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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 2, 2020 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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seeing the curve trending in the wrong direction. dr. anthony fauci day saying only about half the country really locked down when it was asked to, meaning the outbreak continued to grow and the virus continued to spread. the u.s. has not been able to get coronavirus under control. despite all this, of course, vice president pence says while the administration supports states pulling back or pausing reopening measures said, quote, we're going to keep opening up america again, unquote. the vice president sticking with the plan that is by all empirical data failing. as cnn's jason carroll reports for us now, dr. fauci is fully stating the united states is losing the battle against coronavir coronavirus. >> while coronavirus cases across the country surge, some potentially promising development on the vaccine front. >> we are all optimistic the goal we have set to have a vaccine that works and is safe
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by the end of 2020 will be met by one of the vaccines. >> we have three vaccine candidates. we've had many more but three are really, really looking good. >> that news comes as the u.s. saw a single day record for new cases on wednesday. just today florida reporting more than 10,000 new cases, a new daily record high for the state. >> our capacity in the hospitals is becoming less and less available, and we're seeing a return of a disease that everyone dread freddie day one. >> doctors in texas overwhelmed by the number of covid patients. so many in some parts there are wait lists for ventilators. >> i got 10 calms, young people, excellent candidates. they are so sick if they don't get put on so sick they are probably going to die, i had three beds. >> three states paused reopening plans due to spikes in covid
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cases. today the nation's top disease expert dr. anthony fauci telling bbc some states may have reopened too soon. >> in the united states even in the most strict lockdown only about 50% of the country locked down. that allowed the per ppetuatiop >> casinos opening their doors today. pandemic not stopping some in tuscaloosa, alabama, from what one city councilmember describes as covid parties. city officials said tickets were sold to the to where the person confirmed to contract the virus wins cash. >> unfortunately i don't believe they are taking this as seriously as they need to, especially because in tuscaloosa, and probable like a lot of cases in alabama, the spread has been asymptomatic.
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>> an hour outside, rockland county investigating a cluster linked to a party. county officials issuing fines and subpoenas to compel people to talk to contact tracers. >> we are deadly serious. i will not allow the health of our county compromised because of ignorance, stupidity or obstinance. >> dr. fauci asked if the u.s. is winning the war against the coronavirus. >> you've been losing this battle, vanderbihaven't you, re? >> we have. we cannot give up because it appears we're losing the battle. >> a little bit more from dr. fauci, jake. late today he gave an interview where he talked more about potential for the vaccine and projections going forward. he said they should know by winter or early 2021 if they have a safe and effective vaccine. already, jake, there are
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discussions among health officials who would be the first to get it. first responders, possibly those over the age of 65, those in long-term care facilities. obviously first things first, you have to get that effective vaccine. jake. >> that's right. jason carroll, thanks so much. let's bring in cnn chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. a new study shows there's a new mutation of the novel coronavirus that makes it more infectious but just as deadly, if not more deadly. what can you tell us about this? >> the last point is the most critical point. while it makes it more likely to spread, it doesn't appear to make it more lethal. jake, we had some hints of this before. we knew a different strain primarily out of asia and a different strant primarily out of europe. you look at the eastern part of the united states versus western united states, probably different versions of the virus were affecting this. it appears to be a mutation in what is known as the spike protein. thais the protein that allows
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these viruses to enter the cell and allows them to replicate more easily inside the cell. i think the two critical points is while it may make it more likely to spread, it does not appear more lethal and doesn't affect possible future vaccine. it's not a big enough mutation that should affect that, jake. >> we've heard president trump say the more testing we do the more cases we get and that makes the country look bad. at a senate hearing today trump's testing czar said this surge cannot just be attributed to more testing. take a listen. >> there is no question that the more testing you get, the more you will uncover, but we do believe this is a real increase in cases because the percent boss tifts are going up, so this is real increases in cases. >> i guess it's notable somebody telling the truth about this virus was news worthy but we did want to point that out.
