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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 5, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> larry: we've been at the neverland ranch. we have been here all day and we've had quite a night. we'd love to come back again. from the neverland ranch, this has been larry king live. tonight, no landing. the ousted president of honduras tries to fly back into his country, but the military blocks the runways. where is he now? stern warning, britain and the international community turn up the heat on the iranian government about harassment and intimidation. new evidence tonight the op sation may be gaining ground. a deadly mystery. what's behind the death of a former football star and hayes girlfriend? called to task, the media coverage of michael jackson's death is being called disrespectful. a family friend joins us live to talk about it. the news starts right now. i'm don lemon live in los angeles. we begin with breaking news out of central america. the deposed president of
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honduras managed to land but not where he wanted. just a few hours ago live here on cnn, high drama in the skies over the honduran capital. people anxiously crowded around the airport as a lone jet swooped low over the city. aboard, jose manuel zelaya trying to return to reclaim his office, but the military prevented the jet from landing, and it was forced to land in neighboring nicaragua before apparently heading for el salvador just minutes ago. karl penhaul was at the airport as the drama unfolded. karl, it now appears at least one of zelaya's supporters was killed during this tense showdown today. >> reporter: absolutely. i've got confirmation of that from the honduran red cross and spoke to one of their officials. they said one man, a 20-year-old, or in his 20s did die. they say that he was shot in the head. he received a bullet shot to the head. the honduran red cross also say
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eight people are in the hospital wounded. they say that five of those people are women. however, of the wounded they say most of those, because they are cut either with stones or with glass, the red cross suggests that that could be that not only did the honduran military open fire, with he know that, we saw that from a cnn team on the ground. we also know that the military opened fire with tear gas. there was a stampede at that stage and so what the honduran red cross suggests is a lot of other injuries they're seeing is because people fell over and were trampled. also the protesters and organizers of today's protest say they believe that the casualty toll is higher. they say that the numbers of casualties that they're working on is at least three people dead. talking to one man, his story sounded very convincing. he was covered from head to toe in blood and he said that he tried to carry an 8-year-old boy
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out of that melee, that scrum, when it occurred, but he said that boy had been shot and had died. >> karl penhaul. thank you very much for your reporting. luis carlos velez is an anchor at our sister station, cnn in espanol. he join us now to put the crisis in perspective especially as it relates to the rest of latin america. besides the spectacle of it all, what does this mean to americans? why should americans care about this story? >> don, good evening. especially two very important points. number one, how fragile democracy is here in the region, in latin america. this is because we haven't seen a coup d'etat in latin america since the situation we witnessed in 2003. it has been a very stable region since then. we haven't seen anything like that. and, number two, the relations that the united states is having right now with latin america and with especially hugo chavez, president of venezuela. we know that the continent is
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pretty much divided between the countries that support chavez and the countries that oppose mr. chavez, and he's leaning to leftist governments. so mr. zelaya recently has been seen as somebody that is leaning towards this venezuelan point of view about how things are -- have to be made and have to be managed in those countries, don. >> as we look at those amazing pictures that were coming out of that airport today, luis carlos, just pretty amazing stuff to look at, and the military blocking the runway or what have you. when you look at all of these people who were out there, is it really realistic for zelaya to think that he can come back in and gain control of this country again? >> don, we have to analyze this saying that apparently there's a big difference between what international community believes is right and what the people in honduras believe is right.
