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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  September 20, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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they hold hands walking down the street, they dance together, they get in trouble together. >> they're so adorabldorable. they're just being themselves. see more of that interview with maxwell and finnigan and their dads tomorrow night. his other guest will be andrew yang, democratic contender for the white house. hard to compete with maxwell and finnigan. i want to head over to chris for "cuomo primetime." i am chris cuomo. welcome to "primetime." what do you say? left get after it. for all the noise, there is one central question -- is president trump actively pressuring a foreign power to help in his reelection bid? after three years of investigation and one mueller report to prevent future meddling, is the president really taking us down this road again? here's the latest. cnn confirmed tonight that president trump did pressure the president of ukraine to
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investigate joe biden's son in a call earlier this summer. "the wall street journal" owned by a trump pal also reports that pressure was applied about eight times in that one call in hopes ukraine would work with the president's lawyer rudy giuliani. giuliani was pushing for ukraine to look into biden's son, hunter, too, as he said last night in a denial turned admission that was like something out of "a few good men." >> did you ask the ukraine to vet joe biden? >> no. actually, i didn't. i asked the ukraine to investigate the allegations that there was interference in the election of 2016 by the ukrainians for the benefit of hillary clinton for which there there are -- >> you never asked anything about hunter biden, you never asked anything about joe biden -- >> the only thing i asked about joe biden is to get to the bottom of how it was that the man appointed dismissed the case
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against -- >> so did you ask ukraine to look into joe biden? >> of course i did. >> you just said you didn't. you have to see past the passion and see the purpose. giuliani came with a plan to provide cover for the president, which we will deconstruct for you tonight in detail. and how do we see the proof of it? well, just today. the president followed his lead. he did not deny that he, too, personally asked the foreign government to probe his political opponent. listen. >> it doesn't matter what i discussed but i will say this, somebody ought to look into joe biden's statement because it was disgraceful where he talked about billions of dollars that he's not giving to a certain country unless a certain prosecutor is taken off the case. so somebody ought to look into that. >> we will show you why what the president discussed does matter and why he discussed it matters even more. and the facts and questions that
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are driving both concerns we will lay out, especially now that this president has to explain the same action that he's calling out biden for, withholding aid to ukraine. why did this president release $250 million in ukraine aid only right after congressman schiff asked for information about the whistleblower? as for biden, he's coming out swinging, quote, if these reports are true, then there is truly no bottom to president trump's willingness to abuse his power and abase our country. let's start filling in the top with preet bharara and mccabe. thank you both. preet, when we are looking at this situation and trying to understand what matters, what pops out to you first? >> you have, as you discussed in the intro, a repeat situation. you have someone who has taken the country through whatever you think about the results, whatever you think about bob
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mueller, we've had two years in which there's been an amazing amount of scrutiny and discussion about the sitting president of the united states when he was a candidate and thereafter trying to gain an advantage electorally against an opponent with open arms asking for help from a foreign power at the end of the day there wasn't a crime, at the end of the day the office of legal counsel says you can't indict a sitting president, but that's what we've been talking about. here you have a situation where if the facts are true and they're unfold egg in a rapid rate over the last couple of days and will continue to do so, at bottom you have saturditting president once again acting like a recidivist, seeking assistant from a foreign power to arm a political rival, the person who might be his opponent in the general election next year. that's crazy given what he's already put the country through. and -- >> is it illegal? >> i knew you were going to ask
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that and i've been thinking over the last couple of days about how to talk about this and it's natural for someone who is a form are prosecutor, my expertise is in prfioving cases beyond a reasonable doubt and what elements you need to make a crime. i want to crea-- don't want to an atmosphere where the only thing that matters is if you commit a crime. as we understand and everyone understands now, you can indict a sitting president. whether it's a crime or not, it doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot. i want to make sure the people understand whether or not for technical reasons for substantive reasons you can make out the element for conspiracy to commit campaign finance fraud or extortion or -- >> can still be wrong even if it
