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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 22, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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foreign interference. president trump prepares to meet with the ukraine leader as we're learning the president pushed him to investigate a rival. >> it doesn't matter what i discussed. >> how will congress respond? i'll speak exclusively to house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff next. >> plus maximum pressure, as world leaders gather at the u.n., tough talk between the u.s. and iran raises global fears. >> if they misbehave, they're on borrowed time. >> are the two countries getting any closer to a deal. treasury secretary steve mnuchin joins me to discuss in moments.
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iowa state of mind, a cnn poll flashes warning signs for the democratic frontrunner as a challenger makes her move. >> i'm looking for everything in iowa. >> if iowa is keys to the democratic presidential nomination is it up for grabs? hello, i'm jake tapper in washington where the state of our union is in another scandal involving a foreign leader. president trump is defending himself this morning as his administration is facing an uproar over new reporting that he presses ukraine's president volodymyr zelensky eight times according to the "wall street journal" to investigate democratic candidate joe biden's son during a phone call on july 25th. president trump just minutes ago told reporters that call was largely congratulatory and, quote, a perfect ten. and again, this morning, the president raised questions about former vice president biden. we should note according to the
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ukrainian prosecutor there is no evidence of any wrongdoing by another -- either joe or hunter biden. and another known, the president has not denied and continued to not deny this morning that he discussed the former vice president in his call with the ukraine leader. the issue of the president pressuring ukraine to investigate his rival came to light as part of a whistleblower complaint that the white house is keeping from congress much to the chagrin of the trump appointed inspector general for the intelligence community. the president has also gone from tweeting that, quote, virtually any time i speak on the phone to a foreign leader i understand there may be people listening from various u.s. agencies to this weekend quoting a fox personality saying, quote, an american spy in one of our intelligence agencies may have been spying on our own president. all of this has set off a fight between the white house and congress. the new allegations are already animating the 2020 campaign trail. and re-energizing democratic calls for impeachment on capitol hill. this week president trump is preparing to step on to the world stage and headed to new york for the united nations general assembly gathering of world leaders where he is expected to meet wednesday with ukrainian president zelensky
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face-to-face for the first time. joining us now to talk about this and much more, treasury secretary steven mnuchin who is heading with the president to the united nations. thanks so much for being here. appreciate it. >> great to be here with you. >> i want to start with the president's interaction with ukrainian president zelensky, were you aware the president had pressed zelensky to investigate the bidens in. -- the bidens? >> i was not on that call, so i'm not aware. but i've been plenty of other calls with the president. there is other people who listen to these calls. so i don't expect there were any issues whatsoever. >> is it common for the president, you say you've been on other calls with him, to press foreign leaders to investigate his political rivals here in the united states? is that something you've heard before? >> i haven't heard that and i think you're speculating on what the president said. i would say these are confidential discussions between two foreign leaders but i think the bigger issue is biden came out this weekend saying he never had any discussions with his son. his son came out and said he had had business discussions with his father so i think that the
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real issue is not what the president said, but what, indeed, did biden's son do. >> the one -- i think what you're referring to is that in a new yorker story a few months ago hunter biden said they talked about it once and it was just joe biden saying to him i hope you know what you're doing. so that is the issue here. but the reason -- you say it is speculative, but the wall journal and "the washington post" have both reported on the contents of the call and there is a whistleblower trying to bring attention to this to congress and just as a general premise, is it okay with you for a president, any president, to pressure a foreign leader, a foreign leader that wants hundreds of millions of dollars from the united states in aid, to investigate a political rival? is that acceptable? >> you're speculating that the president pressured. i don't have any reason to believe that the president pressured -- >> you brought it up many times. >> again, you're speculating. >> it is not speculating. it is in "the washington post" and the "wall street journal." >> so everything in "the washington post" and the "wall street journal" we should assume
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is factual. >> so how many times did he bring it up then? >> i'm not aware. i wasn't on the call. given everything going on this week in iran and everything else around the world, i find it interesting there's so much interest in this story when again, there's lots of people who listened to this call, it wasn't a secret that one person was on and said something. again, people know there were issues that biden's son did business in ukraine. i, for one, have concerns about that, but there's really no issue here. i was in principle meetings when we discussed foreign aid to ukraine. nothing ever came up there was any link or anything else. i think things are being implied that just don't exist. >> well, the reporting is that president trump in this phone call in july brought up the need for ukraine or his desire for ukraine to investigate hunter biden and joe biden. nobody has denied that is the case. there is a whistleblower who
