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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 15, 2010 3:00pm-5:00pm EST

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probably not a good idea, brooke. what do you think? a mother, her two kids and a friend go missing. then police find the little girl bound and gagged in a basement. now crews are zeroing in on a specific location to try to find the others. that mystery is unraveling. i'm brooke baldwin. the story in 60 seconds. full-body pat-downs. scanners that see through your clothes. what happened when this passenger said, no way? and did he plan this caught-on-camera moment. you'll find out when he joins me live. i respectfully remove myself -- >> embattled congressman charlie rangel walks out of his ethics hearing. what's next as the case rolls on without him. sarah palin's alaska features pristine lakes,
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towering mountains and breathtaking views. her new run at reality tv times pretty well with presidential politics. see if it's a hit. all right. here we go. two major developing stories this hour and we're going to get through all of the breaking news here. first we have republican mitch mcconnell, senate minority leader. there he was on the floor. he has just announced he will support a ban on earmarks for the next session of congress. our question we're asking is is that move indicative of a tea party induced wave of change on capitol hill. also right now, the search is under way for survivors of that building collapse in india. and that is where we want to begin. we have breaking news in a rescue emergency situation unfolding now in india. and that is where this multistory residential building crumbled into basically a pile of debris just about six hours ago. you see her there, sarah sidner in new delhi with the latest on
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the casualties, the injuries here and what rescuers are saying about what exactly happened. sarah, what's the latest? >> reporter: the latest is that delhi's chief minister is saying the scale of this tragedy is unprecedented in delhi's recent history. we're now hearing from authorities that 32 people have been killed in this building clams, a five-story building flattened on the banks near the yumner river here in new delhi. we're also hearing there is somewhere around two dozen people who are still trapped. this happened around 8:15 india time in the evening and it's now been five hours and the rescue is still going fast and furious. they are up to 300 rescue crews who are now on the scene. the chief minister is saying that there are concerns that this building may have been weakened by very heavy monsoon rains and also concern that it was an unauthorized building, which means that it was not up to code. a lot of concern that the rains
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may have softened this building and then created this collapse. but a lot of people right now very concerned about family members who are still trapped inside the rubble. brooke? >> sara, let me follow up on that. you mentioned the building that perhaps was not up to code. what more do we know about the building? how tall was the building? what kinds of building was this. secondly you mentioned two dozen trapped here so obviously a rescue mission still very much under way. how hopeful are the officials they will get these men and women and possibly children out? >> reporter: right now they're just making sure that they are slowly getting through this building. they have heavy machinery out there. the national disaster relief forces have been deployed to the area as well who are familiar with trying to get people out of situations like this so they're hopeful they can save more people. 40 people were rescued and have been taken to the hospital but we still know about 20 to 24 people are believed to be inside this building. as far as this building, five-story building, residential
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building. a lot of people inside, families. this is in a middle class neighborhood in new delhi. so there's a lot of concern and of course the authorities are saying, look, our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones but our mission is not to find who is at fault but our mission to rescue people who need the most help at this point. >> of course our hearts go out to the people, the family members senile digging through some of the rubble. sara sidner, stay on the story and as soon as you get more more on the two dozen trapped people please let us know. since i don't have counsel to advise me, i'm going to have to excuse myself from these proceedings. >> excusing himself from the proceedings today. did you watch that? didn't exactly take so long for fireworks. congressman charlie rangel tried and failed to shut down his potentially embarrassing ethics hearing. we'll tell you what happened next. i turned to him. i looked him in the eye and i said, if you touch my junk, i'll
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welcome back to the "newsroom." at this hour, the house he had he ethics trial of congressman charlie rangel is in recess on capitol hill. you see a live picture. it's an empty room. they're in recess. but a trial here of a standing house member is extremely rare. and there he is. democrat rangel has dropped a bomb already. this morning he walked out. now, rangel is claiming he cannot afford to keep paying lawyers and needs more time to form a legal defense fund. well, here he is, new york's charlie rangel. he's served nearly a century in the house of representatives. >> my reputation, 50 years of public service, has to suffer because this committee has
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concluded that you must conclude this matter before this congress ends. and all i'm asking for is time to get counsel, time to get counsel. and you're saying now, i think, that you denied it before and you're denying it now. >> i gather that you do not object to the admission of the evidence that has been proffered by committee counsel and, therefore, the admission -- >> i object to the proceeding and i with all due respect, since i don't have counsel to advise me, i'm going to have to excuse myself from these proceedings, because i have no idea what this man has put together over two years that was given to me last week. and i just hope that the history of this committee in terms of fairness will be judged for what it is. >> half a century, half a
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century. not a century. he would be pretty old by now. with that he took his leave and the ethics committee huddled to consider delaying the trial as he request. the decision no delay. the recess right now without charlie rangel. rangel faces thirnl allegations including failure to pay taxes on a home in the caribbean and misuse of a rent control apartment. interesting note. the chief prosecutor said based on the evidence that rangel isn't corrupt -- not corrupt but negligent. more on the story later from the hill. also, did you watch last night? here it is, sarah palin's reality show. it officially aired one episode and there are already reports the momma grizzly violated wildlife guidelines. what? we're going to get all the details coming up. also the tea party backed freshmen in congress want to crack down on earmarks and today
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they're joined by a senior statesman mitch mcconnell making news here in the last hour or so. we're all over it as is jessica yellin seeing what this means in d.c. and beyond.
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got a developing story for you out of washington. so within the past hour, the incoming tea party freshmen appear to have scored a very, very big victory. i want you to first listen here to senate republican leader mitch mcconnell who spoke a short time ago on the floor of the u.s. senate. take a listen. >> this is no small thing. old habits aren't easy to break, but sometimes they must be. and now is such a time. with a $14 trillion debt and
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administration that talks about cost cutting but then sends over a budget that triples the national debt in ten years and creates a massive new entitlement program, it's time for some of us in washington to show that every way possible we mean what we say about spending. >> so mitch mcconnell essentially is saying he will cast a vote tomorrow to impose a moratorium on earmarks. and this is no small thing because mcconnell has been a powerful defender of congressional earmarks. perhaps that's what he meant by old habits. we'll talk to jessica yellin, our national political correspondent. just explain big picture what just happened on the floor? >> reporter: so what happened here, brooke, is that the tea party as you say scored a victory, but a very, very meaningful one to them because i've been talking to tea party activists for the last few months as you no know. last week what they were telling me is we are going to ask republicans in the leadership to make it clear they will ban earmarks which they see as very bad. tea party activists see them as very bad and if they don't we'll turn on them essentially.
