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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 25, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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california, in texas, in florida. three states that make up more than a quarter of the u.s. population. in texas, republican governor greg abbott is suspending the reopening to deal with the growing crisis, and once again in several counties, canceling elective surgeries in hospitals. the mayors of houston and austin in texas are warning intensive care units could soon become overwhelmed. one medical expert in texas gave this sobering perspective. increases in hospitalizations and affections across the lone star state could become "apocalyptic." from dallas, texas, our reporter. is this a major reversal from governor abbott considering how much of the state has already reopened? what does this actually change? >> reporter: look, he has certainly pumped the brakes here. remember, of course, that texas was out in front of a handful of other states quick to reopen during the course of this pandemic.
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moved to open businesses quickly. now the governor, brgreg abbott calling a pause. businesses that opened can continue to stay open, continue to operate within the thresholds given by the state already, but you won't see seizing of a easi restrictions. no word when texas can continue to open farther. this was a state that wanted to put people back to work. it has rushed and moved quickly to open up businesses again. reluctance to use masks in the state and now you see numbers rocketing upwards over the last few days reaching record highness the last few days and hospitalizationations going up over the last 13 days. the governor admitting change needs to happen, that they've got to get control of this virus, they've got to stop this spread. >> reporter: alexandria, according to the texas medical center website, 100% of their intensive care unit, icu beds,
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are now in use. are they preparing for an even bigger surge of patients? >> reporter: yes. and mayors across this state have been sounding the alarm that this would happen in major cities. ceo of the medical group, which represents the hospital system across houston, four major hospitals, saying they have been preparing for months for the possibility of a surge and say their hospital compacts are not equipped by the very alarming numbers we see now. they say they reserved 15% of hospital capacity for covid patients, that they are working together, hospitals within the system are working together now, and they are saying they have the resources and the staff they need to deal with this, but certainly we have heard warnings that this problem could get worse if it isn't turned around quickly. >> thank you so much. joining me now is dr. peter hotez who leads the vaccine development program at children's hospital and working on a coronavirus vaccine. doctor, thanks so much for
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joining us. we know hospitalizations and deaths usually get reported after surging in cases. they're a lagging indicator. how dire a situation is there in texas right now? >> no. it's pretty dire, jake. we've got an enormous amount of community transmission. if you look at the curve of the numbers going up, it's following what we call an exponential curve which it looks initially flat and then accelerates sharply. almost vertically. that's where we're at right now. you're absolutely right. we're not seeing deaths yet, but that will start, those deathless start to mount up, i would say in a couple ofweeks. the projections look pretty dire. they are models, but the epidemiological models suggest we could be at, by july 4th weekend, 4,000 case as day. three or four times even this very high acceleration, very
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high flrate in houston. similar things happening in dallas and all metro areas, dallas, austin, san antonio. so his is a -- a real -- i can't stress enough how concerned i am. the other piece we're not really talking a lot about, we've seen in houston and some other texas cities, disproportionate number of people where it's harder to do social distancing, higher rates of underlying diabetes and hypertension, and i'm especially worried what's happening to the african-american and his panic and latino populations in houston. we don't have data yet, but i'm guessing they are disproportionately affected like we saw in new orleans and will have to really double down on our help for the low-income neighborhoods here in texas. >> so, doctor, the texas governor says he's pausing reopening plans, but restaurants
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are already in texas reopened to 75% capacity, with indoor dining. gyms, bars, stores, water parks. salons, all open already. is it too late to say, we're pausing reopening in texas? >> well, remember, jake, a pause is really maintaining the status quo. isn't it? so i don't see, a pause basically saying we're not going to open further. on the other hand, things will be as-is. so those numberless continue to accelerate. so i don't see how we avoid ultimately going back to doing a dial-back, to actually shutting some things back up. otherwise the numbers continue to rise. i'm glad at least we've paused. glad we now have mandatory masks taking place in the workplace and elsewhere, but i, quite honestly, i think that's going
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to be insufficient. these numbers will continue to accelerate and then we're going see deaths in a couple of weeks. so we are going to have to take steps to bring this back. reluctant to say exactly what to dial back. i don't want to tie the hands of our public health leaders in our major metropolitan areas but i'm almost certain they're meeting at this point it look at next steps, because just maintaining status quo probably won't be sufficient. >> texas was one of the first states to reopen, of course. governor abbott has publicly said for weeks in his view the virus is under control. how difficult is it going to be to convince the public that has been told everything is fine, that now they need to start staying home and wearing masks? >> so we haven't really done this very much. have we? in the united states. you know, we -- we actually did pretty well in texas for a
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while. we saw what was happening in new york. we didn't want to reproduce that here. we wound up shutting things down towards the end of march in texas. and when virus transmission was only going on a couple of weeks where it had gone on four six weeks in new york and that's why in new york it was such a horrific epidemic. we never had anything of that level here in texas, and that was great. but then the epidemiological modelers said if you really want to bring one new case per million per day, keep it going to end of may and then you can potentially prevent it from sliding back upwards and we just weren't prepared to do that for a number of reasons. we did it a month earlier and then didn't put all the public health systems specs that we needed to ensure that we could do that safely and now we're in this situation again. you're right. we've never asked americans to
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do this twice. we don't have a lot of precedent to go on. >> more than a dozen states including some with republican governors are now requiring masks in public. in texas, it's not required. it's just recommended. i know you're hesitant to be pro scriptive, but isn't that a mistake? shouldn't people in texas where it's surging be wearing masks and be required to do so? >> you erful state for science and productive in my science career here in the section center and baylor and texas children's. we have a dark side in text.
