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tv   CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  October 18, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. top of the hour. good morning. i'm poppy haarlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. he said what. the president's acting chief of staff tries a bold new explanation for ukraine leaving allies scratching heads and at the same time giving democrats more legal ammunition in their impeachment inquiry. after weeks of denials by the
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president and ahighs mick mulvaney claims holding up military aid to ukraine which is at war with russia for political purposes is another day in the trump white house, and acceptable. >> so the demand for an investigation into the democrats was part of the reason that he -- >> it was. >> wanted to withhold funding to ukraine. >> the look back to what happened in 2016 certainly was part of the thing that he was worried about. >> to be clear what you just described is a quid pro quo. it's funding will not flow unless the investigation into the democratic server happened as well. >> we do -- we do that all the time with foreign policy. i have news for everybody. get over it. there is going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> there you go. mulvaney did later try to walk back the admission of regular trump white house quid pro quos. but let's be clear here. don't let yourself be gas lit. in the span of less than a month the president and the white house have gone from attacking
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the ukraine whistle-blower as by biased based on on hearsay grant to grantingway the whistle-blower said to denying a quid pro quo is now conceding and defending a quid pro quo in the span of a few weeks. >> surreal but true. the entire surreal mulvaney press conference happened at the same time that the u.s. ambassador to the european union edouarden sondland was giving details to the congress details about the shadow administration policy and the president's personal lawyer. sondland testified that the president told him and other diplomats to work with rudy giuliani by passing career officials at the state department and all things ukraine. and new this morning. energy secretary rick perry is refusing to say if he will hand over documents to congress in in probe. more on that in a moment. but first to manu raju joining us on capitol hill. manu, we heard from a select few republicans who are more than just pennsylvania little uneds with what mulvaney revealed.
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but are they being joined by a growing chorrous. >> there are republicaning concerned most siding with the president or just simply refused to kmept when we try to talk to them about this as mulvaney made the comments yesterday. but one republican member frances rooney of florida sitting on the hours foreign affairs committee sitting on in kpeechment refrlgs. he said he is trubltd by the refrlgs. i asked him would you support impeachment? he wouldn't rule it out. i want to see all the facts. lisa murkowski of alaska. said this to our colleague ted barrettship she is concerned. you don't hold up foreign aid we previously set asfied for a political initiative period. we're trying to get more from republicans but the fact that mulvaney tried to walk back the
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comments he said publicly was an effort to stem the possible defection that is could be in the ranks from republicans who were uneasy about the comments because they've been trying to defend the president by saying there was no quid pro quo despite growing evidence to the contrary and now with the mulvaney admission that put them in a difficult spot which is why perhaps one ren why you saw that statement from the white house last night. >> another republican congressman moments ago. adam kinzinger called the developments concerning and poppy will speak to congressman rooney in a short time. thank you very much. sarah westwood has the latest from the white house and mulvaney's remarks. our ujds the president is not happy with mulvaney's performance but not on the substance so much as on how the media covered his comments. >> that's right, jim. the source said the president believes the press intentionally misrepresented what his acting chief of staff said yesterday. but sources tell cnn that right
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after mulvaney finished that briefing white house aides, lawyers, the president's legal team, they were all baffled by what they saw in the white house briefing room by that remarkable admission from mulvaney. nask. jay sec lo came out with on the record statement deny denying the legal team was involved in what mulvaney had to say. now white house lawyers and aides did prepare mulvaney for the briefing. but the focus of the prep was on the fact that mulvaney was ostensibly there to announce that next year's g 7 would be held at the president's property in doral, florida. he was not prepared specifically to make that admission. but what he did was really answer a question that was at the heart of the impeachment inquiry which was what was the motivation for suspending that $400 million worth of security assistance to ukraine. was that related to the president's desire to see ukraine conduct politically advantageous investigations.
