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tv   S.E. Cupp Unfiltered  CNN  October 5, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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♪ welcome to a special hour of "unfiltered, road to impeachment." here's tonight's headline -- call me maybe. it is week 2 of the democrats' impeachment inquiry, and yet again eventful. the very latest, like if you went to bed early last night, you might have missed it. a second officials alarmed by the president's dealing with ukraine is deciding whether to file his own complaint and testify before congress. also breaking, house democrats subpoena the white house for more documents tied with the call to ukraine, president
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zelensky and withholding aid to ukraine. of course, there are the texts, texts in a house intel republican will hurd calls damning. they were released showing how concerned some diplomats were with the president's position in ukraine. said one diplomat to the other -- are we now saying that security assistants and white house meeting are conditioned on investigations? to which of other responds -- call me. yeah, i having been on the receiving end of one of those before when i'm texting with a source, and they respond "call me." it means whatever they're about to saying is not something they want in print. of course when i text "call me" to my husband, it usually means he's in trouble. but this isn't about me. this is about the president you might not know it if you listen too him, because he's on a warpath to blame everything
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else. mitt romney, who he called a pompous ass on twitter, but get used to it. this is in trump's dna. he has a clear pattern when he's under fire -- deny, normalize and attack. d.n.a. just like he denied russia's election interference, just like he denied paying stormy daniels hush money. denied saying thinks he definitely said on camera. he said he didn't pressure ukraine to investigate the bidens, but that he could, but then the ukraine call transcript came out showing he did just that. so trump moved to the normalized phase. he said the call was perfect. he urged ukraine against to investigate the bidens, doing the very thing he's being accused of and possibly could be impeached over. he went even further material
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china, a communist dictatorship, to hop on board the corruption train, and then saying it in broad daylight. i have an absolute right, perhaps even a duty to investigate or have investigated corruption. that would including asking or suggesting other countries to help us on you. here's a little this ink to lynn for as well. trump is fond of saying he has the slight right to do whatever he wants, as if saying it makes it so. in january after congress refused to fund his border wall, i have the absolute right to do a national emergency if i want. last june -- i have the absolute right to pardon myself. did ebb 2016 -- i have the absolute right to do what i want to do with the justice department. may of 2017, after he shared classified information with russian officials -- i have the absolute right to share intelligence with russia. the more he says it, the more he hopes you end up thinking, yeah, why not?
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well you new york city he's on to the attack stage. a quick glance at his crazy twitter feed today, retweeting a pinocchio clip keiing adam shift lying shifty schiff, impeachment romney. the media is fixed and corrupt. that's just a sampling, folks. here's the deal. he does this d.n.a. distance, because it obvious has a desired effect, wearing us down with deflections and distractions, gaslighting the american media and the public, telling you to your face the sky is green. this one is really, really simple. he told at least one foreign government to investigate his political rival. he made a meeting contingent on that investigation, and then held aid, and then his administration tried to cover it up. that's what happened. it's in black and white. it's out of the president's own mouth.
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now, you can decide whether all of this is impeachable or not, but it's what happened and the people surrounding trump need to ask themselves a pretty serious question -- how much longer do they keep saying this was okay? joining me now to discuss is brendan boyle. congressman, let's start with the latest news. "new york times" reports a second intelligence officials is considering filing a whistle-blower complaint. i think that's remarkable, considering how hostile an environment trump and his defenders on fox have created for whistle-blowers. what would you say as a member of congress who will ultimately receive any new whistle-blower reports to anyone considering coming forward to assure they field safe and secure doing so? >> well, thanks, s.e., for having me back on. first i very much admire the courage of the initial
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whistle-blower who came forward, as well as the current of this person who it sounds like -- this additional person who it sounds like is also weighing to come forward. i would point out even though a lot of focus has gone on the original whistle-blower, keep in mind the inspector general of the intelligence community went to the sources that the original whistle-blower got this information from and deemed it to be highly credible. >> right. >> we also frankly have the white house summary of what was set on the call, where i reacted very strongly was not actually based on the whistle-blower complaint. the whistle-blower complaint didn't come out until about 24, 48 hours after the white house summary. what's in that call is clear quid pro quo. literally the very next sentence after president zelensky, who by the way right now is witnessing