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wants to bring this information, he has a whistleblower complaint to congress, and the white house is preventing that. if there is really nothing there, why shouldn't the white house just let congress -- let the gang of eight, the intelligence leaders of the house and senate and look at the whistleblower complaint and if it is as innocent as you say that would clean it up. >> i think that would be a terrible precedent. conversations between world leaders are meant to be confidential. if any time someone for political reasons raised a question and all of a sudden those conversations were disclosed publicly, and when you disclose to congress, lots of times they leak to the press, why would world leaders want to have conversations together? the real issue here is this was an important week. it is a very important week. what went on with iran, the maximum pressure campaign. this is a conversation between two world leaders with plenty of other people who were on the call. >> and i want to ask you about the maximum pressure campaign in
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iran in a second, but i just feed to understand, is it the position of the administration that it is acceptable for politicians to pressure foreign leaders to look into and investigate political rivals because that is what is being said, being reported happened on this phone call and it alarms a lot of people. >> i wasn't on the call but i have no reason to believe that the president pressured or anything else any foreign leader. this was largely a congratulatory call and they'll be a meeting this week and i think this is a lot being made up about one person's speculation. and again, this isn't the first time when the president has been attacked and things have turned out to be incorrect. >> are you going to be at the meeting with president trump and president zelensky. >> yes, i expect to be at the meeting. >> if president trump brings up this desire of his to have the ukrainians investigate the bidens and again the ukrainian prosecutor said on the record and the ukrainian foreign minister have said on the record there's nothing there and they did look into it and there is no evidence of wrongdoing and if president
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brings it up will you say something and say i don't think that is appropriate. >> my conversations between the president and i are confidential. but let me just say, i find it interesting that we spend close to 7 1/2 minutes talking about a political issue and not talking about what is the real issue of the week. which is iran launched an -- an launched an atalk on saudi arabia and on the world economic system and this is a very significant issue. that's really been our focus this week. >> well, i do want to talk about that. but let me just close by asking, if, for instance, president obama had pressured a foreign leader, putin or the president of ukraine, anyone said i want you to look into donald trump junior, or i want you to look into eric trump, international businessmen, both of them, would you not find that inappropriate. >> again, i'm not going to speculate on that. what i do find inappropriate is the fact that vice president biden at the time's son did very significant business dealings in
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ukraine. i, for one, find that to be concerning and to me that is the issue perhaps that should be further investigated. >> i don't understand. so it is okay for donald trump and eric trump jr. to do business all over the world and okay for ivanka trump to have copyrights approved all over the world while president trump is president and while joe biden was vice president his son shouldn't be able to do business dealings? >> again, i don't want to go into more of the details other than to say -- >> well you're setting a precedent that the president is violating. >> again, i think there is a significant difference in what you're saying, okay. what i was saying between biden and his son's relationship with the ukraine oligarch and potential business dealings that the trump organization has had which pre-dated his presidency. >> just again, to underline the ukrainian prosecutor said there is no evidence of any wrongdoing but i know you want to talk about iran so let me ask you, you announced on friday the u.s. is implementing sanctions that
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would cut off iran's central bank and national development fund from the u.s. banking system. you said that with those sanctions the administration has, quote, cut off all sources of funds to iran. does this mean at this point in that the trump administration has exhausted its ability to sanction iran or are there still other avenues? >> i think there are some other avenues. i think we've now cut off all of the money. the thing we're focusing on now is people that are violating the iran sanctions and issuing sanctions on third parties where we see violations. >> including people in allied countries including people in the uk, germany or france? >> if they violated, absolutely. we expect that anybody attached to the u.s. dollar system will abide by the sanctions. >> let me ask you. because you've been doing this maximum pressure campaign on iran for more than a year but it seems like tensions are worse than they've been in a long time. are you confident that it is working? >> well, i think the tensions are as you said are worse because it is working.
