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tv   New Day Weekend With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  September 22, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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president faces a whistle-blower complaint and calling it -- >> the drum beat for impeachment froze loud and loud. >> this appears to be an overwhelming abuse of power. >> it is time for us to start impeachment proceedings right now! >> saudi arabia intensifying its attack on iran on the attack on oil facilities. >> this would be considered an act of war. >> she didn't smell like herself and smelled like alcohol and ran three red lights. >> we just got off the bus, me and my friend. she was drunk. >> announcer: this is "new day weekend" with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> good sunday morning. good to be with you. we begin with senator elizabeth warren. surging in a new cnn poll. neck and neck now with vice
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president joe biden. >> warren and biden well ahead of the the other candidates. want to get straight to cnn's jessica dean in des moines. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. we are getting these new results of polling here in iowa from our cnn des moines register poll and she show a tightening race at the top. you just explained it. a surging elizabeth warren really challenging the dominance of joe biden here in the hawkeye state. warren is coming in at 22% and biden the 20%. i want to note that means when you consider the margin of error that is really neck and neck. that is a dead heat. no clear winner between the it would have them but certainly very tight there at the top. then you see bernie sander, the closest candidate following biden at 11%. if you dig into these number you really see warren has gone up by 7% since june, biden down by three and sanders by five.
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you really see that warren is taking support from sanders supporters when you dig into those. let's take a look at liberal verse moderate democrats here in iowa. when you consider warren and biden there. warren 34% of support from people who consider themselves liberal democrats to 10% of moderates. when you look at bitden, i'm almost the same numbers slipped which is interesting. voters 65 and older, biden is incredibly strong and continues to remain strong. he is take. 35% of support super voters over 65 to warren's 12%. everybody else in the single digits so really where biden is getting a lot of his key support is from voters 65 and older and from these moderate and more conservative democrats. then i want to take a look at this last piece of data to show you which are you supporting or
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considering supporting this candidate? warren on top 71% of people in iowa and democrats are considering a candidate. you sue buttigieg and harris and sander in the 50s. when you zoom out for the big picture, only 20% of voters say they have their mind made up. so a lot of room for candidates to kind of move and get support here or there because, right now, there is fluidity in this race. so a lot of people still looking around. we were at the iowa state fair yesterday where 17 candidates pitched themselves to voters. i talked to a lot of voters there and funny. if you're wearing one person's t-shirt with another person's button, a lot of people still shopping around, but right now, the takeaway is very tightening race there at the top between warren and biden. >> they still have plenty of time to make up their mind.
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jessica dean, thank you. the massachusetts senator elizabeth warren took swing at congress yesterday calling on them again to start impeachment proceedings against the president. >> donald trump has made clear that he does not respect the rule of law. congress has one responsibility on this and that is to -- >> watch out for the street. watch out! >> this is about donald trump and believed he is above the law. he is not and it's up to congress to hold him accountable. >> another well-known democrat is calling out her own party for not impeaching president trump yet. >> last night alexandria ocasio-cortez tweets this out. white house reporter sarah westwood joins us from washington. former vice president joe biden is at the center of this controversy that the president is pushing.
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what is he saying about this now? is he calling for impeachment? >> good morning. former vice president joe biden is stopping short of calling for impeachment but he is calling for president trump to be investigated. he said based on what the house finds, perhaps the president should be impeached but not going as far as senator elizabeth warren and some other fellow democrats who have called for the president's impeachment consistently, but also in the wake of this newest scandal stemming from july 25th phone call president trump had with ukrainian president in which the president allegedly pressed the ukraine's leader to pressure president trump's son. joe biden at the said he president trump is afraid of losing to biding in the 2020.
