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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  May 25, 2020 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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a deadly pandemic doesn't stop some big crowds for the holiday weekend even as officials warn of spikes in some states. we have reports from arkansas, london, brazil, abu dhabi, hong kong ander residential rus is a lem. >> a special edition of "early start." i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm laura jarrett. we remember all of those who have given their lives on this memorial day. this morning many lives are at
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risk across the country where we face a very different kind of battle on the home front. the holiday that typically marks the start of summer. pictures setting off warnings that people ignoring distancing rules risk reigniting the pandemic. in myrtle beach some restaurants had to turn away crowds. >> you wouldn't know a pandemic is going on by looking at the beach today. >> there are people wearing masks but i'm not wearing one. i should have a mask but i don't have one on. >> honestly, no. i say everybody here is kind of letting it fly. >> all of those people apparently ignoring warnings that an estimated 40% of coronavirus transmissions occur
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before any symptoms show up. ozarks in missouri at a pool party. in daytona beach, my home state, never seems to disappoint. 5 to 10,000 people mobbing a scene where a guy was filming a video and throwing money from a car. >> the restrictions are being eased. with the country starting to open up this weekend, i again remind everyone that the coronavirus is not yet contained but his boss had never seen it that way. >> it's one person coming in from china and we have it under control. when you have 15 people and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, no, i'm not concerned at all. no.
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>> reporter: concern is high in the southern parts of the country. the fire marshall is going to enforce 25% at clubs, bars, restaurants. with so many families pent up. coronavirus cases are surging in alabama but families packed the beach. and in arkansas, a new bunch of cases from a party. >> reporter: arkansas is one of the few states where the governor didn't issue a stay at home order. schools and businesses were closed, but that is why the second waive of coronavirus cases is troubling. the first wave came months ago. this new wave is largely attributed to more testing being done here in the state.
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they started noticing this trend on thursday. 450 cases reported that day. another 150 on friday. the sunday totals and that could have something to do with testing records and reports coming in. the governor says the positive infection rate and hospitalization rate remains relatively low. he's saying what the state needs to do is learn how to could he exist and manage the virus for months to come. laura and boris. >> ed, thank you for that. on the weekend honoring war heroes, president trump had other things on his mind. he went golfing twice and he tweeted mercilessly. >> he was up late last night
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tweeting again. this time about wanting schools open asap. the vast majority of schools are closed. here's what he failed to mention, the pandemic. the almost 100,000 people who died so far and "the new york times" dedicating the first page to the pandemic. the president did tweet about a viral outbreak in 2014 when he blasted then president obama for golfing during the ebola crisis which killed exactly one person on u.s. soil. the unemployment rate has already hit great depression level figures. kevin hassett said it could get worse. >> you think unemployment is going to be even higher? >> yeah, it's going to be quite a bit higher.
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technical things messed up. in an economic lecture we'd go into them. if they fix the numbers, it will be north of 20%. >> reporter: the unemployment level has hit record highs in 43 states. nevada has been hammered. it had the country's highest rate, 28.2. michigan at 23%. all of this as teens are finding it especially hard to find summer jobs. the workers 16 to 19 years old hit 32% since april. that's the highest since 1948. more than 2 million retail jobs increased. the pain is real and it is widespread. while federal stimulus money has helped some businesses stay in business, for others the
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pandemic has made it impossible for others to keep their doors open. we have a report from northern michigan. >> we had a lot of dreams here. >> reporter: the dream, a bookstore laura hart and her daughters could run that everyone in this lake huron area could enjoy. >> covid came in. we wanted to be a community place where people could come, play games. >> blue roses books and more, sheboygan's only bookstore will close. another casualty of the pandemic. >> i think this month has me crying. we've had some hard minutes. >> reporter: hard faced a hard calculation. with the high season short and the pandemic keeping customers away. she'd never be able to pay the bills. >> how tough is it going to be
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to shut the door? >> really tough. i'm going to miss it. >> reporter: sheboygan county the hardest hit in the state with 30% applying for unemployment. the food bank has more than doubles its distribution here. even with businesses reopening, the hiring isn't exactly bouncing back. >> normally we would be hiring and i would be bringing on new faces. now i'm just working with the people i have. this is the kickoff to the season. >> reporter: another stress, food prices. when the price of beef through the roof, steaks off the menu. >> i've changed my menu. i'm very glad i bought a smoker. for this seasonal town the pandemic couldn't have hit at a worse time. >> we've lost our summer. we'll see more things fall by
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the way side for the fall. >> reporter: kevin kem perfect expects to make half of what he makes in a normal year. another consideration, outsiders coming in raises the risk of covid-19 coming to a place that has seen few cases. >> it's a concern because people are handling it different at every level. >> reporter: a high season of low expectations. miguel march gez, cnn, sheboygan, michigan. the governor of new york says parts of the state are still on track to reopen including the mid had you had shon valley and long island. the once hot spot state are trending downward. governor cuomo warns new yorkers have to stick to the program. >> next week is a function of what we do today. that sounds too glib. that is factually true.
