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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  March 30, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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we're gonna have to go... where no pop troll has ever gone. who wants to party? without smiling. michael vasquez! come over here. welcome back. some workers, particularly delivery workers, they're i've heard such good things about you, your company. worried about their safety on the job in the middle of this crisis, understandably so, and well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. some now gearing up for a without this place. strike. >> vanessa kavich has the story. this is for you. michael, you didn't have to... and, we're going to need some help with the rest. >> reporter: as millions stay you've worked so hard to achieve so much. home, millions are out risking perhaps it's time to partner with someone exposure to the virus on the who knows you and your business well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. front lines. >> i'm a new yorker. i typically don't get scared of anything, but you know what, it's essential that i'm out here. >> reporter: they're not doctors and nurses, but they are taking care of americans. from tony mizella, a ups driver, top of the hour. good morning, everyone, i'm to grocers to food delivery all
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poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. deemed critical industries convinced finally by the data. working hard in the face of the the white house has extended the pandemic. >> i deliver to the hospital regularly. i just feel, for lack of a shutdown until the end of april, better word, privileged that i'm far beyond the easter date the still able to work and do my job. >> reporter: ups has nearly half a million employees on the job president had suggested. around the world. >> we show you these numbers. here are some still working in the numbers indicate in the modelling that more than 100,000 burgamo, the epicenter of the coronavirus in italy, singing in americans could die from the virus. dr. fauci predicted that it solidarity. ♪ >> companies like ups and fresh could be even more than that, direct say they're following cdc jim. >> here are the latest numbers. and w.h.o. guidelines for social identified cases have skyrocketed in the u.s. to distancing and hygiene 140,000. protocols. nearly 20,000 americans have >> it's interesting to see how died so far. much people really need us now 1,000 of them in what's proving in this pandemic. to be the epicenter so far in there is a little risk coming the u.s. that is new york, new york outside every day to do your job, but i kind of feel like a state. doctors are now trying anything they can to stop that number superhero in a sense, saving the from growing. today the fda has issued an world. emergency authorization for >> reporter: with most masks in hospitals, there are a few left
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for other critical workers. anti-malarial drugs allowing them to treat patients hit with in new york city, they have a the coronavirus. poppy, they're using whatever small number for their they can to try to save lives. employees, but not enough, so >> here in new york, the they made their own. epicenter of the pandemic in the jennifer camacho is one of 2 united states, they are building field hospitals. million grocery store workers this is -- look at that. around the country exposed to you're seeing field hospitals, large groups of people each day. tents, essentially, set up in >> i am deathly afraid of the middle of central park in the middle of manhattan. getting this virus. i'm doing everything i can to protect myself and i'm here for unbelievable to see valiant the community. efforts there. in minutes, more backup beds in >> reporter: and her message to all of us. the hudson river. >> take your precautions, that's right, the navy hospital please. ship comfort scheduled to dock stay safe so we can stay safe as soon. we'll go live to governor cuomo well. >> reporter: these employees when that happens. still find joy in their work. >> these are live pictures of >> i'm happy about the fact the comfort sailing there. we're able to keep the elderly, made for times of war is now like our grandmothers, keeping coming to new york to help during a time of the pandemic. them safe in the house is a today we're going inside one of great thing. the hospitals that's been >> some of these essential overrun by this virus. we're going to take you along to workers are going online at the brooklyn emergency room not amazon and instacart. unlike a medical war zone. to be clear, the impact of this workers are asking for hazard
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pay and in staten island, an virus is not just in new york, employee tested positive at a it's become a national problem. facility there. >> 100%. there are hot spots emerging all those and other employees are across the country. you see them there, big concerns going on strike to ask them to clean the facility and pay them about louisiana, big concerns about michigan. when they're off the job. we'll get to that shortly, but let's begin in new york. and poppy, amazon is saying those employees can take the our national correspondent brynn gingras joins us again with the unlimited time they need before latest. what are the numbers telling us, what are the doctors saying this morning? >> reporter: yeah, poppy and coming back to work as employees jim, good morning. are trying to meet this listen, it is all hands on deck. increased demand from americans, that is what governor cuomo is but also, more importantly, trying to protect their essentially saying has to happen employees, jim and poppy. here in new york. >> no question. you almost get emotional looking who has the most contact? at the comfort coming into new it's first responders, but also york city's port with the red delivery folks. crosses and american flag, and they're out there. hope fortunatefully it does pro vanessa cambridge, thank you so much. the trump campaign has comfort for patients but comfort threatened tv stations over for the health care workers, the political ads. now the group behind that ad is nurses, the ems, and the digging in. doctors. more than 2,000 deaths are and provided free data for schools and students. attributed to this state alone. it's the grim reality. we're seeing resources flooded visit to learn more.
