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tv   Coronavirus Pandemic Worldwide Coverage  CNN  May 22, 2020 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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for the same medications as the vet, but up to 30 percent less with fast free shipping. visit today. there are more cases in coronavirus in latin america than the u.s. and europe. we'll take you inside a devastated brazilian hospital. for the ninth week in a row, devastating number. millions filing for unemployment. as the beaches are opening up, how to protect your family this holiday. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm anna coren. "cnn newsroom" starts right now.
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after sweeping through china, europe and the united states, the coronavirus pandemic is surging in parts of the latin america. cases in latin america, central america and the caribbean have begun outpacing those in the united states and europe. it's a mixed picture across the u.s. as americans are set to mark the memorial day holiday. new york, new jersey, connecticut, delaware are among the states that will reopen their beaches but with rules to avoid crowding. health experts continue to warn of a possible resurgence if people are not careful. we get the latest now from cnn's anderson cooper. >> there have now been more than
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1.5 million positive cases of the coronavirus in the u.s. more than 94,000 people have died. the u.s. continues to lift restrictions. for the first time in two months all 50 states have partially reopened. 12 states are now reporting a drop in the numbers. last week at this time there were 24 states that saw their cases declining. 17 states are now seeing the number of cases rising. >> if we see dramatic increases then, yes, the way we're doing it can pause. >> the university of washington is now projecting fewer defts. last week it was at 147,000. they now predict 143,000. this drop may be explained by one simple factor. face coverings. >> 40% of the u.s. wears a mask all the time. about 80% wears a mask sometimes, and that's probably helping separate out that impact of rising mobility. >> the urgency for vaccine has
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only increased. some companies this week released promising results from early trials. still, there are no guarantees and the cdc director warns of another flare-up of the virus in the fall and winter which could head to a secretary lockdown. as we head into a holiday weekend, beaches will open and potentially pack people. ahead of that comes a sobering statistic. 106,000 new coronavirus cases worldwide were reported to the who. that's the single largest increase in a 24 hour period since the outbreak began. almost 2/3 of those cases came from four countries, india, brazil, russia, and the united states. >> we still have a long way to go in this pandemic. >> anderson cooper with that report. well, many americans are understandably weary of staying
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home, wearing facemasks and social distancing. the imperial college in london has a sobering message. this pandemic is far from over. i spoke with esther tu. >> it feels early. there are large areas in the middle of the country where the virus still has yet to travel. there's still burge dponing hot spots. this is far from over. >> the mayor of montgomery, alabama, says there is a shortage of icu beds in his city due to new covid cases. other states that began to open early are showing an uptick in cases, how worrying is this? >> it's worrying. we knew we were owning in many
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places ahead of what would be best practice standards, which would be to see a steady decline in cases for about 14 days. many places did not even come near that. there are places in the united states where cases were still increasing when they made the decision to open doors. so this is like a huge natural experiment because states and individual communities are making a difference. there's a distinction between saying things are open and having the public comfortable to go out there. there are a lot of different behaviors driving a ton of variety. we will see a delayed increase in cases. >> there are predictions today that a second wave of coronavirus could come in the fall. are hospitals in the united states prepared for that? will they be able to get ready in time? >> i really hope we'll use this
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summer wisely. this is not a time to say we are declining in others, plateauing in others, take a breath. we've been going at 150% for many months and people are very tired. the truth is we need to go into the summer with renutd energy and prepare for whatever hits us this fall which will be a second set of covid. dr. anthony fauci says he is hopeful of a vaccine. dr. fauci explained it this way during the cnn town hall. >> what we saw, even though there was only eight individuals, we saw neutralizing
