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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 30, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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some of the images that come out of the first night you have to think would inspire others to do more of the same the next one. and governor tim walz laid out basically a three-step process, a long three-step process that they're going to have to undergo to get back to some sense of normalcy and the first is trying to restore order in the city, when we have seen images of buildings on fire, images of buildings being broken into and looted, when we have seen a devolvement of what they wanted to see -- peaceful protests over the death of george floyd, and how that death was subsequently handled. you see them getting hit from behind as well, is what it looks like, as they are now scattering to our right here. trying to see if there's another unit advancing from behind them. may be they're trying to squeeze them out of here. i can't quite see it. but rather than running back and continuing to retreat back in one direction like they have, they are now moving to the
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right, and that picture, that image of state police there, very stoic. they are not moving -- >> omar, give me a second. i want to reset and bring you back in two second. >> go for it don. >> top of the hour. this is don lemon. you're watching cnn. we are seeing state police officers that have been brought in from every area of the state of minnesota here. every state -- every part of the area, i should say -- area of the state to help protect the police in minneapolis. any other day these officers would be in patrol cars patrolling the highways and tonight they are in riot gear. it is a major escalation of force here. the government said overwhelming force would be used to restore order and we are seeing that take place. we are watching -- these are perhaps the most intense images that you are seeing in the country this evening, but they are playing out similar images,
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not as intense in every major city throughout this country. i am being told that they are -- that there is chaos in the city of los angeles tonight. there is a curfew in atlanta. and there's -- atlanta, new york city, washington, d.c. they're gathering near the white house, miami, so on and so forth. andwell take you to all of these cities. but right now we're keeping a close eye on minneapolis and our omar jimenez who's reporting this from the ground with a very close vantage point. omar has been retreating from state police forces, from state police. and you can hear him now and also from the national guard. >> we are moving. one second. >> and he has had to move. for several minutes now. omar, we have been talking about it. ware not sure what the game plan
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is, but you believe the major part of the game plan was to get these protesters away from this police precinct. >> reporter: that's correct, don. that was where the central aspect of the law enforcement push came, where -- there were hundreds of protesters in that intersection right outside the fifth precinct in minneapolis, and then all of a sudden this law enforcement group of state patrol and some national guardsmen came around, methodically moved up the street, firing tear gas and using other methods to disperse the crowd. my photographer was hit with a rubber bullet in his thigh there. i don't know if you can see that. our producer was hit in the back away rubber bullet as we were moving away from their there's as well. and you see, this is what the protests look like right now. people hiding in cover around the corner. i'm trying to see -- you see the
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line of police officers right in that k-mart over there, just past this office depot. it may seem smokey in the air here, and that's because there is so much gas that he has gone up as a result of what they used to disperse the crowd. you saw the protester leaned up against the wall there, trying to use it as ever co, but also keep an eye on the line of police while the other one, a hooded one is looking over at them right now. in front of a graffitied office depot. one person seems to be walking in unabated towards the line of protesters. this is what the governor, leadership here in the city of minneapolis in some ways wanted to law enforcement presence to be, so stem the looting the violence that comes each night alongside the peaceful protests
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we see during the day. governor walz used the phrase, 48 hours of -- and then said it wouldn't happen and then it happened a third night. here we are on another night where he said the law enforcement presence could be triple in the city of minneapolis, and i think we're seeing the manifestation of some of those methods and mentality right now. >> i need you to stand by. i want you to be safe. there's a critical situation happening in minneapolis. also here, similar scenes are playing out in los angeles and philadelphia as well. we will get to those cities, sadly. but i want to get to minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar. representative, thank you so much. we'll continue on with the pictures. this is your district. reaction to what is happening right now. >> it's completely disheartening. en wyou know, earlier we had a press conference right on lake
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street. i've talked about how there have been people who are exploiting our pain and anger and grief and l litting our city on fire. if people truly cared about black lives they wouldn't be setting fires risking black lives. the governor has called in enforcement to make sure that lives are protected and we urged people to prioritize saving lives and keeping our city from being burned down. >> well, it appears that it is being burned down right now. there is a curfew that is in place. it is over an hour now past that curfew, and you can look at these images coming in. this has to be disturbing for you.
