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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 10, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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a great source. finding out what's good based on what other people have to say about their experiences. folks, a lot of help needed in the gulf coast. if you are going to travel, you can find some ways to help in the gulf right now. we will see you right back here next week for the show that saves you money. don't miss venus williams today on "your money" with christine romans. at 1:00 p.m. ooern. up next, cnn saturday continues right now. hello, there, everybody. from the cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning for july 10th, i'm t.j. holms. i'm kate bolduan, 10:00 a.m. in atlanta, 7:00 a.m. in san francisco. thanks for joining us. we need to talk about breaking and sad news out of afghanistan. 6:00 u.s. service members have been killed in afghanistan
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today. our tia abawi is live in kabul afghanistan. good morning to you. when we first heard this number six had been killed on the same day. a lot of us made the assumption there was one battle and one strike they were all killed in. the interesting thing here, these were all for the most part separate attacks. >> absolutely, t.j. it is another grim reminder of what's going on in afghanistan. the fighting is going on throughout the country. we got word that two u.s. service members -- at first, we just knew they were service members. were killed in two separate i.e.d. strikes in southern afghanistan. we got word of four more casualties later confirmed to be u.s. service members in the eastern part of the country in different attacks, one by small firearms fire. one by an insurgent attack in the east. one by an i.e.d. strike in the northeast. one by another accidental
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explosion. another grim reminder about what is going on in afghanistan. we had the highest isep death toll with 101 members killed. it comes at a time when general david petraeus is taking over operation ns afghanistan. remind our viewers, you talk about the numbers from last month, the most coalition forces we have seen in one month. the deadliest month there. we are not used to seeing, six, not a huge number, but that is a lot to hear in one day. remind our viewers here in the u.s. what has been happening there as far as the ramped up coalition operations there and going after insurgents but also the insurgent activity and the violence we have been seeing over the past weeks and months? >> reporter: well, sadly, t.j., this higher death toll amongst american forces was not unexpected. last year when this new counter
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insurgency tratgy was in forc insurgency strategy was increased with more troops, they will plan more attacks. they are using their favorite tactics, the ieds, killing the majority. over 80% of nato forces killed by these roadside bombs. they have been gaining ground. most of the fighting we saw was in the east and south of the country bordering pakistan. in the last year, two years, we have seen the insurgency growing throughout in the west, in the north of the country, the north which was once considered the safe part in the war in afghanistan has obviously shown that it is also now a volatile part with the taliban, insurgency growing, the troops coming in. we see the surge coming in. the fighting is increasing. so, obviously, what nato said last year was that this year, we would be seeing more isaf
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casualties, in hopes it would die down as they gain ground and momentum as they won the trust of the afghan people. >> thank you for that. six u.s. service members have been killed today in afghanistan for the most part all in separate attacks and in one of those incidents, i should say at least, one service member was killed by an accidental explosion. all of these taking place in different parts of the country, the north are the east, and the south as well. again, no rhyme or reason. no one incident. several incidents. six u.s. service members were killed. we will continue to follow and check in with our atia abawi. our top stories, the u.s. justice department confirms the well publicized swap of u.s. and russian espionage agents has been completed. happening yesterday afternoon in vienna, austria.
