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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  June 30, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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you are follow me on facebook or instagram or twitter @jake tapper and you can tweet the show at the lead cnn. thank you for watching. i will see you tomorrow. this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world, wolf blitzer is off and i'm jim acosta in the situation room. the coronavirus death toll in the u.s. now topping 126,000 people as 15 states report record numbers of new cases and 36 states are seeing cases continue to increase. also breaking, the governor of hard-hit california just said
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that he'll be announcing more restrictions tomorrow as cases there soar. it is 1 of 17 pausing or rolling back reopening, and dr. fauchi says that the country could see up to 100,000 cases per day up from 40,000 cases a day if this quote doesn't turn around. let's begin in los angeles right now with cnn's nick watt and governor newsom says that the situation causes for more restrictions. >> yes, jim. in los angeles county, they have said they will close the beaches friday and keep them closed throughout the fourth of july weekend. the governor says with the fourth of july coming up, he is most worried about the family gatherings and maybe you walk in with the mask on, but then you let the guard down. he says that he is going to announce some more restrictions tomorrow. california is one of 17 states
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rolling back on the reopening, and also, arizona. >> reporter: arizona's average daily death toll is about doubled during the month of june. >> the numbers speak for themselves. i am very concerned and i'm not satisfied with what is going on, because we are going in the wrong direction. clearly, we are not in total control right now. >> in texas, the number of covid-19 patients in hospitals more than tripled during the month of june. >> in the united states daily cases are increasing. after an extended decline. >> reporter: average daily cases in florida are up more than six-fold in the month of june. beaches in the south of the state also closing again before the fourth of july weekend. >> we don't have a lot of tools left in the kit right now, so, you know, we are trying everything that we can to stop this spread and reverse what is in very enormous spike in the community and in the state. >> reporter: today is 162 days
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since the first confirmed case here in the u.s., but one senior cdc official says that this is really the beginning. >> we can't just focus on those areas that are having the surge. it is putting the entire country at risk. we are now having 40-plus thousand cases a day, and i would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 per day if this does not turn around. >> reporter: and the death rate? >> it is going to be disturbing, i will guarantee you that. >> reporter: but it may not be too late. >> it is critical that we all take the personal responsibility to slow the transmission of covid-19 and embrace the universal use of face coverings. >> reporter: but at least ten states are suffering record number of cases and there is no statewide face man date, but you should wear one. >> i am addressing the younger
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members of the society, the millennials and the generation zs. >> reporter: the economic pain of all of this is obvious and crippling and people are camping overnight an unemployment office in oklahoma, but dr. fauchi says that the states must not open too fast, and we must all stop doing this. >> we are going to continue to be in a lot of trouble, and there is going to be a lot of hurt if that does not stop. >> reporter: new jersey, connecticut and new york where even the famous library lions are masked are now asking the incomers from 16 spiking states to quarantine. massachusetts asking the same of anyone coming in from outside of the northeast, and starting tomorrow, the european union is going to let the travellers in from 14 countries and china if they reciprocate, but not from the united states. now, we have talked a lot about the 17 states that are rolling
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back on the reopening, and here is one state that is not, florida. governor ron desantis just said that we are not going back closing things. he says that he does not believe that it is people going back into the businesses that is causing the spike in the state. he says it is the younger people, and social interactions, but also, jim, he is still not going to ask everybody in florida to just wear a mask. jim. >> 50 states, and 50 difference responses to all of this. nick watt, thank you very much, and we will get more on the increasingly dire situation in arizona, and stephanie elam is there for us. stephanie r t stephanie, are the arizona hospitals able to handle the spike there? >> that is what they are working on, jim. they are preparing for the surge capacity of the different health systems in the state deciding that is what they need to do. one hospital system, banner health, is making room on three floors in a children's hospital for ill patients, ill adult