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into hospitals not only in the city but across this entire you can also manage your account, make payments, state. it's needed. and find t-mobile stores that are open near you. in fact, it's needed so much it might actually run out by the end of the week, according to we've been asking, are you with us? new york city's mayor. we know just within the new york but we want you to know, we're with you. city hospital system, the ers are double the capacity of what ♪ they typically are, the icu units are three times larger than what they typically are. new fixodent ultra dual power you'll see that later in miguel provides you with an unbeatable hold and strong seal against food infiltrations. marquez' piece. it's bursting at the seams. we talked to one doctor who said fixodent. and forget it. they need respiratory doctors. they're shorthanded every which way you turn. we know, as you guys mentioned, the beds are going up in central park, a place where kids usually play baseball. we're going to see beds there. the goal is to get these hospitals in every single burrough in new york city. very quickly, i want to mention, guys, what was first just sort of taking care of each other, the social distancing, now it's mandatory.
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in new york city, the mayor saying you could see as much as $$9.95? no way.? $9.95? that's impossible. a $5,000 fine if you don't abide. >> that's a step a lot of cities hi, i'm jonathan, haven't yet taken, but it shows a manager here at colonial penn life insurance company, the seriousness. brynn gingras there in new york, to tell you it is possible. thank you very much. if you're age 50 to 85, >> we're going to louisiana now. you can get life insurance this is becoming another focus with options starting at just $9.95 a month. of the outbreak. governor edwards there is okay, jonathan, i'm listening. warning that new orleans could run out of ventilators by the tell me more. end of this week. just $9.95 a month not a distant problem, this for colonial penn's number one most popular whole life insurance plan. week. they are converting the downtown there are no health questions convention center now into a to answer and there are makeshift hospital expected to no medical exams to take. hold 1,000 beds. your acceptance is guaranteed. this as cnn has learned that a guaranteed acceptance? i like guarantees. 450-person navy medical unit is preparing to deploy to new keep going. and with this plan, your rate orleans and texas to help in the is locked in for your lifetime, response. joining me now is billy gessner. so it will never go up. sounds good to me, but at my age, i need the security of knowing it won't get cancelled as i get older. this is lifetime coverage as long as you pay your premiums. billy, i know you have a lot on it can never be cancelled, your plate there.
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john edwards, the governor, said call now for free information. cases are expected to surge, you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. overwhelm the state's health use this valuable guide to record care facilities by the end of the first week of april. your important information and give helpful direction can you give us your latest about your final wishes to your loved ones. figure? i wonder if given the and it's yours free. limitations on testing, are you it's our way of saying thank you just for calling. confident you now know how many cases are out there? at least a ballpark figure for so call now. the number of cases. >> well, we're at 3,440. we're second in the number of (background conversation (notification chime) deaths in the country. (keyboard clicking) they're still going up. we had to close two state parks in toledo bend on the state line because it looked like fourth of july this past weekend with people coming to that lake from texas. so people are still not heeding the warning, and we're in serious -- it's a serious issue here with people still not staying home. >> i want to ask you about the help you're getting from the federal government, because a lot of states, regardless of red
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or blue, they're saying they need more. the governor, the states, asked for 12,000 ventilators, has so far only received 192 from the national stockpile. the president yesterday described his help, the government's help for louisiana, as being very successful. i think he, the governor, is actually amazed at what he's been able to get. has it been successful? are you getting what you need to treat sick residents of the state of louisiana? >> i think the ventilators, the answer is no. we run out, i think, april 4th or 5th is the date people are going on ventilators, and we obviously need more. you can't order them when you need them. they have to be in the hospital when those patients need to go on a ventilator. you can't wait for them to be delivered, so i know we've requested many more than we received, and hopefully those