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>> he knows i'll beat him like a drum and using the abusive power in every element of the presidency to try to do something to smear me. this appears to be an overwhelming abuse of power. get on the phone with a foreign leader who is looking for help from the united states and ask about me and imply things, if that is what happened. >> reporter: house democrats are trying to get their hand on the whistle-blower complaint that sparked this latest controversy and they could get answer later this week when acting intelligence director joseph mcguire appears to face their questions. >> the president yesterday was tweet baggage all kinds of things related with this with ukraine's president and making a lot of accusations. the one thing that is striking here is he has not denied having this conversation, right? >> reporter: that's right. he was even asked about it
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directly this week. he said it doesn't matter what i've spoken to the president of ukraine about. not denying whether he did talk about former vice president joe biden's son but we see the president employing now a similar strategy he used during the russia investigation and labeled the latest situation a ukraine witch hunt and echoing his refrain what he described as the russia witch hunt and floated conspiracy theories and i joked the media and saying those in this government are working against him. we are seeing president trump return for a familiar playbook here. >> as she was saying and we were just talking about, this twitter feed that the president was on yesterday to try to get his version of the events out there posting a series of tweets yesterday, implying the whistle-blower was an american spy that maybe that person had already been spying on the
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president himself. >> president trump tweeted about crooked and demented deep state as you heard from sarah. the ukraine witch hunt. >> cnn chief media correspondent brian stelter is with us from new york. a lot of questions if the president is just deliberately trying to confuse people because he has not denied having this conversation. >> i think he is trying to confuse people and throw up like of a smoke screen to get folks not to know what to believe when it comes to this story and especially about this whistle-blower. it is so frustrating. we have been talking about this whistle-blower mystery more than a week now. it's still unclear exactly what this whistle-blower is alleging but so far according to news reports we know it partly involves the call with the ukrainan leader and part of the whistle-blower's message we have not they heard about yet and all of this is stonewalled by the
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trump administration and they are trying to divert attention from that whistle-blower complaint and to other topics and i think it's getting a lot of attention from jean pirro. these with people on phone calls for decade and transcripts of these calls. the president said he knows when he has a call with a foreign leader that many people are listening from the government taking notes, et cetera, trying to help him in whatever way they can perform his functions as commander in chief. the president changed to that reality to now a spy and deep state actor. this is the kind of stuff has been debunked many times but i think resonates with some people that listen to the sean hannity's of the world and that is the tactic we are seeming to
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play on this. in the past it hasn't worked with most americans but it has worked with his most loyal supporters. >> i wonder if this is in my opinion different. you say this is the playbook. we saw this with people that voted illegally. this happened before. in those other cases, there were investigation of some sort. there were other elements who could come out and say specifically that did not happen. without the disclosure from the dni, will americans get an answer, will they get to the point is there a definitive there was no spy? >> that's why the fog is so thick in this particular case and why politician benefit from the confusion. trump benefits from the confusion, from the mystery at the heart of this case. but there is one key fact that i think we need to keep putting out front and center and that the inspector general who received this complaint who shared it with the acting director of national intelligence who wants it to be released to congress, this
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inspector general is a trump appointee. we don't believe has any plotting against the president. even that language, that kind of language out of a tv drama or a movie plays into the president's narrative that people are out to get him and i think we can argue whether that is legitimate at all or not. this is a trump appointee inspector general who is concerned enough to make sure this gets to congress. i think back to stonewalling in this case and maybe we will see a breakthrough in the coming days. democrats have hearings scheduled and said they will take serious action in this case. time will tell if they do or not. >> brian stelter, thank you. >> thank you. >> be sure to watch "reliable sourc sources" today at 11:00 a.m. on cnn. greek police just arrested a lebanese man with a hijacking
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that goes back in 1985. >> this was june of '85. >> more than 100 passengers were kept on board that plane for 17 days before they were being gradually released in stages but one navy passenger was killed and his body was dumped on the tarmac. >> police say the suspect was stopped during a routine security check and after the subscription matched those on a german warrant for his arrest. next hour we go live to athens for more on this investigation. cnn has a one-on-one with a top saudi arabian diplomat. his take on tensions with iran and what may come next. an american couple's romantic vacation end in tragedy. what we are learning about this heartbreaking marriage proposal. >> a young target of online hate who had the courage to stand up
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authorities say some of the victims are teenagers, but they have not released their names or their ages. investigators do not believe the shooting is gang-related. at this time, police are looking for one suspect. police in washington state say a student called 911 to report his bus driver for drunk driving. >> police arrested the driver on september 12th after she completed two trips with students. listen to part of the 911 call. >> we just got off the bus, me and my friend, and on bus 8, our bus driver catherine, she was drunk because she was, like, she passed three red lights and she got on a side road by the 76. and there are still kids on
3:19 am