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>> that is obviously in direct opposition to what we've heard recently. the narrative has been you test more, you're going to find more cases, makes us look bad. that's not the case. it's counter-intuitive but as you test more, ultimately you should have less, fewer cases because you isolate people, quarantine them and that's how you break the transmission spread. i don't know if we have the graphs of texas but you can see we've looked at what's going on. we know the number of cases are going up in texas. what's also been happening there is the positivity rate has hovered pretty high, around 15% or so over the last few days. that's too high. that means as you're testing more, there's evidence of greater spread than you realized. so you're not just going up because of the testing, you're going up because the virus has spread more. you need that positivity to be closer to 5% or so. >> sanjay, dr. fauci acknowledged today the mixed messaging on masks from officials in the early days of
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the pandemic might have set the u.s. back and that the u.s. never really shut down you during the shutdown to get the virus under control. how concerned are you about where the u.s. is right now in battling this virus? >> well, you know, i'm pretty concerned. i realize, jake, we still have many tools, you know, basic public health tools that can make a huge difference. you and i have been talking about these for months now and they can make a big difference. dr. fauci and others m's concede at the beginning of the virus there was a lot we didn't know. it was novel coronavirus. things were being learned along the way. there were some pretty basic rules put in place. when should a state reopen. dr. fauci talked about the fact 50% of the country really didn't shut down. that's a problem because other countries did shut down and had tremendous success. when should they open? if you look at texas again, one
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of the basic rules was you had to have 14 days of downward trend before you started to open. here, jake, are the 14 days before texas opened. want to pull the data, opened may 1st, that was the plan to epa may 1st, closed march 30th. jake, the numbers speak for themselves. that is part of the reason we're in this problem. part of those guidelines said if you go up five days in a row, you probably need to go back into shutdown mode. some states are hitting those bench marks as well. >> we should point out, sanjay, you and i were at the time they were reopening, even though they were violating all of the gateway suggestion from the coronavirus task force, we were saying they had not met the criteria. here we are with an explosion of new cases. some cases in some states, an explosion of hospitalizations and, sadly, deaths. >> that was the reason you had the criteria.
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it seems like they were thrown out the window as quickly as they were released. they were put out in name only to give the sense here they are but you don't really have to follow them. the reason you want 14-day trend, that gets you to manageable level of new infections. if you get the manageable level then you can isolate, quarantine, contact trace, all of that. with the numbers as high as they are, it's tough to do, jake. >> also at the senate hearing today, a health and human services leading the effort for the vaccine said u.s. could have more than one coronavirus vaccine by early next year. are you encouraged? are you optimistic? >> i am. this is a deep area of reporting to us. we've been talking to lots of sources in the cows, nih. you heard francis collins talk about this, head of the nih, being very optimistic about this thing. it's going to happen. there are several different vaccine platforms being worked on. some are progressing more
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rapidly than others. it is kind of amazing. i think this is west nile of the bright spots in all of this, jake. the pace of medical innovation will be forever accelerated by this pandemic. we have done things in weeks that typically took years in the past because we had to. our backs are against the wall. sometimes that forces the innovation. with the vaccine, a couple of the platform vaccines in particular, you've really seen that. within days after the sequence. we'll see still. the question is am i optimistic and the answer is yes? >> great. that's at least something. dr. sanjay gupta, thank you so much. i'll take it. president trump skipping out on questions whether he was briefed on the alleged bounty program that targeted u.s. troops in afghanistan. we'll talk to one of the senators briefed. they were some of the voters who helped trump win in 2016 in an incredibly important state. for some 2020 might be a different story. we're going to go talk to one key group of voters in one key
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house speaker nancy pelosi accusing president trump of dereliction of duty following a classified briefing on alleged russian bounty program that reportedly paid taliban terrorists to target u.s. service members in afghanistan. as jeremy diamond reports this all comes amid new questions about what exactly the president knew and whether he should have acted. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: today president trump dodging questions about an alleged russian plot to reward the killing of american troops in afghanistan. six days after that bombshell report and amid mounting evidence --
1:16 pm
>> i think it's a hoax. i think it's a hoax by the newspapers and the democrats. >> reporter: trump has focused on undermining the intelligence and showed no concern russia may have targeted u.s. troops even as "the new york times" reports more details that u.s. officials identified an afghan contractor as the alleged middleman in the russian bounty scheme and rewards of up to $100,000 were offered for every dead american service member according to afghan officials. today top intelligence officials hit capitol hill to brief the congressional gang of eight. coming out of the briefing house speaker nancy pelosi slamming the explanation for why trump wasn't brief. >> the white house put on a con, if you don't have 100% consensus on intelligence it shouldn't rise to a certain level. well, we would practically be investigating nothing if you had to start off at 100%. so don't buy into that.
