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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 7, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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the democrats? >> this is wild the lengths that republicans will all right. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is nthd. it's monday, october 7th. ann s alisyn is off. bianna golodryga joins me morning. >> there is more. that much we know. there is more information about the president's effort to lean on a foreign leader for personal political gain. cnn has learned that a second whistle-blower from the intelligence community has come forward with what we are told is first-hand knowledge about the phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. this undercuts the arguments from some republicans who demean the first whistle-blower's claims as hearsay. also breaking overnight, a group of 90 former national securities who served under republican and
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democratic presidents sent a letter in support of the whistle-blower. a being a responsible whistle-blower means that by law, one is protected from certain egregious forms of retaliation. chuck hagel, michael hayden are among those who signed this letter. >> major developments on that front. also major developments breaking overnight. significant foreign policy move by the trump administration. u.s. troops are right now withdrawing from northern syria abandoning kurdish fighters who fought alongside the u.s. to defeat isis. let's begin with suzanne malveaux. >> reporter: good morning. of course the impeachment process is now moving at lightning speed as democrats present their case. a case they believe is getting stronger by the day.
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now that they not have just one whistle-blower but two come forward. a second whistle-blower coming forward intensifying the accusations that pressured ukraine to investigate biden and his son. this whistle-blower has first hand knowledge supporting claims made in the first whistle-blower complaint and has already been interviewed by the intelligence community inspector general. >> people around the president who were in the oval office in the situation room are watching what is happening and are finally saying my god, this cannot happen anymore. >> reporter: the white house continues to spin. writing in a statement, it doesn't matter how many people decide to call themselves whistle-blowers about the same telephone call. it doesn't change the fact that he has done nothing wrong. but the white house transcript summary of that call shows
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president trump repeatedly pressuring ukraine's leader to investigate his rival. trump feels confident he could survive an impeachment vote if it goes to the senate. >> they have no choice. they have to follow their leadership. and then we'll get it to the senate and we're going to win. the republicans have been very unified. >> reporter: but he's facing harsh criticism after republican senators after this. >> china should start an investigation into the bidens. >> reporter: senator susan collins joining mitt romney and ben sasse in rebuking the president's comment. >> it's inappropriate. >> reporter: romney taking it a step further calling the president's china request brazen, wrong, and appalling. sparking trump's fury on twitter. assailing the former gop presidential nominee's lack of loyalty. the democrats are lucky they don't have any mitt romney types. they may be lousy politicians, but they stick together. most republican lawmakers falling in line. >> remember kavanaugh?
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it started with one complaint that wound up being unverifiable. this is kavanaugh all over again. >> do you not trust the fbi? you don't trust the cia? >> no, i don't. absolutely not. >> i'm confused here. >> okay. >> after james comey -- >> you believe the fbi and cia and government agencies? okay. >> i don't trust any of them. >> do you trust them now? >> no. i didn't trust them back then. >> some democrats claiming the republican colleagues treating trump like he's a dictator. it's going to be another busy week here as two more diplomats will be deposed to the impeachment house committees behind closed doors. we're talking about tomorrow. that is the ambassador to the european union. >> what stories does she have to tell? much more on all these
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the phone call where he leaned on the ukrainian president to dig up dirt on a political opponent. this all comes as two more diplomats will answer questions to congress this week. joining us now political correspondent abby phillip and elie honig. we have this second whistle-blower who has come forward. what more can this person add to the picture? given that we have a transcript albeit a rough transcript of the phone call where president trump leans on the ukrainian leader? we have text messages where there are diplomats talking about quid pro quos. so what does this second whistle-blower add? >> i agree with you. we already have quite a bit to go on. generally speaking it's worse for donald trump. it's more leads to follow up on. whistle-blowers point investigators. look here, look there. the first whistle-blower led to this devastating evidence. who knows where the second whistle-blower goes. we know this person has first-hand evidence.
