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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 9, 2010 5:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> reporter: exactly. that he is not criminally responsible because he did not comprehend and understand the criminality of his actions. they're basing it on religion. he believed he was the prophet, the prophet from god that was destined to have plural wives. >> what a story. we're watching it so closely with you. hearing it in her own words from elizabeth smart. thank you for that. i'm brook baldwin. thanks so much for watching. wolf blitzer starts now. >> kaler volcano is leave its mark on mr. obama and the visit to the country where he lived as a child and i'll ask not rand paul if he believes the gop party is more than the gop. and i'll ask him whether he actually sold out on an issue that helped get him elected stand by for that.
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it looks like a missile launch. what is that? something the pentagon can't explain. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." now the volcano erupting in indonesia will likely force him to leave the country earlier than planned. our white house correspondent dan lothian is traveling with the president. he's in the capital of indonesia, jakarta. dan, this was already a pretty brief visit to indonesia, but it's about to get even more brief. >> these right. and as you pointed out the white house has been concerned about this for quite some time. but some rains had moved into the region and cleared the air, so this trip was given green light. well, now, the situation appears to be changing so the president is speeding up his exit.
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it took three attemptings before president obama was finally able to visit indonesia. >> it's wonderful to be here. >> but barely. mt. merapi and its ominous volcanic ash cloud has forced him to leaf his trip so air force one can take off before the flight is disrupted. the president's speech that he would address will start a little earlier than planned. even with just a few hours on the ground mr. obama took a trip down memory lane and from where he now sits it's a much different view. >> when you visit a place that you spent time in as a child, as a president it's a little disoriented. i can't see any traffic because they block off all the streets. >> reporter: in a joint press conference he touched on security concerns, trade,
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democracy, and education. but it was his personal reflections on standing in the back of a little crowded taxi where his half indonesian sister. >> i feel great affection for the people here. the sights and the sounds and the memories all feel very familiar. now, again, president obama in that speech at the university of indonesia will continue moving the discussion forward from that big speech that he made last year in cairo, focusing on how this is a building economy or democratic country here in indonesia, a country that is toll rant and holding it up as an example for other nations. wolf? >> he seems to be cutting this trip a little short because of the volcano. that visit to the mosque, is that supposed to still go on or has that been canceled in jakarta?
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>> that will still take place twochl of the thing they wanted to hang onto and not cut off his visit here was, number one, the speech which they thought was very important and secondly the visit to the mosque as well. it would have been controversial for them to pull out of that. it's the largest mosque in southeast asia, so we're told that visit will still take place and the president go go to south korea for the g-20 summit. >> we'll watch it together with you. volcano experts say the mountain is still spewing ash and heat clouds but not as intensely as it has been. over 150 people have been killed since the mountain of fire as it's been called began erupting on the central island two weeks ago. at least 200,000 residents are live manager temporary shelters after being ordered to evacuate from the dafrmer zone about 12 miles from the volcano. making matters worse a new earthquake mushing at least 5.1 rattled indonesia hours before
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president obama arrived. let's get to the political earthquake here in united states as the republicans prepare to take control of the house and strengthen their numbers in the senate. there's lots of questions about gop freshmen elected with the support of the tea party and where their loyalties lie. and joining us now from bowling green, kentucky, dr. rand paul. thank you very much for coming in. >> good to be with you. >> i congratulated you last week. i won't congratulate you again. let's get to specific issues in the news right now. do you support or oppose ear marks for the state of kentucky? >> i'm opposed to earmarks and i won't use earmarks as a senator. i think ear marking process shows some of the abuse of washington. people don't like things being stuck on unrelated bills in the dead of night by someone who doesn't have their name attached often.
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i think the propose yags process should go through committee, and i have said i will advocate for kentucky within the context of the committee process and the context of a balanced budget, two very important provisions. >> because in "the wall street journal" interview that you gave the other day, an article by matthew kaminsky, he wrote this. in a bigger shift from his cam plain pledge to end earmarks he tells me they are a bad symbol of easy spending but that he will fight for kentucky's share of earmarks and held real pork as long as it's dolled out transparently at the committee level and not parachuted in the dead of night. i will advocate for kentucky's interests, he says. so you're not a crazy libertarian? not that crazy, he cracks. >> it's amazing how one little misquote can make all the difference. we called him and asked him to
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correct that. i never, ever said ear mark. ly not ear mark. ly not put earmarks on bills, but i did tell him what i told you. ly i will advocate for what kentucky needs on what's the most important projects. those are two important proadvise ohs but that's not ear marking and i won't do ear marking. >> it was a national review that asked the ron paul is selling out, not the national journal. so in other words on this issue, you and mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate, you disagree bus he says if you don't ear mark that gives the obama administration are, the executive branch of the company to dole out the money as it sees fichlt it's going let the executive branch dole out the money. >> right. there are good people who disagree with me on this issue. even my dad and i have disagreements on this issue.