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i think what you see, we've cut off all the money to iran. i think you see iran acting in desperation, attacking its neighbors. this is really unprecedented in that sense. and, yes, we continue to have conversations with all of our allies about these issues. and we'll be having conversations at the u.n. this week, this willen -- will be a major topic for the president. >> president trump has said he's willing to meet with the iranian president rouhani. does that still hold true now even given the latest iranian provocations? >> well i think the president has always said he would leave the door open but i think it is highly unlikely given the current circumstances. >> i do want to ask you about the u.n. general assembly and there's a special emphasis on the climate crisis. president trump is not attending the climate summit tomorrow and this will be the second gathering of world leaders to talk about the topic that the president has skipped in the last two months. do you think the climate crisis is a global threat? >> well, what i think is
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important, is the environment and what is important is clean air and clean water. the u.s. is very far advanced in clean energy, natural gas. so if you look at kind of our environmental record, it is actually quite good. the concern is what's gone on in the environment in other parts of the world. >> and yeah, so, to that end, looking at purely at economic impact, because your area of emphasis a study found that the climate crisis if it remains unaddressed as it is today, could cost the united states up to 10.5% of gdp by 2100. is this not a serious threat? >> i find there's lots of assumption and lots of speculation in those numbers. i don't for one think they're real. >> you think that national bureau of economic research study on this is not real? >> again, there are a lot of assumptions that go into those conclusions. so, no, i don't support that
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outcome. but what i do think is important and this is an important issue, we are very focused on clean air, clean water, clean energy. the u.s. technology has made major progress in these areas and the reason why the president got out of the paris deal is because it was an unfair deal for the u.s. relative to the rest of the world. >> if your emphasis is on clean air, why are you not allowing california to set its own environmental standards? you say that your emphasis is on clean air but you are not letting states like california what they want to do when it comes to clean air. >> let me say this is a complicated issue. this is a separate issue. california shouldn't have separate rules. i think that is the issue. i, for one, drove an electric car in california. but let me just say, electric cars also create issues with batteries and how you dispose of batteries. these are complicated issues. but i think the issue is california is part of the united
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states and there shouldn't necessarily be separate standards. >> well the only thing i would say is i think climate scientists are near unanimous position that much more needs to be done in the trump administration is not focusing on it. steven mnuchin, the treasury secretary, good luck at the u.n. assembly this week into president trump just took questions on the uproar over his call with ukraine's president and we're going to play that for you next and let the president speak there. intel chairman adaf schiff will join me to respond. we'll break down our new dramatic poll. stay with us. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone.
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i'm not looking to hurt biden. i'm not even looking to hold him to it to be honest but he said a very bad thing. he said a very foolish thing. now me, on the other hand, my conversation with the new president of ukraine was perfect. they put out a statement last night and said the same thing it was a warm, friendly conversation. there was no quid pro quo, there was nothing. it was a perfect conversation.
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>> president trump just minutes ago answering questions about his call with ukraine's president last july. to be clear, there is no evidence of any wrongdoing by either hunter or joe biden according to the ukrainian prosecutors and this week congress is set to press the trump administration over the decision to block lawmakers from seeing a whistleblower report we know deals with that phone call. joining me now house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff, democrat of california. do you want to respond to what you just heard the president say, how biden had done something wrong and there was no quid pro quo in that conversation? >> if that is the case, why doesn't the president release the transcript of that call. i don't know whether the whistleblower complaint is on this allegation and if it is and even if it isn't, why doesn't the president say release the whistleblower complaint. clearly he's afraid for the public to see either one of those things and we're determined to make sure that the public does and the nation is protected and if the president of the united states is
9:20 am
browbeating a foreign leader and at the same time withholding a vital military assistance ukraine needed to defend against russia and trying to get dirt on his political opponent in yet a second campaign, then the country needs to know about it and we need to take defensive steps. >> i said that to secretary mnuchin two minutes ago, release this to settle the issue and he said because it would set a horrible precedent because world leaders should be able to speak to president trump without having the conversations shared. your response to that? >> not if those conversations involve potential criminality or leverage for political advantage against our nation's interest and that is what is at stake here. this would be, i think, the most profound violation of the presidential oath of office certainly during this presidency, which says a lot, but perhaps during just about any presidency. there is no privilege that covers corruption. there is no privilege to engage in under-handed discussions. and again i don't know if this
9:21 am
