcer. correct? >> no. i don't believe so. >> let me ask the question another way. are you the hit man, the back man, lookout are all of the above. >> i think i'm the good-looking man, actually. >> president trump told you june 19, to 17 to personally deliver a message to attorney general sessions that would have ended the criminal investigation to the trump campaign. correct? >> i don't believe that's what the mueller report states. no. >> president trump wanted attorney general sessions to limit the special counsel's investigation so future incidents of election foreign interference. true? >> which page is that on, congressman? >> public record in this hearing, in the mueller report. the white house has a legal
12:16 pm
protocol presidential statements under the president's records act, must preserve all memos letters, emails papers like the note he dictated to you. so you wrote down the president's message, which you then stored in a safe in your home. is that correct? >> yes it is. >> okay. you told special counsel that was your standard procedure with sensitive items. correct? >> where's that reference to the report that you -- >> volume 2 page 92. >> reference that. one second. >> you do vent to reference it. the president asked you to -- page 90, congressman? >> the particular ed apresidentd a message from him on june 19th because he wanted to hide his message from eventual disclosure. isn't that right? >> no. >> okay. but you never delivered the message to jeff sessions after that june 19th might be.
12:17 pm
tr meeting. >> that's accurate. >> you testified you went on vacation. >> i did. >> how long was your vacation, mr. lewandowski? >> lengthy. at least two weeks. >> at least two weeks, but you were summoned again to the white house on july 19th, 30 days after your original june 19th meeting. true? >> i believe that's accurate. yes. >> you weren't on vacation the entire time. correct? >> i didn't stay on vacation the entire time. on vacation two weeks, congressman. >> but still failed to deliver the message and it had nothing to do at least in part to your so-called vacation. now, the july 19th meeting occurred just a few days after new information came to light about russian operatives meeting with high-level trump campaign officials. when you are summoned to the white house after that july 19th meeting, by that time you still hadn't delivered the message to jeff sessions. you said to the president you would do it soon according to volume 2 page 93. correct? >> if that's what the report
12:18 pm
says, nats accurate. >> president trump also asked you to deliver a message to attorney general sessions that if you didn't do what was requested he would be fired. correct? volume 2 page 93. >> i think that's what was reported, yes. >> president trump wanted you to intimidate attorney general sessions. correct? >> you'd have to ask president trump that. >> okay. you stated earlier today president trump asked you to take down dictation "many times." is that correct? >> it is. >> on page 91, volume 2 of the mueller report it states, "the president then asked lewandowski to deliver a message to sessions and said, "write this down." this was the first time the president had asked lewandowski to take direct dictation. the first time. >> those are not my words, congressman. those are the investigator's words. >> did you lie to bob mueller or are you lying to us? >> i didn't lie. >> you're not here to tell the truth. you are here to important inre
12:19 pm
cover-up. the trump campaign welcomed putin's assistance at the highest level. subsequent acts of obstruction of justice with respect to the investigation and the american people deserve to know the truth. >> time. yield's back. >> 19 seconds over. >> okay. >> the gentleman from louisiana mr. johnson. >> thank you, mr. chairman. my colleague -- >> quick break. we'll be right back. those bonds were definitely tested. frog leg, for my baby brother don't frogs have like, two legs? so they should have two of these? since i'm active duty and she's family, i was able to set my sister up with a sweet membership from navy federal. if you hold it closer, it looks bigger. eat your food my big sis likes to make tiny food. and i'm okay with that. navy federal credit union. our members, are the mission.
