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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  January 17, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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disapprove op trumps job performance. 83% believing he's racist. blaming both sides for violence in charlottesville and so much other ugly talk matters. some things matter more than money. thank you for watching. have a great weekend. before you party, "cnn tonight" with don lemon right now. >> i'm breaking down that poll that is. it's a "washington post" poll. we'll break it all down. what happened to all the polls that they're pointing out saying the president numbers among african-americans are growing. he's 35%. we know better than that. >> here's what he's got going. if he can get like 19 african-americans to vote for him. it will be a boost. it's a relative assessment. the idea that nobody has been better for the blacks than i have. they know -- >> the blacks. >> what he encourages.
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>> you are saying the blacks because he says it. i have never in my life heard you say the blacks. you know what i would do to you. if i ever heard you say the blacks. there would be a footprint. >> black eyes. >> two blacks. two black eyes. >> so big on your rear end. >> that's the talk he talks. >> i know. >> some people say it's generational. whatever. he's president. you have to be the best of us. not the residue of the rest of us. >> ignorance is not generational. if you're the president of the united states you should have people educate you. you should be want to be educated. you shouldn't be yelling where's my african-american? what else do you have to lose? that phrase, if you look into the poll and the story. it turned off so many
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african-americans. in that poll african-americans say this economy that he touts so much and says he's responsible for, they don't believe it. they give credit to the former president for the economy and say they give credit more than anything to themselves. for the economic responsibility. >> working hard. picking up savings. finding different avenues. no question about it. personal industry. i have no problem with the president getting credit for the economy. when it's good he benefits. when it's down he louzs no matter who is responsible. the idea. economy eclipses everything else. the economy is good. one has nothing to do with the other. especially with minority groups. you say they should go back to where they come from. and you know what he called countries. and immigrants. >> as a person of color who has
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this particular platform. you remember what happened i said the president of the united states was racist. i opened up the show by saying that. i got gaffe. but 90% of african-americans feel that and believe that. i speak for those people. especially with the rhetoric of the of the president's mouth. there you go. now the poll backs it up. >> we'll see what the voting does. what the democrats can do to harness the needs not just the an mouse. >> this isn't about democrat or republican. for people of color. this is about living in america as a black person. >> as you well know african-americans believe that sometimes they vote for democrats as the lesser of two bad choices. and while it's true that they do vote democratic across the country. this argument will be look what the inner city communities like.
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it's disingenuous. i still think african-americans and a lot of other minority communities and white communities that feel the system is against them who will win the hearts and minds. >> they may sit at home and the turn out may be suppressed. >> that matters. >> if they're not inspired by the candidate. they won't vote for the party who has a leader that says there are fine people on both side. i have to go. >> have a great show. have a great weekend. >> this is "cnn tonight." we have breaking news. within impeachment trial after president trump about to get under way more and more new evidence continues to come out. evidence of the ukraine shake down. tonight brand new revelations from giuliani associate lev parnas. and messages that show
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congressional candidate texting with a number from belgium. about efforts to surveil then ambassador yovanovitch. the number sends hide a screen shot of a official photograph of yovanovitch with the message my contacts are checking. and then adding i will give you the address next week. hyde replies, awesome. in another series of messages, nothing has changed. she is not moving. they checked today again. okay. adding shortly after it's confirmed we have a person inside. always messages between parnas and an aide to congressman nunes. messages in which they arrange interviews with ukrainian officials and meetings at the trump hotel in washington. including with rudy giuliani. after nunes admitted this week that he has spoken to parnas on
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the phone after all. everybody said they didn't know. saying it was unlikely. as that new evidence of contacts between parnas and aide to nunes revealed there is this. congressman ted lieu. saying nunes threatened to sue him for saying he worked with lev parnas. here's his reply. i welcome any lawsuit from your client. and look forward to taking discovery of nunes. or you can take your letter and shove it. didn't he threaten to sue a cow? something like that. there's more new evidence tonight. the house judiciary committee releasting 15 photographs of parnas with trump. rudy giuliani and other members of the team trump. including this photograph of the president and parnas name tag side by side. on the conference table. the president and parnas
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together. a thank you note signed by the president and first lady. rudy giuliani. parnas and others. indiana gop banner in the background. parnas and don jr. at a dinner table. parnas and the president in front of two american flags. it's getting harder for the president to claim he knows nothing about parnas. he keeps trying. he just said this yesterday. >> i don't know him. i don't know parnas. other than i guess they had pictures taken. which i do with thousands of people. just met them. i don't know him. don't know what he's about. don't know where he comes from. >> nope. don't know him. that's an awful lot of evidence. you would think senators want to ask questions about in the trial. witnesses you would think they'd want to question.