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effectively they said they'll go to war with their own party if the leadership doesn't bow to this and agree. the leadership has not been on board fully until now. mitch mcconnell said he's on board and basically he's caved. it's a big win for this party, for the activists within their own party. >> i think just for the sake of everyone watching and listening if we can all be on the same page, what exactly is an earmark? >> reporter: i'm so glad you asked. this is what's so interesting. an earmark just the basics is when a member of congress puts into a bill spending that is specifically for a hometown project. now, we always focus -- you always hear about the bad stuff. some silly bridge to nowhere or studying how monkeys mate. but this can be stuff residents and business owners like. for example if you live in a small town and you're growing and need a new runway at your
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airport or another lane on your bridge, bigger bridge, those are the sorts of spending sometimes you send members to washington to bring home. so they're not always bad but right now they're seen as bad because too often we hear about the time it seems corrupt and silly. bottom line, it's only 0.3% of the bunt. so eliminating earmarks is going to make a tiny drop in the bucket. it's symbolic. >> got it. also we'll watch for that vote tomorrow. also speaking of mitch mcconnell it's interesting we saw him posing with some senate freshmen this morning. and he flat-out refused to answer when he was asked about his position on earmarks versus that of the freshmen. so he wouldn't even touch it earlier today. jessica, let's listen very close cli here. here was the moment earlier today. >> earmarks passionately to them and you support earmarks. will you try to convince them or be able to convince them?
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>> nothing, right? no answer from mitch mcconnell. you just saw his hand sort of wave. but he came out just a short time ago. so he's now very much so in favor of this moratorium on congressional earmarks. this republican civil war was brewing over earmarks. is it perhaps over now? >> reporter: no, i wouldn't say it's over. this was a first test. so what the activists have been telling me is we'll pressure the members to vote on this. first of all, this is a voluntary ban by republicans on earmarks. it does not mean it becomes an actual ban. in the senate the democrats are still in control and so far there's no indication that the democrats will follow suit. second of all, it was a first test. so there will be other hurdles on taxes, on spending. i mean, it was the republican party that backed the prescription drug benefit, which is a huge piece of the budget as well now. will they back down on something like that? who knows where these spending cuts will come?
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there will be one battle after another from tea party, within the republican party. this is just the beginning. >> this is the first test, the beginning of the narrative that makes politics so fascinating. good to see you. thank you. dozens of cars, icy roads, a recipe for disaster. this is a monster pileup. that is next in our top stories. also the british couple -- remember this, the british couple freed by somali pirates over the weekend had to cut their celebration short. we're going to tell you about the tragic news they faced shortly after their release.
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we have all kinds of developments in that case in the missing family in ohio. remember we first talked about the story, bizarre mystery this
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past friday. it got even stranger over the weekend with the rescue of a teenage girl and right now there is a massive search of ponds in a former gravel quarry that's now apparently some sort of public park. i'll go there in a moment but first back it up and set it up for you. you have tina and her 13-year-old daughter sarah and son cody maynard and a friend just vanished midweek last week. so the investigation actually began when herman didn't show up to work at the local dairy queen. a co-worker went by her home and looked in the windows and saw blood. that night herman's pickup was found abandoned seven miles away. over the weekend s.w.a.t. teams came in and raided a home in another town and that is where they found that 13-year-old daughter, sarah maynard. they found her gagged and tied up in the basement of the home. police then arrested this man. here he is. this is 30-year-old math thou
3:21 pm
hoffman who owns that house where the little girl was found. and neighbors say -- their word is estrange, to say the least. >> they found that girl like tied in the basement. who would do that to a kid? she's only 13. that's really sad. really sick. >> he is a weirdo. i mean, he really was a weirdo. like he sat in the trees -- if you look back here in the tree, there's a ham mock where he would sit and watch people. he's just different. >> he's different, she says and said hoffman made her so uncomfortable sitting in the trees perhaps she wouldn't let her kids go outside when he was in her yard. sarah maynard, the daughter found is okay and with relatives now but still no sign of her mother, the brother and family friend. that brings us on track to the investigation. the local shfr held a news conference just minutes ago. we turned the sound around for you. listen to this. >> we still would like to remain a hopeful attitude but we have to remain realistic, the amount
3:22 pm
of blood, the fact that sarah was found with one person -- with the suspect. no one else was found there. and we no one has apparently heard or seen anything out of tina cody or stephanie since then. that's why we're encouraging the public if they've had some contact even as late as last thursday to please let us know. >> do you know any reason at all -- >> the last time that sarah saw the other three individuals was last wednesday? was the last place she saw them at her home? was it where the car was recovered? where was the last place she saw them in order to pinpoint for a lot of people in this community. >> partly at -- for the most part at the home on king beech drive. >> for the most part -- >> she may not have seen stephanie until like the day before. but her brother and her mother were -- last time she saw them were at home. >> was there any other evidence found in the park? apparently there was a report there was blood on the evidence but didn't match to any of the victims. is that right? >> i can't discuss evidence or
3:23 pm
any scientific testing. >> do you believe that hoffman had contact with them, the other three individuals? >> i'm not going to speculate on what matthew hoffman did or did not do. i'm just following the investigation and where it leads us. go ahead. >> was this a home invasion? >> no, i don't believe so. >> is the search confined only locally or reason to possibly expand it out of state or elsewhere? >> at this time, there's no reason to believe that the three missing victims are outside of the geographical area of this county. >> there another person of interest besides hoffman at this time identified? >> not at this time. >> do you think there will be another suspect or is there a possibility of other suspects or are you pretty much narrowed in on him? >> not at this time. there is nothing to indicate an accomplice. but the investigation is still progressing. >> did he appear in court today? >> he did not. >> sarah's health and condition?
3:24 pm
>> it's my understanding that physically she's fine. obviously, she has been through a lot and she is going to be receiving that kind of support and those kind of services. >> have you been able to talk to her to get any information? >> investigators have talked to her sure. >> without revealing details of specifics what they say and compromise that, what did she tell you about the first time she came in contact with that man, where that took place -- >> for investigative purposes i can't discuss statements made by her. >> is it inside the home, outside the home? >> where did what happen? >> where did she first see this man matthew hoffman? >> inside the house. >> at the time she was with her mom and her brother? >> everyone was at home. >> so stephanie was also in the house at that time? >> that i'm unsure of. >> those reporters are asking that sheriff all kinds of questions trying to get more information about sarah and perhaps how she met that man. he won't give that information up, doesn't want to compromise the investigation. what he is saying is how much he
3:25 pm
admires sarah maynard, the young daughter found in that basement. in fact, listen to this. >> she is a very brave, very brave little girl. i have not met her in person yet. my investigators have talked to her. i'm looking for the day or looking forward to the day that i get to meet sarah maynard because not only is she assisting the investigation, but under the circumstances, a 13-year-old girl being held captive for four days by a total stranger, i would call her the epitome of bravery. >> the epitome of bravery. also, though, there are still three missing people. we're keeping a close eye on that search, that mystery unraveling in ohio. as soon as we get more information we'll bring that to you on cin. other big stories we're following for you including, yikes, take a look at this, serious weather-related stories. a huge pileup on an interstate south of denver, vo.
