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tv   CNN Tonight with Don Lemon  CNN  May 21, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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she is part of our interconnectedness and interdependence. remember, there's always hope. thank you for watching "cnn tonight" with d. lemon right now. >> that is an american. what was i doing at ten years old? i wasn't doing that. >> what am i doing now? >> i was watching that story -- congratulations. go chelsea. someone like her and the american ts you're putting on and every year we do the hero thing, i have never felt worse about myself. i feel warm inside and i leave the hero thing and think about what am i doing? >> it's a fair question. it's in the easy to look at yourself in the mir rir on a regular base si. and you see your life is empty.
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>> you're talking about yourself. projecting. >> you're a saint compared to me. why do i wear black every day. >> someone sent a message saying can you loan your buddy a suit and tie. more than the tie. loan him a suit. >> i love people still don't get that i wear the same thing every night. >> i put this tie on and i notice it's enormous. look how big it is. >> everything on you looks good. the way you dress is not your problem. >> great show tonight. that case down in georgia taking a twist and turns. all over the place. i don't think obviously what we know. it's not the end. i think there will be more people caught up in there. i don't know how will end up and level of involvement. man, oh, man. >> it's a story of people who thought they knew something about somebody and they decided to act on it and they were wrong. that's what it will be. >> all right, my friend. love you the most.
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>> love you, my brother. >> have a great evening. this is "cnn tonight." we have some breaking news. about the coronavirus. it is we'll talk about the death toll now. it's passing 94,000. all 50 states beginning to reopen. and cnn town hall tonight dr. fauci has advice about what is safe. this memorial day weekend. watch this. >> go out, wear a mask. stay six feet away from anyone. so you have the physical distance. and go out. go for a run our walk. go fishing. as long as you're not in a crowd and you're not in a situation where you can physically transmit the virus. that's what the mask is for. and the physical distance. i plan to go out for a nice walk and hike over memorial day. and i'll do it with care. with a mask on. >> so clear advice from dr. fauci. maintain physical distance.
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wear a mask. wear a mask. the president still refusing to follow the advice. president of the united states surrounded by others wearing a mask standing in front of a display of plastic masks. being made for front line workers at a ford plant in michigan. is he wearing a mask? nope. >> take us through your thought process with why you decided not to wear a mask. >> i had one on before. i wore one in the back area. i didn't want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it. i had it in the back area. i put a mask on. >> did you have the goggles on? >> i did. goggles and a mask. >> why are you not wearing? >> in this area -- take it. not necessary here. everybody has been tested. i have been tested. i was tested this morning. it's not necessary.
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i was given a choice. i had one on in an area where they prefer it. i put on and it was nice. they said not necessary here. please? >> what about the example it would set for other americans -- >> it sets an example both ways. i did have it on. >> it looked very nice. did you hear that? it looked very nice. not it wasn't necessary. okay, nothing but excuses. it's not necessary to wear a mask. i had one on before. i didn't want to give reporters the pleasure of seeing me. i had one on and it looked very nice. i was given a choice. it sets a bad example both ways. it sure does. we had a doctor on the other night he said some in this administration forgot they work for the american people.
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this president certainly forgot that. he's never thought that he worked for the american people the example that the president should be setting is for the people he works for and that's the american people. who at this point should be trying to protect themselves and their fellow american people. family and loved ones, neighbors, everyone. he is the leader. he sets an example. he sets an example of a president who time after time has resorted to the old do as i say not as i do defense. who absolutely refuses to do what millions of americans have done, have been doing for weeks. you made a lot of sacrifices over this long period of time. right? the very least the president can do is wear a mask.
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don't you think? to the president who stands there, right, a mask with the presidential seal in his hand. still doesn't put the thing on. >> there's my mask. right here. i liked it very much. i actually think i lock better in the mask. i really did. i look better in the mask. i'm making a speech so i won't have it now. i did have it on. some of you might have gotten a shot. thank you. >> mr. ford can you confirm he was told it's okay not so wear one in the area. >> he's making a speech so he won't have one on. so i'm talking right now. can you hear me? i'm speaking. can you understand what i'm saying? i'm wearing a mask. funny how it works.