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the most recent survey about popularity of mr. zelaya said that pretty much only 30% of the population was in favor of his government. pretty much 70% of the population thinks that he was leaning towards venezuela, leaning towards president chavez, and they didn't like that. that's why, you know, the supreme court and the people, the majority of people are actually supporting this coup d'etat. now, number two, international community are thinking that this is a wrong thing. coup d'etats are not well seen in the international community and they want democracy, including the united states. that's why they want president zelaya to go back to the country. >> luis carlos velez with our sister station, cnn espanol. thanks for adding some perspective. >> thanks, don. tonight in iran, there are growing signs of political discontent, even among the country's religious elite. high-ranking clerics and sem nar students have now come out publicly and called last month's
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election skewed. it is perhaps the most direct challenge yet to supreme leader ayatollah khamenei who declared mahmoud ahmadinejad the undisputed winner. abbas milani spoke to cnn tonight about the rising dissent. >> sometimes regimes that have big cracks in them continue to survive by cracking people's bones and this is exactly what this regime has tried to do. >> allahu akbar. >> even though public street demonstrations have been shut down, protesters have been taking to rooftops at night to shout allah akbar, god is great. it has become a rallying cry for the opposition. this type of nocturnal demonstration has been going on for three weeks now. cnn's reza sayah has been covering the tensions in iran since before the election. he joins us now by telephone
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from philadelphia with the very latest. reza, what exactly does that mean for iran right now? you've got these nocturnal demonstrations, these clerics coming out against the election. what does this mean for iran? >> don, the government crackdown ended the mass street protest and demonstration in iran. the question is now what? is the opposition movement over? when you have a powerful group come out and make a statement like this, the answer is, no, it's not over. there is still dissent and defiance, but it looks like it has shifted into a different forum and there continues to be strong evidence that cracks and divisions are forming within the religious establishment. >> yeah, people may say, well, what does it mean that these clerics are coming out? isn't president mahmoud ahmadinejad, isn't he the president? it's not like being a president here in the united states. these clerics really have a lot of influence here. >> and let me put it to you in perspective. iran calls itself a democracy, but islam and the word of god trumps all laws and all democratic institutions.
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that's why these senior clerics in the religious city have so much clout and influence, and in this case one particular group, and it's important to note this particular group doesn't represent all clerics, it's just one group, they're using their clout to go up against the establishment and the supreme leader ayatollah khamenei, and it's this face-off between religious power houses that's really unprecedented and shows the divisions within the religious establishment. on one hand, you have iran's supreme leader who is supposed to be the ultimate word on most matters. he's come out and stood squarely behind president ahmadinejad and said these elections are over and anyone who says otherwise is going against the regime. on the other hand, you have these very inflew when shall clerics rejecting the most powerful man in iran and saying, no, this is not over. >> is this going to reignite the opposition? >> there's a few reasons why this is good news for the opposition movement. they have more influential clerics behind them and they can
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use any support they can get. also, the iranian government has shown no hesitation in aggressively going after average citizens, even opposition political leaders to shut them up. but clearly it's not going to be as easy going after senior clerics with batons and clubs, and then with this statement you have to wonder what's going to happen to the government's official position that all the post election turmoil was the fault of foreign governments who wanted to destabilize iran. that allegation, that claim is going to be much tougher for the iranian people to believe if you have some of the most powerful clerics in the country coming out and saying, no, the government is to blame. >> reza, thank you very much. appreciate it. we heard more from police today on the violent death of former nfl quarterback steve mcnair. you'll hear the latest details. also, the search grows more urgent for a serial killer in south carolina. and check ittwitter is exploding right now as select
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checking the latest developments following the death of michael jackson. e-mails have been sent to more than 8,000 people who will receive a pair of tickets to jackson's memorial service on tuesday. more than 1.5 million people had registered. an assistant l.a. police chief said forest lawn cemetery is working with the jackson family apparently ironing out details on a private funeral service. those 8,750 people randomly chosen to receive tickets to the jackson memorial service have been instructed to pick them up tomorrow at dodger stadium. and check out twitter. everyone is talking about it. we're going to talk to one lucky fan later this hour who was able to get a ticket to the michael
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jackson memorial service. and check out ebay. there are people there already trying to cash in. one person is posting his ticket for $8,000 if you buy it right now. $8,000 on ebay. tune in for a "cnn presents" special on the life and music of michael jackson. "man in the mirror" airs tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern. on tuesday join us for around the:00 coverage of the memorial as family, friends, and fans, they all say good-bye. michael jackson the memorial, all day tuesday starting on "american morning" at 6:00 a.m. eastern. president obama is on his way to russia at this hour, and i has so he has some major problems to tackle. and sarah palin's sudden announcement. what's next for the soon to be
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former alaskan governor. and we heard more from police today on the violent death of former nfl quarterback steve mcnair. you're going to hear the latest details.