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and experiencing part of his country under russian occupation, let's not forget that, president zelensky very much needs the hundreds of millions of aid that i and others on both sides of the aisle push for. the very next sentence, the president says -- i need you to do me a favor, though. that right there is quid pro quo. >> the white house is expected to send a letter to speaker pelosi on monday, pressing her to hold a floor vote on the impeachment inquiry, because presumably trump thinking that democrats don't have the votes right now. is he right? >> be careful what you wish for. at this point the inquiry has started, so it would be rather redundant action if we took that vote, but i do this if and when we ultimately take a vote you'd find much more republican members on the fence than
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democrat ecmembers. ever since this emerged two to three weeks ago, you've had remarkable unanimity within the caucus. you saw the numbers go from about 120 democratic members calling for an inquiry to upwards of 220, to 230. so president trump should be careful what he wishes for. >> i want to ask you about republicans, because i know you have republican friends in congress. i want to get your take on that, but first let me go back. trump says the white house will cooperate after there's a formal vote. do you think democrats should give him what he wants and then hold him to it? >> i'm not naive. there is no way president trump is going to cooperate with us in this investigation, because he knows he's guilty. you know, he's been doubling down on this behavior ever since, even if he gave him exactly what he wanted, he would move the goal posts, and i think
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most people understand that. >> so when you talk to some of your colleagues, do you hear from any republicans privately? you don't have to name them, though feel free, who say they are legitimately concerned and contemplating supportic, at least an impeachment inquiry? >> i think as you know i have a lot of friendships on the other side of the island, and been able to produce meaningful legislation, especially as it relation to foreign policy. over the last three years, out of revealing any names, a significant number of republican friends of mine have said things about the president, expressed their deep concerns, thing they don't want to say publicly, because they know it would put them in a tough spot, especially if facing a republican primary. i don't know when push comes to shove home republican members will vote for impeachment. i do know behind the scenes there are a number of republican
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members who are deeply concerned and alarmed about what has become public. >> give me an estimate of numbers. how many numbers, do you think? >> it's both what i've heard and a bit of an educated guess -- >> go ahead. >> i would say in the house, at least two dozen, but i wouldn't be surprised it's even more than that. just based on my american knowledge, i would say about 2,000. >> fascinating, and thank you for the insight. i really appreciate. you'll have to come back and see if that number gets updated at all. congressman, thank you. >> yeah, thank you. coming up mike pompeo and his department are playing a starring role in the impeachment inquiry. text messages subpoena deadlines, i'll have the latest. and conventional wisdom verdict president trump. he's won that matchup time and again. will it apply for impeachment? and what about 2020?
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t-mobile is with you. no signal goes farther or is more reliable in keeping you connected. the damning texts between u.s. diplomats and a senior ukrainian aide that detail how the trump administration put pressure on ukraine has the state department in a precarious
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position. secretary pompeo is thus far blocking the testimony of key state department officials, but we will hear from at least two key witnesses next year, gordon sondland, and ousted ambassador to ukraine, marie yyovanovich. with me is the former state department spokesman and senior and military deputy analyst rear admiral john kirby along with the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york and cnn legal analyst eli elie honig. u.s. ambassador to the european yunel was texts with kurt
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volker, and bill taylor, a american diplomat. why was the ambassador involved in any of these issues? >> the ambassador to the eu is fairly nebulous, so being in that position, you could expand your boundaries and get involved in all kinds of bilateral engage me ment. >> hi finds they folks, whether in the right jobs or not,. >> sondland is a political appointee, unlike taylor. the president brought him on
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specifically as the job, and was a big donor to the campaign. >> volker testified on thursday, and -- >> there's a lot of problems in his reported testimony and the texts. there's a lot of talk about quid pro quo. you do not need a crime in order to impeach, but if you have a crime, you have a lot of -- these texts are a gold mine. they lay it out as about as clear as you can ever seen. assuming the president initiates an investigation, then we'll give them the visit, then there's the cover-up asset. i've had similar experiences as a prosecutor, as you have with sources, when someone says "call me" we don't say this in print. so you see how centrally
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involved the state department is. >> admiral kirby what is happening in the state department? are people lawyering up? polishing resumes? or do you think they're trying to go about their business? >> the colleagues i have been speaking to, the professional foreign service officers are just trying to continue to do their job, some are here -- some overseas, they're trying to do the important work and not led the political headwinds get in the way. having said that, they're demoralized. this is not the way they feel they should representing the united states to the world. many of proud because of ambassador taylor in pushing back, cutting the aid for the return of for investigative comments they wanted zelensky to make, but they're sort of not happy with the leadership of pompeo and the degree to which the bilateral relationship with ukraine was politicized.