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but i think earmarks have come to represent a symbol of waste, even though numerically they're not alarm part of the budget i don't like the idea that the senator goes to washington and mrs. smith gave him a lot of money so he puts $100 million in mrs. smith's museum for a certain city. i don't like that. i think it should should go to the committee process. they should not add on these things that senators add on as bonus points they're giving to particular individuals. >> some like mcconnell say there's bad earmarks and bad earmarks. if an ear mark goes to a hospital in bowling green, kentucky, would that be a good ear mark? >> i think it should go to the committee process. let's determine which roads need to be repaired, which bridges need to be repaired in a deliberative process but let's
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don't have it put on at 2:00 in this morning and call it rand paul's bridge. i'm not going to do that. i think it's wrong and it's evidence of where washington is broken. the people want it to end. i think the house of representatives will go forward with a ban on earmarks, and i hope the u.s. senate will also. >> and you've just signed on with senator deminu minudemint, right? >> yes. i've also taken a pledge. that's why it's a little dispushing that that was miss reported in the news because i've signed a document saying i won't ear mark. i'm not changing that pledge. that's a steadfast pledge. >> we'll stand by with much more on my interview with senator rand paul and the big interview that's making him say enough is enough. that's coming up. and governor schwarzenegger's surprise december ignition that no one cares if they smoke marijuana
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[ male announcer ] with xerox, you're ready for real business. jack cafferty is here with the cafferty file. >> maybe it will be different. maybe to 12 a third-party candidate will have a real shot at the white house. still two years away but some potential candidates are already making some noise including our
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mayor in new york city michael bloomberg who, by the way, would make a terrific president. during a trip to hong kong bloomberg said many of them, quote, can't read and probably don't have passports. he warned that we're about to start a trade war with china because, quote, nobody knows where china is, nobody knows what china is, unquote. bloomberg added that the united states ought to stop blaming china and everyone else and take a look at ourselves. that's a thought. some suggestion that if the republicans nominate a right-wing candidate like sarah palin it could provide a perfect opening for a politician like bloomberg to jump in and run for president. it wouldn't hurt to have somebody who knows about business, especially the economy remains sour and unemployment remains high. of course, there are always the same challenge for a third party, getting on the ballot,
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raising buckets full of money, generally trying to make yourself hurt that ee's intent s intentingsally trying to keep two parties in. if they're as set on voting against the status quo, then maybe, maybe we'll try something new. here's the question. who would you like to see run as a third-party candidate in 2012? go to and post a comment on my blog. >> jack, thank you. arnold schwarzenegger is wrapping up his six years as the governor of california. he's o getting ready for his next assignment. we're not sure wait's going to be. he's not shying away from putting a spin on politics right now. on "the tonight show" with jay leno last night he offered this rather unusual talk on the 2010 election. >> if people are screaming on one side we shouldn't spend any
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more money and other is screaming let's spend all the money and other side is saying let's continue the war in iraq and the other side says let's pull out of iraq, people who are against having sex with themselves and then there are people who want to have sex with everybody, so -- >> a little bit of everything. >> interesting comments. let's bring in our national political correspondent jessica yellin from los angeles. how do people in california feel about their outgoing governor? >> some of the policies he's promoted are popular. but like many politicians he personally is not so popular with the voters here in california. the latest polling shows only 29% of californians have a favorable view of him. 65% unfavorable. remember, that is a huge change from the days when he first went on "the tonight show" promising
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a new governorship to run as an afoe afore minded president. he says he feels bad about the economic situation. listen. >> no matter how much i brag about what we have accomplished it is horrible when you see so many people unemployed, so many people lozing their homes, so many people suffering, businesses closing down and all of those kinds of things. >> wolf, he -- his team will say he has championed for different things that should make it easier to close a budget gap, get it through california's legislature and also environmental reforms. they're looking for the history to look kindly -- >> he's also creating a little bit of a stir with his latest
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comments on marijuana. >> it's the perpetual topic out here. let me get a little context. remember there was proposition 19 on the california ballot that would have made it legal to use marijuana recreationally. it failed. here was the governor speaking on pot in that measure last night. >> no one, you know, cares if you smoke a joint or not, but i mean this proposition 19 went a little bit too far, i think. it was written badly. >> okay. so what he's talking about there is nobody cares if you smoke a joint, under his term he signed a bill that said if you're caught smoking a joint just a little possession of marijuana, it's not even a misdemeanor. it's an infraction. even more minor than a misdemeanor. kind of equivalent to a speeding ticket. so they've made it barely illegal to smoke a joint here in this state. maybe that's what he's talking about. bottom line his team said it wasn't his initiative. he never put that forward
5:18 pm
himself. he just signed it. >> he opposed proposition 19 because he thought it wasn't written well. thanks very much for that. hillary clinton can certainly negotiate deals that change the world but how does the secretary of state negotiation what's for dinner with her husband. we're going to serve up the light hearted answer. stand by. it has lots of people wondering, was it a missile? what was it? thanks to the venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase. so we earned an la getaway twice as fast. we get double miles every time we use our card. [ whistling ] no matter what we're buying. and since double miles add up quick... romans! get em! [ garth ] ...we can bring the whole gang. [ sheep bleats ] it's hard to beat double miles. whoa -- he's on the list. but we're with him. [ male announcer ] get the venture card from capital one and earn double miles on every purchase, every day. go to [ indistinct shouting ]
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we're monitoring some of the
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other top stories. what have you got? >> we're going to talk about the stranded ship. there's a carnival cruise ship stranded off the coast of mexico. over 3,000 are on the ship. carnival said passengers will receive a full refwund and a complimentary future cruise. and gripping testimony in the kidnapping survivor elizabeth smart case. in the trial of her alleged abductor smart told jurors that an encounter she had with a slaiks to hamm side detective months after she was snap snatched from her family at knifepoint. the detective tried to see her face behind the veil but mitchell wouldn't let him. when the detickive walked away it was like hope was walking out the door. talks over the this hasn't begun but there may already be
5:23 pm
dispute over where it should take place. iran wants the talks held in turkey, but diplomatic sources tells cnn they prefer a different location. iran, the u.s., britain, china, france, russia, and germany are all taking part in the negotiations which could resume this month. and an orlando man said it was the second luckiest day of his life. he caught this huge alligator, more than 14 feet long and 654 pounds. that breaks a 13-year-old record for florida's longest gator. he caught it late halloween night. it was longer than the boat they were in. by the way, the first luckiest day would be his lumarrying his. i would think it would be catching the alligator. >> the number two democrat in
5:24 pm
the house of representatives. party leaders divided after being trounced on election night. stand by. more by interview with governor-elect rand paul and his colorful take on the bloated budget. >> it's not that the emperor has no clothes. it's that the emperor has no money.
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a new promise today by the republican leadership in congress to listen to the new le elected members including those backed by the tea party movement. more now by interview with a republican senator and tea party favorite rand paul. i asked him about a "wall street journal" interview he gave over the weekend in which he suggested that the tea party seems to be more important than the republican party. >> well, i'm not really sure i said that. did say the tea party is shaping the debate. it's an enormous movement. i don't think i've ever seen a political movement like this. there's no leadership from the top down.
5:28 pm
every individual city in kentucky has a tea party, maybe not every city. they don't communicate with each other much less the national party by they're people concerned about the debt. it's not just us. look at the statements from bernanke and greenspan, reasonable people who are trying not to be alarmists are all out there saying the debt is a major ticking time bomb and we have to have an adult conversation how to resolve the debt. >> he says he puts the movement above partisan loyalties. i'm somebody who believes the issue are more important than the party. that was the quote he had from you. >> i do agree with that and i think that i've always thought that. i have people come into my officer day and they'll tell me that the man and the woman is more important than the party and i've always thought that. i guess going back to your original question maybe i did say it that way but i don't mean to be disparaging to my party.