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he or she may have even more leads for investigators to follow up on. and i think trump and his people are really feeling the heat. because they're launching this attack. they're going after the whistle-blower. and i've seen this happen. when the evidence starts to get really strong as a prosecutor, that's when the personal attacks start flying. that's when the distraction starts happening. we're seeing that happen now. but everyone needs to focus. forget about the attacks on the whistle-blower. look at the actual evidence, the calls, the documents. that's what's going to make the case here. >> what is the white house's response to this now? first the president said the first whistle-blower is not credible. this whistle-blower has first-hand knowledge. was presumably one of the six people that were in the room to witness the call. what is the white house's take now? >> well, the press secretary stephanie grisham stated the second whistle-blower doesn't matter because the president did nothing wrong in the first place. what's interesting about that is
3:12 am
that's an argument that very few people around the president in terms of lawmakers are willing to make. they're not even touches the substance of what president trump did on that call or said on that call. they're pivoting to this idea that there is some kind of vast conspiracy theory centered on ukraine where all the answers about what happened in the 2016 election are. the white house is just trying to ignore the facts here by focusing on the whistle-blower, suggesting that these claims are not valid because somehow these individuals don't have direct enough knowledge. we'll find out if that's the case. if this second person really does have more direct knowledge, i really do think it makes it much harder for that argument to be made. and critically, they can fill in some of the blanks about what are some of these other conversations that were happening in the administration that were eluded to in the text message exchanges that were
3:13 am
released last week? they suggest there were a lot of others happening around this issue. does this second whistle-blower know about that? i think it will add more meat to the bones of the already pretty damning report that we have and the information that we have coming out of these people who have testified so far. >> we're going to have a chance to talk about the different republican responses we've seen in the last few days. but there's one i'd like to hone in on. that comes from senator ron johnson from wisconsin. who is the chair, the chair of the homeland security committee. which means that one of his jobs would be to keep elections safe going forward. >> depending on our u.s. intelligence to do that. >> exactly. listen to him attack the fbi and the cia here. >> i just want the truth. the american people wants the truth. >> so do you not trust the fbi? you don't trust the cia? i'm confused here. >> absolutely not. after james comey? >> you believe the fbi and the government agencies?
3:14 am
okay. >> i don't trust any of them. >> do you trust them now? >> no. i didn't trust them back then. >> so this is the guy, elie, one of the guys we're counting on to keep the 2020 elections safe. and he's refusing to accept it sounds like all the evidence from robert mueller and out there that russia attacked the 2016 election. >> it's mind boggling but it's coming from inside the government. the people responsible for keeping us safe from this kind of attack. and it's really incredible to see. abby used the phrase pivot. we've never seen so much pivoting from straightforward questions as we have the last couple weeks. do you think it's okay what the president does on that call to talk to ukraine? you can't debate this fact. the president got on the phone, asked the president of ukraine to investigate an american citizen, his political opponent, period. there's room for debate about how and why it went down, but that fact is unavoidable. and you see right there the dilemma that republicans are
3:15 am
facing and are facing when they have to vote on it. >> this seems to be a new narrative. it's not what the former narrative was which is we didn't trust the old leadership, right? he's now stating he doesn't trust current leadership. >> all right, guys. stand by. but we want to get to the breaking news overnight. a major shift u.s. foreign policy. troops are moving out of northern syria which would allow turkey to invade the region. and most importantly, the move essentially abandons u.s.-backed kurdish forces in the fight against isis. barbara starr live at the pentagon with the breaking details here. the u.s. fought alongside these kurdish allies to defeat isis. at least their land holdings in syria. and now it seems as if the u.s. is hanging them out to dry. >> right now the president is
3:16 am
saying u.s. troops are leaving this area. the first images emerging, you see them there, a u.s. convoy pulling up the american flag there at their base. they are moving back. in fact, the white house overnight confirming this in a statement partially saying the u.s. forces having defeated the isis territorial caliphate will no longer be in the immediate area. what is really happening here? turkey says it's going to cross the border and try and move these kurdish forces out. now the u.s. saying these forces were supported only of course to fight isis. so now saying that they will move out, u.s. forces pulling back. this leaves the kurdish forces on their own. it is actually a loss for president trump. he has been unable to convince the turkish leader, a nato ally, not to move into northern syria and overnight it appears the turks are very determined to do this. it also opens the door for iran
3:17 am
and russia to exert their influence in the area. but there's an even bigger nightmare scenario, if you can believe it. u.s. military officials are deeply worried this morning that more of these kurdish fighters who right now are guarding thousands, thousands of isis detainees, they will leave their positions to go north to fight the turks and isis may be back out on the street. john, bianna? >> it's important to note that turkey does view these kurdish fighters as terrorists. the united states abandoning kurdish fighters in northern syria as turkey gets ready to invade. so what's behind this move? we're going to assess this up next.
