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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 19, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EST

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los angeles for the taping. should have a blast. >> they're in the city of angels now. having a great time. we saw them on the bus with gary tuchmagoing for a tour, hooting and hollering. >> they love it so much, they may not want to go back. >> they have proven they have star quality. thanks so much for joining us. have yourself a great weekend and see you back here monday morning. >> the news continues. "cnn newsroom" with kyra phillips starts right now. >> hey, guys. here's some of the story that is got us talking this morning. a crack in any windshield is bad. it's even worse when it's on an airliner traveling at several hundred miles an hour. pilots on this delta flight declare an emergency. 20 minutes from now president obama will speak at the nato summit in portugal. the focus afghanistan and the future pull-out of troops. afghanistan's president demands the withdrawal sooner rather than later. and the royal wedding. and burning questions.
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where will britain's prince william marry and when? kate middleton on a scouting mission at westminster abee. another day, another country, another big challenge for president obama. he's at the nato summit in portugal and confronting one of the thorniest issues facing our troops. their future in afghanistan and the troubling demands of afghanistan's leader. cnn house correspondent suzanne malveaux traveling with the president and you flew with him on air force one, right? >> reporter: i did, kyra. you can't snore on air force one. you don't want to wake up the president but honestly seven-hour trip or so. we landed a couple of hours ago. in all seriousness, kyra, you have a series on the show "home and away" recognizing american soldiers. what happens here in the next 48 hours will impact their lives as well as their families. it is going to make a difference here because that is a test for president obama. he's meeting with the nato
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allies, the leaders and these are folks, countries who have contributed troops and they're tired. tired of those troops. there's a deadline trying to work on. that is 2014. to pull out the troops and let the afghan forces take over. can they manage that? can that happen? a couple of things are working against him. about 16 of these nato countries, they're declining, they're decreasing the military budgets. the economies are crumbling and president obama himself, kyra, told the american people, look, i want to start withdrawing troops july of next year so you have a lot of thing that is are working against him. he's got to work with these allies to try to meet some sort of deadline. the deadline they're looking at is 2014. very likely, kyra, that is going to slip and see some sort of presence inside of afghanistan from u.s. military as well as others around the world. one thing that we should all pay attention to is the president's meeting with afghan president hamid karzai.
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that makes a huge difference. what karzai pay to president obama and some of the others in terms of reassurances to govern his country, provide services for the people? because when you talk about the american military clearing, you need somebody to hold those areas, clear the taliban but hold those areas. that is where hamid karzai comes into play. >> suzanne, you -- >> reporter: not a lot of confidence in him right now. >> that's with regard to karzai, and there's been a lack of confidence on the military -- from the military perspective to the administrative perspective, you know, he's playing everybody against each other. most recently the u.s. and iran. he said, yes, i accept funds from iran and iran funneling weapons into the war zones. so, can the u.s. finally get an upper hand here? >> reporter: that's really difficult, kyra. to say. one of the things -- i actually had an opportunity to ask hamid
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karzai when he was at the white house in that may press conference with president obama about whether or not it was helpful, his role with iran because he had met, visited. they have a close relationship with mahmoud ahmadinejad. and essentially, white house officials are saying, look, we understand that iran is also trying to influence what is happening in afghanistan. they have got to make sure that that relationship does not challenge the relationship the united states has with hamid karzai and as we heard vice president biden say in the last 12, 24 hours, he says, look, it is time for hamid karzai to take the training wheels off and what he said and start riding on your own. there's a sense of frustration here that the afghan government has to step up and to do its part and there is a timetable here. talking 2014. kyra, very likely that is going to be extended so it's a big job that they have ahead of them. >> got it. suzanne, thanks so much. an uneasy thanksgiving
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weekend for charlie rangel. the fate of the new york democrat in the hands of his fellow representatives. they'll decide to accept or reject the punishment recommended by the house ethics panel. they agreed on censuring rangel for violating 11 house ethics rule and that penalty more severe than many people expected and calls for him to stand before the colleagues and being publicly rebuked. vice president joe biden says that the white house wants a compromise on extending the bus bush-e are tax cuts and he spoke with larry king last night. the white house insisted only the middle class should get permanent relief. republicans demanded the wealthiest americans be included but the gop taking control of the house in january, biden says that talks later this month will be searching for middle ground. and here are the new faces of congress. just last hour, the incoming class of freshman lawmakers gathered on the steps of the capitol for the traditional photo. that image as you know
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represents big change. the midterm elections tilted the balance of power and republicans will control the house beginning in january. well, say you're a plane from atlanta to the l.a. area flying at cruising altitude when this announcement comes from the cockpit. >> you guys, come in here and take a look at what with're dealing with. no air leaking into the airplane. just -- we cannot continue on to santa ana as you can imagine. >> look at why they couldn't continue to santa ana. the huge, giant crack in the windshield. no gaping holes or anything but not something that you really want to chance at 34,000 feet. the pilots made an emergency landing in dallas. everyone's okay. the crack, well, still don't know how it happened. about ten minutes from now we'll talk with the passenger who shot this video. and we have been talking a lot about the tsa and security measures. way too touchy feely for some
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folks and for a congressman from florida. john mica telling the 100 busiest airports to lose the tsa and hire private screeners. tsa's chief says that the full-body scans and pat downs are about safety. so, would you like to see the tsa just go away? or are those folks just doing what it takes to keep us safe? hit me up on twitter. and right now, we are waiting on the results of forensic testing to see if a jawbone found on a beach in aruba belongs to natalee holloway. it's been five years since the alabama teen vanished. last seen in may of 2005 leaving a nightclub with a group of men including prime suspect joran van der sloot. he's been detained twice in her disappearance and not charged. her mom met with van der sloot and videotape released exclusively to "nancy grace" on sister network hln. >> it was f it was an accident, tell me. you know, i don't know.
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i don't know. but i'm here. >> i hope you can understand, also, it's very hard for me to talk to you. this is really not easy. i'm really doing my best to -- i know you have a very good heart. i know that for a fact. i don't know if you would mind just giving me some -- i really have been thinking a lot. just giving me sometime to think and i promise you even if you give me your address i will write you. >> jean casarez is correspondent for "in session" in aruba joining us live from by. jean, what was beth holloway hoping to achieve by doing this? >> hi, kyra. you know, i think she wanted answers. i think that this obviously is not settled yet. she doesn't know what happened to her daughter. and at the very least, he wanted answers. he wanted on videotape because, obviously, there were cameras in the room. this is castro-castro.