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president republican defenders are still fighting against calling witnesses. even though the president himself said just last month that he loved to have witnesses testify in the senate trial. >> when it's fair and it will be fair in the senate. i would love to have mike pompeo and mick. rick perry. and many other people testify. >> i want them to testify. i want them to testify in the senate. where they'll get fare trial. >> seems he forgot about that. now that the senate trial is actually beginning. i have to say the hypocrisy is blatant. the republicans trying to keep witnesses out when they made the opposite argument during the impeachment of a democrat. proudly proclaiming you're not impartial. >> i'm not impartial juror. this is a political process.
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>> then raising your right happened and taking an oath to do impartial justice. >> you swear in all things apper taning to the trial of president of the united states, now pending. you will do impartial justice according to the constitution and laws so help you god? >> i do. >> they raise their right hands there. and sign the book. we watched them do it. and there's the president's made for tv legal team. including kenneth star. who investigation of president clinton led to the last impeachment trial. just listen to what he said back then about a president who refused to cooperate with the investigation. >> the president refused six invitations to testify before the grand jury. refusing to cooperate with a
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dually authorized federal criminal investigation is inconsistent with the general statutory duty of all executive branch employees. to cooperate with criminal investigation. it also is inconsistent with the president's duty to faithfully execute the law. >> hmm. that was then. now he is representing president trump. who is continually stone walling and refusing to allow aids to testify. and refusing to turn over documents. back in the 90s during clinton impeachment there were people who disapproved of ken star. >> i think he's a lunatic. he is a disaster. i hated the way the president handle it. it was a long and terrible process. he was terrible. >> now, you can't make this
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stuff up. now he is welcoming the man he once called a lunatic to his defense team. the team defending him at the most consequential moment of his life. called him a lunatic. there's another blast from the past. moni moni monica. this is are you fing kidding me kind of day. it is. all this, all these new developments. all this new evidence. with the impeachment trial of president trump. set to get under way tuesday. 1:00 p.m.
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he has breaking news. new evidence released by house democrats tonight. welcome. thank you so much. kenneth star, monica lewisky. 90s all over again. we have documents here from parnas. showing texts that appear to be more evidence of ambassador yovanovitch was surveilled. while in ukraine. what are you learning? >> it's troubling. to remind viewers and people of what was going on. there's a plot here. to remove her to get her out of the ukraine. and certainly with tonight's latest revelation, it looks like this was much more involved than we all probably thought at first. this introduction of new person this congressional candidate. out of connecticut. introducing a new element that we have not seen or heard from before. now that we had the parnas text
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from him and parnas where they were talking about conducting surveillance of the ukrainian ambassador. now we have an additional piece of information where he's talking to somebody on a belgium number talking about where is she. is she in the embassy. back and forth. no one in the federal government is discounting this. no one has come out. i talked to people today taking this seriously. the fbi is investigating. agents have been to his home. the southern district of new york is investigating this plot. what was going on behind the scenes back channel efforts to get the ukrainian ambassador out of the country. that is all under investigation. this just raises more questions. certainly troubling that you had an ambassador a u.s. official people talking about conducting surveillance on her. people wanting her out of the country. why? that is all part of what this investigation by the southern
7:14 pm
district of new york is trying to do. >> we don't know what was going on. it sound sinister and scary. i have to ask about the new documents that show the communications. he denied them. between parnas and aid to republican congressman nunes. how much contact was the congressman office having with parnas? >> it seems like a lot. you look at the information that came out today. talking about texts from a senior aide to nunes. talking it parnas about arranging interviews with ukrainians and information. there's a march 2019 exchange where they talk about materials. can we get materials. this is the aide to nunes. asking parnas for materials on dirt they're supposedly digging up on the bidens and there's a whole back and forth. there's a whole thing there's meetings. at the trump hotel in washington d.c.
