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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  March 24, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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grandfather. like so many others who suffered from this virus, george died alone in the hospitals. his relatives were in quarantine and unable to be by his side to say good-bye. he was 93 years old. i want to hand it to chris. anderson, thank you so much for helping us remember what's being lost in this. it's hard to hear but those are members of the great estrogest generation. the president wants to open the economy in two weeks. that's the time the experts say that's the time the financial crisis hits the kucountry. we'll bring in the governor with the second most cases. we have a doctor on the opposite coast fighting the state with the third most cases. what would this look like there?
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and then the message behind the movement to reopen which is literally shameful. a republican lawmaker getting a huge platform to say to members of the greatest generation it's time to give again for the economy. that's the disease talking, not the cure. that can't stand on our watch. together as ever as one, we'll get through this. what do you say? let's get after it. breaking news tonight a senior federal health official involved in the coronavirus response tells cnn public health professionals are now drafting options to allow people to take a step back into society in certain areas. the source says this could be a, quote, rolling response with restrictions eased in various areas at different times. and all this comes with the president wanting churches packed by easter sunday. listen to him. >> easter is our timeline, what a great timeline that would be.
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there's tremendous hope as we look forward and we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. >> is the light at the end of the tunnel the pain train? that's the question. the governor of new york, of course my brother, is warning that a wave is going to break in about 14 days. he's not making it up. that's what his experts say. here's him. >> president said it's a war. it's a war. well, then act like it's a war. what am i going to do with 400 ventilators when i need 30,000? you pick the 26,000 people who are going to die because you only sent 400 ventilators. >> now, he's upset. i'm biased. he's my brother. let's get a fair opinion. another governor in the tristate area, phil murphy, state with the second most cases. you gave your constituents news
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today that they needed to know and they didn't want to hear. what's the reality of case growth in your state? >> good to be with you, chris. it's not good. we now have 3,675 positive cases. i have to say we're not shocked by that. we knew this was coming in part because we've opened up testing so aggressively. but the numbers are going straight up. and sadly we announced 17 new deaths for a total now of 44 blessed souls who have lost their lives in our state. this is tough state. we're not there yet. so, we're going to stay the course with what we've started now for almost several months ago. we're going to be hunkered down for a while. >> you heard andrew say his experts say two, three weeks is when he's going to be at full flush with hospitalization cases testing the system's capacity. what do your experts tell you? >> i'd say that's probably about
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right, maybe we're going to come in a little bit behind that. you're brother's doing a great job, by the way. and a lot of the response really is more powerful when we do it as a region. so, he and governor lamont in connecticut, governor wolf in pennsylvania and i have done a lot together. but i think we're at least two or three weeks away. we're a little bit behind the new york reality, but we're living the same reality. >> so, speaking of reality, the president says, governor, i get that you're afraid. you're worried about i. but enough is enough. easter. means a lot to the president, he says, one of his favorite times. deep meaning. we should be reopened then. what will that mean in new jersey? >> listen, i hope he's right, but i -- i would be lying to you, chris, if i said i don't see that. our -- we're trying to make our decisions based on data, science, facts. and the facts tell us aggressive
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social distancing. do everything we can to club that curve down on the front end and expand as aggressively as we can with hospital beds, equipment, and health care workers, the true heroes here on the health care side and the combination of both will get you to a better place. but that's -- listen. i hope he's right. i would love more than to be able to responsibly be able to open things in a few weeks. i just fear we're not going to be there yet. >> look, it's all about the perspective also that you hope he's right. but if come easter you're still accelerating cases, your hospitals are taking it on the chin, and he says too bad, murphy, time to reopen, do you ignore the directive? >> listen, we've got one president and that's the reality. he helped me get four field hospitals yesterday. we got another slug of personal
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protective equipment. we're a fraction of what we need. but the fact of the matter is i can't as the chief executive of this state if the numbers are still going up and we still have more folks sadly who are passing on, the pain may be high in term of our lifestyle and our economy. i can't relent. we're going to have to stay the course no matter what. >> what if he starts coming after you? murphy is weak. murphy wants to drown his own state. murphy is trying to do this to hurt me and he's hurting his own people. the numbers are okay there i feel. what do you say? >> remember we're in jersey so we've got a lot of spine. skin is very thick. lots of attitude. we'll stand tall. and we'll try to reason based on the facts. listen, if the facts are going in the right direction, no one wants that more than i do, that's a -- that's one thing. but my fear based on the meetings we're having constantly