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mulvaney answered yes. within hours after that shock was rippling threw the white house and the legal team mulvaney released the statement attempting to clean up what he said but of course the damage was done. the white house in cleanup mode trying to clean up what nflny said but you can't take back the explicit admission of questioned bro quo. >> tooth pace out of tube. end of story on that one i think sarah. let's take a step back for a moment and just look at what we learned this week in the house impeachment inquiry two weeks of interviews so far. testimony suggests president trump played a key role in the effort to push ukraine to investigate joe biden and his son. democrats now say they're zeroing in on why u.s. aid to ukraine had been frozen and whether conditioned on the investigation into the bidens, that they wanted to happen, in other words a quid pro quo. >> you might say they were listening when the chief of staff said what he said yesterday. dems have interviewed now six
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current and former trump officials so far. what next? they say ner teeing up additional witnesses from the state department, pentagon, the office of management and budget, and crucially the white house. they hope to wrap up the interviews in the next few weeks before voting on articles of impeachment. listen to the time ryan by thichgt. remarkably speedy goal there. joining us to discuss alex burns, national political correspondent for "the new york times" and carrie corrado. the chief of staff said what he said and doubled appear tripled down establishing a connection there. seeming to justify it. democrats are trying to create a credible article of impeachment based on abuse of power on withholding the aid for a political end. based on what mulvaney said at the podium yesterday is that evidence for them to use and how from a legal standpoint how significant. >> impeachment is a political
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process. so there is not actually a legal stad they have to meet. it's whatever members of congress think meets the impeachment standard. >> but as a rule how does it strengthen the case. >> that's abused of his office. what mulvaney said yesterday and i watched the whole thing again late last night to be sure i heard what he said. and he -- i think he was talking about the motivation for withholding the ukrainian money and he was very clear there was a deliberate decision to withhold it. and he was referring to, i think, the investigation generally into the 2016 election in particular. and he seemed to be tying it to the inquiry that the justice department was making. >> right. >> he made it clear that that is part of the president's withholding of the funds and that it was a deliberate decision. and that is specifically for political benefit of the president. so this is not a legitimate exercise of president's foreign
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policy authority as the president's defenders argue that it is. instead, i think members of congress will look at that and the mick mulvaney press conference will be one more piece of evidence that will go into in record that they are creating to determine that the president is abusing his constitutional authority to conduct foreign affairs by trying to dig up dirt on political opponents, past and present. >> by the way, on that idea, poppy, the justice department, run of course by trump's appointee bill barr, immediately pushed back on the idea that the adam investigation the origins of investigation were tied to this. >> and sekulow aghast as this as well. so alex when you look at now and why we got here and the drum beat that many republican lawmakers have been beating in the last few weeks which is which is no quid pro quo.
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no quid pro quo. can they will they still do that does anything changes politically. >> republicans never moving away from the president never move away from the president. >> no matter what the acting chief of staff says. >> the fact that mulvaney said later his comments were misconstrued when they weren't. i think you will hear others say his comments were misconstrued. what politically changes because of mulvaney did yesterday and the vanch of new information we've gotten it's gotten harder for republicans to sort of stay with the thread of what the white house's message on this supposed to be. that if the idea was supposed to be there is no quid pro quo that was getting harder and harder to sustain even before mick mulvaney went to the podium. if the idea was that everything the president did was consistent with the way presidents behave in foreign policy, the information we've gotten particularly about rudy giuliani's role has made that really really hard to maintain. if you're not a republican like mitt romney prepared to criticize the president and not
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a republican like a kevin cramer from north dakota or the marko rubio who has no appetite for this. pennsylvania republican enterin the between i want hard to figure out what the story is supposed to be. >> alex, i don't want to overplay but also underplay the significance of some of the comments though you hear from sitting republican senators. you mentioned mitt romney high pressure lisa murkowski says in no uncertain terms you can't tie crucial military aid to something for political purposes, which is in effect the substance of a possible article of impeachment being prepared now or at least being investigated now by democrats. is it -- is it too early to say that, you know, republicans are just not going to move on this? >> oh, i think it's too early to say that no republicaning move on it. you would need 20 republicans to move very far in order for the president to be convicted in a senate trial. but i think that one thing
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striking about how lisa murkowski said yesterday -- and she is an exceptionally independent republican senator. i'm not entirely surprised she would be one of the next voices to speak up. is the way she was talking about it as essentially a breach of the separation of powers between the congress and the presidency. this is something that gives people in the republican party who are uncomfortable with the way the president is behaving but don't want to say exactly all the things that democrats are saying to talk about the prerogatives of congress, the powers of congress and the need for the president to respect things the congress does like appropriate money for military assistance. >> car carrie before we go, let's we forget the fact that the president is making money off the g-7, emoluments claus, really really clear, lettered of the united states cannot profit take money from foreign governments. legally where is this going to fall? the g-7 will be at doral. the president and his money make money off it now what.
