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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 29, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> we'll look to your crew and reporting through what could be some of the worst of it this evening in l.a. stephanie elum, for now, thank you very much. and thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin, we'll see you back here tomorrow. let's go to washington. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. republicans attacking maybe the most unimpeachable thing in the whole investigation. "the lead" starts right now. he's the first person who was actually on that ukraine phone call to testify. and he's telling congress that he was so troubled by the president's actions that he reported it to lawyers up the ladder. appalling attacks. the president's defenders now questioning the loyalty of the active duty army officer, an iraq war veteran, who still had shrapnel in his body, why? because he's testifying in the impeachment probe today. and a brand-new cnn poll, new hampshire could point to a historically tight race ahead.
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welcome to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. we begin with a politics lead. explosive testimony on capitol hill where right now the top ukraine expert on the white house national security council is testifying in the impeachment inquiry. according to his opening statement, army lieutenant colonel alexander vindland twice sounded the alarm. first raised concerns that the president's point man demanded that the ukrainian government open an investigation into the bidens in exchange for a white house meeting. then he raised the alarm once again when he heard the president made a similar demand. then who prides himself on being nonpartisan reported his concerns out of a sense of duty. the lieutenant colonel served for more than 20 years and awarded the purple heart after being wounded by an ied in iraq. he was born in ukraine. his family fled when he was 3 years old. becoming embodiment of the american dream and he and his
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twin brother were featured in a ken burns documentary from 1985. >> we're from kiev. and then we went to -- >> our mother died so we went to italy. then we came here. >> now if you think vindland would make the president and his supporters more reluctant to smear him, well then you have not been paying attention. seizing on "new york times" reporting that the ukraine officials sought advice from vindland on how to deal with giuliani and giuliani tweeted that he is a u.s. government employee advising two governments which is nonsensical and not true but of a piece of a loathsome dual loyalty smear. sean duffy this morning on cnn smeared vindland has having
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allegiance to ukraine and that he literally fought and bled for the united states. >> it seems very clear that he is incredibly concerned about ukrainian defense. i don't know that he's concerned about american policy but his mission was to make sure ukrainian got those weapons. >> quote, i don't know that he's concerned about the policy. getting the weapons to beat back the russians was and is american policy. it was passed by the house and the senate. and signed into law by the president. according to someone who knows vindland this is someone who never explains about his wous-- wounds but still walked around with shrapnel in his body and this smear comes days after a different smeesh of a different veteran, the smear by president trump of ambassador bill taylor. a vietnam war veteran with darming testimony.
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taylor, president trump suggested, is human scum. and the smears getting so hideous conference chair liz cheney today say this. >> we're talking about decorated veterans who have served this nation, who have put their lives on the line and it is shameful to question their patriotism, their love of this nation and we should not be involved in that process. >> but president trump and his defenders are deeply involved in that process. the one cheney called shameful. because they apparently would rather impugn decorated veterans such as vindland and taylor than address the substance of the testimony. which alleged that president tump and his team were extorti extorting ukraine and corrupting the security apparatus to help president trump politically.
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they don't want to talk about that testimony. so let us turn to that testimony. here is sunlen serfaty on capitol hill. >> reporter: bombshell testimony on capitol hill. >> this is a very, very important moment. this is a person that was there. >> reporter: from alexander vindland, the national security council top ukraine expert telling house investigators he was so troubled by what was happening with ukraine he raised concerns twice to his superiors. >> we have all kinds of opinions from several witnesses over the last few weeks about the fund. al facts that are just that, fundamental. >> reporter: but vindland is the first witness who was actually on the now famous july 25th phone call between president trump and the ukrainian president telling lawmakers today in his opening statement obtained by cnn he was concerned by what he heard on the call. i did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen and it was worried about the implication u.s. support of ukraine. following the call he reported his concerns to the nsc lead
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counsel. that same month he attended a july 10th meeting in washington with ukrainian and u.s. officials telling lawmakers that ambassador sondland spoke about ukraine delivering specific investigations to ensure the meeting with the president and at which time he cut the meeting short and then he testified that he confronted the u.s. ambassador to the e.u. gordon sondland and ambassador sondland emphasized the importance that ukraine deliver the investigations into the 2016 election. the bidens and burisma. i stated that his statements were inappropriate. following that meeting, vindland also reported his concerns then to nsc lead counsel as did fiona hill, the top russia adviser also in the room. but that directly contradicted what gordon sondland told house investigators two weeks ago during his deposition on capitol hill. sondland then telling lawmakers, quote, if ambassador bolton, dr.