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we do have this very vocal, very aggressive anti-science move nant go after me about vaccines because i wrote a book called vaccines did not cause rachel's autism about my daughter and i defend vaccines and they go after me about that, but now they're adding to their remit protests against contact tracing, against social distancing, against testing. all of the few tools that we have, and they have a lot of influence, and that has, that is making things very hard as well. >> all right. dr. peter hotez, thank you so much. appreciate it and in our thoughts and prayers, everybody in texas. breaking news from another hot spot. california. the new case numbers came out. that's next. later, moms and moms-to-be, listen up. new details linking pregnancy, coronavirus and ventilators. stay with us. on the award-winning ww app, you can take a personal assessment to get a customized plan. the assessment takes things into account
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breaking news internationally. the governor just announced new numbers for coronavirus cases in california. democratic governor gavin newsom. it's more than 5,000 new cases in one day. decrease from yesterday's number but staggering and a number the governor says is way too high. it's a massive rise in the number of hospitalizations. >> reporter: that's very concerning. the governor announcing the second highest day for new cases also talked about hospitalizations. announcing it is a new record. 4,240 people in the hospital because of this virus. all of this, a frustrating slide
12:15 pm
backwards for the state of california. >> i have three lanes waiting. >> reporter: if you thought the covid crisis in california was over -- it's not even close. many this say the people living with the impact at this los angeles food bank. >> i feel like with stores opening there may be people that feel it's out, but in reality it's not. it's not safe. >> reporter: what do you say to people in california who think that this problem is over? >> stay home. >> reporter: the numbers paint a stark picture in california. after weeks of keeping the spread largely in check, new infections have shot up, shattering records on multiple days. los angeles county now has the most infections of any county in the country. california's democratic governor gavin newsom says closing the state for a second time is on the table. >> we don't intend to do that. we don't want to do that, but i want to make this clear. we are prepared to do that if we must.
12:16 pm
>> reporter: how did this happen? california was the first state to shut down. about two months of closures cratered the economy, stabilized infections. then the state moved forward in phases to restart the economy, even as testing lagged. >> each day we're gettingalities smarter. but each day the threat is still there. >> reporter: los angeles just announced an additional 6,000 tests across the city's testing centers to keep up with demand. epidemiologists say tests and contact tracing is still a struggle. >> they need it to scale up quickly. we're always chasing behind the virus instead in front of it. >> reporter: meanwhile, infections in nursing homes and prison population never stopped. and when the economy reopened -- days of protest over the death of george floyd where we saw masks but little social distancing. the governor and county health officials say this may be a factor in the current surge of covid cases.
12:17 pm
>> everybody hold hands! >> reporter: is there a lesson to be learned from what year seeing now in california? >> just because we had flattened the curve here in california early on does not mean we are out of the woods. >> reporter: live here now in los angeles. this is the food bank. 2,500 cars expected to come through here. they're prepared for 3,000 families to be fed, and this is something we've been seeing throughout the day. a stretch of cars, one small snapshot of the economic fallout here in california. the governor also announced a massive budget deficit. in just a few short months, he went from a $21 billion surplus, that the state was expecting to now a $54.3 billion deficit, jake. this, again, just happened because of the virus fallout. jake?