5:29 pm
i believe they do believe in limited government. i do believe in the limited party platform. i think we need to be more true to our platform and we need to represent the party of small limited government and balanced budgets. one of the other things that's going to be pushed here which i think is bigger than earmarks, we're going to a balanced budget and amendment cuts. the bush tax cuts if we keep them lose a lot of money to the treasury. say let's cut money, have spending cuts. i will be part of introducing a balanced budget and have significant spending cuts so we can get our physical house in order. >> before any of that happens congress in the coming months is going to have to raise ceil oing. it's about $14 trillion right now. do you understand what would happen if congress failed to raise the debt ceiling? what would happen? >> well, i think before we even
5:30 pm
get there, though, that's going to be two, three months down the line. i propose in january we propose add spending plan. i propose always we talk about reduing spending. i agree just talking about reducing the spending ceiling has ramifications if we don't do that. what i'm saying is before we get there, let's talk about reducing spending. let's talk about having a balanced budget plan that doesn't cause us to add new debt. now, can we do that in two or three months? that's yet to be seen and the vote will be taken. i will tell you i'm not someone who's going to washington to try to shut down the government. i want to fix things so we can operate the government and we can operate it without raising taxes on folks but we operate it by cutting spending but someone has to stand up and say enough is enough. it's not that temperer has no clothes. it's that the emperor has no money. with e have to cut spending i appreciate what you're saying about balancing the budget and all that but at some
5:31 pm
point you're going to have to vote aye or nay. >> i think we have to look at what the ramifications are of the exact vote and i think we have to see where it is at the time. but i'm not going to washington with this plan to shut down government or to say we will no longer have the debt. we still have to do -- we have to make payments on our debt and we have to honor our obligations, but we should not be adding to the debt. that's the big thing here is it's not can we get rid of a $14 trillion debt but could we get rid of a $2 trill annual deficit? i think we could. but it's going to take people to stand up and say enough is enough. we've got to cut spending. >> there was a letter sent out in which they say this. tell me if this is true or not. senator-elect rand paul who supports legislation that would outlaw abortion and ban common
5:32 pm
forms of birth control. i know -- would you ban common forms of birth control? >> no. >> you support a woman's right to take birth control bill pills. >> yes. >> let's talk about defense because a lot of republicans and conservatives don't wasn't to cut the pentagon budget p. they don't want to touch national security like they don't want to touch entitlements but you're different. you say there's a lot of waste in the defense, aet the department of defense, the pentagon. specific lick what would you cut? >> well, what i would say is the most important thing the federal government does is national defense so that is my priority. it's what the government should be doing and it will always be my priority. with that being said we're spending -- depending how you measure it, maybe up to 700 pl dlors a year if you're adding in all the years, perhaps even larger. we don't have that we're borrowing money from china to fund our military budget and
5:33 pm
social security. we're borrowing money from china to fund everything. it's ultimately the compromise that will bring the balance. democrats some on the left who have been deficit have said we'll cut military spending. the truth of the matter is you don't get close to balancing the budget unless you look at everything across the board, reform the entitlement programs, you have to do everything but the danger of dog nothing, i think, is worse than the risk politically of saying we will step up and make these cuts. >> i think that you've got a good point. appreciate it very much. one final question, dr. paul. are you still going to be an eye surgeon, only thom moll gist over the next six years? >> i'm going to try very hard. i'm seeing patients in my office. there are some rules in the senate of preventing you from
5:34 pm
earning an income. i'm going to have to ask to keep practicing. then thiel do anything to stay elected. they need to continue with their own job and own training so i would like to continue to be a physician also. >> good luck to you. welcome to washington. we'll see you here in the nation's capital. >> thanks, wolf. >> now that republicans are set to take control of the house of representatives, are some democrats in the house ready to jump ship and join the gop? we'll talk about possible party switchers. that's coming up in our strategy session. stand by. and sarah palin is in a fight with "the wall street journal" right now and it's all playing out on her facebook page.
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>> a change. we're monitoring the stories in "the situation room." what's going on? >> well, wolf, good-bye, mr. goodwrench. they're dropping the name on its dealersh dealership. now the automaker wants to emphasize its remaining core brands, chevrolet, cadillac, but wick, and gmc. and a battle between the board of supervisors and the city's mayor could shape up over the happiy meals. they're considering banning most happy meals because they entice
5:38 pm
kids but fail to meet nutritional standards. if approved it would be the first move of this kind for a major u.s. city. well, major gavin newsom said he would likely veto it. the war in afghanistan may have topped hillary clinton's agenda during her weekend trip to australia but during her interview with radio show hosts she showed off another side and how she handles weighty topics with her husband bill like what's for dinner. >> your husband possesses those qualities. when you two can't agree on what to get for takeaway dinner who wins out on that type of negotiation? >> you know, we practice different models of negotiation around point issues like that. if i were to say to him what shall we have for din eric if he were to say i don't care, you choose, i know that's a bad
5:39 pm
answer because then i'm stuck with the responsibility. so i will come back and say all right, so how do you feel about chinese or mexican or italian and if he says a second time, you know, i really don't care, then i will go choose. >> you want to make sure people hear the conversation. you have a secretary of state talking with the former president and you're o saying, no, i don't like chinese. >> that's why we have our room swept every day. >> you can see her knack fordy employee macy. two lawyers negotiating, it's going to be one way or the other. >> he told us the last time he interviewed us he lost 24 pounds mostly lentils and grains, no meat, occasionally a little bit of fish, but soy based smoothies and stuff like that. he's on a very healthy diet right now. >> so we know that steak is out.
5:40 pm
>> chinese and mexican. that's not happening right now. maybe for her it is but not for him. f those australian interviewers, they even got to do their research. >> thanks very much. now that the house of democrats have lost control, some might be tempted to reclaim the majority by switching parties. it wouldn't be the first time that happens. that's coming up in our strategy session. >> and they aren't having fun in the sun. the latest on passengers aboard that stranded cruise ship. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ] [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ]
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right now joining us our cnn political contributor donna brazile and former republican congressman tom davis of virginia. guys, thanks very much for coming in. are we likely to see -- and i'll ask donna, you first, any democrats switching to the republican party because of what happened last week? >> i hope not but as you well know we still have a very healthy caucus of democratic conservatives, liberals, and moderates. i know there are a lot of rumors on the web right now. governor man shichinmanchin, he lifelong. i don't know why they would switch parties simply because republicans picked up a few seats across the country. >> that wouldn't be the first time we've seen that. it happens fairly regularly. >> we've had six democrats switch republicans in 1994 when
5:44 pm
we won the house. one got defeated. to do a switch you have to lay the groundwork back if your home district. parker griffith did that this year. mike forbes did it in new york. he cut a deal with the president and gephardt years ago. there are some democrats that it's time they said they could. vote for pelosi with her running for speaker. i think it's going to -- >> not for speaker, for minority leader. >> but she still runs for speaker. they have to vote affirmatively. she'll lose. the way it works is they -- >> joe manchin, i don't think he's going to switch because he has six years before he has to worry about it. but jim webb, the democratic senator from your home state of virginia, there's speculation out there that maybe he's up for re-election in two years, 2012. is it possible, do you believe, that jim webb might switch parties? >> she was republican before, republican, democrat. but he had laid the ground work.
5:45 pm
you have george allen getting ready. i think after being the 60th vote it's hard. >> are you worried about jim webb switching? >> no. he votes his values, votes for his constituents so i don't think he's going to switch. a lot of this internet rumor mill that's circulating. democrats in disarray, the democrats lost last week but they've gone fishing. >> the house of representatives, if you're a blue dog and you want half the blue dogs either resign, didn't run, or they lost, but if you're a conservative or moderate democrat in the house of representatives looking down the road, you're saying to yourself, you know what? i can switch and become a republican? i'll be a majority in the house of representatives, might have a better chance of getting re-elected in two years, it could be pretty tempting when they see -- when they see that the liberals are in charge of the democrats. >> no, that's not true, wolf.