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watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important. was it a murder/suicide? nashville police are not yet saying as they investigate the shooting death of nfl quarterback steve mcnair and sahel kazemi described as his girlfriend. their bodies were found yesterday at a nashville condo. kazemi apparently had been dating the married mcnair several months. >> while it is clear that steve mcnair's death is a homicide as
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a result of being shot four times, the police department is not yet classifying miss kazemi's death. she does have a single gunshot wound to the side of the head, but there is more investigation required. we're going to be interviewing persons throughout the day today and probably for the next several days. i would expect that it will be a number of days before the classification is placed on miss kazemi's death. >> mcnair's death has stunned nashville and the entire nfl community. he played 13 seasons of pro ball, all but two years with tennessee leading the titans to their only super bowl appearance back in 2000. steve mcnair was 36 years old. sahel kazemi's family is already speaking out about this tragedy. her sister says she can't believe the deadly turn of events or what could have led up to this. >> she was very young, very pretty, very loving.
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she would never hurt a person. outcomi outcoming. really very independent, very strong. we were supposed to be celebrating fourth of july and 5:00 i got a phone call from my brother. he said go watch the news. so i went to, you know, watch the news, and i saw it, and we both knew that was her because they did not release the name until like 11:00, 10:00, so we were hoping that is not her. we had the feeling that it was her because she would be the only young woman with him at that time as far as we knew. >> and nashville police say kazemi was arrested for dui early friday morning. both mcnair and kazemi's bodies were discovered yesterday afternoon. it has been a tragic holiday weekend and a terrifying week in
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cherokee county, south carolina, where victims of an apparent serial killer have been buried. funeral services were held today for a woman and her mother. here is a police sketch of the suspect believed to have shot five people to death in just the last week. if you recognize this man, take a look at that sketch, you're asked to contact police. president barack obama is on his way to russia at this hour and he has some major problems to tackle. also sarah palin's sudden announcement. what's next for the soon-to-be former alaskan governor? and has the news media been fair to the memory of michael jackson? one high-profile person has some critical comments. >> i have seen other musical icons die where there were serious questions about them, and i have never seen it dominate the news before their funeral.
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>> strong words from the reverend al sharpton. he'll join me live to explain what he's talking about this hour.
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president obama is heading to russia as i speak. he departed just over two hours ago for moscow for a two-day summit with president dmitri med. >> dev and current prime minister vladimir putin. president obama then sets his sights on italy for the g-8 summit midweek. he will then wrap up with a stop in western africa. >> i think that there has been a time over the last several years where russian/u.s. relations were not as strong as they should be. what i said coming in is that i wanted to press the reset button on relations between the united states and russia. >> we're going to discuss this with the best political team on television in just a little bit.
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but i want to say, sarah palin, alaska's governor, well, her decision to resign at the end of the month is sparking a wide range of reactions, including some in her own party. at her friday news conference, palin mentioned everything from family concerns here, family concerns, to a desire to work for political change beyond alaska. >> now, it may be tempting and more comfortable to just kind of keep your head down and plod along and appease those who are demanding just sit down and shut up, but that's a worthless, easy way out. that's a quitter''s way out. it would be apathetic to just hunker down and go with the flow. >> well, on the sunday morning news shows, republican strategist karl rove described her as a, quote, risky strt jat, and george will even invoked the word quitter. over in iraq vice president joe
10:24 pm
biden said he gives her the benefit of the doubt. >> i respect her decision. i don't know what prompted her decision to not only not run again and also to step down as a consequence of the decision not to run in 2010, and i take her at her word. that it had a personal ingredient in it and you have to respect that. >> well, in a facebook posting to supporters yesterday, governor palin offered a small hint about her future plans. in her words she said, quote, i look forward to making a difference with you. let's talk about sarah palin and the other political headlines with two of our favorites here cnn political editor mark preston. he joins me from washington. and april ryan is in baltimore tonight. she is the white house correspondent for american urban radio networks. thank you, thank you, both. and it's a holiday weekend. that's why i said thank you, thank you twice. let's talk about sarah palin,
10:25 pm
and, you know, i said this earlier, mark, to paul ste steinhaus steinhauser. i listened to the entire thing. i had no idea what she was talking about. >> don, there is something to be said that we heard two very rambling speeches from two governors that were in the hot seat. we saw governor mark sanford give this very long speech where we really didn't know where he was going until he acknowledged he had an affair. of course, we have sarah palin who goes on and talks and talks and talks and finally says not only is she not going to seek a second term, but she's going to resign. i will tell you, don, we're not shocked she's not going to seek a second term. clearly, she's been under a lot of fire up there in alaska. if she was to seek the presidency in 2012, it would make sense for her to bow out after one term as governor. however, the fact she's not resigning really has turned the political world on its head. >> april, can you make sense of any of this? >> well, the sense that i'm
10:26 pm
getting, and there's and old seps if you don't have anything nice, don't say it at all, i have called some of the highest ranking republicans i can find to the christian right. whenever you say sarah palin no one wants to talk, and i did talk to a couple of people tonight and the general -- you know, do you support her? does she have credibility? is she someone that really is serious about this? they said, no. i said what could she do to gain your support? they said make sure she doesn't have her kids in the forefront in the news. so sarah palin is very controversial even within her own party. it's going to be hard for her to pull out a 2012. >> hey, mark, april makes a good point here because if you have karl rove couching his words and you have george will bringing up the word quitter on national television programs, you would think maybe -- and both conservative, that sarah palin may be in a bit of trouble here politically. >> don, i have been talking to political consultants all weekend long. they describe this as a very odd move, as highly unusual.
