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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  May 16, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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this is "don lemon tonight." america is mourning after multiple mass shootings across the weekend at a grocery store, a church a, a few blocks from a nba game, and new york. >> this is a straight up hate crime. pure evil. >> the n word was unfortunately carved into one of his weapons. clearly he was bent on hate. >> plus major twists in key primary races with just hours to go until the polls open. in pennsylvania, a democratic frontrunner suffering a stroke and a republican candidate who marched the capitol on january 6 rising to the top of the field. and combat mission over. that is a message from ukranian forces after months of nonstop shelling at the steel plant in mariupol. we're going to have the latest on the agreement with russia that led to hundreds of
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evacuations. for more on these horrific shootings, though, and the motivations behind them, i want to turn to cnn's omar jimenez in buffalo, new york. good evening to both of you. omar, let's start with you. we are learning tonight from the suspect's social media posts that he visit the store three times in march, casing the store, collecting information on who was inside. what more can you tell us about that? >> reporter: yeah, don, so based on those posts, he first left his home about 200 miles away from here to come to the tops supermarket on march 8. when he got here, he went into that store three times that day at 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00 p.m., taking notes on what he was seeing, particularly on how many black people he was seeing versus white people when he was there. also making a map of what's inside. the aisles, the exits and more, even, again, according to these posts, wrote that he planned to carry out this attack a week
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from then, on march 15, but kept delaying. that he also initially pretended to poten -- intended to attack a church or a school and eventually settled on a grocery store. >> a horrible church shooting in laguna where you are now. suspect david cho was upset about political tensions between china and taiwan? what more came of the investigation? >> reporter: we did learn more details. this assailant, 64 years old, has been living in las vegas, nevada. he emigrated from china many years ago, but we understand based on some of the writings they found in his possession that he had a lot of anger toward taiwan, and that's why they believe was behind why he walked into this congregation and was there when they had
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their lunch. after the church service they found four molitov cocktails that were around the church. he even nailed some of the doors trying to keep those 50 or so people inside the church when he was going about shooting people at random. now, he shot five people, and we have seen that at least four of them have improved conditions. not clear about the other one, but they were between the ages of 66 and 92. then there was one person who lost his life, dr. john chang, 52 years old, and an official today saying he charged the shooter, and that really did make a difference because it gave everyone else in the congregation a chance to then go ahead and disable this assailant. they were able to get his two handguns away, and think about it, this mostly elderly congregation managed to get those weapons away and then hog-tie this man until officials were able to get to the scene. they are saying because of that, this really did save a lot of
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lives. they're being called heroes, and especially dr. john chang because of what he did and it cost him his life but his heroism really saved an event that could have been much, much worse. the suspect is charged with one count of murder and four charges of attempted murder, don. >> thank you, i appreciate it, omar and stephanie. now i want to bring in the former head of the active shooter program. she's also the author and podcast host of "stop the killing." katherine, thank you so much for joining us. i appreciate it. >> you bet. happy to be here. >> the supermarket a soft target with easy access to go on his racist rampage. does this spark more to speak -- i should say more to how he may have learned from previous mass shootings?
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>> i think we find all of these shooters learn from somebody else, whether it's racism, depression, orally financial problems, marital problems, mad because your girlfriend broke up with you. they go to the internet to look to somebody who is like kind, and that's generally what we're seeing in these situations, especially when it seems like the worse mass shootings, very few do we not find a trail along the internet where they found somebody else who they could bond with even if it was just their image or their story that was told. and that's exactly what we saw here, right? somebody who bonded over hate speak that he hadn't really espoused before. >> when you think about the online community he had, was it fair to say that he was a lone wolf or that he was in this alone? >> you know, that's -- we use the term -- i say we -- when i was in the fbi, 20 years in the
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fbi, we use the term lone wolf or loaner, we're talking about someone who is not inspired by terrorist organizations or a foreign country. that's why we call it lone wolf. it's kind of a misnomer that these individuals are loners or alone. the average age of these shooters are 35, they're married, they have jobs and friendly associations. many say, i can't believe this, i was just with him last week, i was just with him at a party. we just went to the dance together. you know, we drink every night after work on fridays. so they really aren't loners, they just create a world on their own as a little segment of their whatever is frustrating
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them and torturing them, and that's where they find it, is in these like kinds online. >> put up the picture of the arsenal of guns in the shooter's car writing on the weapons, white lives matter. he was in body armor. had an incident in high school that led to help. >> someone who is on a trajectory toward targeted violence like this does plan ahead of time. it's not a snap decision. people say, oh, he just snapped. these shooters always plan and when i say there were signs, i say bwe'll find more and more o them. we already know what some of them were. the e incident at the school
