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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 25, 2020 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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we cannot continue to do what we have done over the last number of weeks. >> california shattered daily highs, adding more than 7,000 new cases. >> we have to get a grip on this virus, because right now it has a grip on texas. >> we need to do something to halt community transmission right now. >> if we can get people to wear masks, we cannot only save lives, we can also save the economy. >> people coming in from states that have a high infection rate must quarantine for 14 days. >> we've been through hell and we don't want to go through hell again. >> this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> and we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day."
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it is thursday, june 25th, 6:00 here in new york. a public health train wreck in slow motion. that's how one expert describes the coronavirus pandemic in the united states. and here's why. the three most populous states, california, texas, and florida all reporting record increases this week. houston's mayor says the city's icu beds are almost at capacity. disney delaying the reopening of its california parks because of a spike in cases there and thousands of workers at disney world in florida now petitioning to postpone their reopening. >> somehow it feels like we're right back where we were in march. in the middle of all of this, people are fighting about wearing masks. literally fighting. this as a new model projects that if 95% of americans wore masks, 30,000 lives could be saved. north carolina and nevada, the latest states to issue mandates for mask wearing. and we learned overnight that dozens of secret service
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officers are being told to quarantine after working at president trump's tulsa rally, where as you can see, many, many people did not wear masks. as for politics, brand-new poll numbers out this morning from key swing states, showing a huge trend toward joe biden. we'll break down those numbers for you in just a moment. we'll begin with the coronavirus, the pandemic. some sobering facts and figures there. stephanie elam live in los angeles. stephanie, 7,000 plus new cases in california. >> reporter: john and alisyn, that's exactly it. 7149 new cases in one day, just obliterating the previous day record, which was about 5,000 cases the day before. obviously, this is giving some pause to people and making people wonder if the united states is actually loogz the battle against the coronavirus. the first state to issue a stay-at-home order is now seeing
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skyrocketing coronavirus cases this morning. california reporting more than 7,000 new confirmed cases in one day. governor gavin newsom asking residents to be cautious as they were at the start of the pandemic. >> we cannot continue to do what we have done over the last number of weeks. many of us, understandably, developed a little cabin fever. others have just frankly taken down their guard. >> reporter: california's one of the nation's three-most populous states, experiencing record highs in new coronavirus cases. and newsom says its hospitals are ready for an influx of patients if needed. >> california did to lead on a statewide stay-at-home order save lives and bought us time to build out our infrastructure. and we have done just that. that's why today we're at roughly 8% capacity in our hospitals. >> reporter: in florida, governor ron desantis once again said "no" to issuing a statewide mandatory mask order, despite
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the state health department recommending them. >> ultimately, we've got to trust people to make good decisions. >> reporter: this as one updated model suggests that universal mask wearing could help save more than 33,000 lives by october 1st. >> if we can get people to wear masks, we cannot only save lives, but i sort of think of it as we can also save the economy, because we can keep business going if we can convince people that this is the best strategy. >> reporter: in arizona, only 12% of intensive care unit beds for adults are available. that's according to the state's public health agency. and in texas, more than 4,300 people are hospitalized with the disease. one health expert warns houston could end up the hardest hit city in the country. and other big texas cities like dallas and austin could be deeply impacted, too. >> so our big metro areas seem to be rising very quickly. and some of the models are, you know, on the verge of being apocalyptic. >> reporter: the new york
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tristate area is now seeing downward trends of new infections and state leaders hope it stays that way, as fa d phased reopening continues. >> we've beaten this virus down to a pulp in energy with an enormous loss of life. we've been through hell and don't want to go through hell again. >> reporter: to help, new york, new jersey, and connecticut announced a travel advisory, requiring a 14-day quarantine for people arriving from eight states with high levels of coronavirus. >> a lot of people come to new york and the tristate area from other places. we just want to make sure we don't import the virus, because we learned that lesson, been there, done that. >> now, i did talk and ask governor newsom about the spike and the perception that perhaps california has lost its way on this. and he says, listen. when the stay-at-home order went into place, california was not ready. but he said, we did not have a spike here, and that also bought the state time for the inevitable, which he said was,