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the russians get ten alleged spies returned for four russian nationals who were convicted for working for western intelligence agencies. from california, a written apology from the bay area rapid transit officer convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed man. johannes mehserle says he is truly sorry for shooting oscar grant back on new year's day of last year. the incident was caught on tape by a passerby's cell phone camera. he faces sentencing august 6th. in brazil, a soccer star named by police in the disappearances and murder of a girlfriend said to be his former girlfriend is refusing to answer question. he is one of seven people arrested in the case. it is now day 82 of the gulf oil disaster. got some big changes coming, including some changes from above, change from below. let me get you updated on what we know and what is going to be
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happening and what could be a big day and a big weekend in this gulf oil disaster. bp plans on removing the current cap that's on. when they do that, you will see more oil flowing. they are taking it off and they are going to put on a cap with a b better seal. when you take that down, the oil will be gushing unabated for a couple of days until they have the other one in place. the new seal will be able to collect more oil. a big eye in the sky in the form of a 178-foot blimp. this is a navy blimp. officials hope this thing, which is scheduled to begin flying today will provide a better aerial view of the disaster. this will help reduce the time it takes to get skimming water kraft out there to certain areas. they can see this on high, see exactly where the oil sheen is and immediately radio back and say, hey, you need to get these skimmer boats out to this area. bp firing back on allegations
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they have been slow in paying claims related to this disaster. >> we have a lot of work to do. the spill in the gulf of mexico is unprecedented much the response is unprecedented. i wish i could tell you everything has been per affected. it hasn't. when things don't go well, we are working hard to get them fixed. we have a lot of work to do in this response. we realize we will be judged by the quality of the response. we are committed to doing that and staying here until it gets cleaned up. we are committed to giving people resources they need to help with their daily lives. >> they are trying to help out the best they can. they are getting tougher with some of the restrictions. if you show more evidence, more proof that maybe you should get more than the $5,000 check that should be going out. still, they could help some people that might end up getting less as well. still, we are talking about the cleanup efforts, so much in the gulf but the businesses, you can't forget about them down there in the gulf of mexico. they are still assessing the
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damage, not out there in the gulf but the damage to their bottom line. our reynolds wolf has been there for us today, new orleans live for us. good morning to you once again. reynolds, sometimes you can't see the disaster if you just set foot in new orleans. until you start talking to people about how their lives are being changed, that's when you really see the impact this oil disaster is having on businesses and everyday lives. >> you are right, t.j. no question about it. when you this i of a business, and you think about tourism, we are talking about a multibillion dollar industry for much of the gulf coast. when you get to the heart of it, the heart of the gulf coast and the tourism, is going to be right here in new orleans. this morning, we are lucky enough to have tia martin. she is the coproprietor of commander's palace. how has business been since all this has taken place? we are talking about a bad economy, rising unemployment and the oil spill out in the gulf. how has that been affecting you? >> we can take a lot of hits. new orleans is on a roll. this is hard to stand.
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we are not on the coast. the coastal communities are devastated. our hearts are broken. these are our friends and suppliers. the city of new orleans, everything you can do, you can still do. we have been on a roll since october before that football game we won. that football game was a symbol to us of the accomplishments of the last five years in this city. if truth be told, right now, new orleans is good. we are scared to death about the short-term and long-term future. right now, we are on a roll. we just had a sold out essence festival. jazz fest was fantastic. we have details of cocktail convention. you should come. really, i don't want to make light of the oil scare, because it is scaring us to death. but, so far, things are good. last night, i'm eating seafood in my restaurant. it's amazing. >> we have seen communities like gulf shores, alabama, biloxi, where there are fewer people and hurting. still, the people continue to pile into new orleans. >> there are so many misperceptions.
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so many of these areas are right on the coast. that's water but that is not a beach. that would be the mighty mississippi right behind us. don't go swimming in there. what's happening to us, things here are not like that. the misperception is there is oil dripping off the balconies. the only oil is on the marinated crab salad. >> i need to ask you about that right now. we were talking during the break about how there is that misconception and its oil on seafood. you said in some respects, this may have been advantageous for people in restaurants. >> what people don't understand, seafood is not inspected. there is a usda inspector at the plant. our seafood is being inspected by five government agencies. this is the most inspected seafood there is, anywhere near the oil, there is a massive buffer zone. there haven't been any areas closed due to tainted fish being found. over 15,000 animals have been tested and it is going to keep