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before and the mental health evaluation and now other kids are coming out that he went to school with. they're neighbors who say, yeah, i remember this, and i'll find that. we'll find other things. there is probably a long trail of behavioral indicators, is what we call them, meaning atypical behavior, things that showed that he was on a trajectory toward violence. especially if you think of things like he buys ammunition, he buys camo clothing. he buys a steel plate to put in his vest. you don't pick that up on amazon without a little -- something in your house should be saying, what? and the three guns. the hate speech that was all over those weapons that you just showed is indicative of what we've seen in some other shooters where they're trying to create a persona they want to be, because they don't have confidence in who they are. and i think that's what the tale
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will be about this young man. >> katherine schwent, thank you so much. >> happy to be here. i want to bring in the president of the buffalo common council and bishop at true bethel. darius, thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. >> thank you. thank you for continuing to cover this. >> how you doing? >> not good. i keep saying okay, but the truth of the matter is not good. >> i understand you live two blocks from the supermarket, right, and you knew aaron salter, katherine massey. talk to me about what's been taken from your community, the loss of these folks, and really so many others, darius. >> you know, across the country when you talk about african-american neighborhoods, so many people think about crime or dilapidation. it's not like that here. it may not be the best
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neighborhood, but it's definitely not the worst. but everybody goes to a grocery store, and at least here, they're not gangbangers, they're not people trying to hurt somebody. they're people who have money in their pocket to go and shop. kat massey sat in her house as she tried to make a better buffalo. she wrote op-ed pieces against gun violence. the security guard was more than a security guard. he was a brother. i live, like you said, two blocks away. moved into the neighborhood three years ago, grew up in this neighborhood, actually. when i would go and get my groceries, he would walk with me to my car having conversations. not just him, so many other people in that store. it's not just a regular grocery store. it's our meeting place. >> i spoke to his son today, and he said he just wanted his dad to be honored. he's a hero in all of this, you
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know. i don't really know what to say, darius. i'm at a loss for words when it comes to what happened. >> you know what, i'm really working hard to keep it together, to do all the interviews and to be a leader in our community that's strong. it's really tough. but his dad and all of the other people, miss young, mother young. because buffalo may be the second largest city in the state of new york, we're not really a large city when it comes to the black community. every single person who was lost has a connection like one degree or two degrees from everybody else. and so from the guard to miss young to kat, i keep going down the line. the young man who came in town to get a cake, and we all know
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his family. so it's like really tough, because we're not in new york city where maybe you don't know your neighbors two blocks down. we know our neighbors. and at the end of the day, we know that there are still people in the united states who feel like, oh, it's just urban areas. it's just black people. it's just not true. and we never expected this. i was going to tops like 20 minutes before, to this tops, and decided out of my laziness to just go and buy food that was already cooked. my kids, you know, we were about to allow our teenagers to walk around the corner this year by themselves to tops. everybody is on edge now. he changed a lot of things, but he didn't win. he did not win. >> darius, i want to point this out because i think it's similar. i don't know if you saw the top of the show about what i said
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about calling it what it is unless you face t rit, right? you call out a friend who is a member of the black community but they are silent. i just to want play that. here it is. >> don't tell me you love all people and you don't stand up against racism, and you don't stand up against hatred, and you don't stand up against white supremacy. you do your church over there, but as for us over here, we're grieving. and if you do not stand behind those holy deaths and honor that there are still people who hate black people, you can go to hell with the shooter for all i care. >> there's a collective trauma that we have as a community. and now -- look, this is when you want your allies, right, to say something. this is the time to say
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something, because this moment will pass, and then there will be another one, and then people won't stand up and they won't say and they'll call it what it is and they'll hem and haw. we know what it is. everyone knows what it is. >> absolutely. listen. here's what's tough for me. i had so many people -- and i represent our denomination, new york state, on the level of a bishop or a conference. i've had people, white and black, reap ch out to me and sa we're with you. here's my problem. many of them have said, how are you? i wasn't in tops. it's not just about how i am. but here's what agitates me. at the end of the day, that's where they stop. you can't ask me how i am and not decry how horrible this
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crime was, especially if you're african-american. i'm not worried about african-americans across this country. i've been playing. i probably lost some friends. here's my message. pass me up if you're calling me and saying, you or anybody else, or you're at work saying, oh, how are you? oh, i have black friends. pacify me with that. at the end of the day, if you can say that, then right then you should say, and what happened in buffalo, new york and what happens across the country with racists, with white supremacy is wrong. and if you don't say that, find other friends. leave me alone. i don't want to come to your church. i don't want a kum-ba-ya. i don't want to do a prayer meaning in which we shall overcome. i will overcome and our people will overcome. if you don't stand up to whoever is watching, whoever is
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listening in your part of white or black america, and you don't stand up and say this is wrong and he was wrong, then shame on you. leave me alone. >> there's nothing else to say, darius. thank you. i appreciate you. >> thank you. >> i hope you all heard that. the suspected buffalo gunman is a believer in the great replacement conspiracy theory, the false belief that white americans are being replaced by people of other races. it's also creeping into mainstream politics. not creeping, it is there. because many of the folks, supposedly sensible republicans, don't want to call it out. so what does that make you? an enabler. some republicans, though, some are pushing back against it. we're going to talk about that next. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter..