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we were going to see these numbers come back up as you had the state open back up. you had memorial day, had the weather getting nicer. businesses coming back online. people coming back out before that. and also, he's saying that the protests, seeing some of that, although i can tell you while almost everyone did have on a mask, it's still about whether or not people are social distancing. and he said this is part of the reason why we're seeing this number go up. and john, one other point i asked the governor, as well, if he felt that part of the reason that people may not be wearing masks religiously because of president trump's reluctance to wear one. his response to that was, for californians to follow the lead of dr. fauci, john. >> stephanie elam for us in california. record cases in california. record cases in texas, and record cases in florida. more than 5,000 new cases in just one day. and this is particularly alarming. the positivity rate, the percent of people testing positive for coronavirus now nearing 208%. that is a dangerous number. cnn's rosa flores live in miami,
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the hardest-hit county in the state. rosa? >> reporter: you're absolutely right. as you mentioned, florida shattering its own record, reporting more than 5,500 cases yesterday alone. i talked to an expert who put it like this. he said, you know, there are a lot of young people who are out partying. not social distancing, not wearing masks, and then going home and interacting with their parents and their grandparents. as for the number of individuals, young people who are ending up in the hospital, most of them are obese and have other chronic conditions. now i checked the numbers this morning here in miami-dade. the positivity rate yesterday was 27%. according to the county, their goal is to stay under 10%. they have exceeded that number for the past ten days straight. now, as for hospitalizations here, jackson health reporting 108% increase in the number of covid-19 patients in the past 16 da days. with all of that said, governor ron desantis doubling down, saying he is not requiring masks
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statewide. >> there's an enforcement that has to follow in that and we have a lot of places in florida where that would not be a good use of resources. i think the approach where it's more tailored to the circumstances make more sense. >> reporter: the governor there saying, of course, that there are no signs that he's going to be rolling back any of those restrictions in his reopening plan, but disneyland in california is postponing its reopening. disney world here in florida is not. it is still scheduled to reopen on july 11th. alisyn? >> rosa, thank you very much for the update. meanwhile, dozens -- this happened just overnight. cnn has learned dozens of secret service agents are being told to quarantine after working at president trump's rally in tulsa, oklahoma, where a huge swath of people did not wear masks, as you can see on your screen. cnn's joe johns is live at the white house with more. so what does this mean, joe? >> reporter: well, you know, alisyn, this really highlights the risk for the people who work
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behind the scenes to protect the president, especially when he's on the road, as you noted. we are being told that dozens of united states secret service agents will have to be quarantined as a result of the president's trip over the weekend out to tulsa, oklahoma. a source described that number as on the low side of dozens. there's also a new procedure being instituted over here at the white house, where any secret service agent traveling with the president will have to be tested within 24 to 48 hours before the trip. the service does not like to put out a lot of information on stuff like this for security reasons. the president, for his part, seemed to be ignoring the current realities of the pandemic. really not talking about those surging numbers and a number of states around the country choosing to suggest in his view, there's good news ahead on the vaccine front.
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listen. >> this is the first step for covid after the start of the plague, as i call it. and it's an honor to have you here. as far as the joining with us on the vaccines and therapeutics, bases. because the therapeutics to me, if you gave me a choice right now, probably therapeutically, maybe i would like that even better, but we're working very well on both. i think we're coming up with some great answers. i think you're going to have a big surprise, a beautiful surprise sooner than anybody would think. >> the president back on the road again today, out to the important swing state of wisconsin. he's going to tour a ship builder and then attend a town hall in green bay. alisyn, back to you. >> joe, thank you very much. so a new model projects that more than 30,000 american lives could be saved over the next weeks if everyone wore masks. but wait until you hear what one politician in arizona said about having to wear one. that's next.
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this morning, growing concern over how the u.s. will contain this worsening pandemic. the three-most populous states in the country, california, texas, and florida are reporting record increases in new cases. in florida, the positivity rate is now nearing 20%. joining us now is dr. andrew pistephski, the medical director of the intensive care unit at jackson. and also with us cnn national security analyst, juliette kayyem. great to see both of you. doctor pistefski. let's look at what's happening in florida. it's seeing its highest increase since this began, since we started charting this in march. tell us what the situation is on the ground in your hospital. >> well, our number that we focus on is 38.