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antibodies at a reasonable dose of the vaccine. the titers were high enough to get us to believe if we attain that in a large enough number of people, you can predict that would be protective. it was limited and it reached and went over an important hurdle in the development of vaccines. that's the reason why i'm cautiously optimistic about it. >> the university of oxford said it has started recruiting participants for phase 2 and 3 trials for the own potential vaccine. that's the next step. the next phase will enroll more than 10,000 adults and children. for more let's go to our nina dos santos in london. what can you tell us about the next phase in the trial? >> reporter: thanks very much,
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anna. it's eagerly awaited news certainly for people trying to get back to their daily lives. initially the jenner institute had given this vaccine to try to prompt an immune response. it has been attenuated and it can't take hold. hence, the safety aspect of it. 1,000 people have been given it but they feel confident to enter the phase 2 and phase 3 parts of the clinical trials. so crucial to getting the fda approval and to try to get it to the market and people who need it. as you mentioned, they're going to be adding 10,260 people to the trial as of now. the really important thing is they're going to be broadening out the age spectrum and figure out what immune response is prompted. they're adding over 65. that's the category deemed most
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at risk and are being told to self-isolate. they'll add young children as well though none under 5. the youngest age group was 5 to 12. the unit of oxford university's unit, they believe they can have this potentially ready to go to market in september. they have partnered with astrazeneca as a distribution part ner whner when it's ready . the reason to look at the age bands early in the trial is whether or not it's safe but that it's effective in those age categories. those are the types of age categories that will need it to ease the lockdown. children, of course, going to school potentially in this country from the first of june. it's only ten days away. a lot of pensioners have been
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stuck in their homes for three months. that is a situation that's unsustainable and not to mention many over 70-year-olds inside care homes. there have been many, many deaths too, anna. nina, thank you for the update. in brazil the coronavirus has been downplayed as a little flu. inside hospitals health care workers are struggling with an overwhelming number of patients and watching their colleagues fall victim to the virus themselves. cnn's nick peyton walsh takes us behind the hospital doors to show us the front lines for what one doctor has called the worst thing we have ever faced. >> san paolo. deathly quiet outside the hospital. no new patients arriving in ambulances. it's not a good sign. it spells the worst because this huge icu has run out of beds.
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startling here is the peak is possibly well over a week away from hitting brazil and already this enormous ifcu is full. in between the beds there is the growing sense of anxiety, fear really, about what lies ahead. doctors have heard the president dismiss it as a little flu. presidential platitudes haven't protected them. one of their nurses died two days ago. inside this room is one of the team's doctors on a ventilator and another has tested positive this day. >> never before. deaths are likely this time because we have never lost a colleague in this intensive care before. yes, definitely it's not the flu. it's the worst thing we have ever faced within our professional lives. >> reporter: are you worried for your life here? >> yeah. yes. >> reporter: it's a virus that
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stifles and silences but suddenly here there is commotion. one patient, a woman in her 40s, has cardiores pir rohr tori failure. the doctor's pulse is the only thing keeping her alive. after 40 minutes it's clear she cannot survive. the body is cleaned, tubes disconnected and she's wheeled out. the space will be needed. it all happens so fast. a scene so distant from presidential rallies. masks now common much of the time, but wealth put before health. we have to be brave, he says, to face this virus. are people dying? yes, they are, and i regret that, but many more are going to die if the economy continues to be destroyed because of these
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lockdown measures. the holes above sao paolo are dug. endless fresh graves for the dead who never seem to stop arriving. in brazil the numbers are staggering. it's clear it's not the entire picture because testing isn't as widespread as they would like, but everywhere you go you see the people understand this is just the beginning. nick peyton walsh, cnn, sao paolo, brazil. donald trump went to the ford factory with a facemask in hand to tout america's reopening. it's what he didn't do with that mask in public at least that has stirred a controversy. astronomical unemployment rate. many americans are not rushing to get back to work. we'll explain why just ahead.
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president trump is pushing ahead his effort to restart the economy. on thursday he visited a ford motors plant making medical ventilators. as jeremy diamond reports it's what mr. trump didn't do that is once again stirring controversy.