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going. literally last night, crabs, crawfish, drum, pake, it is all still here. if you are getting it in a restaurant or grocery store, it is safe. >> let's say we have someone from the twins cities, in new york or l.a., they are thinking about coming here. again, it is that perception. what would you tell those people? >> come. everything you twoont do is still here, the food, the music, the architecture. this nation came and helped this city after the storm. don't let us down now. if you come to this town and you don't have a good time, there is something wrong with you. >> reporter: ti, thanks so much for your time. have a great morning. that's the latest. if you have the opportunity, come on down. conditions could not be better in many ways. >> reynolds, don't let her go. she needs to run for mayor of that city. she was great. she needs to be their spokesperson or something. she made so many great points there including the fact that -- >> reporter: they just elected a new mayor. she can't run this time but maybe so. as a spokesperson, i think she
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is there. she is hitting all the cylinders. we love her, absolutely. maybe long-term. maybe down the road. she has got it. >> more details too about the cocktail, some cocktail festival they said is going to be taking place as well. maybe we will get back down there, reynolds. >> absolutely. you bet. >> our reynolds wolf. >> reporter: take care. >> again, folks, he made the great ling to seafood out there from the point it is plucked out of water until it gets on your plate. it is tagged. they can show you exactly where that food was taken out. they told me down there, the chef said, if you are eating it here, it is probably the safest seafood you can get in the country because of all the inspections it is going through right now. >> in addition to what we are hearing, we are also seeing something new, a new angle of the oil spill. our amber lyon takes the crew under the oil spill. number one, we are hungry
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now. number two, there is some good news with the weather. there is some -- it also comes with a cost. a break from the searing temperatures that we are all feeling in the northeast. what does that mean, bonnie? >> we will see highs of 81 degrees. a lot of thunderstorms. a really big line of storms rolling through new york city into boston and down through washington, d.c. as well. some of this is going to cause some problems for you, because it is creating some torrential downpours. i don't have flood warnings just yet. there is an advisory for rip currents for those of you planning to head to the beach. keep that in mind. along south shore of long island and the jersey shore, we may see the waves pick up due to these storms as they roll through. it will bring a drenching of rain and relief. we will see the temperatures improve certainly as we get this front past the area. we are talking about how hot it has been across much of the gulf coast where reynolds has been. you can see the temperature in new orleans, 90 degrees.
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there is a heat advisory. that will make it feel like it is 105 degrees. that is a look at the heat index, soaring not just for new orleans but also for coastal mississippi. i mentioned the storms in the northeast. they are causing some flight delays, quite a few. they have gotten more lengthy since our last report. almost two-hour delays in new york city. with he do have two hours in newark, new jersey. we will be watching for that as well. philadelphia looking for delays. it is a little bit of a slowdown this morning in the northeast. once these storms roll through, we will look forward to a much better saturday afternoon and for some, much cooler. that's the good news, right? >> good news. we will take it. >> we appreciate it as always. thanks so much. >> if a woman can commit adultery in iran, she can be sentenced to death by stoning. it is amazing to imagine that. as you can imagine, it is a law that is sparking outrage worldwide. we are going to take you live to london for more on that. >> also this morning, a story a lot of people are keeping an eye
10:15 am
on the past couple of weeks. the country was fascinated by this whole thing. now, we are seeing the first pictures of lebron james in a new uniform. the reaction, the story from cleveland and miami. it's quarter past the hour here on this cnn saturday morning.
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hundreds of people in capital cities around the world are protesting iran's policies on stoning. really, international outcry. it comes after the sentencing of a woman convicted of adultery. we are outside the iranian embassy in london. what's the latest on this situation as well as on the fate of this woman? >> reporter: well, the latest is that iranian state media are reporting that her case is now under review by the iranian government and the iranian courts. however, that doesn't mean that she will not be stoned.
10:19 am
this is why activists are on the streets, why they are protesting not just here in london in front of the iranian embassy behind me but also in sweden, denmark, protests scheduled for l.a. and washington, d.c. basically, they are saying they have to keep the pressure on, because it has been the case in the past that iran has said they would not stone somebody for adultery but then that person was executed by another method. this is something that the activists absolutely don't want to see. they say it is essential to keep the pressure on the iranian government. >> this may be a very difficult question to answer. i think i was reading that there were at least six other cases of stonings in iran since 2006. what are the chances of this woman being able to survive here? clearly, we are not getting a lot of information. what are the chances here? >> you know, we really don't know. each case is individual. her children have really hoped that with this international public pressure, they are going to be able to convince the
10:20 am
government not to go ahead with this. what they fear now, though, is that they may not do stoning but it has been the case that they have hanged people in the past, used other methods. her children are saying, no, they don't just want to see her not stone. they don't want to see her executed in any form. for another dozen or so people that are also in line for the same crime of adultery. this is something they want to see banished completely. whether or not the iranian government reacts to that international pressure is something else. the iranian government is not known for reacting to international pressure. >> you can only hope this international outcry, all of this protesting, as well as the pleas from her children will have some effect and change the situation. atika shubert, thank you so much for tracking this from london for us. t.j.? it is their chance to speak out. the largest hispanic civil rights group in the country meeting this weekend. you can imagine what's at the top of the agenda. we will be taking you there live, 20 minutes past the hour on this cnn saturday morning.