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back to the house judiciary hearing's this is trump's former campaign manager corey lewandowski in the hot seat. >> -- also during that time there was public reporting about the trump to you meteting? correct on page 92. >> in the report i believe it's accurate. >> july 19th the president for a second time asked you to deliver the message to session you said "the message would be delivered soon." page 93. correct? >> page 93? >> but you didn't? you didn't call jeff sessions, didn't try to meet with him. so the president asked you twice in the oval office to deliver a secret message to the attorney general of the united states. the message that quickly wrote
12:25 pm
down word for word at the president's direction. correct? sir? >> i believe i wrote it down. >> and when you worked for the president during this campaign did you ever ignore or disobey directions from president trump? >> i didn't believe it to be an order. >> you wanted to give the president the impression you would follow his orders, correct? >> no. >> you said, i'm going to take care of it? >> is that referenced in the report? >> did you tell the president you were going to deliver the message? >> i can't comment on a private conversation with the president, assert executive privilege. >> i'm sorry? >> i can read you the exact statement if you'd like. the white house direct i not disclose any comments with the president or -- >> taking my time. not going to stonewall me in my questioning. >> would you like me to answer your question. >> and you're hearing that the president of the united states in the oval office. he's directing you to deliver a
12:26 pm
message to the chief law enforcement officer in the united states. which you understood would effectively end the ongoing investigation into this president and his campaign. so you told the president that the message would be delivered soon. but then, on page 93, you immediately following the meeting with the president gave dearborn the message. the president dictated to be delivered to sessions. correct? >> i believe that's what the report says. >> and you didn't tell the president that you already asked dearborn to deliver the message. just said it would be delivered soon, page 92. correct? it's on page 92. you didn't -- want to tell the president that you were passing off his message to someone else. did you? you knew he wanted you, someone he described as his enforcer, a loyal soldier to do it, because the president trusted you. isn't that right? >> that's a question for the president, sir. >> then why didn't you then deliver the message to mister, to jeff sessions directly?
12:27 pm
why did you give to do mr. dearborn to do? >> i testified i was out of town. >> two weeks. >> unlike you, sir, i don't live in town. >> during your second meeting in the oval office the president told you if sessions wouldn't meet with you to tell him he was fired. did you, mr. lewandowski, ever threaten the attorney general if he didn't meet with you he would be fired? >> no. >> did you tell mr. dearborn to tell sessions he would be fired if he didn't take this meeting as the president directed? >> congressman, the white house is directed and not to disclose anything with the president or advisers to protect executive branch confidentiality, you didn't tell the president because you know that it was wrong. and the president, isn't that correct? >> no. >> well, the president wasn't aware in a you ignored his directive to tell jeff sessions he was fired if he didn't meet with you. was he? >> sorry. what was the question. >> move on. in fact, it proved to the attorney general that the threat was real. four days later july 22nd the
12:28 pm
president directed priebus, his chief of staff, to obtain session's resignation. the slide in front of you. priebus had to get sessions to resign immediately. did you know that? >> no. >> this evidence as a whole strongly suggests that the president was reinforcing to sessions that his job is on the line at the same time as the president believed you were delivering the message to end the investigation into the 20016 campaign. all of this made everyone uncomfortable including mr. dearborn, page 93. and he told you that he was uncomfortable being a messenger to sessions. correct? >> no. >> well, were you aware when you asked rick dearborn to deliver his message to the attorney general on behalf of the president of the united states it created the same legal kulpabilikulcul
12:29 pm
culpability as if you delivered it yourself? >> the president never asked me to do anything illegal or to keep anything a secret. >> when you asked mr. dearborn to deliver this message and end the investigations and future investigation you thought you were protecting yourself but were in fact delivering a crime. you no it was wrong and after asked to deliver it soon you passed it off to him and never followed it up and i think it's very, very wrong. in fact i think the particular ed asking a private citizen to try to scare his attorney general into ending the investigation into the investigation to the president -- >> yield back. >> quick break and be right >> quick break and be right back. er since i started renting from national. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go.
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get you back to this hears involving former campaign manager corey lewandowski in a second. the other huge story we're covering polls closed in israel. will benjamin netanyahu land a fifth record-setting term at prime minister? oren liebermann is live in israel.