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would suggest that we're not going to be out of the woods by then. i hope i'm wrong. i hope they're wrong. my fear is they're not and if they're not we will stay the course and i will do everything in my power to do that. >> we have to remember the other part. we hope someone's right. we prepare for the worst. we hope for the best. and the testing on the president is -- >> 100%. >> -- where's the preparation for the worst? where's the facts that outline this system? you're not seeing nit your state. my probrother's not seeing it i new york. in california the governor is not seeing it there. the question is what is the basis for his optimism other than the belief in the easter bunny. now they're saying in new york the quarantine. are you worried that you're next, they say look, most of us are okay, it's those east coasters and west coasters. those new yorkers they should quarantine for 14 days. next could it be you? those new jersey people out there on the east. they've got to be quarantined if
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they come around the rest of us. are you worried about the message? >> we are in so many respects. i mentioned the region in so many respects we're locked into this together in new jersey and new york and our neighbors as well but particularly the two of us. my view is we keep our head down. we continue to base our decisions based on the facts, on science, on the professionals who give us this input. and based on everything we see cracking the back of that curve through aggressive social distancing, we start a meeting on this in january. so, we've been trying to stay out ahead of this for months now. we just locked it down even further over the weekend. with evidence got to let some days pass here to see how that's impacting the health care reality. but we've got to continue to do that. and we got our heads down focused on that. and please god, i can't wait for that curve to crest and start to go the other direction where we can responsively start to put our toe back in the water.
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i'll be all in for that. but we can't fire that bullet too early. i fear that the backlash, the price we'll pay will be overwhelming if we misfire them. >> i had somebody say to me, a priest who's a friend of mine, yes, easter is rebirth and renewal but it came after the passion of the christ. it came after the pain. and the pain is coming here as well. you can't get rid of the pain just by creating a false start. you came early on as the face of the pain, one family, so many taken from this, four of them. they don't know if it's something about their family or something specific to their community. your office jumped on it when you heard about it. you got them testing. you got them attention. how much did it throw you that one family could be affected that way? what was the lesson in that for you? >> first of all, it threw us all in a big way. god bless them. multiple mortalities in one
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family. and chris, you know well, you yourself were helpful and we thank you for that. but they had gathered for a family get together several -- i think only three sundays ago. and there was one index person in that group, in that family, that was connected to the first death we had in new jersey. and they're all -- they had been connected through the standard bred horse reality. but it sent shockwaves. got bless them. we had been successful in getting them their tests, but they're reeling. and it was a real shock across the proverbial bow that this virus which so many people for too long thought was abstract was real. it was hitting right here in my county in multiple deaths in one family. that shook a lot of people. no question about it. >> last question. governor, what do you need most right now that you cannot provide yourself? >> so, i would say, chris, three
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things. and i want to thank the president and his administration. we need hospital beds, so we've got four field hospitals getting erected by fema and the army corp. that will allow us to displace currently cared for individuals, non-covid. we're going to have to open up closed wings and closed hospitals. that's on us. secondly we need more personal protective equipment. we have a fraction of what we need. our health care workers are at the point of attack and we need a lot more to protect them and to allow them to care. and thirdly, we're aggressively trying to expand the pool of health care workers. one last ask out of the federal government, please god, congress passes and the president signs a really big stimulus program with direct state aid, big community block grants, unemployment insurance, support small businesses, hospital, transit
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support. that will be a huge positive jolt not just in the health care but also in our economy. >> well, governor, thank you for joining us. i know how much you have on your plate right now. the country is watching states like yours and new york because you are the ghost of coronavirus future. this is going to come to them in different ways and hopefully we'll learn by what you guys are having to learn the hard way as you deal with your communities. god bless. be well. and i hope to speak to you again soon. if there's anything you need us to get out, we're a call away. >> thank you, chris. that means a lot. thanks for having me. >> be well, governor. a little bit of irony here, those field hospitals, the timing of when they'll get what they need to deal with the crush. do you know what that lines up with? the same time the president says they'll be reopening. think about it. you'll be getting fully equipped for the worst of it at the same time i think it's ready to reopen us.