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24 minutes past the hour. taking a look at some of the stories making headlines including the breaking story we are just getting a short time ago, confirmation that six american service members have been killed today in afghanistan. they were among nine people who were killed in pretty much separate attacks. these attacks happened in different parts of the country, different types of attacks as well and also including one person who was killed, one american service member, killed by an accidental explosion. our atee ia abawi isle toing th. california is going to pay
10:25 am
jaycee dugard some $20 million. governor schwarzenegger signed the order. dugard was kidnapped at the age of 11. during her 18 years in captivity, at least three parole officers spotted her at the home of convicted rapist, phillip garrido, but did nothing about it. also, here we are, day 82 of the gulf oil disaster, which could bring some big changes. bp says it plans on replacing the current cap on the ruptured wellhead with another one, with a tighter seal. it should be able to collect more oil but more crude oil will be gushing into the gulf while they take it off for the installation. kate? this weekend, some 20,000 hispanic leaders and community activists are meeting in san antonio, texas. one of the things they will be talking about, arizona's controversial immigration law. it is an annual conference. jana, thank you so much for joining me this morning. tell me, it's a huge gathering,
10:26 am
your annual event. what is the number one issue for you and for your members that you are really taking on this year at the conference? what's the big issue? >> sure. there are so many important issues to the hispanic community. we care about education, health care, jobs and the economy. but there is no question that there is a lot of focus both at our conference and within the hispanic community around the arizona law. we want to do everything we can to combat that law and ultimately see it repealed. >> i actually was reading and i believe what i was reading, i thought it was very interesting that they are holding a session that is titled, "what's the matter with arizona" what effect do you think this piece of legislation, this law has had on the overall debate over immigration reform in the u.s.?
10:27 am
>> well, we are clearly opposed to the arizona law. we see it as an affront to the civil rights of so many including the hispanic community. it is inconsistent with the constitution and with the values that we've had as a country for over 200 years. so we oppose the arizona law because we see the fact that it would require law enforcement to basically ask anyone when they have reasonable suspicion, to ask them for their papers, ask them to see if they are here in the country present legally. for us, you know, when they are trying to look at who is here legally and who is not, it is very hard to distinguish that. we believe that that role is best left with the federal government and the need for having a reform of our immigration system is key.
10:28 am
we can't have states, even though they may be well-intentioned, taking on a reform of our immigration laws. that really is the purview of the federal government and our constitution is pretty clear about that. so we believe that the real solution lies in comprehensive immigration reform. >> one big thing that we have to talk about and we are talking about mid-term elections coming up, but it is also a very big-time in texas where you are going to be holding this event. the latino vote especially as it pertains to the texas gubernatorial election as well as all national elections is so essential and very interesting that both the governor and his opponent, the houston mayor, bill white, will be speaking. what are you hoping to hear from them? >> well, i think it is pretty clear. texas is the second largest hispanic population in the country. we have grown our political and voting power in the last decade.
10:29 am
that's pretty clear. the hispanic vote made a difference in key states across the country when it came to the outcome of this presidential election. with so many hispanics in texas, it will be interesting to hear from the governor, from his opponent, bill white, what are they intending to do about the future of texas and how will that affect hispanics? >> i'm concerned that of all of the state legislature, in texas, all the state representatives that we have in texas, there is not one hispanic republican. i am very concerned that the republican party hasn't been reaching out to the hispanic community as well as they could. it is best for us when both parties have hispanics working within them. i'm concerned about some of the republican party in the last few years clearly around the positions that they have taken on immigration. it has alienated many in the
10:30 am
latino communities because so many see those as extreme positions. >> well, if we can bet that immigration reform is going to be a huge issue, this election, and you can bet i know it is going to be a big issue at your conference, looking forward to seeing all the issues that come out. thanks so much, janet, president of the nclr. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks, kate. appreciate it. >> t.j.? what is the best time to campaign in a race for the white house? the answer for some republicans is right now. i'm darryl willis. i oversee bp's claims process on the gulf coast. bp has got to make things right and that's why we're here. we're replacing the lost income for fishermen, small businessmen and others who aren't able to work
10:31 am
until the spill is cleaned up. we've agreed to create a $20 billion claims fund, administered independently. our claims line is open 24 hours a day. i volunteered for this assignment because this is my home. i'll be here in the gulf as long as it takes to make this right.