3:15 am
we have 38 covid beds in between two units. and if we can keep that number below 38, you know, matching discharges with admissions, we feel like we're in a good spot. our number yesterday was 33 down from 40 a few days ago, so we were in a good spot yesterday, regarding the number of patients that we had. >> that is good news, although it does fluctuate day-to-day. and the overall trends in florida, in texas, in california, not great. juliette, look at texas, for instance, where you can see the number of hospitalizations continuing to rise, doubling in some cases over the last few weeks. i think we have a graphic that illustrates this. and in houston, we're being told they're running out of icu beds. and the question is, what do you do about it? apple is closing stores in the houston area. you have disney announcing they're not going to open disneyland as scheduled. changes are being made, be what else needs to happen?
3:16 am
>> well, ideally, we would have a national plan. and what you're seeing now is the failure to have that. to have sort of instituted a much more aggressive plan in march is that now, every state is sort of on its own. so california is trying to assess whether it should open up disneyland. in texas, you have a governor who for months is, everyone go out and about, and now i think is seeing the writing on the wall. governor abbott is, you know, has a mandatory mask, but he is recommending masks, he's telling people to stay inside. reality is hitting these governors one by one, about what is happening in their states. and the sort of -- you know, i don't know if i have a happy answer for you, because the disconcerting aspect of what this incline is, we don't have a strong social distancing sort of framework or policies in these states to stop the spread. and so you're going to just see these increases until you get either hospitals crashing or greater surge capacity or an american public that just can't tolerate this anymore. all i know is those who wanted
3:17 am
us out and about for the economy look at what is happening. i mean, things are just going to close down again. >> juliet, i want to stick with you for one second about this war on masks. it's incredible that masks have somehow become this political football. the only way for the virus to spread is if people are close together and if they're not wearing a mask. humans are the carriers. that's the only way that it can spread. can it be on a surface? yes, for a couple of hours, but the way it spreads through the community is through its human carriers. and the idea that there's this councilman in arizona who held this rally -- i mean, it was maybe up to a hundred people. we have some video of it, because he's so outraged that he would have to wear a mask, and he finds it so antithetical to his personal freedom. and let me just play for you what he said during the course of this rally.
3:18 am
>> i can't breathe! i can't breathe! >> he, of course, was quoting george floyd and what started all of the protests. i should say that the mayor has condemned him. the governor has condemned him. senator martha mcsally has condemned all of that. but how did we get to this point? >> well, i mean, look, there's just disgusting people in the world. but we got to this point because the president got us here. at the beginning, about eight weeks ago when the president started to question, i don't know it was the masculinity of wearing masks or even the effectiveness of it, which advice was inconsistent with every sort of, you know, person with a brain at this stage. and let me tell you why. even if masks are not perfect, we are in the stage of risk mitigation. we're not going to eliminate the virus. we're going to have to learn to live with it. we don't have strong social distancing in most of these states. we don't have a great treatment,
3:19 am
we certainly don't have a vaccine. so what you want to do is do a whole bunch of different things that combined can help stop the spread. and masks is a key part of that. so is, also, you know, being outside a lot, avoiding lots of people. and so, you know, basically, we just are dependent on individuals behaving well. and we certainly know with a president who is questioning so far basic science and actually putting people in arm, you're going to see behavior like this throughout the united states. there's just no question in my mind, in anyone's mind who looks at this, without a strong masking policy, i see no way out of stopping the spread at this stage. >> you can see the realtime implications of some of this, too. dozens of secret service officials have been quarantined for two weeks since the president's tulsa rally saturday night, where, of course, there were thousands of people, many if not most of whom were not wearing masks. it's having a direct one-to-one impact, the decisions that are being made. doc, to you, look, we are seeing
3:20 am
younger people who are being the ones who are now reporting as new cases. the numbers are skewing younger. what impact is that having? what are you most concerned about in florida right now, in terms of the spread? obviously, you want to keep the beds empty in your hospital. so what's your message to the people in florida about the best way for them to do that? >> you know, ironically, an old friend reached out to me regarding having her honeymoon here in miami and wanted to know whether or not the news was real and what was going on down here. and i told her, don't come. i told her, stay away from florida in general. it's not a good time for us right now. it is scary here. younger people are getting sick. my own brother tested positive last week. he's 40. i brought him down from new york to keep him safe months ago and he's been living in the house. he's been fine, but he got sick.