10:27 pm
why would you leave with 18 months remaining in your term when really one of the criticisms about you was the fact that you didn't have enough experience. so, you know, the power elite in washington, the republican power elite are dumbfounded by this move. but you know something? sarah palin is not a conventional politician. she clearly has shown that, and really what we've seen over the last 36 hours, don, is that she's using this social networking site, you discussed she put a posting on facebook and she's been twittering all about her decision. she's trying to take the message back, something she had no control of in the 2008 campaign. >> unconventional candidate and that's been part of her appeal, part of why she's so popular. >> april, i want to ask you about the president's trip in russia. what can we expect to start seeing next week once the president starts speaking and we start seeing him live there? >> my sources are saying this is not about arms control. this is about so much more. trying to rebuild a relationship with the russian government and the russian people. they're also saying, you know, you can hear in the conversation issues about iran. you can also hear issues about
10:28 pm
taking the russia relationship beyond the borders. and they said, you know, expect something on some transit agreements, but don't put so much emphasis on arms control because they know there's still some more work to be done, a lot more work actually. >> april ryan, mark preston, thanks to you both. >> thank you. more political turmoil in iran and new trouble for president mahmoud ahmadinejad. some top clerics may be turning against him. what is next? check it out. twitter is exploding as some select fans find out they're going to the michael jackson memorial service and the tints are already hitting ebay. es. the gold moisturizes and has a touch of mineral shimmer to enhance skin's tone. olay tone enriching body wash. for skin that shimmers. ( thump ) yes. ( thump ) yes. ( thumps ) yes, yes...
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we have an update on our
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breaking news. jose manuel zelaya tried to return to honduras to reclaim the presidency, but this is as close as he got. the military blocked the jet and it had to divert to nicaragua. he's expected to arrive in el salvador this hour. for several hours the airport was the scene of tense clashes between supporters and the military. the red cross says at least one person was killed. the other sources say up to three people may have died. opponents accuse zelaya of trying to unlawfully extend his power and failing to implement laws passed by the congress. political rumblings inside iran are growing louder. clerics and students are adding their voices to the discontent. they're calling the election skewed. it is perhaps the most direct
10:32 pm
challenge yet to supreme leader ayatollah khamenei who declared president mahmoud ahmadinejad the undisputed winner. former president rafsanjani has also expressed doubt over the legitimacy of the vote. earlier tonight i spoke about the rising dissention with abbas milsani. the clerics are even coming out. what does this mean at this point? >> i think it means there's a major risk within the iranian political and religious elite, and it means that some of the spiritual pillars of shiism based in the city have recognized that the status quo is untenable and that the anger that people have shown must be either responded to or it will bring more and more serious
10:33 pm
threats to their faith and to the regime in the long run. >> doesn't this just embolden the reform and it threatens -- it does threaten ahmadinejad, does it not? >> i think it's very much a threat to mr. ahmadinejad, and it is clear that ahmadinejad feels the threat. they have canceled several of his trips, including one that was scheduled to go to libya. clearly, they feel under the gun. they realize that they have made a mistake that might mean the end of the regime, and the harsh rhetoric of the past few days has only strengthened the opposition and the resolve of these clergy and many other senior clergy who have come out. >> i think it's interesting you say it might mean the end of the regime. then i asked another guest, what happens now? >> well, i think there are
10:34 pm
several possibilities. the regime as we knew it with mr. cat makhamenei as the absol ruler, the leader who when he spoke all discussionings end s that has already ended. people go against his word on a regular basis right now. what may come is much more brutal, much more militarized regime or a much more democratic alternative, and i think some of the shiite clergy who are speaking out recognize this and are trying to avoid that much less likable, much less fortune gnat alternative because it is an alternative that will leave that regime with absolutely no legitimacy doumesticdomesticcle