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the suspect in the buffalo shooting rooted in conspiracy theory saying white people are being replaced by black people and immigrants. the racist theory has been mainstreamed online in g geopolitics. joining me now ana navarro and scott cummings. ana, people condemning that conspiracy race theory is garbage. some condemn it.
8:23 pm
where is everyone else, ana? >> hiding under a rock because they know they've been complicit with this incredible line of bullshit that's coming out of the republican party, these cultural wars against gays, against latinos, against black people, you name it. it' is it crt, is it grt? don't say gay. it's driving people through fear and ank xiety and angst insteadf offering solutions. replacement theory used to be a theory for crazy people, but it's been embraced by mainstream republicans, by republican leadership. it's been embraced by fox news, by tucker carlson, by laura ingram. i want people to name names. i want them to be called out,
8:24 pm
because the stuff they're saying, the words they are uttering, is leading to far worse as liz cheney said today. it is leading to the death of people. don, you and i were here, and we sat and we talked about the white supremacists who killed 23 latinos at walmart in el paso in 2019. he drove hours and hours to go hunt down my people. and now we have another white supremacist domestic terrorist who drove hours and hours to go hunt down black people, who figured it all out. this 18-year-old didn't make this up from thin air. he got radicalized from the internet, from watching the facebook ads that elise stefanik said, by listening to all this stuff going on. this cannot be the new normal for the republican party. any republican who has a conscience and some principles needs to stand up and call this out and name names.
8:25 pm
>> listen, i don't know if he watched elise st city off and o- stefanik's facebook ads, but senate candidate j.d. vance released an ad saying an open border is flooding us with democratic voters. they can't vote, but what do you say to them? immigrants can't vote when they come into the country, but go on. >> yeah, i think that a couple things. number one, what this guy obviously saw on the internet is psychotic, it's deranged, it's racist. it is the worst of humanity put into a place where someone who obviously has mental illness issues could get to it, become radicalized by it and act upon it. it should be very easy for all of us to point that out. number two, it's not clear, you
8:26 pm
know, what all his sources of information were, so i don't think actually you can sit and blame somebody's facebook ads for this tonight. i do think it's very easy, though, to see exactly what happened. a deranged young person got access to information, and it took a very, very bad turn. it should be easy to say this for any politician. one of the things, honestly, don, that jumps out at me in addition to the racial component of this is the fact that this person apparently last year had expressed some violent views in his own school, and had apparently undergone a mental evaluation, and somehow that information just evaporated and obviously he wound up carrying out a similar violent act, you know, in buffalo, tragically. one of the lawmaking issues i think we ought to look at is how did that happen? how is it that someone expresses violent views and it just falls through the cracks only for us to have this tragedy all these months later? i think there are a couple
8:27 pm
issues here that need to be looked at, issues you've raised in addition to this issue. >> that does need to be raised, but the thing is, the overall thing is, if those ideas weren't there for him to pick apart and to absorb, then perhaps, the access of guns. let's not forget that, perhaps we would not be in this moment. >> all of those things you guys are mentioning, and scott, i know you to be a good person. all those things you're mentioning, mental health, access to guns are things that require legislation to change. and if it didn't change after over 20 little kids were killed in sandy hook, it's not going to change. but what we can all change as individuals and call for change is the mainstreaming of this great replacement theory that has led to the death of people. and it needs to be called out without any reservation. and absolutely i am pointing a
8:28 pm
finger at elise stefanik. >> absolute and absolutely i am pointing a finger at tucker carlson. scott, when you and i started here, it's become crazy by gop leaders and gop influencers on fox news. and that needs to be called out, because it is costing the loolives of people who look like don and who look like me. i'm not going to shut up. i'm not going to talk about leave it to mental health. there are a hell of a lot of crazy people in america. but they're not killing black or brown people. this man had more than a mental issue. he is a radical supremacist brought out by racial theory. he needs to be called out by all
8:29 pm
of us. >> ana navarro and scott jennings, thanks to both of you. we'll be right back.
