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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  December 24, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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space, and the telescope has to unfold like origami, and each point is a potential point of failure. so much has to go right, which is why astronomers all over the world are going to be holding their breath and hoping everything goes according to plan tomorrow morning. >> i feel like we'll be done with unwrapping christmas gifts by about 6:00 a.m. so i can tell the kids at 7:00 they have something to look forward to. kristen, thank you very much. >> you bet. all right. it's the top of the hour on this christmas eve. thank you so much for being with me. i'm poppy harlow in for victor, and alisyn. the omicron surge has grounded 470 domestic flights this christmas eve, as carriers struggle with the shortage of flight crews and operations staff. airlines are asking the cdc to shorten the isolation time for workers who have tested positive for covid-19, and the cdc just approved that measure for health care workers. medical staff who test positive but are asymptomatic can now return to work after seven days with a negative test, instead of
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waiting ten days. last hour, president biden was asked if the isolation guidance for all americans should be amended. listen to what he said. >> well, i just listened to my team, the docs, and they think we should keep it the way it is right now. >> let's begin this hour with our aviation correspondent pete muntean at reagan international airport. pete, so many flights cancelled today because of covid. >> reporter: that's right, poply. 600 flight cancellations in the united states. 2,300 globally, and airlines say as these coronavirus cases went up, their staffing levels went down, causing them to cancel some of these flights. these are the latest numbers from flight aware, 180 flight cancellations today on united airlines alone. 160 at delta air lines. big cancellations at jet blue and allegiant. airlines say there is a way to fix this. they want the cdc to reduce the amount of time one would need to spend in isolation if there is a
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breakthrough case. right now it's set for ten days. they want it to be five days. the head of delta air lines, and one of the industry's top lobbies wrote the cdc to take that down some, even though some airline workers oppose that. huge numbers, 2.19 million people screened at airports yesterday. it's the highest we have seen during this holiday travel rush. we are not over yet, poppy, 20 million people expected to pass through security at america's airports between now and january 3rd. that's when we expect all of these people to come home all at once. by the way, we obtained the united airlines memo about these cancellations poppy, and they say to their staff that this is all about worker shortages at the flight crew level, and also for the operations folks, those behind the scenes, so really a tough go there. >> for sure. pete, thank you so much for the reporting. now to new york where the state has just shattered its
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daily case record for the 6th time this week. new york state is reporting nearly 45,000 new covid cases just today. that's a 14% increase from yesterday's 38,000 new cases. it's important to note that so far the state has not seen a dramatic rise in hospitaliz hospitalizations. the latest show have as many. shimon prokupecz joins us in times square. the governor just announced new guidance in terms of isolation for some workers. what do we know? >> essential workers, there's certainly a lot of concern that essential workers are going to get hit by the virus, and knocked out. some of the much needed work they do across the city and the state is going to be affected. what the governor has done is that she has changed the guidelines, and what she's saying is that after five days, you know, normally it's ten days, right, she's saying after five days if you show no symptoms, have not had any fevers for 72 hours, and you're
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asymptomatic, you can leave. you can leave isolation. that is significant because there's a lot of concern obviously for the transit workers, for the police officers, the firefighters, emt emts, those front line workers we have been talking about for well over a year, they're going to get knocked out by this, and services are going to be lacking. she's changing the guidelines of that. this, of course, as we know about new year's eve here, the mayor out of concern of the rising numbers here saying that they're going to decrease the amount of people that they're going to allow into viewing areas. normally close to 60,000. now 15,000, still a substantial number, still going to have a substantial number of people here, but they feel they can do it safe enough with social distancing, and then obviously the numbers. the numbers just keep going up. the governor here saying that she expects that to even go higher higher next week as people start testing again. obviously the big thing here is hospitalizations, the state and city feeling that because we are
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not seeing those high numbers of covid icu patients, those high number of really really sick people that right now, there is not this great concern. that the vaccines are doing their job, and that hospitals right now are staying normal and steady and can handle any influx should there be one. but they are really confident right now because of the vaccines that this is not going to cause any major damage certainly at the hospitals are major concerns, and that is why they're still pushing for people to get vaccinated, and of course, poppy, the boosters. that's another big thing, and then the testing here. the testing is going to continue for today. it's probably a little less, and through the weekend obviously because of the holiday. and next week, the city and state officials certainly expect it to ramp up again, poppy. >> shimon, thank you so much. for that reporting, happy holidays, merry christmas, stay healthy friend. let's talk to dr. chris parnell, a public health physician at the american college of presidential