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isn't? >> if it is true he's doing these things, it's an abuse of power and congress can act. if this is okay, if the president of the united states can call up foreign leaders and withhold aid or threaten, you know, various sanctions or other things in exchange for having them do something to harm the political opponent, then what can he not do? do we really want rudy giuliani to be flying around the world and figuring out what buttons to push on the part of foreign leaders, whether it's in russia or china or japan or anywhere else to figure out a way to harm a political opponent? that's not what we do in america, whether or not you can make that a criminal case. >> that takes us to rudy giuliani and my suggestion that he came last night with an obvious agenda. it wasn't just distraction, i don't want to talk about the president, i don't want to talk about joe biden, needs you, me and everyone listening to believe that they have a deeply bona fide conviction, deep and
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bona fide, that biden was corrupt, his son was corrupt and there are legitimate questions of interest to united states national security because then if the president asked about it, even if he withheld aid because of his concern about it, well, then it's not about his personal agenda or just wanting to hurt an opponent. let me give an example of what happened last night. >> if the president of the united states said to the president of any country i have -- i am not going to give you money because your country is corrupt, you got straighten out these problems -- >> sure enough today what did the president say? doesn't matter what i talked about but somebody should look into biden. that was terrible what he said. it's about the corruption, not about the advantage. >> that's right, chris. there's clearly so much to unpack here, but part it haveofa
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return to the time-honored rudy giuliani strategy we saw deployed so effectively of donald trump. the strategy is don't look at this, look up here. let's not talk about what i did, it's about what you did. again, as you said, mr. jewgiuli came on television last night and laid out a conspiracy theory that if you actually parse through the information that we know about the actions that were taken in ukraine and the previous corrupt prosecutor and the fact that, you know, there is absolutely no evidence to indicate that either biden did anything improper and that the earlier investigation of hunter biden's activities with respect to that energy company were basically cleared before any of this stuff happened, but put all that aside, mr. giuliani threw out some very compelling and inflammatory conspiracy theories
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and those are the things that will capture the attention of mr. trump's supporters and will carry them through, hopefully, if you're rudy giuliani, this period. rather than suspecting the president of having done some improper, they've given them an inflammatory and salacious story to point to and say, no, it's not about what the president did, it's about what the other side did. so this is just what we've been watching and going through for two wreeyears. but i should say one thing as well, just to tack on to some of preet's comments. the simple fact that we now have quite possibly, we're not sure because we don't have all the facts yet, but we may have a president of the united states and his personal emissary exorting or in fact possibly extorting a foreign government to commence a criminal investigation of the united states citizen is remarkable. i don't know that i have ever
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seen or heard any such thing from a president or any other head of agency, you know, in my 21 years in government service. yes, do u.s. law enforcement officers and the fbi work with foreign partners? absolutely. but that is when we have an ongoing, fully authorized criminal entry, we reach out through mutual assistant treaties and ask for information. we don't have the president of the united states get on the phone and put pressure on a foreign country to start essentially persecuting a u.s. citiz citizen. that is remarkable. >> there are a couple of boxes i need you guys to stay and economicheck. i need to know the difference between exort and extort. and i want to game out what else we need to know that would matter and why. and, third, unpacking a little bit about the biden
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considerations we know the ukraine considerations. rudy also brought up allegations about china. what do we know? what are the open questions? there are facts to report. let's take a break, we'll lay out more information and we'll be back with more from preet bharara and mccabe next. let's get down to business.
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vo: ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. . more new information. a source close to the white house tells cnn the president has been angry about ukraine and biden for months. the source went on to say that giuliani has been egging the president on. now, that all fits with the timeline of what we know to this point. the call with the ukrainian president happened on july 25. we know in august giuliani says he was talking with people close to the ukrainian president. on august 12, the whistleblower filed their complaint. at the end of august, president trump effectively put a hold on military aid money.