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>> it seems like a pretty clear vials of the emoluments claus, again the provision that says the president can't benefit from foreign money or donations. it's a constitutional issue. interesting, just this week, a court of appeals of the fourth circuit said they are going to reinvigorate a ee moments case against the president. what mick mulvaney did in his press conference yesterday is he basically -- this is related to the g-7 and ukrainian issue. he said corruption is ob. corruption is the way that this administration is going to work. and that americans just need to accept it. and it's obvious in his justifications for the president's resort being chosen as the g-7 which will have two streams of money, potentially domestic contracts and then also potentially foreign money that could come in. so there are two potential avenues for corruption. >> and even carrie. >> or conflict of interest. >> we got to go. but i would note even if the
7:14 am
costs were lower, as mulvaney said this is lower, at cost. not marking it up. that's not the point. it's about any money going there being the issue. >> i thought the profit point was disingenuous. >> thank you both, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> still to come. troubling and quote not a good thing, that is what a republican congressman yesterday called mick mulvaney's admission that ukraine aid was tied to the president's wish for investigation into the 2016 election. that congressman will join us next. >> an interview you want to hear. plus is the hours old cease fire agreement being ignored? syria? turkey's report denying reports of clashes. but syrian democratic forces say people are dying. a live report from the ground coming up. hould be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress.
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welcome back. so right now people are trying to digest what we heard from acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney yesterday. if you need a refresher, here it is. >> the demand for an investigation into the democrats was part of the reason that he -- >> he was on. >> he chose to withhold hundreding from ukraine. >> the look back to what happened in 2016 certainly was
7:20 am
part of the thing he was worried about in corruption with that nation. that is absolutely appropriate. >> to withhold the funding. >> yeah which ultimately flowed. by the way there was a report we were worried the money -- if we didn't pay out the money it would be legal. it would be unlawful. >> let's be clear what you just described is a quid pro quo. it's funding will not flow unless the investigation into the -- into the democratic server happens as well. >> we do -- we do that all the time with foreign policy. and i have news for everybody. get over it. there is going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> following that a republican member of congress, florida representative frances rooney reacted saying i get the more things that tie this stuff together makes it more and more troubling. the congressman frances rooney with me this morning. thank you for being here your voice is so important, especially right now. mick mulvaney laid out a quid pro quo. what is your response. >> yeah, whatever might have
7:21 am
been gray and unclear before is certainly clear right now. that the actions were related to getting someone in the ukraine to do these things. as you put on there senator murkowski said it perfectly. we're not to use political power and prestige for political gain. >> in your eyes, congressman, is that an impeachable offense. >> that's something i can't answer. i've been reading about this impeachment business. i'm not really -- i went to law school but didn't practice law. i did read something today. that impeachment is whatever the house members and majority say it is. i guess anything is. >> but sir, honestly if that is the definition for you, do you think this rises to the level of impeachment? you just said it is very clear now that there was a quid pro quo. >> it's clear. >> that defense money from ukraine was withheld so that a politically motivated investigation could be promised.
7:22 am
is that impeachable. >> i don't know. i want to study it more. hear the next set of testimony next week from a couple more ambassadors. but it's certainly very, very serious and troubling. >> respectfully, sir, what don't you know? i mean, if that is -- if that is what happened which the white house just laid out, what is the unknown for you still on that front? meaning the only thing you want to hear. >> probably the only unknown would be if this is such of gravitas. so grave and serious it rises to the level of kbechment. i don't think this is as much as richard nixon did. but i'm mindful of the fact that back during watergate everybody said it's a witch hunt. turns it wasn't but it was correct. i'm talking to everybody i can talk to to understand all this. >> i think that's fair. but it's clear to me you're saying at this point you are not ruling out the possibility that
7:23 am
this is an impeachable offense for the president? i don't think you can rule anything out until you know all the facts. every time one of the people testifies we get more information about what was going on over there. >> let's turn to the issue of syria. this is incredibly important what is happened in northern syria in the last two weeks. you just wrote an op-ed on it this week imploring the administration not to abandon kurdish allies, said it was short sighted and do lasting damage to american credibility appear help isis. here is how the president describes the agreement between erdogan and pence yesterday. >> sometimes you have to let them fight a little while then people find out how tough the fighting is. these guys know right up here. these guys know, right? sometimes you have to let them fight. like two kids in a lot you got to let them fight and you pull them apart.