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>> reporter: president trump defying the state of michigan and the ford motor company touring a ford manufacturing plant without a mask pushing for a return to normal. even as he was surrounded by others wearing masks, the president sticking to his guns and saying he chose not to out of spite. >> i wore one in this back area but i didn't want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it. i put it on and it was very nice. it looked very nice. >> reporter: trump's decision came after ford informed the white house masks are required. after michigan's attorney general warned the president would not be welcome back if he refused. >> is the president no longer welcome in michigan? >> reporter: well, i will say speaking on behalf of my department and my office, that's right. that's exactly right. i mean, today's events were extremely disappointing and yet totally predictable. this is not a joke and he's conveying the worst possible
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message to people who cannot afford to be on the receiving end of terrible misinformation. >> reporter: the president tonight also insisting he has no plans to fire his cdc director. >> are you looking to replace dr. redfield? >> no. >> reporter: the questions about the cdc director's fate come amid tensions between the white house and the cdc, including over the president's push to reopen churches more quickly. >> one of the other things i want to do is get the churches open. the churches are not being treated with respect by a lot of the democrat governors. i want to get our churches open and we're going to take a very strong position on that very soon. >> reporter: while trump tries to spur a return to normal, the government's health experts are warning the pandemic is far from over. dr. anthony fauci warning -- >> now is not the time to tempt fate. people say do you think we will be back to normal this summer? i say, i don't really think so. it may be a new normal but it's
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not going to be the way we had it before. >> reporter: dr. fauci raising concerns that the effort to get a vaccine by 2021 is being misconstrued. when they hear operation warp speed they're thinking, oh, my god, they're jumping over all of these steps and they're going to put us at risk. you're going really fast but you're not compromising safety. unrelenting. 2.4 million americans filed for unemployment last week sending the total number of americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits to 38.6 million in just nine weeks. now when the president did step out in front of the cameras without wearing a mask, he was still in close proximity to ford executives wearing masks as well as other white house officials and members of the media. as for the ford chairman, bill ford, he was asked there at the end by a reporter whether or not it was true whether he told the
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president it wasn't necessary to wear a mask. all he would say is it's up to him. jeremy diamond, cnn, the white house. well, despite the backlash the president has faced for his coronavirus response, mr. trump's approval rating remains likely the same. a new national poll from fox news indicates 44% of americans approve of the way he's handling his job as president while 54% say they disapprove. those numbers are almost identical to his approval rating for how he's responded to the coronavirus pandemic. ron brownstein is with us. based on the polling it doesn't appear this is having much of an effect on the president's approval rating. what do you make of this? >> the country has dug in. we've seen that throughout the
1:22 am
president's very tumultuous, rocky tenure. events have happened, impeachment. the charlottesville comments that would consume another presidency. it would end up back where we started with the president facing a majority with one important and noteworthy. the president has suffered erosion from older white voters. they have recoiled from the suggestion from him and other republicans that in effect old people have a duty to die if that's what it takes to restart the economy.
1:23 am
>> for years they have talked about expanding the electoral college map. the assumption has been by expanding the electorate, bringing out younger, non-white people who don't usually vote in states like florida, north carolina, georgia, arizona, texas. what's fascinating is joebd may do better with older voters and the fact that he is running better than democrats since 200. no democrat has won seniors in an american election. the fact that he is doing better is allowing him to put in play states like arizona and florida. he is also getting other states.
1:24 am
>> we saw in 2018 the first step back and in 20189 what moved back were white collar, well educated su bush ban voters who largely voted republican. if you add to that, he can't make it up. >> the subject of mail-in voting was brought up again.
1:25 am
if you are not well, you have a reasonable excuse, just a reasonable excuse you should be able to vote by mail in. >> several states have sent out applications for absentee ballots. how does this strategy work out for the president? >> in one sense this is entirely on brand for the president because he's always alleging voter fraud, that there is simply no evidence of it happening. in most ways this is a bizarre line of argument. 2016 roughly 1/4 of all-americans voted by mail. it's been republicans who have voted by mail. democrats have focused on early
1:26 am
voting where you can vote in the days before election day which is very popular in the african-american community. the second reason this is bizarre is because he is picking a fight that he has already lost. in the states that are -- both sides agree are most likely to pick the winner in november which are michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin across the rust belt, north carolina, florida, arizona across the sunbelt, in those six states anyone can vote by mail for any reason already under current law. >> always great to get your insight and analysis. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. you're watching "cnn newsroom." coming up, the white house may be rolling out a second stimulus bill very soon as the unemployment rate continues to soar. we'll explain what the trump administration is considering. after months of crashes on the streets of hong kong, beijing proposes a hugely controversial new security law.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm anna coren. you're watching "cnn newsroom." china is moving to pass a controversial security law aimed at hong kong. it's under consideration right now at china's highly choreographed national people's congress. the law aims to ban actions that china considers to be succession and the proposal is being met with fierce protest. our kristie lu stout joins us with the latest. this move by beijing caught