12:18 pm
>> all right. from los angeles, thank you so much. florida's department of health reporting more than 5,000 new cases of coronavirus just today. that state hit record levels twice in just the last week. cnn's rosa flores is in hard-hit miami florida. rosa, in addition to increased cases of coronavirus, also there are, of course, other numbers to look at, including the percentage of those tested who test positive for the virus. >> reporter: absolutely right. the positivity rate here in miami-dade county where i am just yesterday, 27% positivity. ranked, jake, goal for the county, stay below 10%. the county exceeded that the past ten days. now, here in miami-dade county, the mayor announcing yesterday that there was an outbreak in an agriculture community in south dade where farm workers that had been very, in very close quarters had an outbreak. the mayor saying these workers don't need hospitalization, but
12:19 pm
they do need a place to isolate. so the county has stepped in offering hotel rooms so that these farm workers can isolate until they get rid of the virus. i'm here at jackson hill. jackson hill system report ag 108% increase in the number of covid-19 patients. very concerning, just the increase in the number of people having to go to the hospital. some of them very young. jake? >> rosa, yesterday florida's republican senator, senior senator, marco rubio accepted everyone should just "wear a damn mask." his words. is governor desantis, also republican, considering instituting a mandatory requirement people wearing a masks in public as many other governors, democrat and republican, have been pushing? >> reporter: you know, not at all. the rationale he said yesterday was most of the transmission happens in metro areas not rural areas. jake i just mentioned. the governor's rationale falls
12:20 pm
flat when the mayor of miami-dade says he has an outgreat lake in south dade and the governor himself last week said there were outbreaks in rural communities. jake? >> all right. rosa flores in miami. thank you so much. coming up next, the virus and the rally. new details on how it's impacting trump campaign staff, and secret service agents at saturday's rally. stay with us. this is the tempur-pedic breeze°. and its mission is to make so, no more night sweats. no more nocturnal baking, or polar ice cap air-conditioner mode. because the tempur-pedic breeze° delivers superior cooling from cover to core. helping you sleep cool, all night long. during the tempur-pedic summer of sleep, save $500 on all tempur-breeze mattresses... and experience your coolest sleep this summer, on our best breeze savings of the year.
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as the coronavirus pandemic rages on across the united states, president trump continues to deliberately mislead the public about how bad the pandemic is. the president instead seems to be focused on his own re-election and using divisive rhetoric. today the president accused the black lives matter leader of "treason sedition and insurrection" while simultaneously the president is defending monuments and tributes to individual racists who actually can be said to have committed treason, sedition and insurrection. namely, confederate generals. this instead of any sort of aggressive national leadership to lower the number of new
12:26 pm
covid-19 cases, and save american lives. cnn's kaitlan collins is live from the white house. katelin, t kaetlyn, the president is in wisconsin. leading with voters is joe biden as compared to the president. why is the president seemingly focused on divisive rhetoric and his re-election than on the pandemic? >> reporter: looking at numbers like those and the "new york times" poll out today that has biden ahead in double digits not only in wisconsin but in michigan and pennsylvania and seeing numbers people don't approve of the way he's handled the coronavirus pandemic and getting into a culture fight like with the monuments, the president talking about so much, is much more comfortable territory for him than handling the pandemic he knows voters rejected the handled it so far. he's looking at the polls, and
12:27 pm
disputes them and knows what's actually going on. the question, can he put the pandemic behind him as he's been trying to do the last days making these trips? even his aides, mike pence, his top economic adviser larry kudlow trying to downplay the new outbreaks we're seeing happening. listen to what larry kudlow said a few hours ago. >> there are spikes in hot spots. there's no doubt about that, and there will be some shutdowns in individual places or certain states. basic lip the lineup is still so positive, even with these hot spots. we have to live with this from time to time, but that's a different matter than the whole country. >> reporter: larry cud lower saying we are not going back to shut down across the country, widespread, as we've seen before, despite how the cases are, highest since april. questions that local leaders are making on a local level, but you see people like kudlow, we should note, once said the virus was contained, he believed, in march.