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breaking overnight. u.s. troops have begun withdrawing from northern syria which clears the way for turkey to invade the region. this move essentially abandons the kurdish fighters who fought alongside american forces in the battle to defeat isis. joining us now is joe lockhart. he was president clinton's press secretary including during impeachment. i want to read you a statement from mcgurk. he said president trump is not a commander in chief. he makes impulsive decisions with no knowledge or deliberation. he blusters and then leaves our allies exposed when adversaries call his bluff or he confronts a hard phone daul. just your reaction to this move overnight and is there anything to the timing of it given the
3:23 am
domestic political issues of the president? >> i don't know if there's much to it on the timing domestically. because i think this will be harshly criticized. we'll see if republicans can find the will to criticize him. but ambassador mcgurk is exactly right. this is not a single incident of, oh, i want to pull these troops out. the kurds have proved over decades to be a bull work against the influence of iran and russia in the region. that's one of the reasons we fought with them not just against isis. we have protected them for a very long time. >> and they've protected us and our interests. >> and they have protected our interests. and to stand up and without consulting our allies, without there being a process within the administration for the president to just say, we're leaving, you know sort of will leave them viciously exposed who have been
3:24 am
waiting for this moment for decades. it just shows the sort of capriciousness of -- and the lack of understanding the president has. and i guess the last point is it helps the russians. and if you look for a commonality in decisions that the president has made that don't seem to make sense on their face is it helps the russians. >> and so here's a president who hates to look weak, yet many are questioning why give into the turks right now. what leverage do they have over this president? especially given that you say this is a win for russian. they just purchased russian military equipment. >> that's right. well, i don't know to the extent that the turks may have anything, but i think we do know that when the president goes looking for national security advi advice, he does not trust the people around him. he does not trust the intelligence agencies. he's been through now how many national security advisers. he trusts vladimir putin.
3:25 am
and that should scare all of us. >> joe, if i can pivot back to the impeachment investigation, turker ca tucker carlson wrote an op-ed which i don't think could be a road map for republicans. he said the president's actions are not defensible, but they're not impeachable. bad but not impeachable. how effective could that argument be if they stick to it? >> last week i said the president's defenses were not sustainable. because facts kept undercutting them. i think both the president and the hill now have hit upon something that -- where they. you know, that this is sustainable and could live with. i think there's echoes in turker carlson's line. i think he was signaling to the hill, you know, follow me on this. there's echoes of where the democrats were in 1998 which is, we don't approve of what the president did, but you're sure not going to turn him out of office for this.
3:26 am
now, comparing the two on its face is ridiculous. but i think that the republicans can stick with that if they show some discipline. the president for his part can stick with i didn't do anything wrong. opposed to trying to say i didn't do it or trying to say it's the deep state coming after me. it's a simple message. i just didn't do anything wrong. >> so you think that can work with the president saying i didn't do anything wrong, republicans sticking to the tucker carlson narrative. >> i think politically you want something you can repeat over and over again. you want to have a message. you want to try and drive the narrative. this is much better than where they were this time last week. the problem for all of this is the revelations that are going to continue to come out of the house investigation. so at some point the president doesn't have to change his tune. of there being too much and it's not sustainable to say it doesn't rise.