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patients so there is more room in the other hospital for covid patients so that all of the covid patients can be together, and make one of the floors an icu adult floors as well and trying to make as much room as possible. 86% of the icu beds for covid patients are full which is down slightly from the numbers yesterday, but it is very much concerning. looking at the numbers overall, and the number of cases announced is over the last 48 hour, and there was a glitch of the data the day before, so they are saying that more than half of the number should have been released monday, and they are saying 44 deaths announced today. all of this is very concerning, because we can see now that the average number of deaths per day has risen. it is basically doubling in june to under 40. that is concerning because what we know is that the state opened up from the stay at home order in the middle of may. then the two-week lag period when people were mixing and
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mingling, and then they started to see the increase here beginning in june. that is why the governor doug ducey is coming out to say they have to do something, and put lives over livelihood which is not exactly going across well with everybody here as they are putting up signs about wearing masks. i will tell you as we have been here in the state, not everyone is doing that. >> all right. a tough situation in the state of arizona. stephanie elam with us. now, is the delaware governor john kearney, and thank you for joining us. anthony fauchi said earlier that he would not be surprised if we start to see 100,000 new cases of coronavirus per day, and we are at approximately 40,000 right now. in delaware, you are requiring masks in public to stop the spread of the virus and would it be easier for you the enforce the policy if the white house set the right example. >> oh, it would be easier if the
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white house set the right example with respect to wearing masks with respect to taking this pandemic seriously with respect to the provision of the necessary equipment two months ago, and the situation here in delaware is different than in arizona, california, florida and texas, and many of the other states. and we had a classic peak in the beginning of april and may, and two intervals is of 14 days of improving conditions as the white house task force and the cdc began to open in june, and we are beginning to see a uptick of the beach areas of the beach bar and restaurant workers and the age and the average age of those testing positive in the state, and now shifting significantly to that younger aged demographic, and age 18 to 25 and so we need to improve the messaging with that group to get
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folks to be more responsible and wearing masks and keeping social distancing and we have to enforcement there, and the delawareans have made sacrifices of closing down the businesses and stay at home orders and the tremendous economic sacrifice and we don't want to lose that ground now with the outbreak of the beach communities in lower delaware. >> governor, you are announcing that you are delaying moving into the phase three, and the popular beaches will be closed ahead of the fourth of july weekend and what led to that decision? >> yes. the uptick that we are seeing in the day-to-day positive cases, and we don't have a declining 14-day trend there, and even though we are testing a lot more people, the percent positive which is a data trigger that we are looking at as well is on the upswing, and so we have a little
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bit of the uptick and outbreak there in the lower part of the state, and again, in this very specific demographic, and we are doing a better job with the testing and isolation of people in nursing homes, and those are the most vulnerable populations and that is a requirement of moving into reopening, so we will pause now in phase two. we will close the bars in the beach areas at this very busy time in the year, and assess the testing date that we are doing. we are doing a lot more testing of the people with the symptoms and the people who don't have symptoms and testing in the restaurants and bars, some of the bars and the restaurants that have closed to enable to us test the employees. we will get through it. delawareans have paid a tremendous price so far, and it would be a shame to lose all of that ground that we have gained in flattening the curve. >> governor, you are seeing the cases spike in other states around the country. are you concerned about some the
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travelers, you know, tourists coming into the state from other parts of the country where cases are spiking, and what can you do about it? >> yeah, absolutely concerned about it. we don't get quite as many visitors from the beaches from texas and southern california and florida and places like that. i have looked at the graphs, and online, and look very different than ours. we did flatten the curve and having an uptick, and i am worried about the travelers from pennsylvania and new york and new jersey and they have improving conditions there, and in fact in new jersey and new york and connecticut and they have imposed travel quarantines from people coming into the states with higher numbers, and it is something that we will take a look at and we won't do it yet. we are going to be looking at the numbers and driven by the science, and make responsible decisions going forward. >> governor john kearney, all of the best to you and hope everybody stays safe in your state. thank you very much.