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medicine fellow, and dr. f. perry wilson, at yale school of medicine. great to have you both here. we appreciate it. dr. wilson, i was reading a tweet of yours, it's interesting, you said -- you write when does pandemic end, and you say i think ending isolation requirements for those affected with covid is a necessary and sufficient requirement to declare the end of the pandemic, to be clear, we can't do this yet but it might not be far off. >> exactly. people are feeling, especially vaks na vaccinated and boosted and relatively healthy. if you test positive you know you're going to do well, but it ruins your plans. that's a bad thing. that creates a bad incentive for people who are essentially doing all the right things during this pandemic. for it to feel like the pandemic is over, two things are going to have to happen. we're going to have to say, you know what, if you get covid, you can go back into the world just like any other respiratory
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infection, but if wie do that right now, we're going to overwhelm the hospital system. i'm asking people to buckle down as we ride the omicron onerous regime. >> but it does protect people. >> it protects people who are unvaccinated. and vaccinated people are starting to get frustrated. >> and our little kids, right, dr. parnell, our little ones who can't get it yet. >> there are a host of factors. the pandemic is by no means over when we have 1,200 people dying daily, and case rates exploding because of this omicron surge, especially in the hard hit communities, in the rural spaces where testing and vaccination has not been on par where it has been in other parts of the country, and our kids, those who are not yet eligible to get vaccinated and those who are
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eligible, but their parents are not yet confident. i think what we need to do is both understand the science and data, and understand how people socialize in human behavior, to be transparent, and to help people understand how best to be vigilant, and to protect themselves. >> i want you both to listen to this from our reporter, sara sidner, she spoke with a front line health care worker who described what they're going through right now as a war zone. >> to the point of it being almost unbearable. to see that, these are very good people. good respiratory therapists, good clinicians who want to do the best possible job, right,
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and they just can't. they can't do it. >> i mean, dr. wilson there facing not only this continuing pandemic but so much backlash from some of their own patients. >> absolutely. i've been taking care of covid patients at yale new haven hospital since the beginning of the pandemic and there has been a shift, even in connecticut, which is highly vaccinated from the pre-vaccine era, where there was a chance of heroism in the health care workers. and we have lost older physicians who have left practice entirely, we're under staffed and starting to get overwhelmed. >> if we could try to give people something to smile about amid a tough set of news this holiday. i have to end with your re-tweet showing how well vaccines work against covid here.
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>> don't worry, marv, i'll get him for you. this is so appreciated in my household where home alone is a nightly occurrence. and my son is kevin. that is my son. he would do that to our house. very good, but seriously, you're trying to send quite a message there. >> yes, poppy, you know, i have been talking about the need for people to be vigilant. i get it. we are fatigued. we are beleaguered, especially those of us in health care, but at the same time, we need to find ways to express to people in real world emotions what it means to be protected in this pandemic, and i thought the folks at jonhns hopkins did a
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fabulous job with doing that, what better way to reach to american culture, and say, hey, get yourself vaccinated so you can knock out the thugs, knock out omicron. >> it is so true. well, thank you both for being here on this christmas eve, especially, and thank you for all you've done, both of you for so long fighting this. we appreciate it very much. >> thank you. well, ahead is former president trump and some members of the gop continue their efforts to whitewash the january 6th attack on the capitol, the department of justice has released a disturbing new three-hour long video of that day. it's not been seen publicly before. the images show the most violent confrontations between rioters and police. we'll talk you through more of it next. that's why, in difficult times, we provided one hundred and fifty million meals to feeding america. and now through the subaru share the love event, we're helping even more. by the end of this year, subaru will have donated
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new developments in the capitol riot investigation. the justice department just released the longest video yet of the january 6th insurrection. it's three hours long, graphic video there that took place in the capitol tunnel. the video shows some of the most violent confrontations with rioters as police desperately tried to hold the line. let me bring in my colleague jessica schneider, what more does this video show? >> poppy, it shows three hours worth of that battle with the capitol police and the rioters. all the while, the capitol police holding them back. this is video cnn had to pseudo obtain from the justice department. it's the most in-depth look we have seen from the particular location on the lower west terrace of the capitol. it's a video that shows out the drawn out battle between rioters and capitol police. wires grabbed two of the police
12:17 pm
officers, pulled them into the crowd and beat on the officers with sticks, while another rioters is seen throwing objects or at least one object at police. what's key in all of these videos is that capitol police actually succeeded in holding the line until the building was cleared out. no rioters actually made it inside the capitol from this particular entry point. some officers have since said that they didn't even know the capitol had already been breached in other spots. another part of that video shows an officer up high, trying to fight back rioters with his foot while more fights break out. and rioters throughout this, bashing capitol police officers with anything they could find, baton, crutches, other objects, including some of the police's own riot shields, so this is a three-hour video. it's taken from a capitol police surveillance camera. that's why it's fixed in one spot. that's why there's no sound, and poppy, prosecutors have been using this video and other videos in court as part of their cases against the now more than
12:18 pm