3:27 am
>> they don't know what's coming next. >> all right, joe. thank you. very much. a really interesting story in the world of sports and international relations overnight. the houston rockets in a battle with china. this tweet that set off an international fire storm and this astonishing retreat by the nba next. u recall, not long ago♪ ♪ we would walk on the sidewalk ♪ ♪ all around the wind blows ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪
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. former president jimmy carter says he feels fine after a bad fall yesterday at his georgia home. the 95-year-old said he lost his footing while getting ready for church and hit his forehead on a
3:32 am
sharp edge. he explained the incident in nashville last night. >> i took 14 stitches in my forehead. my eye's black as you notice. but i had a number one priority and that was to come to nashville to build houses. >> is there anyone tougher than him? the former president got 14 stitches and that bruised eye from the fall and his wife roslin will be working with volunteers in nashville this week to help build 21 homes. >> i love he's wearing a braves hat. there's been a dramatic incident in the case of the dallas police officer. a key witness in the murder trial himself has been killed. joshua brian was shot multiple times in the apartment complex. he testified less than two weeks ago to amber guyger's actions after she killed botham jean. ed lavenderry with the latest on this. this is incredible, ed.
3:33 am
>> reporter: good morning, john. this -- a shooting has sparked a wide range of speculation as to what the motive might have been. but 28-year-old joshua brown, that witness in the amber guyger murder trial, he was a neighbor and heard the altercation between them in that complex. this is a different apartment complex several miles away from where botham jean was killed, but it was here where dallas police say joshua brown was shot multiple times in the lower body. now, there was a wide range of speculation over the weekend that he had been shot in the mouth. every indication we have at this point is that is not the case. the attorney representing the family of joshua brown is also one of the same attorneys that was representing botham jean's family. lee merritt. he told us last night that joshua brown was shot in november of 2018. so about a year ago in a
3:34 am
shooting event that had nothing to do with the botham jean trial and that he was wounded in that attack. and at some point he did worry that that person was, quote, going to come back and finish the job. now, whether or not all of this is connected to the botham jean trial is completely unclear at this point. but that is a shocking development in the story as just a couple of days after the trial ended, this young man murdered here in dallas. john? >> all right, ed. please stay on this for us. all right. surprising developments in the nba overnight with one tweet the houston rockets general manager ignited this fire storm with china and most surprising of all may be the nba retreat here. andy scholes has the story. >> several chinese businesses are suspending ties with he rockets after the owner tweeted fight for freedom, stand with hong kong. he deleted that tweet but that
3:35 am
was the first show of someone with the n ba showing their support. the nba is the most popular in china. it's not even really close. tencent has a deal to stream nba games says right now they are suspending rockets games because of morey's tweet. morey says he didn't mean to defend anyone. he said i was merely voicing one thought based on one look at a complicated event. i've been able to hear and consider other perspectives since then. he also added his tweets don't represent the rockets or the nba. the nba saying in part we recognize the views expressed by houston rockets general manager daryl morey have deeply auchlded
3:36 am
people in china. which is regrettable. the values of the league support individuals' educating themselves and sharing their views on matters important to them. beto o'rourke was not fans of the nba's response. he said the only thing they should be apologizing for is their blatant prioritization to profits over human rights. the lakers set to play in china later this week. >> i get there's a lot of money on the line, but his tweet was supporting democracy. it's really interesting to see all of this. andy scholes, thank you very much. >> all right. the breaking news this weekend, a new whistle-blower has come forward with information that might be damning to the president. and he or she is already drawing fire from the white house. so what is it like to be a whistle-blower in the spotlight? we will speak to someone who's been in this position next.