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because the message should be of what is happening with inequality and police brutality and injustice and so on and so forth, but this clearly takes the focus off of that. that has to be concerning for you. >> it certainly does. it's really heartbreaking because for many of us we have seen the life choked out of george floyd, and all we want to do is to make sure we are centering justice for him in this conversation. we wanted protests to take place so that people can continue to call for that justice. and now all of it is being overshadowed by our city being set ablaze and people really need to understand that this is our grief being exploited. and if we really want to make sure we're getting police reform that we are setting the course for action in regards to
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achieving justice for george floyd. we have to come together, prioritize our safety and protect one another. >> congresswoman, i don't know if you can see the images that are on the screen. we showed images of broken windows in los angeles, and now you're looking at a police car in union square in new york city that is set ablaze. it is not just in your community of minnesota, minneapolis, minnesota. this is happening all across the country. something that took place in minneapolis, minnesota, the death of a man that was captured on video tape, has now sparked rioting, quite frankly, all across this country. >> yes. we are seeing unrest throughout the country, not just in minneapolis and minnesota. it truly, i think, speaks to some of the understood lying
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issues that exist within our communities when we talk about the kind of police brutality we have seen time and time again. so many lives being taken. the social and economic injustices that we need to address. and this is really kind of speaks to the fact that when you are dealing with situations like this, aggression begets aggression and violence begets violence, and we just need to put an end to this and get a the a process of restoring hope in people and get the kind of reforms that are long overdue. >> yeah. congresswoman ilhan omar, we appreciate you joining us. stay safe. your community, man, literally is just in chaos, as are other cities around the country. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> we're going to get to some of
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the other scenes happening around the country. what you're looking at now is new york city. this is i'm told a nypd cruiser that is on fire. is this in times square? do we know exactly where it is? it is in union square. i want to get now to -- what you're hearing is our correspondent shimon prokupecz who is in new york city. what is happening? >> reporter: people have been gathered here protesting all day, and into the night here now. we were over here coming to a bank. there's a bank that's behind our shop here. windows were destroyed, broken out, and as that was going on, we looked over to this side. and there you see -- that's actually a police van, a police van that is on fire, and there are no fire trucks. a fire truck did drive through, but it was going to another scene. we don't know how this happened, but protesters have been
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gathered all around here all night now, and how this van caught on fire, we don't know. there's another fire that's burning behind us, so there's smoke really all around us from this fire. and you can see the flames just growing here. we have been hearing popping sounds coming from the van. but that's what's happening here. certainly, as you can see, this situation has escalated. police are just standing back. most of the people here are standing back. people are chanting. and just watching as this police van just burns, don. >> okay. shimon, i want to you stand by. i want to run through, if we can, some of these cities. this is new york city that we're looking at. again, this is union square. you can see there's a police cruiser on fire there.
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clearly, obviously new york city police did not want this to happen. can we get pictures now? let's get los angeles, what's happening in los angeles, because i am getting messages from people who are telling me that los angeles is on fire. and there is proof of that. so you're looking at los angeles there. paul, stand by. i just want to get a look at some of images there. do we have any other images in los angeles? aerials from our affiliates? but again, this is los angeles. and let's put the aerials up. from our affiliate. firefighters on the scene of a fire in los angeles. i believe we had a shot of miami, where we saw a car that was burned out in miami. again, another major city in the united states where we are seeing chaos. also in washington, d.c., we saw protesters that were close to the white house. there is d.c., where it got out of control last night. we saw protesters who were
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fighting with secret service there. also the city of atlanta out of control. salt lake city, we'll take you there. we'll put those images up from salt lake city, utah. look at that. look at the streets of salt lake city. and as i said, atlanta, georgia, out-of-control last night. it is unbelievable to see what is happening in almost every major city in this country and still -- heads up, heads up, we're hearing from salt lake. and still, i am waiting for a call for calm, something from the leadership in this country. where is it? there is atlanta. this is what's happening on the streets of atlanta right now. where's the call for calm? where is the leadership? so far, nothing. as all of this plays out, as many cities in america are
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burning. cnn's paul brook ham mond takes us to the streets of los angeles. take us there, paul. what are you see something. >> reporter: we talked into the groh, the upscale walking mall. right over here, the blis police both was on fire. all of a sudden look what happened here. there was apocalyptic. they jumped inside and began looting this nordstrom. go ahead, walk over here and take a look inside. so we saw these looters, leaving, some am them with plastic bags full of clothes or shoes or whatever, and they got inside while the protest was going on on the other side of street. some of them skipped over and looted this ray-ban store. for a moment there, it was apocalyptic. just us walking through with our crew.