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kathy and her volunteers have made about 6,000 air missions since 2001. to nominate someone you think is changing the world, go to cnn right now, there's a nurse saving a life in baltimore.
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20 minutes later, she'll bring one into the world in seattle. later today, she'll help an accident victim in kansas. how can one nurse be in all these places? through the nurses she taught in this place. johnson & johnson knows, behind every nurse who touches a life... there's a nurse educator... who first touched them. ♪ you're a nurse ♪ you make a difference so wait a second. we are in the mitdddle of the summer of 2010. we are already in the race for the white house. that is coming up not soon in i acouple of years. cnn political director, paul
10:35 am
steinhauser is joining us live from washington to help us make sense of it all. what are we talking about? we have people going through the motions at least it seems of campaigning. what is going on? >> yeah. you know what, kate, consider this the pre-game show. once the mid-terms are over, that will be the real deal. right now, we are in the pre-game show. you have a lot of republicans who may, may want to run for the party's presidential nomination next time around. they are making the rounds, kate. take, for instance, newt gingrich. the former house speaker was in south carolina yesterday. he is going to be helping fellow republicans out. they run pretty high in the presidential primary calendar season. another state, new hampshire, also runs pretty high in that calendar. tim pawlenty will be there today and go to iowa later in the month. mitt romney ran last time around. he may want to run next time around. they don't want to jinx it. they think they are going to make big gains in the november
10:36 am
mid-terms. once those are over, that's when the real deal starts. >> someone else who is -- you like to call her the wild card. sarah palin, she has an ad out, could be campaigning, maybe not. i want to skip over it. we talked about the ad. i want to talk about the time willing of this. if people are going through the motions, yo donwhy don't they fy come out and announce? they have the mid-terms coming up. they don't want to jinx things. they want to win big in november when it comes to taking back could go gress. i thi they are going to focus their energy on laying ground for things to come. >> they like to tease us. i am considering my options, whatever that line is they always say. not ready to commitment. paul, thanks for joining us. a star soccer player accused of murdering a former girlfriend. yes, it is a scandal that has
10:37 am
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police say he watched as his girlfriend was being murdered and then fed her body to dogs. senior latin-american affairs editor, raphael roma has been
10:39 am
following this very difficult story from rio day january near roe. >> reporter: bruno sole sa, the brazilian football star will remain behind bars whiled murder investigation continues. the 25-year-old is the main suspect in the disappearance of his former lover. the police commissioner called sosa a monster. she suspect is orchestrated the disappearance of his girlfriend, a 25-year-old student who met the football star last year at a party. >> you have to understand that a crime against a woman in brazil -- >> reporter: in this photo taken last year in august, she shows the first signs of a pregnancy. the product of her relationship with sosa. she would claim that he had forced her to take a pill to reduce an abortion. even so, she gave birth to a baby boy in march. >> he refused to do the dna
10:40 am
tests. it is a mystery. she was very sure that the baby was from him. >> reporter: a judge issued an arrest warrant after a 17-year-old cousin of sosa's told police the woman had been abducted and murdered under the suspect's orders. through an attorney representing the football club, sosa says he has no knowledge of the alleged acts. after turning himself into authorities late wednesday, sosa was first transferred to a maximum security prison in rio and then to where the murder investigation is taking place. once the captain and starting goalkeeper pore the flamingo football club. the club suspended his contract pending the results of the investigation. sosa has yet to be charged but police say it is only a matter of time. several other people have been arrested in connection with the case, including diana sosa, the
10:41 am
goalkeeper's wife who is accused of hiding the victim's four-month-old baby from police after she disappeared. >> we have seen out there the resentment, anger, we have seen criticism, confusion. we have seen tears even, all this stuff we've seen since thursday night. it all led to what? just a guy putting on a different uniform. seriously. we are learning more about exactly what is going on now in cleveland. also, another sporting story, if you will. a lot different, this one. we are keeping an eye on a 60-year-old woman. she is practicing for a swim you will not believe. stay with us.