3:21 am
he's okay. he's got a mild case, but even staying safe, this virus can get you. and i just told her, i would skip florida for the honeymoon at this time. >> we're really sorry to hear that about your brother. that is scary. just, you brought him there to be safe from new york and you are a doctor and, you know, he obviously went out at some point and then he got sick. and that's just a cautionary tale on every level. we hope that he's doing okay. and dr. pastewski, we'll check back with you. thank you very much for all the information. juliette, as always, thank you for all of your expertise as well. >> thanks. up next, brand-new policy on the 2020 race in key battleground states. a very big headline for you to see. so harry entin is going to break down the numbers for us, next. not even our competitor's best battery
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new this morning, "the new york times" just published polls from six key battleground states, the states that could very well decide the 2020 election. joining us now to break down these numbers, cnn politics senior writer and analyst, harry enten. harry, i have to say, there's a huge wow factor to looking at these polls. i know it should be surprising if you've been looking at the national polls. still, i can't remember seeing margins this big in these key swing states. >> no, i mean, i don't really, either, to be perfectly honest with you. and this is really the first clear indication that we have that the national lead that joe biden has taken is really getting into those key swing states. so let's take a look at them, right? the six key swing states, the closest states that donald trump won in 2016, what do we see right now? we see joe biden opening up a wide lead. the smallest of which is in
3:27 am
florida, where he's only up six points. but look at the key three midwestern states that donald trump won. those great lakes battlegrounds. wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan, double-digit leads for joe biden in all of them. and keep in mind, back in 2016, these were all states that trump won, won by an average of about two points, those three key midwestern great lakes states, he won by a little bit less than a point. and right now he's up by double digits in all of those key great lakes states and up by six, seven, and nine in florida, north carolina. >> it's a blowout when you look like this today. but you look at arizona, north carolina, which are traditionally more reddish states. to see the margins there plus 7 and plus 9, those are big. now, harry, one of the things you're going to hear, no doubt, as the trump campaign wakes up, oh, it's just one poll.
3:28 am
this doesn't mean anything. >> and truth be told, that will be a bs line. take a look at wisconsin, right, where we've actuallied thy ed h polls taken from late may into june. these are after the anti-racist protests started. and what we see from fox news, "new york times"/siena, all top-notch polls, the average has biden up by ten. and what's so important, compare that to the prior poll, right? from all of three of these pollsters, we see a significant movement towards biden. the prior polls on average only had biden up by four points. we're seeing more than a doubling of biden's advantage in wisconsin. of course, wisconsin was the keyest of the swing states in 2016. it was what we called a tipping point state. the median electoral college vote was in nose states. the fact that wisconsin has moved all away into biden's column like this, that is very significant news and suggests he has a true electoral college advantage at this point. >> and it's the movement that
3:29 am
matters. no one is saying the election is today. we know there are still four months to go. but what this does show and the consistency over the polls, including the cnn national poll, "the new york times" poll, the fox poll, is you're seeing clear movement here. and we don't have a slide for this, but it's broad-based movement, too, among different voting groups, racially, demographically, age wise, education wise. >> that's exactly right. here are a few things i'll just note. wisconsin, which i really wanted to get into, is a state that has a lot of white working class voters. that's white voters without a college degree. the fact that wisconsin is moving so much is an indication that biden is really making inroads into that group. he, in fact, in the national polls has been improving about ten points among that group compared to where he was a few months ago. and especially compared to hillary clinton back in 2016. and whites with a college degree, as well. that, i think, is the big story here. is that white voters, who i think donald trump is trying to get after with this law and
3:30 am
order politics, right? they are not buying it at this point. they are shifting in to joe biden's column. and that's the big story. biden is winning where there are a lot of white folks, as well as winning in those more diverse states in the sun belt. so this to me is just a very broad-based movement towards joe biden. it's a real indication that those national polls are starting to get down into those swing states. >> the silent majority that the president thinks exists might want something else than he thinks it does. talk to me about the impact that this has on the electoral map, vis-a-vis what we saw in 2016. >> yeah. i think this is so key. remember, of course, hillary clinton won the popular vote, but she did not win in the electoral college. what i essentially did was, i looked at the polling average, right? in all of the different states and said, if the poll average was exactly what the result would be, what would be the electoral college result? and what we see right now is a joe biden blowout, right? 368 electoral votes to donald trump's just 170.