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on september 1st, the v.p. met with the ukrainian leader. eight days later house committees started investigating. and by september 12th, right after adam schiff started to ask questions about the complainant, the aid was lifted. that's where we are now. we're back with preet bharara and andrew mccabe. my suggestion is if the president believes that there is real corruption, he is clear to ask the ukrainian president about it and arguably clear to say i'm not giving you money if you're corrupt. >> you have to look at all the circumstances. we live in an actual world where people apply common sense and there are consequences to what you do and there are motivations, strategic and otherwise, for taking certain actions. there are a lot of countries that have a lot of corruption, and i i don't want to know what donald trump is saying to those leaders of those countries. what's unique about ukraine is there was a unique benefit to
6:17 pm
donald trump not to talk generally about corruption but to talk about a specific case, a specific person whose last name happens to be biden, which in the context of a run-up to a general election means it would be a favorable thing politically for donald trump. the funny thing about all this stuff is we have all these debates and conversations on television and people's living rooms and around the water cooler but there's no courtroom, no judge. at the end of the day, whether it's a criminal case or not, you had reasonable people to sit and decide what was the motivation of donald trump to make this call and to pressure eight times in the course of one conversation do this thing with respect to hunter biden? every ordinary rational thinking american would say he did it for one reason, given by how much he cares about corruption in his own cabinet and his own agencies and within his own foundation and his own company that the
6:18 pm
only reason to do that thing was to get an electoral advantage against a person who credibly could be his opponent. you can't get distracted by -- sometimes we have to apply common sense. >> it applies equally or greater to the second argument by giuliani about hunter biden in china. the idea that the president or his counsel would feel it's outrageous that somebody who is a child of a high office holder in the united states would be doing business with china when they're negotiating with china, well, this president has a daughter who works for him in the white house who went as an emissary of the united states government to china while she was working on the business side with china literally getting trademarks at the same time that she was sitting down with the chinese president. so why does it bother them in one case and not the other? >> well, chris, consistency has
6:19 pm
never been this administration's strong point. i mean, you've pointed it out perfectly. there is absolutely -- they seem to be throwing out the allegation about some sort of inappropriate relationship between hunter biden and china, although not backing it up with any proof that i'm aware of. i haven't seen a credible allegation of fraud or corruption or anything like that, and then completely ignoring the interactions, the business dealings of the president's own family members. so it's not -- i can't explain it for you. it not rational. >> did giuliani give him the confer he needed? preet's right. this isn't going to be a trial, this isn't about felonies. this is something that's added to an impeachment where you're never going to get republicans
6:20 pm
to go against the president anyway. if the president says i'm allowed to ask other presidents about whether or not they're cleaning up their house, is that enough? >> we'll see. i think it probably will be enough for mr. giuliani and president trump. their strategy is to just launch the theory into the wild and create some type of effect of distraction. it's worked in the past. there's no reason it think it won't work in the future. i guess they're concerned about the information from the whistleblower. >> giuliani already set up going after the whistleblower is they often lie. preet, what do you want to know going forward. >> i want to know what's in the complaint. there's a legalistic back and forth between the inspector general for the intelligence community and acting d.n.i.
6:21 pm
person and debate about whether the statute requires that complaint to be delivered to the intelligence communities. we have to think about common sense, not just what happens in a courtroom, you also have to cut through the legal nonsense a little bit when you're talking about stuff like this. the inspector general has said that what is in the complaint goes to the very core of the responsibility of the d.n.i. to the american people. it's very strong language. wrn what's going to happen with respect to those argument back and forth. what i do know is the president of the united states, staept consistency is not his strong point for the administration. the president said over and over and own geagain, no conversatio everything is fine, everything is swell. it a little bit like there's nothing to see here, you can't
6:22 pm
see it, trust me. >> appreciate you both. have a very good weekend. all right, ahead, more deconstruction. what the president's lawyer put out into the universe about biden and his son last night. he may have said it in a new way but it's not new information so let's do this. what's legit? what are the open questions? what are the facts? we've laid it all out for you next. your money should always be working harder. that's why your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today.
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all right. we stayed focused through the fog of rudy because we knew this was a premeditated attack. and we see today that what some mistook for ramblings are now the refrain of the rabid right and the president himself.
6:27 pm
the problem with this new line of attack is that it's not new, and it is largely untrue. but for the sake of clarity, let's focus on the facts and leave the insults and supposition to others. here is the crux of team trump's argument. >> you know what the proof is? joe biden 2018 january in front. council on foreign relations saying the whole thing. >> he said i'm going to give you this money if you get rid of this prosecutor? >> 100%. exactly! >> watch the tape for yourself. >> i'm leaving in six hours. if the prosecutor is not fired, you're not getting the money. well, son of a bitch, got fired and they put in place someone who was solid at the time. >> i guess rudy's right. wrong. why? because as the late paul harvey said, the rest of the story is
6:28 pm
what you need to hear. the facts are in 2014 joe biden was not only the vice president of the united states, he was also the administration's point person for a major international crisis. remember russia had just annexed crimea. news cameras were with biden as he traveled to ukraine. it wasn't some dark conspiracy. he was there to represent the u.s. government. around the same time hunter biden, the veep's son, took a position on the board of director for a ukrainian natural gas company. through our knowledge, he had no experience in that industry or working in that country in that way. the optics were and are bad. that's not just with the advantage of hindsight. even at the time it was a story, one that came up at a white house briefing. >> hunt are bier biden and othe members of the biden family are obviously private citizens and where they work is not reflected
6:29 pm
endorsement by the administration or by the vice president or president. >> except it presented an apparent conflict of interest that was a point of scrutiny here and there. that brings us to this guy, victor shokin, a guy with a reputation for turning a blind eye to corruption and the guy biden bragged about bullying about them getting rid of him. an overwhelming number of ukrainian parliament voted him out, the imf and the eu were part of the call for his removal. and, yes, there had been an investigation investigation into hunt are biden's company, but even shokin himself said it was over before 2016.