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maximum security prison where joran van der sloot is being held on murder charges in the death of stephanie flores. >> and so, i mean, did she get anything from this conversation? did she -- do we know if she felt better in any way? it seemed like he was just playing her saying, you know, let me get your address or something. this is difficult for me. >> you are right, kyra. i don't think she got anything. he does admit to the extortion in a conversation. he talked about that, you know, i took the money because of my gambling addiction. but he had already admitted the extortion but some of the statements could come into a court of law because they're statements against his interest and he also goes on to say i've made wrong choices along the way. many, many wrong choices. what's he talking about? what are the wrong choices he's referring to? he gives no answer. >> got it. what's the latest on the jawbone that was recovered on the beach? >> kyra, i'm here at the
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prosecutor's office in aruba, and they just came out and told me that they have just called the netherlands forensic institute at the hague and continually calling for updates and gotten word they're not ready -- i'm talking about the hague, they're not ready to release any information at this point. work is still being done. so my question was, you call throughout the day to the hague? the answer was, yes. we are standing by. we are waiting. >> got it. jean casarez, thank you so much. we'll follow the case with you. 27 men missing under ground after an explosion in a coal mine on new zealand's west coast. two emerged on their own. well, they say they lost communications with the others and not clear yet what caused that blast. and at the moment, concerns about that possibility of a gas build-up are actually keeping rescue crews from heading into that mine.
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meanwhile, nothing but smiles and cheers from the 33 chilean miners rescued last month. they're in hollywood snapping pictures, that waving at crowds. just ahead of "cnn's heroes" try butte and traveled for 13 hours to get to california all the way from santiago to atlanta and then atlanta to l.a. and they're making the most of it as you can see. the majority of them have never even left chile before. you can watch "cnn heroes" thanksgiving night here on cnn. star-studded tribute hosted by our anderson cooper. well, still rain and snow west and in the west rather and then we have winds in the midwest and sounds like a pretty typical start to a mid-fall weekend. rob's following that for us. >> decent weather in the eastern third and the west hammered with rain and some snow. we've had snowfall totals that rival two feet aup across the
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cascades and a rain fill in across parts of the california valleys and the sierra nevadas seeing anywhere from two to maybe three feet of snow before this weekend is done as these series of storms begin to wind up into the west coast. there you go. winter storm warnings for this part of the world continuing to track the storms off the pacific. to the east, aware of a weak storm across the northern great lakes. this creates a little bit of wind for chicago and about it. here's a live picture for you. magnificent mile. chilly start. temperatures in the 30s. getting up to about 50 degrees before the day is done. as far as what we're looking at for other high temperatures, here you go. 52 degrees expected in chicago. 60 in st. louis. 72 degrees in new orleans. 65 in atlanta. so if that seems to be fairly mild, you are right. as a matter of fact, the trend over the next few days getting into the beginning part of next week is for unseasonably warm temperatures into the eastern third -- half of the country. unseasonably cool temperatures into the northern part of the
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country and with that, that's all going to move to the east. gets a little bit interesting wednesday into thursday. potentially a wintry mix from minneapolis to chicago. during the big travel day and then this heads towards the northeast. i think the northeast cities okay. i mean, still rough on thursday. but a lake-effect snow showers potentially for thanksgiving so for folks in the hearty areas of upstate new york and northern michigan, snow on the turkey. add to the holiday flavor. >> perfect for thanksgiving. >> trying to sell it. >> sell it, rob. make everybody just think positively. no, one thing you miss about atlanta. we don't normally have snow. kind of adds to the holidays. >> i'll work on that for next year. >> you had an oregon in your career. i had wisconsin. cool with a snowy holiday. >> we'll bring it down. >> good. speaking of flying, any close calls for you ever? scary moments? >> my brother and father are pilots and they have items but
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they don't speak about it. >> crack in the windshield? >> i don't know. i have to ask dad. >> okay. get back to me, would you please? well, that's right. that's what happened on this airplane. a crack in the windshield. we'll tell you what happened. [ male announcer ] they say breakfast helps kids be their best. we think it probably helps teachers be their best too. quaker instant oatmeal. does your breakfast make you amazing? quaker [scraping]tmeal. [piano keys banging] [scraping] [horns honking] with deposits in your engine, it can feel like something's holding your car back. let me guess, 16.
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all right. travel cross country. tempe, arizona, an outpouring of giving following a story we brought you yesterday. people opened their hearts and wallets to help this good samaritan, a homeless man that returned a student's backpack an $3,300. dave talley says he is pretty overwhelmed. >> happy crying but just really phenomenal. just brought tears to my eyes that people reach out and help somebody out. >> really kind of touches your heart and i think when people see something good and inspiring they like to get behind it. >> talley received calls at his shelter for part-time jobs. in seattle, a veteran police officer on administrative leave
9:18 am
after this surveillance tape surfaced. the detective is seen kicking a 17-year-old suspect several times in the groin and then in the head. it happened during an undercover drug bust at a convenience store last month. finally, atlanta, georgia, it's a boy. the giant panda born november 3rd is a male and weighs more than 11 ounces. the only giant panda born in the u.s. in 2010. all right. here's that picture again. the cracked windshield on a delta plane happened nurz a flight from atlanta. john wayne airport in california, the pilots couldn't chance it blowing out so they landed in dallas. well, we're talking to the passenger that took the picture and the video. mike fleming joining us from orange county. mike, tell us what you and the other passengers were thinking when the pilot made the announcement. >> well, he was very good about talking to us several different times. the first time he came on, he
9:19 am
told us that he was going to need to divert the plane to dallas/ft. worth and it was going to be a rapid descent. he described it -- he came on first saying there was a problem in the cockpit and there was a crack in the windshield that was starting to spread and that he needed to divert the plane. and then he described the fact that he was going to be descending the plane very rapidly and we would experience ear popping and this kind of thing. there was a little bit of a gasp, you know, in the cabin. you could hear people kind of murmuring but everyone was staying quiet because they wanted to hear what the captain had to say. >> let's take a listen to the actual part that you were able to record on. >> you guys can come in here and take a look at what we're dealing with. no glass is breaking or anything like that. it's just a -- we cannot continue on santa ana as you can
9:20 am
imagine. >> okay. and seemed like everybody remained calm in that point. >> yes. yeah, they did. and i think because of the fact that the pilot had told us when we were taking off the fact that he was a former navy pilot as well as the co-pilot. kind of joking around a little bit. everybody kind of went, wow, that's pretty good. we've got some experienced people up in front and it turned out we needed them. >> yeah. it does give you quite a relief when you find out your pilot is trained by the military. buy fliers in the country. mike, glad you landed safely. it was a talker this morning and so are you ready for your next flight? are you flying over thanksgiving? >> yeah, i'm going to fly. it's the greatest way to go. i mean, you know? stuff happens but i tell you. we don't give the government sometimes some of the credit. i mean, they do a good job, i believe, in trying to keep the passengers safe and, you know, you can look at this safety record of the u.s. so it speaks for itself.
9:21 am
>> keeping a good attitude. mike fleming, appreciate you coming to us via skype this morning. >> thank you. president obama is in lisbon, portugal, this hour. he's there for this weekend's nato summit and waiting to hear from him any minute. we'll bring it to you live as soon as he steps up to the mike.