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hill or others harbored any misgivings about the propriety of what we were doing, they never shared misgivings with me then or later. and his accounting of what happened and what was said in that july 10th meeting, however, is backed up by the testimony of bill taylor. he of course is president trump's top u.s. diplomat in ukraine, jake, who testified up here on capitol hill last week. >> sunlen serfaty on capitol hill, thanks so much. let's discuss. and nia, in his opening statement he wrote this about president trump's phone call with the ukrainian president which he was listening in on. quote, i was concerned by the call. i did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen and i was worried about the implications for the u.s. government support of ukraine. this is a just another unimpeachable character witness, somebody who -- not -- unimpeachable witness saying this is inappropriate. >> and his character, if you
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look at his record, he was -- he got a purple heart and served in the iraq war and somebody who felt like it was his patriotic duty to report this and he reported on two different instances first a meeting where bolton was in the meeting and then after this phone call. listen, we knew this day would come there could be somebody to come before the committee who was actually on that phone call for all of the previous depositions and the whistle-blower complaint you heard some of the trump allies and trump himself saying this is all secondhand and third-hand and fourth-hand and couldn't be believed so here is someone on the phone call and it tracks very closely with what we know that the whistle-blower said and i think you'll have the president as allies try to undermine him and some republicans today trying to push back. but it is another damning day for this president with what is coming out of the depositions. >> and are you surprised -- here we have somebody who literally still according to someone who
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still knows him is walking around with shrapnel in his body from combat fighting for the united states army and still in the army and -- and you have people and i don't want -- i have never served and impugn those and rudy giuliani -- >> to be fair to the president, he had bone spurs so he couldn't make it to vietnam. we have bill taylor testify and iraq war veteran testifying today. this is the kind of the republican party would fetishize and say don't you dare say anything about our troops and anyone in the way of the trump campaign and cause. and he dismissed them as never trumper and referred to the colonel vindland and just to clarify, if you work por the trump administration you can't be a never trumper just by definition. this guy works in the white house and on the call and trump said today i've never heard of him when makes trump look stupid
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why wru -- why are you making calls to foreign leaders with people you don't know in the room. and i'm glad he used the phrase extortion at the top of the show because we've used quid pro quo and i think people understand what extortion is and this is the latest affirmation that it was extortion. >> in his opening statement he wrote in a july debrief after they met with ukrainian government officials, quote, ambassador sondland, the u.s. ambassador to the e.u., for some reason he was the point man. even though ukraine is not in the e.u. ambassador sondland spoke about ukraine delivering specific investigations to secure the meeting with the president at which time ambassador bolton cut the meeting short in the meeting with officials. what does that say to you about bolton? this happens and bolton cuts the meeting short. >> people disagreed with bolton on policy but i believe he is an institutionalist that will protect the institutions he's worked to and worked in previous administrations but i don't find
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that surprising but what is tough for everyone in the white house at that moment and we are in the phase of what did you know and when did you know it. sondland is at odds with the whistle-blower and vindland. and rick perry denied knowing anything about it and he was in the meetings. how far does this go? was mike pence involved? people are worried he will escape unscathed. and where was mike pompeo and bill barr. so there is a lot of places this could go and it all goes straight to the top. >> so now we have testimony from lieutenant colonel vindland that contradicted what ambassador sondland said, the point man on the ukraine rogue operation said that i recall no discussions with any state department official about joe biden or his son nor do i take any effort to encourage investigation into the bidens and you have the opening
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statement saying he went to him afterwards and said it was entirely inappropriate and dr. fiona hill also on the security council said the same thing to him. so assuming that hill backs cou some problems here. >> he could. and bolton cut the meeting sort so which translates to me is lucy, you have som backed up by other people. i look at people's credibility as witnesses to figure out who gravitas to and based on the expertise. n an abuse of sthand account, b power, what was the leverage and why would it be inappropriate. each of the people you named, fiona hill and bill taylor and alexander vindland all have expertise into the compromised state ukraine would be in and the american influence so they have the expertise and don't