1:31 am
everyone by surprise. is this the end of hong kong as we know it? >> reporter: those are the words from one opposition lawmaker here fearing that this would be the end of hong kong as beijing moves to tighten its grip on the territory. on thursday china's parliament introduced national security measurement and today we saw the national people's congress kick off in beijing. they looked to rubber stamp and pass this legislation that would curb sedition, succession and there was phrasing that has captured a lot of attention. that is enforcement mechanisms. that is referring to china's plan and allowing the ministry of state security to establish themselves and to enforce this new security legislation. as you can expect, a lot of people here in hong kong are outraged including lawmaker
1:32 am
dennis crock. this is what he had to say. >> i want to say to the international community, this is the end of hong kong. make no mistake about it. that beijing, the central people's government, has completely breached its promise to the hong kong people, a promise that was enshrined in the declaration and the basic law. >> reporter: in the last hour the hong kong chief executive, the top leader carrie lamb offered support of this legislation. she writes this, we'll bring it up for you, quote, the hong kong seo government supports the npc's deliberation of the decision to establish and improve at the national level the legal system and enforcement mechanisms for the hong kong sar to safeguard national security. there has been a lot of anger directed at beijing and the government in hong kong which many see as agents of beijing
1:33 am
especially after the recent arrests of hundreds of people who during the pandemic have taken part in flash mob protests. anger after the arrests of 15 high profile high democracy add crow cates in a single day including the 81-year-old founder of the democratic party, martin lee. all of these adding fuel to the fire setting a stage for another explosive protest season here in hong kong. anna. >> obviously this new law, kristie, is supposed to stop that protest movement. >> yeah. >> that has upset beijing so much. and yet you would think this move is only going to further the situation. >> in fact, according to the chatter we've been hearing, there are plans for protests this sunday. after a pandemic induced pause in the hong kong protests there is still anger.
1:34 am
the tension is palpable. we also know a number of key, very sensitive anniversaries are coming up including the june 4th tianamen anniversary. that's one year since a million people turned out to march against a controversial extradition bill. june 16th 2 million people turned out and july 1. just around the corner, may 27th, that's when lawmakers in the hong kong legislative council are set to debate again a controversial national anthem bill that would make it a crime in hong kong punishable with jail time to mock or insult the national anthem. there's a lot of fear brewing that there will be a brutal summer here in hong kong. anna. >> a lot of fear but certainly a lot of anger. kristie lu stout. thank you. many thanks for the update. markets are being stirred. the hang seng in hong kong taking a real beating finishing the day down more than 5%.
1:35 am
you can see the anything kay down almo nikkei down. we are joined from tokyo. as we can see kori, the hong kong markets certainly spooked by this new security legislation. but it has faulted through the rest of the markets in this part of the world, in asia. >> reporter: absolutely, anna. beijing is moving to impose the new security laws. the hang seng off by 5.5%. big tumble led by property stocks. that rippled through particularly in the afternoons as some of the bigger markets in the region like japan moved lower. investors remember the pro democracy movements in 2019 and a whiff of the new restrictions on autonomy, the civil liberties
1:36 am
hong kong has enjoyed since 1997 are causing investors to take the markets. the fact that we didn't get a forecast from china weighed on sentiments as well. you are seeing a move in other equity markets lower. you're seeing dow futures move lower by about 1%. other commodities like oil, wti is down more than 6% on the risk off mood and as you would expect in a situation like this, people are taking to the dollar and the yen as a safe haven and also to u.s. treasuries. and i think people are concerned that this is going to be the new flash point in u.s./china relationships just in a time that when people were starting to think about restarting the economy in many of these countries. it is a very risk off mood again across the asian financial markets with the hang seng leading the way lower. anna. >> kaori, many thanks. president trump says there
1:37 am
probably will be a second stimulus package to assist americans struggling with unemployment. he gave no mention of what it would include but mitch mcconnell did say what it won't. >> i think we will. i think we're going to be helping people out. we're going to be getting some money for them during the artificial -- because it really is, it is an artificial closure. i would say there could be one more nice shot. >> i think there's a high likelihood we will do another rescue package. it's not too far off. let me tell what you it won't be. it won't be a $3 trillion left wing wish list that passed the house that almost couldn't get all the democrats to vote for that senator schumer voted for. >> it's meant to help americans cope with losing their jobs and businesses staying afloat. it seems some are reluctant to get back to work.