12:28 pm
>> also interesting that the president is dismissing coronavirus, not talking tab as the kind of threat it is, talking how it's going to fade away. obviously it's not. when multiple staffers for his own campaign and members of the u.s. secret service have tested positive after his own campaign rally in tulsa. >> reporter: yes. now all the staffers, campaign staffer, in tulsa are quarantining this week. not going into the office amp just returning because of those restrictions and instead working from home and quarantining. they're concerned because they interacted with the eight staffers who got it. yet the president doesn't seem to be concerned about that fallout, doesn't seem to be changing his activity at least and the white house staffers who also went are not quarantining though they say they ly tested here at the white house. in pennsylvania former vice president joe biden wrapped up remarks on health care, with
12:29 pm
families in languay lancaster, voters, reminding the president saying slow down the testing on covid-19. our reporter is live at the event. what is vice president, former vice president biden saying? >> reporter: well, jake, as you know, it is not every day that we see joe biden out on the campaign trail, and the focus of today's event here in lancaster was health care. he talked a lot about protecting obamacare and then turned to the comments did not made you just referred to where he said he wanted his administration to slow down testing even though, of course, we all know this goes against advice we've heard from so many doctors and public health experts. joe biden said that when -- i'm sorry. i was getting sound in my ear and apologize. when joe biden said when donald trump talks about testing being a double-edge sword, he is doing
12:30 pm
it because he believes that this is a bad look for him. he also got incredibly personal in talking about donald trump calling him a child. take a listen. >> he's like a child. he can't believe this has happened to him. all his whining and self-pity. this pandemic didn't happen to him. it happened to all of us. and his job isn't to whine about it. his job is to do something about it. to lead. >> reporter: and, jake, the reason we are outside right now is because the reason joe biden's campaign events have been limited to just pool. meaning a limits number of reporters are allowed inside so we can all practice social distancing at these biden events and notable joe biden made a point saying in his remarks he wear as mask every time he feels he is not able to socially distance. he encouraged every american to
12:31 pm
do the same saying this is the single most effective tool of trying to contain the coronavirus. jake? >> all right. mj lee in lancaster, pennsylvania. thanks. the politics of wearing a mask and why some governors are changing their tune, we'll discuss with a former cdc disease detective. plus new details about the potential link between coronavirus and pregnancy especially among one particular group of women. that's next. when the world gets complicated, a lot goes through your mind. with fidelity wealth management, your dedicated adviser can give you straightforward advice and tailored recommendations. that's the clarity you get with fidelity wealth management.
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in just the last 24 hours we have seen some governors mandate wearing masks in public. governors in nevada, north carolina and south carolina are just the latest to announce mask mandates. georgia's governor one of the first to reopen his state release add video urging everyone in georgia to wearing a masks, but they are not mandatory in that state. in florida, which has seen thousands of cases every day for the past week, the governor there, ron desantis, says enforcing face coving in their state would be too difficult. president trump, of course, rear fuses to wear a mask in public, even in doors in close contact. and it is certainly setting an example and a tone at the top. joining me now, former cdc disease detective and cnn medical analyst, dr. yasmine. look at the nation's top infectious disease expert talking how wearing a mask has
12:37 pm
become politicized. >> it should not be a political issue. it is purely a public health issue. forget the politics. look at the data. >> if you look at the data, the chance of transmission without a face mask is more than 17% according to the lancet. with face masks down to 3.1%. why are people not understanding how important it is to wear masks to prevent the spread of the disease? . >> so it's very frustrating. pretty straightforward public health intervention putting on a mask has been a political battlefield, and i know it's very frustrating on an individual level if you're taking that step and you're seeing neighbors and colleagues not wear a mask, but a lot of this comes down to really shoddy, irresponsible leadership, and poor communication. people have been extremely confused about even some of the most basic interventions because the leadership toppled back and forth mixing up messages and
12:38 pm
mid-of-ms. guiding americans. we're seeing it with some states mandating masks and other governors recommending them, but not being clear in the guidance. these are the same states that probably reopened too early and now in the case of texas with governor greg abbott saying there's no need for texans to leave their home. he wants texans to shelter in place, but then is also saying in the same breath that texas is wide open for business. so these send really mixed messages about what the public needs to do. we now know that asymptomatic transmission is a major driver of this pandemic but you can feel pretty healthy but be transmitting the virus to others who could die from the infection. wearing a mask protects other people. it should never have been turned into a political debate and the fact it has is extremely dangerous. >> a new projection from ihme, university of washington which does a lot of the projections
12:39 pm
that says if people wear a mask, wearing a masks, 95% of the public, then 30,000 lives in the united states could be saved just by october 1st. does that suggest to you that every governor where there are outbreaks should be mandating masks in public? >> i do. now that we have this guidance about how effective masks can be in the right conditions, i think we need to be much clearer in telling people exactly what they freed to do to protect themselves and their communities. and this projection, jake, comes off the back of another projection estimating 70% to 90% of americans who died, their deaths were unnecessary and could have been prevented it america acted more aggressively early on and followed steps of countries such as germany and singapore. we've missed the boat already. we've been late to the game. we have been getting poor
12:40 pm
communications and americans are misguided. now is the time to step that up and try to mitigate tons of thousands of more americans dieing from covid-19. >> only a little time. look at this video. individual councilman in scottsdale, arizona. against masks. take a listen. >> i can't breathe! i can't breathe! >> obviously, incredibly insensitive reference to the death of george floyd. also we've seen ap judge in texas assaulted after he issued a face covering order. what's your reaction? >> this is such an awful exploitative co-opting of the "i can't breathe" statement which is literally black americans fighting for their right to live and not killed by racists and speaks to what we've talked about the last few minutes.