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a second whistle-blower has come forward with what we're told is first hand information of the claims made by the initial whistle-blower about president trump's dealings with ukraine. where he leaned on the president of ukraine to dig up dirt on joe biden. joining us now is bradley p o r
3:42 am
-- polisca. thank you for being with us this morning. the idea that a second whistle-blower, a new person is apparently coming forward with information that corroborates the claims by the first whistle-blower, what does that tell you about the information itself? >> yeah. i'd first like to thank you for having me on the show. when i heard about the second whistle-blower coming forward, it simply reminded me of when i read the initial complaint. and i had two initial reactions to that. this first one is this is extremely well written and the second reaction was this person is well connected. and if you read the complaint, he's not talking about just one or two people that know about this. he's talking about several people that are aware of what's going on. >> having strength in numbers, what does it do to the credibility of these complaints? >> so it's either going to come down this would be dichotomous in my opinion. either several people will come forward and corroborate this or say no, this is not true. >> there was a report overnight
3:43 am
by the national security community who asked that the whistle-blower identity be protected. you have a different take on this. it's not that you don't want the identity protected, but you think the whistle-blower should come forward and go public. why? >> yes, i do. ordinarily, i would agree that whistle-blowers should remain anonymous, however, this is an unprecedented case. the whistle-blower names are eventually going to be leaked. i think they'll be better served and protected if they gave their narrative, told their side of the story. the reason for that is i believe the american people are phenomenal arbiters. they can determine who's telling the truth. who's looking out for the country. and so if these whistle-blowers were to come forward and to tell their story, the american people would weigh in and determine whether or not what they were saying was true. >> what's this person going through right now? you've been there to a certain extent. so explain that to us.
3:44 am
>> my advice to these whistle-blowers is the present you is probably very scared and frighteni frighten frightened. but the future you will thank you for what you've done showing strength and courage. i can promise you you're going to be blessed with peace of mind. you're going to sleep soundly at night after all this is done. and so that would be what i would offer. questioning the patriotism of this person. what do you make of that? >> i can't comment on the president directly given my ongoing military duties. but what i say what anybody should be doing when they're confronting a whistle-blower is to refute the allegations with facts. you can falsify the allegations, you can simply come out with your own facts to dispute that. and that is how this should be played out. there should never be personal attacks involved in any of this. >> the attorney for the
3:45 am
whistle-blower was also your attorney, if i'm correct. and this attorney's motives call him a democratic operative. how do you refute those claims? i hired mark. i know he's very well connected in washington, d.c. and i know that he worked constructively with republicans and democrats. that's why i hired him. i was going to hire somebody that was going to win for me. >> and going back to your first answer when you first saw the initial complaint, you said number one very well written. number two, very connected. explain to me what you mean by that. >> well, this complaint they talk about officials. high-level officials. so this wasn't somebody hiding
3:46 am
out in the corner cubicle siphoning off information. this was somebody out there socializing with people in leadership positions putting together this complaint. so it was immediately apparent to me when i read this. >> bradley, thank you for joining us this morning. thank you for sharing your own experience and what it relates to what these two people may be going through this morning. >> thank you for having me. all right. breaking overnight, u.s. troops withdrawing from northern syria clearing the way for turkey to invade at the expense of our kurdish allies. what's going on here? we're going to discuss coming up next. no flights. no roads. we're trying to figure out what animals are being affected. galápagos is a really challenging place to work. el niño is starting to go haywire. everywhere is going to get touched by climate change.