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first went to congress, he made few mistakes that i don't believe he'll make again. let's give madison a second chance. trump is talking about when he brought ah gun to the airport, one time it was loaded. sexual allegations and getting pulled over with a revoked license, also twice. do voters think those were all foolish mistakes? we found out. >> reporter: as republicans wage an owl-out war on embattled trump-endorsed madison cawthorn. they cast the scandal-played resident as fame hungry, even dangerous. >> a lot of thijz ngs he's saidd
8:35 pm
done recently is propaganda and goes back to a prior issue. >> instead of talking about what lingerie or congressman might like to wear in his spare time, we need to be talking about inflation and real issues. >> republicans have rallied around the other candidates like state senator chuck edwards, who has the backing of most powerful players, including senator tom t tillis. and what the superpack has dropped on attack ads. >> i've never seen such an attack by any other politicians except donald trump. trump endorsed cawthorn a year ago but stayed away from the race. he recently posted on his social media platform, while adding
8:36 pm
recently he made some foolish mistakes which i don't believe he'll make again. let's give madison a second chance. we found plenty of voters in cawthorn's hometown of hendersonville who will do just that. >> it's political. everybody will do what they can to make themselves look good and make the opponent look bad. >> a lot of it is made up, fabricated stuff. >> reporter: but for others between the unflattering headlines, fights over whether he shut down district offices, it's just too much drama. >> he's narcissistic and i'm just not into that. >> the 11th district is massive and rural, making voters digitally and physically hard to reach. but one misstep that did seem to move the entire district? his move last year when maps were drawn to leave it behind. >> i will be running for congress in the 13th congressional district. this mover is not an abandonment. >> reporter: but a lot of people took it that way. when madison cawthorn decided to
8:37 pm
run in the 13th district r, he asked me to step in. >> something that adds a little unpredictability to tomorrow's race, about 40% of the votes cast come from an unaffiliated voter. there was a movement to push democrats to change their affiliation and moderate voters to vote against madison cawthorn. one thing about north carolina law, it requires a candidate to get 30% of the vote in order to avoid a runoff. that could actually help cawthorn because the group to unseat him is so large. suffering a stroke just hours before the vote, that story is next.
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and at least seven other states only have a single abortion provider. we need leaders in congress who will stand up to extremist politicians, and protect our right to choose everywhere. and i will fight for pay equity, too. i'm emily beach, and i approve this message because nothing is more important than standing up for- - [all] our rights. right now. major twist ahead of tomorrow's crucial primary races in pennsylvania. here's new video of the top democratic senate candidate in the hospital recovering from a stroke, and that's where he's going to spend election day. john fetterman's wife speaking to cnn. she said the lieutenant governor is on his way to a full recovery. and on the republican side, a controversial senate candidate with a history of bigoted
8:43 pm
comments is making a sudden surge to the top of the field. to discuss, political commentator charlie dent and former congressman from pennsylvania he is, and ron brown. good to see both of you. good to see both of you. charlie, before we get to pennsylvania, i've got to ask you about what you heard in diane gallagher's piece. will trump saying give madison cawthorn a second chance make a difference? >> i tend to say no. madison cawthorn is a very troubled man. he needs intervention and he needs help. this fellow is unwell. he should not be in congress. but i can't imagine that trump's semi-endorsement is going to be
8:44 pm
very helpful. i think this young man has a lot to overcome both politically and personally. >> ron, john fetterman recovering from a stroke in the hospital right before the primary. what impact will that have on the race, because you said the senate can't hold without picking up pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania is a crucial race for them in the senate. it's their chance to take back the seat. pat toomey, the republican senator, is retiring. they've got four tough incumbent races of their own to defend, and it's hard to imagine they can win all of those in this environment. i think without winning pennsylvania, it's going to be hard for them to keep the senate. look, john fetterman is a relatively young man. he's 52 years old. he's a big guy. he has projected good health, and i've talked to several people in the state today who feel as long as, in fact, he makes a complete recovery and he looked solid in that video that
8:45 pm
they released today, that they do not think this will be a big issue in the general election. he is in a strong position in the primary. i think there's been half a million ballots returned. as long as he recovers, unlikely to be a major factor in the general election. >> charlie dent, on the republican side, the primary in your home state is now essentially a three-way tie. do you think kathy barnette could pull off a win? even trump says she's too extreme to win, and that's saying something. >> i think kathy barnette has surged, but i saw a lot of ads over the weekend. the rest of the republican establishment spent a hell of a lot of time pounding her, and they may have tamped her down a bit. i saw that she was ahead of oz but behind mccormick. i said this would be a double scenario in the event she were to win the primary.