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president obama in lisbon,
9:25 am
portugal, this hour for the nato summit. the war in afghanistan topping the agenda. you are watching live pictures right now where the president is expected to make remarks very soon. as soon as it happens, we'll take it live. meanwhile, back in the u.s. vice president joe biden sat down with cnn's larry king for a wide-ranging interview saying controversy in the delay of president obama's meeting is much ado at much at all. >> larry: what's behind the postponement of the slurpee summit? >> there's a whole lot there. the truth of the matter is i met with mitch mcconnell. i've talked with john boehner when i called to congratulate him. these guys want to meet. >> larry: so? >> and so, now the 30th. it was never nailed down, finally, for last -- this thursday. and i think it's a much ado being made about not much at
9:26 am
all. we're going to be meeting on the 30th. the president and i and the leadership. >> larry: formally in. >> the republican leadership is going to be the house and senate republican leadership. i assume that will include the number go and number three in the house and the senate. but mainly it is john boehner and it is mitch mcconnell. and look. i know both these guys. i work with them. i get on well with them. i think there ought to be places where we can agree and the most important thing we can agree on is how to grow the economy. >> and live pictures to lisbon. real quickly here. the president of the united states side by side with the president of portugal. we're waiting on the translation. and as soon as that kicks in, we'll take this live and we can tell you nato members are gathered in lisbon for a summit discussing a wide range of issues on the top of the agenda
9:27 am
afghanistan and troop involvement there. and of course, the economy. as soon as we've got that linked into translation, we'll take it for you live. general motors making a big-time u-turn. bankruptcy to wall street darling in just about a year. how the company did it and who's in line to get paid. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again.
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daddy, i'm bored. almost. it converts the car's braking force into electricity, so it's more efficient. jirk jirkts. straight to lisbon. we have the translation now with the president of portuguese. >> gathering here in liz gone. it was here that the great explorers set out to discover new worlds. it was here, a gateway of europe through which generations of immigrants and travelers have passed and bound our countries
9:30 am
together. and it was here that europeans came together to sign the landmark treaty that strengthened their union. now, we have come to lisbon again to revitalize the nato alliance for the 21st century and to strengthen the partnership between the united states and the european union. mr. president, i thank you and all the people of portugal for everything you have done to make these summits a success. our meeting was also an opportunity to reaffirm the strong partnership between the united states and portugal. president silva is commander of portugal's armed forces and will be representing portugal at the nato summit. we pledged to continue the excellent cooperation between our militaries, especially the field in the azores which provides critical support to american and nato forces in iraq
9:31 am
and afghanistan. i expressed my gratitude to the portuguese armed forces who are serving alongside us in afghanistan and here in lisbon i look forward to working with our nato and our isaf partners as we move toward a new phase, a transition to afghan responsibility that begins in 2011 with afghan forces taking the lead for security across afghanistan by 2014. so this summit is an important opportunity for us to align an approach to transition in afghanistan. finally, we discussed ways to expand our bilateral cooperation. on the economic front, we're looking to deepen our partnership in trade and investment, in science and technology. i am very impressed with the outstanding work that portugal has done in areas like clean energy and we think that we can collaborate more. on the security front, portugal's upcoming seat at the
9:32 am
u.n. security council will be an opportunity to advance peace and security that both our nations seek around the world. so, mr. president, i want to thank you and the portuguese people for your hospitality. i'm confident that we're going to have two successful summits and that we will continue to deepen an extraordinarily strong partnership between the united states and portugal. one that's based not just on relations between heads of states, not just on the basis of treaties, but based on an enormous warmth between our two peoples. one that in part forged by the wonderful contribution that is are made by portuguese americans each and every day. so thank you so much, mr. president. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. the president there in portugal meeting with the eu and nato partners, top of the agenda talking about troops in afghanistan beyond that 2014
9:33 am
handover. also, topics of discussion, of course, the economy, trade, clean energy and counterterrorism. we'll follow it for you. 9:30 now in the east. about 24 minutes before sun rise in san francisco, california. some of the stories we are talking about right now, a florida congressman is telling airports to kick the tsa to the curb. john mica wrote a letter to the nation's 100 busiest airports and urged them to let private screeners handle security. complaints over full-body scans and pat downs inspired the letter. myspace signed a deal with the old woe. if you have a myspace page, you can use it to log on to facebook. you can also get content through facebook based on your likes and interests on facebook. the two sites were big rivals and facebook seems to be the dominant social network nowadays. as for the royal wedding, well, we know who and we have an idea about when we just don't know where. where will prince william and kate middleton get married?
9:34 am
she is on a scouting mission or went on a scouting mission at westminster abbey. general motors back on wall street repaying the $50 million from taxpayers and there's a divide growing between wall street, washington and also main street in detroit over who should get paid first. carol kcostello joining us live from washington. of course, everybody wants their money. >> green seems to be the only thing that matters but maybe not in this case. so try to think about this story with an open mind. if you ask the united autoworkers' union how gm failed so spectacularly, it accepts some of the blame. bob king told me gm and the union lost sight of the providing for the consumer and how much money each side could make and they say that's changed and gm may be on the way to profitability but there's a looming question. as gm continues to prosper,
9:35 am
should workers who gave up salary and benefits profit, too? management and union standing together at the wall street. as the new general motors goes public. it truly is a new day, not only for gm but for -- now don't laugh, bipartisanship. united auto workers president bob king. >> we understand to be globally competitive, we have to work together and what's exciting about this, there's so much division and partisanship in america. here's labor and business and government all working together to keep jobs in america. >> reporter: to accomplish that, thousands of uaw workers retired early, wages for senior workers are frozen at about $28 an hour while new hires now make 50% less. $14 an hour. or about $30,000 a year. fat pension plans are gone for new employees. they now contribute to 401ks.
9:36 am
for union workers, the cuts have been painful, some feel betrayed by union leaders. >> breaking us apart. >> reporter: still, the uaw accepted the cuts and gm ceo credited them and increased worker cwork er creativity for the resurgence. >> it's largely because of the employee base. >> reporter: if gm continues the prosper, it's projected to make $5 billion to $6 billion in profits this year. should employees prosper, too? it's a valid question. negotiations on a new union contract start next year. >> paying competitive rates, ve sa vie the competition and a success-based pay structure what we strive for like in most businesses. >> reporter: for the union that sounds promising. its goal to share in the company's upside while helping the auto industry remain viable. >> it is a different world we are in and top management, general motors recognizes you got to work together every day
9:37 am
and when there's an upside workers have to share in the upside and we will. >> oh, that does mean no more union concessions. the immediate goal, kyra, for both sides is repaying taxpayers in full and keeping general motors in business. without them, nobody has a job, right? >> how many worker haves we interviewed over the past couple of years waiting for this moment? they never really expected it, actually. >> economists are really looking at this scenario because it's sort of affects all of us what happens. because we all -- many of us work at companies who maybe have made massive layoffs and cut back on hours and cut back on pay but are profitable now and the question for them, too, once the company is profitable, should you get stuff back? and economists say it's tied to the unemployment rate. as long as that's high, nobody's going to get a raise. nobody's going to work fewer hours. so many people are standing in line to get your job. >> yeah. point well made.