3:26 pm
the fire chief says there was some kind of black ice on the road. the drivers lost control. the snow still coming down. 12 people in fact were taken to the hospital. traffic was tied up for hours. now to minnesota where people are cleaning up after a big snowstorm there. parts of the state got about 12 inches over the weekend. about 60,000 people lost power in the twin cities. the state patrol say they responded to more than 400 crashes on saturday. look at this. where are we, mid-november? i guess it wasn't too bad though. some folks had fun building a snowman. there it is, not too shann shabby. the weather is supposed to be better this week. now to china. unbelievable pictures as a fire rips through a high-rise building. this is shanghai. country state run media tells us at least 42 people died. one of our i-reporters sent us this foodage. the high rise is under investigation. witnesses say a scaffolding caught fire. flames as you see spread
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big day in washington. newly elected members of the house arrived in d.c. today for orientation. and one of those members is south carolina's tim scott. scott was backed by the south carolina tea party movement and he ran a campaign against the president's health care reform and against the "e" word we're
3:31 pm
mentioning a lot, earmarks. take a listen to one of his ads from the campaign. >> we hear people talking all the time we need more earmarks. hog wash, we don't need more earmarks. what we need is courage, backbone and common sense. >> that was scott championing a basic tea party movement issue, getting rid of those earmarks. scott is now a member of the house republican transition team. i want you to listen to what he told cnn's dana bash. >> we have to make sure that we set the expectations for what we're going to be able to accomplish realizing we have a bifurcated system where we have the republicans holding one house and the democrats controlling the senate. >> senior congressional correspondent dana bash joins me from d.c. where i know you have the running shoes on again. i can see you get them on as they're arriving. to the american people, this sounds a little bit like a group trying to manage their expectations going from campaign and all this rhetoric on the
3:32 pm
trail now to work. >> it really is a healthy combination of both, brooke. it's fascinating. i have talked to so many of these newly elected members of congress as they try to make their way around here and figure out basics like where's the rest room. some of them definitely are sounding like tim scott saying it's really great that we have this huge power now in the house and that they have not only the majority but big numbers when it comes to the majority. but they're trying to manage expectations and saying we have the house, we don't have the senate. we don't have the white house. everybody take a deep breath, because they know full well that they could be swept out as quickly as they were swept in because it just happened two years ago for the party. at the same time, i've heard from many, many of these new members that they're not managing expectations. they're saying we get it, we hear loud and clear from our voters that they want us to do something very quickly and we'll do whatever it takes to do that fast. >> talk to you about another tea party backed congressman elect. you have south carolina's geoff
3:33 pm
duncan. i know you talked about him. i thought this was fascinating. he said voters have given conservative republicans a mandate. here's what he said. >> tea party endorsed candidate and so they've gotten behind conservative republicans and they expect us to govern differently and if they don't, if we don't, then you may see the rise of an independent third party but i think they're going to give us a chance. >> talk to me about that, dana. there you were with the microphone. that jumped out at me on the ticker that he's eluding to this rise possibly of an independent third quarter. >> exactly. he's in the camp of the people saying we don't have a lot of time, we have to do this. because he knows full well and considers himself a tea party patriot, one aspect of the tea party movement. he says i know because i'm a member and got elected by these people. there isn't a lot of time to do this. that's why you already see mingling in the hallways. as they meet one another many for the first time who have
3:34 pm
shared principles and campaign promises they're saying we have to do this in a very, very fast way and they're already publicly and privately putting pressure on the republican leadership who most have been here for a while to do that. >> appreciate you hustling through those hallways as always. thank you, thank you. i want to move one camera down from you because newly elected members of the house arrived in washington today. as dana mentioned for orientation. one of the freshman republican randy holtgren. center right republican seat, home state of illinois. took it from the democrat in the president's home state. important to include that. congressman-elect, thank you for joining me. if i may, i want to pick up on a bit of -- we'll go with developing news, the fact we're hearing from republican mitch mcconnell, senate minority leader who has typically backed the concept of earmarks just announcing he's going to support the ban, support the vote on a moratorium for earmarks next session of congress. i'm curious big picture for you
3:35 pm
sir. do you see this programs as more of an established republican congressman-elect? do you see this as a win for the tea party and might this also be indicative of a bigger change in washington? >> i think it's a win for the people i represent. people want accountable government and responsible spending. earmarks -- both parties were involved in that and flew in the face of that. i think it's a win for the american people to say it's time to get rid of this. it's a disservice. it's not the right way to do this. we need and i. an open process. >> do you see it as a win for the tea party? >> yeah, i think it's a win for them and the independents getting involved. i think it's across the board. it's a good move. it's re-establishing that confidence back in congress that we can do things in an open way representing the people that have sent us here and we're hearing that voice loud and clear. >> you campaigned on the belief just talking economy because that was issue number one throughout this campaign. you campaigned on the belief that congress made a bad situation worse. we can look at the wall street
3:36 pm
bailout bill, economic stimulus package. i'm curious as you move forward starting in january. what will you do to try to turn our economy around? >> well, it is the most important issue we've dealt with all over my district. people are struggling. families are struggling. they had to tighten their belt. we need to tighten ours as well. we need to take stems in washington to have a budget in place. it was offensive to people for the first time in 36 years we didn't have a budget here in washington, d.c. that's got to change. we've got to make sure we have a real budget that we can live within and bring certainty back to job creators. there's so much uncertainty it's paralyzing job creators and making it so that the economy can't get turned around again. >> with all this spending, spending, spending, how would you cut programs some of the deficit spending? what would you cut? >> there's been talk going back to a 2008 budgeting level. i think that would make sense. certainly everyone knows there's waste in government. that's clear and obvious when
3:37 pm
you talk to citizens around the country. we can make some cuts. the key is getting the economy going again. i served in the illinois legislature and saw the best times we had when we had natural revenue growth was when the economy was growing. we need that to happen once again in america. as the economy grows and have responsible spending tightening our belt like families have had to do we'll see a positive result of getting things on the right track gone. >> congressman-elect randy hultgren, best of luck to you. how many hits are sitting in the michael jackson archives? we'll find out today with the release of a new duet with akon. that's trending. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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a lot of stories trending today. what are you talking about and tweeting about? for that we go to sandra endo. ms. endso let's begin with the show last night. sarah palin. some people are saying this could be the best possible ad for her ever or programs it could back fire. do we know yet how the ratings
3:40 pm
were? >> yeah, really good, brooke. it's very trendy today because it debuted strong with nearly 5 million viewers. an inside look at sarah palin's life at home in alaska. the former governor's new reality show on tlc is the cable channel's number one launch in its history. and the show is called "sarah palin's alaska." and it takes us inside her home and shows us a beautiful alaskan landscape with her family, rock climbing, fishing, near bears. here's a little of that. >> let's get the fish before the bear gets the fish. >> roar. >> piper, don't. >> a bear is coming towards us. we're going to back up. look at his claws, mckinley. yeah, i'm looking around to todd going, are you feeling what i'm feeling? it could feel we are its lunch instead of those little tiny salmon. >> but maybe a little too close for comfort because the former
3:41 pm
republican vice presidential candidate is coming under fire for possibly violating the state's fish and game guidelines. the director for alaska wildlife alliance says the palins were too close to the bears while fishing when guidelines state you have to be more than 30 feet away. he says it sends an irresponsible message to the public. and state officials on the other hand question if the palin family was actually really violating the guidelines. so you have a little back and forth there so far, though, brooke, the show has no real talk of anything political but does keep sarah palin in the spotlight and on the radar. it humanizes her as well. but some critics could argue it may not help her look presidential. >> i know. we'll have to wait. we don't know what her aspirations are just yet but we will wait and see. just an eight-week run, is that right? >> that's right. and she's also going on this book tour too to promote her second book. one of those little states she'll be visiting is iowa.