10:42 am
10:43 am
i'm going to take my talents to south beach and join miami heat. >> miami meet, thaheat, that wa conclusion you woke up with this morning? >> that was the conclusion i woke up with this morning. >> oh, no, say it ain't so. they are happy in miami. they should be. they just landed not only the reigning two-time mvp. they also got dwyane wade there, arguably one of the best three tlars in the league and chris boesch, another all-star on the u.s. olympic team and they got, of course, lebron james. it seemed much different in cleveland, ohio. this is what's going on. they are burning lebron james' jerseys. they feel betrayed, anger, resentment. they celebrated, if you will, his departure, in some ways. this made them feel better also. it was destined, wasn't it, for
10:44 am
the rafters a few days ago, destined to be the hometown hero. bring a championship possibly to cleveland. that's all gone. a few words to transform what was really a national sports icon. he was a beloved hometown hero. some say he is a ville lan. cleveland calf's owner, dan gilbert, released a team. he said, if you thought we were motivated before tonight to bring the hardware to cleveland, talking about a championship. i can tell you this shameful display of self-ishness and betrayal by one of our very own has shifted our motivation to previously unknown and previously never experienced levels. i personally guarantee the cleveland cavaliers will win an nba championship before the self-titled former "king" wins one. you can take that to the bank. bob fin nan is with us. he has covered the cavaliers for some 15 years and also david hives, a sports columnist with
10:45 am
the "sun sentinel" in ohio. this goes beyond. it felt like, do you think some people felt betrayed by lebron james? >> absolutely. it is like an open wound to the fans here in cleveland. we've been scorned before but this is -- might be the worst. >> scorned before but how much more do you think lebron james owed the city? could people understand if he decided to go to another team. is it just way he handled the whole situation. >> obviously, he didn't owe the cavs anything but he did owe them to at least call them and let them know what was going on. they didn't find out he was leaving until 9:01 p.m. thursday night. that's not the way to do things. >> david, let me bring you in here. much different feeling down
10:46 am
there. you know, put it in a word for me. how are people feeling down there in florida? >> i think right here, we feel like we are combining the 27 yankees with the circus, with facebook, with the coliapa is playing in the background. the entrance the three players made last night was nothing you have ever seen before in sports. >> don't you feel like you are rubbing it in the face of some other teams. >> everybody feels bad seriously for cleveland. last weekend at this point, the heat in south florida woke up to the realization they might lose dwyane wade and tumble weeds would be blowing through the basketball arena. people feel bad for cleveland. people down here, nobody really embraced the way lebron announced his decision. in cleveland, there is a funeral. down here, a celebration. >> bob, let me bring you back in
10:47 am
here. will people forget about this in a year or two and we will all move on and right now it just hurts? do you think he has done some damage long-term to his image? he might have a hard time walking around cleveland again. i think he has burned that bridge all together. i can't see him coming back here. >> really, ever? you don't think people will get over it. >> i think eventually they will. right now, it hurts. it really hurts. he has acted with class his whole career. up until the time he left. >> david, do people down there even mind? do they even care about what kind of baggage he might be bringing and what kind of image he might have any where else? they are just happy they have lebron james? >> i think it just shows how irrational people get in sports and how over the top feelings get. the cleveland owners say, now, they are going to try to get a championship beyond what they have ever done. they should have done it the previous seven years.