10:35 pm
international. i'm joined here in lightning by t -- los angeles by the reverend al sharpton. i want to play a comment you made today. >> i have seen other musical icons die where there were serious questions about them, and i have never seen it dominate the news before their funeral. >> so reverend also in a sermon today you were preaching, you were in the pulpit today, and you spoke out about the media's coverage of michael jackson. why did you say that? >> i think that there is fair game to raise all issues, but to just raise this demonizing of michael jackson and to act as though all of the allegations, many of them found untrue. i mean, he was acquitted of charges by a conservative jury
10:36 pm
in a conservative county in california and they're talked about like they're fact and like that's the whole jackson story. that's what i object to. >> and i do have to say for the first time, i don't think i've ever heard this on television. we had michael jackson's former attorney tom mess row on and he's saying that michael jackson paid the first one off because he just wanted to get rid of it. that's coming from his attorney. that's the first time i have ever heard anyone say that. >> johnnie cochran told me that who handled that before he died. but the fact is whether one wants to go through this or that, my concern is that this is the dominating story of michael jackson in some parts, not all, but in some parts of the media. should it be raised in context? yes. but is that all we're going to talk about and all we hear about? i think there's been too much. >> i said on the air, i said what is reverend sharpton talking about, and i have to tell you my producer said don't be defensive, it's not personal.
10:37 pm
it's not personal. but cnn has done great coverage of michael jackson. we did a one-hour documentary. we've been talking about the tribute to him. as journalists we have to cover alls s aspects of his life and e of that covered some controversy. >> yes, but when we do the stories of just acting like the tortured michael jackson and michael jackson like he was some freak and not talk about what michael jackson achieved and the social force he was, how he brought people together and united people, one of the things that was amazing to me is in that church today you had blacks, whites, latinos, and when i said it, they stood up and clapped because they understood i'm not saying give michael a pass. but i'm saying don't give a pass to his achievements. i must say you shouldn't be defensive because i think the program you did "man in the mirror" did talk about his achievements, talked about he broke records, and you covered the controversy. i'm seeing too many stories that acted like the only reason michael jackson was a celebrity
10:38 pm
is because of the controversies, and that's not true. >> do you see a difference in this with princess diana, elvis presley, john lennon, any other celebrity death? >> first of all, i think we saw controversies around presley, even sinatra, lennon, but that was not the leading stories and certainly not leading into their fa funerals. there was respect. you would think michael jackson was convicted. you would think that he was just some weirdo and that he became famous being weird. you would not think this man changed pop culture, that this man holds the record on record sales, that this man became a social force, that this man stood by nelson mandela, that he "we are the world" before we ever heard of live aid and in addition to that there were some trofers. all we hear is controversy, controversy. all i'm saying is let's be fair. that's all. let's play the game by one set
10:39 pm
of rules. >> you know i have to ask, i'm a journalist, so tuesday we're hearing the public and private memorial. do we know about the private memorial? is there anything you can tell us? >> i can ohm onnly tell you tha being worked out. people are flying in from everywhere and the family is literally trying to meticulously do this as i speak. it's not that no one is going to not tell you, don, it's that underreally kno no one really knows. it's not confirmed. >> thank you. you heard the reverend mention "man in the mirror." you can catch it right after this broadcast only here on cnn. and then on tuesday make sure you join us for around the clock coverage of the memorial s celebrating this life of this worldwide pop icon. cnn all day tuesday starting on "american morning" 6:00 a.m. eastern. my thanks again to reverend sharpton. >> thank you.
10:40 pm
so, april... yeah? you know, your charger is still using energy when it's plugged into the wall, right? yeah, but that's not my charger. i don't even have a cell phone. [ballad ringtone playing] uh-oh. um... [music stops] heh. announcer: millions of kids are using their energy wisely.