6:30 pm
even rudy giuliani or anybody else has proof of wrongful payoffs by either biden, we welcome it. here's rudy's other point. >> these are crimes of major proportions and because they're democrats, you are won't cover it. 1.5 million investment by china in biden's private equity fund -- >> just because you yell doesn't make it true. it's not new, it was covered and facts are not on giuliani's side. a family whose president does business and often has a direct role in those dealings should not be something this president is getting upset about because that's exactly what happens in his own family. however, hunter did fly with his father to china in 2013 reportedly on air force 2 and days later he and a business partner had a deal for a bank of china for a new massive
6:31 pm
investment in their fund. a lawyer for hunter biden told the times he didn't have any equity in the fund but later after his father was out of office, he did get a 10% interest in the entity that overseas the fund. for comparison, as i referred to before, remember how ivanka trump landed chinese trademarks the same day she sat for dinner with president trump xi? and she was working for the government. and things may look bad and warrant investigation and that's fine, but you need proof to make it more than just the angry talk of a zealot. so what about the president? was he involved in any quid pro quo and what would it mean if he were? let's debate it, cuomo's court in session next.
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the president has made no secret for his desire of the bidens to be investigated. he urged it again today with a possibility of a prquid pro quoo give him an upper hand in 2020. asha, jimmy, thank you for being here on a friday night. one stipulation before we get it on. this is not about criminal
6:36 pm
conduct. it is about whether or not what he is doing or has done as president of the united states is right or wrong and why. that's it. i don't want to hear about what crimes or it's not a felony. it's not our culture. it shouldn't be fel nony or fin. what's your situation about what is wrong, asha? >> what's wrong here is that the framers of our constitution clearly wanted to prevent a situation where the president was using his powers and his authority for self-dealing, to gain something personally. we see this in a number of different parts of the constitution. the emoluments clause, bribery is a grounds of impeachment. they were very worried about this. what we see in this situation is exactly that, is using the cloak and authority of the presidency to pressure a foreign government to engage in actions that will
6:37 pm
provide him with assistance in his personal campaign to be president. >> what if that's the byproduct, and his main concern, which you'll only know by what he tells, you know, i think the guy is corrupt and i think ukraine covered it up and i'm not going to give them up and i'm not going to work with a corrupt company and they should look into it. >> then his role is to do it in his official capacity. the way that that works in the united states is that, you know, the d.o.j. would submit a request to the state department, which submits to a request to the legal attache in the u.s./ukrainian embassy which works with local law enforcement. i'll adhere typically that wouldn't happen unless there is already an open investigation in the united states where u.s. authorities are seeking assistance. i have literally never heard of a situation where a u.s. government is trying to get a
6:38 pm
foreign country to investigate and prosecute a u.s. citizen under their laws. i am open to hearing of any precedent on that -- >> fair point. i'll make it even more simple. i get you on that one and i read your op-ed today in the "washington post." very strong. jimmy, lets make it easier for you on the bounce. which is can you give me any other example where in president has pointed out corruption in another country as a concern of his and their dealings going forward? >> i don't think you can look at this in a vacuum. >> vacuum? i'm saying any other example of him having said that. >> final, i'll concede that we don't have any public information that this happened any other time but let me make my point, chris. you can't look at this in a vacuum that where in this particular instance that this was the only thing going on at that time. a lot of that is going to be classified. we're not going to have the ability to nope what's goiknow and the president is likely put in a box here of how he can defend himself on this because
6:39 pm
of the classified nature of other things that may have been going on. we have to caution ourselves. we've seen the petulance and the sky is falling and the breathlessness from adam schiff as it related to russiagate. we saw what game of that. a lot of breathlessness and no substance -- >> nobody's been more breathless than rudy was last night. it's not about insulting -- >> is one guy louder than the other is not a good way to make an argument. that's a good point, chris. but in this instance, i think we have a lot of thunder he but not a lot of substantial -- >> what would be abuse of power? >> excuse me? >> what would be abuse of power? >> well, like i said, we don't know all the facts. >> what would be abuse of power? >> you're speculating as to what could have been abuse of power. the president of the united states is engaging in diplomatic discussions with the ukraine and corruption comes up and perhaps the corruption of the former vice president and his son come
6:40 pm
up. you know, doesn't necessarily point to that there's anything necessarily wrong with that or that it connected to the campaign. preet acknowledged that himself earlier tonight. i think we have to wait and see what the facts are. >> i'm all for you with that. i hope they release the complaint. as a point of transparency, the president says there's nothing to see here, don't worry about it but he won't show us the proof of the same, whether it's the taxes or here the complaint. asha. >> yes. and to jim's argument and i have to say he's an excellent debater and i think he has the harder side of this debate. so he's doing the best he can but this is exactly what the whistleblower protection act in the intelligence community is designed for that, if there is classified information, there is a mechanism by which it can reach congress if it does potentially concern misconduct. no one is saying that this has to be made public or that it has to be leaked to the media tomorrow for us to debate or something again.