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where this aide to nunes. rudy giuliani is there. more and more signs at least nunes's office was in the mix on this and heavily involved. >> is he admitting to having communication? >> just on wednesday. after initially denying. he says i remember now. there was a communication. >> there's photographs that show parnas closely tied to rudy giuliani. and pictures of an event he and the president apparently attended. >> name tags. more evidence that these guys did know each other. despite the president claiming he didn't. they're on the screen. there's a name tag right lev parnas and to the right is donald trump. we don't know if they actually sat next to each other or if he showed up. we see photographs of the president's family. people close to him.
7:16 pm
senior people d thank you notes. rudy giuliani on a boat. he's inside this circle. how can the president say he doesn't him. he's in all these photographs and events. they're trying to show that the idea that somehow the president didn't know him is very hard to believe. so many people inside the president's circle knew him. >> the president said he didn't know him. the folks in the circle and rudy giuliani. who he was. had close relations with. thank you so much. president trump has a team of made for tv lawyers to defend him in the impeachment trial. one of them was on three tv net works tonight. is it a sign of things to come? we're reporters from the new york times.
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president trump stocking the impeachment trial for made for
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tv lawyers. including kenneth star. alan dershowitz and robert ray. joining jay sekulow and attorney general. as seen on tv. led by pat cipollone. and also includes jane ras kin and eric herman. let's discuss now. a national security attorney. thank you gentlemen i appreciate you joining us. speaking of tv lawyers. >> being a tv lawyer and trial lawyer are not mutually exclusive. remember that. >> let's talk about that. ken star and alan dershowitz. robert ray. as seen on tv team? >> for sure. no doubt. trump wants lawyers who are
7:22 pm
going to do sound bites well. he wants to persuade the court of public opinion. the verdict is already in. this is a bit of a mockery in the sense that it's a political process. as a legal process. there's zero chance we'll be is it stunned by a verdict. you need two-thirds of the senate. majority of the senate is republican. verdict is in. despite all the oaths they take about impartially judging the facts and law. it's just we know it's not the case. mcconnell said so. >> let's bring bradly in. president trump considered media savviness picking the team. court of public opinion. a constitutional expert. what does it say about the president's strategy? >> when i heard it news that earlier today we saw them being picked. i had a sports analogy. they picked the all proteam of
7:23 pm
1995 and said they were great back then. bring them on now. it's been 25 years. dershowitz and star. they were capable of qualified lawyers back in the day. when i was in the high school. dershowitz hasn't practiced since the days of jeffrey epstein getting a sweetheart deal. ken star was seen being run out of bai lor universe in a scandal. they are there because they're good at media messaging and this is cable news. that's what they know they can do in segments on late night tv. they are legal skills i don't know how much they're there for that. >> let's talk about the president trump once called ken star a lunatic. now he's picked him to defend him. that's really something? >> not in the world of politics. president once called clinton the greatest secretary of state of all time.