700 people who have been charged in connection with this attack. cnn has been getting video like this from the scene throughout the past year. we've repeatedly had to siue to get the video from court proceedings, to make them public from people who couldn't necessarily be in court. poppy this showing the prolonged battle from police officers who never let those rioters breach the line and enter the capitol from that particular point. >> remarkable heroes in seeing this all from another vantage point. those officers, jessica, thank you so much for the reporting. former president trump is ending his first year out of office repeating the big lie that the 2020 election was stolen from him. he's also now, thank goodness, pushing the truth about vaccines, urging supporters to get the covid vaccine, making clear the shots are safe and protect against hospitalization, and death. let me bring in astead herndon, cnn political analyst, and national political reporter for
12:19 pm
the "new york times," and charlie dent, cnn political commentator, and former republican congressman from pennsylvania. thank you both for being here. merry christmas eve to you both. it's great, charlie, that the president is now correcting the record about anyone who says the vaccine doesn't work or don't get a booster. that's so important. what's interesting is it's a remarkable turn around from july when the delta variant was surging and he sent out the statement to supporters on biden and the vaccine saying quote people are refusing to take the vaccine because they don't trust his administration. they don't trust the election, on and on and on. what do you make of the turn around? >> it's never easy to analyze what's going through the former president's mind. i'm glad he's gotten to the point that he is. he should be taking credit for vaccine development, and he should be pushing his supporters to get vaccinated. it was a great success of his administration, development of that vaccine. so, you know, i'm glad he's out
12:20 pm
there, telling people he got boosted, and he should be doing more of it. he should be saying it every day, and that would do a great service to our country. you know, why back in the summer time he was, you know, casting doubt on it, you know, again, i think it's just a lot of bitterness and sour grapes about the election. he's been obsessed with this election loss, and he's just not, frankly, he's just not fit, and i question his mental health at times, but i'm glad he is where he is. and so that's the good news. he's saying the right thing at least on this issue at the moment. hope he can continue to do so. >> let's hope it turns the needle on people getting vaccinated and boosted. when it comes to the number one job of the biden administration to get more people vaccinated, boosted and tested, you wrote something interesting a few weeks ago in the times. this was december 7th. you wrote projecting confidence is not persuaded enough skeptical americans to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. his familiarity with washington deal making while crucial and passing a bipartisan infrastructure package has not
12:21 pm
moved the needle on issues like voting rights, police reform or raising the minimum wage. does this change in the new year? >> i mean, that's the problem for this administration is that for the entirety of the campaign, they were pitching a kind of new type of washington based on the personalities of the two men involved. you had donald trump, which obviously was a chaotic administration that was lying to the public and the press at every turn, and he pitched himself as a calm, as a normal. we saw that shift in the general election. he started embracing more of those big policies, but we never saw him embrace things like ending the filibuster, publicly pressuring his own party. the type of bare knuckle politics that might have to come with passing those things. you have an administration playing politics or the inside game as usual when they promised the public big results. in the next year, if that changes, who knows, the white house is going to have to get
12:22 pm
joe manchin to move on some things or make a case to the public that even without these things passing that this is democrats delivering on the fullens of their agenda, and we'll see if the public buys it. >> yeah, astead. you also, your colleagues at the "times" have fascinating new reporting on the vice president harris, and reporting that she has been sidelined by the administration, has yet to carve out a role. where do you think this goes? >> yeah, this has been a long running story line in this administration that's gone from whispers to a larger course. that was a great story from my colleagues, katie and zolen, in the washington bureau. it matches what we have seen to this point. i covered her presidential campaign, and there was a lot of questions about personnel management, and about a kind of competing set of ideas, about what was the root cause vision that senator harris at the time saw. we've seen this drift into the
12:23 pm
presidency. a lot of her allies are looking for the white house to carve out the role, to show she's a more valid member of the team. the problem is it's going to the white house that hasn't done it so far. >> when it comes to the former president, you're the republican, so you get all of these questions about former president trump. but he's going to hold this press conference on january 6th at mar-a-lago that is obviously the one high temperature year mark since the insurrection, and he's going to talk about what he continues to call a rigged election. and you have a number of key republicans, mitch mcconnell among them, who keeps kagsaying over and over, you can't keep looking backward. you have to look forward. take a page out of the glen youngkin page book. >> we're dealing with his obsession. elections are about the future,
12:24 pm
not the past, and i continue to believe that he is so obsessed about this because if you look the at elections of 2020 and 2021, republicans actually did quite well. republicans not named donald trump, and he was thoroughly rejected because of his behavior, his conduct in office, and the never ending chaos. well, other republicans down ballot were affirmed. he continues to obsess on this. he needs to get over it. mitch mcconnell is absolutely right that by focusing on the past, donald trump is hurting republicans as they move into the midterms, and we'll see how this all plays out, but i'm curious to see what he says on january 6th. i'm sure he's just going to say what he's always been saying. we're not going to hear anything new, and the former president continues to undermine the public's faith and confidence in our electoral system, which is tragic, and really, you know, putting our whole democratic system in a terrible position.