6:41 pm
the question is, and this is a trump appointee who is determined that even if it involves classified information, it creates an urgent concern that should be reviewed by congress. that's the whole point here. >> so let's talk about that legal issue. >> this argument that jim is making is addressed by the statute, which the white house is choosing to violate at this moment. >> so if there's no thing to hide, why not show us the complaint? >> let's talk about that legal issue that asha raises. with all due respect, i think you have it wrong there, asha. the dni went to the office of legal department of justice and reportedly asked them for an opinion on this. it relates to whether this involves a member of the intelligence community. and it's not necessarily cut and dry that this report automatically goes to congress where a member of the intelligence community is not involved. the president of the united states, okay? so you look at that piece of it. let's look at that and then look
6:42 pm
at it in the context of, okay, you have a legal battle between congress and the executive branch, which happens all the time and that's going to get flushed out and i think schiff with threatening to withhold funds for the dni, that's a lever that he has, going to court is another lever that he has to say this is nonsense i call legal mumbo jumbo -- >> the office of the legal counsel justified torture. if they're justifying things does not mean it's actually a valid legal argument. we're speculating here on nonintelligence activity. is it about privilege, about article 2? getting back to congress, it's about their institutional functio functions. >> jimmy, you can't have it both ways. you're using it as a sword and a shield here. if there's nothing there and you know you have a mechanism to have anything that is classified, which we don't have
6:43 pm
reason to believe it is classified, but even if it were, you have a mechanism in place. if the president says there's nothing there, once again, have it go to congress, let them see what the basis was. rudy had one thing wrong, he said the i.g. had no way or skill or ability to determine the credibility of anyone that comes forward with the complaint. that's absurd. the i.g. made a recommendation of urgency. >> they seem to be doing things by the book and doing the right thing. that will likely get fleshed out very quickly. and the drip, drip, drip, the leaking and everything that's happening is going to be the death by a thousand cuts strategy that the democrats tried to employ in the past on russiagate. >> i respect the debate on both sides. i glabelieve the cleansing lighf
6:44 pm
transparency makes the cuts go away. nothing in the taxes show the taxes. nothing to worry about in the complaint, show the complaint. asha, jimmy, thank you for making the case on a friday night especially. if you were among those surprised when rudy giuliani did an about face last night in about 30 seconds on the program, don't be. this is part of a game. not always well executed but i handled it like a game because i know it is because i've seen it before and i will deconstruct it for you next.
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hi. maria ramirez! mom! maria! maria ramirez... mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars in tuition assistance, education, and career advising programs... prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! to help more employees achieve their dreams. what about your cnn interview? >> that is the laugh of a man with a plan. you know, images like this from last night's interview are all over the place. people are obviously having fun with them, but don't get caught up in the passion and miss what's really going on. the reason i seem unaffected by the heat is because i've seen this act before. the rage and the rabid repose
6:49 pm
just to get attention to what mr. giuliani wants you all to take in. so let me break down the act. tactic one, preempt a story before it breaks to soften the blow. you saw that last night here. >> did you ask the ukraine to investigate joe biden? >> no. actually, i didn't. >> so you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden? >> of course i did. >> you just said you didn't! >> now, he bungled that part because he didn't like being tested, but in fact he wanted you to know and he said many times that he wasn't to ukraine about biden because it is very important that you believe that mr. giuliani and much more importantly this president deeply believe that biden and his son were and are corrupt. why? you'll see in a second. but just to prove the first point of his intentions, that this is what he does, remember thissin t ion the stormy daniel
6:50 pm
payments? >> i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know. it's not campaign money. no campaign finance violation. >> they funneled it >> funneled it through a law firm and the president refapaid it. >> just laid it out there. once again trying to take the sting out of the news that trump knew, trump paid. it's almost as if he's saying it's all out in the open, so it couldn't possibly be wrong. now, logically that doesn't make sense, but you can catch people on this and hope they fall for the idea that if there's no secret, if he's the one revealing it, it must be okay, which there and here, is what he's doing. the actions, however, were arguably not okay, and he likely knew it. take as a tactic too, move the goal posts. >> i never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the campaign. >> yes, you have. >> i had no idea -- i have not. i said the president of the united states. >> you hear that?