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>> elie, mike pompeo did not turn over the documents. who will he happen with that? >> first it struck me as hypocritical, ironic that you have donald trump talking about whistle-blowers and people should be treated like spies in the old das, and mike pompeo gets a subpoena and says it's bullying tactics, but it looks like he'll defile this subpoena, but the legal battle would take forever. this is a time clock -- >> which pompeo knows. >> no question. adam schiff says if you don't responsibility, we're going to draw an adverse inference, and he dropped a note in the cover letter, by the way, we can also return an article of impeachment for obstruction against your
3:20 pm
boss. >> admiral kirby, one last question, what the heck was in the envelope that the state department inspector general dropped off to congress? >> i know. i don't know. it seemed to be a collection of papers that giuliani collected, you know, conspiracy theory stories, just sort of odds and ends that had been dumped off on the state department ig by the legal counsel, who got it i guess from giuliani and from pompeo. so it's just a weird collection of material that sort of would support giuliani's conspiracy chase. that said, what's really curious is why did it sit so long? why was it at the state ig department and not brought over sooner? >> i think we should continue to play and play again the videoed pompeo when he cass congressman, leading the investigation into
3:21 pm
benghazi over months and months, and screaming about not getting documents and witnesses that he wanted from the state department. now it's his turn to be on the other side. i think it's healthy to remind him of what it's like to see on the other side. >> i appreciate you making that point. thank you for joining me, both of you. appreciate it. it all seems bad, but this president has tact call advantages that could seal him sail into a second term. that's coming up. latest among his biggest cheerleaders, right-wing media, specifically fox news. if things start to crack there, do we get to wake up from this? we'll discuss, next. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org.
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senator bernie sanders has returned home to burlington, vermont. he said he was feeling great and will spend of next several resting, recovering, but we will see him on the debate stage on october 15th. while senator sanders recovers, the house is deal with impeach moment and other 2020 democrats are trying to stick to their campaign platforms. for one candidate, though, that is been tough. right or wrong, joe biden is at the center of trump's attempts
3:26 pm
to. >> he's indicted himself by his own statements. this is a guy that's unhinged. he is unhinged. i worry about what he's going to do. not about me or my family, but what he'll do in the next year as the presidency, as this continues to rot. this guy, like all bullies is a coward. he does not want to run against me. i mean, as confident as biden sounds, trump will have some serious advantages. one is history. impeachment that is never resulted in a president's removal from office. nixon resigned, and in bill clinton's case, impeachment only help his approval numbers. impeachment is a risky gamble at any time. okay. another advantage? money. according to data from facebook's public ad archives, trump and his allies are outspending rivals on that
3:27 pm
platform by as much as 4 to 1. days after the impeachment inquiry was announced, campaign manager brass pascal boasted 50,000 new donoring and growing. also it's his platform. two things that nixon and clinton didn't have. fox news and twitter, people forget. he's adept at using both. so what is impeachment in the midst of a president yap election means? vann jones joins me. how worried are you from a strategy standpoint about impeachment? >> listen, this is the big curveba curveball. we just don't know. he era of trump is defined ly i
3:28 pm
think what democrats are saying even if it hurts them in 2020, they feel they have to do something, that the constitution is more important that is even possibly losing an election. what i think, biden is in particular peril. it's very clear that trump is terrified of biden. he is going through all they machinations, because he knows in poll after poll, every single poll ever taken, biden beats trump, period. so he's decided he wants to pulling biden down by whatever means he has to. unfortunately, every time biden stands up and says, i'm not corrupt, what people here is i'm corrupt. every time he says my son is not a crook, what you hear is my son is a crook, so trump once again is crazy like a fox by going after biden, his most powerful
3:29 pm
rival. he could be rewarded for the process, even the impeachment gives him the chance to go after biden. >> i want to talk more about biden. there are more uncomfortable awkward angles in they're. there's no evidence of any wrongdoing for either biden in ukraine, but does trump telling china that he would look the other way on protests in hong kong bring up the back that joe biden once defended child's one-child policy, or his boss obama, telling medvedev he would have more flexibility -- i'm not drawing comparisons, but will this story eventually put biden in a tough spot? >> it teases you have those lines in the right-wing media. i recently did an interview
3:30 pm
where the attack lines were already coming out. i think we are in an uncarted territory, so it's hard to plan so i think i do believe for the political class, this is a new situation, the fact that trump is on the lawn of the white house pulling foreign powers into our election. for us, that is a new situation. i don't know yet -- we'll have to see in the polling data. for ordinary people we've been on -- for three years, they may not be able to draw a distinction between this crazy tweet and this thing was rude and this was a very new situation. so it's going to take a minute for this coat of paint to settle, and we'll see how does