5:46 pm
that's another one of those false rumors that people need to lay to rest. >> she's a leader that can galvanize them to take tough votes on important issues. i would hope over the next couple of days as the democrats sought out their lerp and they sought out their leadership, michelle bachmann, i mean here's a woman right now that went out there, raised money, campaigned for republicans. they need to set out their issues, we're trying to settle our issues. >> what our members can look at is who's strong i lines. if you're a debt conservative democrat you're sitting in a state where the republicans are redrawing their lines you need to give it careful consideration. >> especially if you got reelected. >> look, look, tom davis you and i both know that the 2012 electorate will look different so i would caution those democrats as well as republicans to focus on right now solving the jobs that -- >> i got members to switch and we go with two maps.
5:47 pm
what your district looks like -- >> that was your job. >> and it works. >> some of them might switch soon. we'll watch the house. i think it's more likely one or two or three might switch at the house. >> i would hope that they would focus not on switching parties but getting in the leadership, focus on jobs and the health care and the things -- >> i'll argue if they can switch they can focus better. >> the party of no? no ideas? we'll see. >> stand by. don't go away. we have much more to discuss including the political battle. guess what. in the last hour it has heated up. congressmen are squaring off. they may be stepping into the spotlight and trying to work out a deal and president obama goes down memory lane in indonesia. his childhood pals are telling suzanne malveaux about their friend who grew up to be the most powerful man in the world. [ k. tyrone ] i'm an engineer.
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we are back with donna brazile and tom davis. >> it is a moderate republican
5:51 pm
group trying to keep the majority alive and diverse. >> that is what you were, a moderate republican working with the democrats, but it is probably going to be more difficult for others. >> well, i was conservative on some stuff. >> but great on the district stuffs, and we appreciate that. >> and we want to say do african-american republicans who have now been elected to the house of representatives, allan west, republican of florida, tim scott, republican of south carolina, and i want to be precise, wes says he will join the black political caucus, but scott says he is not sure. should they be welcomed into the congressional black caucus? >> yes, the caucus has sent out a statement saying there is no litmus test and it is not restricted to democrats, but restricted to those who believe
5:52 pm
in the mission of the black caucus which is about empowerment, and ensuring health care and jobs and everything that all americans are worried about. >> what about j.c. watts? >> well, gary franks was, but j.c. watts worked with the black caucus on education and many other issues. there is no permanent friends and no permanent enemies. >> these republicans, with j.c. watts and gary franks was a member of the congressional black caucus and do you see any problem with these two new african-american republicans joining? >> they can always withdraw from it, but they needy versity, a yond u a-- and you are going to see more african-american republicans s elected. i would earn courage them to go to the caucus and if you don't like it, you can always leave. >> it is good that not every african-american representative
5:53 pm
in the white. >> let me just say it is great that latinos picked up five statewide and they are all republicans. >> and how about the indians. >> yes. >> two new indians. >> and they are not only representing majority districts, but minority, majority groups. >> what about the tea party groups? >> well, there is a lot of controversy in the tea party whether the congress should coopt it or not, and we will see how it works. >> i think that we should have a tea party caucus and they should invite me to bring my strange brew, too. >> west is leaning towards it, but scott is not. >> well, he is from south carolina, and maybe jim clyburn should invite him over to talk
5:54 pm
about joining. it is a great organization. and president obama's trip to indonesia is being cut by a few hours, but we had time to meet some of the boyhood pals growing up in jakarta. he spent four years there, and stand by for that. help is on the way for thousands of miserable passengers on a stranded cruise ship. ♪
5:55 pm
♪ ♪
5:56 pm
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t covers 97% of all americans. rethink possible. here's a look at some hot shots in indonesia. a soldier wearing a protective
5:57 pm
mask searching for victims from a volcano eruption. in ukraine, a man performs with fire in front of a flash mob as it is called. in stockholm, sweden, people walked through a park. and look at this, a farmer working on a sunflower field. hot shots, pictures worth a thousand words. over to the cafferty file. jack? >> we should do those everyday. how come we don't always do them? >> when we have time. >> when we have time? we should make time. i like to look at the pictures. talk to the people. make it happen. >> i have people here. >> question this hour, who would you like to see run as a third-party candidate in 2012. mack says full support to michael bloomberg, mayor of new york city. he has balanced liberal and conservative values the make sure that new york city is a cultural hub that is not soft on crime or swimming in debt, maybe some balance wouldn't hurt in
5:58 pm
the united states. and kevin in alabama no, jack, i went there with ross perot and all that did was to split the conservative vote, and i don't want another chance at bill clinton. and this one from iris in los angeles, nobody wants to hear about 2012, we need a break from perpetual state of campaign we are in. give it a rest until the end of the year. and this one from donald, a bloomberg/powell ticket. i voted for my first independent ever charlie crist in the last election. and kat says that the right wingers are crazy and lunatics have taken over the asylum, and obama i respect has gone soft, and and the democrats are wimps. if obama was pro choice and kept the debt in tact, he could be a wirn. but ed said governor christy has
5:59 pm
shown staunch attitude. and steve says absolutely i would support a third party candidate as i think the the rest of the country is ready for anyone who is not a democrat or a republican. and cal says ron paul, period. and gordon says as much as i think that michael bloomberg would make a good president, i fear he and obama would split the readers with passports vote tossing the election choice to home shopping network voters. if you want to read more on this you will find it on my blog, wolf, back to you. you in the "situation room," and a child prostitution gang is busted. dozens of children are rescued from the streets. it is a food fight over the price of food as sarah palin takes on the "wall street
6:00 pm
journal," and she may not necessarily have all of the facts straight. we are doing a reality check. and a those little messages that are changing the world, i will speak with the twitter co-founder, and share questions from my own twitter followers. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. political news, and breaking news and jeanne moos is straight ahead. i'm wolf blitzer, and you are in i'm wolf blitzer, and you are in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- but we begin with a shocking report on a massive cross country takedown of child prostitution rings which involves hundreds of arrests in dozens of cities across the united states. dozens of children have now been recovered from predators. brian todd has been digging into the story for us. brian, what is going on? >> wolf, what is shocking is the sheer scope of all of this. we tend to think of child prostitution as isolated here and there, but the rings that
6:01 pm
just got busted speak to a horrifying scope. fbi, state and local officials have just rescued child prostitutes and take a look at this in more than 20 american cities coast-to-coast, and to make this more jarring, they have hard dispassionate statistics for categories like this, the cities with the highest concentration of pim ms for child prostitutes, and just in the latest operation, 10 pimps a rrested in detroit, and seven each in san francisco and oakland and zen in los angeles and riverside, and nine in portla portland, and seven in washington. sglsh >> reporter: it is unconscionable that this is happening on american streets. nearly 900 people have been arrested, including adult prostitutes and 100 pimps.