3:47 am
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as unusual thigh bone fractures have occurred. speak to your doctor before stopping prolia® as spine and other bone fractures have occurred. prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium; serious infections which could need hospitalization; skin problems; and severe bone joint, or muscle pain. are you ready? ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. breaking overnight at this hour, the united states is pulling troops from northern syria. essentially abandoning kurdish fighters who fought alongside the u.s. to defeat isis. joining us now is nicolas burns, former ambassador to nato. we should also note that mr. burns is also a policy adviser to joe biden's 2020 campaign. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> let me begin by getting your reaction to this developing news overnight that the u.s. is
3:50 am
pulling out its remaining 1,000 forces from northern syria. >> well, this is a very serious mistake by president trump. because the syrian kurds have been our closest ally in syria over many years. they've been protecting the u.s. troops there. they're also the most significant help to us in defeating the islamic state. they've held the ground in northern syria and prevented the syrian government, russia, and iran from occupying it. so they had a strategic role. they played into the american interests. and they helped us achieve our interest there. and suddenly the president decided on a sunday evening to withdraw them without informing france and britain our two allies who are there with us. this is a major mistake. it's going to have consequences for us. the credibility and word of the united states is that we don't stand by our friends who have stood by us. >> our friends, that being the kurds. you mentioned that our allies there, our european allies were not informed. the kurds weren't informed
3:51 am
either. i want to read you a tweet for the spokesperson for the democratic forces. he tweets this. we are not expecting the u.s. to protect northern syria. but people here are owed on explanation regarding security, destruction of fortifications, and failure of u.s. to fulfill their commitments. what does this mean going forward for our allies, the kurds, and their plight? >> it puts them in great jeopardy. they're going to be defenseless now. the turks want to carve into northern syria and control it. the turks as you know consider the kurds to be terrorists. we disagree with them. and for years the united states and the bush and obama administrations and into this administration have felt that we need to protect them because they've been protecting us. and you'll remember that jim mattis resigned in large part because of the president's decision a year ago to abandon the kurds. we thought he was talked out of
3:52 am
that, but now after a phone call with president erdogan yesterday on sunday, the president has changed course again. and the message here to all of our friends in the middle east is that the united states is unreliable. some of the statements coming out of the syrian kurds this morning is the united states has stabbed us in the back. >> and how does this help promote hus interest in any way, shape, or form? you hear from military leaders who oppose this solution saying this benefits russia first and foremost. and iran as well. >> that's exactly right. apparently i think it's on good evidence that the state department and defense department oppose this decision by president trump. the syrian kurds have been holding isis prisoners. they're helping us to present the return of the iz lackic state. there'll be serious consequences. >> and this wasn't the only geopolitical development overnight. we're also hearing that the
3:53 am
north koreans are ruling out rum rum resumptions of -- what does that say with moving those talks forward? >> i think it's clear by now that president trump's attempt to try to negotiate with kim jong-un have not succeeded. i think the president was right to try diplomacy is year and a half ago, but he's had three summits with kim. there've been no results. the north koreans haven't even started. they haven't declared where their nuclear facilities are. and there's a lot of evidence that the north koreans are building up their nuclear weapons for us and their conventional missile forces and they've been firing rockets into the sea of japan. it' trying to make sanctions with work and inflict some damage to get the attention of kim
3:54 am
jong-un. but to stick with this policy as the president appears determined to do is simply going to be fruitless. it's not going to be in the security interest of the united states. it hurts south korea and japan as well. >> it does nothing but hurt our allies who have been opposing the developments of arms we've seen lately out of north korea. quickly while i have you here, i want to go back to russia. because something caught my attention and all of our attentions over the weekend with revelations that the president apparently in conversations with former prime minister of britain teresa may displayed some skepticism that russians were behind the poisoning of sergei skripal, the former russian spy. to that the russian ministry in the united kingdom tweeted that story and wrote, this is the best evidence that no evidence of russian involvement exists. this seems to once again benefit vladimir putin. by the way, today's his birthday, we should note.