3:42 pm
>> iowa. all right. qula about also making the news prince william? he's probably so relieved it's not about the possible marriage that everyone is sort of obsessed with but the fact he made a surprise visit to afghanistan. >> yeah. he's kind of taking on official duties, prince-like duties. flew to afghanistan for a surprise visit to mark remembrance day to honor soldiers who have died during the war effort. he attended a service sunday morning and the british military base was surprised to have him. he laid a wreath there before heading back to london. the queen held a separate service to mark remembrance day as well. >> then also today you have a new song for all the people who were so sad when michael jackson passed. there will still be much more michael jackson to go around apparently. in fact there's a new duet. >> i'm sure you were listening to it in the newsroom. a new release by michael jackson. it's his first official song that's been released after his death and it's called "hold my
3:43 pm
hands." it's a very cute little video here as well. and it features this guy you're looking at, akon. have a listen. ♪ hold my hands ♪ baby i promise ♪ i'll do all i can ♪ things will be better if you just hold my hand ♪ ♪ nothing can come between us if you just hold my, hold my ♪ >> okay. a pretty catchy tune there. it was actually recorded in 2007. and in a handwritten note released by his estate, the pop singer said he wanted this song to be his first release for his next project. and take a look at the twitter board here. this is a tweet from jackson's nephew. he tweeted this last night saying, "hold my hand" was the last song my uncle michael played to me in person. he was so proud of it and i'll never forget that smile he had
3:44 pm
on his face as the song played through the speakers in his room at the palms hotel in vegas. tweeting that last night. he's anticipating it will be a hit. what do you think? >> i like it. i've got to admit that's the first time i heard it. it's kind of catchy. thanks for making us hit with the trendsing stories of the day. the pat-down confrontation that could cost one passenger $10,000 and also forced the tsa to defend its controversial body scan procedures. we'll talk about that coming up. also, what happens when animals invade the supermarket? deer have been on the loose recently. wasn't there one in the bar last week. this one went shopping. and some coffee. of ths sure, decaf or regular? - regular. - cake or pie? - pie. - apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream?
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3:48 pm
whether you hop on a lot of planes or not, you will want to pay close attention to this because this is really just more than a public argument or angry guy at the airport. this is about your security and my security. this is about the government's sometime strict rules aimed at ensuring our security and it's also about one man's impression that those rules sometimes equal a sexual assault and a violation of his rights. and like most complex discussions, it takes a little bit of a story to set it up. let me begin. look at this video from a cell phone. that's why it's shaking and you're staring at a ceiling. reported by a man going through airport security this past saturday in san diego. john tiner is documenting his treatment there by tsa agents and on the video you will hear he refuses to go through one of the new full body scanners. no problem there. that is, in most cases, optional.
3:49 pm
passengers can choose a pat-down instead. i want you to listen what has when the tsa agent describes what he's about to do and as you listen read along as well. kind of hard to hear. >> also we're going to be doing a grown check. that means i'm going to place my hand on your hip, my other hand on your inner thigh, slowly go up and down. we're going to do that two times in the front and two in the back. if you would like private screening we can make that available for you also. >> we can do that out here but if you touch my junk i'm going to have you arrested. >> actually, we are going to have a supervisor here because of your statement. >> you get that? you hear that little exchange? john tyner temperatur er tells e touches him that way he will have him arrested. in that moment things change dramatically for him. through this his cell phone camera is rolling and recording
3:50 pm
all of this. now listen. this is a tsa supervisor giving him his options. >> if you are not comfortable with that, we can escort you back out and you don't have to fly today. >> okay. i don't understand how a sexual assault can be made a condition of my flying. >> this is not considered a sexual assault. >> it would be if you weren't the government. >> this is considered an administrative search and we are authorized >> this is considered an administrative search and we are authorized to do it. you have submitted yourself to it by xhg through the checkpoint. >> if you enjoy being touched by other people that's fine. >> fast forward even a local police escort. john tyner does not go through security and leaves the airport with his ticket refunded. he wanted to show what it's like to go through security and check mark there. he did precisely that. it ends there. not so much. the video went viral. tyner wrote about it on his blog where he fiercely is critical of other government programs, what he sees as "erosion of liberty"
3:51 pm
and a general distrust of the tsa. here is where you come in. did he handle the situation properly? is he right or wrong about airport security searches? are they too intimate? had he already decided to pick a fight with the tsa before he got to the airport? that's what i want to know. i'm going to ask john tyner when he joins me live in the show later. take a listen. >> if you refuse the ait machine all together, then you can go to a separate area for a same-gender pat-down, which is conducted as a law enforcement pat-down should be in a professional way. again, same gender. and if there are adjustments we
3:52 pm
need to make to these procedures, we have an open ear and we will listen. if people want to travel by some other means, of course that's their right. of course they have that right. >> basically she's saying you need to follow security guidelines or find some other way to go from a to b. john tyner will be joining me right here live here on cnn. i'm interested to hear your take, the stand timer is taking and whether you feel his argument has any weight and if you could put yourself in his shoes, would you have done anything different had you found yourself in the same situation. next, two gators, one cat, who do you think comes out on top? you've got to see this. that's next. fe's great question. and while it can never be fully answered, it helps to have a financial partner like northern trust. by gaining a keen understanding of your financial needs,
3:53 pm
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you know, deer are not particularly dangerous animals, unless they pick a rather
3:55 pm
unlikely place to play the ultimate game of tag, you're it. you've got to see this. two deer wreak havoc in niagara falls. the deer, there they go. there's they used the front door. imagine if you're inside looking for some milk. going through the store, there they go. next, listen to this. >> oh, my gosh. this is the ultimate duel. the fearless feline proves it's not the size of the fight in the dog but the size of the dog in the fight. or in this case, the cat. the gator, well, there he goes. cat got your tongue? you think that's where it ends? the gator, here he goes, comes back. this time he's got a friend with
3:56 pm