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does that make sense? for easter? like rebirth and renewal or is it more renewed pain and renewed problems? that's the question. we're going to ask sanjay gupta what makes sense about this timing? what doesn't make sense? what about the quarantine? is this medical or political? he's got the best answers. that's why he's chief doctor. 5g will change business in america. t-mobile has the first and only, nationwide 5g network. and with it, you can shape the future. we've invested 30 billion dollars and built our new 5g network for businesses like yours. while some 5g signals only go a few blocks, t-mobile 5g goes for miles. no other 5g signal goes farther or is more reliable in business. tomorrow is in your hands. partner with t-mobile for business today.
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so, here is what we understand at the moment. 85% of new coronavirus cases are happening either in europe or right here. now, that is from the w.h.o., the world health organization. if that's true, if this is the most robust site of the virus' growth, how are we just a couple of weeks from reopening? sanjay gupta obviously working around the clock. i noticed fauci, birx, azar, nobody with any kind of public policy in the health area seconded the president on this. where is two weeks coming from? >> well, i mean, you know the original thing as you know, chris, was the 15-day pause. and then people were -- i think the impression was from public health officials including fauci. at that point we re-evaluate. it felt like look we may have to
10:18 pm
get more strict at that time. i think what happened since then was this idea of easter which is about 3 1/2 weeks, just over 3 1/2 weeks, has sort of come up. what fauci says and he's mastful at this. he's saying we will look at the data. we're taking this at a day by day basis. we'll look at the data. to your point, we know the numbers are going to get worse. we know the numbers are reflective of the situation 10 to 14 days ago because that's how long it takes the testing to catch up. what's been happening over the last 10 to 14 days? the virus has been spreading. the numbers are going to get worse. i don't know how you would reconcile an increase of numbers not only the size of numbers but the pace they're growing and be able to say now it's time to dial it back. i don't think any public health official would agree with that. so, what they say instead is we'll keep following the data and see where it leads. >> i think it's pretty clear
10:19 pm
that this is about him. he does not like the situation that he's in. he's blaming the experts. he doesn't like the advice he's gotten. he thinks he should have stuck to his own gut about just telling people this will go away and eventually the numbers will resolve. he needs the economy to win. i don't think there's any reason for me to hide from that reality. you deal with the medical evidence, me talking to the political sources. i don't see anybody supporting him with fact. then you have him saying if you're in new york you should be quarantined if you go anywhere else. if it's that urgent that you need to quarantine an entire state from the rest of the country that's also the financial capital, how are you ready to reopen? >> yeah, i mean there's a cognitive dissonance here for sure. people are hearing totally different things. and every tomb they hear something it makes them more panicked or makes them say look, this isn't a big deal after all. the reality is i think the public health officials have been pretty consistent on this
10:20 pm
with regard to saying hey, for the next 15 days originally, stay at home as much as possible. this is how we break the chain of transmission. this is what social distancing is all about, what it can do. and then we'll re-evaluate. it's possible we get more stringent at that point. i think they've pointed to south korea and china and said there's evidence of success around the world. what we're describing here is fiat had going to be in perpetuity, but let's look at those places that have success. 8 to 10 week cycles of this so there's a time frame there. it may not be exactly going to fit the same time scale here in the united states but at least you have some idea. this idea of two weeks and then we're going to pull back. virus grows so we put more stringent measures on, virus comes back. then we let the foot off the gas again. it doesn't make sense. that's what happened in hong kong, chris. we've talked about this. they were doing really well -- and i'm not criticizing hong kong because they were doing really well. but as soon as they started to pull back on the mitigation
10:21 pm
measures, the numbers doubled in just a few days. >> and this 14 day number he's playing with, they had taken that off the protocol. they're not even using that measurement anymore and now the president is using it out of political convenience apparently. let me ask you about something else, this no-name lieutenant governor. lieutenant governors don't get a lot of attention in this country. then lieutenant governor dan patrick gets this big platform on fox to say the seniors have to make a judgment. i'm willing to go back to work. if i die, i die. i'll do it for the sake of the future of the economy for the next generation. what do you make of that being put out there? >> well, look, that's disappointing. i mean, there's no two ways about it. we made this film called the unseen enemy. and that's what this virus is. you don't see it until all of a sudden it's all around you. there are still a lot of people saying to themselves i don't get
10:22 pm
it. i don't know what the big deal is. i don't see anything. my life is the same. all i'm being asked to stay home. the problem is it is here and circulating and we're about two weeks or so lag period. within two weeks things are going to change dramatically in many places in the country. you don't want to be getting ready to deal with this at that point. i've covered a lot of these types of pandemics. at that point it's too late. there's no way you could possibly keep up. so, you know, it's true in medicine as it is in public health. people don't like to deal with issues until it's slapping them in the face. i worry with this particular thing and what we're hearing from the lieutenant governor in texas that they're going to put themselvess in a position where they're not going to have any sort of recourse in order to be able to react. >> sanjay gupta, you are the man. you are the best of us. thank you for keeping our heads in the game on this all-important story. >> you got it, chris. >> he's right to call it invisible enemy. but what is all too visible, how we react to it.