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you tell me how people act today, i will tell you the infection rate three days from today. >> so you want to open faster, be smart. >> reporter: he offered good news on the return of sports. it will be tough to get a marriage license in new york city. the online system was quickly overwhelmed. the nest available appointments aren't until september. americans are slowly starting to fly again. the tsa reports that they screened more passengers at u.s. air ports last thursday and friday than any time in the last few months. there's still a long way to go. 348,000 people were screened last week. republicans trying to sew doubt about mail-in voting are
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now going after california and the 55 leaning democratic electoral votes. the rnc is suing the governor. last week the president went after leadership in key swing states. voting by mail is expected to be widely used this fall to ensure safety during the pandemic. there is absolutely no proof of widespread fraud in mail-in voting. >> despite no proof i guarantee you we are likely to hear more and more about that. laura. as we're watching covid cases spike, in bra still did he have the second most covid cases in the world. so why is the president stoking the crowd against restrictions? a live report next. with three energyueled packed proteins feels like. meat! cheese! and nuts!
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the country with the second most covid cases after the united states. more than 15,000 new cases in just the last 24 hours. brazil's president, who has largely dismissed the pandemic, shows no signs of changing that view. cnn's nick peyton walsh has more from brazil. >> reporter: laura, boris, brazil clearly the second most impacted country. the united states has banned travel from it and for anybody who is traveling from brazil. they're trying to slow the infection from this country where the numbers don't show the full picture. the pictures are troubling to many of those. the president who again on sunday was seen in crowds of supporters not wearing a mask. he is reported to have flown into this unexpected rally in a
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helicopter but later on he's later on seen there. crowds of supporters. he's not wearing a mask. that adds to the criticism he'll face. he has never taken this disease a threat. it's something like a war but certainly here there are many brazilians furious about the mixed messages. that's hampered a lockdown. they are a week to two weeks away from the peak seeing such startling numbers. laura, boris? >> nick peyton walsh. thank you so much for that. the biggest lockdown in the u.k. could be coming from the highest levels of government but boris johnson is refusing to fire his top aide even though he's broken the lockdown restrictions.
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nick, what is going on here? you hear reports cummings was traveling everywhere and now growing reports for him to resign? >> reporter: i think one of the fundamentals here is in the u.k. when the government issued the guidelines for the country, stay at home, save lives, protect the national health service. one of the messages is don't travel away from your primary home. this is the issue why dominic cummings is taking on massive proportions here. what he did was drive his wife and 4-year-old son 250 miles across the country when his wife had covid-19 symptoms and then went into isolation in a house close to his parents' house in the north of england. the mime minister is saying he acted legally, responsibly, with integrity. he took steps any farther would do. the prime minister won't mark
2:19 am
him down for that. that's a fundamental difference and staying at home, not attending funerals. people have made huge, huge sacrifices here. that's why this isn't getting traction, even within his own party, the conservative party, members of parliament are saying that dominic cummings should step down. the leader of the opposition is saying that cummings must resign. members of the scientific advisory to the government community are saying this completely undermine's the government. >> people have made a lot of sacrifices so they want to see the same from their government officials.
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>> ramadan ended this weekend and for muslims around the world, the festive holiday that follows ramadan will be quieter this year. quieter than usual? >> reporter: much guyetter, boris. the science said it should be that way. earlier in the month during ram ma da, daylight fasting and the ifta meals at the evening. families get together and they go to pray right across the islamic world. sub did i arabia, elsewhere there has been a significant uptick in the number of
2:21 am
infections. in so you had did i arabia, for example, there's been a three day day and night curfew. even neca who is to pray, similar institutions have been shut down across georgia. egypt has strict controls. indonesia maintaining strict control. they've been pretty successful in trying to flatten the infection curves. they have seen some of the science indicating they risk a second waive of infections at the religious cases. domestic flights in yeah resuming today. the country's aviation chief says only asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to
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thousands of protestors met
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with tear gas. they're having a controversial law. now the white house is threatening to sanction beijing. ivan watson here with the story. >> reporter: laura, hong kong police say they arrested at least 180 people on sunday. protesters that they accuse of being rioters, who they claim was engaged in vandalism. the chinese government and its proxies, if you can put it that way here in hong kong, are trying to defend the controversial introduction of the security law which critics say could be the death of hong kong and special freedoms and autonomy it has. without the one party rule.