him. two gators. it's going to take a more than a couple of gators to frighten our furry little friend. watch this. claws at the gator. no watch for this cat. that is one tough kitten. the cat ultimately retreats to the little guy. kitty, two, gator zero. we led the hour with breaking news from capitol hill. we're going to check in with wolf blitzer when we come right back. there he is. [ advisor 1 ] what do you see yourself doing one week,
3:57 pm
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3:59 pm
before we begin with wolf blitzer, i want to let you know we're waiting for two things significant on capitol hill. the majority of the newly elected congressmen and women will be sworn in, in january. but today, two men, two senators elect will be sworn in by the vice president. you have joe manchin from west virginia, taking over to fill the seat of the late senator robert byrd. and democrat chris coons, from the state of delaware. we'll be watching for that to happen any minute now and bring it to you live when it happens. meantime, cnn has all your political news. cnn equals politics and wolf blitzer is here. we keep talking earmarks today. that is the buzz word in washington and beyond. >> seems like the republicans are jumping over each other to get on the anti-earmarks
4:00 pm
bandwagon. mitt romney is considered for a potential candidate for the republican presidential nomination in 2012. he says he'll support south carolina senator jim demint's efforts to ban earmarks. he says he's courageously standing on conviction to ban earmarks. romney now saying flatly no more earmarks. there was a little bit of a clash, a difference of opinion on earmarks between the two new senators. marco rubio just elected, a republican, he's a senator elect. he says he will oppose earmarks. bill nelson, the democrat, says earmarks do a lot of wonderful things for florida. he'll consider to support making sure florida gets a piece of the federal budget. rubio, by the way, said i want
4:01 pm
florida to be fairly represented in this process. but on the other hand, i think the country owes $13.5 trillion and growing and we have to deal with that very seriously. if we can't deal with earmarks, how are we going to deal with $13.5 trillion? a significance difference there between the republican senator from florida, marco rubio, a rising star in the party, versus bill nelson, the incumbent democrat. and a piece of advice from the vice president to chris coons. biden says to him, don't get used to spending the nights in washington. don't get a little apartment. if you have to stay for a night, stay some place on a cot in your office or whatever. take that amtrak, take that train every night back to wilmington, delaware. you'll be much better off. biden was a senator for decades. every night he would go home and take the train back in the morning. that's the advice he's giving
4:02 pm
chris coons right now. i suspect chris coons will heed that advice, as well. >> he's definitely part of the amtrak frequent rider program. we're still waiting for that swearing in, the vice president swearing in joe manchin and senator elect coons. if we can, how significant is this, and how unusual is it to have two senators sworn in before the official congress swearing in, in january? >> they're going to be filling out the tenure of the earlier elected senators, biden was elected, ted kaufman filled in on an interim basis after biden became the vice president. now chris coops ns is going to e over. he'll technically be replacing ted kaufman, but it's biden's seat, when biden was running for vice president.
4:03 pm
similarly, with joe manchin, the new senator from west virginia, he'll take over the remaining years of robert byrd's seat, robert byrd passed away, as you know. the advantage these two guys will have is they'll have seniority over all the other rookie freshman senators coming in, because they'll be in a few weeks longer than them. so they'll have a little more seniority as far as the 100 members of the united states senate. >> thank you for your perspective. wolf, thank you. we will get another political ticker update in about a half hour. with that, i want to welcome the men and women watching on american armed forces network all around the world. first, that missing teenager found alive, gagged, bound inside of a basement. now the urgent search to find her mother, brother and a family friend is so far coming up
4:04 pm
empty. they all disappeared in ohio last week. police got information that led them to this man's house, this is matthew hoffman. they're searching ponds and a park near his home. so far, nothing. as soon as we get updates, we'll bring them to you. next, a manhunt under way for the driver who caused a crash in california. look at these pictures. this happening outside of san diego. police say someone drove a honda civic, tried passing this group of 12 motorcycles on a two-lane highway and the car swerved to avoid hitting the honda and instead hit the motorcycles. the driver of the honda left the scene. the bookers were celebrating the group's 10th anniversary. as soon as we get updates, we'll bring those to you, as well. listen to this.
4:05 pm
massive smoke and fire. a tragic, tragic scene. this is shanghai. at least 42 people have died after this high rise apartment building goes up in flames. this video sent to us from a cnn i-reporter. we were told this building was under renovation, but 150 families still called it home. firefighters rescued dozens of people from the fire but could also be seen carrying bodies out. according to local reports, the fire forced some people to jump from their windows. witnesses said a scaffolding caught fire and the flames spread. next, hundreds gathering in georgia to say goodbye to bobby tillman, the 18-year-old beaten to death at a party. ♪
4:06 pm
so sad. the family called the funeral his homecoming celebration. two white horses pulled a carriage and inside of it was his coffin. several men now facing murder charges. next, things are getting worse in haiti. we are now learning more than 900 people have died from the cholera outbreak. the disease is hitting the tent camps where hundreds of thousands are still living ten months after that earthquake. remember, the region also is dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane. thousands are currently hospitalized, waiting for treatment. next, somali pirates kidnapped a wealthy british couple more than a year ago. and today, the couple are free. they were on their yacht, when pirates attacked them. britain refused to pay that ransom, but somali elders are saying someone paid $750,000.
4:07 pm
we want to take you back to capitol hill as we are watching the swearing in of chris coons and joe manchin. again, we are watching the swearing in ceremony. this is happening with very popular governor of west virginia, joe manchin. he won that special election. this is actually coons you're looking at. he will be filling the time four years of vice president joe biden's old senate seat. former biden aides said kaufman was named as the interim senator, but didn't want to run.
4:08 pm
there we go, senator elect joe manchin. he was a two-term governor in west virginia, and he will be filling the final years left vacant by the late senator robert byrd, who was by the way the longest serving member of congress. so he had actually held the seat since 1959. and mr. manchin defeated john raese in the midterms. up next, breaking news in india tonight. also, i'm going to speak with a man who left his cell phone recording while he went through a tense exchange. that tense exchange with airport security screeners. he's the -- i guess we could call him a youtube sensation. that interview is ahead this hour.