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you know, cloth. and a microphone and a voice. and projection. it's not about like going after the president because he's not wearing a mask. it's not that. it is again, the example that he is setting for the country. the double standard that it is. that he likes to call people out for what he thinks is a double standard. of how he's treated so poorly and badly the double standard. yet, when there's a double standard from him, on his end, doesn't matter. do you feel me? see what i'm saying? that is called, say it together. hypocrisy. it's up to him. you know what that means. he won't wear a mask in public. ford put out a statement saying
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bill ford the chairman encouraged the president to wear a mask when he arrived but later removed it. defieing michigan state law and the company rules. blasting the president's defiance. >> the president is like a child. who refuses to follow the rules. this is no joke. >> asked earlier today whether he would wear a mask the president said this. >> i don't know. we'll look at it. people have asked me that question. i want to get our country back to normal. i want a normalize. one of the things i want to do is get churches open. the churches are not being treated with respect by a will the of the democrat governors. i want to get the churches open. and we'll take a very strong position on that very soon. >> well, quite a pivot there from a question about whether he himself will wear a mask in
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public to claiming that democrats are not treating churches with respect. all right, we'll talk about that. what people are trying to do is keep people alive and safe. super-spreaders. things that happen in gatherings. remember, division is what this president believes sells and helps him among his constituents. if he can create a division a false division between evangelical and church going people and democrats, he will do that. whether people are just trying to keep folks alive and safe and from getting covid-19 or not, it's the democrats who are trying to keep you from practicing your religion because they don't like religion or god or the church or what have you.
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instead of saying the science indicates and dictate that you don't gather in big groups. end of story. that's a fact. create a wedge with false information because that's what he believes works for him. that's all that's happening here. so, in that instance when you don't want to answer the question you change the subject. let's not forget that he said this the very day he announced cdc guidance urging americans to wear masks. >> somehow sitting in the oval office behind the beautiful desk, the great resolute desk. wearing a face mask as i greet president ts, prime ministers, dictators, kings and queens. i don't see it for myself. >> you know what this is about.
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he told you -- all of us. on the first day. the president who made his name as a reality tv showman cares more about how he looks. he even said it in the previous sound bite i played at the ford tour. he said it looked great, right? who would think that bt a a mask? especially a president. trying to lead people and guide them through a pandemic. do you care how it looks or how it performs? he cares about looking strong and a winner. wearing a mask is just not the part of the picture of himself that he broadcasts in his own head. he thinks it would make him look weak. so he refuses to do it. refusing to do the right thing. he justified not wearing a mask. he was tested this morning. and then are you ready for this? listen to the president. >> i tested very positively in
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another sense. this morning. i tested positively for negative. i tested perfectly this morning. meaning i tested negative. positively toward the negative. >> okay. is this a serious story. what? i'm not sure i understood. please play it again. >> i tested very positively in a another sense. so this morning -- yeah. i tested positively toward negative. i tested perfectly this morning. meaning i tested negative. that's a way of saying it. positively towards the negative. >> okay. i think that was a rrter trying to help him out. positively toward the negative.
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okay, to listen to that and ask yourself is this someone who has anyone business questioning joe biden's tendency to misspeak, is this someone who -- and we can play many many of these. he always says many people say. we can play many of these. come on. is this someone who has any -- should he be questioning joe biden misspeaks sometimes? this is just beyond hypocritical. if anything emerges from that garbled mess. his justification is he tested negative. honestly, just wear a mask. enough with the excuses. the president thinks it would be a bad look, less than six months before election day. just like he made it clear why
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he won't wear a mask, you have to listen too hard to get to what he is really looking forward to. >> i think the demand now is greater than ever before. we'll have to go to certain states where we're able to -- i don't have to have a stadium where you have a person and seven empty seats and another person. so we might do out door big ones and may also just wait until the stadiums can open up. i think it will be soon. >> okay. so -- i have tried to be fair all the time. i'm playing what he says. that was incredibly irresponsible. because what he is doing is encouraging crowded campaign rallies soon. should anybody be doing that? the president is just itching to get back out there. he said it again today.