1:38 am
kyung lah explains why. >> hello. >> how's it going? my name is andrew calling from reliable staffing. >> as businesses look to reopen, job recruiters search for people to take the jobs. yet one out of every five calls he makes -- >> they don't want to come out. they don't want to come out because the price isn't right. >> how does unemployment fit into that piece? >> people would rather get the unemployment. >> reporter: because in many cases it pays more. unemployment benefits average more than $350 a week nationwide in state benefits plus an additional $600 per week in federal stimulus funding. >> before unemployment i was lucky to make between 250 and $300 a week. >> reporter: this recent college graduate asked her name not be used was laid off from a bowling alley in ohio in march. her untaxed unemployment is three times her old take home
1:39 am
pay. >> i have been able to pay off my car three months early. >> reporter: you are making more money not working. what do you think about that? >> it's lessening the stress of going back to work. >> reporter: exposure to the virus is the biggest concern, shea says, as the economy reopens. >> if the bowling alley calls and wants to hire you back but you have this option of unemployment, which one do you choose? >> see, that's actually a hard question. this is the first time i've felt financially stable in a long time, but then again i'm very much the type of person that likes to feel like i'm earning my money in the same way. like everyone has, in my mind, a right to live comfortably and not have to worry, and i think this level of unemployment money is allowing that to happen. >> how are you doing, guys. >> reporter: but that doesn't help employers like josh sauter. i have employees who won't return my calls.
1:40 am
>> reporter: he runs the drunken crab. when we met him he had just laid off 75 employees. >> i'm worried about having a heart attack to be perfectly honest with you. >> reporter: today his dining room sits empty carry out only. unemployment verification requests. >> would you like sauce with your cajun fries. the amount of money people are making on unemployment is more than we were paying them before? >> reporter: do you feel like you are competing with unemployment? >> no question. i don't blame them but we do need workers to come back eventually. this is a limited amount of money that you will receive for a limited amount of time that will run out. >> reporter: the federal stimulus money, the $600 per week is set to expire at the end of july. the unemployed woman you heard from in our story, she said that this entire experience has taught her that her wages and the wages of people who might work at a theater behind me,
1:41 am
those wages simply are not high enough in this country, especially if you consider college loans and health care. kyung lah, cnn, los angeles. the trump administration is withdrawing from yet another arms control deal. the open skies treaty was signed in 1992 during the administration of u.s. president george h.w. bush. it came into effect in 1992. 32 nations are signatories to the deal. it allows countries to conduct reconnaissance flights over each other. it was meant to inform transparency. signatories would be reducing the risk of misunderstandings that could lead to war. several allies have urged president trump to reconsider the united states decision to withdraw. still to come, an evacuation
1:42 am
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the extent of damage has become clear has flood waters expand in michigan. two dams failed on tuesday. on thursday president trump issued a federal emergency declaration to free up resources. he will visit the area at an appropriate time. ryan young reports on the tricky evacuation amid the covid crisis. >> it's kind of harry. you're right in the middle of a damn pandemic but you come here. >> reporter: about 11,000 evacuated across central michigan. 100 forced into this shelter in midland high school waiting for the water to go down. >> i have seen other froods but not like this. >> reporter: intense rain caused the 100-year-old dams to breach
1:46 am
tuesday sending water crashing downstream. >> there was actually a small house floating in the river, a blue house that was going down river and it was just tragic the amount of people that are affected by this. >> reporter: parts of the city of mid land, michigan, under water. businesses and homes flooded. stop signs are below the surface. kayaks paddle down the streets. >> it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: these drone pictures are the first time lonnie mills has seen his house since the flood. >> kind of confirmed us. expected the worse. i saw it. >> reporter: would you be back? do you think you'll rebuild? >> have to. >> reporter: but the disaster may have been preventible. the federal government warned for more than a decade the dam could not handle a massive flood and in 2018 it revoked the owner's license to operate it. a local task force was given a preliminary permit to take over the dam, but for now the shelters are trying to keep people who can't go home safe while avoiding spreading the virus.