1:17 pm
of course the president should have been briefed. this is of the highest priority, forced protection, a threat to our men and women in uniform. >> former national security adviser john bolton echoing those comments. >> the fact there might have been disagreement in the intelligence agencies, that happens all the time. so i'm confused by the white house's confusion over this. i don't think they have a grip on what actually is going on. >> as for the virus -- >> our health experts continue to address the temporary hot spots in certain cities and the crisis is being handled. >> the president insisting the u.s. is getting the virus under control, even as 37 states are experiencing rises in new coronavirus cases. jake, no members of that congressional gang of eight got into any details of what went on in that briefing today.
1:18 pm
the house speaker nancy pelosi you saw her clearly saying she thinks the president should have been briefed on this and questioned why none of the white house officials who were briefed on this intelligence about russian bounties didn't stop the president when he went and invited russia to join the g7 again this year. jake. >> all right. jeremy diamond at the white house. thanks so much. joining me now to talk about this is democratic senator kirsten gillibrand who sits on the senate armed services computer. thanks for joining us. i want to get your reaction to something former national security adviser just a few minutes ago that he's confused by the white house's confusion over this briefing mix-up and they don't have a grip on this. >> yeah. the president really has failed in his job as commander in chief. he has not taken his responsibility of force protection seriously. the fact we have intelligence reports of money going between russia and members of the
1:19 pm
taliban and go betweens with the taliban, the fact we found $500,000 in one of these individual's houses in afghanistan just shows how out of touch the president is. he should be briefed on these issues. if he wasn't, we have understanding that he was briefed on these issues, it's shocking. he should have done something. even more concerning is the fact he's been unwilling to stand up to putin his entire presidency. we watched helsinki. we watched him have multiple calls with putin during this time when he would have known and said nothing. it's an outrage. we need a full investigation, jake. we need to have investigations through the senate intelligence committee and senate armed services committee and we have an obligation for our service members to get to the bottom of this. >> so you were briefed on the russian bounty intelligence yesterday. the white house has pointed out there is a dispute among intelligence agencies about the
1:20 pm
veracity of this report. did you question the veracity, find anything unreliable what you were told. >> i can't speak to the briefing because it had a top secret level. what i can tell you is what i read in the "new york times" and the fact they got information from only special forces but cia operatives, the information they have is corroborated. there is information we have today that this is something that should have been taken very seriously by the white house, by the president, and she should have done everything to protect our service members. we have concerns perhaps three service members were killed because of the bounty. we need to know if that's true. one of those service members is a new yorker. we heard from his father he has a right and demands the facts. every member of the senate should be willing to have full investigations to get to the bottom of it. >> the white house is saying
1:21 pm
that it was the decision of the cia briefer to not verbally tell the president, though obviously it's been reported by cnn and others that the information was in the president daily brief earlier this year. take a listen to the white house press secretary seeming to point the finger about why there was no action. take a listen. >> there were under president obama just 39 on average criminal leak referrals. in this administration we've seen 100 criminal leak referrals to doj, 88 in 2018 and 100 every year. >> members going after trump, thais what you're saying? >> it very possibly could be. >> well, that's absurd. sorry. go ahead. >> just saying mcenany saying this is a possibility the leak
1:22 pm
in the intelligence community going after president trump. >> she's abfuscating and trying to protect her boss. the fact he doesn't read daily readings, doesn't understand what the risk is at any time for our country means it is a dereliction of his job as commander in chief. >> you're demanding congressional hearings, senate intelligence, senate armed committee should look into this. you're in the minority controlled senate. are your republican colleagues going to hold hearings over this? have you talked with them about it? >> the first hearing we had in the armed services committee was inadequate. i can tell you the people who briefed us did not know the essential facts of the intelligence reports. some of the intelligence reports we reviewed before the hearing, they hadn't reviewed. i was very dissatisfied with
1:23 pm
their lack of preparation and knowledge of the relevant facts we are entitled to know. we made it clear to the chairman and ranking member we expect further briefings specifically from cia and people who will know the facts behind these intelligence reports. >> what about hearings, though? you want heerngs. will republicans have hearings? >> we need hearings. i don't know. i think the next step is to have another briefing on a secret platform. you can have hearings that are classified as well. you can have hearings both open and classified and i don't think any republican should be afraid of getting the facts. i can tell you based on the questioning i heard from my republican colleagues there is concern. they are not satisfied with the information they have been given to date. hopefully that will lead to a bipartisan request for hearings. >> center gillibrand, thank you so much. good to see you again.