9:38 am
thanks so much, carol. perfect storm for democratic losses during the election cycling. no doubt about it. they took a beating but now one top democrat said that it could have been even worse. le announcs root cause is high uric acid. ♪ if you have gout, high uric acid can lead to more attacks. ♪ to help reduce attacks, lower your uric acid. uloric lowers uric acid levels in adults with gout. it's not for the treatment of high uric acid without a history of gout. uloric reduces uric acid to help you reach a healthy level. [ female announcer ] don't take uloric if you are taking azathioprine, mercaptopurine, or theophylline. gout may flare when starting uloric. don't stop taking it. your doctor may give you other medicines to help prevent flares. a small number of heart attacks, strokes, and heart-related deaths were seen in studies. it's not certain uloric caused them. certain tests to check liver function may be required. tell your doctor about liver or kidney problems,
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up coming interview with barbara walters, sarah palin says she believes she can beat obama in 2012. the way things are going right now, bristol could beat obama. whoo. changing places. vice president biden talks about the old rumor of a switch between him and secretary of state hillary clinton. that tops the political ticker. let's check in with senior political editor mark preston. >> how are you? almost the weekend. well, last night, vice president biden, kyra, was here in this building doing an interview with larry king. larry king asked him that question straight out. look. there's talk that, in fact, you would switch places with hillary clinton.
9:43 am
you would become secretary of state. she would become vice president. he shot those rumors down saying there was never any serious talk that anyone ever heard about me not being on the ticket. and her not staying at state. so vice president biden himself shooting down the rumors that came up about a month or two ago. "the washington post" bob woodward mentioned there's talk about that but mr. biden shooting that down. talking about 2012, joe biden being on the ticket, we have a new cnn poll of polls on president obama's approval ratelirat rating, kyra. not very good. 47% of the nation says he is doing a good job. 48% disapprove. this is similar to the midterm elections and democrats got slaughtered as we all know. now, he's got time to turn those numbers around and he will have to, especially if someone like sarah palin or someone else, mitt romney, or someone else gets the nomination.
9:44 am
>> we know that the election night was bad for democrats but a democratic party leader's saying it could have been even worse? >> yeah. i mean, how could it get worse than 61 seats? but chris van hollen, a democrat of maryland and in the last election cycle he was in charge of all the campaign efforts for house democrats. he put a memo out to his colleagues yesterday, a five-page memo detailing what happened on election day, what led up to it and estimating had the democratic congressional committee, kyra, not pulled money out of some house races and put them into bolstering endangered incumbents they could have lost 15 to 20 more democrats and had an 80-democratic loss in the house. in fact, chris van hollen calls it a political hurricane. this past election cycle. kyra, let me just leave you with this. this is from about somebody on capitol hill who's leaving after 20 years. somebody that our viewers might
9:45 am
not know from being on television but he was quoted often. jim manly, the spokesman for the senate majority leader harry reid leaving. he was a fierce partisan, kyra. somebody, though, that was well respected by republicans, well respected by those in the media. and really one of those really good guys in politics and nowadays doesn't seem to be that many good guys. kyra? >> yeah. it's true. it is hard to find those real, true, genuine individuals, mark. that's politics, though, right? >> that's politics. >> thanks, mark. after 15 years under house arrest, aung san suu kyi, the woman that's the face of myanmar's pro-democracy movement talks one on one to cnn. the political convictions as strong as. first, flashback, november 19th, 1990, a day to live in music infamy. ♪ girl, you know it's true ♪ oh oh oh i love you
9:46 am
>> oh yeah. turned out to be not so true. 20 years ago today they became the first musical act ever to be stripped of a grammy award. the announcement days after producer admitted they never sang a note on the albums and lip sync'd that whole performance live. during its first year, the humpback calf and its mother
9:47 am
are almost inseparable. she lifts her calf to its first breath of air, then protects it on the long journey to their feeding grounds. one of the most important things you can do is help the next generation. at pacific life, we offer financial solutions to accomplish just that. ask a financial professional about pacific life. the power to help you succeed.
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9:49 am
morning passport. well, we are scanning it and taking us to thailand. cnn correspondent fred pleitgen spent 16 days in myanmar. although the military regime didn't allow cnn to report officially on the recent elections. he is out of the country and cnn is releasing the interview he actually did with the pro-democracy activist who's just released. fred joins us live from bangkok. tell us about your experience. it was basically a covert operation, wasn't it? >> reporter: oh, yeah, it was. i mean, one of the things, kyra, you of course know from our time spent together in baghdad is a german guy, not really that easy to pretend i'm burr these and you try to stay out of the big cities most of the pim and you know just keep in the
9:50 am
countryside. there the intelligence services don't really have as much of a presence. one of the great things, of course, as you said we did manage to do is managed to speak to aung san suu kyi, the democracy leader who was just released from spending 15 of the past 21 years in detention, of course. one of the things that i asked her is what she expects president obama and the u.s. an administration to do in regards to myanmar and it's militaristic junta, and this is what she had to say. >> i believe in engagements. i'm not against that. there are a lot of people who say that now that the u.s. has decided to engage with the military regime, they have turned their back on us. i don't think of it like that. i think engagement is a good thing. i don't want them to go into engagement wearing rose colored glasses. i would want them to be practical about it. not engagement wearing rose colored glasses, but engagement
9:51 am
keeping your eyes open and alert and seeing what is really going on, and where engagement is leading to and what changes really need to be brought about. >> reporter: so, it was really interesting to see, kyra. we have to keep in mind that she was really ought off from almost all sources of information. she had a couple of radios, not expert or tv, and her mail was heavily censored. she wants to use new technology to start a grass roots movement in myanmar to try and bring democracy to that place. >> fred, you are actually right. we'll always have baghdad, and, yes, you are a rather large individual. >> reporter: we will. >> yes, we will. go into detail, if you don't mind, about how you actually did this, because you're right you would stand out like a sore thumb, and you were able to be
9:52 am
with her side by side and conduct this interview. >> reporter: yeah. that was actually quite a risky thing because one of the things that happened after she was released was obviously her every move was being watched by the spy agency in that country. so everywhere you went, people were there, people were taking pictures, and, really, the thing that you have to do is act as though it's completely natural to you as if you have nothing to do with the situation. one of the things about these repressive intelligence agencies, not just in myanmar but in other counts, they have a lot of guys taking a the lot of pictures but they have very few people to evaluate that information. we counted on they might have an information overkill, and by the time they would have gotten onto us with the photos and guys following us around, it will have been too late and we would have been out of the country and that's exactly what happened. that was one of the things we were banking on, and you have to do a lot of things that regular
9:53 am
people, tourists would do in that country. >> fred, as usual, great job. thank you for joining us live. next hour, in the cnn, we will check in with elizabeth cohen. >> there are seven large airports in the united states that still allow smoking, which are there, and what is it doing to your lungs? all of that at the top of the hour. and if you're traveling by arptd next week for the holidays, we may have some information that may be useful for you. if you have absolutely no idea what quidich is, i can guarantee your kids do. you know, wizard jocks on broom sticks. they take it seriously, and, guess what, so do real people who play a bit closer to the ground. josh levs with some of them from the university of georgia. we'll take you there next hour.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
. t.j. holmes, that is your cue? you don't like it? it's too old school for you?