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have a partisan and told in realtime, i would argue that we passed what you are talking about, we're in the phase of when did you know it and who did you tell? because every time they told somebody, somebody else on a witness list that i want to request or recall to confirm and corroborate and that is why we're in the state now where pelosi saying come before the public and tell us what you think and we want to assess your credibility in realtime. >> we have more to talk about. breaking news. our first look at how the public impeachment inquiry could play out in front of all of our eyes. plus the white ouse trying to attack the impeachment process as president trump bashes an american hero. stay with us. as a cio, you want to move your business forward. but when your team is always dealing with device setups, app updates, and support calls... you can never seem to get anywhere. that's why dell technologies created unified workspace, powered by vmware. ♪
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the jobs of tomorrow will involve technology. now students are truly hopeful for what they may achieve. we have breaking news now. we're just seeing the text of the house impeachment resolution that the house will vote on on thursday. the resolution outlines exactly how impeachment inquiry proceedings will go down from public hearings to a report that will be delivered on their findings. lauren fox is on capitol hill. lauren, walk us through the key points in this resolution. >> reporter: well what we know, jake, is that there are public hearings and they will issue the public report and release the transcript of the closed-door depositions going on for several weeks now. but this is really about broadening the role of the minority here. the minorities rights will be
1:19 pm
expanded including the fact they could now request witnesses and documents as this moves to the judiciary committee for that broader public hearing. now there is a catch to that. the republicans only have those rights in consultation with the democratic chairman. if there is a disagreement it will go for a full vote of the committee and as you know democrats control the house of representatives and therefore they'll have more votes in the committee. but this also expands the rights of the president to defend himself. a few key points that are outlined in this resolution. it present -- it allows the president and his lawyer to present their case and respond to evidence, attend hearings, including those in executive session and raise objections and cross-examine witnesses. and democrats are arguing this really undercuts a key republican talking point that this process is unfair and they're arguing moving forward it is officially outlining what the rules will be. jake. lauren fox on capitol hill. thank you so much. joining me now is democratic
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congresswoman from the commonwealth of pennsylvania madeleine dean. thank you for join us. your reaction to the resolution that just posted within the hour. >> i'm pleased with it. i think it is the right step forward. the very first line of the resolution it directs the committees, the over sight committee, i happen to be on the judiciary, to continue our investigation as to whether sufficient grounds exist to bring to bear our constitutional authority of impeachment. so i think it is -- it is an excellent step forward and a matter of process and due process as your report just laid out. >> what kind of evidence will you need to vote to impeach the president, do you think? >> well that is a question down the road. that is why again i like the opening statement of this. what we will need is the evidence from the witnesses that are being collected now. i look forward to the public hearings that we will have. i look forward to the transfer of the report to the judiciary committee. so that we can determine whether or not to draft articles of
1:21 pm
impeachment and then of course to have hearing or mark-up on drafted articles. >> heard a lot of democrats complaining about the house republicans storming the scif last week. are you worried that republicans are going to take advantage of public hearings to try to distract, change the subject, undermine, turn them into a spectacle in the view of democrats? >> i certainly hope not. and that is what was sort of grounding about this resolution. it shows the seriousness with which our party, our caucus takes where we are headed. speaker pelosi said so many times we're in a solemn place. nobody wanted to be here. this is a very difficult time for our congress and even more difficult time for our country. but when you have a president who behaves as though the law does not apply to him, and when you have a president who abandoned his oath of office and a president who would rather compromise our elections than
1:22 pm