10:23 pm
this idea of opening back up exactly when they say the cases are going to spike, you know it makes no sense. what you don't know is who will talk sense to this president? who will convince him that what is best for him and his mind may not square with reality. that is a troubling question. so, let's try to do it 100 different ways. now let's go to the front lines. let's talk to somebody who's there. what will it look like in california if you open back up in two weeks? do they see a light at the end of the tunnel or is that light the pain train? next. i'm finding it hard to stay on top of things
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i can worry about it, or doe. something about it. garlique helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally, and it's odor-free, and pharmacist recommended. garlique all right. so, look, this problem is everywhere in the country but to different degrees. so, you go from the big cases in new york, new jersey. go across the country, california, washington. big city in california, los
10:28 pm
angeles. the mayor says tonight they're about six days behind new york meaning what? that if it spikes in new york in 2, 3 weeks, that about six days after that, they will then be in the deepest of the problem. by region, by city, by state. so, what would that look like if things were supposed to be relaxed in two weeks in california? dr. ryan mcgary is living the reality in los angeles in the er. doctor, welcome to "prime time." god bless you and the people working by your side taking care of these cases. and i want you to know we know what you're doing and we appreciate you. >> thank you, chris. i appreciate it. i had a shift earlier today. i want you to know i showered and deconned before coming on the show. >> i appreciate it. you look like someone who would be working in los angeles in an
10:29 pm
emergency room out there. good looking doctor, ugly reality. if we relax restrictions, what do you think it will look like in your er? >> well, i would look at it this way. you know, i've heard a lot of war analogies recently. i used this analogy respectfully. my grandfather fought in world war ii. yet to be seen if my generation can do what they did. now we're being called the front line, doctors and nurses. with today's rhetoric, being on the front line in germany back there in world war ii or approaching normandy and finding out they might be calling off the air force. and i say that with seriousness. you, the american public, your viewers tonight, all of you at home are indeed our air force. you are protecting us by staying at home and taking these
10:30 pm
directives from scientists and doctors seriously. if you don't stay home and this gets worse, well we've lost part of our war here, part of our support. and i think it's something that we're all really scared about. >> the reality in the er, what you're seeing in terms of how people struggle in the cases that require hospitalization and what it is like life on a ventilator and what it is for people who need them and don't get them, what is that reality? >> well, you know, we've heard a lot of medical terminology like respiratory failure and intubation. and you are know, just plain terms, what that means is if you've got a treadmill around or the gym that you used to go to, you've seen one. put that thing up at 8 as far as its incline. now that's like this. and then turn up the speed as fast as you can run and run for as long as you can. most of us by two or three minutes will be breathing 40,
10:31 pm
even 50 times a minute. and the reality is your body can't breathe that fast for that long. eventually you will become exhausted and go into cardiac arrest. that is the kind of case that requires emergent intubation. that is the kind of power behind this virus. that's bha it's doing to folks. that's obviously a very scary reality for both the patient and of course as the doctors and nurses and everybody involved in the team who needs to take care of that patient because that procedure has to be done within seconds. i want to highlight one more thing about ppe. you've heard about shields and masks and all the things we're being asked to wear. you know, it's very challenging putting this stuff on correctly and taking it off correctly. there was a study done some years ago that in peacetime when there wasn't an outbreak, had a bunch of providers gown up in a space and wear all the gear. a substance that glows in the dark was sprayed on them. then they were asked to take off
10:32 pm
all the stuff. black lights go on. 100% of those doctors and nurses still had traces of the glowing substance on them. this is tough stuff for all of this. >> you're not going to have to be the source on this but i know that doctors where you work and medical staff in los angeles, california, new york are being forced to reuse protective equipment because there's not enough. and that is unacceptable and we are really risking you guys. and once can ywe start losing y guys and doing the work, we're not going to have enough to save people. if you could tell the president something about your reality and what to keep in mind about making the judgment about what to do and when, what would you want him to know? >> i'd say, look, there's a chance here -- and i think we're all really desperate for it -- for real positive leadership. think back to fdr, eisenhower, great names the in american