3:31 pm
the voters respond? are there any right-wing media members that will move? those are the questions that will make a big difference. >> by i goff, i got to get you on one other thing, whether the media's applying as much scrutiny and skepticism to the democratic candidates, as it rightly is to trump. joe biden has telling what "the washington post" called a moving but false war story on the campaign trail. elizabeth warren's false claims of native-american heritage are -- you're not even suppose to do ask about it. bernie sanders expected donations from pharma executives just before pledging not to take money from pharma executives. do you think we should take them seriously still? >> the answer is yes, and i think that we do. it's interesting, because i don't think, at least for cnn
3:32 pm
viewers, none of those stories are new. my god, i've never heard that before. i think the big problem is, you know, trump takes up all the oxygen for better or worse. i think that you're going to have now a tough time for democrats to get out there, positive points -- those are negative points. it will be hard for democrats to get out their positive points in the light of this big impeachment mushroom cloud. >> good points. thank you so much for your insight, my friend. stick around for van immediately after my show. don't mills it at 7:00 eastern on cnn. up next for me, the president's best friend in this fight -- fox news. is it a relationship that may be showing signs of strain? our 18-year-old
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in the red file tonight, it's a tale of two foxes. under the late roger ailes, fox news jumped on the trump train, and the top talent in primetime is all in for the defendant, defending him against the impeachment inquiry. >> democrats are doing the equivalent day after day of yelling fire in a crowd the theater. that theater is america.
3:37 pm
>> this important news and information will prove that the media mob has been and continues to be covering for joe biden and his son. >> this is a rush to judgment by left-wing democrats who are engaged in literally a coup d'etat. they hate the president. i don't think partisan whey tread comes under high crimes and misdemeanors. >> i remember that guy. but there's another fox, voices that are expressing not only skepticism, but indignation, people like chris wallace, shep smith, and -- this admission is donald trump should not have been on the phone with another foreign head of state. some republicans are trying but there's no good way to spin this as a good idea. trump for his part has not been
3:38 pm
shy in calling fox out. he tweeted a month ago -- fox isn't working for us, threatened to start looking for a new news outlet. here to discuss, republican strategist doug hyde. >> tucker was startling. he went on to say he didn't think any of this was impeachable, which is a legitimate opinion to have, but what did you make of that, that move by tuxer? >> i was surprised by it, but also take what you can get. >> one of the things i've started to hear from democrats is when a republican speaks out, but not enough, some criticize him, but some say, wait a set. don't criticize for something making one step at a time. i was surprised. i think tucker is right, ultimately this is not what a
3:39 pm
president should be talking about. is it impeachable or not? >> zach, trump regular lashes out at personalities who are not as supportive, but recently he's been going after fox itself. what do you make of that? >> i think that fox news and donald trump need each other. fox news has spent years building up a rabid pro-trump audience that's going to back the president no matter what. donald trump understands this. he needs it as well. so he's going to try to keep the network on the right tack and fox news will do what it needs to do to keep the business and viewership it's created over the past few years. >> but do fox voters listen more to trump or whatever sean hannity says? >> i think that's something we still have to learn, but the fox viewer is the most devoted and loyal viewer that is there on
3:40 pm
cable news short of maybe wwe. the day before i signed with cnn, i was on fox news. i got an e-mail or note on facebook from the mother of one of the my best friends from college, a college roommate. she said you were great, i was so proud. i search a note back, and said i'm about to signing with cnn, so you'll have to watch me there. she said, i'm sorry i won't see you anymore on tv. >> my dad, too. zach, joe biden recently asked the cable networks to stop booking rudy giuliani. kamala harris wrote to jack dorsey to kick trump off twitter. do you think democrats risk looking scared? with -- i'll not call them stunts, but with actions like
3:41 pm
these? >> i think what democrats risk by calling for list are yew our best advocates for impeachment going out and articulating the reasons for impeachment. donald trump himself articulated the reasons, and rudy giuliani, every time he goes out there creates more problems for himself and gets the president in more trouble. i say book them on all the networks all the time. >> doug, paul ryan is on the board at fox. does that in some ways put him in a more powerful position to handle trump than he ever had as speaker? >> potentially, but right now he's enjoying time off and not having to worry about politics and talk about trump all day long. i don't expect him to make any change anytime soon. maybe that's why mitt romney is in the old paul ryan role. >> is that what he's doing?