7:24 am
>> the kurdsy great. great day for the kurds. it's really a great day for civilization. it's a great day for civilization. >> right? a great day for the kurds, congressman? >> no i don't think it's a great day for the kurds at all. and i don't think since churchill tried to take gal iply in world war i we have seen drastically ee roenz as what just just happened. we definitely need to get through the cease fire which i have doubts about and see what we have left. >> yeah. >> the turks have been so tough on the kurds for so long. i wrote an op secede we should recognize independent iraqi kurdistan anyway. i wouldn't be surprised if they used the cease fire to round them up. >> turkey said yesterday, the foreign minister says this is not a cease fire. >> right. >> when you look at the facts this is essentially saeeding to turkey giving them everything
7:25 am
they wanted. here is how republican senator mitt romney sees it. >> the announcement today is portrayed as a victory. it's far from a victory. the cease fire does not change the fact that america has abandoned louisiana ally. are we so weak and inept diplomatically that turkey forced the hand of the united states of america? turkey? >> he is also, congressman, calling for hearings to investigate the decision. are you on the same page as mitt romney on this. >> i agree with my friend mitt romney. we've been friends a long time. he hit the nail on the head. we have done a lot of bad things in this move, not only empowering turkey to treat the united states like a third world country we have brought russia and iran deeper into the syrian situation, basically put iran that much closer to israel. i don't see how israel can like this at all at all. >> if we can step back for a moment. i hear your deep concern with about the u.s. agreement here
7:26 am
with turkey, about the ukraine phone call and the quid pro quo admitted by the white house yesterday. process in totals hawaiity, is president trump making america safer right now with these moves? >> no, i would rather the moves had not been made. i think there is a lot going on right now that are not making america safer. but certainly moving iran into a stronger position in syria and basically ceding the territory of the middle east to russia is not a good idea. >> do you agree at all with the assessment then from house speaker nancy pelosi in the private meeting with the president earlier this week where she reportedly said to him with, sir, all roads lead to putin, lead to russia. do you share that concern? >> well i've read some of that. i was skeptical of it like most republicans but i have to say this business about the ukraine server which no one heard about until mentioned recently, tells me what are we trying to exkulp eight russia who all our trained intelligence officials
7:27 am
consistently corroborated that russia was behind the election meddling, not the ukraine. >> it sounds like you agree then with nancy pelosi's assessment. do you. >> there is a lot i've agreed with the speaker. she got my offshore drilling done i thank her every day. >> serious liane oh the issue of russia and putin does she have a salient point when it comes to the president. >> she has a point. >> okay. >> obama was the same way. george bush two. president putin has had everybody's number a long time he is a well trained agent sfl congressman, finally before you go, you are one of the few republicans willing to even directly answer these important questions, frankly. and i appreciate your candor and willingness to do that. there has been some reporting in the last week looking at your fund raising numbers that you may not run for another term. are you running again? >> well, i'm thinking about what to do. i'm not going to decide right away. i'm definitely at variance with some of the people in the district who are -- would follow
7:28 am
donald trump off the grand canyon rim. but i'm calling it as i see it. we raised our children to do the right thing and i'm doing the right thing and that's why i took the job. >> if you don't run again will it be because of the president? >> no it would be because i've got other things to do. >> congressman frances rooney, i appreciate your time this morning. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> absolutely. jim. >> poppy, i got to say his comments there asking the question are we trying to exkulp eight russia by the president and his personal lawyer exploring a conspiracy theory about the ukrainians having hacked the dnc server a remark lk point from a republican congressman. because there is no basis for that conspiracy theory. the intelligence agencies concluded with high confidence, russia interfered. yet here you have the president and his lawyer repeatedly mentioning this. that's a remarkable president from a sitting gop congressman. >> you're right, jim. .
7:29 am
i'll say this is someone not pushing for impeachment. he has not been. to come to this point where he answers the questions the way he did i think tells us something. >> he cut through the b.s. and to his credit. and you cut through it thank you, poppy. >> you got it. >> the white house celebrating what it says is a cease fire in north korea. turkey doesn't call it that. and by the way, we are seeing reports of new clashes this morning. coming up, what we are hearing, learning about today's violence. car like i treat mine. adp helps airtech automotive streamline payroll and hr, so welby torres can achieve what he's working for.