work diplomatically with democratic partners around the world and putting them at risk when you have a president who attempts to shakedown a foreign president for dirt on a political opponent for his own personal and political gain, we have no choice but to take this very seriously. i hope my republican counterparts on all of the committees of oversight take it that solemnly and seriously. this should not be filled with stunts or circuses. >> the "wall street journal" published an op-ed about the decision for the resolution and for the vote on thursday. it said this is what you say when you know your critics have been right but you don't want to admit it. perhaps police pelosi realized that the house process so far has looked like a partisan railroad job, unquote. should the public look at this sorts that the republicans had a point that the process needed to be far more transparent? >> i think not. and here is why. i disagree with the premise of the editorial by the "wall
1:23 pm
street journal" board. they said it is as though she said yeah, you were right. i should have had a vote on a formal inquiry. this is not that vote. this is a vote laying out process and due process including for the president and his own counsel so it is the premise of the editorial is just plain false. >> and describe if you would the resolution also brings some sort of clarity to the role of transferring evidence to the committee on which you sit. >> yes. >> the house judiciary committee. what kind of physical evidence is the wl, we will get copies o transcripts of all of the depositions and will the american p important, transparency is incredibly important to prosecute this case and to see whether or not high crimes and misdemeanors exist. we're going to see evidence -- obviously you know today the very evidence of the lieutenant colonel on the ukraine phone call and how concerned he was
1:24 pm
about what was going on. we heard from bill taylor, his courageous testimony with corroborating notes that talked about he was deeply concerned about a shadow foreig policy being performed by rudy giuliani of all people. and that things were contingent upon president zelensky making sure he opened up an investigation into biden and burisma and also that he publicly made a statement about that. we've seen this pattern of behavior before by this president. we read the exact same pattern in the mueller report. where the president wants somebody to do something for him publicly, that will benefit him politically and personally. that kind of evidence from these courageous folks coming forward to testify and others who will still come in open settings is the evidence that is important. >> now democratic congress woman madeleine dean from the commonwealth of pennsylvania. thank you for your time. >> thank you. now the house committee has released a draft of the
1:25 pm
impeachment inquiry resolution, the process and how will the white house respond? stay with us. >> stay informed with up to the minute breaking news and analysis. there is only one place for it all. (bobby) with your hearing, if you start having a little trouble, you're concerned that it's going to cost you money. (ben) to this day, i only paid what i had to pay for the device. when i go back, everything is covered. there's so much you're missing by not having hearing aids. (avo) we'll find you a hearing aid that fits your lifestyle and your budget. at one of our 1,500 locations. get special anniversary savings and your chance to win a seven day hawaiian cruise.
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the politics lead. democrats hope that thursday's house vote on the impeachment inquiry process and opening hearings and depositions will quiet republican complaints of nontransparency even though one of the house republicans who could have attended every deposition now admits that he is not attended a single one. republicans are debating a new way to go after the impeachment process and as kaitlan collins reports now, so is the white house. >> reporter: as the top white house expert on ukraine testified today, president trump was lashing out at the purple heart recipient without naming him. accusing lieutenant colonel alex vindman of being a political opponent asking was he on the same call that i was and how many more never trumpers will be allowed to testify. the president's attacks coming as the who is is privately deciding how to respond to the latest moves by democrats. who are now slated to take their
1:31 pm
first vote on the impeachment inquiry forcing lawmakers to go on the record supporting the investigation. >> we'll have to make a decision based on they're conscious. >> reporter: the vote could work in the white house's favor or against it. trump's aides are waiting to see what democrats do before making any moves. republicans have demanded for weeks that democrats must vote before the inquiry could be seen as legitimate. though today they claimed it is too little, too late. >> i applaud the speaker for finally admitting it is a sham but you can't put the jeanne back in the bottle. >> reporter: one republican congressman admitting he hasn't attended any of the closed-door depositions. >> why are you not there? >> because i have other responsibilities in the house and what i -- i see this as a side show. >> reporter: ted yoho is a republican who saids on one of the three committees allowed in the room. but he said he hasn't even read the transcripts. >> we've read the summary of
1:32 pm