3:42 pm
doug, zach, thank you for joining me. it seems like a million years ago, but no it was this week, the speaker of the hours accused him of going rogue. bill barr is next. with over 4,000 channels of entertainment, including the latest movies and box sets from around the world, we even have live sports and news channels and your free wi-fi will start shortly enjoy your flight mr jones. world's best inflight entertainment. fly emirates, fly better. jill jill has entresto, and a na heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema,
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all the president's men, a great movie, one of my favorite. maybe relevant now more than ever. trump has surrounded himself with supporters, fixers, and yemen, and those who obliged may be ensnared. bill barr and the agency that he was implicated in when the president of the united states told the president of ukraine that barr would assist him in investigating the bidens. david rhode wrote a piece called
3:47 pm
"the dangerous position of william barr." he joins me now. >> the president essential implicated barr in pressuring ukraine to help him attack biden. that's an impeachable offense. we haven't had an attorney general general accused of abusing his position since john mitchell. this is a range of things -- excuse me, where barr has blocked the release of the tax returns. the administration's blocking of subpoenas from six committees, the justice department says that's legal. publicly he said the fbi might have spied on the trump campaign. so it's many different ways barr is helping trump -- >> john mitchell went to prison.
3:48 pm
>> for watergate. >> are they similar in. >> so after watergate, and there was a big empty to try to make the justice department assignment apolitical or less political. they will not be perfect, but they will judge people equally under the law. the attorney general will recuse themselves. janet reno recused herself. alberto gone saltz and jab ashcroft recused themselves for the valerie plame case. the law is -- no one is above the law and the law will be applied equally. the most famous thing with barr is the summary of the mueller report, that said it cleared trump, when it clearly did not. >> the attorney general is appointed by the president. it's part of the executive.
3:49 pm
is it naive of us to think that the ag will truly be independent and impartial when he's a political appointee? >> the post-watergate norm is if the president is i want to crack down on drugs, the attorney general enforces that policy, or i want to track down on pharmaceutical companies. what the attorney general should not go is go at that specifically pharmaceutical company's ceo who didn't give their president the campaign contribution they wanted. there should not be individual tailoring of prosecutions to benefit the president political politically. i notice that's sort of complicated, but that's become the norm for the last 40 years, so the american people trust our police, our whole system. >> i mentioned eric holder. obama's attorney general was criticized by republicans, yes, but he was held in contempt for
3:50 pm
refusing to turn over documents about fast and furious. his doj prosecuted leakers, whistle-blowers, came out of journalists. do you think bill barr is worse? and why? >> so far i think he's worse. i want to condemn holder, though, for being the most dangerous dynamic here is a weaker and weaker congress. since 9/11 you've had congress be less involved in oversight and it's a critical branch of government and it's good we have these checks and balances and it's good that republicans are pushing holder and obama, but i do think barr is more dangerous because he's protecting the president himself from potentially criminal conduct and he has a bad operation by the atf that led to the death of an atf officer and those are two different things. these are critical things about our democracy and equal powers of government and equal
3:51 pm
branches. the president has to sort of obey an impeachment request for certain documents. we're looking at a constitutional crisis. this hasn't happened in decades. >> it's a great piece and you should check it out on new david, thank you so much. we'll be right back. full of good. so you can be too. try our new warm grain bowls today. panera. food as it should be.
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the united states is a beacon of democracy, a nation built on free speech, free and fair elections, a free press and freedom of assembly. the president of the united states is willing to trade all of that in if it means he can accrue more power, and he's using a corrupt, abusive and dictatorial government to do it. as we now know president trump told china's president xi on a june 18th call that he would remain silent about the pro-democracy protests by hong kong citizens who are currently hanging on to every thread of democracy they have in order to advance his trade talks with communist china. and now in a week where violence in hong kong has significantly escalated trump has asked a communist government which is tear gassing its own citizens,
3:56 pm
where a teenage protester was shot by police, where police are accused of acting like hounds after rabbits to help him investigate an american citizen, his political rival, joe biden. what trump told the chinese and what he later asked the chinese is an affront to democracy and american values and at a time when chinese citizens need more of both. okay, important programming note. in just ten days the next democratic presidential debate is coming to cnn. the cnn/new york times democratic presidential debate at 8:00 eastern. van jones is up next.
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ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. ♪ [ applause ] >> good evening. welcome to "the van jones show." tonight, we're in the midst of a historic political crisis and america is more divided and the chasm gets bigger every day. i know some democrats are feeling relief saying finally trump might get impeached, and they're happy about it. i'm sad about it and worried about the whole mess. amer


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