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we want into police chief michael moore of the lapd. the first thing i want to ask you, is have you ever seen anything like this? how are you dealing with it? >> we have seen it. it's one of our darkest days when we saw it last, and it's repeating. it's very -- it bothers me a great deal. >> us a look to the right and saw that police booth on fire, what was on your mind? >> to the ex tent that was targeted because it has our name i'm on, i'm less concerned than businesses in the city. business owner who have been through the pandemic and suffering economically and losses of livelihood and now have been targeted through the last four nights of this deal -- i'm thankful that our officers, while they're valiantly going out there, injuries to this point and across the city have not involved a death, but i'm
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troubled, the level of escalation. the first, second night, escalated events. last night certainly was not. the amount of attacks on our officers was extraordinary. goes back generations to find a similar time. unfortunately, today is matching that. so the steps that we're taking are extreme. but we're going to start every moment, we're going to start every day, as we did this morning with the sun coming up as let's hope. hope we can work through this. as people are suffering and people feel injustices that they've experienced and experienced at the hand of law enforcement, we hear them, we see them, we recognize it and we acknowledge we are a part of it, but this is not the solution. what we're doing to control this -- i want to ensure l.a. we haven't given up on l.a. l.a. should not give up on itself. we can pull around this. what we need to do is come to terms with understanding, people are hurting, going through grief
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and anger and frustration, and we need to find a narrative that finds an opportunity to have progress. but this is not progress. and so i'm signaling to people that we will not fix this. policing doesn't fix these type of societal ills. so i need all of los angeles to step forward to be a part of the solution. >> do you have any idea how many arrests you've made or the level of looting? >> it's extensive. we'll continue to make arrests as a last consequence as a result of attacks on our personnel, looting, vandalism. we're trying to avoid arrests for refusing to leave an area. but once the area becomes embroiled with dangerous circumstances and such damage, if you will to the economy and livelihood of an economy, it's an unsafe area, an unsafe
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circumstance. whether a person is there with the most righteous grievance in the world, just as every other disaster, they have to leave, not only for the safety of the community, but for the safety of -- that's why i'm asking the people that want to be heard, want to be seen, we're listening. but the way to achieve that is not through violence, it's not through setting fires, it's not through attacking police officers it's not through jeopardizing life. lapd, your public safety agencies, we're leaning in. we're going to do everything we can to counter those forces that are seizing this moment and taking advantage of it. but with that, i need -- we need a lot of help. >> i thank you so much for taking time out. i appreciate it. chief moore. that was the chief of the lapd, don, in this moment where there was looting, a fire, and this protest that started so peacefully that somehow wound up in so much violence.
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back to you, don. >> i think the last time i saw anything like this -- i don't know if it's the same scale, but i think it was during rodney king. we'll see how this plays out. thank you very much. we'll see how this place out. we'll get back to you. the scenes playing out in los angeles. brian todd is in philadelphia for us this evening where protests have turned violent. people -- crowds setting fires there. there's also state police are trying to tear down a statue of a former mayor? what is going on? >> reporter: right, don, this city really devolved into chaos over the past few hours. the police have done like a massive sweeping of this area, clearing of this area. that was a car that was vandalized earlier. there's the car that was burned out. you can see the extent of the damage to that car them car heavily vandalized. our photo journalist and i are going walk you over here.
7:20 pm
we have pictures of this area earlier today. you have cars being removed over here. several fires set here near city hall. fire set all around the area, and multiple structures set on fire. we have been moved to this area by the police because they're doing a sweeping operation at ch chestnut and 18th street, where there was massive looting going on. a couple of hours ago, that place was completely chaotic. we were pushed from that area to this area when the police started to arrest some of the hard core looters. the street right next to city hall, there's a statue of former philadelphia mayor rizzo that was a target in the protests earlier. andrew, if we can do a pan over here. you see the statue of former mayor rizzo there. heavily vandalized.