10:33 pm
leadership in wartime. what we need on the frontline -- and we really are your front line team here. and i speak for physicians and nurses who are in the er and icus across the country as best as i can that we really need encouragement. we need protection, and we need to take this seriously. and i know that's something you could do and we would really appreciate it. >> you're not just our hands. you're our heart and our best chance going forward. god bless and know we support you, we believe in you. no matter what's said in politics, we the american people know who's saving their lives. we owe you a debt of gratitude for what you've done and you'll be forced to do. >> thank you, chris. i appreciate it. >> be safe, brother. thank you. >> thank you. doctors, they're going to be there. it's going to be bad. we have to think about them and we have to think for them in terms of what's best for them as well. now, how about the patients? we've got to hear their stories. two ways, by the way. not just scaring you with look
10:34 pm
how bad this is. but we never talk about look at the the people that recover from this. 80% get over and be asymptomatic. what about those cases. brave nurse i introduced to you early on. he took a turn for the worse after that. now they've fought through. how are they doing now? karen back with an update, next. this right here is the new papadia. which, if i'm not mistaken, is latin for "better than a sandwich."
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. i'll let you behind the curtain a little bit. we introduced you someone early on in this situation called karen goheen. she was a nurse in washington. she was right in the epicenter. her mother was in the elder care where they had the outbreak in the beginning. she couldn't get to her mom and she had coronavirus and she was home and vital and great. after we talked to her she took a turn for the worse. she went into the hospital and she was on a ventilator. we were so worried. she meant so much in terms of our overcoming this. and thank god she came out of the hospital.
10:39 pm
she got back in tich wiouch wit. and i'm able to bring you back tonight. i hope it means nearly as much to carkaren and all of you to s her face. karen goheen, it is great to have you back. i was so worried about you. worried about your father who was sick. worried about your mother who was sick. how are you doing now? >> i'm doing a lot better. i'm still having a little bit of trouble catching my breath sometimes but pretty close to 100%. >> it got a little scary there being in the hospital. >> it was scary, yeah. >> you're used to it as a nurse but what was it like as a patient. >> i have to correct you. i didn't make it to a ventilator. i was on oxygen, but i didn't go on a ventilator. >> thank god. >> but when you can't even stand up at your bedside and get to
10:40 pm
the toilet at the side of the bed without being short of breath, it was pretty scary. >> it's important for people to know that because a lot of people are still being really non-sh non-chalant about this. how's your father? >> he's coming right along. he's stable. he's looking good. we're really encouraged and really happy that we so far all made it out. >> good. i know he's with you. i know you can take care of him again. the mystery was your mom. you couldn't get information. we were banging on the door of that place trying to get them to open up and help you learn more. they tested your mom once, twice? what did you figure out? >> she was tested once and it was negative and tested again and it was positive which made us really scared. but we went and visited her today. she looks really good. she's had no symptoms since she
10:41 pm
was tested positive. >> look at those two. >> she looks great. we're hoping to get her home maybe this next week so that my mom and dad can be together again and so they can hold hands and keep each other company through whatever is to come next. >> oh, karen, you're just -- you're opening up our hearts here. and it's just beautiful to see the family come through this together. god willing by the grace everything stays good going forward. i would love to get your take on something. this message, karen, that you know what? they're going to have to be sacrifices here and some of the old people may have to, you know, take it on the chin for the country so that we can open the economy again and get people back to wheork. it sounds so cruel to me, just so against what we're about. as someone who's just been fighting and watching your parents fight and you know how much life they have left and what they mean to your family, what do you think of that kind of message?