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a few minutes ago vice president pence joined other top republicans to urge americans to wear masks to stop the spread of the pandemic, and we go to kaitlan collins, and, the president is refusing to wear a mask and he is increasingly isolated on this issue. >> yes, and there is a change, and even the allies are encouraging people to wear a mask and even saying that the
2:17 pm
president should. and friday the vice president would not wear a mask, but now he is urging people to do so and now in the press briefing, the press secretary said that he has no problem with people wearing a mask, but he, himself, he does not want to wear one. >> reporter: with the nation's top health officials saying that the u.s. could see 100,000 new coronavirus cases per day, the president remained behind closed doors as vice president joe biden opened up a new round of attacks. >> month after month, many urged him to step up to do the job, and he failed us. >> reporter: in delaware, biden ripped trump to put the raging pandemic behind him, and accused the self-described wartime president of being in retreat. >> and assure the ppe for the health care workers before you tee off another round of golf. it is almost july and it seems that the wartime president has
2:18 pm
surrendered. >> reporter: biden has made few appearances since the restrictions were put in place months ago and he said he won't hold any rallies for now unlike trump who addressed thousands of the supporters indoors in tulsa. >> thank you, oklahoma. >> reporter: but his staas stat officials are voicing concern about large gatherings, that may have been trump's first and last rally for some time. the trump campaign has scrapped plans for one in alabama next weekend and no others on the horizon. he is going to travel to mount rushmore for a fireworks show in this friday where the south dakota governor said there will not be social distancing. >> we have told folks with concerns to stay home. >> reporter: they will pass out face masks, but won't require them. trump has refused to wear them and leaving him isolated from his own allies. >> occasionally the president might want to wear a max just to
2:19 pm
signal to people that he thinks it is important. >> maga should now stand for masks are great again. >> reporter: as the administration says that russia was willing to pay the taliban to kill troops, the administration says that the administration was briefed on it. >> this president is the most informed person on planet earth when it comes to the threats that we face. >> reporter: that information was included months ago in a written intelligence report that trump gets on the daily basis, but he rarely reads. >> that is something that i read every single day as vice president. the president read it everyday. i was briefed every morning before i got to the white house and then again. so the idea that somehow he didn't know or isn't being briefed, it is a dereliction of duty if that is the case. >> reporter: the democrats were briefed by the national security adviser and national security
2:20 pm
intelligence director and met with more questions. >> the president called it a hoax publicly, and nothing in the briefing that we have just received led me to believe it is a hoax. >> reporter: adam schiff, the house intelligence chairman who attended the briefing criticized the white house defense. >> i find it inexplicable in light of the allegations that the president has not come before the country and assured the american people that he will get to the bottom of whether the russians are going to be putting the bounty on the heads of american troops. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell said that russia should not be invited to the g7 like the president suggested this fall. >> i cannot verify the current rumors that all of you are writing about. but would by surprised if the russians were doing something like this? absolutely not. >> reporter: now, jim n t, in t last few moments my colleague zach collins said that these
2:21 pm
bounties were mentioned in the reports given to the national security council a year ago and we know that at this time they didn't know which russian linked group or whether or not the taliban had accepted the offers for the bounties to kill u.s. troops, but it does give you an indication that intelligence officials have been aware of this for some time now, and even though the white house just confirmed that the president has only been briefed about it in the last 24 hours or so. >> sounds like the white house is still getting the story straight on this, kaitlan. and stay with us, because i want to bring in the cnn senior report knee nia-malika harrison and so you have heard dr. fauchi suggest that we could see 100,000 new cases of the coronavirus per day, and that is so much higher than where we are right now and approximately 40,000 per day, and yet the president is largely uninterested in confronting the crisis. they had a coronavirus task
2:22 pm
force briefing and the president was not there for it, and the vice president was there for that. what do you make of all of that? why is he not interested in all of this? >> well, in some ways, this is the president's approach to this global pandemic for some time now. you remember when everything first happened with some of the early cases, he was essentially trying to wish it away saying that it would go down from 15 to zero and eventually sort of die out or wash away, and that has been his stance much more recently as well, just not seeming interested thinking that he could essentially rebrand it, and have americans going back to their daily lives in a way that americans were before this pandemic. all of the tools that this president has used fighting with, you know, the enemies on twitter, and going after the press for instance, that doesn't work here. it is not going to work with the virus, because the virus is looking for the hosts, and the
2:23 pm