7:24 pm
he wouldn't say that today. it's politics. it goes to show you how many easily people flip sides. 20 years ago the democrats were talking about a witch hunt. and today they're talking about the importance of rule of law. 20 years ago the republicans were talking about the rule of law and importance. today they're talking about a witch hunt. that's politics. people flip sides no matter what. >> mcconnell and others are saying they are using the clinton impeachment as an example. but are they? in the clinton trial, there were 24 hours of arguments. divided over four days on each say. now the republicans are considering just 12 hour days. they're trying to shorten it. >> the essence of what mcconnell is getting at is the idea of doing the arguments up front both sides present a case and
7:25 pm
decide on witnesses. additional information. what of course the senate majorly leader is omitting before he was put on trial there was a yearlong investigation with grand jury authority. wi didn't have that here. we addressed it in advance because he was trying to bring interference in in the upcoming election. in which he's a candidate. we didn't have all that information. what will happen here remains to be seen. it appears there will be additional witnesses. there's enough support. to bring in witnesses and information. it remains unclear how much. >> do you think this will effect the out come of the predetermined out come they it appears mcconnell and others have made? >> i think it's unlikely unless some kind of massive bomb shell so unprecedented we can't fathom it. akin to nixon. comes out with testimony from
7:26 pm
bolton. i'm not expecting that. >> you don't think so. will it effect maybe the out come of the election? >> that's for sure. you can take three law students and put them as trump lawyers. they'll win. could it effect the election? absolutely. depending on what comes out and how badly he looks. what kind of liar. that will -- it should. but the people who voted for trump they're locked in. there could be a video of him murdering somebody. >> fifth avenue. >> he said that. he'll get the votes. >> thank you. >> the president called military leader quote a bumpnch of dopes and babies. complaining u.s. companies aren't allowed to pay bribes over seas and the officials the adults in the room kept it quiet for a long time. that's next.
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details against top military leaders during july 2017 briefing. in a room known as the tank in the pentagon. calling afghanistan a loser war. that phrase hung in the war. and disgusted the military leaders and the men and women in uniform. they all were sworn to obey the commander in chief commands and here he was calling the war they had been fighting a loser war. you're all losers. you don't know how to win anymore. trump by now was in one of his rages. so angry that he wasn't taking many breaths. i wouldn't go to war with you people. trump told the brass. addressing the room. the commander in chief barked you're a bunch of dopes and babies. joining me now. good evening. max, no other way to describe this in the book is outrageous,
7:32 pm
it's offensive, unhinged. disrespectful and ignorant. every person in the room has essentially stayed silent about this. it has been hidden from the american people. how can they justify this? >> i think it was appalling. they had an obligation to speak out. and one of the take aways is that i'm almost sorry i was so hard on rex tillerson. i think he was a terrible secretary of state. he was the only person in the room who had the guts to speak up and tell him you're wrong and had the famous quote. calling trump a moron. which was reported and soured his relationship. >> fing moron. >> the more we learn about what happened the more we can see why he called him that. and why it was justified. because it is clear the president doesn't understand how american alliances work or the
7:33 pm
benefits we derive. he dunce doesn't understand how the funding of nato works. it doesn't compute. the final point that comes across is donald trump is fundamentally antimilitary. we knew that. he's pardoning war criminals. the disrespect he shows to the men and women in uniform. this was a guy who was a draft dodger. he is talking about men and women who risked their lives for the country. and spent decades of service opt front lines. and he's calling them dopes and babies? that's obscene. >> he had bone spurs. >> he can't remember which foot. >> this is what max was talking about. u.s. troops should make money from its troops. saying this, no it's just wrong.
7:34 pm
the secretary of state sid. you're totally wrong. none of that is true. the men and women who put on uniform don't do it to become soldiers of fortune. that's not why they go out and die. they protect freedom. it is really astounding the president would say this. but it's saying no one in the military stood up. >> trump has been disrespecting members of the militarysince before president. he called himself a respect our troops candidate. he had a fundraiser. rather than participate in a debate. he didn't give away the money until the "washington post" called him on it. this is a guy who has no concept of honor of sacrifice. of service. all he cares about is making a quick buck. >> i prefer heros who don't get
7:35 pm
captured. >> i'm sure mccain wants presidents who don't get impeached. >> he's happy to put an 18 year-old kid in harm's way. as long as the highest bidder deposits money in a bank account. he perceives our soldiers not as men and women of honor and sacrifice. or service. but as mercenaries. that's a problem with his world view and how he runs the foreign policy. >> i want to read another incident described in the times speaking to his aid. he said it's o so unfair american companies aren't allowed to pay bribes to get business over seas. >> he's been complaining about that for decades. >> it's jaw dropping. the economic adviser said this. >> do we have it?