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there was a fire set here. several fires set here as protesters converged to city hall. tried to breach city hall. unclear how far they got. we got information from the commissioner of police and the chief of police. they said more than a dozen police officers were injured today during all this as they moved in, tried to stop the looting, some of vaned limpldav. at least 13 police officers injured by people throwing objects at them. people throwing urine and chemicals inside canisters. police injured. civilians injured, but the commissioner did not have exact numbers on how many civilians injured. heavy violence here, don. we don't know if it's calmed down, because our team was moved
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a few blocks this way. 18th and chestnut we were down there. we were pushed over here by police. we were told they moved in to arrest some of the hard core looters. the vast majority of protesters in the area today and in the area of philadelphia of museum of art were peaceful. passionate. angry, but peaceful. he sen said this phrase -- a rag-tag grouch people then started the looting. i did here the commissioner say many outside agitator haves come in to start trouble. we have had in minneapolis, los angeles, atlanta, and other places that it's a lot of this chaos and violence is caused by outside agitators. that's an according to the city officials and that's the refrain
7:23 pm
w we're hearing in philadelphia. we're going to try to get around some of the areas. the police are acting sternly, aggressively, to push media back into the area of city hall. >> if you want to continue to walk, talk a little bit. i know that city very well. right now where you are, market and broad street, you're right across from city hall. market and broad meet, right, and so the street opens up, goes right around city hall. you're actually right in the center of center city. and that's where everything meets right there in the middle. and so -- >> reporter: don you can see -- >> go ahead, what are you trying to point out? >> reporter: this is another area. this is where the statue of mayor rizzo is. you can see debris. the police set out a cordon. that's a key building here in
7:24 pm
downtown philadelphia. city hall is over here. we're going 15th street, see what we can see as police have set up perimeters you will through the area. we had to walk through several core dons of police just to get to the area. i don't know how far we're going to get. police have been stern in moving us around. >> where are you now? is this 15th street? give me some direction where you are. >> we're at 15th street and john f. kennedy drive. >> got you. >> reporter: i know 18th and chestnut, don, is what we were told there were horrible scenes of looting and chaos going on. 18th and chestnut a few blocks from here. >> brian, let me tell you why that is. that is where all the shops are.
7:25 pm
that is the rodeo drive of philadelphia, where all the shops -- as you get closer to the wealthier part of center city, the square, the arrests would probably be there. they're probably trying to get to those stores. brian, try the get to that. i'm going sneak in a break and we're going to continue what's happening all across america. brian todd reporting from philadelphia. this is seattle washington. this is from our affiliate. let's listen a little bit. >> reporter: yeah, i think these are flash bangs. oh, shoot. ce. but when you have the chase mobile app, your bank can be virtually any place.
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there is desperation tonight in america, an america that is barely recognizable. cities smoldering. tear gas canisters flying and no end in sight. there is a disease that has taken the lives of 102,000 of us. there are tens of millions offous out of work. untold numbers of americans generuinely fearful of what happens next. that was all before this painful week when a police officer killed george floyd and now entering a fifth night of chaos in our country. scenes like this you see right now in seattle, new york, they're playing out all over the country. we want to get to one of the hot spots, minneapolis, where protests are unfolding on the streets again. miguel marquez is on the ground for us.
7:31 pm
what are you see something. >> we're at the lake street mitchel bridge. pete, just look down here. let me jump over this barricade. what you're seeing are protesters trying to get to the capital building in st. paul. you can see the amount of tear gas police are firing on the other side of the bridge. a few young protesters, people who started off two, three miles from here. walked by the third precinct. stopped there. they were peaceful. they wanted to make their point, wanted to move to the capital. they knew the risks, though. they talked about it along the wait a minute as they got to the far side of the bridge, completely kettled in there, the police were there in very large numbers and before they could even get to the police, the tear gas started to come. there was a barricade set up here so that -- for construction. they've now taken those barricades and they're trying to protect themselves from the police coming any closer to
7:32 pm