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disney's monorail system is shut down today because of a deadly accident. a 21-year-old train operator was killed around 2:00 this morning after apparently crashing his train into the back of another monorail train which was stationary. he had been transporting a family of six. they were not injured. the other driver wasn't physically hurt but shaken up emotionally. a top official call it is a terrible day. four people are now dead after a truck carrying fireworks blew up off of north carolina yesterday. authorities say the victims were offloading the truck when it detonated. the atf is investigating. a memorial parade was held today for those victims.
10:43 pm
sarah palin shocked friends and foes alike when she announced her abrupt decision to step down as alaska's governor. that's just one of the big stories that folks are talking about tonight. we're now joined by our radio host warren ballentine and martha. thank you very much. i spoke to you off camera about sarah palin so, you know, it is -- yes, there we go. let's move on though. let's talk about the michael jackson coverage. i'll start with you, martha. how are your listeners responding? do they think it's too much? do they want to know more? >> we're not talking about it much, but regarding what reverend sharpton had to say i would disagree with him. of course, michael jackson is the first guy of this level post-24 hour news but they were talking about elvis presley's drug overdose, his eating habits even before the funeral. i think he's just very close to this so it's hard to look at it objectively. >> warren? >> of course, my listeners are all over this. they love michael jackson.
10:44 pm
how can you describe michael jackson when you look at michael jackson or einstein or beethoven, it's genius. but i have to say something here. i agree with reverend sharpton. i'll tell you why. even cnn who i truly love, your "headline news," nancy grace and jane velez, all they're doing is attacking michael jackson. they're not bringing up anything positive on the michael jackson family and fox news is doing the same. i'm not old enough to remember when elvis died, but i can tell you this, we need to respect the dead and at least let him be buried before all this is put out there. i think "man in the mirror" was perfect. >> i appreciate that. i can't believe you weren't old enough. i remember when elvis died and i remember where i was. we had just gotten cable. i have to tell you it's hln now. i'm not going to criticize my colleagues, but it's hln, not "headline news." >> you have to look at the balance of the coverage. i think you can look at not only news channels, but there are a ton of other channels running
10:45 pm
specials, biographies. i think all in all the coverage has been positive. >> martha, real quickly, we don't have a lot of time, guys, i'm sorry. let's talk about tea parties. you have some news about tea parties. tell us about it. >> well, i think the tea parties of course on the fourth were not as big as people expected. but the big day will be september 12th. there will be a big tea party planned on the national mall in washington, d.c. >> mar tthamartha, warren. we're up against the clock. thanks, guys. a crowning moment on america's birthday weekend. for first time since 9/11, the statue of liberty's crown is open to the public again. and check it out, twitter all abuzz because of those tickets. a select few have found out they will be going to the michael jackson memorial service, and guess what? the tickets already hitting ebay. we're back in a moment.
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10:48 pm
for the first time since 9/11, tourists in new york can see the entire statue of liberty. the statute's crown has reopened. it was closed after the terror attacks because of security concerns. this weekend's celebration also served as a backdrop for a couple to get engaged. our susan candiotti spoke to them. >> just being able to go into the crown is amazing. being the first group to go into the crown made it really special, and obviously being
10:49 pm
able to propose on such a unique day. >> very fortunate to have this experience. >> reporter: do you have a marriage date yet? fourth of july? >> possibly. >> the statue of liberty a gift from the people of france has stood in new york harbor since 1886. those 8,750 people randomly chosen to receive tickets for the jackson memorial have been instructed to pick up their tickets tomorrow at dodger stadium. zach moss is one of those people. i would imagine it's bittersweet. you're happy to be going but sad about the death of someone that you probably followed. >> yeah, this is very, very true. >> yeah. tell us about the process. you found out through e-mail? >> i found out through e-mail today. i was actually just sitting out at the pool and i found out -- i was looking at my eye phone ai t
10:50 pm
said staple center anounannounc. it says congratulations. i went to find a computer and do it that way. sure enough, it was real. i thought it was bogus but crazy. >> it was real. hey, listen, i don't know if it's ironic, but it's certainly interesting that you're a disc jockey. do you play a lot of michael jackson music? >> i do. especially after he died i was deejaying at a couple clubs out here and the reaction from the crowd is ridiculous. it's completely different than it was a week before he died. i can play "billie jean" and "pyc" and whatever and, you know, what am i even trying to say here. >> that's okay. it's a lot of pressure. you're probably very excited.