7:36 pm
>> we are looking at it. we're aware of it. we have heard complaints from some of the companies. i don't want to say anything policy wise. >> pay bribes? >> the companies he heard complaints from are the trump organizations. he has been publicly complaining about the act for years if not decades. and the united states has been a leader in helping root out corruption around the world. so you don't have to grease a palm in order to get permission to build a tower in india or whatever. trump has been upset about that. other countries have taken notice of the leadership and passed laws. that sort of also good governance laws at home and abroad. this is trump showing that the
7:37 pm
united states no longer hopes to be a leader in this related to american values. >> can't believe we're here. a new poll minds majority of african-americans say it's a bad time to be black in america. eight in ten think the president is racist. break down the numbers and the stories behind them. next. ig deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop.
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remember when president trump said this. >> look how much african-american communities have suffered under democratic control. to those i say the following, what do you have to lose? by trying something new. like trump. you're living in poverty. schools are no good. you have no jobs.
7:42 pm
58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> that was before he was president. but anyway. back in august of 2016. today a new "washington post" poll shows african-americans have a deeply negative view of trump's america. 90% disapprove of his job performance. 77% say he deserves little to no credit for the unemployment rate. 76% believe his policies are bad for african-americans. and 83% say president trump is a racist. here to discuss republican strategist. and angela rye. so, welcome. what does this say about the president? eight in ten african-americans think he's racist. >> it goes back to the fact that -- >> hold on. is anybody surprised by the poll? >> no.
7:43 pm
i think the problem is when you have people running around the country side saying president trump has approval ratings with plus 30% of the african-american population. that's not true. again it starts to resonate in the mind of people want to believe it. it's on the eve of dr. king. don't let anyone take your manhood. the reality is we have a situation where jobs are up, yes. you can't expect black people to be okay with the president calling nfl players kneeling sons of pitches. they're kneeling for justice. >> 65% of say african-americans say that it's a bad time to be a black person in america. a view shared across income generational and political lines. >> well, again i don't think it it's startling. it's a great time to be a black person. from a political standpoint and policy from this administration i understand why. case in point would be -- i
7:44 pm
almost said ben thomas. ben carson the hud secretary. implementing policy that make it more difficult to pursue any type of housing discrimination issue. to put up that type of wall the department of justice has become more like the department of injustice. stopping decrees over police department brutal to our communities. talking about a president who regularly takes credit for strides made by the obama administration. all the while dialing back obama era regulations just because the black president implemented them. also one of the things we have yet to feel the impact of. the 187 federally appointed judges trump nominations judges. we will really feel the sting of what it means to be black in america once those policies come from those benches. >> i want to read this quote.
7:45 pm
it's something that resonated to me. because of the support. they don't understand it. the "washington post" spoke to a 44 year-old black woman from new jersey. saying trump changed the way she thinks about white people. if i'm in a room with white women, i know 50% of them voted for trump. and believe in his ideas. i lock at them and think how do you see me? what is my humanity to you? >> wow. >> an experience a lot of black people can relate to. >> i think again we have to separate the things that happened four years into a president term. no one called it the george hw bush surplus. it was a clinton surplus. four years in progress has been made with the economy. it's the sentiment. talking about very good people on both side. and the same people blood and soil. it's difficult to imagine a black america that will feel as
7:46 pm
if they have the warm brace of the administration. we can talk about the fact that black children in flint were being poisoned before trump took the oath of office. and the fact rice lost his life before trump took oath of office. we can acknowledge the fact the president hasn't used his pulpit to bring us closer together when it comes to race. >> efb you may think this is not necessarily about republicans. this is about trump. african-americans, black folks felt belter in america under bush. this poll shows. >> yeah. again, the reality is systemic racism and oppression didn't begin with trump and didn't come to a halt or suspended under obama. the reality if nothing else this poll teaches us there a group of people in the country who paid taxes and built it for free.