10:42 pm
>> well, i think that message is wrong. i think the problem is that if you let all these people get sick because we're not being careful, that's going to be really bad for the economy too. that's going to be really bad for our health care system. it costs a lot to have a lot of people in the hospital. there is no dollar amount you can put on peoples' lives. you have to do everything you can to prevent this virus from spreading. the economy will return. the economy will improve overtime. we've seen it time and time again. we're a strong country. we have to pull together, care for each other. we would never get through this if we don't. and we can't sacrifice the lives of our wise elders for the economy. okay? i totally disagree with that idea. we can get through this.
10:43 pm
>> we will get through it and we'll get through it because of strength of people like you and families like yours that stay together weak and strong. >> we've had a lot of people praying for us, praying for us, letting us know that they were thinking about us and they cared. so, that's what we have to do as a country. we have to pull together the same way we did during the world war ii to overcome all of that stuff. this is the same kind of battle. we can pull together and overcome it together. but we have to work on it together. we have to care a lot about each other, much more than money. >> karen, you make me get all soft inside. you're hurting my tv persona image right now. we need an expression for your family. you have going hard and getting through something. you've got go hard and you've got goheen. you guys are so tough and you
10:44 pm
made it through together and your heart is filled with love and you want to help the people around you. you're just the best of us. i'm so happy that even in this circumstance you came into our lives. it's beautiful to get to know you and see what you and your family arespondent's exhibit. god bless your family and i'm so happy you came through the worst of it. >> thank you so much chris. my love to all of you people out there. if you get it, i'm praying for you. and all the nurses and doctors, i'm keeping you in my heart. you are so special. we love you all. >> and you're one of them. you're a nurse. get well, get back to work, and send my love to your parents. >> okay. thank you, chris. >> all right. >> nice talking with you. >> boy, is she tough. she gets me, that karen, but it's also allergy season so don't take it too much. the cost of human life, as karen said, how do you make a calculation about when is the right time to reduce the preparations and reduce our only
10:45 pm
defenses? what do you make of a politician getting a huge platform to say what karen goheen just rejected on instinct alone, that so many of you people, the great estrogen ration, you'est generation. what i think, next. i see best-in-class platforms and education. i see award-winning service, and a trade desk full of experts, available to answer your toughest questions. and i see it with zero commissions on online trades. i like what you're seeing. it's beautiful, isn't it? yeah. td ameritrade now offers zero commissions on online trades. ♪
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you met on an app. why? delete it. he's the one. gesundheit. [sneezes] i see something else... a star... with three points.
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you're in a... mercedes. yeah, we wish. wish granted. with four models starting under 37 thousand, there could be a mercedes-benz in your very near future at the spring event. lease the a 220 sedan for just $349 a month with credit toward your first month's payment at your local mercedes-benz dealer. president trump sees easter as the perfect time to reopen the economy and loosen restrictions. listen to him. >> i would love to have the country opened up and just raring to go by easter. i think easter sunday and you'll have packed churches all over our country. i think it would be a beautiful time. >> based on what? no expert backed him up on the easter call. not one piece of science. not one projection.
10:50 pm
now, i'm not sure the president knows easter's theme. it's rebirth and renewal. but assuming he does, why would he invite the opposite of rebirth and renewal? fact: more than 100 americans fact, more than 100 americans died from coronavirus today. more than 700 total. the virus is accelerating. so with those as the facts, give me one reason it would be safe or smart or effective to reopen during the period of most cases. his answer. >> i don't want the cure to be worse than the problem itself. the problem being, obviously, the problem. and you know, you can destroy a country this way, by closing it down. >> the problem being obviously the problem. what is not obviously is that the cure is not a cure. it's arbitrary. he's a fan of money first, mortality second.