9:58 am
you want something a little more hip? >> that's a good call because people hear that and you can't help but start dancing. you want to do a little something? >> that's coke kay, we're talking sports. >> if this was tony, that would have been ugly? >> his old lanky self-coming across, ugly. >> we have a good one for you about sportsmanship. >> did you ever fake an injury ever? >> you fake an injury if you get embarra embarrassed. maybe a guy blows by you, you go, oh, my ankle. this is different because we bring this up. oregon, number one team in the country, play an upbeat, fast pace. between plays about ten seconds. there is a guy in the middle, looks over at his side lines. this is from the cal bears, and he just falls down.
9:59 am
>> all of a sudden, i'm hurt. so, come on, that is so lame. what a wimp. >> the controversy is you can't keep up with oregon, they go to fast. so to slow them down, some players on opposing teams being accused of falling out and faking an injury, and the ref has to stop the game. that guy who fell out, he was back the next play. >> in the sports world, do guys sit back and go, oh, you are such a wuss? or say, nice job, way to slow it down? >> you are saying that you're proving you can't keep up with oregon. you have to cheat or fake. it is not against the rules. frowned upon, unethical, but it is not a rule. another story here. >> nancy lieberman. i love it from so many perspectives. >> this is the first woman to
10:00 am
coach professional womens basketball. she is making her debut for the texas legends. they lost 123-115. this is a big deal, and as you know, she's a hall of famer. >> she's a great athlete and has a lot of respect among men and women. do we know how the guys have reacted to this? >> as soon as she starts talking basketball, she knows her stuff. everyone is a little worried. guys, quite frankly, you used to taking orders from women, but not on the basketball court. your grand mom, your wife. >> your daughter, granddaughter. >> just not on the basketball court, but they have reacted well to her. so far so good. this is a big deal. maybe lead to an nba job down the road. >> times are changing. if you can prove your ability, all for it. >> this is fun. i like this. >> come back any time. >> i'm going to dance on out.
10:01 am
>> go ahead. >> probably not. >> i know you can dance. i have seen you do the dougie. not as good as wolf blitzer. 10:00 a.m. in the east coast, 7:00 a.m. out west. a crack in any windshield is a bad. it's even worse when it's on an airliner traveling at several hundred miles an hour. pilots on this delta flight declare an emergency. president obama at a nato summit in portugal. afghanistan's president is demanding a withdrawal sooner rather than later. the royal wedding, and burning questions. where will prince william mary and when? >> his fiancee went on a scouting mission over at westminster abbey last night. flier rebellion is growing against the security measures
10:02 am
against tsa. we're just six days from the holiday. politicians are now fighting against the groin touching, breast grazing patdowns and the refeeling full-body scans. republican congressman ron paul of texas is introducing the american traveller dignity act to protect americans from physical and emotional abuse from federal employees. john mica wrote a letter to the nation's 100 busiest airports urging them to ditch the tsa and use private screeners instead. the tsa insists the scans and patdowns are for our safety. congressman mike ka joining us from capitol hill. 16 airports already use private contractors, and according to our research, congressman, you have accepted more than $80,000 in campaign contributions from groups and execs tied to some of
10:03 am
the contractors that you are advocating for. so, just, first of all, do you believe in any way, shape or form, his is a double standard? some may see it as that way. >> first of all, if that's your research, it's lousy research, and you picked it from a wrong wire service. it's the junk that put it out there like tsa is reaching for in people's pants. in fact, those are corporations and other groups in florida that have supported me over 18 years, and they threw that all together. i don't care if tsa proponents want to give me a hard time. i'm still going to work to reform tsa to make certain it operates more cost effectively, more efficiently and most importantly, that it does the best job with security, not imposing, again, things like they have done with random patdowns and also use of advanced screening technology. >> now, do you believe in the
10:04 am
tsa? do you think it's a worthwhile organization? do you think it does its job properly? >> i'm the won that created tsa, came up with the name, drafted the original legislation with other legislators, enacted it in 2001. that's when we set up two alternatives, one with all federal screening, and we always have tsa. we have tsa also with private screeners, and we've had that model for a number of years. every time i think i've seen tests of the system, the private screeners under federal supervision perform statistically silgtly better. those aren't my words. those are the words of an independent evaluator. we can do better. we don't have to have 67,000 tsa employees, 3,590 in washington, d.c. administrative personnel making $105,000 on air per year.
10:05 am
we can have a model that focuses security on bad guys, not mom and pops and veterans and little old ladies and children going through security lines. >> congressman, private firms will have to follow the exact same protocol as tsa? >> yes, and didn't you just hear me, that the evaluations of their performance indicate, again -- i should say independent evaluations of the private screeners say they perform statistically significantly better. what we're trying to do is actually get better performance so they can identify whether there's a threat. and, again, these independent evaluations have shown they do a better job. we've had the models. >> sure, but there have been undercover stories and also independent testing of these private screeners versus tsa, and many of these private screeners came out doing just as
10:06 am
poorly as the tsa. >> in some tests, that's right, but overall, i believe you get a better model. you get more efficiency, and i believe that they can also target and perform the job better than the federal government. the federal government is the operator, the administrator, the auditor and the overseer. that model never works, never will work. what happens is you get a big bureaucracy, and that's exactly what we've got. 3,590 administrative personnel in washington, over 8,000 out in the feel. it's blown to 67,000. we put a cap when -- back when i was chairman, when it reached the 40,000 level. in the last four years, it's mushroomed out of control. >> just to clarify because you mentioned these campaign contributions that we're doing bad research and getting it off the wires.