7:47 pm
and feel less than humane. what do you think about my humanity? what do you see? it's time to be seen and heard and empowered. the best way to do this is take our believes and systems to the polls and challenge him. >> one response. from a man who says talking about trump. he's taken hatred against people of color in general from the closet to the front porch. i encourage everyone to read this story and this poll in the "washington post." thank you. have a great weekend. breaking news tonight. documents showing communication between lev parnas and an aide to nunes. details next. when you shop with wayfair,
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back now with breaking news, house democrats releasing more documents tonight from indicted rudy giuliani associate lev parnas, including texts that appear to show surveillance of marie yovanovitch, fired by president trump. i want to bring in shimon broke pez, and harry litman. shimon, welcome back, harry, welcome to the program. shimon, we see these text messages that appear to show more efforts to track marine yovanovitch. she's been there since thursday, never left the embassy, from an unknown belgian number in a text exchange with trump ally robert hyde. so now there are more questions like who is this on the other end of this belgian number? >> that's going to be a big question. we don't know who that is but certainly the fbi does. the folks over at the diplomatic security at the state department will know who this is and now
7:53 pm
probably members of congress who have been sitting on this information after they received it from lev parnas and his attorney, they know who this person is. but most importantly who really needs to know are the security folks at the state department and the fbi because they need to unravel what was going on here and was there actually a plot here to keep her under surveillance, to keep an eye on her, to see what she was doing. ultimately they wanted her out of there and was this part of that? >> harry, i know you have very strong views on congressman devon nunes, what does this show appearing to have a role digging up dirt on trump rivals? >> i mean, in some ways it doesn't seem a surprise. he's been kind of a scoundrel in these ways from the start. but think about this. this is the official foreign policy of the united states of america vis-a-vis ukraine and it's basically being run by these overgrown frat boys of who
7:54 pm
nunes fits in perfectly and they have a goal of ousting a u.s. ambassador. to shimon's point it's stunning that nothing has been undertaken as far as a criminal investigation. yet the state department has -- and the bureau would have had this months ago. this kind of surveillance of a u.s. ambassador is tantamount to a kind of declaration of war on u.s. normal foreign policy. there's another story here about why have they slept on it for these months? >> shimon, talk to me about some of these photographs, okay, that were released, parnas with giuliani, then you have parnas with trump, even a photo of parnas sitting next to donald trump jr. what's going on? >> these are events, presumably these are campaign events, money, fund raising events,
7:55 pm
meetings they're having with rudy giuliani. we've seen video and photos of them spending time agent at the trump hotel. all of this was going on at the trump hotel, think about this. this is -- the hotel in washington, d.c., they're having all these meetings there, jay sekulow is there sitting with parnas, other members of the trump team and family and friends and inner circling, hanging out, at the trump hotel and there's more evidence. >> he says keep releasing. what happens, harry, if more of this comes out during this trial? >> well, in general, in trials in the past when things come out that's what i was talking about, the fbi is on it, the doj is on it, puts heat on the witnesses. best we can tell there's been no impact to what obviously are sorts of conduct that should be opening criminal investigations. what should here, certainly, is there should be a criminal investigation of the efforts to harris, ambassador yovanovitch,
7:56 pm
without a doubt. >> thank you harry and shimon. and thank you for watching, everyone, our coverage continues with the lev parnas interview. anderson cooper speaks with the man who says president trump knew exactly what was going on in the ukraine. the full interview in just a few minutes. i've always focused on my career, but when we found out our son had autism, his future became my focus. lavender baths always calmed him. so we turned bath time into a business...
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>> welcome to this 360 special, the lev parnas interview. he and soviet born businessman igor fruman worked as fixers operating on the ground in the ukraine and elsewhere on behalf of rudy giuliani and on behalf of the president as well, parnas says. parnas was on the front lines of giuliani's pressure campaign to get ukrainians -- launch an


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