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ventilators will show up soon. >> as you know, the borders between states pretty porous, a liberal group is expanding people can drive back and forth. the city of new orleans has ordered a stay-at-home order, its ad by the threat of legal other cities have not. has that hampered your ability action. >> the coronavirus. we have it totally under control. >> one day it's like a miracle, to hold this? it will disappear. >> when you have 15 people and within a couple days, it's going >> at toledo bend, we were to be close to zero. surprised to see it look like >> we really think we've done a the fourth of july. a lot of people were driving great job keeping it down to a over from texas because a lot of minimum. >> we've done one hell of a job. things on their side were closed. nobody has done the job we've then we had in baton rouge done. >> no, i don't take people driving around picking up responsibility at all. people for church. until people heed this warning, we're not going to get on top of this. to see that happening when people are dying is pretty >> joining us now is guy incredible. >> goodness, so sorry to see that. a lot of issues here, and you hear it in new york state, too, pierson. guy, those are all quotes from
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about requiring people to follow the president himself. what is the legal argument the these stay-at-home orders, and president is making here to pull there have been concerns in new the ads? orleans of some people not >> the reality is the legal argument hasn't worked because listening. do you think it's necessary for the ad continues to run on police to start enforcing this, stations across the country. issuing fines, for instance? their arcgument is that we're nt >> i think you're going to have to. i know there was a second line telling the truth. the fact is we see every day in new orleans and people were that the president's press looking for the organizers of conferences are used for that second line to arrest them. misinformation for attacking any large gatherings that disobey the orders of the governors, reporters and propaganda. we think it's critical that we mayors, the governors, you're going to have to start enforcing put purressure on this white hoe it, because they're going to spread it to other people and to not only tell truth but to do we're not going to get on top of this until everybody listens to their job and make sure we're the order. >> listen, lieutenant governor, providing correct information to the american people at this we wish you the best, we wish time. >> the president is at a 45% the people of louisiana the best. our hearts go out to you and we approval rating. it's the first time we've seen hope you're able to take care. it above his disapproval rating, >> we'll get through this which is 46%. working together if we all pull in the right direction. thank you. >> we will. do you ev do you have a concern that an ad no question. well, pennsylvania's like this could backfire as he's governor has asked for a major disaster declaration. enjoying an increase in national it's the state's largest metro
7:10 am
support? >> firstly, i think it's area. of course, that's philadelphia, important for america to as they brace for a surge of understand that everyone wants this president to succeed. infections. i want this president to succeed joining me is commissioner tom in combatting what's happening farley. around the country. commissioner, thank you for what we need him to make sure america you and your team are doing has what it needs. every day. but it's also important to note >> good morning. >> good morning. let's begin there. in context that these numbers you are preparing for a great surge in philadelphia. we just heard from new york pale in comparison to what other city, where you used to be leaders have given in other commissioner there, have now been 1,000 deaths in new york times. it's forcing this administration city for coronavirus. to tell the truth, to do their job, and to provide what the what have you learned in american people need and what the states need to respond to philadelphia from watching what plays out in new york? this pandemic. that is our focus and that's >> new york is only 90 minutes what we want to continue to pressure this administration to away from us. do. >> we're out of time, but i know it's easy to get there by train or by car. their hospital is coming under you've seen some of the fact checkers that say this is taken strain. we have a strong social out of context. distancing order in the state to try to slow that wave to be as the coronavirus, this is the new small as possible, and we're hoax, those words were not said preparing for that wave to come back to back by the president. here. >> do you think at this point, given what you've seen play out thanks to all of you for 90 minutes away from joining us. we're out of time.