4:09 pm
4:10 pm
4:11 pm
a dreadful act in india. this apartment building just five stories high, suddenly collapsed and dozens are dead. dozens more are hurt and there's no telling how many could be trapped. here is our report from new delhi. >> reporter: deli's chief minister says the scale of this tragedy is unprecedented in deli's recent history. dozens have been killed, dozens injured. for hours, there were two dozen people at least who were believed trapped underneath that rubble. crews working through the night. the incident happened around
4:12 pm
8:15 in the evening. about 200 to 300 rescue crews are on the scene. now they are looking for the exact cause of this collapse. a five-story building collapsed. it was flattened. you're seeing huge pieces of concrete. you're seeing floors and ceiling all collapsed down into a huge pile of rubble. and everyone is wondering how this happened, if there were any signs. there is concern this may be an unauthorized building. there's also a lot of concern that the heavy monsoons or heavy rains here in deli in the last few months, that that might have been part of the problem that created weakness in this structure. at this point, the fallen structure was close to the river, and there is the possibility the chief minister says that there was standing water in the basement of the structure, which she said should
4:13 pm
never happen. right now, everyone here in india is saying their hearts go out to the victims in this unprecedented tragedy. >> sarah, thank you. also today, congressman charlie rangel representing himself, there he is, walks out of his own ethics hearing. what happens next for the powerful representative? also ahead, the rodeo unleashed. we'll show you what happened inside that wild ring. we'll be right back.
4:14 pm
4:15 pm
welcome back to the newsroom. a couple stories out of washington today. let's talk about congressman charlie rangel, walking out of his trial before the house ethics committee today.
4:16 pm
there he was. he is claiming he cannot afford to keep paying lawyers and needs more time to form his defense fund. breanna, i know you watched this this morning. the question is, how big of a surprise that he walked out? >> this was a big surprise. what we were thinking was, this was a proceeding that could have taken a week, give or take. and what you had was, because charlie rangel left and he wasn't there to really answer or he didn't have a lawyer or he didn't defend himself and he wasn't sort of hearing this evidence against him and contesting it, you had the prosecution really the ethics committee lawyers kind of briefly outlining things and then what they were able to do is tick through bits of evidence and essentially rest their case. i want to tell you we have something just in that's new. he said he couldn't afford a lawyer and this is why he was walking out, basically he wasn't
4:17 pm
getting a fair trial. he said to this committee that he was -- the law firm that he had been dealing with for now two years, he paid them $2 million in legal fees. then when he wouldn't be able to pay up to the $1 million that would be incurred, that they withdrew. i just want to tell you now that the law firm, a spokesperson saying, this law firm did not seek to terminate the relationshipxplored every alternative to remain as his counsel. so kind of running count tore what he said there. >> interesting. so maybe they were saying it could have been a pro bono deal. they say they're not going to comment any further, it doesn't square with what he said today. >> got it. let's talk about after charlie rangel left the room, the house
4:18 pm
lawyer who assembled the case against him was asked whether charlie rangel used his office to enrich himself. in other words, he was asking is he corrupt. let's play that. >> i see no evidence of corruption. it's hard to answer the question, personal financial benefit. i think the short answer is probably no. do i believe based on this record that congressman charlie rangel took steps to enrich himself? based on his position in congress? i do not. >> so we heard him say, you know, no, not corrupt specifically. maybe sloppy. would that be enough for rangel to get off the hook here? >> reporter: that's one of the members pressed him on. to give you some context, he is
4:19 pm
the prosecutor essentially, but he also has a background where he worked for the democratic chairwoman of this committee. what he was pressed on by this republican lawmaker, he's saying no, i don't think he went out of his way to mess this up. but it doesn't matter. i still see these as violations of house rules. the message being, it's not okay to be haphazard how you do this. >> big picture pulling out. we mentioned how rare it is for an ethics case to go all the way to trial and now we have charlie rangel on trial and also maxine waters. both are elderly african-americans and both have been around a little while. is this a touchy situation for the ethics committee? >> it's certainly very uncomfortable for democrats, because the last time we saw one
4:20 pm
of these spectacles was 2002. and now in the course of a couple of weeks, we have two prominent democrats and the black caucus, these are two of their most senior members. what we're going to be seeing -- these are headlines the democrats do not want and this is something that's so rare for us to see. >> very rare indeed. breanna, thank you. coming up next, we'll take you to the rodeo where front row seats included a run-in with a bull. [ advisor 1 ] what do you see yourself doing one week,
4:21 pm
one month, five years after you do retire? ♪ client comes in and they have a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize i better start doing something. we open up that box. we organize it. and we make decisions. we really are here to help you. they look back and think,
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"wow. i never thought i could do this." but we've actually done it. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach.
4:23 pm
talk about a moment of complete terror. this runaway bulrushes a crowd of spectators. this is all caught on video. this rodeo happening in canada, everything is going smoothly. the bull bucks the rider. and then it jumps the steel barrier, into the first row. crews try to hold it back. people run for their lives. if you look closely, you can see a man in the second row lift a little girl out of there to safety. at one point, the p.a. announcer says, i suggest you get high really fast. >> the bull was right there, my daughter was right there and we said get out of here. >> organizers say it is the first time an animal has ever jump swod the stands. but the pull trampled one woman, sent her to the hospital. three others were also hurt. one of them having to leave on a stretcher. the bull's career, we're told,
4:24 pm
is not over, but it will not compete for the rest of the year. frightening. there has already been a little bit of political drama today with the tea party candidates getting a victory. that is next. also, more on this monster pileup, next.
4:25 pm
4:26 pm
a story we brought you last hour and you all have quite an engaged audience today, because so many of you have been tweeting about what you think. we all go to the airport. there was a story out of san
4:27 pm
diego how this guy, and there's a cell phone video that comes along with the story. there's an audio exchange how he's thinking he's being teached inappropriately, basically tells the agent he's going to have him arrested. it's quite a back and forth and only part of the story we're going to keep telling later on this hour. but i want to read some of your tweets. this is a fascinating story. eric says, yes, flying is a privilege, not a right. you do what they say and be happy with it. got another tweet. sexual harassment requires sexual intentions, which i doubt the agents have. that guy needs to get over himself. and not many rights are absolute. flying isn't an absolute right, so in order to fly, you must conform to rules, including searches. by the way, we'll be hearing from this gentleman, who turned on his camera over the weekend, john tyner.