president very much so wants this to just all be over. he wants to turn back the clock to where the economy was before, and where people felt very safe in terms of the economy and confident in the economy, but it is not happening, so you have a president, and you can sort of tell what he is focused on by what he is tweeting about, and certainly not the covid death count which is much higher i think than anybody really imagined it would be at this point. we heard the early figures, and the early estimates, and it looks like that we are catching up with that and the bad news today from a lot of the experts on this virus. so this is sort of the bad news about this is that it doesn't seem to be getting worse, and the president, himself, who most americans give a failing grade in terms of the handling of it, it doesn't seem like he is going to be reengaged at any point, and even though you will see some of the allies trying to prod him and push him to get
2:24 pm
reengaged in this issue. >> and kaitlan, there are some republicans who are embracing the mask wearing and some are sounding like they are pleading with the president to wear one. let's listen to a few. >> i think they work, and i would say if i wear a mask and it is opening up concerts and nfl football i would rather wear a mask and go to game and protect grandma and grandpa and mom and dad. >> we must have no stigma, none about wearing the maxes. >> from my home state, i do agree with wearing masks, and it is the best opportunity to keep the economy open. >> i think that if the president wore one, it would set a good example, and he would be a good example. and maga should be masks are great again. >> well, it does not get anymore correct than that, kaitlan, and do you think that we will see a conversion of the president on the mask? >> well, no, because he believes that the wearing the mask is not
2:25 pm
presidential, and it is going to give the media amusement to see him wearing a mask, and that is one reason that he does not want to wear one, and at the beginning of this, the republicans said it is the president's personal choice, and we are going to be wearing one, but it is putting them in awkward positions, because like when he had the rally at oklahoma and the senator said that he didn't know if he would wear one at the rally even though he had been wearing one everywhere else in his home state. so they seem like sometimes they don't wear one, because of the fear offing aggravating the president. so we have heard them wearing one coming to the door and taking it off before they go to meet with the president. the white house is right, the president is often tested regularly, but it is not going to explain why he is out or when he is out at the events, and jim, he is choosing not the wear one. it is increasingly likely that he is one of the only people not to wear one. even the vice president was wearing one today. >> that is right. i can tell you that when i am
2:26 pm
over there at the white house, it is like an oasis, and the reality bubble where they don't believe in wearing the masks over there. and kaitlan collins, and nia-malika henderson, we know you wear yours. and now, more states adding to the lists of requiring the quarantine to their lists. and now, another virus threat that china says has pandemic potential.
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the top u.s. infectious disease director anthony fauchi is warning that the u.s. could see up to 100,000 cases of coronavirus per day unless the u.s. can turn around the pandemic. we get more from the medical correspondent sawn grnjay gupta and dr. fauchi is saying that we could see up to 100,000 cases per day and tell us what that means for the medical system strain, and what that means for deaths, and that is a lagging
2:32 pm
indicator so far? >> well, jim, it is hard to say the numbers out loud and nobody wants to frighten people more than necessary, but these are huge numbers. if you are looking at the right side of the screen and do the math, you know, right now as things are standing it is a 5% roughly fatality rate. now, you know, if you are 100,000 people getting infected everyday, roughly that could mean 5,000 people could die. you remember, jim, as well, when we were flattening the curve and talking about the potential problems in new york in the country at this time, we were under 40,000 people infected everyday and still kaucausing significant stress on the hospital system. that is a sad reality of causing that stress on the hospital system, and inevitable in some places around the country, then you will have a situation where the people who need the care could benefit from the care and might die without care and simply not getting the care and able to go to the hospital. i am hoping it is not going to
2:33 pm
happen, and we are going to turn it around, because that is obviously the worst kind of tragedy here, jim. >> and dr. mcclellan, 36 states are seeing the upward trend in the coronavirus cases and 17 states are taking the steps to pause or roll back the reopenings, and it is stunning to look at the maps and see everything that is moving in the wrong direction and you can't simply undo the damage that is done by the prematurely opening, and is that the moral of the story here? no, you can't undo it, and it is going to be worse before it is better, because the cases showing up in the hospital are the people infected 7, 10 days ago or longer. and just now coming to the big complications from the covid. so it is just really emphasizing the importance of taking the further steps of wearing the masks and pausing the reopening and taking the steps ahead of july fourth to avoid the big crowds and to add to the point of the number of cases we are facing, i think that, jim, we are already over 100,000 per
2:34 pm
day. a lot of the cases are going undetected because not everybody can get testing and according to the cdc, the total number of cases in the u.s. may be ten times as what we are measuring. so it is a reminder that we really need to take the steps now personally, through our governments, and this is not a partisan issue to contain the spread. >> i suppose as the cases are going up, you are also going to be seeing the testing slow down, and this is going to be a stress on that system as well. sanjay, we know that wearing a mask is effective way of stopping the spread of the virus, but does the type of mask that you wear matter? do people need to pay attention to type of mask they are wearing? >> yes, there are some masks that are certainly better than others, and i will show you some of the data here in terms of what they have found with the different type of the cloth versus bandanna versus the multiple layers of the mask, but looking at this, nothing should, nothing should dissuade you from wearing a mask, period.