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there are new reports of deadly violence in northern syria this morning. this hours after the white house announced, celebrated what it called a cease fire there. syrian democratic forces say turkey attacked a town in northeastern syria today killing five people. and by the way, turkey's president is calling those reports nothing but disinformation, however turkey's president didn't call it a cease fire. despite this white house press secretary stephanie grisham tlard this morning the the cease fire is a success. >> when president erdogan made it clear that he was going to invade, the president acted decisively to pull our military out of harm's way. he sent a delegation over and they were successful in a cease fire. but that takes time. >> well, within a few hours a lot of dead people there on the ground. joining me now cnn senior swrngs
7:35 am
correspondent nick peyton walsh and david rohdes. first of all nick let's take advantage of your position on the ground. is there any evidence the cease fire is holding? >> not really. and frankly it was so complex it was hard to see how it would. the dead today. we have seen video in a hospital near here. we have seen what seem to be fresh bodies we can't verify from the kurdish doctors say. but they say a air strike by nearby turkish force. . the question is where does the safe toby zone begin and end. turkey says it's across the border and 20 miles deep. as far as we can tell u.s. officials think it's an area in an area turkey controlled. asking the kurds not withdrawing from anywhere because they're out. president erdogan has been clear 100 hours from now if they have not seen the syrian kurds pull out from the enormous area. including major population centers they they continue the
7:36 am
operation with extra momentum and aggression. bear in mind in vice president mike pence said one of the main kurdish population centers wants not the center of military action. there are gaping holes in how the cease fire will play out. one of them is parties are allowed to act in self-defense that could be behindest casualties you could interpret it as broadly as you can. but washington's fan fair and self-congratulations is not matched with execution on the ground waist is sham bol beic. i don't understand how it's supposed to work, jim. >> dave rohde put it in context for us. the president pulled back u.s. forces had to destroy their bases as they withdrew. russia and iran move into the spaces and turkey that the u.s. and its allies occupied. isis fighters are being released. a cease fire is being violated. how severe a crisis is this? how severe is the damage the president did? >> i think for the kurds this is catastrophic. it's a huge win for turkey and
7:37 am
russia, as you said. and frankly the white house communications director statement was not true. those u.s. troops pulled out of the area preventing turkish in doing this. they were green lit. this was completely unnecessary and completely the president's actions. i was on the hill speaking with a republican who didn'tant want to be named. they said this is a disaster. our friends don't trust us and our enemies don't fear us. >> what are the consequences. >> that's the question. i was talking about the investigation to ukraine and is the president -- is he worried about the president's decision making? and still this person hedged. they said they weren't sure there was clear enough evidence of impeachable offense but genuine anger from the member of congress, a republican at what has happened in turkey. it's unexplainable. it's catastrophic for the kurds and sends the wrong message to american allies across the region, the afghan troops fighting the taliban, we will you have militias fighting shab
7:38 am
s shchlt abab pch all have be thoen the americans will abandon you. >> and our adversaries watching that as well they have a lesson from it. david rohde great to have your expertise nick peyton walsh on the ground where the fighting is happening. thanks to you. we'll be right back after this short break. ♪ limu emu & doug
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last week president trump made over 129 false claims, the most families statements since cnn started keeping track in july. >> it's important. and i know folks will think that politicians often lie. but the spt in a category of his own. some of the false statements on syria. others on ukraine. a handful as well on the impeachment inquiry. joining us to break down fact versus fiction cnn reporter danieldale. you do such a great job of this. it's important to keep track as we go along. let's begin with the false claim made by the acting chief of staff mick mulvaney. >> yeah, we can spend so much time drowning in trump's dishonesty we can forget about dishonesty from members of the team. listen to what the acting chief of staff said at his infamous press briefing yesterday. >> also mentioned to me in the past the corruption related to the dny server, absolutely no question about that. but that's it. that's why we held up the money.
7:44 am
>> what government most of the attention was mulvaney admitting to a quid pro quo. what got less attention there was no corruption in ukraine remtded to the d in. c server in 2006. this was a did he bunked conspiracy theory resting on two things not true at all. one is the suggestion that the cofounder of a cybersecurity firm was born in ukraine. he was born in russia. the he could is is the ukraine has takens possession of the dnc server. that's not the case. that server exists in the united states. still today. >> and in fact republican congressman frances rooney told us as much. republican congressman a few minutes ago, daniel. the last night the president had the rally in texas and made the false claim about the whistle-blower. >> of the 129 last week the most frequent, 11 times was a claim that the whistle-blower was totally inaccurate. listen to what he said last night. >> what about the whistle-blower? the whistle-blower got it all wrong. >> trump is getting in all wrong. .