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welcome back. in our health lead five states are driving more than half of the new cases of coronavirus across the country. those states are texas, california, florida, arizona, and georgia. four of those states were also among the first in the nation to reopen their economies, now all five are battling rising hospitalization rates. cnn's lucy kafanov joins us live from houston, texas. lucy, yesterday texas saw a record number of hospitalizations. some hospitals are nearing maximum capacity. you have some breaking news now from the governor-of-texas, greg abbott. what is it? >> i do, jake. just a few minutes ago the governor issued an executive order requiring a statewide mask mandate. this applies to any county that has 20 coronavirus cases,
1:30 pm
positive cases or more. this affects nearly 70% of counties across the state, including harris county, home to houston where we are right now. as you point out, these numbers have been going up day by day, more than 8,000 new cases yesterday. nearly 7,000 people across the state hospitalized. in about 30 minutes we'll get the new numbers for today and i would not be surprised if we again break records. this has been very difficult for the medical facilities that are seeing a surge in patients. they are trying to do their best to meet the demand but they have been restricted and hampered in some ways by the lack of a statewide mask mandate. the governor also giving local officials, county judges as well as mayors the power to restrict public gatherings to just 10 people. before that public gatherings of about 100 people were allowed. all of this leading up to the fourth of july weekend.
1:31 pm
this medical facility where we've been in front of you, i was talking to the doctors a few moments ago. one of the doctors said every time we had a big holiday weekend, whether it's mother's day, memorial day, we've seen a surge in cases. they have been very worried about what's going to come after this weekend. so perhaps the statewide mandate will help reverse that trend to some degree, jake. >> all right. lucy kafanov wearing her mask in texas as is now required by law. joining us now, the co-director for center for vaccine development at texas children's hospital. doctor, first of all, i want to get your reaction to governor abbott's executive order on masks. you've been coming on this show and other cnn shows and warning for months things were going to get bad. people need to take it seriously. the governor of texas saying ill informed things giving people a false sense of security. what do you think about where
1:32 pm
you are today and this order on masks? >> well, the order on masks is necessary. the question is whether it's going to be sufficient. i'm not certain that's going to be sufficient. we are seeing, as you've been pointing out, this massive rise in the number of cases, the steep acceleration in multiple states across the south and primarily in the metro areas. big cities of texas, houston, dallas, austin, san antonio, phoenix. as a consequence we're seeing a huge increase in the number of cases nationally. we're at about 40,000 last week, we're at 50,000 now. those numbers will continue to accelerate. dr. fauci mentioned we could hit 100,000 new cases a day. on a population basis we've already hit that now and are close to it in texas, in florida and arizona, so i think we have to face a pretty hard reality that this epidemic is out of
1:33 pm
control in the united states. we do not have our arms around it. these numbers will continue to accelerate and not only in the south but i think it will now spread to other parts of the country if it hasn't already. we need a new plan. we need a new roadmap. let's put it this way. we need a plan. so far there hasn't been a plan. it's been the states out front without much of a federal roadmap plan. >> we're on the eve of this long holiday weekend, fourth of july. it bears repeating on memorial day, may 25th, there were 18 states seeing an increase in new coronavirus cases. that number has doubled. 37 states are seeing an increase. what is august going to look like if we continue on this trajectory and there remains the vacuum of leadership at the federal level and the absence of any sort of concrete comprehensive plan? >> well, we've now seen some of
1:34 pm
the predictive models coming out of both seattle, the university of washington, as well as university of pennsylvania. that's where i sometimes used the word apocalyptic. we're seeing a two to three to four-fold increase in the current number of cases in the month of july and we're already seeing surges on intensive care units. our health systems across the south and other parts of the country simply will not be able to handle it. this is what i mean we have to whatever term you whatnot to use, call an audible, make a change, we need to implement a plan. there's been the case of coronavirus task force have the states lead. the coronavirus task force is doing important things, scaling up ppe, ventilators, and on the supply management, but they are not providing guidance on a
1:35 pm