1:47 am
>> we have a very senior population here so the consequence i will not become a new york nursing home. we're not going to have that on my shift here. we are taking extra precautions? your bed. >> thank you. >> reporter: everyone's temperatures are checked at the door. surfaces are constantly scrubbed down and beds are clean. >> when you see stickers like this, clean. when they put the bedding together, they wipe it all down with clorox. they use fresh sheets and they want to make sure each one is indicated so they know it's safe. so far shelter organizers say they have not seen anyone with symptoms of the virus though across michigan the number of cases continues to go up while midland waits for the water to go gown. brian young, cnn, midland, michigan. the man who recorded the shooting death of a black georgia jogger faces charges himself. he is charged with felony murder
1:48 am
and attempted false imprisonment in connection with ahmaud arbery's death. his attorney said he committed no crime. lori laugh lynn and her fashion design husband are agreeing to prison sentences, hefty fines and community services in the u.s. college admissions scam. they fought the accusation for months but now they'll say they'll soon plead guilty to conspiracy charges. they're accused of paying half a million to get their two unathletic daughters into the university of southern california as rowing team members. under the deal loughlin would spend 2 months in prison and her husband five months. they want to put the affair behind them. americans are gearing up to celebrate memorial day weekend. we'll talk about how to enjoy the long weekend while staying virus safe. the walk with custom ink,ke shr
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for the same medications as the vet, but up to 30 percent less with fast free shipping. visit today. apple has released a new iphone and software update. ios 13.5. they made it much easier to unlock your iphone. when they swipe up, they can
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immediately input their pin code. previously face i.d. would try to recognize your face several times before prompting for your pin. apple added contact tracing. >> the long memorial day weekend is the unofficial start to the weekend. top u.s. doctor anthony fauci said it's okay to be outside but take care. >> go out. wear a mask. stay six feet away from anyone so you have the physical distancing. go out. go for a run. go for a walk. go fishing. as long as you're not in a crowd and you're not in a situation where you can physically transmit the virus. that's what the mask is for. that's what the physical distance. i plan to go out for nice walks and hikes over memorial day and
1:54 am
i'm going it with care with a mask on. >> this year's memorial day weekend comes with risks. >> reporter: i set out on i-95 towards virginia beach. it, along with some beaches in new jersey, delaware and maryland are open for the holiday weekend. >> this is always the big lynchpin 95. we're breezing through right now. this is easy. university of maryland say road trips are at prepandemic levels. climbing 18% in maryland and virginia alone. travel firm inricks thinks it will return. a driving holiday that's become difficult to forecast. >> for the first time in nearly two decades aaa is not releasing a travel forecast because economic data is not readily available for us to do so. >> reporter: researchers say the
1:55 am
car is the safest way to get around but it's when you stop when things get more difficult. >> see what this is like. >> reporter: rest stops are open in virginia but that can vary state to state. the cdc underscores wearing a mask and washing your hands when traveling. here crews are cleaning bathrooms every hour. >> we want people to be reassured they can come in here and have a place that is going to be clean for them. >> reporter: of course an essential part of a road trip is a snack. maybe use a card instead of cash. they say especially after you use something like that, make sure you hand sanitize afterwards. weekend gas prices are the lowest in more than 15 years according to aaa. one more thing to think about on your road trip. all of the things you touch at the gas pump, nozzle, maybe use a knuckle or use it on a touchscreen that's better than your fingertips. make sure you wash up afterwards
1:56 am
or touch all of this with a paper towel or gloves. >> i don't think the people understand the risk very well. >> reporter: the big concern risk that quarantine fatigue will lead to more travel and spread coronavirus even further. >> i think people are getting fed up with being closed in all of the winter months and now they're getting out. >> reporter: doing any traveling for memorial day? >> no. >> reporter: staying home? >> staying home. >> reporter: peter march tan reporting there. finally like many attractions. a sanctuary in wales found a way to bring joy. this is max and his llama max. they've been making food deliveries. it's an eco friendly way to help vulnerable people. good for them. that wraps up this hour of "cnn newsroom." thanks so much for joining us. i'm anna coren. "early start" is coming up next. "the return of drifting"
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"drafting" "the return of the slide job" "ripping the wall" "gas-n-go" "bump-n-run" "the return of loud" "nascar is back, and xfinity is bringing you the best seat in the house."
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an unwelcome reality for the unofficial start of summer. coronavirus cases resurge in the south. we'll tell you where and why. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, this is "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. it's friday, yes, friday. >> good. >> may 22 ntd. 5 a.m. here in new york. the unofficial start of summer will be a holiday weekend unlike ever before. the latest new case numbers are proof that this collective covid-19 nightmare is far from over. last friday 28 states were tren


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