volker's and one other one we did. >> the summary or you've gone to read the full transcript. >> just the summary of them. >> reporter: now, jake, ted yoho said he would go to vindman's testimony where we're told a shouft shouting match occurred between democrats and republicans and trying to out the whistle-blower and the republicans said no they weren't trying to out the person by naming them but they want to find out who it was that vindman spoke with behind closed door and we're told the democrats are being prepared to remove these in front of the cameras in public. though right now they are still lining people to come up privately, including mick mulvaney's national security adviser rob blair who, jake, was also on the july phone call. >> kaitlan collins at the white house. thanks. let's talk with my experts. amanda, i'm all for transparency and i would love open hearings and i get it but when you find out that first of all there are more than 40 republicans that are allowed to hear the
1:33 pm
depositions and people like ted yoho hasn't even been to one even though he's entitled to go to that doesn't that undermine the republican's argument. >>? a little bit. but if you don't want to pretend to defense the president, we might be jurors in a possible conviction so i can't talk about it. but the white house is struggling. republicans are struggling because there is not a coherent message from the white house. you saw kevin mccarthy come to the cameras today and talk about a mistrial. well that is not a thing. there is no -- legally collected evidence. you're part of it. you have to participate at some point. laura ingraham took a good stab last night and that blew up in republicans faces and a podcast -- and i'll listen to it and save you the time it is accusing anyone who speaks out against the president of not supporting his america first policy. that is all they got. >> and we were talking about
1:34 pm
this dual loyalty that others have been making against today lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, who has no dual loyalty, he has shrapnel as part of fighting in iraq. but you say there is more to it than that. >> he's a jewish refugee from ukraine and came to the us at the age of 3. when you accuse a jewish member of the country that is an anti-semitic trope if not smear and a president who called adam schiff shifty schiff so he's not afraid of these kind of things. the whole of the process is in bad faith. you mentioned mistrial is not a thing. all of that precedent invocations are not thing either and everything nancy pelosi has done by the book and with her voters and there is no need for the vote and the federal judge everything is fine and you don't need to have a vote and when the republicans had a vote, they come out and say this is a sham
1:35 pm
and too little too late. surprise, the republicans are all about bad faith. that defines everything they do on this issue and that will define it going forward. you mentioned 47 republicans sit on the three committees. 13 of people who stormed the scif were on the committees. they could have walked in and they didn't have to storm. >> the whole thing is bad faith. >> in the problem is the bad facts. that they're dealing with that have come out of all of the depositions. the whistle-blower and the text messages. i talked to a person in those meetings and ask is there anything that is coming out of the depositions that puts the president in a good light? and this person said no. and i imagine if there was something that was exculpatory of the president the republicans would rush to the cameras to tout it. but all they can do at this point is talk about process. it is not going to get easier for them in terms of the messaging. the core problem is the bad set >> and what does this say that he can't argue the law? what is that.
1:36 pm
>> i think that point to make is you have nothing to talk about and the whole thing here, the republicans understand shooting the messenger is not effective once the message is already out. it is kind of exercising in futility. the message has been out multiple times now. the president and white house issued the message at one point in time with that summation of the call. the whistle-blower complaint out there as a message. you've got bill taylor and you've got fiona hill and alexander vindman. the message is out which is why it is imperative to have the public hearings to say, you can argue and pound the table all you want, because you hate the process, but once it is out there, that is the jeanne that can't go back into the bottle. what they have now is trying to figure out how to con tape-- hon a message loud and clear to the american public before an impeachment has been drafted. >> quickly. >> i have aresolution, trump could turn up and argue his own case and cross-examine his own
1:37 pm
witnesses. >> bee careful what you wish for. >> stick around. he's been smeared and disparaged and alexander vindman is not the only career government employee under attack for testifying about what he sees as the facts in the impeachment inquiry. stay with us. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? this is a jimmy john's sandwich, made with all-natural meats, hand-sliced veggies, and fresh-baked bread. and this is the new little john, available for only $3. they're almost identical. almost. ♪ good job. okay.