12:35 pm
oren, you read the preliminary exit polls. is it still too close to call? >> reporter: brooke, it remains a very tight race between prime minister netanyahu and his look qod party and benny gantz and his blue and white party. one exit polls shows a tie. one a one-seat tie for gantz and one projects a two-seat lead. these are preliminary polls. even if they're the exit follows in regards to netanyahu likud party they're waiting for the actual results. these polls underestimated in the past and they're hoping that here again. remaining optimistic that is a cautious optimism. waiting for a couple hours from now when we'll see the first tally of votes coming in. crucially, brooke, the exit polls all three suggest neither have what would be appear to be a clear path towards forming a coalition with their natural or likely coalition partners's that question is just as crucial for
12:36 pm
a couple reasons. first, it means one of the smaller parties may have a tremendous influence in what israel's next government looks like and second, the only thing you could say perhaps with center is israel may be be well in for store more political uncertainty in the weeks and months ahead as a more difficult task of forming a government proceeds with neither having clear advantage over the other one. but still a long night at headquarters waiting to see the actual results and find out how accurate at all these exit polls actually were, brooke? >> the fact netanyahu had such a close relationship with the current president of the united states, how might that impract the outcome of this election? >> reporter: we've seen president donald trump try to help netanyahu over the course of this campaign saying the two want to pursue a mutual defense pact against the two countries even as israeli experts in the past reviewed and rejected the
12:37 pm
idea, a tacit approval consent for netanyahu saying he wanted to annex parts of the jordan valley. the only thing you can say if the exital positive aal polls wasn't enough. >> thank you very much from tel aviv. of course, we'll watch to see if netanyahu is able to get that clear coalition, the clear path to victory or not. meantime, back to washington, d.c. and corey lewandowski in this house judiciary hearin ing. >> -- every note you put in the -- i stood outside, assessing the situation. i knew it could rough in there, but how rough? there was no way to know for sure. hey guys.... daddy, it's pink! but hey. a new house it's a blank canvas. and we got a great one thanks to a really low mortgage rate
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mr. lewandowski i'll put a slide up and it's the words that president trump dictated to you on july 19. can you read what you wrote down? >> i'm happy to you have read it, congressman. >> why don't you want to read it, mr. lewandowski? >> shue afford me the same privilege you afforded director mueller. >> would you like to read it? >> you're welcome to read it. >> are you ashamed of the words that you wrote down? >> president swalwell i'm happy what i've written but you're welcome to read it if use like. >> are you ashamedals to read it out loud. >> i'm not ashamed of anything in my life. are you? >> why won't you read the words allowed? >> i've asked and answered your question, congressman, if you'd like to read the words -- >> a slither of what we've been watching the last few hours. indicative between the members of the house judiciary committee
12:43 pm
and the former campaign manager for president trump corey lewandowski. we've been watching the whole thing and you've commented on it. sort of top line comment is that he is a terrible witness. >> he's a terrible witness. just looking at this from a trial perspective. it's political and not a trial but he's angry, sarcastic and not credible. when asked direct questions, you had a meeting with the president in the oval office. i don't know. what did you say? what page? i mean -- he's obviously dodging the questions he doesn't want to answer but firing off these angry zingers calling eric swalwell, president swalwell, i guess trying to amuse maybe this audience of one, but that undercuts a witness' credibility after a certain amount of time. in the bag for one side. easily answering the republican questions and dodging in a transparent way the questions he doesn't like. >> let's keep watching. take a quick commercial break
12:44 pm
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congresswoman saying brett kavanaugh's appointment is dangerous and he must be held account for allegations made against him. allegations he denies and a couple days after the "new york times" reported a new allegation one made by a former classmate in a book written by two times reporters, introducing a resolution to impeach him. joining me now from capitol hill is congresswoman i oona presley. thank you for being with me today. >> thank you for your interest. >> first, describe for me what you would like to do by establishing this investigation? >> well, get to the truth. one of the reasons why i ran to congress to fight for the healing and justice of all survivors. 1 in 16 women, of course it's not a genderized crime and sexual assault is a crime, but a
12:50 pm