4:28 pm
one of my questions is also going to be look, did you wake up in the morning and know you were going through airport security and pull out the cell phone because you wanted to show what happens? and also, we're going to be hearing from tsa out in san diego. we'll bring that to you live as soon as that happens. also, politics today. cnn has all your latest political news with the best political team on television. cnn equals politics and jessica yellin is in california. jessica, virginia thomas made an announcement concerning the political organization that she founded. what do you have on that? >> that's right. she's the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas. she will be stepping down as the head of liberty central. that's the organization that has tea party movement ties, but she's taken some heat for the perception that maybe this -- poses some conflict because he's supposed to be an impartial
4:29 pm
justice, so she's stepping down. she's been involved in politics her whole life, but that is news coming from jennifer thomas. and sarah palin making big news and big ratings this weekend. you know, hard to miss, her new reality show debuted on the tl cnet work over the weekend, and it blue away the ratings. she got 5 million viewers. in political terms, that is more voters than are in iowa and new hampshire combined. not bad. she's also been busy this weekend. she posted on facebook a letter to incoming congressional freshman who were carried in by the tea party movement and her message to them is stick to your principles, don't with swayed by pressure in washington. and also she says, be mindful of the media. if they seem to be praising you, you're probably doing something wrong.
4:30 pm
if the media likes you, rethink what you're doing. >> that's hilarious. >> and this one is just interesting. former president bill clinton is giving a speech on clean energy. you know who else was in thailand? >> mr. clinton, of course i do. >> mr. clinton was there, and so was the tascast of the movie "t hangover." he dropped by the set and now he has a cameo in the movie. he plays bill clinton, but i'm guessing he does not sing a phil collins song. >> funniest movie i've seen in a long time. i will be definitely seeing the movie. thank you, jessica yellin. we'll get another update for you next hour. get the latest information from the ticker, go to or go to twitter. someone had to get the early
4:31 pm
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sign me up. call the number on your screen now... and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. you'll get this free information kit... and guide to understanding medicare, to help you choose the plan that's right for you. as with all medicare supplement plans, you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts medicare, get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. we promised tsa in san diego would be talking about this video that a california man basically made when he was at the airport.
4:34 pm
here is the tsa holding a news conference. let's take it live. [ inaudible ] >> if we have ait on site at the airport, it is our primary means for screening. [ inaudible ] >> the equipment just recently was deployed here in san diego, and across the nation. so we're still in training for a lot of officers. so yes, there are periods of time when the equipment may not be used. not because of understaffing but because we're still in the process of training officers. but it is our primary means of screening. yes, ma'am? [ inaudible ] >> we conduct our screening under the fourth amendment of
4:35 pm
the constitution and further, the law, the aviation and transportation security act, which is the law we exercise that asearch. [ inaudible ] >> yeah, we continually review the threats that are out there and we continually change our procedures and process as we face it. an ever-changing dynamic environment. so we continually review that
4:36 pm
and this is the latest change, the pat-down, to the threat that we've been confronting. of course, what we're talking about specifically is the non-metallic items that were attempted to be used during december 25th. walking through the metal detector will not detect those. so the ait technology, which has been around for about 50 years, and it's gone through three separate tests to ensure the safety of the public. so it's been around for a while. we've had several tests, to include the food and drug administration, that the exposure -- safety exposure for the public is as well within acceptable means. with respect to the privacy issue, tsa is committed to protecting the privacy of all passengers. so we have a process in place that ensures that the officer who observes the display never
4:37 pm
sees the passenger in that the officer talking to the passenger may be doing the pat-down, never sees the image on the display. as you've already known -- >> okay, you've been listening to tsa out in san diego, all in reference to this incident that happened over the weekend. a young man chooses not to go through the full body scan and basically is worried about being touched inappropriately and it turns into a big mess at the airport. so the tsa just now basically defending themselves saying look, what we did is by the book. privacy of our passengers is number one priority. we did this under the fourth amendment, and they may indeed go forward with suing $11,000 civil suit because this man involved, john tyner, walked out of the security area and so they may pursue with that civil suit. we're going to talk to john tyner, the man who shot this video, and we have this audio on his cell phone.
4:38 pm
we'll get him responding to what the tsa just said. stay right there. [scraping] [piano keys banging] [scraping] [horns honking] with deposits in your engine, it can feel like something's holding your car back. let me guess, 16. [laughing] yeeah. that's why there's castrol gtx... with our most powerful deposit fighting ingredient ever. castrol gtx exceeds the toughest new industry standard. don't let deposits hold your car back. get castrol gtx. it's more than just oil.
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it's liquid engineering.
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4:41 pm
i guess it's mid november. for some of you that means snow. some severe weather to talk about in a couple of states. first, colorado. roads are like a sheet of ice. in fact, that's what one local sheriff says. black ice caused a major pileup near denver. black ice, you don't want to mess with that. >> if you chip it off the road, it's black, it's clear. it's just called that because you can't see it. it looks like asphalt or it could be concrete ice if it's on a piece of concrete. it means the snow got packed
4:42 pm
down as people were driving on it, the roadways were below 32, and you just -- well. i don't know. >> that's quite a mess. >> it is. you have to have some velocity to be able to make that much damage in a vehicle and clearly these people did not know that there was ice there, or they would not have been going that fast. something else, you're driving along, the first road you drive on is nice and salted. then you get on a spot where the salter ran out of salt or sand or you changed county lines in some instances. if it's a county maintained road, that salt truck turns around and goes the other direction to get the other lane and then the new county didn't get it salted. that's what happens. >> that's in colorado. a lot of people in colorado enjoying the snow, loving it. >> who's there?
4:43 pm
this guy. >> craig snowboarding over the weekend. but also minnesota dealing with a bit of it, as well. >> good stuff there. people in minnesota, i grew up in nebraska. people in minnesota go and play in it. they deal with it eight months of winter and then some road construction. that's their year. >> look at the snowman. >> they're playing in it. they enjoy it. >> is this par for the course? this is right on schedule? >> right on schedule. and another 30 inches of snow possible in the colorado rockies this week. so if you're going to go skiing or boarding for thanksgiving, you have the powder to go with it. >> craig, did we embarrass you? >> never. >> do you do the pipe thing? >> no. >> all right.
4:44 pm
nice. i'm a skier. both of you, thank you. let's talk about deer, shall we? not particularly dangerous animals, until they pick a rather unlikely place to play tag, you're it. two wear wreaked havoc in niagara falls over the weekend. at least they used the front door, going in the front, frightening customers. then you saw the shattered glass. jumped out the front window, made their getaway. next, listen to this story. you can kind of hear some of the laughs from the people taking the video. cat versus a gator. not exactly fearless feline as you're going to watch through the video. take a look as the gator starts to back off for a second. watch, gator going back into the water. he's like, i don't think i can handle this cat.
4:45 pm
wait, maybe i should bring back my friend, gator number two. cat still hanging out on the left side. cat's not going away. in fact, it starts clawing -- wait for it. oh, going at the gator. gator turns around and not a total fearless feline retreats. can you imagine? kitty two, gator zero. has the tea party already influenced this lame duck congress? wolf blitzer has more on today's developments, next. p.a.d., the doctor said. p-a-d... p.a.d. isn't just poor circulation in your legs causing you pain. it more than doubles your risk of a heart attack or stroke. i was going to tell you. if you have p.a.d., plavix can help protect you from a heart attack or stroke. plavix helps keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots, the cause of most heart attacks and strokes. call the doctor about plavix -- please?