10:07 am
did lockheed martin corporation employees pac not give you $36,00? >> over 18 years, in fact and in my district. i put this provision in the law in 2001. i just found this out yesterday when someone brought it to my attention, that they have been in the screening business for the last year and a half. i don't recommend any firms. all of the competition to acquire a private firm is done on a competitive basis by tsa. so i have nothing to do with that. that's a bunch of baloney. >> raytheon, one of their companies as well? >> same thing, they are also in my district. they have only been in the business and i only knew yesterday, again, for a short period of time, and i don't do anything as far as recommending or getting involved. that's a competitive process, and they have to go through
10:08 am
that. they're recently in the business. again, that's an 18-year period. so, again, i have people who don't like me in tsa. i just don't like the way tsa is performing, and, no matter what they throw out there, i'm going after reforming tsa. i can tell you that. >> so, if, indeed, these airplanes implement private screeners eshs would the tsa hire them, oversee them, pay them? what are you proposing? >> well, we already have the models in place. we've had them since 2001. tsa sets the protocols. the hiring, all of the other things are done, but the standards are set, the level of pay is set by tsa. it's again, the operations, which is also more efficient, more economical and better performed. the main thing is the better performance, i believe, with having private screeners under federal supervision. look at the israeli model, look at the successful european
10:09 am
models. there are plenty of examples, and we have seen it in the united states in almost two dozen models. >> congressman john mica, thank you. >> good to be with you. >> when we will have an answer? you mentioned something about a december 8th meeting this will be reviewed, this possibility? >> i don't recall that, but i sent today to the tsa administrator, both myself and the ranking member, a request for a full review on the current patdowns. now, we hope in january when the new congress comes into session that we'll begin reviewing all of the different procedures, the administration and some of these other things i brought up. >> so january, january is where we follow up, correct? >> that's right. >> appreciate your time, congressman. so, would you like to see the tsa go away, or are those folks just doing what it takes to keep us safe? hit me up on the twitter page.
10:10 am
let's head over to washington, and the new faces of congress. earlier this morning, the incoming class of freshman lawmakers gathered on the steps of the capitol for the traditional photo. that image represents big change. republicans will control the house beginning in january. we got a couple of stories about how lawmakers are handling your money. jobless benefits. the house failed to pass a bill yesterday that would have extended long-term help for out of work americans. that measure would have kept 4 million people from falling you have the roll. joe biden says the white house wants to hammer out a compromise on the tax cuts. the issue has been deadlocked. the white house wants middle-class to get relief, and the republicans want to include the wealthiest americans. bipartisan talks later this month will search for middle ground. another day, another country, another big challenge
10:11 am
for president obama. he's at the nato summit in portugal. he is talking about the future in afghanistan. hamid karzai wants the forces to begin scaling back operations, and a short time ago, the president reaffirmed the time frame for withdrawing u.s. and nato forces. >> i expressed my gratitude to the portuguese armed forces, who are serving alongside us in afghanistan, and here in lisbon, i look forward to working with our nato and asaf partners as we move to a new phase, a transition to afghan responsibility that begins in 2011, with afghan forces taking responsibility by 2014. so the summit is an important opportunity for us to align and approach to transition in afghanistan. the future of the afghan war effort is the central focus of the nato summit. the secretary-general says this meeting is one of the most important in the alliance'
10:12 am
history. >> eva longoria devastated by her divorce but tony parker is taking it cooley. what does sues son boyle and the beatles have in common? we'll tell you right after the break. ♪ ♪
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♪ here cups the sun here comes the sun. how about here comes the competition? guess what, beatles, got to move over. remember susan boyle, the big sensation that knocked us all out with the amazing voice? her newest album called "the gift" is number one in the u.s. and the uk, and that hasn't happened since these guys did it more than 40 years ago.
10:16 am
yep. that's when she made that famous appearance and no one knew what she was made of, on "britain's got talent" and as you know, she became an overnight sensation, wooing everybody, winning everybody over, and now she's getting everything she deserved. ♪ well, tony parker, not really singing happy tunes, but he is speaking out, and he's talking about his divorce from actress eva longoria. she announced that the couple is splitting after three years of marriage. parker says quote even i have been discussing our situation privately. i was aware that she would be filing for divorce in los angeles. chris brown reportedly
10:17 am
getting high marks from the judge who sentenced him for doing community service for beating up rihanna. he pleaded guilty back in june 2008. tmz reporting that the judge told brown during a progress hearing that she was blown away by the singer's work ethic in carrying out his sentence. he has completed 581 hours of his nearly 1400 hours of community service. if you have no idea what quidditch is, i guarantee you kids do. it's the hogwarts sport from the harry potter series. guess what. real people take it seriously, too, but they play closer to the ground. josh levs with some of them playing at the university of georgia. we'll take you there live. if you're a harry potter fan, how many goalposts are
10:18 am
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harry potter fans, how many goalposts or a quidditch pitch, 12, 2, 6, 8? if you said 6, give yourself a pat on the back. we'll show you how real people play in a few minutes. a list of things you can't bring to the airport gets longer every year but go ahead and bring your smokes. chances are, you'll find
10:22 am
somewhere to do it. one in four major american airports allows you to light up outside. but the cdc says those dedicated smoker lounges aren't doing enough to protect millions of travellers from the danger of secondhand smoke. elizabeth cohen joins me now. what does the cdc want them to do? >> get rid of smoking entirely. no more lounges, no more smoking outside. they say you can monitor and they have, outside of these lounges, and what they see is even if you are are walking by, you're inhaling carcinogens and toxins. you're not in the lounge, but just walking by it can be harmful. >> there are ventilation systems, and actually not all of them are behind closed doors. i have been walked by a few, and the door is open, and you smell
10:23 am
it coming through. >> that's true. sometimes the door is open, and even if the door is closed, those ventilation systems, no matter how good they are, there is about a 10% leakage. you can't make it air tight, apparently. you might not smell it but you are breathing it in, and it can do you harm, especially if you are old or very young or have breathing or heart problems. it can do you damage. >> are these going to be done away with? >> no. we called the airports and said the cdc says you should get rid of the lounges. the atlanta airport, here's what they said, the smoking lounges eliminate the need for passengers were wishing to smoke to exit and re-enter the secured areas. they say it's a pain in the neck for you to have to leave and come back, so we will let them smoke at the gate or near the gate. >> nigh guess is something is going to build up here, and there's going to be more pressure. if bars don't allow smokers, restaurants. this has got to.
10:24 am
the next place. >> when i walk by it in the atlanta airport, it feels like the old days. >> old school. >> to give people a place to smoke seems very old school. quidditch has come a long way from an imaginary sport through the harry potter series to a very real playing field. actually many playing fields at hundreds of schools across the country, including the university of georgia. josh levs is going to show us how it's done. hey, josh. >> reporter: as the harry potter movie opens around the country, more and more young people around the country are playing quidditch, the game you are supposed to fly around on one of these. how do you take that and turn it into this? it took some wizardry. >> no it's a sale. nothing beats a sale! wrong move! you.
10:25 am
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general motors is back, and gam stock is trading on wall street, allowing the company to repay some of its $50 billion in taxpayer buyout. there is a divide growing between washington and main street detroit over who should get paid first. carol costello has the story. >> reporter: if you ask the uaw how gm failed so spectacularly, it takes some of the blame. the president of the union says both gm and the union lost sight of providing for the union and it was about how much money each side could make, and they say it has changed and gm is on its way to profitability but there is a looming question. as gm continues to prosper, should workers who gave up salary and benefits profit too? management and union standing together at the new york stock exchange as the new general motors goes public. it truly is a new day.