3:31 am
biden is basically winning in all the key swing states that matter. and that 368 is over a 100 electoral vote improvement -- in fact, it's over an 120 electoral vote improvement compared to where hillary clinton was just four years ago. it's very clear that the electoral college won't save donald trump if the polls right now are an indication of where we're going to be come november. >> and one other thing i'll note, we're out of time here, is that joe biden is consistently at or higher than 50% in polls, which is somewhere where hillary clinton was not. you can see right there, shec ws at 42%. she was ahead, but he's nine points higher than where she was four years ago. harry enten, thank you so much for having on us. >> shalom, my friend. like my beard? i think it looks pretty decent. >> keep work on it. governors from three northeastern states now requiring travelers from eight states that are seeing the biggest spikes to quarantine. can this be enforced? my nunormal: fewer asthma attacks. less oral steroids. taking my treatment at home.
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3:35 am
you have some states who followed the president's thinking and you have new york, new jersey, connecticut, and some other states that did a
3:36 am
science-based reopening. science-based reopening worked. we fought like heck to get our infection rate down. we have the lowest infectious rate in the united states of america. we just want to make sure we don't import the virus, because we learned that lesson, been there, done that. >> that was new york governor andrew cuomo explaining why he joined forces with the governors of new jersey and connecticut to announce this 14-day self-quarantine for travelers from the eight states experiencing the highest surge in coronavirus cases. joining us now to talk about this and more, we have cnn political correspondent, abby phillip and cnn political analyst, estead herndon with the "new york times." so abby, back when florida did this to new yorkers coming in, governor cuomo called it political. and when rhode island did this to cars or threatened to for
3:37 am
cars with new york license plates back in march, governor cuomo called it unconstitutional. so the tables have turned. why now do you think it's okay? >> well, i don't know that things have fundamentally changed between what florida was trying to do and what rhode island was trying to do and rhode island was trying to do now. everyone is going to know it's going to be very difficult if not impossible to stop people from moving freely between states. it's just not something that can be done in this country. but what new york can do is say to people who are traveling through or from those states that when you get to another place where the virus is not as prevalent, you need to take more precautions. and i do think that there is -- what governor cuomo is doing is trying to fill a little bit of a leadership gap here. there's no one really communicating to the american public as a whole about what they ought to be doing, what kinds of precautions they should be taking, as they try to go about their normal lives.
3:38 am
and i just returned from oklahoma, one of those states where the rates are going up. and the lifestyle in those states is incredibly different from where i am standing right now in washington, d.c. and so it stands to reason that a lot of people who might be traveling from those states need to be communicated with. the expectation, when you get to new york or you get to another place where they have better viral control is that you do wear a mask. and nobody at the federal level is telling anybody that. so it does fall on individual governors in new york and in these northeastern states to be very clear about what the expectations are for people as they try to get back to some semblance of normalcy or reopening. >> yeah. and estead, it also stand to reason why the governors of new jersey and new york want to protect the people of their states. they've been through hell. they don't want an infection flying in or driving in and starting this horrible deja vu all over again. it so makes sense, but the
3:39 am
enforcement is where, you know, the devil is in the details, estead. and in fact, the governor of new jersey admitted on cnn last night that it was basically going to be self-regulating and rely on people's own conscience and morality. >> the enforcement here is the one that makes the announcement kind of move. you're not going to be able to make people stay in their homes even when they travel from these states. what these governors are trying to do is signal an intention that the virus has gone down in these states and they want people who are traveling to know that they should be taking precaution and that these states, as abby said, that there's a different culture around mask wearing, around precautions, around how you have to, how to culturally act when you go out. that's not true in the places where we've seen the highest rates of infection. but you cannot mandate this. and so in the same way that governor cuomo called the previous limitations political, this is also something that's functionally political, as well.