is the subject of the whistleblower complaint, but if it is it needs to be exposed and we know the inspector general found that complaint urgent and we know the inspector general found this did not involve a policy disagreement. it's one thing if you're talking about a presidential communication that involves a policy issue, that is not a valid whistleblower complaint, but here the inspector general said this is not what is at issue. we're talking about serious or flagrant abuse and potential violation of law and there is no privilege that protects that. and the reason i think that if these two issues are, in fact, one issue, if there is a relationship between this complaint and this issue, you have not only this illicit conduct by the president of the united states but you also have the added element of a cover-up. >> if the president did, in fact, in that phone call push the ukrainian president to investigate hunter biden and joe biden eight times as the "wall street journal" reported, is it an impeachable offense in your view? >> well, jake, you know i have
9:22 am
been very reluctant to go down the path of impeachment for the reason that i think the founders contemplated in a country that has elections every four years this would be an extraordinary remedy, a remedy of last resort and not first resort but if the president is essentially withholding military aid at the same time that he is trying to browbeat a foreign leader into doing something illicit, providing dirt on his opponent during a presidential campaign, then that may be the only remedy that is only co-equal to the evil that that conduct represents. we're going to hear from the director of national intelligence on thursday. why he's the first director to withhold ever a whistleblower complaint and we're going to make sure that we get that complaint, that whistleblower is protected and we're going to make sure that we find out whether the president is engaged in this kind of improper conduct. but it may be that we do have to move forward with that extraordinary remedy if, indeed,
9:23 am
the president is at the same time withholding vital military assistance, he is trying to leverage that to obtain permissible help in his political campaign. >> that is the farthest i've ever heard you go when it comes to the possible need for impeachment. but for some democrats as you know it is not enough. 2020 candidate senator elizabeth warren tweeted on friday by having failed to impeach president trump by now, quote, congress is complicit in trump's latest attempt to solicit foreign interference to aid him in u.s. elections and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez said something similar this morning on twitter, that the real scandal is democrats letting this happen. how do you respond? >> well, i would just say this, there is no chance of us persuading the senate in an impeachment trial. they have shown their willingness to carry the president's baggage no matter how soiled its contents. i want to make sure before we go down this road that we can
9:24 am
persuade the public that this is the right thing to do, and part of persuading the public that impeachment is the right thing to do is making sure the country understand this is a last resort. now some of the folks that you mentioned have been embracing impeachment from the very beginning. i don't think that is useful in making the case to the public that we did this reluctantly but the president is pushing us down this road and if in particular after having sought foreign assistance and welcomed foreign assistance in the last presidential campaign as a candidate, he is now doing the same thing again but now using the power of the presidency then he may force us to go down this road. i have spoken wait number of my colleagues over the last week, and this seems different in kind and we may very well have crossed the rubicon here. >> take a listen to the president's lawyer rudy giuliani in an interview with my colleague chris cuomo. >> so you did ask ukraine to look into joe biden? >> of course i did.
9:25 am
>> so there is giuliani, the president's attorney, saying that he asked ukraine to look into joe biden. your committee before this whistleblower complaint even came forward was already investigating whether this request from the white house either through rudy giuliani or some other way hinged on with holding military aid, $250 million worth which we should point out last week was released. have you found any evidence of a quid pro quo? >> well, look, it is not necessarily for us to find evidence of a quid pro quo. the fact that ukraine understands that military aid is being withheld and the fact that ukraine understands as does the president that the president, if these allegations are correct, his number one demand of ukraine is that they dig up dirt on his opponent, that is all you need. you don't need an explicit quid pro quo to betray your country and that is what it would represent if the president was engaged in that conduct. we know rudy giuliani was engaged in that conduct but it is one thing when it is done by the court jester and another by
9:26 am
the man who would be king. and we have to get to the bottom of this and make sure we expose what took place on that call and what took place in any other conversations between the administration and ukraine where they were improperly using the power of that office for dirt on his opponent. >> ukraine's foreign minister said in an interview he knows the contents of the july 25th phone call and in his view president trump did not pressure zelensky to investigate biden. he said there was no pressure. what is your response to that? >> my response is, look, ukraine is in a very difficult position here. they were very -- and have been very eager to get a summit meeting with the president. they know how reliant they are on american assistance in the war. they have the long simmering war with russia in ukraine. and a country that russia still occupies. and they know that while there has been a decision made to release this military aid, the decision to cut it off could be
9:27 am
made at any time and this president is nothing, if not vindictive so i don't envy the position of the ukraine president, but i'm worried about the actions of the american president and i don't think we can rely on a country that is so beholden to the good graces of donald trump to level with us on this. >> you said this week you'll get the contents of the whistleblower complaint, quote, come hell or high water. and that you're going to use whatever tools you can, including pursuing legal action, including potentially reexamining the funding when the director of national intelligence comes before congress for reauthorization. wouldn't withholding funds from the intelligence community put the nation's safety at risk, though? >> well, it depends on what funds we withhold. in this case you have the office of the director of national intelligence that is with holding this complaint in violation of the clear letter of the law, that law says he shall transmit the complaint, he's the first to refuse to do so.