6:02 pm
as if the scope is not jarring enough, the fbi tells us that these rings are loosely affiliated moving from city to city. this is a video of reevous round of sting operations in a long running law enforcement effort to rescue child prostitutes. where do they prey on these kids? >> they find them, runaways, bus stations, places where kids congregate, and disaffected kids can go to be a part of group, and they are predators who look for the stragglers and the ones at the end of the pack who are looking for a need, and need to belong and fit in. then they find them. >> reporter: next comes the lure of stability which is why runaways are a favored target. >> they are easier to manipulate. come to my house, and i will give you some food or somewhere to stay, and the next thing you know, that's not free. >> reporter: children saved in this operation are as young as 12. some young prostitutes are immigrants preyed on by members
6:03 pm
of their own communities. in a separate round-up, authorities arrested members of a somali gangs accused of trying to arrange somali and african girls into a prostitution gang. they went from minneapolis to nashville, tennessee, and they did this over a ten-year period. part of the shock of this is that there is a market for this kind of thing and how big is that market? >> well, there is a significant market out there for it as we see that the intelligence tells us that over the course that we have done five of these operations since 2008, and there will be more. >> reporter: some child prostitutes are murdered or just disappear, and in many cases, it goes unreported. why? because fbi's kevin perkins says that many of the victimized children come from dysfunctional backgrounds that nobody knows they are missing to begin with. >> what happens, brian to, the kids who are res tued? >> most of them turned over to
6:04 pm
the social agencies, the safety nets throughout in each state, but the fbi says that the resources are scant, because many of the agencies don't have the know-how how to deal with the specific experience of being a child prostitute. it is a relatively new phenomenon at least to deal with in a broad sense so a lot of the social networks are not equipped to deal with it. it is a challenge out there. >> and a huge arrest, almost 1,000 people. >> yes. >> thank you, brian, for the report. they have lost dozens of seats in the midterm elections and now after the devastating defeat, members of the house of representatives are battling themselves for key leading roles. our national correspondent dana bash is here to talk about this. our house speaker nancy pelosi is getting involved in what is increasing a bitter battle for number two among the democrats in the house. >> very interesting, multiple democratic sources tell us that
6:05 pm
nancy pelosi is involved knee-deep in this and trying to broker a compromise between the two, steny hoyer and james clyburn which will effectively be her number two, an unclear where the talks are going, but a source close to her says that the speaker and everyone else thinks that it is a good idea to settle it quickly. there are a lot of options out there and maybe one of who says he has the most votes and can prove it would be number two and the other one number three slot, and other democrats are saying to figure out something maybe unorthodox to have equal footing somehow. and it would be hard to do, but remember, this is actually occurring, the fight is occurring for the number two slot, because pelosi surprised a lot of people and said that she would stay on as democratic leaderings and that is why we are having this battle, because is one member of the democratic leadership is moving out. >> and if she had not decided to seek the leadership, nancy pelosi, would it be a foregone
6:06 pm
clon collusion th conclusion that steny hoyer would move up? >> well, they were careful not to say anything, but it is a foregone conclusion that steny would have moved up, and james clyburn would have moved up. and james clyburn said, that he does not want to squeeze somebody else out. >> and the congressional black caucus has endorsed james clyburn who was a member of the congressional black caucus. >> this happened today and the congressional black caucus said it is vitally important to have leadership team in place to recognize the strength and diversity of both to democratic caucus and our great nation. what is interesting a about this, wolf, is not only are they making the play to endorse james clyburn, but they are saying that this whole idea of brokering something before a vote is not okay with them. they want the caucus to have a vote. another interesting dynamic when it comes to this is that we have the remember that james clyburn
6:07 pm
is the highest ranking african-american in all of congress which has not been a public issue in the battle between clyburn and hoyer until now, and now more and more clyburn sources are reminding us of this, and remember that in a lot of the marginal districts, it is the black vote that matters winning versus losing, so keeping someone like that in place is important. >> if youdemocratic, does it matter who is in the number two position? >> well, if you are a democratic and upset about what happened in the house with your party getting trouncedp perhaps it is important, because it says a lot potentially about the state and the fate of the party. you have nancy pelosi who is all but certain to be in the leadership and those who are backing steny hoyer say he is a mainstream democrat, but somebody who has the ear of the moderate and the sensibility of the moderates and he can provide a more, you know, balance to nancy pelosi, but then the
6:08 pm
clyburn constituents say, he is a african-american and top one in the congress and don't lower that. >> and battle for number two and maybe these guys were hoping that nancy pelosi would retire gracefully, but that is not happening. >> privately, that may have been a hope. >> thank you, dana. paying for unemployment benefits is on jack cafferty's mind. jack? >> california is borrowing $140 million a day from the federal government to pay unemployment benefits which means that california is borrowing $40 million a day from you and me to pay unemployment benefits in california. the los angeles times reports that state will have a $362 million bill for interest alone on a total debt of $10 billion by next fall. thanks for the recession and poor management california is an economic disaster zone with 1 in every 8 workers unemployed.
6:09 pm
more than 1.2 million californians have lost their jobs since the beginning of the recession and staying out of work for longer periods of time. there are not a lot of jobs around. plus in 2001, state lawmakers nearly doubled the unemployment benefit levels, but didn't raise taxes. that was smart. the result of all of that is that california keeps borrowing from the federal government, and eventually employers could face a steep hike in the unemployment taxes. california is not alone, because 32 states in total are borrowing from the federal government to pay on unemployment benefits. the total is $41 billion. system of the states are asking the fed for a deferral on repaying the loans until the economy improves. the solution is easy, increase the contributions or decrease the benefitser both. how would you like to bet na neither one happens. here is the question, should california borrow $40 million a
6:10 pm
day from the federal government to pay unemployment benefits. go to and post a comment on my blog. it has changed the way many of us communicate. the co-founder of the twitter is here in "the situation room," and we will talk about twitter's impact, and what is going on. is he ready to become a billionaire himself? and also the mysterious launch that lit up the twilight sky over california. was ate missile? and a cruise ship adrift without power for a time and no toilets and air conditioning for the 4,000 people on board, and now a dramatic rescue effort. you could never deliver this much power
6:11 pm
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vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance. volcanic ash is causing a threat to air force one and that is forcing the president to shorten his visit to indonesia by a few hours, the country where he lived for four years as a child. the president will leave two hours earlier than plannedk b e he will still speak at the university of south korea, and while the president is cutting this trip short, twice last spring, he had to call off the trip to indonesia entirely. the first time correspondent suzanne malveaux was already on the ground and able to dig into the president's background. suzanne? >> hey, wolf, you may remember in march i travelled ahead of
6:14 pm
the president in indonesia before he canceled the trip. i got the visit his old neighborhood and speak to some of them and learn things about what i didn't know about the president. first of all, he liked to eat. he was a big kid and got teased for it, but he teased back. and he liked to hunt for cro crocodiles and spent hours flying kites. they see him as a son. >> reporter: when barack obama lived in jakarta, indonesia, he was the big kid with the big smile and always running around with the boys. >> running and bicycle. >> reporter: this is his friend who lived around the corner from obama's first home. >> very, very energetic. >> reporter: energetic. >> energetic boy. >> reporter: obama's first home in jakarta is largely hidden behind concrete. they are paving the street now? >> yes.