roadmap and a strategy. until we have federal leadership on that to inform the governors what needs to be done, this will continue to spiral. i'm getting to the point where we have to realize white house coronavirus task force is never going to provide that leadership and maybe we need to think about a new way to do things, possibly move it to atlanta and put the cdc out in front to provide that guidance or maybe other opportunities. >> president trump continues to say things that are completely at odds with not only science but just basic fact. here he is today, this morning, talking about his handling of the virus and where the u.s. is right now. it's almost as if he's on another planet. take a listen. >> china was way early, and they are getting under control just now. and europe was way early, and
1:36 pm
they are getting under control. we followed them with this terrible china virus and we are likewise getting under control. >> this is the quote that i'm referring to when i criticizes the president. we are likewise getting under control. do you think the united states is getting under control when it comes to the virus. >> well, all you need to do is look at a graph of the numbers and you see that steep acceleration with no end in sight. clearly will be at 100,000 cases a day in a few weeks. there's no bottom. it can basically keep on climbing and climbing and climbing. basically what this means every single american will know somebody who is severely ill from coronavirus and that will have an extraordinarily
1:37 pm
destabilizing impact on the nation. we can make an impact. we need the right guidance, a plan. we need to explain to the leaders of the state what the models will show and what projections on the states will look like in the coming weeks. give them clear guidance on the steps that need to be taken and to hammer that message home day in and day out. it's not going to come from washington. i think it's got to come from the cdc and credibility of the cdc. >> dr. peter hotez, thank you very much. i wish people would have listened to you when you were sounding the alarm. president trump touting job numbers, people lining up around the block for a sign of what's to come. stay with us. absolutely, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's our 4th of july special the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1,299 plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday.
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jobs report that on face value appears to show an improving economy. unemployment dropped to 11.1, 4.8 million jobs added in june. obviously there's much, much more to the story given the economic hole due to the pandemic. when those numbers came out this morning president trump called reporters to the briefing room to make it known it happened on his watch. take a listen. >> today's announcement proves that our economy is roaring back. it's coming back extremely strong. we have some areas where we're putting out the flames. >> i want to bring in cnn business anchor julia chatterley
1:43 pm
to talk about this. this jobs report only tells some of the story, numbers track through june 12th before the coronavirus started to spike again. >> this is key. this report contains good news tied to reopening and none of the cost, apparent cost associated with it like rising cases. there are other issues for me, too. if i add back all the people saying i'd like a job, i can't find one, that unemployment is more like 16.5%. the unemployment rate for white workers coming down way faster than it is for minority workers, particularly asian and african-american workers. look at where the jobs are being created here. they are in hospitality, retail, these are the two sectors most vulnerable if we pause reopenings, or we have to go into some kind of lockdown again. the cost of these record job gains, jake, are spiking cases
1:44 pm
all around the country. neither of these things are sustainable. of course, this could have been prevented. >> right. this is the cost of a stupid reopening as a well done reopening. today the treasury secretary said the trump administration is considering giving money to schools to help them reopen in the fall. take a listen. >> we want to make sure that kids are safe and if there's money that schools need to spend to safely have people in classrooms, social distance, spread things out, change hours, these are all the things we're looking at. >> so this would suggest, julia, this amplifies the need for a different, another stimulus deal, stimulus package. some school districts frankly want to reopen by the end of this month. >> they could have done with this money weeks ago. congress should have acted sooner. the incentive is sure. brookings has found the cost of keeping children at home is $50
1:45 pm
billion a month because, of course, workers have to stay with them. part of a bigger issue here. without more action from congress, at the end of july america apparently falls off a cash cliff. we've got states struggling to balance the books. we've got unemployment benefits, the bump up that rolls off the end of this month, paycheck protection scheme. all of these things end at the same time. the action, requirement for action from congress is clear. this action should have happened weeks ago, jake. no time to lose. >> julia chatterley, thanks so much. we're going to talk to members of a key voting group that overwhelmingly voted for trump in 2016. in 2020 some seem to be leaning toward making a different choice. stay with us. free to sign up and it's in over 3,000 stores. i buy a lot of makeup. shampoo, conditioner. books, food. travel. shoes. stuff for my backyard. anything from clothes to electronics.