9:28 am
and there are funding requests that that office makes that don't go directly to national security that we can withhold. look, it is a blunt remedy and one that i'm very reluctant to use but at the same time the inspector general said this is not only serious and credible, but it is urgent. we cannot afford to play rope-a-dope in the court for weeks and months on end. we need an answer. if there is a fire burning, it needs to be put out. and that is why we're going to have to look at every remedy and if these two issues are, in fact, one issue and it relates to deplorable conduct, a violation of the president's oath of office and a cover-up in terms of this whistleblower complaint, then we have to consider impeachment as well a remedy here. >> chairman adam schiff, democrat of california, thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you, jake. senator kamala harris overheard telling a colleague that she is f'ing moving to iowa to recharge her campaign but how do voters in the first caucus state feel about her?
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numbers next. you're willing to pay the extra taxes and you think you get much more for that, then that's good. that's good. but let's at least acknowledge, tell elizabeth it's going to cost money. >> they will see cost goes up but for costs for middle class and working class families and the people squeezed so bad right now are going to go down. >> the two iowa democratic front-runners sparring over health care as a new des moines register poll shows them neck and neck with no clear leader. in the first voting state. take a look, 22% of voters say elizabeth warren is their top choice and biden is at 20%. that's within the margin of error. senator bernie sanders has dropped to 11% with south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg at
9:34 am
9%, senator kamala harris at 6%. let's chew over all of this. karen finney, what do you think? you have elizabeth warren number one with the bullet there. >> i think it shows that the fundamentals work, right. elizabeth warren has basically been in iowa, she's been very focused on campaigning, taking questions, taking selfies, doing the basics. >> selfies, quote/unquote. >> selfies. sorry. and i think it is part -- it shows for someone like harris, this is why you are pumping down in iowa for the next couple of months or so. because, look, this is a state, as we know, where voters there, they want to see you. they want to hear from you. you had a huge turnout yesterday. which is again people are interested. they want to know, trying to decide and i sort of say they're dating right now. that's the other thing our poll shows. there's still some time and open. >> a majority are still -- >> open to changing their minds. >> changing minds. exactly. >> you've won iowa. what is the secret?
9:35 am
>> well, i mean, plant yourself there and make relationships with the people there and build coalitions that are going to produce for you on caucus day. elizabeth warren is doing that. iowa republicans are to the right of most republicans in the country. and iowa democrats are to the left of most democrats in the country. and so it is sort of natural for me that the liberal candidates will go up. i've said the attrition of joe biden started a little later than i thought it would start but it is starting. and i think just the drip, drip, drip of the fact that he is i think in a lot of voters' minds not really up to this. you hear the candidates now talk about it. it has become part of the theme and it's a very hard thing to turn around. >> congressman, what do you think? who do you think is doing this presidential campaign right? >> well i think as you take a step back we have to remember that most of the democratic nominees are candidates at this point are doing better than donald trump. and president trump -- >> and in head-to-head match-ups. >> and president trump has
9:36 am
fallen in all 17 battleground states, only two where he's still above water but dropped dramatically in texas as well. so let's understand that. but i would agree, showing up matters. you've got to get to know candidates and they have to kick the tires and get to know you. you have to be willing to make sure you are understanding what is happening in their day-to-day lives and that is what our candidates are doing and so i'm still confident with where we are and not just in iowa with this poll and south carolina and nevada and those are two important states and i could say that based on the turnout programs we did in 2018 to win back a majority of the house. >> and one detail from the poll to take a look at, which type of candidate seems more electable from the cnn/des moines rej ster poll, one who speaks common ground with the republican party, 63% and one who moves the country to the left 28% and how solid is your first choice candidate, could change my mind 63% but that does suggest that the stronger to the left candidates, the ones that want major change as opposed to we
9:37 am
need to reach across the aisle and unite the country, is still in the minority even among the minority in the liberal democrats. >> i think it is important to see that you're seeing that the far left is going with elizabeth warren and the moderate democrats are going with biden. and i think they are based on two issues. one is impeachment and the other is medicare for all. biden is saying this is going to cost -- someone needs to be honest with you and say this is going to cost quite a bit of money. i do believe that biden is a little bit more moderate and will do better in a general election but the connection is right, people want to know, they want to feel you and they want you to be there. i think that in a general, elizabeth warren is going to be easier to beat than biden. those are my thoughts. >> what do you think about that? >> i think that is the argument. if you are anybody about joe biden because we know the one thing democrats keep saying over and over again is they want to beat donald trump.