2:35 pm
so if you wear nothing at all the average distance of a cough is eight feet. the bandanna is going to reduce that somewhat. folded handkerchief is more, and folded stitch is 2 1/2 inches then. and so these are rough numbers, jim, models. we have plenty of evidence to show the benefits of the masks and looking at the countries where they have mask-wearing cultures, and they have seen a significant difference of the impact of where the virus has spread, and this is the idea of how they model it looking at the graphics here and the animations. you will see there what the mask can do there and it is not perfect, and man, it can make a huge difference of the decreased transmission several fold and when you are doing that, you can decrease the spread overall. >> maybe we need to run the video on a loop, sanjay. dr. mclellan, the cdc surgeon
2:36 pm
general is urging people to wear the masks, and is this a reflection of the role that younger people are playing in the spread of the virus, and what we heard dr. fauchi say young people going out to bars and socializing and bring the virus home to grandmother or grandfather and lo and behold cases affecting people who are in and at-risk situation? >> that is right. it is important to younger people because more cases in the younger people and people who are older are paying more attention of keeping distance and being careful and important for the younger people who are also going to end up with serious complications and more hospitalizations are occur for people under 50, 40, 30, and some deaths and in addition as you have said, this is not an issue of the personal freedom, but it is an issue of the secondhand smoke, and other decisions that we make that affect everybody around us.
2:37 pm
we are all in this together, and if we want to save lives, we all need to participate in the steps. >> that is great message. thank you, dr. sanjay gupta and dr. mark mcclellan. now, as we expected the european union is not going to allow tourists from the united states. and also, a new swine flu emerges from china. ke ordinary memory supplements, neuriva has clinically proven ingredients that fuel five indicators of brain performanc: memory, focus, accuracy, learning, and concentration. try our new gummies for 30 days and see the difference.
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in global headlines about the coronavirus, the european union is opening borders for international tourism, and the united states is not on the list of country whose citizens will be allowed in. fredrick pleitgen is in brussels where the eu headquarters is with details. >> yes, the country is seen as effective as dealing with the novel coronavirus, and the u.s. is not on the list, and that means that the americans at least for the time being are not able to travel back to the european union. the list is interesting, because for instance, china is on the list, and countries are on the list that are significantly less wealthy than the u.s. and health care systems are less well funded than that of the united states and take for instance algeria and morocco and serbia and rwanda as seen by the european union as more effective of dealing with the pandemic than the trump administration has been so far. the eu says it is all purely
2:43 pm
down to the scientific criteria that they say they need to see a significant decrease in the new coronavirus infections to allow travelers from countries back into the european country. >> thank you, fred pleitgen. south africa has converted a soccer arena into a hospital to handle the load. tell us more, david mckenzie? >> we are here in the cape town which is experiencing the peak of the covid pandemic. this is the epicenter of the african continent. we were in a converted basketball stadium which is becoming a makeshift clinic run by doctors without borders in a large and formal settlement. many people expected a catastrophe here, but because of the lessons learned from the u.s. and europe, they are able to treat the patients and many of them are walking out after a few days of treatment. but, the warning coming from the public health officials here is that the peak though it is seeming lower it could last for
2:44 pm
several months, and there is a substantial battle ahead for public health officials and those doctors and the nurses that we saw working for many months to come. jim? >> david mckenzie, thanks. as if the coronavirus is not enough, a newly identified swine flu has surfaced in china. david culver is in beijing, and what are you learning? >> researchers are describing this as a new virus with pandemic emerging out of china. and it is published in the scientific journal, and it is a swine flu that is genetically descendent of n 1 h 1, and they made it from a pig survey program. the scientists say in two chinese provinces more than 10% of workers on pig farms tested positive for the virus. they add it is leading to severe infection and even death, but
2:45 pm
the experts are cautioning that the new virus does not pose immediate global health threat and it does not exhibit human to human transmission like covid-19. when asked tuesday of how china is handling the pathogen, a spokesperson said that china is going to take all necessary measures to prevent the spread and outbreak of any virus, but much of the concern is rooted in the chinese transparency or lack thereof following the novel coronavirus outbreak, jim. >> something to keep an eye on, david. thank you very much. how the shortage of the trac tracers in the u.s. is hampering the crisis. and joe biden is accusing the president of surrendering to the virus. because the tempur-breeze° transfers heat away from your body. so you feel cool... night after night. during the tempur-pedic summer of sleep, save $500 on all tempur-breeze mattresses.