10:29 am
not only for gm, but for -- don't laugh -- bipartisanship. united ought toy workers president bob king. >> we have to work together and what's exciting about this, there is so much division and partisanship in america, here is labor and business and government working together to keep jobs in america. >> reporter: thousands of uaw workers retired earlier, wages for senior workers frozen at $28 an hour, while new hires now make 50% less, $14 an hour, or about 30,000 a year. fat pension plans are gone for new employees. they now contribute to 401(k)s. for union workers, the cuts have been painful. some feel betrayed by union leaders. still, the uaw accepted the cuts, and gm's ceo credited them and increased worker creative for his company's research jens.
10:30 am
>> it is inspirational how we came out and it's because of the employee base. >> reporter: if gm continues to prosper, it's projected to make 5 to $6 billion in profits, should employees prosper, too? a valid question. negotiations on a new union contract start next year. >> we are paying competitive rates, so it's going to be a success based pay structure is what we strive for. >> reporter: for the union, that sounds promising. it's goal is to share in the company's upside while helping the auto industry remain viable. >> it's a different world we're in, and top management at general motors recognizes you have to work together every day and when there's an upside, workers have to share in the upside and we will. >> reporter: but that probably means no more union concessions. the immediate goal, though, kyra, for both sides is repaying taxpayers and keeping general motors in business.
10:31 am
this is a question that really affects many of us out there in the workplaces. as companies become more profitable, at what point should workers profit, too? maybe you get the raise you didn't get for the last two years or maybe you work less hours. who knows? should you? >> it's interesting. we talked to so many gm workers over the past couple of years, and i'm thinking of a family specifically, a grandfather, a dad and a son and their tune has totally changed. some were keeping faith in the company. some of the other ones were saying, that's it, it's the end of my career and all three of them have sort of been invigorated by the news and talking about investing in the company and hopefully getting back with them. >> reporter: certainly. even seeing the union head, bob king, standing on stage with the ceo of gm was amazing because you wouldn't have seen that 20 years ago because the union and the auto industry had such an adversarial relationship and
10:32 am
things change and when you run on hard times, i guess that forces sometimes positive changes. >> there you go, and they need the good news right now, those employees. that's for sure. so does our economy. 10:30 in the east. rush hour busy in los angeles. a florida congressman is telling airports to kick the tsa to the curb. john mica wrote a letter to the nation's 100 busiest airplanes and urged them to let private screeners handle security. myspace has signed a deal with its old foe. if you have a myspace page, you can use it to log john to facebook. you can also get content through myspace based on your likes and interests in facebook. they were big rivals at one time, but facebook seems to be the dominant social network nowadays. >> don't be offended if you don't see your kids this weekend or other family or friends who are big harry potter fans. they my be doing what these
10:33 am
mortals at the mall of america were doing last night. waiting in line to see the latest harry potter flick that opened at midnight. this is the were unthat could push the boy wizard out of the past and make the harry potter series the highest grossing film franchise other. here's another sign the series is popular. the game in the series, quidditch, where the wizards hop on the broom and chase around sniffles. that's a real game now, believe it or not. kids who have grown up with the serious have grounded quidditch because modern science hasn't allowed for flying brooms. there's an international quidditch association now that helped to set up teams at more than 400 colleges and 300 high schools, most of them in the u.s. the iqa is a nonprofit and trying to get more kids and young adults to get on the broom. one of those schools right here
10:34 am
in our own backyard, university of georgia, home of the dogs. josh levs is there to show us exactly how they do it and why they're so interested in this. josh. >> reporter: when you watched the movie, you thought about how cool it would be to fly around and catch the snitch and all of the incredible number of rules in the game. take a look at me. it's going on, sort of. they grounded it. there is an actual quidditch game going on. thousands of young people who grew up with harry potter all over the country and world are starting to play it. i have liz and will, two students here. thanks for joining me. you can't fly on broom sticks and do what's in the movie. why do it? >> we grew up with harry potter. we're the harry potter generation. this is our favorite book. we want to make the sport happen and we like doing weird things and making weird sports, so
10:35 am
we're like quidditch, got to make it happen. >> reporter: show me what you did. how did you turn this into that? >> we play alternate frisbee for the chasing part of the game, trying to make it through the three hoops in the three pvc pipes. we have two beaters who play with the dodge balls. >> reporter: the people with the dodge balls can throw it at someone, the real version of knocking someone down. >> if you get hit by the dodge ball, you have to stop in place and spin five times. >> reporter: you want to get the frisbee through the hoops. where's our snitch? you remember from the movie, the snitch is the little golden ball with the wings. this is the snitch right here. turn around. this is the new modern day snitch. the idea is that you hide and you -- what's the deal? >> i go hide and then i have a
10:36 am
five-minute head start, and the seekers are running around trying to find me. they find me and it becomes a foot ra is to pluck that off my back. >> reporter: someone has to grab you and pull that off. they don't win but they get points? >> 55 points. >> reporter: can you run now? legts get it back on you. get the snitch. everybody get the snitch. we have games all over the country. there was recently a tournament in new york city. they are chasing down the snitch. i'm so happy at this moment. there is a tournament in new york city. we have ireport photos for you, showing all of the schools playing quidditch, including yale, which will beat harvard tomorrow in the football game. back to this, we are seeing young people who grew up with harry potter using their own wizardry, clever ideas, turning this into the ultimate game. beautiful day. i got to tell you, i'm bringing it back to liz and will. this is making me miss college a
10:37 am
little bit. you must have had an incredible reaction? >> we have six teams of 20 people each, this is our fourth year out here. every year it is getting bigger and bigger. we started out with 50 people, oh, harry potter, awesome. now it has grown. >> 120. why do you do this? why are you doing this? >> i do it because it's kind of a weird sport. >> reporter: you do it because it's weird? >> yes. >> it's not ridiculously competitive. doesn't take up a lot of time. fun thing to do on sundays. >> reporter: thank you for joining me and schooling me. they are going to be schooling me more. i'm going to try it myself. >> i don't know. i think you're onto something, josh. you may be doing this on your off-time now. who would have ever thunk it. >> reporter: c'mon over, we'll play. royal wedding just announced, but so many questions left unanswered.
10:38 am
suspense building over where william and kate will tie the knot. ♪ meet me at the alter [ male announcer ] opportunity is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another... and another. we all have a hand in it. because opportunity can start anywhere, and go everywhere.