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we'll be back with you tomorrow philadelphia, that there should morning. be a quarantine of the city, i'm poppy harlow. meaning people not allowed to drive from new york city, et >> and i'm jim sciutto. cetera, from new jersey into there is much more on "cnn philadelphia and vice versa? >> you know, we have said that newsroom." john king is next. anyone who comes to philadelphia from the new york city area should be quarantining for 14 days after they arrive here. that, i think, will help a little bit. i don't think there is any point in enforcing that because the virus is clearly in every neighborhood in philadelphia already, anyway. >> so you don't think that at this point things like road blocks and fines, et cetera, are going to work? >> no, that's not going to make a difference. the virus is here everywhere, and we want everybody here to behave and stay at home. we have a very strong stay-at-home order. to my observation, most people in philadelphia are following the rule. it's too early to say whether it's making a difference, but i think we've got a stay in order in place and i think that will make a difference. >> let me read from a city
7:12 am
doctor. she writes, today i told the 28-year-old that he needs intubation. he was scared, couldn't breathe. i told the wife of a 47-year-old that he was dying over facetime. i bronched a teenager and rifskd my own life. do you fear there is not an appreciation yet for on you deadly this can be for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s? >> most people are going to be elderly, however, there are so many people with this infection, substantially younger people otherwise very healthy who can have a very serious disease. we emphasize that hard. we have daily press conferences here and continue to hammer home the message that everybody needs to stay home to protect
7:13 am
everybody. >> yeah. everybody needs to stay home to protect everybody. good luck there, commissioner farley. >> it's great to get these views around the world. it lets folks see how serious the situation is around the country. we'll continue to bring those to you on this broadcast now. a cruise ship carrying at least two confirmed coronavirus patients are now making their way to florida. america's van dam ship crossed into america today. 40 people dying on this ship suffering from flu-like symptoms. >> everyone is worried about supplies. at least one nurse there has died. rosa, there was so much concern there last week with packed beaches. what is it like now in south florida? >> the epicenter in florida is
7:14 am
south florida. south florida is the hot spot with nearly 50% of the 5,000 cases in the state of florida in the counties of miami-dade and also broward counties. as you said, we've been following the number of deaths. there are more than 50 in this state, including an icu nurse in miami and also a doctor in broward. we're also following that ship that jim just mentioned, the van dam. it just crossed the panama canal. it's going to take about three days before it gets to florida. four patients on board died. the cause of death has not been announced yet, but two other individuals have tested positive for covid-19, and more than 190 have exhibited symptoms of the flu. so very intense moments, poppy and jim, on this ship, and this ship is going to need permission before it docks. we're going to wait and see if that happens. >> we know you'll stay on top of it, rosa flores.
7:15 am
thanks very much. ships have been such a focus of this. >> i'm just stunned they're still out there. i'm just stunned to see packed cruise ships still out there. i'm hoping for the best for them. >> no question, still to come this hour, you're looking at another ship. this is the hospital ship. the u.s.sns ship kmofrt on its to new york city. this is a ship deployed during times of war. it's going to arrive just moments from now, and now being used to save lives in this pandemic. hello to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john king in washington. this is cnn's continuing live coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. just the last hour, the usns
7:16 am
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hospitals are describing the chaos like a war zone. a thousand people have died in new york from this alone. >> and they haven't peaked. this doctor is from sloa sloan-kettering center. thank you for coming on. people who say, it hasn't come
7:21 am
into my community, i'm safe from this, what do you say to them? >> i say unfortunately that's incorrect, and that's even wildly incorrect. as we've seen last week, chicago, detroit, new orleans, dallas, miami, big cities, sort of the touristy cities have been hit, but what's really emerging now are smaller cities. shreveport, louisiana has a problem that's not related to new orleans. it's its own problem. it's five hours away from new orleans. albany, georgia, 70,000 people. big outbreak. jackson, mississippi. so smaller cities are now being affected and that's going to leak out into the counties and small towns. so this is everywhere. and there is no denying it and hoping it will go away will not work. >> you know, you have said, doctor, the notion that the book
7:22 am
is written on how this is going to play out across the country is dangerous, and you just laid out why. my question to that is, what do you do in some of those areas? we have a lot of hospitals here in new york city. they don't have enough gear and they may not have enough icu beds in a week, but we have a lot of hospitals and they're building more in central park. but what about rural america where it's easily a two-hour drive to a hospital where they don't have easy access? what's going to happen to rural america? >> i've been looking at a place where the closest hospital is a 25-bed hospital without any icu, without any specialists. this is going to cause a break in the way we do business health
7:23 am
ca carewise here. it works great for the 25-bed hospital to be able to ship people to little rock, arkansas. if little rock can't handle it, maybe they'll send it to dallas. so we depended upon staging our facilities. we can't do that now. so the 25-bed hospital in rural arkansas is going to have to deal with it. they can't send it to little rock because little rock is going to be full. so the whole way we have built our health care system in rural america will not work, and this is a huge concern to me. >> wow. >> goodness. doctor, you're, of course, an infectious disease specialist. can you help clear something up i get asked so often from viewers, as well as family and friends. are we learning that as this outbreak progresses that it is dangerous beyond the elderly and people with underlying conditions. you see some cases, young people
7:24 am
here and there. are those exceptions or is it showing this has a broader threat? >> i think the confusion is about the rate of complication with the very elderly which is quite high. the rate of complication with younger people is one-tenth of that with the elderly. even the .1 in the 1/1000 range turns out to be a real number, because tens of thousands of people in that age range have the infection and are going to get the infection. so even a low rate transfers to a whole lot of people. it's the rate. >> doctor, given all the work you do in oncology, what does this mean for cancer patients and their ability to get their chemo treatments? >> another great question.