them. there are police officers in very heavily clad police on the other side of the bridge that are moving in this direction. what i'm surprised at is there are no police coming up behind us, which is often the way these things work, they try to kettle them in. i want to talk to this young man. patrick smith! >> everybody back up and let us build a barricade. patrick. >> let us build a barricade! >> reporter: this is live on cnn. how would are you? >> 24 man. >> you're from minneapolis. >> no, i'm an immigrant from liberia, west africa. listen, i'm from the original place where when america got rid of slaves this a sent them to liberia. liberia, hope of american slaves to think i got come here and deal with this stuff when i'm 24 -- >> reporter: liberia was the
7:33 pm
country america tried to deport -- how close did you get to the police and what happened? >> almost across the bridge and out of nowhere they just decided -- we were literally at the end peacefully together holding hands, locked in. imagine that, different colors, you know, different genders. >> reporter: why so important so show your strength and do this. >> because everybody in your generation needs to understand we are the bridge gap. from our father's generation to the younger generation, we are the bridge gap. if we want changer our generation has to step up right now and demand that change. if we do not demand a change and create the platform for change to exist, we are screwed and our next generation will never be able to achieve that. what we're trying to do right now is peacefully protest. by peace. unity. locked in. everybody with the same mental aspect. but they don't want that, because they understand if
7:34 pm
we're -- >> reporter: what do you say to people -- >> they have been rioting and looting for way less reasons. white people have done it from the beginning of time since the boston tea party. these police officers are not nonviolent. look what they're doingtous. we have hands up, water bottles and everything. we are not here to be violent so stop creating that message. >> what's your name. >> >> i'm jay. i got to go. you guys do your job. >> just for the record we are not here to cause a disruption, but we are theory cause disturbance. >> what do you say to the people who are causing a disturbance. >> this is what i got to say to the people who are destroying things -- if you really feel like tough a take an opportunity, if you're going to be opportunistic, something is wrong with you. if you cannot stand up and fight the good fight and you want to be a cheater and go ahead and take what we're trying to do, something is wrong with you. we're trying to stand up if the
7:35 pm
basic rights of humanity. we do not want to go through this anymore. i want to be able to go in a white neighborhood and feel safe. i want to be able when a cop is driving behind me i don't want to clench. i want to be able to be free and not think about every step i have to take. because at the end of the day, being black is a crime. at the end of the day, being born black is a crime to them, i don't understand why. because we're all humans and that's sickening. >> yes, tell them, brother. >> i got to go, man. >> reporter: be careful. that may have been the best summation that i have heard in the time that we have been covering this. very quickly, give me your name and thoughts. >> my name is linda morris and i want to say in every group there's always going to be the riffraffs that cause chaos, but it's always a distraction. the very first person -- here we go. yo, yo, we got to go.
7:36 pm
>> there may be police coming on this side of the bridge to clear them out. we're going to keep moving and try to figure out where this goes. they wanted to get to the state capitol to make their voices heard. they were concerned about the national guard being called in. they are aware there are three times the amount of national guard. >> listen to this -- why does the national guard have to have a vault rifles to come to a peaceful protest? are we at war? none of us have weapons yet the national guard has vault rifles and suppressers. they are trying to kill us the silence, but we are not going to die. our generation is tired. we want change! everybody, if you're from this generation other older, step up. you have to duty as a human to step up and fight for every neighbor and every person around
7:37 pm
the world, or they will try to silence us and, we will never be silenced man. this generation is here to stay andwell get our -- change! >> reporter: he is as well spoken as i have heard this entire time. i mean, they are incredibly angry. they've now gathered on this side of the bridge. it was emotional to listen to him and the sense of purpose and injustice that is clearly so deeply engrained and felt. it is not clear what they're going to do now. the hope was to get to the state capitol and make their voices heard there. that's six miles away in st. paul. they wanted to walk down the freeway. the police for now are staying on that side of the bridge. it's not clear where they're going, but we're going follow along and see what happens. i know they've cracked down on
7:38 pm
the other location. >> may i commend you. that is the difference between rioters and protesters, and many people want to lump rioters and protesters in the same group or the same basket, and they're not all the same. of course, the cameras and attention -- we're going to train the cameras and attention on what makes for the best pictures, but most people are out there because they're upset and angry, but of course when people are destroying property and setting things on fire, we must cover it. but i'm so glad you talked to those young people, because again, that's the difference betweenprotesters. i have to be honest, what we're seeing playing out in many cities tonight are riots. >> reporter: it's not helping their cause. you got it. >> go ahead. finish your thought. >> reporter: they get it. it is not helping their cause, it is very frustrating to them.