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room" with wolf blitzer up next on cnn. >> closed captioning brought to you by -- in our politics lead as president trump continues to attack lieutenant colonel alexander vindman the top ukraine expert on the national security council and a army veteran and purple heart recipient and he's not the only one sounding the alarm. as alex marquardt reports there are several other career
1:42 pm
officials raising similar issues despite the president trying to discredit them. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel alexander vindman wearing his formal army service urn form was a stark reminder approaching his testimony today not as a political official but a senior member of the u.s. military. an expert on ukraine, his country of birth, then part of the soviet union. >> some people might call that espionage. >> his story leading some republicans to question his patriotism. the damning testimony in this impeachment inquiry has been all the more powerful because like vindman it is coming with people from years of service working with administrations from both parties. >> because of the love of country and the oath of office and the oeb and the -- the oath to its constitution. >> reporter: ambassador bill taylor came out of retirement after a 30-year career in the foreign service hand picked by secretary of state mike pompeo to help the trump administration
1:43 pm
in ukraine. the vietnam veteran gave an explosive statement to the committee telling them that the u.s. ambassador to the european union gordon sondland told taylor that everything that the ukrainian president wanted from the united states was dependent on him going to a microphone and saying he's opening investigations of biden and 2016 interference. for that, the president called him never trumper diplomat bill taylor who i don't know. the president's former top adviser on russia dr. fiona hill also testified that sondland discussed investigations which she interpreted as a reference to the president's call for investigations into the bidens. hill has served as an intelligence officer on russia as well as working at harvard and the brookings institution. >> you have to have a base of people who are experts on issues that are trying to do the right thing for the united states of america regardless of who the president is. >> reporter: among the harshest testimony from marie yovanovitch, the ambassador trump recalled from ukraine
1:44 pm
after what she called a concerted campaign against her by rudy giuliani and his associates. it was yovanovitch's third time as an ambassador. her first was under president george w. bush. part of more than 30 years in the foreign service. ambassador yovanovitch also told lawmakers in her testimony that the state department is being hollowed out and today the president of the american foreign service association which represents u.s. diplomats issued a pleading statement asking them despite the current circumstances to stay in the service. the president saying the foreign service needs you. your country needs you. jake. >> and let's not forget when the president called bill taylor and lieutenant colonel vindman never trumper and he said that never trumpers are human scum. alex marquardt, thank you very much. it is getting ugly in 2020 world. jared kushner just fired back at joe biden. stay with us. best batteryr's can match the power of energizer. because energizer ultimate lithium is
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>> announcer: this is cnn, the most trusted name in news. breaking news in our politics lead. president trump's son-in-law jared kushner firing back at former vice president joe biden after biden claimed that kushner and his wife ivanka who also worked for the administration have no business serving in the white house. and that is not all kushner is saying. cnn white house correspondent jeremy diamond is joining me now. he took shot on him while
1:50 pm
overseas. >> he said a couple of days ago in an interview with 60 minutes he thought it was improper for jared kushner and ivanka trump to serve in the white house in the president's administration. he has said that his own children would not do so. so jared kushner in an interview with israel channel 13, he fired back. this is what he said. >> look, he's entitled to his opinion. but a lot of the work that the president has had me doing over the last three years is cleaning up the messes that vice president biden left behind. >> what those messes are, kushner cited criminal justice and biden was part of voting for the '90s crime bill and jared kushner helped pass the first step act and those are what he pointed to and a political line of attack as well here. >> and kushner was asked about the impeachment inquiry. what did he say. >> behind the scenes jared kushner is very involved in discussions about impeachment at the white house but we have not heard from him publicly on the topic very much. but here he sounded off saying that he -- the president has
1:51 pm
done nothing wrong. >> they've been trying to impeach the president for the last three years or get him out of office and they've been unsuccessful at that. the best thing going for the president is that he hasn't done anything wrong. they want to play silly games then we'll deal with that in appropriate manner. >> and jared kushner also said that this is not going -- they're not going to let impeachment distract them at the white house but i would point him to the president's twitter feed. >> maybe it won't distract jared. a look at a new cnn poll from the state of new hampshire tells a different story than the national 2020 poll. stay with us.