7:25 am
i think that every patient in america with a chronic condition, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, neurologic problems, are stuck right now. every hospital is having to individualize treatments, trying to weigh the risk of coming in to the hospital for therapies versus the danger of contracting the covid-19 virus. i would say it's a tremendous challenge. people are having to make the toughest decisions, delaying che chemotherapy, delaying heart surgery, delaying a hip surgery because the risk and the benefit has to be recalibrated. so it's not just, alas, patients with covid-19 themselves who are having health issues that are being exacerbated. it's anyone with a chronic condition in the united states. >> dr. kent sepkowitz, thank you
7:26 am
for the work you're doing and keep us updated, especially on those rural areas you spotlighted as well. good luck. look at this live picture from new york. that is the usns naval ship comfort arriving in new york city, a hospital built for times of war now helping in a time of a global pandemic.
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we're going to show you a sight for sore eyes. live pictures of the usns ship comfort arriving in new york. it's going to arrive at a dock shortly. hundreds of beds on that ship. they're going to provide relief to hospitals overwhelmed with coronavirus patients. as we've been saying, here is a ship built for times of war, and now it's doing its part in the epicenter of this outbreak. >> shimon prokupecz joins us now. it's a pretty beautiful sight in theis going to the ship and whe that can start? okay. looks like we lost him. so we're going to try to get reconnected to him. shimon, can you hear us?
7:32 am
no? >> poppy, one thought that we should mention to viewers about the comfort, right, is that the idea, i believe, is not to bring coronavirus patients to the ship but bring on patients who are in hospitals treated for other things to clear space for coronavirus patients in those hospitals. >> that's a great point. we have shimon now. shimon, i'm glad you're with us. talk about the aid that the usns comfort will give. is it correct this will not actually be for covid patients, it's going to be to take care of all the other sick people in new york city. >> reporter: right, that's exactly right, poppy. it's to relieve the pressure from hospitals that are facing now, because of the covid patients, the whole point of the usns comfort is to relieve the pressure that a lot of the hospitals in the area are facing. because they're inundated with the critical care that they need to give tie lo a lot of the cov
7:33 am
patients. so this ship that is going to dock here in just moments is going to take patients who may need surgeries. there are operating rooms on this ship. they can do anything that a hospital can do on this ship once it docks here. there's going to be doctors and nurses and all sorts of equipment that potentially anyone who needs serious care, any other care other than, of course, the coronavirus. activity around me, as you can see, is starting to pick up. there's helicopters in the air, there's intense security surrounding the ship as it makes its way just about 15 blocks or so away from the dock here, and once it gets here, we expect to hear from officials, and then probably by tomorrow, it should be able to start taking patients. >> i don't think we can underestimate what this means, what this shows here. the military coming to help a city overwhelmed by this, and
7:34 am
poppy, as you were saying earlier, temporary hospitals being put up in central park. in no and new york, the governor says, has not reached its peak yet. it's still a couple weeks away. >> that's an amazing thing to comprehend. we're grateful to everyone on that ship and we'll hear from the new york governor soon. shimon, thank you very much. on the other side of the country, california is working to keep up with a growing number of coronavirus cases. they have reported 4,000 cases and 100 deaths. >> mayor, thank you for your time. i'm always conscious of you and others because i know you have a lot on your plate dealing with this. california hit this problem earlier than, say, a state and city like new york. have you peaked there? what is the data telling you? >> good morning. we haven't yet, and that's why all of the precautions that we've been taking both here
7:35 am
across the state and particularly here locally in san diego with the closure of our beaches is what mayors are doing across the country. how do we ensure we have that social distancing, this is serious, and hoping people follow it. >> i think the picture on friday shows what you and other mayors are facing. 76 new cases that day. has that made you change measures? are you considering potentially a quarantine of the city? >> yeah, we've taken some pretty aggressive measures because of the numbers not just across the state but particularly, like here in san diego, we have 500 cases, approximately, right now in san diego today. that's why we moved early, poppy, on the first big city in america to close our beaches, to close our parks.