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blast described the scene of chaos, confusion. look at this. this is right after the explosion ripped through the lobby and a restaurant. about 15 people were hurt. the state department tells us that two of them are americans. look at the destruction. all from this blast. imagine, you're on your vacation, a lot of us have been to mexico, maybe your honeymoon. hopes and dreams destroyed in a matter of seconds. most of the victims were tourists from canada. mexico state news agency says one of them was a child. the vancouver sun newspaper reports he was a 9-year-old boy. another victim is this man,
4:49 pm
33-year-old malcolm johnson, a realtor from british columbia, and his parents tell the canadian broadcasting company he got married at the resort three days earlier and he had gone down to the lobby to get coffee for his new wife. his wife and their 1-year-old daughter were not hurt. the attorney general's office says the explosion was probably caused by a build-up of natural gas that caught on fire, but that is still under investigation. president obama calls for earmark reform. republicans like mitt romney and mitch mcconnell are on board for this earmark ban. is this a sign the freshman congressional class is making their mark? i'm joined by wolf blitzer. wolf, with both sides in agreement that something needs to be done about earmarks, sounds like an easy sell.
4:50 pm
>> you've got the republican leadership on board, now that mitch mcconnell says he will support banning earmarks. boehner wants to do away with earmarks, as well. and you have the president of the united states saying he wants to do away with earmarks. you don't have necessarily all the democratic leaders ready to do that. they like those earmarks and a lot of republicans still like them, as well. jim enhof among others. so it's looking increasingly like they're going to find a way to do away with earmarks, which will mean that the executive branch of the government will term how to dole out the money. it's going to go here or there. the agencies themselves will make those decisions. if congress wants to give up that opportunity, that's their right to give up the opportunity to mandate where the money goes. but in the end, it's going to be up to somebody to decide where the $100 billion here or $10 billion here or $5 million there will go. that's going to be left up to the agencies if there are no
4:51 pm
more specific earmarks mandated in the law. >> but earmarks, they have their place. i was talking to dana bash earlier. they're trying to manage their expectations. >> they're beginning right now, these new members, 90 or 100, most of whom are republicans, they have to learn how the system works and there's a lot to learn. it's certainly not easy, so they're going to have their hands full. there are high expectations. there's going to be massive budget cuts, cuts in spending. no cuts in -- no increases in taxes, that's what the tea party stood for. it's going to be easier said than done when everything starts falling into place. one thing to campaign, another thing to govern. >> wolf, i'm curious.
4:52 pm
south carolina says that voters have given conservative republicans a mandate. he was talking to dana bash and said if they do not produce results, he said more or less that we could be seeing a rise of an independent third party. what do you make of that? >> a lot of people are saying that. i'll be speaking with michele bachmann, who is the republican congresswoman from minnesota, who has been a big tea party supporter. a lot of support within the tea party. she's here in "the situation room." and we'll discuss that a little bit. whether there is this momentum developing from a third party, not democrats, not republicans, but tea party. we'll see if there's anything happening on that front. i suspect that if the republicans don't do what a lot of these tea party supporters want them to do, potentially that could happen. >> thank you, wolf. coming up next, the man who used some colorful phrases when he refused to be patted down by
4:53 pm
airport security and recorded the whole thing. what was he thinking? let's ask him, when we come right back. do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. good speech dad. [ whimper ] [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and its whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy.
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4:55 pm
he is the guy who not only refused to comply with airport security screeners, he also recorded what turned into quite a confrontation and posted the video on his blog and youtube. here he is, john tyner. good enough to join me live from san diego. i want to make sure i'm getting all this right. you start with your cell phone camera on your way through airport security. this is saturday morning. then the tsa screener points you toward the full body scanner and you say no, no, no, you opt out of the full body scanner and then you would go to your other option which is the pat-down. you're with the screener and he's explaining the pat-down process, and you told him what? >> i told him that if he touched my junk, i would have him arrested. >> not only did you say that, as we mentioned, you have this whole thing on your cell phone,
4:56 pm
you rolled on the whole thing. so i have to ask, did you wake up that morning, with the intention of taping this whole thing? >> no, absolutely not. as i also wrote on my blog, before i left, even days before hand, i checked tsa's website to make sure san diego was not an airport with these ait scanners. even once i arrived at the airport, i made a point to get in the line for the metal detector to avoid the scanners. >> describe the decision you made to put your cell phone through the x-ray machine and turn it on. >> even though i was trying to go through the metal detector, there was a chance i would be selected to go through the x-ray machine. knowing if i was selected, i wanted there to be a record of the conversation between me and
4:57 pm
the tsa so that there would be no dispute later about how the conversation went. >> we have another snippet of that conversation that you rolled on with your cell phone. i want to play that. let's talk on the other side. >> if you're not comfortable with that, we can escort you back out and you don't have to fly today. >> okay, i don't understand how a sexual assault can be a made a condition of my flying. >> this is not considered a sexual assault. >> it would be if you're not the government. >> you have submitted yourself to it by coming through it. >> so, john, you heard what the tsa, the woman was telling you, that you basically submitted this by walking through the checkpoint area. a lot of people saying look, flying isn't a right, it's a privilege. and under the fourth amendment, they can screen you.
4:58 pm
what do you say to that? >> as far as the flight being a privilege, i understand that, and to those people i said, you know, i tried to get them to allow me to go through the metal detector like 80% of the rest of the people and i can't scream and make a fuss. i mildly protested, tried to get them to let me use the metal detector. when they refused, i left peacefully. >> what was the whole purpose -- not only did you roll on this with your camera, but you say on your blog, get this story out there, i want this to go viral. what are you hoping to get from this? >> i think that's a mischaracterization. i didn't say i want this to go viral. the reason i want to get it out there, as i tried to leave, tsa tried to prevent me from leaving the airport. they wanted me to go back and be screened before i could even leave the airport, which didn't make sense to me. if i had a bomb on me, why would
4:59 pm
they direct me back into an area that has 300 people closely crowded together? >> you wanted your story to get out there. continue, though. if you had to do it all over again, do you have a problem with going through tsa procedure, either through the full body scan or the pat-down? >> i do. i wouldn't go through the x-ray machine or the pat-down. 80% of the people in the airport that morning were allowed to go through the metal detector. and i wanted to be treated like those people. >> we're reading a couple of tweets. flying isn't a right, it's a choice when traveling. john, 30 seconds, it's all boils down to our safety. do you not see that? >> i think that anybody who wants to argue that


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