3:40 am
>> meanwhile, abby, we don't know yet if anyone has gotten sick after the president's tulsa, oklahoma, rally. however, we do know that 14 secret service agents have been ordered to self-quarantine, or maybe a dozen, from -- for 14 days because, it's possible that they were exposed. so, this is a precaution. but is that disruptive? >> well, you know, i think that it is -- i don't know that it's disruptive to the functioning of the secret service. they have a lot of people who are able to do these things. but what it does tell you is that they are concerned that the virus was spreading among a group of people who were working in and around that rally, and that they don't have a good amount of control over who had contact with the virus and who didn't. and that is what happens when you have a culture around a white house where people don't wear masks, where people don't practice social distancing. where they don't act as if they could be potentially carrying
3:41 am
the virus, even if they don't have symptoms. and so when you have that kind of environment, the virus could be spreading with complete abandon. and what you will have to do is, as a precaution, quarantine everyone. i don't know how long they can continue with that strategy, because, eventually, you are going to run out of people. if you're going to quarantine every person who goes out on a trip for the president for two weeks, you're eventually going to run into some staffing problems. so i do think this could be one of those moments where the white house, the secret service has to really think, do we really want to be as lax as we seem to have been being over the last couple of weeks, and should we not take the same precautions that everyone else is trying to take around mask wearing. >> and i should a dozen, it's dozens with plural. so astead, as you know, president trump is a fan of the confederacy or of its history, at least. and he is now on the verge of
3:42 am
ordering u.s. marshals to protect monuments that celebrate confederate history. and in fact, he has instructed his interior secretary to restore the only confederate statue in washington, d.c. that was torn down last week, and that was a confederate general named albert pike. albert pike. so why? why does he think this is the right side of history to be on? >> i don't nope know if this is about history or it's more about politics? this is a white house that has created its political mantra around white grievance. this is a president whose political history has been based in stoking these attacks. and this is something that's been a throughline throughout his personal history and his administration. and as we build up to november, this is something that the white house has keyed in on. at that tulsa rally, the president said he wanted to make
3:43 am
this a criminal offense and they're destroying our heritage. when people hear that, the question is, who is is "our"? is he talking about an america which these people were traitors to, which they were fighting for the cause of slavery? why is the president so intent on keeping these people's memories and histories preserved? when you hear the folks respond to this, the important point here is we don't even know if this is a political good move for the president. poll after poll is showing us that the americans are not with him, that only on this issue, but on how he's handled the response to protest about racial inequality. so if this is the white house, again, being so concerned with the kind of narrow focus and their language of its base, that it's not only speaking to the fears of black americans, but the feelings of the confederacy, but not even the country at large who we see in that
3:44 am
polling, especially this morning, is not with him. >> astead, abby, thank you both very much. coming up on "new day," we will speak with new york governor andrew cuomo and connecticut governor ned lamont about the quarantine order for travelers and how they do plan to enforce it. well, the eiffel tower reopened today after its longest closure since world war ii. we have a report for you from paris, next. when the world gets complicated,
3:45 am
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developing this morning, officials in beijing declaring they have contained the most recent coronavirus outbreak. a very different story in latin america where cases have tripled in the past month. we have reporters covering the story from all over the world. >> i'm david culver in beijing where city officials now consider this latest cluster outbreak to be basically contained in their words. it's believed to have originated in a popular wholesale food market in the capital. two weeks in, and several neighborhoods are still on strict lockdown. mass testing sites like this one that cnn toured this past week continued to require screening for what's amounted to hundreds of thousands of residents.
3:49 am
of that, they have only reported about 250 confirmed cases from this most recent outbreak. in all, since the start of the pandemic, chinese health officials say they have conducted more than 90 million coronavirus tests. >> i'm matt rivers in mexico city. it was about a month ago that panamerican health organization officials first declared latin america and the caribbean to be the new epicenter of this global pandemic. and in the several weeks since, we know that cases in this part of the world have tripled, going from just under 700,000 to now standing at more than 2 million cases and more than 100,000 deaths. the director of the panamerican health organization told reporters on wednesday that she thinks that outbreaks could continue to crop up in this region for the next two years, saying in part, quote, all of us must adjust to a new way of life and redefine our sense of normal. >> reporter: i'm cyril vanier in paris, where the eiffel tower is
3:50 am