12:41 pm
wearing a mask is a simple public health intervention that protects other people and need not be a political debate. >> doctor, thank you so much. a disturbing new report from the cdc. pregnant women who come down with covid-19 face a higher risk of being hospitalized, admitted into intensive care and winding up on a ventilate perp bringing in cnn medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. you've followed this closely. this is incredibly detailed on just how at risk pregnant women are. actually told we lost elizabeth cohen and will take a quick break and be right back hopefully with her. coming up, another case of, "i can't breathe." told police he would not even kill a fly. walks home and ends up dieing in police custody. what the governor is now doing about it, next. it's an easy way to earn cash back on the stuff i'm already buying. sometimes it's 3% sometimes it's 8% but you're always getting cash back.
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in our national league today the governor of colorado says his office will open an independent investigation into the 2019 death of an unarmed black man killed after police put him in a chokehold and first responders gave him a dose of a sedative ketamine. the death of elijah mclean garnered nation wide outrage calling fon an investigation into his death. we discuss. elijah was stopped by police walking home from a convenience snore 2019. wh -- store in 2019. >> reporter: it happened august 24, 2019. he was walking back from a
12:47 pm
convenience store. three police officers then approached him as they were responding to a 911 call for a suspicious person wearing a ski mask, and then here's police body camera footage of what happened next. >> no. i -- no. i'm an introvert. respect my boundaries that i'm speaking. >> stop tensing up. >> stop, stop. i'm going home. >> relax or i'm going to have to change the situation. >> leave me alone. >> sir, can you, please -- >> reporter: from there, an officer ended up placing mclean in a chokehold to which he briefly lost consciousness and regained, apparently another struggle according to an overview of the incident by police. later on first responders arrived. paramedics. he was given a dose of ketamine that sedative and had a heart attack in the ambulance and pronounced dead three days later. now, mclean was wear ag ski mask but his family attorney says that was because of his anemia.
12:48 pm
now ten months later we've seen 2 million people sign this petition to re-examine this case as it now appears the governor's office is committed to do and we are also seeing an independent investigation launched by the city of aurora as well, jake. >> and the aurora district attorney, released a statement saying the officers could not be tried for homicide based on the autopsy. explain. >> reporter: well, for starters, go back to why there weren't charges put forward in the first place. the district attorney says there was no reasonable likelihood that could prove a crime was committed. with this renewed interest, the district attorney released a letter that reads in part saying, the pathologist who conducted the autopsy stated he was unable to conclude that the actions of any law enforcement officer caused mr. mclean's death. to prove homicide in the state of colorado it is mandatory prosecution prove the accused caused the death of the victim.
12:49 pm
it does seem there's at least a legal burden it overcome from any of these independent investigations going on, but what is clear is that there are at least 2 million people who feel what's come out so far is insufficient and they want more answers. jake? >> all right. omar jimenez, thank you. in our politics lead, passing a policing reform bill in honor of george floyd this evening. one day after a debate over a republican-led policing bill was blocked in the senate by democrats. the house bill is expected to pass along party lines with republicans opposing it. lawmakers on capitol hill appear at a stalemate on a bipartisan solution to policing reform. cnn manu raju joins me from capitol hill. manu, what's different in this house bill from what senate democrats blocked >> house democrats are going to push through their chamber is a bill that tries to take action on the federal level, which is different than what republicans
12:50 pm
in the senate propose, similar action what the house democrats are proposing, for instance, a ban on chokeholds. that's a federal ban in the house democratic plan. the senate plan, it conditions states to enact policies to ban those policies. if they do they get federal funding. if they don't, they won't. that's essentially the significant difference between the two bills. also a ban on no knock warrants in the house. senate republican plan they track how the no knock warrants have been done, ask for that information to be submitted and action at a later date. the issue of qualified immunity. that's what democrats are proposing to change to make it easier to sue police officers in civil court of an individual's constitutional right has been infringed. that is not in the senate republican plan. the white house called it a poison pill. these differences and view of democrats are unsalvageable.