10:48 am
i mean, the heat has bonn a championship in the last seven years. they have also rebuilt to get this free agent class in the last seven years. in one night, lebron james got a better team than he did in seven years in cleveland. ultimately, that's what his decision came down to. they are paying him less money. >> you say less money on that point there. at the same time, he is going there to win a championship. championship is going to bring more endorsements and more attention. >> isn't that what we always ask of sports heroes, though? >> to bring championships. >> to value winning more than dollars. that's what ultimately these three have done. they are all taking 2 to $3 million less than they could have. >> they are going there to get the winning and know the dollars are going to come. >> he has taken a couple million dollars less than he would have. i don't know how much of a
10:49 am
sacrifice he is going to make. >> again, is that much of a sacrifice if he goes to florida where there is no state income tax by the time it balances out. it is not as bad maybe as a hit as some might say. last thing to you, bob, should we put this in perspective. could you say something to the people of cleveland and maybe all of us learn a lesson here that maybe we should just elevate these guys sometimes a little too hichlt we are going to go on with our lives. it is going to be okay, folks. it is just basketball player. >> obviously, life will go on. the cavaliers will have to play an 82-game schedule next year. he just won't be there. you know, i did my part of elevating this guy and putting him on a pedestal. maybe it wasn't the right thing to do. >> i will end on that. bob finnan, david hyde, a tale of two different cities. enjoy the us rest of your weekend. we can't wait to talk to you guys when the nba season kicks off. have a good one!
10:50 am
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she is going for the swim of a lifetime. we have a marathon swimmer. her name is diana nyad, taking a practice run right now to do something you won't believe that's coming up later. our mad sloan is out there in the water, in the boat, i should say, where she is taking this swim. matt, she is practicing now but remind our viewers or tell our viewers what is this lady practicing for? >> she is practicing, t.j., for a cuba to key west record-breaking swim. she attempted it in 1978. she got 42 hours into the swim. she was still about 50 miles from shore when they had to pull
10:54 am
her out. she is going to attempt it 30 years later. she is 60-years old. today is a 24-hour long practice swim. she has been in the water for about 3 1/2 hours now. we are 44 miles south of key west at this very moment. >> i assume she is going strong, doing well in her practice right now. 60, how in the world is she supposed to do this at 60 years old? >> reporter: she is an amazing woman. we had some briefing meetings with her yesterday. she said, you know what, i feel stronger than i did when i was 30 years old. she said, i'm probably not as fast but i feel much stronger. we got out in the water and did a couple of prep swims. she has the determination. that's what's going to make the swim for her. we have about 20 more hours left out here, t.j. >> 20 more hours. again, you are just watching. hopefully, you can stay up for 24 hours just to watch her do the swimming for 24 hours. matt sloan out there. we are going to continue to follow her along the way. matt, thank you for hopping on the line here.
10:55 am
we will be checking in with you guys. a 60--year-old woman, diana nyad, attempting to swim 100 miles from cuba to key west. we are following her along the way. you will only find this at another great water story. you will only find this unique view of the oil disaster in the gulf on cnn. our amber lyon took a deep see dive with environmentalist, phillippe cousteau. >> i love to scuba dive. i was just doing it a few weeks ago. that was pretty extreme. >> yes. very extreme. unfortunately, that is the new reality of what it takes to dive in certain areas of the gulf of mexico these days because of the unknown. people don't know how contaminated this water is or the long-term effects it could have on humans. you have to strap on one of
10:56 am
those hazmat suits to enter the water. that's what we did yesterday. we wanted to give you a perspective of what's going on beneath the surface. we have seen so many images of these blobs of oil. we kept thinking, wh's going on underneath there with what many environmentalists are calling bp's hidden oil, out of sight, out of mind oil, the oil that's been dispersed. dispersants break up oil into little tiny drop lets that are now floating in the water column. bp has bumped millions of gals of dispersants into the oil since very early on on this spill. if you take a look at some of the video we shot yesterday, it looks pretty cloudy, because you are seeing the millions of tiny drop lets of oil that are floating in that water column. it is something that amazed us as divers to see how prevalent that was. that particular patch, the
10:57 am
dispersed oil went on as far as the eye could see. environmentalists are saying this could be more dangerous than the big chunks of oil, because it can't be cleaned up with skimmers. i spoke with bp's chief operating officer, doug suttles, on monday. and asked them what they plan to do with all this dispersed oil. they are relying on nature to do that. that scarce a lot of environmentalists like phillippe cousteau, who came along with us yesterday. >> the video, you just can't stop looking at it. it is fascinating. normally, the water can be so clear. we have much more, we want to talk with you about it. we are going to hear more in the next hour and looking forward to speaking with you again. thanks a lot, amber. we'll be back right after this. with helioplex 360. for the most best lotion protection against skin burning, aging, and deeper damage called oxidative damage. spectrum plus. neutrogena®. you struggle to control your blood sugar.
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