9:38 am
>> more important than agreeing with the nominee on all major issues. >> correct. and they say i like this candidate but i want to beat trump. so i think the most important thing for all of these candidates now is it is for elizabeth warren to make the case she could beat trump on that message if that is her message. she has to not just convince voters in iowa but not only could i win on this message in this state, i could win on this message in a general election. i think that's a nature of the conversation that you're going to see between the candidates in the next several months. >> and i guess the question for you from pennsylvania, do you think -- i know you think that joe biden theoretically is a stronger candidate but is the idea taking away trump votes in a place like pennsylvania or rallying democratic voters in places like philadelphia and pittsburgh which is the stronger challenge to president trump in a commonwealth like pennsylvania? >> i think there are a lot of folks in the middle of pennsylvania that swing elections all of the time and if i look at the last several elections, the democratic party has done a great job of getting votes out in the city of philadelphia. there just aren't any more votes
9:39 am
to get in the city of philadelphia. they have a great turnout machine and it's really a matter are you going to be able to connect with those more moderate voters and there is an opening for a democrat probably in new hampshire, an opening for a democrat who could take the votes from joe biden but no one is out there connecting that is a mainstream democrat and that is the big problem with the party. >> stick around. a lot more to talk about. former vice president joe biden and trump are seizing on the ukraine story to help their 2020 campaigns. is that good politics for either of them? that is next. stay with us. aetna takes a total approach to your health and wellness with medicare advantage plans designed for the whole you - body, mind and spirit. that means aetna is helping you get ready to be the best
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trump deserves to be investigated. he is violating every basic norm of a president. trump is doing this because he knows i'll beat him like a drum and he's using the abuse of power and every element of presidency to try to do something to smear me. >> former vice president joe biden on the campaign trail responding to the reports that president trump asked ukraine's president to investigate biden's son. let's chat about this. congressman, is this an issue that we'll hear a lot about from democrats in congress? >> this is absolutely an issue. this is a concern associated with the administration, again, breaking the law. this is the first time -- >> what is the law that was broken? >> the act that was adopted that requires the inspector general
9:45 am
to make sure that there is an avenue for whistleblowers within the intelligence community to be able to turn over concerned complaints so it is not done in an open setting and required by the director of national intelligence within a seven-day period to turn that over to the members -- to the leadership of the intelligence committee in the house and the senate. that is not happened. as a matter of fact, the first time it has not occurred and now we find out that the department of justice is the one that gave the advice to acting director maguire not to do this. this is about the law or breaking the law. and there is clearly someone within the trump administration who is obstructing justice and breaking the law here. that is why we need to get this information out. >> congresswoman in. >> i think it is -- any time you have a solicit or a foreign entity investigate the united states it is inappropriate and inappropriate if there is a quid pro quo.