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>> hopefully in the not too distant future we'll have massive rallies and people will be sitting next to each other. i can't imagine a rally where every fourth seat is full. every six seats are empty for every one you have full. that doesn't look too good. i hope that we'll be able to do some good old fashion 25,000 person rallies. where everyone is going wild because they love the country. >> everybody wants the rallies. we have never had a empty seat from the time i came down the escalator. with the first lady. who people really love and ta love her at the rallies too. she loves the people of the country. they are longing for the rallies. >> mask or no mask? >> we can't have a rally with an empty stadium. in other words, you maybe able to pull it off baseball or football. or boxing or basketball. you can't pull off a rally
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with -- it wouldn't work out well. hopefully we can do rallies in the last couple months. maybe the last couple months we can do rallies in various states. >> i misspoke. he said it again and again. you can do virtual rallies, by the way. it's possible. it's not reality. 25,000 people crowded together for hours. shouting and screaming. irresponsible to be thinking about that any time soon. honestly. any time soon. i have to tell you to be quite honest with you, i have a really nice note from a lady who asked me -- i have gotten a couple. the beginning of the show, why do you take so many pauses and talk so slow. because, this is the gods honest truth. because i'm not just reading things off a teleprompter.
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i'm thinking about what i'm saying. and i want to make sure that what i'm saying is correct and factual. and there's nuance to it. i'm thinking about what i'm saying. not just reading words. so, when people have a conversation im trying to have a conversation with the viewer. so when you have a conversation with people, you don't just keep talking and rattling. you think about what you say, pause, it's just natural. i'm very comfortable sitting here. i feel like im sitting in my living room. i do this two hours a night, five times a week. as you are sitting on your couch in the living room i sit at this desk every night. i'm very comfortable. i pause sometimes and think about what i do. sometimes i say the right thing. if i say something wrong i apologize. like in every day conversation. that's what this is about. i'm thinking about what i am saying. okay? that's why i do that.
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it's not for effect. it's just me having a conversation with you. i hope you appreciate it. if you don't, i'm sorry. we have a lot more to come tonight on the pandemic. that's me reading now. and the president's response. we have a major new development tonight in the case that we have been following for you for nearly three weeks. the killing of ahmaud arbery. chased down and shot and killed while jogging in a georgia neighborhood. a third suspect arrested and charged with felony murder in the case. i'll talk with the attorneys for the family. a lot more coming up. with the president refusing to wear a mask in public will people follow his lead this memorial weekend? that is a question for cnn john and doctor john ryaner. who actually said to me the other night about something that i just mentioned in the open. we'll talk about that, next.
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the president cannot be any clearer today. he won't wear a mask in front of cameras he did you want want to get reporters the pleasure of seeing it. what message is he giving americaning as the death toll passes 94,000. thank you both. john, no mask for the president during the public tour. is this a silly macho thing? optics thing for the country reopening? why can't he show leadership, that's what is this about. >> i think it's three things. you eluded to some of them in the set up. first of all, the president is vein. he likes to look large and in charge. if he wears a mask it looks less than that. secondly, wearing a mask
8:24 pm
conflicts with his message of everything is fine, let's go reopen the economy. he's trying to send a signal that people don't have to worry about the coronavirus and wearing a mask suggests you have to worry. the third thing is the president especially under political stress and he's under a lot of political stress at the moment, likes to make culture war appeals to his base. this gave today gave him a twofold opportunity to do that. first of all, by not wearing the mask in front of reporters he identified with the sense of defiance among some segment of the base that thinks that it's just nerds and scared cats who live masks and i'm not having my liberty infringed on. and he said i'm with you. he said i won't knuckle under and give you the pleasure of seeing me in a mask. the base thinks the press is fake news and hear what he says and reflect it back to him.