6:15 pm
>> reporter: his home for his arrival, yes? >> i think so. >> reporter: yes, for the last 40 years a dirt road leading to obama's home. now a makeover with friendly neighbors eager to see the 6-year-old who grew up to be the american president. just down the street is obama's first elementary school. a catholic school, st. francis ofs a sissy. obama's first grade teacher remembers a sweet kid who helped her to erase the blackboard. >> translator: his mother walked him to the front gate everyday. obama was a good listener. >> reporter: she likes to think that his success now has to do with the indonesian experience. >> translator: his attitude, leadership comes from the neighborhood. it is a small area, but full of diversity in every aspect and that might affect his personality as a president. >> reporter: when the family moved into a upscale neighborhood, 9-year-old barry went to a public school that
6:16 pm
during the presidential campaign some news outlets inaccurately labeled as a madrassa. his classmate said he stood out in many ways. they say he was a boy scout and he could not stand kids who cheated ed ied in sports and h hold his own. i understand he was teased because he looked different. >> some kids teased him, but he teased back, also. >> reporter: it seems that everybody who knew barry satoro has a story to tell. for this man, it was a fight over a toy gun. >> he lifted me high. >> reporter: and when you see him, are you going to remind him that he dropped you. >> my pain, you know. >> reporter: still hurting? >> yes. >> reporter: and unfortunately the others who hoped to see president obama in the trip will
6:17 pm
not, because he was scheduled to be on the ground for less than 24 hour, and now with the erupting volcano the trip has been cut short s and all of the friends of him always wanted to see him and the first lady and the daughter sasha and malia to welcome them back to the obama home, and neighborhood and white house officials said it might happen next year when he at the ends the international summit there next year. >> here is a question. when did barry become barack? he told columbian magazine he saw it as a chance to remake himself in new york and he began asking people to call him barack. he said it is not because of the african roots or a racial assertion, but a new comfort level that he was different and didn't need to fit in, in a certain way, and that is why is barack obama and not barry obama. just a few years ago, hardly anyone had ever heard of twitter, and we are talking
6:18 pm
about two or three years ago. now governments, businesses, celebrities and millions of people around the world have harnessed the power of the tweet. the co-founder, bizstone, is here to talk about the creation. and how do you shore up a long-shot senate bid? if you are this candidate, you might aim for something higher. what alvin greene says he may be planning next.
6:19 pm
6:20 pm
6:21 pm
there's been an important decision at the justice department on the longstanding case involving the interrogation of terror suspects. let's bring back deborah feyerick who is monitoring that and other top stories in "the
6:22 pm
situation room." what do we know, deb? >> well, wolf, the senior justice department official says that no one will be charged with the destruction of more than 90 cia videotapes which are the so-called enhanced interrogation of top terror suspects. it was acknowledged that five years ago the tapes had been destroyed, but the special prosecutor said that there is not enough evidence to bring an indictment. a spectacular explosion in eastern poland where two freight trains carrying oil and gas collided. officials say that the last tanker car derailed and crashed into the locomotive going in the other direction. 17 of 32 tanker cars exploded, but amazingly only two people were injure and their injuries are not life-threatening. a strong debut for conan o'brien as he joins the turner family. his tv show trounced the competition and not only jay len noen and david letterman, but
6:23 pm
the apparent new rival jon stewart, and he stopped even his own average in his last year at nbc. a week after the senate bid went down in flames south carolina democrat alvin greene may be eyeing a higher hurdle. the white house. cnn is told that a presidential bid is maybe not right now, but he inquired about the filing fee, and the unemployed veteran lost his seat to jim demint, so if you are going to run, you may as well aim high. wolf. >> thank you, deb, for that. changing the world in 140 characters or less. i will speak with the co-founder of twitter e. he is here in "the situation room." a missile mystery that even the pentagon says it is stumped by the images captured off of the coast of california. what is going on? and kayne west grabs another microphone and this time on a plane. stand by. ed years ago, chevrolet sprang bolt by bolt, car by car,
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♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ [ male announcer ] as long as there are babies, they'll be chevy's to bring them home. ♪ they connect presidents, pop stars and millions of just plain folks. they are the little messages that are changing the world in 140 characters or less. and joining us here now in "the situation room" is biz stone, the co-founder of twitter. three years ago, it has been a business for three years, right? >> yes. >> how did you come up with this
6:27 pm
concept? >> well, actually the concept was borne out of a hack week or two that we had, and we were supposed to be working on an entirely different project and my co-founder evan williamts said we are not emotionally invested in this project, so everybody pair up and create something cool. so i paired with a one of the engineers in a different project jack dorsey and we built up the prototype of twitter, and most people thought it was stupid, but we loved it. that is how it was born. >> how did you get the name? >> well, a couple of us at the time and it was mobile centric, and that is the idea that it would vibrate in the pocket and have a sense of urgency, so we came up with jitter and twitch, and near twitch in the thesaurus was twitter. i loved it, because i recognized it as a real world of twitter of nature and real birds twittering in the trees, so most of technology is really just in many cases these large systems
6:28 pm
like twitter are just mimicking natural systems, so i was so passionate about it, they said, twitter, okay, to shut me up. >> you know it is 140 characters or less, but you give longer answers? >> yes, in the twitter it has to be 140 characters or less. >> yes, in interviews i prefer longer answers. >> and what has the impact of twitter? >> well, from my perspective, twitter shows us that it does not matter how sophisticated the algorithms or machines get that we add to the network and if twit ster is to be a triumph, i is to be used in a times of crisis to raise funds for charities and journalism and in everyday life, people are basically good. so when you give them a tool to do good things, they will prove it to you on a daily basis, and
6:29 pm
that has been a big inspiration for all of us on twitter. >> name a few politicians that you follow? >> i follow president medvedev even though he tweets in russia. and our iphone has a translate button, so it is cool. i follow the white house. i follow obama. and i think that is about it as far as i can recall. i think i might follow claire mccaskill, because i met her and she is a hoot. >> what about me? >> i think i do. >> i want to make sure you do. do you? >> i'm going to check, too. >> you better check. obviously, it has not made a big impact in your lie, my tweets. >> well, now that i have met you, i will definitely follow you. >> social media in general, are we giving too much personal information out there and whether it is in tweets or facebook or other places? >> we are still figuring it out, and a lot of people think we
6:30 pm
have, but if you think about it, the web is young and a bunch of physicists got together to share documents which turned into everything from blogging to banking and people are still discovering blogging and then social networking and twitter. we are still discovering what the lines are in terms of the benefit of putting information out there and meeting new people and getting a job and the disadvantages in saying something that you regret and revealing too much information. so we are identifying what the correct boundaries are, and we are in the process of that now. >> i asked some of the twitter followers for suggested questions, and let's put a few up, and we will see. this is from@wisdominbloom. i would ask him what the real point of twitter, and what it would be? >> it would be to share and discover what is happening in their world. it is an information network that is really focused on realtime. >> here is a question from
6:31 pm
@gail, and what is your next project? >> my next project is to continue working on twitter. we are invested in putting all of our time on twitter. i advise a few companies on the side, but mostly i spepd mond mf my time working on twitter. >> yankee fan 25, are you surprised at how much impact social media has on the daily news cycle and how people are apprised in other nations? >> well, i am not surprised, because my co-founder evan williams and i have been developing areas for people to express themselves and communicate for ten years having developing blogging platforms so to see the media and journalism take to twitter was not entirely surprising. i thugt th i thought very early on that we could be complimentary as a service to journalism, and that is proving i think to be true.