2:28 am
so i just heard the top diplomat station trying to assure diplomats and leaders about this new initiative. take a listen. >> there is absolutely no need to panic or worry that you may be unfavorably impacted. do not be intimidated or even misled and exploited by those with ulterior motives. in particular, do not be a rumor monger yourself or join the antichina forces in stigmatizing and demonizing the legislation. >> reporter: the chinese government insists it will only target agents of foreign countries here in hong kong. who defines that?
2:29 am
who determines that? the fact is while there have been violent protesters that i've witnessed beating people up, there's a broad segment that's really unhappy with happenings unfolding here. the beijing appointed leader of hong kong only has 27% support according to the latest opinion poll. no dissent whatsoever is tolerated in main land china. there are concerns for criticizing the government. that could land you on a terrorist list, and that is also one of the concerns that the international business community that is headquartered here and diplomats to the european union are all raising right now. laura? >> ivan, thanks for staying on top of the situation for us. >> staying in asia, kim jong-un moving to ramp up the nuclear
2:30 am
deterrence. kim in a meeting of the central military commission set up new policies to put the countries strategic armed forces on a high alert operation. the announcement comes nearly two years after a historic summit. don't go anywhere. "early start" continues right now. a deadly pandemic doesn't stop big crowds for the holiday weekend even as officials warn of spikes in some states. good morning. this is "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm boris sanchez in for christine romans. we are about 30 minutes into memorial day. we're facing a sad reality this weekend. even as we honor the lives of brave service members, there are still so many people at risk across the country today.
2:31 am
within the next 48 hours we're set to pass a gruesome milestone. some beach goers say it felt like any other holiday weekend. >> you wouldn't know a pandemic was going on by looking at the beach today. >> yes, there is some people wearing masks but i'm not wearing one. i should have a mask but i don't have a mask on right now. >> honestly, no. to be honest, everybody here is kind of letting it fly. >> letting it fly. all of those people apparently ignoring warnings that an estimated 40% of coronavirus
2:32 am
transmissions occur before any symptoms show up. concerning scenes playing out in the ozarks. in daytona beach, florida, a man is making a rap video threw money from a car into the crowd. >> my home state of florida never seeming to disappoint. growing concerns about a spike. with the nation opening up this weekend, i again remind everyone that the coronavirus is not yet contained. his boss though does not seem to see it that way. >> one person coming in from china and we have it under contr
2:33 am
control. >> concern is especially high in the south. houston's mayor is changing course and saying the fire marshall will enforce a 25% capacity after seeing large crowds over the holiday weekend. meanwhile, in alabama where it's surging, families packed the beach. in arkansas, a new cluster of cases stemming from a high school swim party. arkansas never had a stay at home order. there is a new spike in cases after the initial surge months ago. democratic governors face threats for crossing trump. the demonstration was advertised as a rally of exercising second amendment rights. mitch mcconnell from kentucky,
2:34 am
one of several people who condemned these and called it unacceptable. gretchen whit mer says she's been playing nice with the president to avoid losing critical funding. >> do you feel like you have to censor yourself to continue to receive federal assistance? >> yes. >> you've always felt that way? >> listen, the worst night's sleep i've gotten in the last ten weeks is when he has attacked me on twitter. >> whit mer was faced criticism from the president and his allies. her state has the eighth most coronavirus cases. new jersey's governor said many front line workers could be laid off if the state does not get additional federal support or soon. >> we announced a budget for the
2:35 am
next four months and we had to cut or defer over $5 billion of expenditur expenditures. this includes potentially laying off educators, firefighters, police, ems. this is not abstract, it's real. >> the governor says new jersey's revenue has plunged $10 billion during this pandemic. he noted that employees provide essential services and laying them off will spike the unemployment rate. voting by mail focuses on a state that could swing the election. we have details on mail in balloting in california.