8:25 pm
and so that was another wau of establishing distance between himself and driving a wedge with the media. the problem for the president is that he's obviously on the short side of the public health part of this. it's counter productive to his goal of opening the economy. because wearing a mask is something that would make the country safer and make it a more sustainable recovery. politically a poll yesterday showed 70% of the american people embrace the idea of mask wearing. it shows respects to others and helps protect people. that 30% that didn't agree that's not enough to win the election. >> it's interesting that for people who believe in liberty, which i take them at their word. libber tir and independence and freedom. they would be in their estimation this is why they're doing it, if they are doing it for that, they would be limbings, following someone
8:26 pm
rather than thinking for themselves about what is best for them and other people around them. i want to bring you in. i was referencing you in the open when i talk about working for the american people. you said that. you are talking about the vice president forgetting he worked for the american people and i brought it out the government and president showing he shows a mask. won't wear it on camera. what happens when the president refuses to wear a mask, what do people at home think? >> i think some people em late him and refuse to wear a mask in the supermarket and then prop bait coronavirus and people die. i agree with what john says about some of the reasons this president is so defiant about the mask. there's another big reason. every time we talk about this, we don't talk about the fact that almost 100,000 americans
8:27 pm
are dead. that this administration has failed to test, failed to provide ventilators and ppe for healthcare workers. hads failed to protect the most vulnerable the elderly a third of the deaths in nursing homes. every time we talk about a drug like hydroxychloroquine last night, or masks. we're not talking about the massive failure that resulted in the death of almost 100,000 americans. that's why he brings this non-sense up. it changes the subject. >> i wish we had more time. you're on almost every night. so we'll see you soon. thank you. have a good evening. president trump doubling down on the false claim voting by mail leads to wide ved voter fraud. what makes him sure everyone voting will be a bad thing for him. that's next. stressballs gummies have ashwagandha,
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so the president railing against mail in voting. he seems really concerned about that even though there's a pandemic gripping the country. falsely claiming it leads to widespread fraud. even though studies show voter fraud is extremely rare in america elections. including in places where vote by mail is widespread. so what's mind the president's repeated false claims? let's talk about it with cnn senior political analyst. i always love what you have to say, sir. i love having you on. good evening to you. everything safe? >> we're doing good. out here in california. still rocky.
8:33 pm
we're okay. >> why is the president so against voting by mail and attacking two key swing states expanding in nevada and michigan? >> the president i think is continuing his -- two things. one is since 2010 certainly since the decision by the supreme court in 2013 there have been a lot of effort by republican control states, governors and legislatures to suppress the vote and make it harder. voter id laws and closing early voting places and so forth. he's continuing if that effort. the second thing is he is trying to lay the ground work to argue the election is illegitimate if he loses. the president has lost this war already if you look at the six states that both sides agree on most likely to pick the winner. north carolina and florida and arizona. in all of them under the existing law anybody who wants to vote my mail can do so by any
8:34 pm
reason. he's fighting trying to make is tougher. the structure is there. the states most likely to pick the president in november. >> voter fraud is rare in the united states. including places where vote by mail is widespread. here's the president, this is on michigan. and mail in voting. earlier today. >> we don't want them to do mail in ballots because it's going to lead to total election fraud. we don't want them to do mail in ballots. we don't want anyone do it. if somebody has to mail it in because they are sick or because they live in the white house and have to vote in florida and woept be in florida, if there's a reason for it, that's okay. if there's a reason. if there's not a -- we don't want to take any chances with fraud in the election. >> frequent trump critic senator mitt romney said utah vote by
8:35 pm
mail system works very well. who is to say more people voting by mail wouldn't help trump? >> right. first of all, in 2016 the best evidence is about the same share of republicans and democrats voted by mail. about one quarter of all ballots were cast by mail in 2016. st mates it will go in one in two in 2020. there was a poll half of americans said they intend to vote by mail. as i said the president with the president was just saying there, the bar the horse is out of the barn. in about five states everybody votes by mail. 30 more states however, roughly 30 more. including big six. likely to pick the winner. you can already vote by mail for any reason. the structure is there for a big increase. and of course the irony in many states you know republicans have emphasized vote by mail more than democrats. in arizona, florida, and in many
8:36 pm
of the key midwest states. the republican party now is working very hard to promote vote by mate among older white voters who have been the base. he's turning against a tactic republicans use. and his campaign talks about their success at promoting vote by mail. again, it is about laying a rhetorical ground work to question the legitimacy of the election in november. the big question is whether states will be able to handle the increase. in arizona and michigan and florida there is a tradition of voting by mail. people have done it. in north carolina and pennsylvania, and wisconsin. not much about one in 20. if you're up to four in ten or five in ten. there's a huge challenge and it's not clear the states are up to to. >> we'll be watching and following. appreciate it. alarming spikes in new crisis cases hitting some states now including several in the south.