9:46 am
the only thing we know at this point is the foreign minister said that biden didn't violate any law. >> no evidence that the bidens did anything wrong. >> but he also said he didn't feel any pressure from the president of the united states in that conversation. hold on a second. so we don't have very much information right now and i think that it's dangerous either way. it was dangerous with julian assange and it's dangerous to ask anybody who is a foreign entity to investigate the united states because it threatens us. >> we don't have information because the administration is breaking the law and not turning over the whistleblower complaint. that is all that we're saying. is turn it over and follow the letter of the law and make sure we're doing what is right by the american people. >> so with regard to ukraine, we know a couple of things. we know there is no equivalence between hunter biden and joe biden and what this president is -- has potentially done. the things that were investigated against the bidens
9:47 am
showed it was totally debunked and we know that actually the incident they were talking about it's not just biden calling for the prosecutor to be -- to step down, ifs the imf, the eu, so it wasn't one guy acting on his own. as the congressman said, there is a lot we still don't know. we know the president of the united states of america got on the phone and asked a foreign leader to investigate a private american citizen for his own political gain. we also know from the mueller report this president has a pattern of as mueller said, ten incidents of obstructing justice in plain sight and this is another example of in plain site and we also happen to know that if the president does it or i do it it's not illegal. now we've -- >> how do we know that if we don't have the transcript. >> the president said that many times. if i do it, it is not illegal. he's actually said -- anything -- he referred to him -- >> but we don't know the content of the conversation until you actually have it.
9:48 am
there's no way you can actually -- >> let me bring in the senator santorum. >> i'll take issue with what karen said because -- and what mia said, the president if he said those things is not asking them to investigate joe biden. they're asking him to investigate hunter biden's relationship. >> a private american citizen. >> which is doing business in ukraine. and the ukrainians have every right just like we have every right of anybody from outside of the country. >> and they investigated and found nothing. >> and they investigated and the investigation was cut off when that u.s. -- >> that is not true. it had been shown before that happened. absolutely shown before that happened. >> the investigation is -- well -- >> that's -- >> what i said -- >> i'm not sure -- >> the investigation didn't stop when the prosecutor was removed. the investigation continued and they didn't do -- >> and the next prosecutor decided there was no there there. >> my point is the investigator that came in was an investigator that was being advocated by joe biden and barack obama. >> and the imf and the e.u. -- >> it is true they asked this
9:49 am
and other reformers in ukraine were asking for the prosecutor to step down. >> i understand. that's not the issue. the issue is, again, i'm not saying the president did or didn't do that, but to suggest that the ukrainians should finish the process of investigating this is not, in my opinion, that outrageous. he's not saying prosecute him or go after joe biden. he's saying finish the investigation. >> they already did. >> rick, you agree, though, that director of national intelligence must turn over that report to the chairs of the intelligence committee, do you agree with that? >> again, i haven't read the law. unless there's some national security interest -- >> it's really simple. >> look, this is a problem that we have in washington which is no one trusts anybody to keep things confidential, certainly not adam schiff and that is a problem. that's why this law was set up though. >> this whistleblower believed -- this whistleblower took a huge risk coming forward and believed that he would be protected by the law this
9:50 am
president is now obstructing. >> and he is being protected. >> no he's not. >> thanks one and all. sean spicer can dance if he wants to but he can't shimmy away from the lies he told to the white house party and that is this week's state of the cartoonian. award winning interface. ♪ ♪ award winning design. ♪ ♪ award winning engine. ♪ ♪ the volvo xc90. our most awarded luxury suv. ♪ ♪
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! >> welcome back. nobody puts spicy in a corner. that's the subject of this week's state of the cartoonian. former white house press secretary sean spicer tried to salsa his way back from political exile this week on "dancing with the stars." >> i don't think i'm in my comfort universe. but his dancing got such skating reviews, spicer might be tempted to seek out his favorite hiding place, behind the white house bushes.
9:55 am
for future performances with we suggest that the president's former dissembler in chief should draw from his experience. do the twist. as when he twisted the truth. >> i think sometimes we can disagree with the facts. >> for all those times spicer was not willing to admit the president had told a straight-up lie even when we all knew the truth, he can do the chicken. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period. >> maybe given all the attention president trump has given to korea, spicer could embrace a dance craze from that peninsula. ♪ now i've had the time of my life ♪ >> and then there is this proposed showstopper which really sums it all up. ♪ i've had the time of my life >> thanks for spending your sunday morning with us. young people around the world rallied for climate change this week. are leaders listening? that's next. >> woman: what's my safelite story?
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this is gps, the global public square. welcome. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. we'll start today's show with the attack on saudi arabia's oil infrastructure and iran's threat of all-out war if the islamic republic is attacked. >> then, a whistleblower cries foul because president trump made a promise to a foreign leader. we'll dig into that story. what to make of israel's election results. al


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