12:25 pm
>> certainly is. charlie dent, thank you. astead herndon, thank you so much. have a happy holiday. >> thank you. covid cases are spreading also on capitol hill. nearly a dozen lawmakers have tested positive over the last week. we'll speak with one of them. and tis the season of giving, a ups driver who left a sweet message for a stranger during one of his deliveries is now getting that kindness repaid. that story ahead. ) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ we envisioned at times that we would lose one of our facilities. breaking news. but we never envisioned even in a pandemic that we might lose them all. our engineers and operations team worked with cisco to do whatever's necessary and bring whatever tools we have to bring to tell the best story. between what's news and what's now,
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congressman jan, is the latest member of congress to announce that she and her husband have tested positive for covid. she joins a list of lawmakers who have recently contracted the virus amid the omicron surge, and she joins me now. as i said in the break, you look good. you don't look sick. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling just fine. thanks, poppy. it's very mild symptoms that i have. a bit of sniffle and occasional headache, but otherwise, not much at all, and i think i really can attribute that, it seems, to having been vaccinated and boosted and those of us who have been, i think the symptoms that we have are pretty mild. so i still recommend very much that people do everything they can to get vaccinated and have
12:31 pm
the booster. >> absolutely. president biden was asked in that abc interview earlier this week if he thinks it's a failure that the administration has really fallen short, especially on tests. it's very hard, i can tell you here in new york city to find those at home tests. he doesn't think it's a failure. what do you think needs to be done. what do you want this administration to do to get more ahead of it? >> well, for individuals, i would just say, if you are feeling any kind of symptom, even a cold symptom, and you can't get a test, i would treat it as a warning when it comes to being with your family. the more that the administration can do to help to get the tests out that our pharmacies have that equipment. that's where i it won't get home testing, that works pretty well. yes, i think we need to get
12:32 pm
those circulated as much as possible, but i do think that people need to take care. fortunately, my husband had symptoms. we had a home test, and were able in time to decide to cancel going to a family gathering. when i think about what it would have been like if we had gone, and then possibly infected everyone else. so this is really a time to take care. >> absolutely. it's the responsible thing to do for everyone around you. let's turn to the agenda when you get back. you know, when all of you come back into session in washington, the democratic agenda, both build back better and voting rights key on the table right now, and voting rights, the president recently said this is the single biggest issue, which is the highest priority for all of you when you get back. >> there's no question that if
12:33 pm
american people cannot vote and if we don't have legislation that is passed that will assure that, that that is real damage to our democracy. no question about it, and so we're hoping that in the senate, after all, the bill that actually would restore our voting rights is joe manchin's bill that it is my hope that we're going to be able to get it passed. if we do it with just a majority of votes, that's the way we have to do it. it has to be done. our democracy is very fragile, and this is, you know, no time to waste right now. >> you're talking about the agreement between lisa murkowski and joe manchin, you think that's where the agreement will come. >> i'm hoping very much that it will, and that is not to say that we don't want to move ahead quickly on the build back better bill. it is transformational in terms of what it would mean just to the life of ordinary americans,
12:34 pm
the kind of help for families, so we're going to push that as well. we're not giving up on that fight. >> to that point, i hear you, but i was reading an interview you did with my friend and colleague erin burnett in november, and you were pretty sure in that interview that joe manchin wouldn't sideline this thing, that he would get on board, and he wouldn't even slow down build back better, and now we are where we are. you think things are going to change significantly from him? >> well, the way things change with senator manchin on a regular basis, i'm hoping that it can change -- >> hasn't he been pretty consistent on this saying here is my top line number? >> we also, according to the president, he said that he agreed with the framework as
12:35 pm
well. and if you have some specific things right now that he says yes i could vote for if we had this, then we need to listen. but the outline of this legislation has also been clear for a very long time, and the president felt before he went on to fox news that he had had a commitment that there was going to be moving forward, so i don't want to give up on that, and certainly all the groups that are engaged in this, the mobilization of people, people who are trying to reach voters in west virginia's, and the west virginians including the mine workers who have been talking to joe manchin want the build back better bill to pass, and americans really need it, especially right now, i would say. this is a moment when we need both voting rights and the build back better bill.