7:45 am
. the whistle-blower made three preration pramgss about trump's call. all three claims were were correct. the whistle-blower said trump pressed zren ski to investigate the bidens to speak to giuliani and barr and look into the did he bunked conspiracy with regard to the server. that's all accurate. the server made a couple of other claims that maybe considered inaccurate but we don't have the full story yet. and all main allegations were indeed correct. >> listen, the president lies. we got to be willing to say it and daniel it's great to have you because you document those false statements. >> yes. >> and we'll keep it up. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> all right. next. turning the page a little bit. stay with us for a rare interview with the future queen of england for the first time since her wedding. cnn spoke exclusively with the duchess of cambridge as she' prince william tour pakistan. unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you? for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease,
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welcome become. the duchess of cambridge, the future queen of england giving her first ever television news interview to her wedding at cnn. as she and prince william wrap up a historic trip to pakistan. >> the visit included honoring the late mother diana and a scare of sorts aboard the royal plane. cnn max foster spoke with duchess kathryn in her first interview since becoming royal. >> the thunderstorms finally cleared in this part of pakistan, causing havoc yesterday on the royal flate trying to go to islamabad. we had to abort two landings because the turbulence was too bad but the four schedule is become on track zpl. >> this week's royal tour of pakistan has been a visual feast. but behind each photo opportunity lies an issue that the duke and duchess. cambridge care passionately
7:51 am
about and wlant to highlight take the s.o.s. children sfrilg in la hor a home that educates and nurtures orphans. this was the duchess's first news interview since marrying the duke eight years ago. >> thank you so much for speaking to us. but i know this is a cause close to your heart. >> absolutely. i think william and i really wanted to come and see the s.o.s. children village like this. there is so many vul ner nerable women but they've used the positivity and the support that the village here provides them really to support and protect the next generation, the children in their care. and give them the best possible start to their future lives. >> you look like you've really really enjoyed the entire visit. >> yes. it's been fantastic. we've seen a lot of pakistan.
7:52 am
the huge variety is amazing. seeing the geoography is favgt. >> you can't come as a member of the royal familiar and avoid comparisons to princess diana. especially visiting that mosque. this is memorable image and the duke and duchess keen to keep the late princess's legacy alive without imitatinger here. the future king and queen wearing royalty in their own way. it's been interesting watching them grow into roles. they are going to be king and queen one day. and what they are doing is defining the monarchy of the future. max foster, cnn, pakistan. >> quite a trip to be on there. and there is a lot going on today around the world here is what to watch.
7:53 am
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(groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back, stay smooth and fight heartburn fast with tums smoothies. ♪ tum tum-tum tum tums . bleacher report brought to you by tums. what are you eating this talgt season. share photos on twitter or instagram. using the hashtag tums sweet sticks for a chance to win weekly prizes to upgrade for tail gat. >> the houston astros one win from going to the world series with the nationals. cory wire in norman oklahoma with all the baseball and football news you need in today's bleacher report. >> good morning, to you here we're talking about the number five ranked sooner in a minute. but those yankees are facing not just an uphill battle but a
7:59 am
mountain new york on the cusp of missing the world series for an entire decade. the first time they've been in this position in a century. why, those houston astros put a jaylen hurts on the yankees last night. game four and george springer and carlos carera both hit three-run home runs in the game. the y'all stars combined for five hits in the series. but four of them have been home runs. the astros walk away with a huge 8-3 win. go up 3-1 in the series. the yankees in a must win situation in tonight's game five. and teams faulgd behind in ha 3 lyn 1 coming back to win just 15% of the time. here at the beautiful university of oklahoma. the sooners ranked fichgt in the nation. somehow they pop out heisman trophy winners like pechlt ez dispenser. baker mayfield and kyler murray
8:00 am
won last two years. they have won seven in the few years np they could get a third in a row. if if jalen wins. >> coy, thanks. have fun. thanks to you will of a you for joining us for a whirlwind week. we will see you back here monday morning. until then have a great weekend. i'm poppy haarlow. >> at this hour with kate bolden starts now. >> hello, earn i'm kate bolduan. >> this time because of act being chief mick mulvaney in crisis control. he was offering what he seemed to think was a robust defense of the president with regard to using military aid to pressure ukraine while standing in the white house, the briefing room yesterday. and then this happened. >> did he also mention toe


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