6:32 pm
>> we have another one from agency note, how do you make money on twitter with the lack of advertising? >> well, we have a advertising on twitter. one thing we focused on early was building value before profit. we could have put banner sites all over, but we wanted to grow the network and make it useful to many people around the world in their everyday life before we introduced a relevant and meaningful way to monetize the system. my co-founder and i used to work at google and they did a good job to create ad words which are relevant to users so when you search for something like coffee, and result happens to be from starbucks, but that is what you were looking for, but also an ad, it is native to the system. so we make our money right now using a suite of promoted products called promoted suites and accounts and these are native aspects of twitter.
6:33 pm
a company can promote a tweet to have more people see it. >> and 140 characters whishgs? >> well, the international limit on text messaging is 160 characters, so from the beginning we knew that we wanted twitter to be agnostic in regard to the device you tweet from, and we wanted the tweets to be written and read in the entirety on all 5 billion phones active on the planet today, and the 2 million web accounts used today, so since 160 is reserved for sms, we left room for the author and that is why we limited it. >> as a twitter user, i can testify, it is growing pains. >> yes, in 2008 and 2009 we skyrocketed and growing by 270,000 people sign up everyday to twitter. we have a much better handle on it, but we are suffering growing
6:34 pm
pains because of the amazing growth. >> thank you, biz stone. two years ago you never thought you would be in "the situation room." >> right. and don't forget you can read my tweets at, and that is all one word. it is getting deeper and deeper, and what left this contrail in the sky over california? if the military knows, it is not telling. and a fire leaves a cruise ship without power and passengers in wretched conditions. a dramatic rescue is under way right now. that can simulate head injuries and helps make people safer. then they shared this technology with researchers at wake forest to help reduce head injuries on the football field. so, you know, i can feel a bit better about my son playing football. [ male announcer ] how would you use toyota technology to make a better world?
6:35 pm
learn how to share your ideas at now in superfruit blends, naturally rich in vitamins and antioxidants. northland. the power of dark fruit.
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6:37 pm
the u.s. navy is coming to the rescue of a crippled cruise ship stranded off of the coast of mexico leaving people without power. and tom foreman has the latest of what happened with the cruise ship. this is an amazing story, tom. >> this is not a vacation you want to take. this is what was supposed to happen. they left from long beach, california, and they were
6:38 pm
supposed to follow this route, seven-day cruise along the mexican riviera, and it didn't work out that way. they ended up stuck here 200 miles south of long beach, and the ship has 3,300 passengers on board and they lost power early monday morning at dawn in the enjen room, and had no air conditioning and hot food, and they moved people around, and everything went a little crazy. >> so all of the power on board. >> yes, and so the navy started to lift some supplies. and here is some pictures of the navy just releasing to the carnivale splendor, and the "ronald reagan" loaded up the is
6:39 pm
up plies to tay s -- loaded upt there to them. i don't know if you have been on the cruise? >> well, i one out on the "u.s.s. reagan." >> well, that has a lot of insurance on it. and the carnivale cruise says they will apologize for the inconvenience and give them their money back and give them a krutz in t cruise in the future, and try to get them back home as soon as possible. and where they are stuck, they have help going out to them, and if everything works as planned, they are going into encinata out here. >> what will they do with the ship? >> they will fix the engine and i don't know the future of the ship, because obviously the ship is seaworthy and in perfect shape, and no question of that, and never a sense that the ship was in danger. >> the ship was never in danger? >> no, it is a matter of discomfort and potentially health problems if it went on
6:40 pm
too long, but it has not gone on too long, but nonetheless, one of the things that a cruise line does not want to happen and if you paid for the vacation, you don't want to have happen. a lot of people will be happy to get home. >> thank you, tom, very much. it looks like a missile launch, but even the pentagon can not explain this mysterious image off of the coast of california. what is going on? stand by. i said "sure." "well, let's grow some algae." and that's what started it. exxonmobil and synthetic genomics have built a new facility to identify the most productive strains of algae. algae are amazing little critters. they secrete oil, which we could turn into biofuels. they also absorb co2. we're hoping to supplement the fuels that we use in our vehicles, and to do this at a large enough scale to someday help meet the world's energy demands.