12:36 pm
>> two big agenda items, we'll see what the new year brings. get fully well, you look healthy, get fully well and enjoy the holidays, thank you, congresswoman. >> thanks, poppy, appreciate you. a tsa agent's quick thinking saves a baby's life. wait until you see her amazing act of heroism. that's next. ♪ ♪ you are my fire ♪ ♪ the one desire ♪ ♪ you are, you are, ♪ ♪ don't wanna hear you say... ♪ ♪ ♪ i want it that way ♪
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washington earlier today where many of the kids made paper lanterns at craft tables. the first lady read olaf's night before christmas to the group. the first lady's visit was previously announced but the president's attendance was a surprise. they made a quick stop at floriana's restaurant in d.c. to hang an ornament on this tree. the president had this message for americans celebrating christmas. >> keep the faith. >> keep the faith. >> well, it's a very merry christmas for a mother who traveled through newark, new jersey, earlier this month because of a tsa agent who used her training from a former job to save the baby's life. take a look at this video. it is of tsa agent, that's her, cecilia morales, leaping over a luggage belt, when a mother finds her baby unresponsive,
12:42 pm
choking, and unable to breathe. morales happens to have been trained as an emt. she is now a national hero. >> and i performed the heimlich on him twice. i performed it, checked to see if he was breathing, he wasn't. the second time i did it, he responded, and i showed her the baby. she started crying, of course, tears of happiness. >> wow. morales said she performed the heimlich many times before, this was the first time she had to use it on an infant. thank goodness she did. a georgia mom exhaust seconded and recovering from the birth of her baby. got this surprise video. >> if this is the it's a boy, who had the, i forget the name of the bird, i hope all is going well with your newborn. i had a child around the same time you guys did, and i just hope everything is going good.
12:43 pm
god bless, happy holidays. >> what a sweet message, that heartwarming message from the ups driver after jessica posted it on social media, wanting to thank the person who left it with the help of corporate ups, she got the name, and the two finally got to meet. >> what's up, man. >> hey. >> good to meet you. >> hi, i'm jessica. >> how great is that. the driver also new parent says he's on the receiving end of packages. thanked him for kindness, resulting in dozens of gifts for his son. sweet boy, from strangers. college football's bowl season, and english soccer's premier league will both be impacted by covid, we'll tell you what's going to happen next. . and the largest corporate donor to the aspca
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and now for our top ten in 2021 series, our andy scholes takes a look at the top ten sports stories of the year. >> number 10, in 2021, age proved to be just a number. 50 years old, phil mickelson becoming the oldest golfer to earn a major, earning his second pga championship 16 years after
12:49 pm
his first. his 6th major title, first since 2013. >> it's possible this is the last tournament i win. there's no reason i or anybody else can't do it at a later age. it just takes a little bit more work. >> number 9, tom brady meanwhile looks like he may never age. >> 43-year-old tom brady wins a historic 7th title in his first season it with a new team. >> a convincing win over the chiefs, bucs first team to win a super bowl in their home stadium, celebrating with a boat parade that saw him completing yet another pact out on the water. 2021 cwas the year of the bucs, milwaukee also claiming their first nba title since 1971. capping off an incredible playoff run, becoming the finals mvp.