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let's keep it moving. ♪ this just coming into us. we were talking about the black farmers about waiting for their money to come through after this settlement with regard to a discrimination lawsuit. apparently brianna keilar is on the phone with news that they might start seeing the cash. >> reporter: that's right. cnn has just heard and we're hearing it from democratic and republicans in the congress, that these black farmers will finally be on their way to receiving their settlement money that they have been waiting just years for. this was a settlement with the u.s. government because the u.s. department of agriculture discriminated against them, not giving them farm loans and not processing applications in some
10:40 am
cases especially compared to white applicants. it's been hung up in a partisan move in the senate. there have been several attempts to move it through. there was a hangup on how to pay the money, billions of dollars to black farmers and billions in a native american settlement. here's what cleared the path. last night, oklahoma senator tom coburn who put a hold on the bill over oks to how it was paid for lifted that hold, and now these democrat and republican sources are telling us while they're working out last-minute details, they are telling us this will be fast tracked and passed today. this settlement got a lot of attention -- you interviewed shirley sherrod because her family got her settlement but there were thousands more farmers who were waiting for their money. this is discrimination that
10:41 am
occurred in recent decades, and these families have been waiting years to get this money and they lost family farms, some of them. they're not expecting to get this money. the next step will be for this to go back to the house but that's not expected to be an obstacle. >> it's something we have covered on this newscast from the very beginning, brianna. this is good news that finally these farmers are going to get exactly what they deserve. we'll continue to track it. scanning our morning passport. let's begin in london with the big buzz over the royal wedding plans. we could learn to when and where they will get married. westminster abbey is the leading contender. kate was spotted there this week. the church has ties to the monarchy dating back 1,000 years. that's actually where the funeral was held for princess diana. speaking of the queen, check out her eye wear. pretty hip? she didn't become a modern
10:42 am
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in an upcoming interview with barbara wall streters, sar palin says she believes she can beat president obama in 2012. the way things are going right now, bristol palin could beat obama. big bucks spent on anti-stimulus ads. paul steinhauser has more. >> let's talk about that. $82 million. that's the amount of money spent by republican parties and independent groups that backed republicans. they spent $82 million to attack stimulus. it was the first big program passed by president obama back in february of 2009. the idea was to pump a lot of money into the economy, kick start the economy, get us out of the recession, create jobs and save jobs but it became a political football during the campaign. republicans said it didn't work,
10:46 am
was a huge expense and put the government into debt. to a degree they used it in the election and to the degree was successful. i'm going to ask our cameraman to zoom in. the republicans won back the house and made gains in the senate but only 46% of those surveyed across the country correctly knew that. 14% thought they won back both chambers, both the house and senate, 8% thank you they just won the senate and 1 in 4 didn't know either way. i guess people aren't reading the cnn political ticker. >> that's the problem. what's up with that, paul? don't you want people to be paying attention? >> they should but unfortunately sometimes they don't. >> mike huckabee headlines a major gathering in iowa this weekend. >> iowa, the caucuses kick off there the presidential primary calendar. he will be speaking at a major social conservative rally on
10:47 am
sunday and his theme will be what he calms a breakdown in traditional families and values and marriage is helping to increase poverty across the country. that's going to be his speech and it comes just a few days ago in iowa that he is not ruling out a race for the white house again. not ruling it in but definitely not ruling it out. huckabee did win the iowa caucuses in 2008 and as we ramp up to the next race for the white house, we will keep a close eye on him and everybody else. >> you can go to our website president obama says that gm's incredible turnaround shows that the government bailout was a wise move. gm shares being sold on wall street again and the automaker raised more than $20 billion yesterday with the ipo. the government got nearly $12 billion of that, and last night congressman barney frank weighed in on "parker spitzer." >> it's not just general motors
10:48 am
that's working out. the bank piece of the t.a.r.p. we got more money back than we advanced to them because we wrote into the bill requirements that there be some payback, but at a time when unemployment is high, good news is a hard sell. >> "parker spitzer" every night 8:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. >> veterans of the u.s. military now locked in a daily battle to survive. today we will show you how one program reached out to our homeless vets and reminded them that they're not in this fight alone. choose one of three premium seafood-and-steak combinations... all under $20. get succulent lobster... paired with our eight-ounce wood-grilled sirloin... tender snow crab legs and sirloin... or new chardonnay grilled shrimp and sirloin... all with salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. three new surf and turf combinations... all under $20. only for a limited time, and only at red lobster.
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we're talking about making their mark, and the people that highlight a number of important things in our country, and today's a program in alabama called stand down. it's an annual event that reaches out to military veterans who are adrift and homeless and here they can get the bachks like clothes and food, and also something much more. they can find help from the very government that they defended. our affiliate wala has their story. >> reporter: the spring hill
10:52 am
recreation center was a busy place today. housing first fifth annual standdown for homeless veterans attracted crowds. vets packed bags with food and clones to help them with their life on the streets. studies show that one-third of america's homeless population served in the armed forces. because of this, the department of veterans affairs has set an ambitious goal of eliminating homelessness among veterans in the next five years. >> this is one of our most visible programs to do just that. >> reporter: shirts, pants, tents and sleeping bags were handed out by scores of volunteers while community organizations provided resources not readily available on the street. the folks who attended were able to receive free services as basic as hair cuts, but more many it's the information they gathered that will prove the most valuable. >> resources are health care and everything, housing. total package. >> reporter: there are an
10:53 am
estimated 160,000 homeless veterans across america, and a growing number of them are families. the challenge for the va and housing first is to reach them with the benefits they're due. >> a lot of vet es don't know what's out there available for them. we try to bring it to them in a one stop shop. >> reporter: it's an offering these veterans are not taking for granted. >> we found out services we're eligible for, and they are helping us out. blood pressure checks. >> reporter: all of this is designed to relief some of the pressure from life on the street. there's wide ranging systems on just how many veterans live on the street. groups say the numbers run between 100,000 and 200,000. here's another sobering claim. various groups say that about 1 in about every 4 people living on that street has once served in the nation's military.
10:54 am
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10:57 am
bracing for the tsa patdown. now creative minds are offering up a special kind of pasty to cover up. cnn's jeanne mows reports about the whole racy mess. >> reporter: not since monica lewinsky has there been such sexy talk in public. >> having people feeling my underwear. >> feels up my wife in front of everyone. >> reporter: all of these feeling up has left some feeling down. jonathanman is known for creating a song a day.
10:58 am
♪ i don't like the tsa ♪ they scan you with their x-ray or grope me ♪ >> reporter: the thing is, one man's patdown is mother man's grope. >> i have patted down. >> groping your junk. >> i have have had my love pats. >> when they grope me, i'm going to say, do i get a lap dance with this. >> reporter: only on "saturday night live" this old exit feels brand new. >> just checking the back pockets with the back of the happened and now i'm going to use the front of my hand. security procedure, and for the last thing i'm going to do is search the inside of your mouth with my mouth. >> reporter: taiwanese animators have given the controversy their special twist noting that passengers who refuse a scan can get a private patdown. and concluding that no one knows how far security measures will
10:59 am
eventually go, but look where they've already gone. rubber shielding you insert under your clothes made with materials that deflect the scanners to hide your private parts for women and men. >> which one does your man wear? >> reporter: they come emblazoned with one liners like objects are harcher than that appear and hiding my junk and even the fourth amendment proeking againproek i protecting against unreasonable searchers. this man says he thinks they can read the one liners through your clothes. they pull the ow for special attention because that would look like the underwear bomber because you have the pasties on. >> oured a rice is to say i'm wearing something called a flying pasty and this covers my private parts and i want to maintain my ig


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