partially reopening to visitors today after its longest shutdown since the second world war. for now the lifts are closed to avoid crowds in a confined space, so if you want the view, you'll have to earn it. 745 steps to the second level, that's a 15-minute climb, and once you get there, the eiffel tower experience is a little different now with mandatory face masks, regular disinfection of services, and no access to the very top for now. an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 visitors are expected on day one. >> our thanks to our correspondents all around the world. so just six days before the start of baseball's spring training. several teams are reporting new coronavirus cases. coy wire has more in the bleacher report. hi, coy. >> good morning, alisyn. in a way, sports reflecting societies as a whole, right, as teams and athletes ramp up towards a return to play, the
3:51 am
potential reality staring them right in the face is more tests. boston red sox, ro detroit tigers, and seattle mariners now reporting positive cases on their 40-man rosters, on top of the teams that already reported cases last week, alisyn, bringing the total to 9 of the 30 mlb teams reporting positive tests. in the nba, three players set to play when the season resumes announcing positive tests yesterday, including pacers star malcolm brogden, who says he's in quarantine, but hopes to join his team when he's cleared to play. the nba plans to resume games july 31st. and five pga golfers are pulling out of this event in connecticut, including brooks koepka. he's out after his caddie tested positive for covid-19. koepka say although his test was negative, he feels he would be putting other players at risk by playing. finally, the new york city
3:52 am
marathon has thousand benow bee. 50,000 runners pose too big of a risk. runners getting their full refund or a guaranteed spot in future race, alisyn. major events continue to be canceled, pro athletes pulling out of competitions as more athletes test positive, how will teams and leagues respond? and what if any pressure will athletes feel? something to keep an eye on in the coming days. >> those are important questions, coy wire, thank you very much. so democrats believe that bill barr is putting politics over justice. what do they plan to do about it? tums versus mozzarella stick (bell rings) when heartburn hits fight back fast... ...with tums chewy bites... beat heartburn fast tums chewy bites essential for sewing, but maybe not needles.
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3:57 am
this. there's so much going on that concerns the attorney general, evan. >> that's right, john. yesterday, you had a couple of sitting career prosecutors accusing the attorney general in a house committee of politicizing the justice department. and then in the middle of all of that, we have the appeals court in the district attorney with a 2-1 ruling that was written by a trump appointee, naomi row, who said that the district court, that has been looking at the michael flynn case, has no choice but to dismiss the case. you remember michael flynn has pleaded guilty twice. up until recently, the justice department was defending its prosecution of michael flynn, but now bill barr says the case should never have been brought. naomi row, the trump appointee wrote the following. she said that the district court had no right to intrude into what the executive branch's decision to drop this case. they said that this is the
3:58 am
prosecutorial decision to bring the case in the first place and is it the prosecutor's decision to dismiss the case. now, of course, this is not going to end all of this debate. the president says that michael flynn was railroaded. the judge is still sitting on this case and he hasn't really decided, john, whether or not to appeal this ruling for the entire district court of appeals. so we have a few more days to sit on this and see whether or not this is really the end of the michael flynn case or whether we have some more drama to come. >> and it really does raise much larger questions about the rule of law and the administration of justice in the country. evan perez, thanks so much. on that larger question, join cnn's jake tapper for a new cnn special report, trump and the law after impeachment. it airs sunday night at 10:00 p.m. eastern, only on cnn. "new day" continues right now. our big metro areas seem to be rising very quickly and some
3:59 am
of the models are on the verge of being apocalyptic. >> the three most populous states all set record highs for new cases. >> our hospitals, we think, will get overwhelmed by mid-july. it's coming really, really quickly. >> now there's plenty of evidence as to how much of an impact masks can make. >> it should not be a political issue. it is purely a public health issue. >> anybody comes from one of these very infected areas, they have to either show that they were tested or they have to quarantine. >> it's an honor system, but if you violate it, you'll pay a several thousand dollar civil penalty. >> reporter: this is "new day" with allisisyn camerota and joh berman. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." deeply troubling trends this morning. the coronavirus pandemic, some states in the country, right back where we started in fighting the spread. some states, frankly, even worse off than they've been at any point in the crisis. the three most populous states in the country, california, texas, and florida all reporting
4:00 am
record increases in new cases. houston's mayor says the city's icu beds are almost at capacity. this is all having realtime consequences. disney is delaying the reopening of its california parks because of a spike in cases there. and thousands of workers at disney world in florida are now petitioning to postpone their reopening. >> meanwhile, some politicians in hot spots are trying to claim that wearing a mask deprives them of freedom. a new model projects that if all americans wore masks, 30,000 lives could be saved over the next weeks. north carolina and nevada are the latest states to issue mandates for mask wearing. and we learned overnight that dozens of secret service officers are being told to quarantine after working at president trump's tulsa rally, where people did not wear masks. >> joining us now, dr. gejeanne mirazzo. and also with


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