12:50 pm
>> major league baseball is moving its all star game out of georgia because of the state's new law that critics say n. april, major league baseball pulled the all-star game from april. in october, atlanta hosted the world series and pulled off one of the most unexpected runs in bablg history beating the astros to win their first world series title in 26 years. the team's unlikely championship coming in the same year the world lost braves legend hank aaron who passed away at 86 years old. number seven -- >> ncaa march madness, the biggest tournament in college basketball for women. this sis our weight room. let me show you the men's weight room. >> the ncaa vowed to do better. march madness was back in 2021, but it wasn't the same with limited fans. the men's tournament taking place solely in indiana. the women's in texas.
12:51 pm
i'm not a racist. i can't tell you how sick i am. >> breaking overnight, jon gruden stepping down as head coach of the nfl's las vegas raiders hours after "the new york times" reported on homophobic misogynistic and racist remarks that he made in emails over a seven-year period. >> the emails discovered during a probe into workplace misconduct within the washington football organization. after resigning, gruden filing a lawsuit against the nfl accusing them are selectingly leaking his emails to ruin his reputation. number five, vaccinations in sports were a polarizing topic. >> yeah, i've been immunized. >> aaron rodgers defending his controversial xhcomments where raised doubt about the covid vaccine. he also addressed when he lied and claimed he was immunized. >> i misled some people about my status which i take full responsibility of. >> he missed one game for the
12:52 pm
packers while battling covid. golf legend tiger woods hospitalize right now after a very serious rollover car crash. >> tiger woods is in the hospital right now after having to be cut out of his vehicle. >> i'm lucky to be alive but also still have the limb. those are two crucial things. >> nearly ten months after the crash, tiger hosted his golf turn to namt the bahamas and said he continues to make progress. in december he competed in a tournament with his 12-year-old son charlie. number three, despite the pandemic and calls to cancel the games, the tokyo 2020 olympics taking place without spectators in most venues. it was another historic games for team usa. >> the most decorated u.s. track and field olympian ever. allison felix secured that title at the tokyo summer games. >> suni lee wins gold.
12:53 pm
>> katie ledecky is basking in the glory of having made olympic history like again and again and again. number two, a big theme in 2021 was athletes continuing to campaign for mental health awareness. >> sorry -- >> no, you're super good. >> okay. i think we're going to take a quick break. just -- we'll be back in one moment. >> naomi osaka revealing press conferences give her anxiety and she had dealt with depression since winning her first open title in 2014. the four-time grand slam winner pulling out of wimbledon and the u.s. open to work on her mental health. and number one -- major breaking news out of the olympics. we just learned simone biles has pulled out of the team compet competition. >> at the end of the day we're not just entertainment but
12:54 pm
humans. there's things going on behind the scenes we're trying to juggle with. >> she put a spotlight on mental health. no matter who you are, it's okay to not feel okay. she's going down as one of the greatest olympians ever for the impact she's having. >> she'd return to competition to take the bronze on the balance beam. >> andy, thank you for that. and, of course, we're tracking santa this christmas eve. we'll be back. (burke) this is why you want farmers claim forgiveness... [echoing] claim forgiveness-ness, your home premium won't go up just because of this. (woman) wow, that's something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. [echoing] get a quote today. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ my hygienist cleans with a round head.
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12:58 pm
santa is already on the move
12:59 pm
and with the help of the north american aerospace defense command, you can track him. our cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr joins me. my kids are watching. where is santa? >> well, right now, you know, santa is eventually going to head back towards europe and then to canada and the united states later tonight when all children who believe are supposed to be in bed fast asleep. and for those who do believe, it's important to remember, this has been a longstanding program the military runs. they get tens of thousands of calls from children all over the world who want to know where santa claus is and want to be able to track him. once he comes into u.s. and canadian air space later tonight, according to the u.s. military, he will be guarded by armed fighter jets, canadian and u.s. fighter jets overhead that will keep him safe in the skies. let's have a couple of details on this. how much does santa's sleigh weigh? you know, it's full of billions
1:00 pm
of presents for children all over the world. well, the military says santa's sleigh, 75,000 gumdrops is the weight of santa's sleigh. weighs a little more on landing because it picks up some ice and snow along the way. how fast is it? according to the u.s. military, santa flies faster than starlight. that might be something the pentagon wants to look into because it's been having trouble developing superfast weapons. santa may have a bit of advice for them. >> i think that's a good tip. barbara starr, thank you and merry christmas to everyone who believes. our coverage continues with boris sanchez in washington. you are live in the cnn newsroom. welcome. i'm boris sanchez. this hour, the number of covid cases is surging to levels not seen since the peak in january. but hospitalizations so far still remain low


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