12:51 pm
that's why they bought that yesterday, republican lead sponsor of the bill, tim scott, told me he doesn't see how the bill could be reached between the two sides. democrats in his view don't want to get a deal so how could there be one. >> considering just yesterday the democrats blocked the republican-led bill in the senate, tim scott's bill in the senate, does this house bill that is going to pass tonight, it's anticipated, have any chance of becoming law. >> mitch mcconnell says it's too far, overreach of washington. president trump himself has rejected this plan as well. republicans don't like what the democrats are proposing. democrats don't like what republicans are proposing. so what we have here is gridlock in the senate and in congress in the aftermath of george floyd's death, which put this issue on the forefront of the congressional agenda. after we've seen these protests nationwide, both sides agree something has to be done but neither side can agree on
12:52 pm
exactly what that is. jake, ultimately the path forward in this congress is likely to be closed. the voters will ultimately have to discuss what they choose in november and who to put in power. then that next congress will see if we decide to do something. >> manu raju, thanks so much. coming up, a group of people who work and live in downtown seattle are suing the city saying that the protest encampment that has taken over their neighborhood since june 8th must go. six blocks of the capitol hill organized protest zone or the acronym c.h.o.p. started after the killing of george floyd in minneapolis. the plaintiff says they support calling out racism, support calling out police brutality but blame the leaders of the city of seattle by allowing this to go on by allowing barricades in rest rooms and no police presence. as a result they say their properties have been blocked off and vandalized.
12:53 pm
the zone has been deserted since shootings, one left a man dead. the police chief said a hostile crowd prevented first responders from quickly reaching the victims. coming up next, new information every mom and mom-to-be needs to know about the link between pregnancy and coronavirus. plus, frustrated and fed up, a florida doctor joins us on the dramatic and deadly spike she is seeing at her hospital. >> if you don't like wearing a mask, you're not going to like wearing a ventilator. the tempur° makes because the tempur-breeze° transfers heat away from your body. so you feel cool... night after night. during the tempur-pedic summer of sleep, save $500 on all tempur-breeze mattresses.
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you've been watching a special two-hour edition of the lead. coronavirus breaking records in several parts of the united states. look at this map. new infections in more than half of the country, holding steady in nine states and declining in only 11. three of the current hot spots are in the three most populous states. california, florida, and texas. today the republican governor greg abbott suspended the phased reopening to deal with the emergency. top disease expert dr. anthony fauci is imploring americans to please wear masks in public saying there's nothing political about it.
12:59 pm
but president trump still refuses to wear a mask in public and frankly appears more focused on his re-election and dividing the public, using racist firm kung flu and instead of leading the health crisis, the deadly pandemic that has taken the lives of more than 122,000 people in the united states. cnn's erica hilt now reporl rep the cdc said the actual number of case in the u.s. could be ten times as high as stated. >> reporter: in the nation's three most populous states, things are going from bad to worse. >> i don't think history will look back for givingly of the united states and americans going down this road. >> california, florida, texas breaking records for new cases in a single day. texas pausing its reopening to, quote, coral the spread of covid-19. in the greater houston area,
1:00 pm
texas medical center's normal icu capacity is just over 1300 beds. they currently have five available. >> we're running out of that time. with the runways short and health systems filling up. >> one of the ways to fight covid-19, wear a mask. >> i think it's incredibly unfortunate that this has become so political. >> there's no statewide mandate in florida where more than 5,000 cases were added thursday. >> it is scary here. younger people are getting sick. >> face coverings are required in hard hit miami where the mayor is considering fines for anyone who ignores his order. >> if we don't want to go backwards, the only option we have right now is to order masks in public. >> this afternoon, the cdc announcing the actual number of infected americans could be 10 times higher, roughly 20 million people.