6:51 pm
that's the sound of everyone on the campaign getting thrown under the bus. he's saying the only person he can vouch for is potus, no one around him. why? because he's giving cover to one person. that's his job. so it seems wild and outrageous, delivered with bombast, but intentional. tactic three, argue in the alternative. even if the president did do -- insert questionable act -- there's nothing wrong with that, from last night. >> he had every right to do it as the president of the united states. >> heard the same thing right after the mueller report was released. >> there's nothing wrong with taking information from russians. >> arguing that something is not prosecutable against a sitting president is very different than saying that these behaviors are not an abuse of power or are not wrong. an abuse of power is an impeachable offense, maybe not a
6:52 pm
crime. but felony or fine is not our standard of conduct. but mr. giuliani is hoping you'll stay in the legal context. he purposefully conflates the two in order to confuse and excuse. now that you get that while giuliani may not always be on his game, the game is always afoot. the reason he needed to go hard and heavy last night that both he and this president really believe, really believe that biden is corrupt -- and, remember, that's why he gets hot. that's why he insists we won't cover it, because he's trying to convey to you how deeply convicted he is about this. if you believe that, then you will believe that the president had a legit purpose in pressuring ukraine to investigate biden, that it wasn't about political advantage and self-interest. so even holding back money from ukraine, if they don't investigate biden, is okay because why would you give money to a country that won't root out
6:53 pm
corruption? and once again, proof of the contrivance is in the copying. just 13 hours after giuliani was on this show saying all that about biden, the president himself said this. >> it doesn't matter what i discussed, but i will say this. somebody ought to look into joe biden's statement because it was disgraceful. >> the statement being that biden said he held back money from ukraine to get rid of a prosecutor, which this president and his trusty counsel want you to think was personally motivated. now here are the ironies. first of all, the idea that this president now cares about corruption, have you ever heard talk about corruption in any other place or in his own government? more so, they're upset at biden for doing exactly what this president is accused of, and they reject biden's defense, which is that he was acting in the national interest and rooting out corruption, even though it's the same defense giuliani laid out for the president right here last night
6:54 pm
george orwell could not have created a more maddening,d dystopian existence where the same proposition is true or false based on what works for the person saying it. now, while i argue that giuliani's play is obvious, that does not make it ineffective. he got a ton of attention with his outbursts. but his biden bombs went out too, and while he was tested here and was exposed for being tricky with the truth, many outlets are just repeating his side. helps his cause and helps the president to play to defend against the reported efforts to have ukraine attack his potential opponent. the only question is what is the next move, and when we learn more about the whistle-blower complaint, we will see that soon enough. so you hear about the climate crisis strike today? i hope you did. when people come together, when they think and act globally, it can be big. look at this. young afghan women on the streets of kabul fighting for
6:55 pm
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i bring you these bolos on the show. bolo is an acronym. it means be on the lookout. and today it wasn't hard to see this in many big cities all over this world. young people calling attention to the climate crisis. all right? you've heard about greta thunberg, right? the 16-year-old swedish student leading this movement. >> why should we study for a future that is being taken away from us? [ cheers and applause ] that is being stolen for profit. we need to do this now. >> she's here as the u.n. gets ready to hold a climate summit beginning monday. several global leaders are going
7:00 pm
to join that session. you know who won't? our president. and it's not the first time. here's the empty chair at the climate meeting at the g7. let's bring in d. lemon. two takeaways for me, d. first one is love to see people organize. >> yep. >> young or old. there's never been a major movement in this country -- now, this was all over the world. you had over 100 million people all over the world. no. you had 150 countries that wanted to be involved. you had millions of people all over the world. but you never had a major movement in this country that didn't begin bottom-up. the second takeaway is it's sad to see a gap between kids and adults when it comes to science. >> well, that's where we are right now. i was having a conversation with a conservative today who was saying, you know what they were happy to see? people on the street protesting for what they believe in. but they said, why can't, you know, we be out there, meaning conservatives and liberals be out there


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