there. >> did she smell of alcohol? >> yeah. her breath sort of smelled like alcohol. >> you said she ran how many red lights? >> about three red lights. >> the bus driver is on administrative leave while the school district investigates, obviously. what should a better romantic proposal, it ended in a horrible way for an american couple who were vacationing in africa. >> steven webber and kinisha were staying in a bedroom. webber swam underwater holding a handwritten note asking her to marry him but he never resurfaced. cnn has the story. >> reporter: tragedy struck for an american man who died when he was proposing to his girlfriend under water. he wrote on a note, i can't hold my breath long enough to tell you everything i love about you, but everything i love about you,
3:20 am
i love more every day. will you please be my wife? sadly, he didn't resurface and his girlfriend went to post on her facebook post you never emerged from the depths so you never got to hear my answer. yes, yell, a million times yes, i will mary you. but he had already died. she had we never got to celebrate and the beginning rest of our live together as the best days of our live turned into the worst. in the cruellest twist of fate imaginable. the u.s. state department confirmed that a u.s. tourist had died in tanzania and, of course, this has touched many people across social media. saudi arabia blames iran for strikes on its oil facilities and if they are proven right, they say it would have been an act of war. our interview with the top saudi diplomat is next. listen, there were dozens of
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! top saudi diplomat tells cnn it would be considered an act of war if confirmed that iran
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launched that attack in its oil facilities. the pentagon says they have evidence that drones and cruise missiles used were produced by iran. >> cnn's nic robertson sat down with the saudi minuister of stae to address the incident and what happens now. >> reporter: what do you want iran to do now? and if their politicians are in new york this week, they represent the country, what can they do? >> we want iran to behave like a normal nation. we want iran to stop being a revolution and be a nation state. we want iran to stop interfering in the affairs of other country and supporting terrorist groups and we want them to stop providing ballistic we want to have good relations with iran and trade with them but we can't do if all we get from them is death and destruction. for 40 years we have tried to extend our hand to friendship with iran and all wet get is
3:26 am
death and destruction. the u.s. doesn't want war but it's up to the iranians if they keep continuing along this path and risk the military action. nobody wants war. everybody wants to revolve this peacefully. >> reporter: i don't see the difference at the moment, if you don't mind me saying iran producing these weapons and producing an investigation to find out where they fired from. surely it all amounts to the same thing you'll come to the same point. are you playing for time by saying we are investigating right now when you perhaps have a very strong inclination? >> we hold iran responsible because the missiles and the drones that were fired at saudi arabia are not only against but from yemen were iranian built and iranian missiles so we hold them responsible. to launch an attack from your territory, if that is the case,
3:27 am
puts us in a different category. >> reporter: what is the different category? >> this would be considered an act of war. >> thank you for nic robertson for that there. s do dozens of people are recovering from recovery this morning after an earthquake hit albania. >> according to the ministry of defense, this is considered the strongest earthquake in the last 20 to 30 years. so far, there are no reported deaths but plenty of buildings were damaged. she was terrorized by neonazis but decided she was not going to back down. now they are apologizing and paying the price. we have the story for you next. just ok? (in dutch) tell him we need this merger. (in dutch) it's happening..!
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3:32 am
them. >> this comes on the heels of the u.s. announcing it will spend additional troops to saudi arabia and united arab emirates. the defense secretary says the troops would be, quote, defensive in nature and primary focused on air missile defense. >> cnn senior international correspondent nick paton-walsh is following the developments from tehran. >> reporter: the diplomacy seems to be slightly slim. we know the prime minister is in new york and they are on their way to the new york. they say they will have an initiative there. to the answer to the news they will send more troops to saudi arabia and the uae. today marking the start to the anniversary of the iran and iraq war and brutal and called holy defense week. we heard from president rouhani
3:33 am
how he is reacting to more u.s. troops on the way. >> translator: we announced to the world the presence of foreign forces can be dangerous to the region for international waterways and maritime security and for oil and energy security. but our path and our way is creating unity in coordination with the countries. >> reporter: it doesn't pay at this stage that the chance of military action by the united states are relatively slim. you heard donald trump talking about sanctions. sanctions frankly aren't as tough as he laid them out to be and he talked about how more troops on their way here. it seems he is opting for what is a strong position of no military response which means the diplomacy and iran and its neighbors shift to new york and the general assembly in the united nations and they are talking about what is an intense
3:34 am
gulf region. iran is still blamed by the attack by the united states and saudi arabia. we heard them say it was plausible the houthi rebels in iran carried out this attack. they require a lot of technology to get runs of miles through saudi arabia and air defense. still the question is iran denies its involvement here. it's been blamed for it and excuse and left it stronger or less or more broadly been learned around that this particular region they don't to be a conflict. we have seize if the meetings yield any kind of slowdown in the tension here. >> we appreciate it. thank you. we want to tell you this african-american college student who was terrorized by neonazis. they had nasty tricks on campus and virtual hate online toward her. >> at first she went into hiding and decided to fight back and took her trolls to court and
3:35 am
won. cnn sarah sidner has her remarkable story. >> reporter: this is the first time she has sat down and did a television interview after suing and winning her case against the people who were tormenting her online. she actually sat down face-to-face with one of them and received an apology. taylor's life changed forever within hours of becoming an american first. she went from being elected american university's first black female student body president in its 125-year history to being plunged into a world of hate. >> i was on my way to campus and wearing aka jacket and took it off because the hate crime had the letters of the sorority on the banana and me with that jacket was me walking with a target on my back.