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troubling new numbers tonight with more states reporting an increase in coronavirus cases. 17 states now showing an increase in the number of reported cases, 12 showing a
8:42 pm
decrease. that's nearly twice as many reporting increases at the week before. although the first wae of coronavirus hammered big cities like new york, there are fears that southern states like alabama and arkansas could be the next hot spots. so joining me now to discuss the former acting administer centers for medicare and medicaid services. thanks so much. alabama, let's talk about that. one of the states seeing a troubling increase. today the mayor said he's worried about the conditions in his city. listen and we'll talk. >> if you're from montgomery and need an icu bed, you are in trouble. if you're from central alabama and you need an icu bed, you may not be able to get one. because our healthcare system has been maxed out. >> that is got to be alarming for medical professionals. how quickly can cities become
8:43 pm
overwhelmed if the virus spreads? >> first of all, sadly we will have spikes. we'll have them throughout the country. until we have better testing and contact tracing and isolation capability. we'll be playing a whack a mole. anybody whether you are alabama or anywhere in the country that feels safe, a sense of security. we have to be vigilant. the thing that worries me about birmingham and the southern states is exactly what the mayor said. which is witness you get to about 70% of icu bed capacity, because of how long it takes from case to turn into a hospitalization, you will quickly run out of the hospital capacity and you'll see it coming. because -- you might not see it until it's too late. i worry that during the month of may when we're having a little more opening and people are out more, cases grow, as soon as we
8:44 pm
spot it, we have to be able to act quickly ask we're not yet in the position to have that good of information. >> there are other states too. where we're seeing increases. southern states like north carolina, mississippi as well. we know the virus is extremely contagious and cases can explode. how easily could these spikes turn into something catastrophic? we'll see spikes. so what if it spikes into something catastrophic, how quickly can we see this? >> the lag time that occurs between the time we see the cases and when it convert to a big spike can be weeks. we have to pay good attention to the data. there is a way to open safely. and opening safely is what we need to be doing in the country. no one is suggesting we need to
8:45 pm
sit in and not go out. we can open businesses with proper precautions and testing and contact tracing. we can move along in a positive direction. it's never going to be perfect. what's going to be frightening is when you have states that you're pointing to that don't see the these things coming and they can escalate. nothing magic happened while we were staying home. the virus didn't get less contagious or deadly. or any of the properties changed. it's still there. i know that it's not easy for all of us to wish it away. when we don't pay attention to for a while. we have to be careful. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. a big new development in the killing of ahmaud arbery. the man who recorded the fatal shooting now under arrest. the latest in the case. just ahead. phone bill. you're on t-mobile, taxes and fees are included.