7:39 pm
and, you know, the tension just gets greater here. i truly expected it to go down. the temperature keeps rising. the sense that the governor, that the mayor, that the county attorney of hennepin county -- oh, here we go on this side now. they're now kettling them in. they just have to sense that they have been lied to too many times, had too many promises, and this is the only way. i am not sure where it is going to go at this point, don. >> all right. stand by. we'll get back to miguel in minneapolis. i want to get now to shimon prokupecz who's joining us from new york city, union square to be specific. we hear some chanting. there appears to be a standoff with police. shimon, take it away. >> reporter: that's right, don. there's a standoff with police. behind this line of officers with their bikes, there is a
7:40 pm
person being placed under arrest. what has happened is from where we were before on 13th street -- you see how they move their bikes. that's their tactic. they're using the bikes to push protesters back. see, a bottle was just thrown at police. we're now on 12th street and broadway. we are at 13th street, and there was a police van on fire. then another police car, cruiser caught fire, and police then moved into the area. we saw police officers on bikes, with helmets, their sticks out, running up the block, clearing out the street. we also saw pepper spray being used. there were a few people kneeling, washing their eyes out. this is how it's been throughout the day.
7:41 pm
there have been peaceful protests and then there are pockets of confrontation where police encounter protesters who are either refusing to leave or, in this case, set fires. also a bank they vandalized a bank. windows were broken out. this is kind of how it's been through the night. of course we're hearing chants through the night -- black lives matter. and people here are angry. understandable. for the most part when they're peaceful and chanting and they want to express their views and feelings, they are allowed to do so. this is when we see the police start to move in and become aggressive as they try to clear the streets and the sidewalks. they're now dealing with the two fires, a vandalized bank, another police car in this same area has been vandalized and now we're seeing police here just lined up, again, just trying to keep people from moving forward.
7:42 pm
what hethey're going to do is me again. they're moving us back again. i'll let you listen to this if you want. and there you go. as they start to move, bottles get thrown at hthem. but these are the officers on the bike -- >> we have lost shimon's signal there. we are live tonight in new york city. we're live in chicago, live in mipts, live in atlanta, live in seattle, live in los angeles, live in washington, d.c., live in philadelphia, live in salt lake city, where you're looking at pictures now, we're live in miami. look at the streets of salt lake city. this is what's happening in cities all across this country. no one knows what is going to happen. america in chaos tonight. we'll take a quick break. our breaking news coverage continues on the other side.
7:43 pm
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7:47 pm
we're going to take you through to some of the cities in the united states that we're covering. this is los angeles. and you can see there is a fire burning in the middle of a street. our correspondents have been out in los angeles all day. these pictures, courtesy of our affiliate, kcal. this started out peacefully
7:48 pm
according to our correspondent and then escalated into something violent. let's take you to the city of las vegas now, where there usually is a throng of people out gambling on the strip, but there's a throng of people who have taken to the streets and are protesting now. 7:48 pacific time in las vegas, nevada. so far in las vegas, no reports of anything getting out of control. k ktnv, thank you for those picture ♪ salt lake cis. salt lake city, utah, a want to take you there. we see a protester being taken into custody, if not arrested. we saw several instances of bottle throwing, objects being thrown, standoffs with police officers, and as you can see,
7:49 pm
police there in riot gear. national guard, some military out on the streets there. in philadelphia, pennsylvania tonight, we find our brian todd who has been covering the streets of center city at least, so far. we have been seeing people trying to turn over vehicles and so forth. brian todd is there with a phalanx of police officers. brian, it looks like you're on 17th street, somewhere in center city. what's going on? >> don, you'll know this area, 17th and walnut street in philadelphia. i'm going try to get our photo journalist andrew smith to get as close as we can. we are not being allowed past this intersection. that's a multiple alarm fire this that building. you can see the hoses going into it. this area of philadelphia was an area of carnage earlier -- looting, fires, extensive damage
7:50 pm
to property. you can see the firefighters trying to battle the blaze. can't get a great shot of flames. this was some major damage right not heart of downtown, philadelphia. i'm going to take you back over here. we're not being lloyd past this we are going to show you some of the damage along walnut street. we were allowed by police after showing our credentials. we did see some people being chased from this area a few minutes ago. police were forceful in removing them. this is the scene of incredibly extensive damage. this is an urban outfitter score in philadelphia. they got through the windows and took out a lot of items and threw them all over the street.