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florida report add record high for coronavirus cases. more than 10,000 new infections
1:50 pm
and the pandemic seems to be impacting voters choices. cnn jeff zeleny talked to longtime republicans who say they will not swroet for trump because of his response to the pandemic. >> based on my friends, he doesn't have a chance. he blew it. >> john dudley is talking about president trump who he supported four years ago but won't again. >> we were so excited in the beginning, a businessman to run our country like a business. it happened happened. all he succeeded in doing is he juiced up the stock market and that's gone to pot because of the coronavirus. >> dudley is a retired banker in the face of a new campaign worry, losing the senior vote. amid summertime anxiety, the beach to testing sites for covid cases. here in florida people 65 and older made up 21% of the vote in 2016. trump won that group by 17
1:51 pm
points. polls now show joe biden with an edge among seniors in key battleground states nationally. for trump there's virtually no path to winning without florida which makes the retirement community critical terrain. >> i had to change parties. i couldn't do that. >> abandoning the republican party. marsha considers herself a republican but not a trump one of i hoped i was wrong not voting for him and he would turn out to be a good president but it didn't happen. >> he wishes the president would do one thing. >> our president should wear a mask. we're doing it. you know, we support him. >> on florida's gulf coast trump won by 1 percentage point the same margin he carried the state. since then democrats have seen a new surge in voter registration. >> there are more democrats than there used to be in years past. >> do you know any people who voted for trump last time who
1:52 pm
are not going to this time? >> actually i know several, including my son and grandson. >> the airwaves are already noisy, including this trump ad questioning biden's fitness for office. >> trump is not that much younger, but in the case of joe biden, i think his inherent wisdom and his desire to surround himself with the best people, that's the wrong place to talk about age. >> sheila griffin, secretary of the county's gop believes his record and resilience will lead to re-election. >> his base is as strong as ever. >> as biden gears up for september, a motivating for them. >> tremendous, i've never seen before. >> there's no question four years ago republicans and democrats even in party registration, now democrats have 10,000 more voters.
1:53 pm
jake, it's clear, seniors paying so much attention to the policy of the coronavirus. the vice president was in the tampa bay area and said we will try and slow the spread but speaking april hopeful tone as opposed to past tense. jake. >> jeff zeleny in florida, thanks so much. a look why some conservatives are flocking to a social media app called parlor. stay with us. $9.95 at my age? $9.95? no way. $9.95? that's impossible. hi, i'm jonathan, a manager here at colonial penn life insurance company, to tell you it is possible. if you're age 50 to 85, you can get life insurance with options starting at just $9.95 a month.
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this crisis is going to be over know exactly when and we don't know exactly when the stock market will reach its bottom, we've got to be prepared for this to last a long time. if you assume that you're out of work for nine months but you end up only being out of work for three, well that's great. but if you think you're going to be furloughed for three months and it lasts for nine, well that'll be emotionally devastating. so, we've got to prepare ourselves. tangibly and practically, as well as psychologically and emotionally.
1:58 pm
in our tech lead twitter has competition after social media giant slapped fact checks and warning labels on some of president trump's tweets such as these many high-profile republican officials started publicly jumping to a new platform, parler, promotes free speech. it does have restrictions. racist and antisemitic content is easy to find. >> parler is the only social media platform that protects your right to free speech. >> never heard of parler, team trump is pushing it as a new center for conservative conversation, with big name republicans signing up fast as the president's campaign manager tweets, hey, twitter, your days are numbered. >> big tech is out of control, filled with hubris and flagrantly silencing those with
1:59 pm
whom they disagree. >> i love twitter and tweeting. between that and facebook i have 10 million followiers. >> going into the 2016 election trump was a huge fan of social media sites, especially twitter using it to pump his message to his now 83 million followers and to dodge the scrutiny of mainstream media. >> it's a thing called free speech rights. >> he has long been criticized for promoting conspiracy theories, lies and racist tropes on twitter as he did with this video before removing it hours later. but now with twitter cracking down on some of his content for being misleading or encouraging violence. >> there's nothing i'd rather do than get rid of my whole twitter account. >> his campaign team is considering several other platforms, even working on one of their own to let trump say what he will unquestioned, unimpeded. >> the idea there's no political
2:00 pm
censorship. >> right now parler is getting the most buzz from conservatives who love it and promising an electronic town square for all. >> without the idea there's somebody looking over your shoulder saying is that a politically correct view or not? is that the one you're supposed to have? >> still have progressives say they have been booted off the site for the things they have posted, meaning if it's a town square, in their view, thought everyone is welcome in that town. jake. >> tom foreman, thank you very much. our coverage on cnn continues right now. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm jim acosta in the situation room and we're following a disturbing u.s. record of 50,000 coronavirus cases reported in just one day as