10:51 pm
false choice, you say. you can have both, protection and economy, you say. then why are fringe righties saying all of a sudden they'd rather die than kill the country? and why is this lieutenant governor from texas you have no reason to know about getting a primetime spot to say this to a silent state newser? >> are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the america that all america loves for your children and grandchildren? and if that's the exchange, i'm all in. >> hmm. kill my grandparents and my parents so that we can get the economy. sounds pretty good. don't make that call for my family. i guess he's the guy who can answer that absurd question you get when you were a kid. you have to pick one. who are you going to kill? and you can't say neither. i guess he's the guy who answers that question. the rest of us dismiss it.
10:52 pm
you know why? it's absurd. you don't put a price on people's life. my answer has always been i'm goes to choose b. because i'm not going to shift my burden onto people i love. burden onto the people i love. as a people we should face things together because that is the only damn thing that has ever gotten us anywhere. especially when we are far from any point of no return economically. the same cannot be said about how we can press our luck with this pandemic. then, who are we saying it to? the people who built this country, who saved the free world, who carved the code of our character, our best examples of perseverance, the greatest generation. they're going to be sacrificed. for what? fear over fact? the fear that trump's efforts to be president will be hurt? this is the worst job by him to divide us yet, us versus him, taken to an existential plane. who lives and who dies? the only basis is it feels
10:53 pm
better for trump. and let's be honest, not just to trump, for trump. you wear your maga hats, right? "make america great again." square this suggestion with that. the greatest generation. those we all talk about as our inspiration, and rightly so. we are going to tell them we care about you the least. let me tell you something about this pandemic. it's showing us warts and all. best and worst. it is a proving ground for everything about us. what choices our leaders make, what choices we make. they will all reflect what we are made of. and we are better than this. we don't choose who dies. we get through it together as ever as one. amid all of the pain there are also bright lights. we have ameri-cans and we're watching you, you ameri-can'ts. we've got them both. next. 5g will change business in america.
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first ameri-can'ts. holding a coronavirus party in kentucky. you know, a lot of young people
10:58 pm
tell me that they're being targeted unfairly. then call these people out yourselves. okay? now one of the partiers has tested positive. this isn't about shaking a finger at you. point it at yourself. care. please. now, these next two, they need a slap. there's no other way to say it. these two teenagers caught filming themselves coughing on produce at a virginia grocery store. they were found to have just coughed on their sleeves. it was just a prank. but you know what? it's not funny. not now. and the grocery store threw out hundreds of dollars worth of produce just when people need it the most. be better. okay? be an ameri-can. like these from downtown detroit's biggest landlord. they waived up to three months' rent, building expenses and parking fees to its restaurant and retail tenants. the plan is going to help dozens of small businesses. good for them. those who can must do. now. how about this? colorado kindergarten teacher delivering educational packages
10:59 pm
to each of her 27 students along with air hugs and kisses at every door. no wonder we love teachers so much. right? americans also turning to those little free libraries that you see. now they're turning them into little free pantries. stocking them with canned goods and other essentials for their neighbors. beautiful. and not all who do good are named. especially in this city. we've got to remember the public trans-its workers. three cheers for mr. and mrs. bus driver. the train conductor. why? they're working nonstop. they're scared. they don't have the right equipment. why? because they know they have to get essential workers, especially health care heroes, to the front lines. beautiful. the worst calls us to be our best. and thank god we're seeing it. i know times are scary. i know choices get hard. i know the financial anxiety is real. but you can't let fear guide you. we are better when we are together.
11:00 pm
and if we stay there, we'll get through it. thank you for watching. "cnn tonight" with d-lemon right now. >> right on the money at 10:00. thank you for doing that. you're consistent if you're anything. i'm so glad you're doing good news -- >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hello. welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and around the world. i'm john vause with breaking news this hour from washington, where it has just gone 2:00 a.m. on wednesday. after days of negotiations the white house and congressional leaders appear to have reached agreement on what is by far the biggest stimulus package in u.s. history. democrats voted the bill down twice, arguing that $500 billion allocated for bailing out big business lacked accountability. a white house official says the inspector general and congress will have financial oversight. democrats also pushed for more financial help for workers. sick leave, unemployment benefits, as well as direct cash payments. full detailsth


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