8:46 pm
if she were to win the primary a a and, things would be bleak for the republicans. they endorsed oz and a lot of the republican leadership is upset, but they have no one to blame but themselves because they chose not to endorse, not to intervene when they could have made a difference. >> ron, you've been studying these races and what the midterm could mean come november. what are you looking for in the results tomorrow night? >> i don't think the issue is so much who donald trump endorses but who endorses donald trump. all the democratic candi -- repn candidates are fighting over who is the trumpiest. we saw this in ohio, in north carolina. the big story, i think, is that with or without trump's personal
8:47 pm
endorsement, trump is consolidating his hold over the republican party, and the question will be, as in 2010 and 2012, whether that produce nominees in some states and whether they will overcome overall with this inflation. likely the evidence is going to show continued consolidation of trump's hold over the republican party with or without his personal endorsements panning out. >> thank you, gentlemen. premature, such an iv ivy leagu word. i love it. >> it's a suni word. >> you say premature, i say premature. tomato, tomato. thanks, guys, appreciate it. missile strikes in lviv, a lot of updates in the situation
8:48 pm
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8:53 pm
finland said they will apply for nato membership. retired colonel leighton, good evening to you. hundreds evacuated from the steel plant, including many wounded. they have fulfilled their mission, calling them heroes of our time. if it is over there, how important was it to the battle that they held out for so long. >> well, don, good evening. there are so many aspects to this, but i think the most important thing is this, that they held out for so long. those words that you just said are the key thing here. the fact that they held out in this particular area for this amount of time, for the weeks, and really months that we saw them do this, that took away from what the russians were trying to do in other areas. russians had to bring their troops, their russians, their bombs into this area in an effort to subjugate it to completely obliterated. that was the main goal, to tie
8:54 pm
up the russians, and for a large part of this period, they were actually able to do that. in that sense the ukranian have gained a bit of a victory here, although the russians, of course, will now have this area. it's fairly clear they're going to take over in the next few hours or so. >> colonel, ukranian forces in the north near kharkiv have pushed russia all the way back across their border. talk about their gains and what kind of motivation that advance can give them? >> this is very important. when you look at this particular area, don, we have a lot of the russians concentrated right here in the northeast. but you look at the area around kharkiv and you see the ukranian movement right here. but what is really important about this, this is kuind of a propaganda victory for them. because at the ukranian-russian border, that's what this border marker is supposed to represent, these ukranian forces are there, and the important thing is that they're right there on ukranian
8:55 pm
soil touching russian soil. this means they've pushed back the russians back into their homeland, and that's what they are trying to show with this video. >> colonel, thank you so much. have a good night. i'll see you tomorrow. >> you bet, don. thank you for watching, everyone. our coverage continues.. indepenn that sets strictct quality and purity standards. nature m made. the number one pharmacist recommemended vitamin and supplement brand. this... is the planning effect.
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prop a benefits everyone in every neighborhood, regardless of their income. vote yes, and soon we'll all see the impact of a everywhere. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm john vause. ahead this hour, a racist massacre in a buffalo grocery store appeared to be months in
9:00 pm
the planning. police say the suspect wanted his killing spree to continue at other target locations. surrender at the azotov steel plant. reauxs held off the russian military, but now that battle is all but lost. zero covid policy being felt around the world. be prepared to wait longer to pay for anything and everything made in china. >> announcer: live from cnn center, this is c"cnn newsroom" with john vause. we begin with the 18-year-old accused of a racial shooting in buffalo, new york. authorities say the gunman, who opened fire in a supermarket, killing ten people, traveled two hours to the predominantly black neighborhood two months ago, and he was there thi


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