7:51 pm
more damage on walnut. police aggressively chased out people. we thought there would be a confrontation in front of us. here is a police officer coming out of the store. he was just checking this out. don, you told me earlier when we were on the air about this is an upscale shopping area. we made our way down here. found it. there is huge damage. they really targeted the businesses around here. many scenes like this storefront over here. police are trying to clear citizens from the area. very aggressively chasing away people in front of us. the mayor and police chief, this
7:52 pm
is the information we are getting. at least 13 police officers have been injured, a number of civilians have been injured in philadelphia during this violence. they haven't given a count on the number of civilians. there were thousands of demonstrators as they do, earlier today, demonstrating peacefully, chanting, singing, doing what they do. according to the mayor a ragtag group of people dng what you do here. it is a distinct minority of people doing this. you have seen this in other cities. look what a minority of people can do. they can inflict this kind of damage. this is like a war zone. there is smoke and other gases all around us. we have to be a little careful.
7:53 pm
there could be power lines or gas lines compromised. there have been several fires. we have had to move through several cordons of police officers. obviously looting has gone on around here as well. they did a sweep here arresting several people a few minutes ago. the police commissioner did say she believed a lot of outside agitators were responsible. we have heard that refrain in many cities. that's a correct assessment of what is going on, but you never know how many are the outside agitators doing things like this. regardless of who they were, this is the damage they can inflict in a downtown city.
7:54 pm
we also were told 14 arrests were made. that figure has to be low and growing exponentially. police are sweeping this entire area of philadelphia, making arrests, chasing people out, limiting us where we can go. here is another look at that fire, don, if you can see. they are still trying to hose it down. they are trying to recover, but it is not over yet by any means in philadelphia. >> brian todd reporting from philadelphia. philadelphia is a very beautiful city, a city near and dear to my heart. this is one of the most upscale urban areas of the city. as you get higher up that street it gets even more expensive and exquisite and beautiful and tree lined. if you continue to go up you
7:55 pm
will probably continue to see more looting, unfortunately. brian todd reporting. this is philadelphia from earlier. sad things like this playing out in many major cities across the country tonight. this is new york city. police are trying to keep hold on protesters there, keep them in line. we want to get to los angeles where we have seen some looting going on there. there is some chaos on the streets. reporting from the streets, what do you have? >> don, you are seeing a line of police forming on this street and all around the street are people with their hands up, but just a minute ago -- and i will have you spin this way with
7:56 pm
me -- this store, the glass was broken in this way, people were stealing things all through the shopping district. this looks like a war zone because these streets have been broken into. all of the exterior barricades have been lifted and people are breaking through the glass and stealing all of these items. what the police have now done is they are moving street to street. you are looking at a line of police officers there as they try to clear out the street. something else happening is protesters are setting fires in the middle of the street. setting trash on fire. you can see one of the smoldering fires. this is happening up and down the fairfax district. this is an area of coffee shops,
7:57 pm
nice clothes, designer boutiques. tonight this looks unrecognizable, absolutely unrecognizable. you are looking at the lapd lining the streets. also the la sheriff's department circling the area trying to disperse crowds. we have to figure out where to go. we are going to duck into this store. so there are police to the left of us, a line of police to the left of us and a line of police to the right of us. so it appears they are going to try to squeeze the protesters who have been standing here -- hold on. that's somebody on a bull horn saying everybody go home.
7:58 pm
see the man in the silver suv? he has a bull horn saying go home. it has been surprisingly quite organized. people yelling through a bull horn telling protesters where to assemble next. now he's saying everyone go home. they don't have much of a choice because they are being squeezed in by two lines of police, one to the north and one to the right. you see the officers advancing. take a listen -- you see people have their hands up. you can see that the protesters are being pushed down further south by the police and their hands are up. something else i want to
7:59 pm
mention. as we were watching some of this looting happening just before the police arrived. some of the protesters were yelling at them please, stop. what are you gaining. this lady in the denim blue shirt were urging the looters to stop screaming, crying, saying stop. now she is yelling at people to go home, go home. i believe that's firecrackers. those are firecrackers being set by the protesters in this area. this is very different than what we saw last night, don. a little geography here in los
8:00 pm
angeles. two-story businesses. last night it was downtown. it was more compressed. here it is a sprawl of alley and stores. so when police control one block, they have to move because the protesters will move through the alleys and reform in another area and then there could be looting in that area they reform. it has been a challenge for the police to try to keep people -- so what we have been seeing is a lot of passion on the streets again, but a lot of violence. just watch this, don. you can see what the police are carrying