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or those with serious infections. apoquel may increase the chance of developing serious infections and may cause existing parasitic skin infestations or pre-existing cancers to worsen. do not use in breeding, pregnant, or lactating dogs. most common side effects are vomiting and diarrhea. feeling better? i'm speechless. thanks for the apoquel. awww. that's what friends are for. ask your veterinarian for apoquel. next to you, apoquel is a dog's best friend. a major new development in the investigation into the killing of ahmaud arbery who was chased down and shot to death in late february while he was jogging in a georgia neighborhood. there was little progress in the investigation for two months until video of his killing was released publicly. the man who recorded this video, william roddie bryan has been arrested and faces charges of murder and criminal intent to
8:51 pm
commit false imprisonment. he is the third suspect to be arrested in the case. i want to bring in the lead attorney for the arbery family. gentlemen thank you for coming on to talk to us about this this evening. lee, i'm going to start with you. arbery's family has been calling for bryan's arrest since the beginning and you have never been satisfied with the characterization of him as just a witness. so, what do you and your clients say about the arrest tonight? >> i can say that wanda cooper, marcus arbery were very, very relieved to see this arrest take place. not only have we been waiting since the mcmichaels have been arrested, they've been waiting for three months for all three of these men to be brought to custody. >> why did you think he ultimately had something to do with it other than being a witness and shooting the video? >> well, the official police report sort of described his role. the idea he was just a witness and recording that video, that's
8:52 pm
a recent invention. his role in this ambush was well-documented in the original police report and is demonstrated by the video. >> ben, the investigation wasn't moving until this video that bryan shot became public. now he is in police custody. this really is a stunning turn of events chunk about it. if it wasn't for the video, you know, we may not have known, the country or the world may not have known exactly what happened to ahmaud arbery. and now the man who shot it is in custody. >> absolutely, don. and it's based on that video and probable cause why he is in custody. and, don, since his lawyer, the lawyer for mr. bryan came on this network and called out my brother lee and i saying that us calling for him to be arrested somehow put his client in danger, well he can rest assured and the arbery family can be
8:53 pm
relieved as well because based on the rule of law, he has been arrested. and i am certain that he is safe in the glynn county jail. and the arbery family would like him to remain safe in the glynn county jail. >> the first two d.a.s had to recuse themselves due to ties with the mcmichaels. those were the two brothers arrested originally on the video. what does bryan's arrest today say about the initial handling of the investigation. >> it says it was bungled from the beginning and we should be looking forward to the next step which is the federal investigation that should follow. >> the district attorney was appointed on may 11th, ten days ago. since then, a search warrant has been executed and we had this arrest now. is that encouraging for the family as this case moves forward? >> it is very encouraging, don.
8:54 pm
d.a. holmes has said from the beginning she will zealously prosecute this matter. and both wanda and marcus have said from the beginning that they want the entire lynch mob, anybody who was involved, to be held accountable for executing their child. >> do you think there will be more people who will be involved in this? >> lee and i were talking about this. we believe the police officer that sent that text message has some culpability. we believe this was an organized effort to confront and capture ahmaud arbery based on the color of his skin, don lemon. >> so, you think others might be arrested here? >> that is our demand. >> i want to ask you real quickly, lee, quickly because we were on. we talked about william roddie bryan taking his -- remember his attorney had that press conference saying he took a
8:55 pm
polygraph and we talked about polygraph, junk science, and all that, and now he's arrested. what do you say to that? >> i'm glad that the rule of law ultimately prevails. it's been entirely too long for this family and we know we have to continue to see it through to a conviction. >> thank you very much. we appreciate you joining us. we invited mr. bryan's attorney on, kevin ga, the attorney for william roddie bryan, but we have not heard back from him. actually, he declined to come on. i did not alert my producers. i texted him. he did not want to come on tonight. he did not have comment. so, again, no comment from him, did not want to come on. thank you for watching everyone. our coverage continues. be safe.
8:56 pm
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♪ hello. welcome. i'm anderson cooper in new york. >> and i'm sanjay gupta. i just noticed i don't have a teleprompter. this is cnn's global town hall, coronavirus facts and fears. this is our 12th town hall in as many weeks doing this, but it's the first time with all 50 states now i believe lifting virus-related restrictions in one way or another. >> this is happened without a coordinated federal plan for reopening r we should point out, testing, or contact tracing for that matter. katss rising in 17 states, holding steady in 21 and dropping in just 12.


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