7:36 am
that's tough for folks. i get it. but it's incredibly important, particularly in these public spaces that we cannot have these large groups and gatherings. so we've taken some pretty stringent actions that we hope -- of course, we see the results of in the coming days and coming weeks, but this is the new normal here in san diego and california. >> mayor faulkner, hold on for a minute. we have some breaking news from new york, new york governor andrew cuomo speaking live where the usns comfort is landing there, the hospital ship. let's listen for a moment. >> now for the apex. yes, we're bringing in ventilators today that we're not using today, because we don't need them today. you put the material together that you need to fight the war, and the war is engaged for two
7:37 am
or three weeks. [ inaudible ] >> our plan of action is to this situation. i've dealt with disasters all across this country. i was in the federal government, i dealt with dozens of disasters. if you wait to prepare for when the storm hits, you lose, because it's too late to prepare when the storm hits. >> okay. so as you can tell, we're having a hard time hearing governor andrew cuomo of new york. it doesn't look like he has a microphone on. if we can get a microphone close to him, we'll go back to that. i think we still have san diego mayor kevin faulkner with us. mayor, thank you very, very much for waiting. one of the questions we have for you is, i keep thinking of all these essential workers and child care and what sort of setup they have. my family is lucky.
7:38 am
my husband takes care of the kids in the morning, i go home after the show and i take care of the kids. we swap, right? for many people that's not possible for their schedule. what are you guys doing for children of essential workers? >> great question, poppy, and it's affecting everyone, to your point, and one of the things we've been doing in terms of child care particularly for our first responders and having all of the -- some of our city facilities for that. we've got to keep our police officers, our firefighters, our lifeguards out there every day. it is tough, and i cannot say enough about everybody that's been pitching in to make it happen. >> but they have child care, sir? does every kid that needs it have it? >> we don't have it for everybody at this point, that's the reality. that's why we've been working so quickly, if we can, particularly with that focus on first responders because we need them out there. >> mayor, we've been asking lieutenant governors, mayors
7:39 am
from cities red and blue. do they have what they need to respond to this? are you getting the help from the federal government, from the private sector to fill those needs? tell us what the situation is in san diego. >> jim, obviously we're very thankful for the federal stimulus. i think that's a great start. there is going to be some money for cities and counties, but it's going to impact all of us. not only when we talk a lot about medical supplies, but also dollars from the economic side of this. one of the things that we just set up in san diego and just announced last week was a small business relief fund. the backbone of our economy here in san diego is small businesses. we had over 4,000 companies apply just on friday for our small business fund, and, you know, it's all about how can we help these folks try to get back on their feet, try to get through, weather this storm. this is not just an issue in san die diego, but this is an issue obviously all across the
7:40 am
country. i really tried to set the tone here in san diego. it's not if you're a democrat, republican, it's bringing this city together, put in policies that help people and help people now. >> san diego mayor -- >> good luck. >> yeah, good luck. we just wish you luck in the response to this. we'll be right back. roundup for lawns is here to put unwelcome lawn weeds to rest. so, draw the line. roundup for lawns is formulated to kill lawn weeds to the root without harming your grass. roundup brand. trusted for over 40 years.
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