crime disproportionally perpetuated on to women and 1 of 16 women their and it is deeply concerning that someone who serves on the highest court of the land could have this many allegations. >> and if i may, you have been very open for a long time about describing yourself as a survivor of sexual assault at a city council meeting in boston a couple of years ago you disclosed you were raped at 19 while studied at boston university. so this is personal for you? >> yes, i'm a survivor. i'm a survivor of a near decade of child sexual abuse and campus sexual assault but i've only told my story to create the space for millions of survivors out there to make sure they know they are seen and they will be heard. it is deeply disturbing that someone who serves in the highest court of the land could
12:51 pm
have this many allegations and this is why i filed the resolution to initiate an impeachment inquiry. >> but there is already pushback within your own caucus. congressman nadler said democrats' hands are full and senator durbin said that kavanaugh impeachment people like you need to, quote/unquote, get real. are you disappointed in the lack of enthusiasm by your own party? >> i believe that every member of this caucus and beyond, because this is not a partisan issue, again this is an epidemic and for far too long we've been way too tolerant and complicit in perpetuating rape culture and so i think that everyone is committed in this democratic caucus to addressing that issue. >> but durbin said get real, congresswoman. he said get real. to that you say what? >> i say this is the reckoning. and gone are the days to be complicit and lackadaisical in
12:52 pm
the fact this is a epidemic and survivors deserve healing and justice and everyone deserves due process. i filed this resolution to initiate an impeachment inquiry. because we need to get to the truth. and i think congress -- we've proven we can do the work of legislating, of oversight and initiating investigations. that is what is happening in judiciary right now. >> what about to those 2020 democrats like joe biden who are not calling specifically for kavanaugh's impeachment, at least not yet, you would say what to them? >> it is early in the process. i know what i was sent here to do, the mandate by the residents of the massachusetts seventh congressional district and one of the reasons i was coming to congress was to fight for the healing and justice of all survivors so i'm doing what i was delivered to washington to do. >> the president said kavanaugh is the one who is being assaulted. your response to trump? >> this was a fund --
12:53 pm
fundamentally flawed process and the senate and fbi did not follow up on numerous allegations. and believe that dr. ford and deborah ramirez deserve to have their due process which is why i filed this resolution to initiate an impeachment inquiry so that we could get to the bottom of the matter. >> to your point on being rushed, we know that democratic senator chris coons said that he alerted the fbi to a potential witness but the witness never actually heard from the fbi. so congresswoman presley, was this fbi investigation a sham? >> i think there is a great deal of evidence that points to the fact that this was a rushed and fundamentally flawed investigation both by the fbi and this gop-led senate. and listen, you know, no one is impeachment happy over here. i didn't come to congress to
12:54 pm
impeach a president, i certainly didn't come to congress to sit a sitting supreme court justice but this is where we find ourselves in unprecedented times and unchartered waters so i'll do the job i was sent here to congress to do. >> back on the point of the fbi, looking back to the whole process, do you believe the fbi made a decision from the top not to pursue this heavily? >> i think that there is evidence that supports that. but, again, this is why we need an impeachment inquiry so that we could have a thorough investigation. >> my thanks to congresswoman presley for speaking to me a moment ago. more tense moments on capitol hill as the president's former campaign manager stonewalls democrats about congress of conversations he's had with president trump. stand by. i wanna keep doing what i love,
12:55 pm
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just in to cnn, a week after firing his national security adviser john bolton president trump is naming five finalists to be his replacement and mong the names is bolton's former chief of staff, a u.s. hostage negotiator and energy department official and the national security adviser to vice president mike pence. bolton's abrupt departure came as we learned that he and the president disagreed on north korea, iran, venezuela, the day before he was let go they also got into a heated argument over the president's plan to host taliban leaders at camp david.
1:00 pm
i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. sean spicer was the best salsa dancer with the biggest audience ever in tv history, period. "the lead" starts right now. happening right now, the president's former campaign manager testifying in the house's first impeachment inquiry and not giving an inch in defense of his old boss. cruise missiles allegedly launched in a way meant to mask where they came from. a source telling cnn there is high probability that the attack on saudi oil originated in iran. will that move president trump and the u.s. closer to war? plus, she's got a plan for that. senator warren speaking to her biggest in-person audience yet in the shadow of wall street but will that energy tlans -- translate to the


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