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for the first time in history, a sitting israeli prime minister is appearing in court as a criminal defendant. benjamin netanyahu is denouncing charges against him. cnn's oren lieberman is covering the trial joining us live from jerusalem. oren, netanyahu says a deep state of lawmakers, rogue law enforcement are all plotting against him. >> reporter: he said they're plotting against him in an attempted coup against a right wing prime minister. it's not just a prime minister on trial, it's the entire right ring. he attacked the process, the court system and most of who
2:41 am
stood against him. they have aligned the left winged press from the right. he has been fighting this for years. it has since gotten to this point. the opening of the trial and charges of bribery, fraud, deep mistrust. netanyahu has proclaimed his innocence all along. the first opening day, it's a technical or precede during hearing. he understood the charges against him. the rest is prosecution, hearings. next day of his trial is scheduled for late june. netanyahu isn't required or expected to be there. the trial not expected for
2:42 am
months. with 333 witnesses, the trial could last for years. his rivals were largely quiet. the national unity government said netanyahu has the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. he trusts the court system will deliver a fair trial. boris? >> a controversial leader making claims of a deep state. the numbering in the michael flynn case will get a high profile assist. he is bringing in his own prominent lawyer. the justice department wanted all charges dropped even though flynn had pled guilty to the fbi. the judge insisted they wanted to weigh whether he lied to the court first. they went to the d.c. appeals
2:43 am
court. they want sullivan to defend his authority by june 1st. >> republicans osuing doubt and the other groups are suing the governor. last week youment rile he went out. voting by mail is expected to be used widely in the fall. despite the president's protests, there is no proof of widespread fraud in mail-in voting. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. a world changed by coronavirus has opened the door to a new and old business model. cnn's athena jones has the
2:48 am
return of the milkman. >> these are fresh pints of half and half. >> reporter: for doug wade in bridgeport, connecticut, march was a scary time. schools shutting down and stay at home restrictions forcing clients to close their doors. >> we lost 50% of our business overnight. >> reporter: so he switched gears supplying grocery stores facing shortages and as schools ramped up programs, his company regained some of the lost business. >> then the phone started ripping for people looking for home delivery. do you do this? no, we don't. but after you get enough of these calls you start saying, geez, i wonder if this could be a viable way to sell milk again. >> reporter: the delivery service has been a hit in nearby fairfield. >> it's been a big boon for us. we were struggling with grocery deliveries. it's eased a lot of anxiety and
2:49 am
stress. >> he delivers to 230 customers in 30 towns and states and bought another truck. >> a hand grenade bottle. >> reporter: it's in his blood. >> i was 7 or 8 years old. the clink, clink noise of glass bottles banging up against the metal dividers. >> reporter: his great-grandfather began making deliveries in a horse and buggy. >> people timing their meals around when the milk delivery came. >> reporter: covid-19 is shaking things up all over again. national numbers are scarce, producers and distributors are reporting a surge in demand for home delivery. there are 3 o00 in lancaster,
2:50 am
pennsylvania. >> we tripled our home delivery customers in a three or four-week time until we maxed out our capacity. >> shadchateau has maxed out toe than 4,000 customers and have doubled their staff. >> we purchased four new delivery trucks and created 14 new routes throughout the metro over that period of time. >> each company provides no contact delivery. >> would you like to help? >> it isn't just milk. like the others we spoke to. wade sells a variety of dairy and non-dairy including yogurt, cheese, eggs, fresh bread, oranges, meats. >> that will not be available until the end of may. >> reporter: they're hoping it will continue after the pandemic. suddenly in this business,
2:51 am
everything old is new again. athena jones, cnn, bridgeport, connectic connecticut. this year's indy 500 was canceled but it was anything but canceled. each family that showed up left with as much as 40 pounds of food. >> nationally the feeding america research says we're seeing a 48% increase in hunger, in indiana unfortunately it's about double that. >> the food drive got some help from indy car drivers. markets on wall street are closed today for memorial day. the iconic floor will open to some brokers tomorrow. the dow fell 9 points friday. s&p 500 and nasdaq posted small gains. all three averages rallied more
2:52 am
than 3%. hertz has officially filed for bankruptcy. the latest big company to fall victim to coronavirus. the rental car industry has been devastated by the huge decline in travel. hertz is expected to sell off its cars. they will sell off cars at much lower prices than others used for a rental. honoring americans who lost their lives serving their country. this will be a very different memorial day than in years past. officials weary of having large crowds at memorials because of coronavirus, many ceremonies
2:53 am
including wreath layings are going online. the annual observance of the arlington national sem marry will be live streamed and closed to the public. on thursday 1,000 old guard soldiers were able to place small flags near each head stone, more than 240,000 in all. the cemeteries only allowing people visiting their loved ones this weekend. everyone must wear masks. >> it wasn't a question of are we going to do something or aren't we going to do something, it was how can we still honor these men and women. ♪ every time i hear 21 guns >> meantime, the national
2:54 am
memorial day event will not have a live concert, it will be live streamed. americans in various ways will honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> so important to honor those with being considerate of our neighbors. >> absolutely. a peaceful morning there. everyone wants to do their part to honor our heroes, as you said, boris, but do it safely. whether it's online or in person, try to have a little connection. >> laura, always a pleasure to be with you. thank you so much for joining us on memorial day. i'm boris sanchez. >> thanks, boris. i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next.
2:55 am
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the first summer holiday since the start of the covid outbreak and americans are flocking to beaches from coast to coast. >> you wouldn't know a pandemic is going on by looking at the beach today. >> people are being respectful, they really are, even on the beach. >> you don't know who's infected. if you can't social distance you must wear a mask. >> it is impossible to do that. >>


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