10:51 pm
>> the crowd just goes crazy for it. usually i wouldn't play a certain artist back-to-back or even three songs in a row. i can play a 30-minute, hour set of michael jackson and everybody in the crowd is just as happy and they're -- >> i have to say, i have been hearing a lot of michael jackson music. it's just been in cars as i'm driving on the street or walking and you hear people playing it, and every song is timeless and it all sounds amazing. i have to ask you this one last thing. what do you think of people who are selling it for a lot of money on ebay? >> it's horrible. i was in kinko's printing off the thing and the guy behind me said you won michael jackson tickets. he's like you're selling them. i'm like no. he's like you could get $10,000 for a ticket. i wouldn't think of selling them. it's not going to happen again. to profit off someone's loss is horrible. >>ened you a got two tickets. are you going to take someone with you? >> i'm actually taking my talent agent from copeland entertainment. >> yeah. thank you. i know you had to get that plug in there. >> that's what she told me to
10:52 pm
do. >> she represents you as a disc jockey. not as someone who got michael jackson tickets. >> report back to us on the memorial service. look for me. >> i'm sure i'll see you there. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> michael jackson broke down many barriers during his four decades in the music industry. next, the man who helped shape his unique image. we've made a great product even better. now every drop of shell gasolines... contain a nitrogen-enriched cleaning system... that seeks and destroys engine gunk... left by lower-quality gasoline. it protects engines from performance-robbing gunk. try new nitrogen-enriched shell gasolines.
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10:54 pm
"up from a past." tonight we're focusing on the legacy of michael jackson. he broke down many barriers becoming a major cross over artist, shattering sales records with his album "thriller" and paving the way for black artists to get their music played on mtv. my next guest is norman winter.
10:55 pm
he knows a lot about the king of pop having once served as his publicist. thank you. welcome. i'm sure you've been in this studio. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you lost a friend. >> i loved him. i thought he was a prince. i haven't been with him for years and years, but from the beginning everybody fell in love with michael. he was just great. >> lets put up some of norman's photographers. you were with michael jackson really was this the height of his career? did you help -- this is the jackson 5 we're looking at now with all the gold records. >> before the "victory" tour. the president of cbs said this is the man. we're going to kick -- with him. it's amazing. >> translator: you were with m >> you were with him during the time of the pepsi commercial, is that correct? i saw you in news footage where you were trying to help the media. tell us about those times. >> well, frank dileo was a good manager.
10:56 pm
he came back michael died is the when he was going to take over again, did you know that? >> no, i didn't. >> yeah. because he was back in town, dileo after all these years. and i got to tell you something, he would do anything to help kids. when he heard about boy george being on newsstands saying he talked to michael all the time, michael got very offended and he said, look, he said he's a very talented guy but i don't want my kids, the kids that love me, to see me with -- like i talk to him. everybody knows what he did and stuff like that, and, you know, michael was never gay, and so he got very pissed about it and he decided to do a press conference. we had mike dileo read t we had all the media and he said, look, from now on you have to understand this is supposed to
10:57 pm
be michael but it's frank dileo. i'm not gay and i'm going to sue people, my attorney is john branca and watch out for him because don't ever start with me, no newspapers, no tv, no radio, no kidding, he said i really am straight and some day i want people to know that i'd like to get married and have a child and it happened. he did. >> yeah. and you and john branca are good friends and he's the executive -- >> we're good friends. i was going to bring him over. >> we want to talk to him. >> when do you want to see him? >> i want to see him tonight. >> it's a little late. >> how about in the morning. >> sure. >> he was at the white house -- >> branca is the guy that got it all together. it was amazing. the first time mtv was ever in the white house and he was just so cute. i mean, people loved him over there. >> thank you, sir. >> stay well. >> you are a wealth of knowledge. i could talk to you all night, but unfortunately, i only have
10:58 pm
the time over here. >> i'm a legend in my own mind. >> hang on, we're not done yet. norman winter. join us for michael jackson the memorial all day tuesday starting on "american morning" 6:00 a.m. eastern. limb: dude that was sick!
10:59 pm
i've been hangin' up there for, what, like, forty years? and then - wham - here i am smacking the pretty off that windshield of yours. oh, what you're looking for an apology? well, toss another coin in the wishing well, pal. it's not happenin'. limb: hey, what's up, donnie? how you been? anncr: accidents are bad. anncr:but geico's good ding! with onsite windshield replacement.


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