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in our 2020 lead, senator bernie sanders and senator elizabeth warren neck-and-neck in a new cnn 2020 poll of new hampshire democratic voters. sanders slightly ahead at 21% and warren18%. so within the margin of error. biden at 15%. third place. buttigieg at 10%. a whole bunch of candidates tied at 5%. this polling is as candidates are swinging through the key early states including new hampshire to file their ballot for the primary. let's talk about it. our poll shows no clear leader for new hampshire. but an -- in a state famous for picking moderate democrats, you have the two progressive candidates at the top. >> it is the new englanders and
1:57 pm
bernie sanders won it last go around and not surprised he is up top and then elizabeth warren there from massachusetts. listen, i think polls remind us it is a state by state contest. i think if you're any of the lower tier candidates, pete buttigieg, amy klobuchar figure out which state you could win. bernie sanders could win a state like new hampshire or elizabeth warren and same in iowa and if you are joe biden you feel good about standing in a state like south carolina and throughout the south, likes mississippi and georgia. so for the other candidates, they might have a lot of money and pete buttigieg should be glad he's at 10% but what state could you win. if you're amy klobuchar, what state could you win and tulsi gabbard is at 5% -- >> still that is a big jump for her. >> it is a big jump. it might help her get into the next debate. small victory if it doesn't look like you could win a state and win delegates. >> and biden's new hampshire poll numbers in july at 24%. now he's at 15%. i'm no pollster, but i have a
1:58 pm
feeling those numbers are going in the wrong direction. >> yes, they are. last week when i came on to the show and you had a national poll and despite the gaffes and the evidence of decline in the debates he was still doing well and beating off sanders and warren but as we know, american elections are not decided on a national level and these are not the swing states but the early voting states. new hampshire matters. bernie having a resurgence and everybody thought it would be warren and biden and don't write off bernie sanders. he's come back. that stint is like rocket fuel. he's amazing. he has new energy and life. >> people say this. yeah. >> will he go for the primary -- >> he was at a rally getting standing ovations and seen as left wing and they seen as quote/unquote moderate. so it is all over the place for the polls. i checked before i came here today at this point in the cycle 2016 ben carson was leading the
1:59 pm
republican field. >> come on? >> start of november of 2015 he was leading the polls. he took over trump and now he's the housing and urban development secretary. >> and what do you think about all of this. you're looking for an alternative to president trump. >> i don't know if i will vote for one. i think my vote is for republicans and i will show that it is not available to trump. i'm someone that he should be able to pick up and probably won't. that said on the democratic side, it is clear that people are still looking. and i would be nervous if i were any of the candidates. because they're lo-- they're looking for a chance to speak out and it is not a slam dunk in states like iowa and new hampshire and they have to talk about impeachment which in itself if you support it is a negative topic. >> and 57% of the new hampshire democrats are undecided. >> that is the democratic party. who is the clear front-runner when there isn't one. that is democracy working this far out of the election. stay tuned. >> stay tuned.
2:00 pm
thank you very much. follow me on facebook and instagram and twitter at jake tapper. our coverage continues now. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. happening now, breaking news. impeachment resolution. house democrats release the text of their plan to make their investigation of president trump public. and the top white house ukraine expert testifies he was so troubled by president trump's call with ukraine's president that he reported it to a superior. unpatriotic action. nancy pelosi slams house republicans as democrats accuse them of trying to expose the whistle-blower who's complaint about the president's ukraine call sparked the impeachment inquiry. this hour new details on the partisan shouting match that interrupted today's testimony. silly games. in a rare interview, the president's adviser a