3:36 am
>> a person stringing up bananas with nooses with the sorority she belongs to and days later she was under attack by neonazis and spurred on by the creator of one of the most prolific neonazi websites. >> i told his many, many followers to basically go get her. >> reporter: a hate-filled feeding frenzy began when the website published her name and address and social media accounts. one emailed saying she had become a national target for hatred. >> i was alone, home alone. the first thing i did was i closed my blinds. i locked all of the doors. i turned all of the lights out and in the way that people tell you when it's a hurricane or a tornado warning to hide in a hallway and get small and crouch down, that's what i did. i rocked in fetal position sobbing and crying to i had to a screen shot of the email and
3:37 am
send it to my mom and dad because i couldn't talk. >> reporter: after months of online harassment she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome. everything from her ability to study to her ability to eat was impacted. >> i was terrified. i didn't know who these people were. i didn't know where they were. i didn't know if they were coming to find me. i didn't know if they knew where i was already. >> reporter: she decided to fight back. with the help of a lawyers committee for civil rights under law she sued some of the people investigators could find who trolled her. she sued the website and england, its creator. what would you say to the england of the world? >> you picked the wrong one and you picked somebody who wasn't going to dump down. >> reporter: dumpson won her case. >> to the best of our knowledge this is the first court decision in the country that has held that online harassment can interfere with public accommodations. >> reporter: the judgment equated online harassment with physical harassment. >> civil rights laws do not stop where the cloud begins.
3:38 am
>> reporter: england did not respond for comment. neither he nor a representative for his company showed up in court. the judge handed dumpson a default and separately she received something almost no one does -- a face-to-face apology not from england, but from one of the trolls. she agreed not to say his name or exactly the word exchanged as part of a restorative settlement. online people want to snap back, right? they want to clap back. they want to attack. and that is not what you did here. >> i think we always have the opportunity and possibility to grow and for me, it was really, really important to even though -- even though you're a white supremacist and neonazi and you think like this, i don't think you'll always be like that and i don't think it has to be that way. >> reporter: man who apologized was the only one who came forward. he also promised to walk away from online hate and do community service.
3:39 am
now, when it comes to taylor dumpson, she was accepted to law school. she is now a law student. but she say she doesn't disclose where because she knows she will always be a target. the hate has not completely stopped. >> strong girl. strong lady. >> sara sidner thank you for that. >> tonight is the night. television's brightest stars will be honored at the prime time emmy ward. >> what to expect. >> is this we have to expect when the music is playing is in the emmys are coming! we will talk to zachary in a moment. this year my mom got me the perfect bag for back to school.
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♪ >> that is magical. every time they play it, he feel special inside. >> i feel like we are in the love boat or something is what i feel. >> question -- can anybody dethrone "game of thrones"? will julia dreyfus win? >> we will find that out tonight. with us is "the washington post" style section editor, zachary.
3:44 am
is it "game of thrones" still a lock in the best drama category? >> yeah. i think it is. yes, as you mentioned, i think a lot of people were not as happy with "game of thrones" in its final season but the show still got 32 nominations which is a record for a show. the most nominations for a show in a single year ever. i think it will win the drama series emmy. i think it's pretty much the favorite. >> yeah. that seems like, you know, honoring the series, honoring the contribution over the eight seasons instead of just season eight. so what are your other pick? we showed a few of them. >> yeah. tht drama in the dramas, i think sandra o. she play a spy hunting for an assassasassin assassin. and i think billy porter for pose that is set in the '80s and
3:45 am
'90s and billy porter is a fan favorite nand known for his costumes. and i think miss maisel will also win. h "veep" is definitely a concerned. i think julia dreyfus will win for best actress. she has won six times and this would be her ninth emmy win and that would set a record for the most wins by a single performer. over for best actor in a comedy, i think bill hater for "barry" about a hit man who becomes an actor and he'll repeat this year, i think. >> line all of that up and you had very -- what do i want to say?