6:41 pm
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6:43 pm
what are we learning, casey? >> well, wolf, it is a mystery, and nearly 24 hours after what appeared to some to be a missile launch off of the southern california coast, the government still can't say what it really was. >> reporter: an ordinary southern california sunset, punctured by something not only out of the ordinary, but still a mystery. a large plume shoots into the sky. it looks like a missile launch, but no u.s. military or civilian aviation authorities are able to explain it. these incredible pictures were captured monday evening by a local news helicopter and the plume appears to have originated 35 miles off of the los angeles coastline and heading west to the pacific and experts speculated on a wide range of possibilities. >> it could be a test firing of a intercon continental ballistic. >> it is clearly a airplane contrail and optical allusion it is going up rather than towards
6:44 pm
the camera. >> reporter: vandenberg base who often launches missiles said it was not theirs, and the faa ran radar replays of the large area west of los angeles and it did not reveal any fast moving unidentified targets in there. we have called the air force, and the pentagon and local members of congress and nobody knew anything. >> why the government is so badly organized they can nopt get somebody out there to explain it and make this story go away, i think that is the real story. i mean, it is absolutely insane for all of the money we are spending for all of the technically competent people that they can't get somebody out there to explain what is incredibly obvious. >> norad released a statement saying it is aware of the unexplained contrail off of the coast of southern california yesterday evening, but at this time we are unable to provide specific details, and we are
6:45 pm
working to determine the exact nature of this event, and we can confirm that there is no indication of any threat to our nation, and we will provide more information as it is available. they tell chris lawrence that the contrail could have come from a plane, but the last official word from the pentagon is that we so far have come up empty. wolf. >> all right. we will see what they find out. sarah palin is taking on the ""wall street journal"" which which is a food price over the price of food. who is right? we asked brian todd to take a closer look. what are you finding out? >> well, wolf, look at this as a tussle between the tea party favorite sarah palin and the more mainstream conservative establishment that they are taking on. this is a direct con tron facing with the ""wall street journal"" over who knees more about the economy. palin si says to a business convention in phoenix that the fed's policy of quantitative easing is dangerous and could cause inflation and she says it
6:46 pm
has already happened. anybody who goes out to shop for groceries knows that the prices have risen significantly over the last year or so, and a ""wall street journal"" disputed that saying that the inflation on the growth of prices this year is the slowest on record. now, palin has fired back on her facebook page, excuse me -- >> i have water for you. take little water. stuff happens. take a breath. start again. take a little more water. >> i am okay. she has written back on the facebook page that it said in the article that an inflationary tide is beginning to ripple through america's supermarkets and she writes that even humble folks like me can read the newspaper and i'm surprised that a prestigious writer for the new york journal doesn't. and the same blogger says that this year so far has been the tamest year of food pricing in
6:47 pm
nearly two decades, wolf. so a realtussle, and i have enough water. >> i insist that you have water. go ahead. fire back. >> some are already reading more into this politically speaking? >> right. there could be a broader political calculation for sarah palin, and asked dana milbank how does focussing on the economy go into the picture for the sarah palin take a listen? >> that is her weakness that she is popular and charismatic, but weak on the policy fundamentals, and yes, this builds up her bone fite as a policy wonk. >> palin is giving another speech tonight, and she has tweeted she will speak on this again and proving that the economy is not a weak spot. we will see. it is a good test, because it is tough to take on the ""wall street journal" -- "wall street
6:48 pm
journal" on this stuff, but whether she won is yet to see, but it is a draw at best. we will continue to watch. and should california borrow $40 million a day from the federal government to pay for unemployment benefits? that is jack cafferty's question, and he is standing by with e-mail. and passengers near a most unusual inflight announcement, a rap from kayne west, himself. [ male announcer ] welcome to that one time of year
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
time now to check back with jack cafferty. jack? >> question this hour is should california borrow $40 million a day from the federal government in order to pay for their unemployment benefits. joey in san diego, are you really shocked, jack? we are broke, and yet the california politicians continue to spend like drunken sailors. don't worry, though, the voters decided to keep barbara boxer and give tax and spend career
6:52 pm
politician jerry brown another shot at it. taxes will be going up for those of us that actually pay them, and the businesses that have an option to leave will. paul writes, while i support unemployment benefits, there comes a time when you've got to cut it off. otherwise you're merely sustaining a fantasy or an illusion of prosperity. the program should give people enough time to find other work or make preparation for lifestyle changes. but it merely delays the inevitable and puts an unneeded financial burden on everyone. rich in texas, i was born and raised in l ka. people need to realize they have a real sense of entitlement out there. kids are raised to think everything should be perfectly equal even if some are not willing to put in the work. they keep electing the same folks into office, expecting things to magically take care of themselves. until we stop bailing them out, they will continue to keep operating this way. why not give millions to
6:53 pm
california? instead we give millions in foreign aid to countries who hate us anyway. help at home first. jeff in minnesota writes, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. we ought to kick them to the curb and hope for the best? it may not be the best solution, but people have got to be able to live. ian writes, the cost of the federal government's failure to enforce illegal imbrace laws and protect our borders alone ought to be enough to justify protecting our unemployed citizen in california. california's legislature is filled with monkeys wearing clown makeup. and dave writes, california is going down the pot. if they had legalized it, they could have made enough in taxes last week to cover those bills. if you want to read more on the subject, you'll find it on my blog,dom fil >> if you legalize it, you take
6:54 pm
in millions and millions of dollars in tax revenue, just like cigarettes or alcohol and it's a good source of income. >> so is heroin, where do you draw the line? >> they legalized alcohol and cigarette. >> i read an article, alcohol is more responsible than all of those other drugs, methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, you name it. alcohol is a real poison in this society and in this country and yet they tried prohibition and that didn't work. >> and cigarettes, we know what that does, too. jack, thanks very much. so what is the new political agenda in washington mean for your wallet? the personal finance expert suze orman is among the guests on "john king usa" at the top of the hour. and kanye commandeers another microphone, this time on a flight.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
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hostcould switching gei the business of you real a bd in the hd or more worth 2 inhe bush? praiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, woman: really? appraiser: conrvativy it would be worth 2 in the bush. praiser: it's just biful, thank u so much for brinit i woman: unbelievable appraiser: conrvativy it would be worth 2 in the bush. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. fasten your seat belts, get ready for rap, kanye west is on board. >> reporter: normally kanye west is a down to earth rapper. ♪ i ain't saying she's a gold digger ♪ >> reporter: but the other day that same rap was the in flight entertainment. as first class passenger kanye
6:58 pm
west unexpectically got on the p.a. system of a delta flight from minneapolis to new york. ♪ i don't care what none you all say, i still love her ♪ ♪ >> reporter: the passenger captured the last few seconds of the rap with a cell phone. ♪ she ain't messing with no broke, broke, thank you ♪ >> reporter: kanye's known for commandeering microphones. remember taylor swift's award speech? and he was taken over a plane's pa system before. >> i actually took flying lessons a week ago a. i'm going to fry us out of here. >> reporter: on the show "entourage" -- >> i'm just [ bleep ] with you. >> reporter: but the rap was on a real delta flight. your attention, please. we wanted to ask delta airlines how kanye west got on the plane's intercom, but delta had no comment. i repeat, no comment. we've heard of candidates taking over the p.a. on campaign
6:59 pm
planes. >> once we've reached cruising altitude. >> please store your expectations securely. >> reporter: and a southwest flight attendant became famous, rapping the safety instructions. >> thank you for the fact i wasn't ignored, this is southwest airlines, welcome aboard. >> reporter: from rapping in midair, to rapping on the air, allow us to introduce you to a rapper of small stature, whose reputation is growing. up until now, 15-year-old keenan kayhill has been a sensation for lip-syncing songs from lady gaga to michael jackson ♪ this is thriller >> reporter: talk about a thrill, on tuesday he made the leap to cable, appearing on chelsea handler's show. >> get yourself comfortable. >> reporter: where they premiered his latest in sync, where who should appear in his bedroom? 50 cent