3:55 am
>> well, it certainly does. i mean, here's president trump not taking the word of the united kingdom, our closest ally, that the russians launched this nerve agent attack inside the united kingdom. but it's tantamount to what president trump has done here in the united states. he hasn't taken it seriously that russia hacked into the democratic national committee. the president is following this story which is false that somehow the ukrainians did it. that's at the source of his problems with ukraine. his request to president zelensky and now the impeachment trial. the president has not stood up not just for the united kingdom but for our intelligence community, the state department, the pentagon. he's questioned all the agencies of his government and he seems to take the word of vladimir putin. it's extraordinary there isn't more outcry in the president's own party, in the republican party against what he's doing. >> that does seem to be the common theme.
3:56 am
ambassador, swrooel to leave it there. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> seems like almost every day is vladimir putin's birthday. all right. president trump says that pushing ukraine to investigate joe biden is about rooting out corruption. how can we believe that this president is all of a sudden an anti-corruption crusader. >> i bet you don't see this one coming. donald trump trying to reframe his election about being an anti-corruption crusader. >> i don't care about biden's campaign. but i do care about corruption. what i want to do and i think i have an obligation to do it probably a duty to do it, corruption. we are looking for corruption. >> okay. that takes brass. i mean, this is a guy who's been called the most corrupt person ever to run for the presidency. a guy whose charitable foundation was shut down after an investigation by the attorney general found it was engaging in a shocking pattern of legality.
3:57 am
he's the only president in decades to refuse to release his tax returns with the justice department involved in the effort to make sure they stay secret. and the only president to refuse to divest themselves from the business interests. i think even jimmy carter felt bound to do with his peanut farm. instead he's hyped his business around the white house. while republicans forked over more than $3 million at trump properties during the midterms and foreign governments routinely do business there. not only that, he's cozied up to dictators and autocrats. to combatting corruption is not exactly and area where he's got core credibility. why is he doing this? he already admitted to asking a foreign power to investigate a political rival beating him in most 2020 polls. so the initial strategy of denial doesn't work anymore. so now it's an anti-corruption initiative. of course the real strategy is deflect and project. leave folks thinking that everyone is corrupt. trs not true. and this isn't normal. here's just a taste of why the
3:58 am
strategy going after the biden family is a sign that irony is dead. the trump family is still making foreign deals despite the president's promise not too. for example, ivanka trump has been granted 16 new trademarks from the chinese government while she has worked in the white house. she also released statements showing she made 3. million from from the trump hotel in washington. kushner paid little or no federal taxes for years. but now let's take president trump at his word. a risky proposition, i know, and say his administration is uniquely committed to combatting corruption around the world. if that's the case, it's worth asked why with they cut the budget devoted to fighting corruption by 40% and the amount to combatting international crime by 75%. if you want the truth, follow the money. it's almost as if this whole
3:59 am
thing is a political stunt designed to distract from the obvious. donald trump doesn't really care about corruption at all. and that's your reality check. >> i would refer back to another reality check here, john, for perhaps some of the answers here. this could be an issue of projection in the i know you are but what am i defense. >> it's project and deflect. >> we need a loop of all of these. >> appreciate that, guys. >> thanks, john. we have many new developments on the impeachment investigation of the president of the united states. "new day" continues right now. >> this second whistle-blower, the indication is that he or she has first-hand knowledge. how much more do republicans have to have before they take what is before us seriously? >> the whistle-blower lawyers say the new complaints comes from someone who works in the intelligence community. >> i've never seen a president's administration ab tsabotaged af the election. >> traditionally the favors have
4:00 am
not been research my political opponent. >> thes republicans are rallying around the president. it's disgraceful. welcome to our viewers. this is "new day." bianna golodryga joins me for a busy day. >> great to be here. >> the whistle-blower is not alone. in addition to the rough transcript of the phone call which corroborates the case that the president leaned on the leader of ukraine to dig up dirt on its political opponent in addition to the text messages that diplomats share these same concerns, there is a second whistle-blower who has come forward with what we are told is first-hand knowledge about that phone call between president trump and the president of ukraine. this undercuts the arguments from some republicans who demean the whistle-blower claims as hearsay. the question now really


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