3:46 am
objective. >> yes. >> viewpoint of his list. >> your list is a broadcast shutout. it's the cables and the subscription services. >> yeah. >> or streaming services i should say. >> yes. in recent year, you know, broadcast has fallen by the wayside in the emmys and, you know, premium cable like hbo and the streaming services have really taken charge. this year hbo had the most nominations and last year it was netflix. they have kind of been in this race. as tv has gotten more fragmented and shows on netflix and amazon and hulu are getting a lot of nominations this year and those are shows people don't know as well. >> zachary pincus-roth, thank you. >> thank you. >> i watched "chernobyl." i was riveted and haven't seen
3:47 am
all of it but i have it waiting for me on-to-watch. >> i love maisel. >> yes! >> veep was great too. >> all righty. just, you know, talk amongst yourself because we all have our favorites. listen. a comeback of the college football season and the chance are you missed it! >> ucla and washington state combining for 100 points and then some. plus a cape cod surfer pretty close call with a great white shark and surprisingly, he is calm through this whole thing. >> i thought this little seal was popping up. i turn around and it was the head of a shark. then i saw its fin and utterly froze! ills? flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief
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watch the bulldogs beat notre dame. >> andy scholes has more in this morning's bleacher report. >> fans have been looking forward to this game for years. a big one. top ten matchup. georgia coming in ranked third and notre dame seventh. on two years ago the bulldogs went up to south bend and feet
3:52 am
the fighting irish to notre dame looking for a little revenge in this one. they were more than two touchdown underdogs but took a 10-7 lead into halftime and when the bulldogs got it together. jamaica fromm leading georgia to 16 unanswered points in the second half. defense trying to hold on to end of one. notre dame going for the hail mary. georgia win 23-17 in front of a record noued. more than 93 thousand new in athens. jacksonville jaguars quarterback garden minshew is back in his old stomping grounds watching washington state playing sloo. rocking solid shorts in the game and said he cut them himself. it looks like he is going to watch his alma mater into a blowout win. washington state some 49-17 halfway through the third
3:53 am
quarter. 32 points but ucla then made epic comeback. thompson-robinson thompson-robinson. 78-63 was your final. more than 1,300 yard of offense in that one. 130 points combined of pac-12 record. a few teams are interested in signing antonio brown after patriots cut him. they want more information regarding his legal situation and the nfl investigation. the news is according to what brown's agent drew rosenhaus has hold amedam schefter of espn. the patriots cut brown on friday and the investigation is still ongoing. brittany trailer accused him of sexual assault and rape and another woman has accused brown of sexual harassment. brown has not been charged with any crimes. a major event in mexico city called off after 15 seconds
3:54 am
after rodriguez oockaccidentall poked jeremy stevens in the eye. fans were not happy and booing and throwing drinks and beers as they left the octagon. you can understand being a little upset when the main event lasted 15 second. >> yeah. they are thinking i paid for this? >> ticket is not cheap and not was the beer you're throwing. you pay nine buck for the beverage! finish it! >> quick chug. listen. we have this occasionally segment that we like to call "all of a sudden." all of a sudden! >> that is when things get good. we only use it when it's warranted in stories so if you're in the mood for maybe surfing, you want to paddle out. minding your own business. and then! >> all of a sudden! you're looking over your shoulder and a great white shark's fin. look at this. >> it was pure shock and you see
3:55 am
it literally the moment where i recognized what is going on. my only response is lift my fee out of the water and drob drop my jaw. i had only been out in the water only two minutes and i thought this little seal was popping up. i turn around and it was actually the head of the shark and i saw his dorsal fin and actually froze. >> reporter: on the sand the man who captured the video shouted a warning and held his breath and kept should go. >> it definitely was tense. it felt tense. he very calmly paddled around and came back in. >> i thought i don't want to go fast but i went fast. >> reporter: how fast was your heart pounding? >> i don't think i ever found myself calm and collected. >> woo! that's why i don't surf. >> that's why? >> that's why. >> so i've been, you know, snorkeling before.
3:56 am
affiliate stories we do, i don't think i'm ever going into the deep ocean ever again. deep ocean i mean by not very far out. >> andy, a story to lead us to do nothing! >> nothing! sit at home and lock ourselves in the house. >> all of the stories we do, all of a sudden is a best part of every story. >> glad he is okay. >> we should say that too. >> i don't than if i would have had the wherewithal to turn around. >> i'm glad it made it out easement we all are. all of a sudden. >> all of a sudden. andy, thank you. >> all of a sudden, screaming. >> exactly. >> thank you so much for starting your morning with us. >> we have much more of "new day" and it starts after a quick break.
3:57 am
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and irritation on the face. get the shave you've been waiting for. gillette skinguard. president faces a whistle-blower complaint and he is calling it the ukraine witch hunt. >> the drum beat for impeachment grows louder and louder. >> this appears to be an overwhelming abuse of power. >> it is time for us to start impeachment proceedings right now! >> saudi arabia intensifying its rhetoric against iran more than a week after an attack on its oil facilities. >> this would be considered an act of war. >> a student reported she wasn't acting like herself. smelled like alcohol and ran three red lights. >> we just got off the bus, me an my friend. our bus driver, she was drunk. ♪


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