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robert redfield tells lawmakers that a the u.s. neetds to aggressively modernize contact tracing to fight the coronavirus pandemic. brian todd has more. not only is the system outdated, but there's a critical shortage of contact tracers, is that right?
2:51 pm
>> there's a dangerous shortage. these people with disease detectives who track the spread of virus in each community and their manpower is especially lacking in states that are now seeing the heiighest spikes. tonight, an army, desperate ly needed in the war against coronavirus, is under man and losing on the battlefield in states recently hit the hardest. they're contact tracers. people who track down those who have coronavirus infected a person has had contact with to monitor them for infection. public health officials say they're a crucial component to being able to reopen the economy so new cases can be contained, but they say tracers are working in an outdated system. >> they really are in need of aggressive modernization. >> contact traces in this case, i'll be very quick, really doesn't have any value. unless you can do it in realtime. >> and america doesn't have
2:52 pm
nearly enough tracers. >> we need to do more including hiring at least 100,000 federally funded workers to perform contact tracing and other public health tasks. >> one estimate says america needs about 30 contact tracers for every 100,000 people in a community but a firm says in eight states, the ranks of contact tracers are dangerously low. texas only has about 11 per 100,000 people. florida, about seven. arizona, five and five other states also fall well short. >> now as we see a lot more transmission, it's going to be a lot harder to do contact tracing because we really just can't get our arms around the epidemics. they're a bit out of control. >> crystal watson, who co-authored a report on contact tracing, says many states did not come up with the resources to hire enough contact tracers. as for the type of person needed -- >> it's a detective, investigator in the public health space. >> experts say they have to
2:53 pm
interview an infected person to get them to help identify anyone they've been in close contact with. >> you ask them about close contact, within six feet for more than 15 minutes who fits that description. >> and they have to race dpens the clock. experts we spoke to say they have on average, less than three days to find someone who an infected person has been in contact with and get that person to isolate. at this center in arizona working virtually, a team leader tells us it's time intensive, emotionally taxing work. >> our big e challenge was just getting people on the phone and talking to them and getting this em to open up once you get a ahold of them. >> and there are more challen challenges. experts say contact tracing is now more complicated than ever because of the decisions by some governors to reopen their states so quickly. >> as these cases grow and spike because of reopening and because people have come together in
2:54 pm
large number, the it's going to get harder and harder to do that. >> it's getting so difficult that america's top voice on coronavirus says the armies of contact tracers should start acting like real armies. sxwl you can get community people to get boots on the ground and to go out there and look for the people instead of getting on a phone and doing so-called contact tracing by phone. >> but experts say contact tracers who go out into neighborhoods should be from those neighborhoods so they understand the community and the eventualture, but they add ood huge challenge, they say it's like a police officer trying to get a witness account of a crime. people's memories of their encounters are often shady and unreliable. >> very important information. thank you. breaking news. california braces for more restrictions as cases there continue to spike, but florida's governor vows he woebt roll back re ---ing despite the growing health crisis in his state. wayfair has everything outdoor
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this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm jim acosta in "the situation room." the coronavirus pandemic has now killed more than 127,000 americans and experts say a surge of new cases could accelerate the growing toll. at least 15 states are reporting a record level of infection as the virus increases in 36 states and breaking news tonight. california governor newsom says
3:00 pm
he's about to o announce new restrictions for residents of his state. they'll join 17 other states pausing or rolling back plans to rope and an urgent warning from dr. fauci today. the u.s. could see 100,000 new cases per day if we can't turn this around. cdc director robert redfield urging younger americans to slow the spread by wearing a a mask. let's begin with jason carroll in new york. we're hearing california governor gavin newsom is preparing new restrictions for the state. what's the late e on that front? zpl that is correct, jim. and that announcement should come sometime tomorrow. this as california kocontinues see a surge of cases in that state. now at this point, nearly 6,000 people have died. >> clearly, we are not in total control right now. >> the nation's top infectious disease expert


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